Monday, March 21, 2016


"At the end of life we will not be judged by how many diplomas we have received, how much money we have made, how many great things we have done. We will be judged by, 'I was hungry and you gave me to eat. I was naked and you clothed me. I was homeless and you took me in.'" - Mother Teresa

Feed the hungry, give to the poor. If you Google these words in your city or community, you will find local ways to help othes right now.

 In Los Angeles, check out P.A.T.H. (People Assisting the Homeless) or The L.A. Mission or Imagine L.A. -- which finds homes for children and homeless families in L.A. It is a charity of Bel Air Pres, at the top of Mulholland at the Sepulveda pass. It's always a wonderful place for helping others. They have lots of charity work for everyone to participate in. When my kids were little we would always go up for Advent and make wreaths and give gifts to prisoners and children who are suffering and have nothing. We also worked at Hope Gardens, for homeless families. It's an amazing place. You can check out their website: (This church is fantastic for EVERYTHING! Meeting singles, groups, helping the community, the world, etc.)

Also, check out the LOS ANGELES FOOD BANK

Operation Gobble!
Date and Time:   Monday, November 19th - Registration is from 8:35 am to 8:55 am – volunteer project starts at 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. *Please bring in your release form on the day of your service project.
Address: Los Angeles Regional Food Bank is located at 1734 E. 41st Street, Los Angeles, 90058

Volunteers are needed to assemble food packages that go to women with infants, children, and senior citizens in Los Angeles County. Food packages include canned fruit, cereal , rice, and other non-perishable food items. Take this opportunity to support the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank with a great hands-on event! Help us help those in need in our community. *Once you register you will receive an email confirmation with all the logistics and forms. ***All volunteers must wear closed toed shoes*** *

This is a hard time for my mother and family. My younger brother died on December 1, 1995 and we always have this memory of his life on Thanksgiving. Also just google "Feed the hungry Los Angeles" or "Help the Poor"

Love is such a transformative force, it can reverse any past mistakes or regrets even from a moment ago. In fact if you stop going over the mistakes made yesterday, this very action will alleviate my suffering and create a new reality. LOve is such a creative force, it remakes the body. It can reverse any dis-ease. Your thoughts are the only thing creating your reality, and your attitude is the only thing you really have control over. Gain ctotal dominion over your reality right now. If you judge others, or yourself, you stay in a state of negative condemnation. You cannot thrive and grow in this state. Your cells are dependent upon your happiness and joy. That's why I can't listen to talk radio anymore: it actually hurts my heart to hear anyone put anyone down. And the constant negativity, looking at "what's not working" is defeating us! If you focus on the problem you never rise above the problem. Even Einstein said that "you can't solve a problem on the level it was created on." You have to go to a higher level: a diplomatic or spiritual solution. You have to forget your worries, let go and let love take care of you. All your needs are provided for the more relaxed and joyful you are. It's the LAW OF ATTRACTION! You attract the level of emotional joy, serenity, confidence you feel right now. Love is the key. Turn all fear to love. You can't be angry or in fear at the same time you are trusting the universe, and helping your fellow man.

With Brandyn Speaks! raising money for hungry, homebound seniors at Splendors Day Spa!



    Speaking of love, nice picture on the cover.

  2. This blog needs to be connected to Google, but I can't seem to connect my other blogs and have not figured it out yet! LOL


    Has Volt or Will been around?

    I think Volt is Will. Or Will is volt...or something like that.

    Anyway, like "Puff the Magic Dragon" the mighty Voltron has sadly slipped into his cave.


    He's still reeling from the asswhooping America gave him and the racist tea party.

    Don't forget, when you're opining over the loss of our resident troll, that this is the one who called for a Billion men, women and children to be slaughtered.

    And who used for a handle a foul, racist drawing of President Obama as a handle, and worse, Mrs Obama too.

    Volt was one of the guys who drove Kay in Maine out, with horrible juvenile insults mocking her weight, her looks, etc, and who's pounced on every new liberal leaning blogger who ever came in and ridiculed them openly.

    Volt is the one who mocked Clif's DANGEROUS military service in combat, (Did you see "The HURT LOCKER"? ...because THATS what Clif did over there), and who MOCKS AND RIDICULES HIS PTSD.

    And he's also the one who mocks and ridicules Clifs daughters active duty service.

    Volt was and is nothing more than a Tea Bagger who's goal has always been to use your blog as a stump point for FAR right wing fanaticism and racism.

