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This is a link that will bring you to a Federal Court Summary of the takedown of a man who stole the actual identity of an Army veteran and pretended to be a war hero -- using the fraudulent moniker "Lt. Col.Richard Lewis" from Tennessee.  This man is not a Lt. Col. but he did actually plagiarize the Iraq War Papers written by the REAL Col. Richard Lewis. 

Celebrity Stalker, Cyber Criminal, Plagiarist, multi convicted felon...that smeared my best friend's name, Lydia Cornell, as well as names of several celebrities from Keley Grammer to Gene Simmons and Corbin Bleu.  Using the credentials of a true Army veteran Navy hero, a Military Federal Jag Attorney, this guy entered into court 3 years ago pretending to be the real attorney. If you think that was the most insane thing anyone would do...It gets far he kept adding people to his crazy lawsuit...including the judges that kicked him out of court, the judges that put out warrants on him for violation protective orders on many of us...he claims I threatened him and caused him physical harm. I never met him.

In addition, he constantly stole other people's copyrighted wildlife photos and published them as "his own" and sent them to Lydia to impress her with his amazing photography.  

My friend was tricked into meeting him.  Lydia Cornell, star of Too Close For Comfort and costar of 250 shows and films, most recently HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm..  and a co star of mine in the past and in upcoming projects...has a heart of gold.  So when this impostor went to Beverly Hills to meet her as his dying wish (his first illness was a rare genetic thick blood disorder that he and only one other person in medical history suffered from) Lydia agreed to meet him at a local cafĂ©.  Little did she know he was a pro at the con con con game...even selling out his own kids, ex wives and the many victims before her and the rest of us.  She was going through a divorce and he offered to handle her simple legal paper work for he claimed to be a Federal JAG-C attorney.

Lydia Cornell is a major activist for many non profit and charitable causes.  She is a Physics master actually, but she easily gets hurt by men such as this felon/impostor...whom by the way, gave her his purple heart....that was later found to be an ebay purchase. He sent her his award winning essays on freedom and peace during his time as supposed Lieutenant Cornel Lewis.  The essays he plagiarized were from the true Military hero Lewis. What he did was change the War, The Military Branch, The dates and President's names....and the middle initial.  The man cannot write anything comprehensible, he can't spell...and he began a smear campaign on the internet accusing us of what he is guilty of.  Every polluted word he misspelled on Social Media and sites like Rip Off Report etc...were cruel, criminal lies.  This man attempted to be a hair dresser...I find anyone's quest for undertaking or perusing a challenging education for their desired work admirable.  

THIS MAN STOLE THE IDENTITY OF A LT. COL. in the U.S. ARMY: "Lt. Col. RL" the fraud, the first man convicted on Cyber Crime in Florida...and while serving time in jail, he was busted and convicted again!  He was committing the same crimes he was locked up for.... he never did get his Cosmetology license.  He did get a victim in Beauty School though...he married and divorced a lovely woman...that he slaps fraudulent lawsuits on.  Often and regularly.

When he was to appear in court to answer to multiple criminal complaints...he claimed that he had several strokes, hospitalizations...and now he was suffering from leukemia.  The judge reminded him of the restraining order stop smearing our names on the which he cried out via phone that he was IMPOTENT!  So, I guess what he cant do to women in court he cant do to them in bed either. 

There is an expose in progress about this man and what he has done to innocent people..
This man wants so badly to be badly he would attempt to destroy my friend...Lydia was my neighbor in Beverly Hills.  She saved my life because  that's what she does.  She is the real deal, the real hero...I was working on a series and was so addicted to cocaine and Whisky that she put everything on hold to help me.  I mean everything.  She did the Quantum Leap pilot and had other series casting directors that were wanting her for regular work. She stayed with me until hiatus on my show...Sent me back to Boston, To my grandmother and Mom....and I got better.  Little did I know, in my drug daze...that Lydia got clean and sober first...and cared enough to love a guy to wellness...and having faith for him until he could have it on his own.

