Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Now I've seen it all. Nuns, whose primary mission according to Christ HIMSELF is to care for the poor, feed the hungry, and comfort the dying are being condemned by the Catholic Church for DOING GOOD WORKS!  They call "social justice" work radical feminism!!

So the nuns are in trouble for doing what Christ commanded, and what made Mother Theresa so beloved she became an official saint.

The nuns are supposed to drop their good deeds, and instead speak out against gay marriage and abortion!  By the way, the U.S. government does not pay or fund or have any taxes pay for abortions. This is the law passed by Congress years ago. NO TAX DOLLARS HAVE EVER BEEN ALLOWED TO FUND ABORTION. You are being manipulated to believe the opposite. If you are pro-life, which EVERY SANE PERSON IS, then stop asking the government to fund your Wars which kill and murder against all God's laws.

Mother Theresa

"... American nuns have been accused by the Vatican of promoting "radical feminism."

So helping the poor and the sick, and educating millions of youngsters is called "radical feminism!"


The inspectors' assessment, issued April 18, said that while the LCWR had done good work in areas of social justice, it had been “silent” on those issues that command the utmost attention of the church leadership: abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality and the ordination of women.
It said investigators had found “serious doctrinal problems which affect many in consecrated life,” and ordered a major reform that would be overseen by Sartain and two other bishops.
The LCWR, which represents 80% of the 57,000 Catholic nuns in the U.S., said that it was stunned by the judgment and that the investigation process had been flawed. Farrell said Tuesday that the meeting with the Vatican had been requested “to address what the conference considered deficiencies in the process and the results” of the doctrinal assessment.
Since the assessment was issued, the LCWR has received an overwhelming demonstration of support from many quarters, including ordinary Catholics, theologians and many religious orders who praised the work of American nuns in helping the poor and sick and educating millions of youngsters.

First of all: protesting gay marriage, which falls into the category of throwing stones and judging others, which Christ was supremely against — and obsession with other people's private wombs and their OWN personal attached fetal tissue — neither of these issues are mentioned by Christ and are actually the very thing Christ warned against: pharasaical thought, the letter over the spirit. The gay marriage and abortion issues are the most hateful, political wedge issues - deliberately designed to divide us --  of the past 40 years.  These two issues were designed to divide us by cunning political operatives like Karl Rove and others who have no morals  and will do anything to breed hatred in order to gain power. Read all the history on this issue, with an open mind. YOu will find the truth: that abortion will never be overturned. No sane educated political person, even republican, would overturn Roe vs. Wade because the alternative would cause more deaths than the law as it is written now. And it would be a civil rights issue.  Rove found a way to scare religious people into hating liberals, based on these two issues. Then they lied and said government paid

Now listen: when I speak of "fetal tissue" I am talking about our obsession with flesh instead of spirit.  Christ clearly stated that his Kingdom was of Spirit, not of the world. He said the Kingdom of Heaven is inside your heart and soul. None of the fleshly laws of kings or of the court concerned Christ. For religious people, this is one reason we have separation of Church and State. 

In a diverse society such as ours, based on FREEDOM OF RELIGION, the only law that really works is the Golden Rule. 

Freedom of religion is what America is based on (read your history: we formed this new country to get away from the dictates of the English Church. Protestants wanted to worship freely; they did not want to be forced to follow the horrifying, antique, primitive, ugly laws of the medieval Catholic Church, which burned Joan of Arc at the stake and which tortured people, and which put Galilleo in prison for nine years for stating the truth, that the "earth revolves around the sun."  So we fled England and came here to this land to be a free country -- free to worship as we please. That said, in a diverse country of many religions including Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Anglican, Atheist, Episcopalian and yes, Catholic -- not every sect can have the civil laws made to fit his own religion.  So we go by CIVIL LAW: what is fair for all?  THE GOLDEN RULE pretty much covers it. 