    I wouldn't be too eager, for his no doubt inevitable, return.

    Enjoy the peace and quiet, while it lasts.


    We do need to heal as a country now, and the reasonable republicans out there are stepping up, and we'll see more of them taking the stage, distancing themselves from Rush Limbaughs and Ann Coulters and Fox Fake news, and moving towards a more productive center.

    Others who laughed and placated to the fanatics are also trying to tone it down, although theirs amounts to little more than;

    gee, guess the racist stuff calling Obama "The Kenyan" and "The Food Stamp President" and saying his voters were all black people who just all wanted welfare didn't we'll have to try something new".

    : |

    Its not much, but its a start.


    Their hatred of not just blacks, but anyone not a "good ole boy" they found doesn't work too well when your good ole boys are no longer the majority.

    By alienating blacks, Latinos, Women, young people, etc they left themselves no where to turn for votes. And that's just going to get worse over the next four years as more and more the demographic scales tip towards a more even playing field.

    Its like George Will said on Meet the Press, "you've got a problem when the voters don't like you, ....but you've got an even bigger problem when the voters know you don't like them".


    So if they end up running a Sarah Palin in 2012, ....get used to living under a Democratic government.

    Because it'll be a cold day in hell before anyone other than far right wing fanatics and biker for Sarah Palin.


    ...dontcha know. winky winky.... ;)

  9. New TV show?? Like,whats it about?

    Lydia should be more realistic when talking to strangers hiding in the really!

    I see Fluffo is doing fine. Princess would love to play with him.......she is quite careful not to crush little dogs with her big paws!

    Dobermans are much swifter,athletic,agile,and more intelligent than a hairy ol German Shepherd.

    I'm sure Princess,who is still growing,could rip Worf's German Shepherds turban.

    Love this comment.

    "Actually a doberman's bite force is around 500lb psi. And don't underestimate a Doberman if it's skinny. They are very powerful. A bigger muscle isn't always a stronger muscle. And Dobermans aren't actually skinny, they're lean."


  10. My Shep weighs 148 pounds, and she's kicked more "dobey ass" in her years on the planet than I care to count.

    In fact she almost killed one.

    12 stitches to its neck. Almost died from loss of blood. You don't mess with the big girl, trust me. When she stands up, her paws will be swatting you on the snout.

  11. WORFY SORRY7:20 AM

    I'll never forget the time I had to break a dobey's leg.

    Damn thing came at me when I was doing repos back in the day. Smacked it on the snout with my clip board long enough to distract it, then side stepped down on that boney little front leg.

    : \

    Man that thing snapped like a twig.


    You never heard a dog yelp like that.

    Thing was big though, didn't want to get bit.

    Once its leg was out, nothing much it could do.

  13. MY LIFE AS A WORF7:24 AM

    Doberman's are like republicans.

    They're pussies.

    They do good in teams or packs, where they can use their speed to hit and run, hit and run, hit and run, all coming in at you from different angles.

    But you get one alone, and any reasonably strong man can kill one, no problem.

    Never been afraid of Dobey.

    But you get a 148 pound shep coming at you full throttle, ....better have a milk bone or two on ya.


    Let me put it this way.

    My shep, used to kill 2 and a half foot ground hogs back on the farm when she was about 3 years old.

    She used to pick them up by the back and then do the "shake and pinch" method.

    She'd shake her head once, sort of like a T-Rex with a velociraptor in its mouth, ....and break its spine.

    Thing would be dead in seconds, but she'd never break the skin.

    Then she'd bring it over to the doorstep at the house and leave it, it was for me.

    : |

    What'd she think I was gonna do, put it in a stew?


  15. Gopher stew and gravy.........LOL!

  16. 148lbs is big........Princess may reach ninety pounds at best!Ultimately, I have raised her to be friendly and affectionate. Her demeanor is very intimidating towards strangers but she does NOT bite!!! Nevertheless,she is very protective of the property and me.

    A repo man? Isn't that a conservative job? No wonder the doberman was trying to bite you.....LOL!

  17. Mmmmmmmmmmm.......homemade spaghetti and meatballs for dinner!

  18. Worf, remember Rove's confusion, live on Fox for all to see, over why Ohio wasn't going R-money's way, and the fact R-money thought he couldn't lose;

    This might have been why;

    Theft Of Election Foiled By Anonymous ?

    Might also be why the right wingers are trying to make the Benghazi incident into a scandal to HIDE the fact they failed in trying to steal an election thanks to people they still do not actually know who they are.