So this is the woman this career criminal was hell bent on destroying.  He made sexual advances on her to which she politely declined.  His jealous rage over Lydia and her friends' fame...and with my close friendship with her that this man used to go into jealous rages filling social media sites with such venom and lies about me and her...

He publicly attacked Lydia Cornell on RIPOFF REPORT claiming she was a criminal. He committed slander and defamation on numerous websites claiming that she was a prostitute and even posted her home address -- defying crazy fans to attack her.  He threatened to "bash my face in." 

We were working on live shows at the time...and we were beginning to film a "sizzle reel" for a certain network.  At the time, Lydia believed he was really a true war hero and secret do-gooder. EVERYTHING HE SAID WAS A LIE. Lydia believed him, but thought his "war injuries" had caused lesions on his brain. Lydia kept reporting this information to her 'real' attorney who was working in cahoots with this "attorney/war hero/Jag-C military criminal attorney." HER OWN ATTORNEY PUT A GAG ORDER ON HER FORBIDDING HER TO PROTEST THE CRIMINALS HEINOUS SLANDER AND ACTIONS. 

This criminal would call her cell phone a million times until she answered and then say he was dying in his car on the side of the road in Glendale on his way to Attorney Nelle Paegle's office -- and he would make Lydia run to his side ...only to find the doctors said it was a miracle...but next time he wouldn't be lucky.

He began to claim that she and I and others threatened him and his minor grandchildren, stalked them,...etc....none of us live anywhere near Maynardville, TN.  Not even 1000 miles close...his claims of our harassment caused heart attacks, strokes and his cancer.  He posted Ustream videos about his cancer...leukemia, and how he was in chemo, and how we were causing him such harm.  Having some knowledge about the subject...I posted some questions regarding his condition and his appearance being unusual for his course of treatment...etc...and I also informed him what kind of cancer leukemia was and what it he had it all wrong.  Claiming to be on heavy chemotherapy which was radiation combined with oral medication...I found it odd that he had a buzz cut...with full eyebrows, beard, he was not at all gaunt, his pallor wasn't sickly etc...His answer was another video the next day with a fully shaved head beard and eyebrows...and yet another lawsuit threat to me.

EVERYTHING HE SAID WAS A LIE. Lydia believed him, but thought his "war injuries" had caused lesions on his brain

The thing is...many knew of his aliases on facebook.  It was there all truth unraveled...regarding his illnesses, his family situations and his state of well being.  There were daily videos of him partying at Tennessee barbeques, birthday parties, restaurants, Water parks...etc....In his illness he must have been so sick he forgot how sick he said he was...using that as reason for his inability to appear in court...and for his support of many claims in his lawsuit smear campaign painting himself as a stressed out victim...suffering from disease at our hands....

I wasn't going to write this much...the histrionic borderline subject of this article will be happy of the fame this will garner his name.

However, sorry Mr. "L"  You don't know my real name.  You know my professional name.  And I'm not famous...unless you remember the guy that played the leads friend...Or the airbrushed guy next to cologne or wrinkled clothing.. Either way...this will never catapult you to stardom.

I just don't want you to hurt anyone that you can really hurt.  You see, it wasn't long before we all realized hardly anyone was paying attention to you...and if they by chance came across your bullshit...they were all laughing batshit at you.  And it wasn't because of your was because sometimes people laugh when they cross someone so's a natural defense mechanism.  They were laughing because the alternative would be the tears for such a pathetic man...and his sad quest to be anyone but himself...and the sad tears for what you did to family and all those that bought your lies...The man that thought he was such a nobody he would hurt anyone that held out their hand in good faith...if it would make some local newspaper.

I laughed so hard I cried.  Not for you, Richard.  I cried for all the right reasons.

Henceforth, to cease to exist.