So it is not your business what I do with my womb before 8 weeks of the gestation of fetus. This is my private womb. I am a mother and personally could never have an abortion, but it is not my right to tell another woman what to do with her own life and health before 8 weeks. And the reason this is not your business is this:  

1. There is a reason the womb is encased in the separate, private body of each individual woman: there are no public womb farms.  My womb is not public property. We don't have public womb farms with armed guards standing over rows of external wombs making sure each "womb man" woman doens't perform a dangerous "do-it-yourself" abortion. 

2. The government DOES NOT FUND ABORTION AND NEVER HAS. No tax dollars have EVER been allowed to fund abortion. NEVER. If you believe this, you are being manipulated by a very corrupt political agenda. 

3. NO ONE IS PRO-ABORTION! No Democrat or Liberal or Sane person is pro-abortion. We just can't put a guard over every 12-year old rape victim or pregnant woman to prevent her from an illegal, dangerous abortion! We can't LEGISLATE THIS. 

Christ said we are not FLESH but SPIRIT.

So called "pro-life" killers are destructive to human life by their TOTAL DISOBEDIENCE to Christ's laws. By their lack of kindness toward their fellow man.
In The Great Peacemaker's teachings, ALL THAT MATTERS IS HOW YOU TREAT OTHERS -- other living human beings. What is inside your womb is your child.

To the woman who wrote in violent all-caps, I am sorry for your pain and trauma. As a mother, I had the same experience. But you have no right to makes laws about other people's 'wombs. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT.

Don't you understand? The womb is encased in the separate body of OTHER MOTHERS, other HUMAN BEINGS, not just YOU. What gives you the right to tell another woman what she can and cannot do with her body, her fetal tissue at 2-8 weeks? This is not your business, because God created us with free will which determines a person's soul and their journey to "salvation"

I'm a mother too, I would never be able to have an abortion, but when a mother's life is at stake you can't legislate morality. You can't take away the rights of other human beings that are born because of your trauma. I went through this trauma too.

Blogger Friends of Lydia Cornell said...
God is love, that is all

Comment on marriage rights: And why on earth shouldn't my sister be allowed to get married? Why are you denying her a civil right? Is she only half-human? She has cried her whole life over your brand of ugly treatment and UN-CHRISTLIKE behavior of judgment. 

Love is God. God is LOVE. That is all God and The Great Peacemaker came to teach us. "Love your enemy and your neighbor as yourself. Help the poor. Leave judgment and vengeance to God." (That means unless you are God, stop ruining other people's lives.

The very corrupt and heinously misguided leadership of the Catholic Church is slamming the nuns for not promoting their terribly misguided, wrong-headed political agenda of speaking out against gay marriage and abortion!!

Now I really believe the Catholic Church is being guided by the serpent. The liar, the most evil phantom of fear that doesn't really exist. 

I am not a fundamentalist, thank God. I believe in God more than anything, because I was literally lifted out of suicidal despair, and transformed in a series of full-blown miracles. 

There is no doubt that God exists, to me. But not the fear and punishing type of corrupt control freak the Catholic Church of Rome and the Westboro Baptist Church promote. These poor souls are truly corrupt.

Just the other day I was talking about the good the Catholic Church does, through their wonderful nuns. This was the ONLY saving grace of the Catholic Church

The only thing Christ cared about was and is human kindness, how you treat your fellow man: THE GOLDEN RULE.  

Removing civil rights of others, interfering in civil "fleshly" laws, judgement of gays and obsession with fetal tissue (that is not even on your own property or womb) is outrageously immoral, un-Christian, unethical, hateful, divisive and distracting. And a political timebomb. This is a Karl Rove tactic. 

What a waste of human love, talent, grace and money. What a waste. 

God Bless the nuns. God Bless Mother Theresa. Get rid of the current leaders of the Catholic Church. And how dare you go against Christ by putting a King on the earth, laden with gold rings that the poor worshippers and blind sheep bow to kiss, and call him POPE and put him in a castle, and force people to call him "Father," Christ said: "Call no man Father upon the earth."  Father in this case means "God."
Does this man resemble the humility of Christ in his gold, castle and jewelry? And didn't Christ command: 'Call no other man Father (other than God) upon the Earth"??

The Catholic Church is committing heresy against common sense.