    If more code and facts come out, things might get interesting since the right wing doesn't have control of DOJ to cover things up this time.


    Johnny said...

    I have raised her to be friendly and affectionate.

    A minute ago you had her ripping my dogs turban, lol.


    Johnny the closet conservative said...

    A repo man? Isn't that a conservative job?

    Only a conservative would think such nonsense.


    But thanks for showing you think anything "tough", must be a conservative function.

    Keep floating that idea that democrats, liberals, or independents like me, are all "weaklings"...and only conservatives are strong.

    Underestimating and disrespecting your opponent is what got your asses kicked the last couple times.


    Clif disarmed live explosives in Iraq in combat situations.

    He's openly liberal.

    What have you done that's "tougher" than that?


    For that matter, what has Voltron, or FF, Crusty, or any of the other low lifes who were in here slandering and ridiculing the mans active duty service in combat, done that's tougher than that?

  24. REPOWORFO4:51 PM

    And repos aren't that hard by the way.

    As long as you don't mind crazy dogs, gunshots in your direction, wives coming at you with knives and chollos who don't want to give up their mini, it's a cakewalk.


    ...but I wouldn't recommend making a career out of it.

    Least not a long one.


  26. · Karl Rove’s digital architecture surrounding the election was identified and compromised by cyber sleuths in a way that denied him the ability to manipulate election results;

    · Project Orca was not secure and had numerous flaws that were exploited to ensure failure;

    · Karl Rove was focused on three states—Ohio, Virginia and Florida;

    · “Orca Killer” was launched early in the day resulting in failures starting in the morning;

    · “The Great Oz” was launched at 8pm, just as polls closed on the East Coast;

    · The Ohio Secretary of State results were inaccessible to Mr. Rove after 8pm;

    · Mr. Rove disputed the call for Ohio, and told FOX News that it was “premature” as he kept trying to access the results;

    · Mr. Rove, Mitt Romney, the GOP, its billionaires, and its talking heads were all “convinced” up to the last minute that Mr. Romney would win, some even saying “by a landslide;”

    · Prior to the election, Anonymous warned Mr. Rove that it had identified his digital structure and was watching for any manipulations;

    · Mr. Romney and the GOP leadership were “shell shocked” when President Obama won the election.


  27. First person account of Fox News and Karl Rove on election night.

    On election night for some reason neither Rove nor I can get into the Ohio Secretary of State’s website to get any county data – or any data for that matter. We both tore into the Florida and Virginia election data the second their polls close.


    Chris Wallace off air is begging us to get into the Ohio Secretary of State website but Karl and I get the same error messages we have gotten all night long.


    Karl and I scrambled to see if we could get into the Ohio Secretary of State’s website again. Karl yelled out that he had gotten in. And just at that moment we hear in our ear Bret Baier declare that the Fox News Decision Desk has called the state of Ohio for Barack Obama.

    We were separated from the main anchor desk that Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly hosted the election coverage from by a good 30 feet or so – but it felt like miles.

    I blurted out to Chris Wallace and Karl Rove, “Do they understand the implications of that call?” I felt calling Ohio was tantamount to calling the presidency and thought we would be seeing blazing graphics declaring Obama reelected. Just as I asked the question I realized immediately why we were not seeing it – I knew Florida was gone to Obama – the Decision Desk may have been pretty sure it was going that way but from their perch Obama was not over 270 electoral votes yet – neither Virginia nor Florida had been called. Chris looked at me like I was on Mars and said “Of course they understand what this means – but we have to wait for those other states to call it”.

    Just then Karl Rove’s phone rang it was someone in the Romney campaign….you know the rest.


  28. Rove’s talk about how his buddy in Ohio kept ‘refreshing the servers’.

    Seemed like him expecting the fix to set in during one of those ‘refreshers’.

    Why would he mention refreshing the servers otherwise?


    clif said...

    Worf, remember Rove's confusion, live on Fox for all to see, over why Ohio wasn't going R-money's way, and the fact R-money thought he couldn't lose;

    This might have been why;

    Yes, I remember. "Ohio".

    It was like he couldn't believe it lost, even when they told them he said "NO!, that HAS to be wrong"

    ...sorta like he believed it was "in the bag" and couldn't possibly lose there.


    They told him which precincts were left, precincts he's WELL aware are urban and overwhelmingly Obama supporters.

    Yet he still insisted it was going to suddenly "turn" into Romney's favor.