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Lydia Cornell #4: Women in Comedy | 3 Blonde Moms are not Waiting for the F-Word | Powerful Women in Comedy

Lydia Cornell is back on the Beats & Eats airwaves. Cornell returns with more wonderful women in Hollywood.
Today, Lydia interviews 3 BLONDE MOMS Creator Joanie Fagan's Fantastic touring company selling out nationwide!

Show Notes:

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Tonight August 11 ~ We have a STELLAR LINEUP of COMEDIANS for this Thursday's show, Aug. 11th, at 7pm At The Warehouse. Happy Hour ends just when a happier hour begins. Come on down and let us serve you some laughs.  If you are in Los Angeles, come to Marina del Rey to The Warehouse to watch some of America's funniest touring comics!

And So excited the film I directed 'It's my decision' will be in the Milwaukee Women's Film Festival august 19th-21st!!

~ Notes on 'The Force' ~ 
We have been conditioned to believe that the external world is more real than the internal world but it's actually just the opposite: what’s happening on the inside determines what’s happening on the outside. So your loving attention to something, literally alters the physical universe. This is scientific, but it is not easily understood.
"Great men are they who see that spiritual is stronger than any material force; that thoughts rule the world." – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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'People are often unreasonable, irrational, and self-centered. Forgive them anyway. If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives. Be kind anyway. If you are successful, you will win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies. Succeed anyway. If you are honest and sincere, people may deceive you. Be honest and sincere anyway. What you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight. Create anyway. If you find serenity and happiness, some may be jealous. Be happy anyway. The good you do today will often be forgotten. Do good anyway. Give the best you have, and it will never be enough. Give your best anyway.
In the final analysis, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.'
~Mother Teresa ~

There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer. No disease that enough love will not heal. No door that enough love will not open. No gulf that enough love will not bridge. No wall that enough love will not throw down. No sin that enough love will not redeem. It makes no difference how deeply seated may be the trouble. How hopeless the outlook.  How muddled the tangle. How great the mistake. A sufficient realisation of love will dissolve it all. If only one could love enough you would be the happiest and most powerful being in the world.

~ Emmett Fox

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1. Sit In Your Parked Car With Sunglasses on and point a Hair Dryer At Passing Cars. See If They Slow Down  2. Every Time Someone Asks You To Do Something, ask If They Want Fries with that.  3. In the Memo Field Of All Your Checks, Write ' For Marijuana.'  4. Page Yourself Over The Intercom. Don't Disguise Your Voice! 5. When The Money Comes Out The ATM, Scream 'I Won! I Won!'  6. When Leaving the Zoo, Start Running towards the Parking lot, Yelling 'Run For Your Lives! They're Loose!' 7. Tell Your Children Over Dinner, 'Due To The Economy, We Are Going To Have To Let One Of You Go.'  8. PICK UP A BOX OF CONDOMS AT THE PHARMACY, GO TO THE COUNTER AND ASK WHERE THE FITTING ROOM IS.
Once you gain control over the thoughts you think, your sense of injustice will subside and be replaced with the exuberance for life and the zest to create that you were born with. ~ Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction teachings.  
Your loving attention to something actually changes things in the physical universe. Your loving attention to a situation, relationship, problem or financial lack -- actually changes the situation or relationship. But the key is "loving" and "letting go of all resentment, fear and worry."  

You can't solve anything when you are in fear. The old primal 'fight or flight' mechanism comes into play and all you get are the material results of either fight or flight. In other words, you get the exact same thing you put out: fight means you engage in battle and risk getting physically or emotionally hurt. "Flight" means you escape and run away. 

Fight or flight are short-term, animalistic survival mechanisms. But where do these get you in the long run? You still haven't solved your basic problem. 

We have been conditioned to believe that the external world is more real than the internal world but it's actually just the opposite: what’s happening on the inside determines what’s happening on the outside. 
Our world is shaped by our thoughts. So your loving attention to something, literally alters the physical universe. This is scientific, but it is not easily understood.

