Saturday, June 30, 2012



In muscle testing, if you think thoughts of revenge or anger, you become weak. If you think thoughts of love and forgiveness, you become strong. - Wayne Dyer  from David Hawkings experiments. 

If you need radical help in getting yourself out of fear, depression, anxiety, panic, addiction, suicidal thoughts please do this now:

STOP EVERYTHING YOU ARE DOING AND SIT STILL. Take a deep, long breath. Feel your heartbeat. Go outside if possible to the crisp cool air, the snow or even the cleansing rain.

Stop for a moment and enjoy this moment. Know in your inner heart that all is well right now. The sky is not falling. The house is not burning (unless it is); and your heart is still beating.

Unless you are in the middle of a true medical emergency, you have no reason to move or go anywhere for a few moments.

Now, think of 5 things to be grateful for. Really count your blessings. Look up at the trees, the sky, the birds, the flowers. Once your own thoughts are lifted, you can hear higher thoughts and solutions.

BE STILL. Fill your mind with love. Focus on love and forgiveness.  Stare at a beautiful photo of nature, in the color PURPLE if you can't go outside.

There is nothing to worry about. You have all you need right now to be happy and at peace.

All our suffering comes from thinking about the future or the past: what we want and fear we won't get, or what we lost or are afraid of losing, or what mistakes we made. Everything can be restored in proper order, or even better the faster that we turn our attention to the GOOD. In every catastrophe is the seed of something wonderful if we don't give up before the miracle. "I will restore to you the days the locust has eaten."

If you want an uplift and some encouragement to know that there is nothing ever to fear, check out this website for miracles of healing.

"A Cure for Every Ill, even Incurable Illness"
Victory over Paralysis.. Cancer healed, etc.

Don't give power to illness with your thoughts. Stop focusing on your problems, aches, sores, pain. You can't heal if you believe in both good and evil; in duality. That's the secret of healing. To take a stand on the side of good — no matter what the outer picture. The material world is always changing, but we are solid inside.

Keep your thoughts on the beautiful, the good and the true. Try to think only of your perfect health, radiant beauty, glow, spirit. Make a list of things to be grateful for. Keep out of fear by focusing on the good around you.


  1. WORFEUS8:09 PM

    I like the new picture.


    Violent Storms Kill 13, Leave Millions Without Power

    By GINGER ZEE and ALYSSA NEWCOMB | ABC News – 16 hrs ago

    More than 3 million people are without power today in triple-digit heat after a ferocious storm pummeled the mid-Atlantic region.
    The storm caused power outages from Indiana to New Jersey and was blamed for the deaths of at least 13 people, including at least six in Virginia; two in New Jersey; two in Maryland; one in Ohio; and one in Washington, D.C.


    "Millions" without power, can take comfort tonight knowing that Voltron is here it assure them that these "heat" induced storms are not really happening, and not so bad and certainly couldn't have anything to do with Global Warming....simply because this is exactly what scientists have been warning about and simply because we keep getting more and more of them......

    ...exactly as scientists have been predicting....

    ....but take comfort people....because Voltron...Johnny....the Tea Party......all here to assure you its not really happening and if it is, its not that bad.


    Those giant oak trees I watched ripping up from the ground last night by their roots......

    ....just a little summer storm.

    No need to be an "alarmist".....because there's nothing to be alarmed about.

    And even though scientists from the NOAA to NASA are warning us we can do something about this to reduce the impacts by reducing our burning of Fossil Fuels.....Johnny Moo Moo's here to advise us to "not even try because we can't stop cow farts"...


    And big k's here to tell us that his "findings"......"say otherwise".

    So even though we're watching it happen before our eyes....even though NASA designs their JPL equipment using the principles of global warming, ....even though their predictions are coming true over and over and over and over and over....its not really happening.

    Because we have these Tea Party geniuses to tell us its not....

    ...and if you can't believe a guy named voltron, ....or the big oil companies.....who can you believe?



    If you can't believe a group of people who laugh and applaud the idea of a young man without insurance being left to die......

    ...then what's this world coming to?