    : |

  31. Probably because he thought those precincts would suddenly flip for some strange reason.


    In fact, even after being shown the map, he still insisted it was wrong and not to call it for Obama (just like he did with Bush in 2000) and wouldn't budge.

    They actually had to walk him into the polling room, where he seemed to be practically threatening towards the pollsters or accountants or whatever those guys in that room were, but they said "No Carl", ..its just not there".

  33. ....and was totally baffled when they didn't,

    while we all watched live.


    ....sorta like "No Carl.....there's some sort of firewall up and we can't get to the voting servers to change 10 percent of the vote for you....".......

    : |


  35. You know, this letter and the articles raise a question to me.

    Did Karl Rove assure Willard he could turn the vote to Willard in Ohio, like many people think Rove and Ken Blackwell did for Bush in 2004?

    That might explain Willard's lack luster campaign, where he took days off, refused to release his tax returns and refused to tell much about his plans.

    If Willard felt the fix was in, did he not try. As a real Karmatic slap, he lost because his lack luster campaign didn't excite people like an actual candidate who was really fighting, instead of phoning it in.

    Did KKKarl's guarantee cost Willard because Willard didn't try hard enuf, because he thought the fix was in.

    Wouldn't that be truly ironic?

  36. WORFYPOLY6:36 PM

    I don't know, but if this is true, then this could be earthshattering.

    For both sides.

    After all, if it is true you think Rove and them will just roll over easy? And the rest involved?

    Then again, he is kinda roly poly...


    Seriously though, if it is true then anonymous is going to need to provide a complete forensic trail for investigators and analysts to follow, not just to prove Rove tried that, but to prove that they themselves didn't tamper with the election results.

    After all, these guys are obviously some of the best in the world, at least as a group. So the question will arise "Then who's checking the checkers?", and that will open doors for calls from the right wing for a "do-over".

    It all depends I think on where they put this "firewall". A firewall can be software or hardware based and basically blocks IPs, ports, certain types of data, etc.

    If what they hacked into was some sort of router or firewall and built some ACL's (Access Control Lists) to block the IP's from where Rove's "ORCA" people were then it wouldn't be an issue I think.

    If however they hacked the servers which this article says they did, then what they did gave them access to the numbers too. Since they lean obviously towards the left, or at least against the right, I couldn't see the right wing not crying foul here and calling for a full blown investigation and even a recount of the states in question.

    Unless of course they're afraid of self incrimination, which very well may be.

    I'll be interested to see what happens when and if this hits the MSM.


    If its true, Anonymous may have just done the American people the biggest favor ever.

    Not only keeping them from stealing the election, but exposing what we all knew was taking place, all along.

  39. I don't see rove or anybody trying to change both who votes, and how those votes actually get counted,

    after all they lost five of the last six national election popular vote counts, and even lost this years congress popular votes, only extreme right wing gerrymandering has saves the GOper control there.

    Demographics are against them. What do they have to lose trying to steal another election, by eliminating democratic voters before the election, them flipping the vote of they cannot prevent the democratic voters in the first place.

    They cannot change the base or the moneyed elite they rely on so all they have left is trying to limit or steal votes from the growing democratic electorate

  40. I would think IF Rove had tried to steal in 2012 like many people think he stole in 2004, he and his moneyed elite would make sure NOT to call for any investigations.

    As for anonymous, they are probably spending time making sure they cannot be followed before revealing their logs of what they have done.

    The firewall it seems would have been software, since it was password protected.

    Also they were tracking Rove and his minions activity, to find out what was planned for their counter activity, which means Rove cannot admit a software firewall was erected to prevent people he paid were trying to hack the servers.

  41. Rove and his GOper minions are caught between claiming they were denied stealing an election, or claiming they never tried.

    In the first case they have to admit to the moneyed elite they were beat by anonymous.

    In the second of they claim they never trioed, and that is false they have to tell their moneyed elite they are willing to lie,

    In either case if much of the story is true, I am sure Rove doesn't want to talk about it at all.


    The firewall it seems would have been software, since it was password protected.

    Hardware firewalls are password protected too.

  43. CYBERWORF8:48 PM

    Often hacks involve taking over an internet or some business (or media)internal routers or even sometimes their own firewalls. But just a router can be turned into a firewall by writing some ACL's and blocking the IP"s of those you don't want (which can be anyone but you or yourself even if you wanted) so its hard to say what they took over.