"Great men are they who see that spiritual is stronger than any material force; that thoughts rule the world." – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I really want to be a virgin again in more ways than one. In this age, we’ve seen too much, done too much, been too naked. Mortal life is getting too extreme. There’s too much hard-core violence and porn in the airwaves. But is it possible to become innocent again? Can we put the Genie back in the bottle? There is nothing in the physical world left to want, do or imagine. I don’t want one more luxury gadget to make my life easier except maybe the newest iphone. Actually nothing in the material world impresses me anymore. Except seeing, actually seeing The Force, which some call "God" but which I often call Love. Imagine if love were a tangible force. What would it look like?

I was thinking about the tragedy and the terrorist bombings ~  Brussels, Paris, Boston, San Bernardino, Orlando, 9/11, Oklahoma bombings... and of natural disasters like Katrina hurricane and Indonesian tsunami – and how many bodies have rotted and evaporated – how quickly human life is snuffed out. It proves to me what I’ve always known: that this mortal life is but a dream, and man is not made of matter. Rotting flesh has no essence in and of itself, no matter how real the illusion seems. 

As a culture we put so much emphasis on the body: on cellular substance of the fetus, the death and burial of a corpse, the saving of an unconscious sack of flesh that contains no life force or spirit, as in the case of Terry Shiavo, who was brain dead, but not allowed to be taken off life support. This case became a political circus. We are focused so exclusively on the letter, not the spirit; the style, not the substance; the right hat, not the heart, the ritual, not the meaning — and the flesh which can be wiped out so easily — that it must make me wonder: is flesh man’s most important quality?

At the risk of sounding like a crackpot, I have to say here that I no longer believe in the physical universe as being primary. The invisible harmony is what's real. In other words, the things I know are valuable and real are the things I can’t see with my eyes – the invisible qualities of love, truth, wisdom, soul, principle, thought, harmony, wisdom, compassion, beauty, strength and character – things that cannot be physically touched or scientifically proven. Man is spiritual; we are linked to the Divine and to each other by the invisible fabric of love.

As Emerson said: "this is a spiritual universe and thoughts rule the world."

Imagine if the human pageant were just a tapestry — and God sees the complete, beautiful picture on the finished side — but from our vantage point beneath, we only see dangling threads that keep disappearing as they are woven in and out. As people pass on, certain threads disappear because they are part of a grand stitch that completes a beautiful landscape or picture on the other side. We can’t see the whole picture. We don't know the reason for death and suffering; we don't know what's on the other side, but I'm sure there are many mansions and colors -- and the weave creates a majestic tapestry.

One of my favorite books is MANS SEARCH FOR MEANING by Viktor Frankl, who overcame concentration camp torture through the power of his mind. This is a universe of thought. Thought is energy and it is swift.

Here's the Catch 22: what you think about all day long, is what you become; what you focus on grows. So if you're thinking about how bad the world is, or how much you lack, you will get more of the same. Or as I wrote in the comedy film "Venus Conspiracy", "You can be attractive even if you're not good looking, because if you radiate love, you attract people." I know it's a silly line, but it is true.  Beyond "The Secret" the best metaphysical writers who really know the truth are Eckhart Tolle, Mary Baker Eddy, Emmet Fox, Depak Chopra, Neal Donald Walsch.. actually there are many. 

Whatsoever things are good, pure, beautiful — if we think on these things we will bring these into our life in proportion to our thoughts. Our thoughts create our reality, and as Shakespeare said, "There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so."

I have the profound sense that we can touch God everyday when we are loving to others, especially those who offend us and disturb us, and especially those less fortunate. Have you seen someone's face light up with just one kind word?

My sister went through open-heart surgery to replace a valve a few months after our brother’s death. Through the past few years, with the help of a pacemaker, she has gradually improved her heartbeat as she has became more spiritually attuned.

In December she started writing songs again. She wrote a song that was so beautiful, it had to come from the Source of love; it was pure inspiration. Her heart suddenly went into "sinus" or normal rhythm. The connection was clear.

