Monday, September 30, 2013


I am very grateful to Chantilly at Facebook for restoring my site. They actually read the SOS and apologized and said it was their mistake. The problem is, I had private messages (over 4,000) with addresses and instructions on the UCP event below -- as well as the entire history of my friend's murder in her own words -- which she had sent me 2 days before she died. I couldn't recoup any of this vital information, not to mention my children's photos and videos which I had stored on Facebook when my computer crashed. Right now I have thousands of friend requests and 6,000 followers but still I can't add more friends. I"m so sorry about that, but will use my Official Facebook page from now on -- in order to accomodate new fans. 

I am very impressed wtih the fact that Chantilly at Facebook actually read my email and responded so promptly.  Earlier with the stalker, even the police said it was futile trying to get Facebook to delete his hate speak and violation of my restraining order. 

 But after teams of fans showed up in California at my stalker hearing, and after a team of body guards was donated to me, now I feel so grateful for the fans on Facebook. But the stalker got away with having 8 different Facebook aliases -- he went to prison for cyber fraud and grand theft and is a convicted felon. 

I finally accomplished a lifelong dream last week, and then went to San Diego to be a celebrity watier in the 30th annual UCP Firefighter's Celebrity Waiters' Luncheon in Coronado Bay at the Marriott, Coronado Island on the water.  Had a blast at the event, raising money to cure Cystic Fibrosis.

What a spectacular hotel! I had a room overlooking the Bay Bridge.

Lydia Cornell and Austin Powers (Richard Halpern)

Lydia Cornell, Millena Gay, UCP Sept. 27, 2013

Marriott, Coronado Island, CA

Lydia Cornell and Sabrina Fein, Meteorologist for Channel 10 San Diego ABC 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Patrons of AVCOA, Lydia Cornell (center) Brad Berens (Executive Director) taken Sat, Sept. 14, 2013

Saturday night I got to be a celeb host of the AVCOA Golden Era of Hollywood Event at University of Antelope Valley in Lancaster, California

I want to thank the amazing people who brought me in to this event and this organization. I also loved the hotel they always put us up in: Hilton's EMBASSY SUITES of Palmdale, California

I love Linda B. Vasquez, Brad Berens, Candy Havlock and Steven Angebrandt.

Thank you. You are an amazing group of people doing so much good.

There are over 11,000 miles of seniors and poor, hungry, neglected souls out here in the vast desert of the AV, home to our military installations of Edwards Airforce Base, Northrop, Lockheed Martin.. and several interesting Drone test programs.

This used to be the place they dropped off the mentally unstable and the poorest of the poor. They are being aged out of the system and there are only two social workers for all these thousands of people due to BUDGET CUTS

These poor seniors who are living on bare minimum social security -- if they are even able to get their checks -- need our help. They need people to volunteer to check on them and make sure they have proper ventilation in this desert heat of 112 degrees. I ran out of gas on Saturday on my way out to Palmdale and almost boiled in the car even with the windows open!

Let's all do our part in whatever community you and I live in.


~ Blessings

And please donate if and when you can:
AVCOA is a 501 c 3 Federal Tax ID #23-7360206

Monday, September 16, 2013


Join me for a GREAT SHOW tonight! 6 PM Pacific, 9 PM EST

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Beats & Eats Monday 9est w/80's star Lydia Cornell Featured

Written by  on September 16th, 2013
Beats & Eats Monday 9est w/80's star Lydia Cornell
It's Monday night and you have a seat next to Ty Ray and Nick Gelso in the "virtual lounge."  Your show hosts will be in good company! You knew her as Sarah Rush on the hit tv show "Too Close For Comfort", Lydia Cornell will be joining Beats & Eats to talk about her career on and off tv.  What was it like for her to work with comic legend Ted Knight? How did she deal with superstardom at a young age? These are just some of the questions Ty and Nick will be asking.  Later in the show, Hell's Kitchen contestant Barret Beyer survived Gordon Ramsay but can he survive Ty and Nick. We'll also be taking your calls at 347-215-7771.  The lounge opens at 9pm est.

Ty Ray

Ty is a frequent host of the CLNS Celtics Post Game Show and co-host of Celtics Town King Of The Court podcast featured on CLNS radio.  His 20 year career in both tv and radio has allowed him to cover some of the biggest events in sports. He cites the 2001 MLB All-Star game in Seattle as well as the 2001 Stanley Cup finals among his favorite experiences.  His dream interview would include dinner and conversation with Celtics legend Bill Russell. 
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