    But like I said it did look like the article seems to feel they actually got onto the servers with a remote terminal session (like an RDP session tunneled inside of an SSL VPN) or something along those lines, but it could be the terminal they had was a command shell. Hard to say until we get more info.

    But it is fascinating.


    See if they did take over the servers, there's definitely going to be outcry over whether or not THEY tampered with the election results.

    So they're going to need to prove pretty convincingly that Rove's boys were in there tampering and had some sort of tunnels or back doors into that network that they shouldn't have had and that they had been using it or intended to use it for nefarious means.

    Intent is hard to prove.

    Opportunity not so much. But intent can be hard.

    And if they CAN'T prove it convincingly enough to make it stick in the legal sense then the focus will naturally be on them and the fact that they broke into the election machines and may have themselves been the tamperers.

    So I'm actually a little concerned about that. Think about it.

    If this backfires and they can't convincingly prove it, all they've done is given the republicans ammo to cry foul in the election results and demand a recount or worse a do over in those states.

    So I am HOPING, that it was a router they took over and set up a firewall on, (or some other network device in front of the servers) so that they didn't actually get admin access onto the servers.

    And if it is the latter, then I hope they have excellent forensic trails to follow to prove everything. Otherwise this could be a problem.

  45. WORFSAYHUH?9:18 PM

    I think one of the things they've got going for them, albeit circumstantial is Rove's own actions that night, recorded live on camera.

    When you posted this it was the first I'd heard about it. I immediately recalled that night and how he acted so strange.

  46. WORFLOCK9:20 PM

    He didn't act like a man who was surprised to have been beaten.

    He acted like a man who was CERTAIN that there was no way he was beaten.

    He looked and acted like someone who knew something was supposed to go a certain way and couldn't understand why it wasn't working.


    His actions immediately came to mind, the minute I read that article you linked to.

    And I said to myself ....'OOOOHHHH, THAT'S why he was acting so oddly'.

    It was like a light bulb going off in my head. Suddenly I could see.


    I just hope if its for real, they can prove it.

    Wouldn't that be something?

    After all these years. Caught red handed doing what everyone thought he was doing when he introduced us to Diebold voting machines in 2004.

    Everyone believed he was doing that. Wouldn't it be something if they could prove it?

    America might really start to heal then.


    By the way, a software firewall is host based meaning it would be something like your Windows firewall (the one built in) but probably Unix servers so probably IPChains or something like that. But that's what a software firewall is.

    A hardware firewall is an appliance, like a router only its designed for security, like a Cisco ASA or Checkpoint or Palo Alto, something like those. Those also have terminal access in a similar vein to SSL wherein they use SSH encryption to tunnel into the firewall and manage it. This is of course password protected.

    Like I said though the article does seem to imply they actually hacked into the servers themselves which if so then that opens the door for election tampering. I'm sure they didn't do anything but if they had access and prove it then I'm sure the states have laws that permit them to throw out an election result if there is evidence of tampering.

    And someone breaking into the secure election servers where the tallys can be altered is likely going to be seen as sufficient probable cause for a recount or complete throw out.

    They meant well, and hopefully it will turn out well. But I'm just thinking about it like an official will, seeing it from their point of view and I think if this is proven then its going to be very important to remove any reasonable doubt of tampering by themselves when they had access. And that's going to be difficult since they could cover their own tracks.

    But they may have left breadcrumbs of some sort that somehow prove what they did and more importantly, did NOT do. Otherwise this thing if true, could easily backfire.

    That's all I'm saying.


    The good news is however, that I'm pretty sure they would have considered that possibility and taken steps to ensure they have what they need to prove what they're saying.

  51. GOOGLYWORF10:39 PM

    ok, been looking around the web on this story. Can't figure out why MSM hasn't picked it up. Seems like it hit the major blogs like Daily Kos and the Examiner back on the 17th and 18th.

    There's actually a video. And anonymous hasn't apparently denied it and they've had days. So it might have teeth.

    Also I found that the buzz is they blocked a "Man in the Middle" attack, meaning Rove's people had some sort of sniffer or tap in place between them and the servers, which still doesn't answer my question whether they had access to the servers or not. But it does lean towards them accessing a network device or something rather than the servers themselves. But we'll wait and see.

  52. The Daily Kos is pointing out also Rove's behavior on air, so its not just us who noticed that now in light of this new revelation about anonymous and Rove's potential tampering.

    Kos also pointed out and good catch too, that Romney didn't have a concession speech written.