When the troubles with her downstairs neighbor began to escalate, my sister developed debilitating pain in her feet, a form of arthritis. She could hardly walk. She was told not to hike anymore with her dog.

I believe her feet hurt because she was walking on eggshells. She was angry and hurt and unable to live freely in her own apartment because the downstairs neighbor kept harrrassing her about the noise upstairs with her dog.

The neighbor also harassed her because she was gay. This woman seemed completely malicious at times. What was more astounding was that she actually received mail from Trinity Broadcasting Network, the Christian evangelical station! We saw it in the mailbox. My sister tried to talk to her, but she refused. My sister tried to move, but couldn't find an apartment that took dogs and would double as a music studio.

She had to to work on this spiritually – seeing her neighbor through God’s eyes, as a child of love. She had to send love to her neighbor. This took a while, but she continued to return love for hate. Everytime the woman would rave and rant, or pound on the ceiling with a broom when my sister played music she was composing (in the daytime!) my sister would refrain from screaming back.

The situation turned around. My sister persisted in seeing the woman as a good person, and the woman became willing to talk. Now they actually wave to each other. This is nothing short of a miracle considering my sister was actually in fear of a hate crime at one point. She also thought her dog was going to be poisoned.

The Death of Adrienne Shelly: Neighbor vs. Neighbor

A few years ago, I was reading the list of Sundance films purchased for sale and was shocked to see that Adrienne Shelly, one of my favorite indie actress-turned-filmmakers, who directed "Waitress" had been murdered. She was murdered by a downstairs neighbor for complaining constantly about the noise he made. He finally marched upstairs and killed her. This was devastating, surreal.

I then thought of my sister and was grateful she had learned the spiritual lesson of getting along with her neighbor.

How to Solve Every Problem in Life ~ the Problem of Living in a Material World

So what is the code? Is there a formula one can plug in here for all problems in life? Yes.

What I've discovered is that the solution to any material problem is never at the level of the problem. As Einstein said: "No problem can be solved at the same level it was created on." You have to go to higher, smarter solution. You have to go to a diplomatic or spiritual solution. Problems are solved in the "gap" -- the space between. It always happens when you let go, or look away from the problem or get momentarily distracted. That's when you find your earring, or get the phone call. It's by “letting go."

No human power could relieve my alcoholism. It was not healed by dissecting the brain.

No military power can solve terrorism. We can’t fight fire with fire; we need to go above the problem and approach it from a different angle.

This hot-bead of hatred is something we actually started when we dropped bombs on Fallujah and invaded Iraq.  We fomented this hatred agains America years earlier when we got into bed with the Saudis and their oil oligarchy. 

But hating ones' enemies never resolves anything, as the Great Peacemaker said. 

All great spiritual leaders know that you must "keep your friends close, but your enemies closer." And "a soft answer turns away wrath." Withdraw our energy from the situation and the situation will solve itself. We must withdraw and take care of our own side of the street.

Energy consists of sub-atomic particles that in turn make up atoms and finally matter. This energy exists as waves spread out over space and time. They have discovered that down to the tiniest atom, there is only empty space. There is no solid matter. Everything is energy. Everything exists in waves of infinite possibility. Only when we focus our attention on an object does that object become a particle. We "particularize" an object by our attention to it.

So thoughts really are things. And 85% of all disease is caused by stress -- which means worry, fear or misplaced thoughts that become ingrained habits of negativity. There is now scientific proof that loving thoughts actually create a thicker brain cortex. Monks who meditate on love regularly have no disease.

If all you did was just look for things to appreciate, you would live a joyous, spectacular life.

 In Quantum physics, scientists have proven that our loving attention to an object actually changes the object in the physical universe.

Dr. Christine Northrup says "Hope is a biochemical state in the body that promotes healing."

Laughter heals. And we know that love heals everything. 

~ Love, Lydia