    That is very unusual, don't you think?

    Like they knew.

  53. or thought they knew.

  54. MELTING WORF11:18 PM

    But that's all circumstantial of course. Doesn't prove anything.

    But his behavior on air was bizarre, and many newscasters were talking about that very thing the next day. So were all the pundits and comedians.

    No one really had an explanation.

    They call it his "Meltdown".

  55. “The Protectors” said that they had identified the digital structure of Rove’s operation and of ORCA, a Republican get out the vote software application. After finding open “doors” in the systems, they created a “password protected firewall” called “The Great Oz,” and installed it on servers that Rove planned to use on election night to re-route and change election results “from three states.”

    WOW!! Whats the point of holding a democratic election if the results are going to be manipulated by power hungry thugs? Seems a little totalitarian to me when the peoples choice is tampered with and nullified!!!

    It has always astonished me how some people so strongly believe that their vision of "making the trains run on time" is right for everyone.

    This is why there will ALWAYS be war.

  56. Funny how mook mook instantly tries to transform a non-violent act to prevent a stolen election into the very violent act of war.

    Still carrying water for the neo-con agenda eh mook mook?

  57. WORFY7:29 AM

    How did Johnny turn this into his "there will always be war"? dance?

    : |

    His constant predictions of doom and gloom are self fulfilling.


    It is the lazy brain of the republicant.

    They do the same thing with government.

    They declare with proud authority "GOVERNMENT DOESN'T WORK!".

    So when they get elected to run the government, they do everything in their power (whether consciously or subconsciously) to prove that belief.


    If you believe like Johnny Lazybrain does, that "there will ALWAYS be war".....then no reason to do the hard work to try to end it.

    : |

    See how that works?


    Just tell yourself it can't be done, and then you can sit back and do nothing about it.

    The mindset of the LOOOOOOOOOZER and the BOOOOOOOOOOZER.

  61. I don't have time for estimates and phone calls......I need your help Worf!

    But,for some strange reason I always make time for this dumb blog?????


    Your world, is not my world.



    Your world, is not my world.


  64. Worf said

    "How did Johnny turn this into his "there will always be war"? dance?

    : |"

    Worf,who clearly admits that he would never put up with a treasonous satellite state on American soil due to its opposory belief in the present liberal dogma, now scratches his head in wonderment at my war statement??

    However,I seriously wonder how far,Worf, would be willing to go to defend his belief in a fully united America????????

    Also,why is it that Worf and Cliffy NEVER disagree on ANYTHING??????????

    Because they are chicken of each other.........LOL!!!!

    Volt is a good guy and an ol dear friend,nevertheless, I do not always agree with all his political beliefs................I am strong enough to oppose him!

    But, for some strange reason Volt does not call me an inbred piece of worthless shit for opposing his views???????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Also,knuckleheads,charity has limits............period!!!!!

    Even I wouldn't be STOOOOOOPID enough to approach a stranger hiding in the bushes.........LOL!!!!

  65. Obviously,I am "The One"...........................LOL!

    : D

  66. Contrary to popular belief,its not easy being number one...........everyone's jealous of you............LOL!

    : D

  67. Perhaps the repub's feel desperate enough to cheat due to the fact that they know the liberals will brainwash the people with promises of "EVERYTHING".........LOL!

    : D

  68. Funny,how I virtually receive no sympathy for all my hard work when giving to those less fortunate????

    They quickly take the money and fuck-off??????

    BUT.......WAIT..............Worf says they have a story....LOL!

    What about my story?????? Nooooooooooooo..........the lazy BUMS disappear before I can even open my mouth..........LOL!


    "Worf,who clearly admits that he would never put up with a treasonous satellite state on American soil due to its opposory belief in the present liberal dogma, now scratches his head in wonderment at my war statement?? "

    Johnny, who makes shit up about Worf that Worf never said, now scrathes his ass in wonderment at the amount of crusty build up in his shorts.

  70. Worf previously said


    Most importantly, it would be a matter of logistics. Other than Alaska and Hawaii, the US has been a contiguous block of states that could easily protect our interiors (hence our ICBM's housed in the midwestern states).

    If a state were to secede, particularly states in the middle of the country, suddenly the US would have what constitutes a hostile nation smack dab in the middle of the country.

    What country would tolerate that? Its one thing to border a hostile nation.

    Its another thing to allow one to exist in the CENTER of your own.

    No nation would tolerate that.

    And you can bet your ass, this one won't."

    5:34 PM

    Strong words.....Hmmm........I wonder if Worf meant he would send flowers & unconditional love to express his opposition.........kinda like Lydia....LOL!!??

    One thing for sure,I wouldn't share a foxhole with illusionist/cowardly Worf..............LOL!

    He would be throwing flowers at the enemy dudes who would easily decapitate us without hesitation..........LOL!

  71. I am forever"The One."

  72. And,I'm still in disbelief that Cliffy actually believes that mankind has evolved as far as it can regarding physics.

    : |

    No purpose!!!

    Man, he is dumb??????

  73. Play with the bull,you get the horns.....LOL!!

    : D

  74. I'm still in disbelief that Cliffy actually believes that mankind has evolved as far as it can regarding physics.
    never said that LIAR;

    I said that unless the laws of physics as we understand them, can be extended, there is no way matter can exceed the speed of light, or any mass-less particles.

    YOU LIE when you change what somebody posts to suit your dishonest strawman arguments.

    You Lie a lot mook mook,

    and the only one thing you are

    is a known liar.

    Funny how you can lie so easily when called on your water carrying for the neo-con agenda again.

    The agenda that got the USA in two winnable wars for over a decade, and the citizens of the USA rejected from 2006 onward.

    But you STILL are willing to carry water for that agenda?


  75. PS mook mook:

    the only "bull"

    you really are

    is a steaming pile of it.


  76. Perhaps the repub's feel desperate enough to cheat due to the fact that they know the liberals will brainwash the people with promises of "EVERYTHING".........LOL!

    funny you show your true colors there mook mook;

    Pro-fascist, anti democracy.

    Like the rest of the neo-cons and teatards do.

    Funny how that slips out when you get angry for being called on how you carry their water continuously.

    the pile you wallow in is stinking again mook mook,

    the steaming pile of bull you try to sell here that is.

  77. I WORF9:13 PM

    Strong words.....Hmmm........I wonder if Worf meant he would send flowers & unconditional love to express his opposition.........kinda like Lydia....LOL!!??

    Again Johnny makes up crap.

    "I Worf" (sounds like a Issac Asminov book) am NOT the "United States".

    : |

    Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen, don't forget to tip your servers.

  78. NO BULL WORF9:15 PM

    Johnnymoomoo said...

    Play with the bull,you get the horns.....LOL!!

    Play with the bull, you get the bullshit.


    Hey, I put up a nice pic fer ya Johnny.

    You never even said thanks.

  80. NO BULL I9:17 PM

    Took that today.

  81. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

    Even you too mook mook , and yes I know Canada's Thanksgiving is celebrated in October.

  82. Yes,you too Cliffy, and happy Thanksgiving to everyone here.

    I bought a bottle of wine in the "Hope" that one of you guys would invite me for turkey.........Yummmmmmm!!!!

    : )

  83. Sorry,Worf, I just found your pics now. I looked this morning but couldn't find them and wondered what you were talking about?

    Anyways,thanks........I like it when you post pics. But, you should post a pic of you handling one. Ive only seen one pic of you and that was like years ago.

    Ultra cool chainsaws by the way.


    ...kinda hard to take a picture of yourself "handling one" when you're "handling one".


    Yea Happy Thanksgiving guys. Sorry just got home a little while ago. Full of turkeeee.



    Ultra cool chainsaws by the way.

    They're two of my favs.

  87. Worf a little more info on the anonymous election day intrigue;

    Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted had installed an untested, unapproved software patch for ballot counting just a week before the election. When various groups protested to the courts, Husted responded that the software patch ran outside of the federally-approved voting machinery. Therefore, it did not need testing and did not to be reviewed by the state election commission. The courts went along with him.

    A few days later, the international hacker group Anonymous released a video. In it Anonymous warned that they were monitoring all the computers of Fox News analyst and Republican chief fundraiser Karl Rove. Anonymous warned Rove personally to not interfere with the election results.

    That made sense. This was because Craig Unger warned Americans about the possibility of electioneering in his book, Boss Rove. That is where Unger argued that Rove’s software hackers hijacked the Ohio election results at 11:14 pm EST in 2004. That was when the Ohio vote-tallying computers all went offline. When they came back up, the vote counters had switched thousands of votes in favor of Senator John Kerry to President George W. Bush’s column.

    Then, during election night in 2012, it was suddenly Unger’s story all over again—almost. This time the Ohio, statewide, vote-tallying computers went down at 11:13 pm EST. That was thirteen minutes after voter analyst Karl Rove had begun to throw his 30-minute tantrum live on Fox News. Rove was angry that the Fox analysts had called the Ohio election in favor of President Obama at 11:00 pm EST. During his rant, Rove went into a detailed analysis about how that part of the yet uncounted voter—25%—would throw the election to Romney. And then, bingo—

    The Ohio computers went down in the middle of Rove’s rant. But when they came back up there was no change in the vote. Obama still led. Rove looked even more perplexed. He then argued for another 15 minutes that Romney could still win Ohio. Finally, Rove conceded that perhaps Romney might lose the state.

    Then, two days after the 2012 election, Anonymous released another video. The hackers explained that they had inserted a firewall into Secretary of State Husted’s software patch. That had stopped the Ohio election counters from using it. The hackers said that they had analyzed the patch and that it would have flip-flopped the vote in the same counties that Karl Rove, of Fox, had argued would eventually swing the Ohio election to Romney.

    Interesting, on election night, when the Ohio computers came back online, the vote tallying went on without the patch, and Obama won.

    This whole thing might mean that the patch should be subpoenaed into court and examined for its potential to rig an election—especially since no one dared to complain that it did not work. And the counting kept on going, anyway, unquestioned. But that’s not all.


  88. So according to this they hacked the patch Husted put in the system he refused to allow anyone to investigate.

    Interesting because the patch would be easy to check out if anyone with the responsibility wanted to.

  89. Larry Hagman has died. So long Maj Nelson. All the icons of our time are leaving us.

  90. Wow, I am sorry I missed all these fun comments. I love the worf transformations.

    I am wondering what happened to Volt. I didn't know he actually said that he wanted everyone dead!

    Clif, I am so moved by your service to our country. I can't believe the danger you were in. The Hurt Locker depicted your experience.


    I have been writing a bit on Facebook, which is where I am every day, on 7 Facebook pages for my new business, and for the Lydia Live Show tribe -- all of whom I met on Kelsey Grammer's site.

    The show is Lydia LIve on Ustream but it's a fan show.

    The new show will be different. It's TLC Show. We have sponsors and guests coming up.


    Couldn't stop cheering and crying!!

    Go see "Lincoln" -- tryly inspiring. This movie gave me the courage to go forward with these life long goals. We are all going to have to stop being afraid to speak up. t/he old primitive archaic religous fundamentalism and conservatism is OVER.

    This movie is a perfect mirror of what's going on today in Congress -- in the House of Representatives. It's about the 13th Amendment and how Lincoln got it through. AMAZING STORY. It's also very funny. James Spader is hilarious. And TOMMY LEE JONES is so good, so funny, with his curly brown wig!

    But Abraham Lincoln now is my hero. He was the most moral, God-guided, loving, kind, courageous, self-sacrificing, incredible, soft-spoken, wise, witty, compassionate man. All the Peacemakers died: Jesus, Lincoln, Ghandi, Martin Luther, JFK, Bobby Kennedy.. but it's up to us to carry on. Those of us with conviction and courage and right on our side.

    The one thing Lincoln, a repubican, could not abide was the inequality. All human beings are created equal under God and the law.

    How can racism exist? I just don't get it? How on earth can anyone ever take rights away from any human being?

  91. New blog thread on Larry Hagman, an old friend.

  92. You can leave a comment here or there or anywhere I am letting go.

    Love to you all.

  93. I have updated something and explained about the DVDs

    Will post this as well.

    The only reason I put my website up for DVDs of "Too Close for Comfort" was because I saw them on Amazon going for $999.98 and $59 on up, & was shocked! I only sell these in conjunction with a charity and a percentage goes to another company. So for any "Too Close for Comfort" fans who asked me about the show, where it's playing, etc... I just wanted you to know that it's for sale on my website for much less, and autographed too. I always include photos and free gift. I can't reduce or change the price or get into my website until we get our technology back but it's a great deal. DO NOT FEEL OBLIGATED just because you're my friend here. I am just letting everyone know they can get them on my site, and photos too. Love you all. I certainly don't expect you to buy anything. Love and HAPPY THANKSGIVING ALL YEAR LONG!!

  94. It's beautiful that you stopped. You took the time to offer.. I hope we all take time to open up and share whatever gifts we have to give❤️

  95. Lydia, you never cease to amaze me with your awesomeness! Love and light radiate from you. Namaste!