    Exxon's CEO: Climate, energy fears overblown

    Exxon CEO: Fossil fuels will warm planet, but humans can adapt; drilling risks are overstated

    By Jonathan Fahey, AP Energy Writer | Associated Press – Wed, Jun 27, 2012 4:10 PM EDT

    NEW YORK (AP) -- ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson says fears about climate change, drilling, and energy dependence are overblown.
    In a speech Wednesday, Tillerson acknowledged that burning of fossil fuels is warming the planet, but said society will be able to adapt.

    Gee, who'dve thunk it?

    So now even Exxon admits that burning fossil fuels is heating the planet.

    So even though Johnny and Voltron want to keep selling the old denial statements, looks like Exxon is progressing to the next natural evolution of their 3 stages of denial.

    1. Deny it outright.

    2. Admit its happening but still not going to be a problem.

    3. Exit stage left.

    Those are the three stages.

    Voltron and Johnny are still at stage 1.

    Exxon's now progressed to stage 2.

    Hopefully, before they have to realize they've burned up the planet their own children and grandchildren are going to have to inhabit, they'll reach stage 3.


    This is sort of like the Cigarette companies if they'd progressed to admitting that smoking cigarettes causes cancer, ...but then tried to sell people on the notion that "cancers not all that bad".

  9. Lydia3:31 AM

    Tons of new stuff on my public facebook page.

    Love to you ALL!

    How's the moo
    Where and how is Clif?
    Does anyone know where Clif is? I see mike on Facebook.

    I kind of like the quiet over here. Facebook is too much sometimes

  10. Hehehehe.....I got Lydia to change her picture because........well......I am "The One."

    This pic is much nicer!

    Facebook is like totally super gay.

    Lydias turban is most certainly not very fashionable........I expected a little more style from Beverly Hills?

    Seems Lydia is going to sue Kelsey Grammar for a cool one million. But,why go to court when love is the answer???



    Yes Johnny. She must have changed the picture because you said so.

    Never mind she routinely changes it from time to time to keep the site fresh.

    The only reason she must have changed it this time, is because you told her to.

    Ego-nence is bliss.

  12. WORFCOURT7:20 AM

    And if I invested massive sums into a site and it turned out to be a scam, I'd let an attorney utilize legal means to recoup my losses too.


    Of course its easier to sit back and toss thinly veiled personal attacks, homophobic slurs and other babbling nonsense, than confront the fact that I "ripped your turban" but good on global warming.

    You're "the one" alight.

    Assuming "one" represents your intelligence quotient.

  14. Did you hear that????

    I swear I heard a "Moosehead" calling my name?

    Better upload the fridge quickly so the refreshments are nice and chilled for this afternoon.


  15. WORFHEAD8:06 AM

    Yes, by all means drink a few mooseheads so you can thoroughly dehydrate your internal organs with alcohol.

    That oughta make you smarter.


    Just be sure not spill that thing or you might fry your IPOD.


    So why is it Johnny, that whenever you get cornered on things like Global Warming, like Voltron, you just suddenly clam up and then try to change the subject?

    I mean you make a big stink out of trying to seed right wing lies about Global Warming not being man made, then when cornered, you just clam up, then try to change the subject?

    Why is it you never, ever, ever just admit when you're proven wrong?

    Seriously, why is that?


    US heat wave: Three-digit temperatures recorded across Midwest

    US heat wave: Record-breaking temperatures have closed schools and sent people seeking refuge ... at the zoo

    By Kevin Murphy, Reuters / June 29, 2012


    Temperatures soared across the Midwest on Thursday, reaching a blistering 108 degrees Fahrenheit (42 Celsius) in St. Louis, and possibly causing two deaths in KansasCity, Missouri, as a massive heat wave pressed eastward from the Rockies.


    Here, I'll do voltron's next inane comment for him.

    "gee...its hot in summer....imagine that..."

    There. Now he doesn't have to say it.


    Could it be Johnny, that its just too painful for you to admit to yourself that you've been duped by big oil?

    Or worse, that you're one of the "dupers"?


    "If we've been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle.

    We're no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us.

    It is simply too painful to acknowledge -- even to ourselves -- that we've been so credulous"

    Carl Sagan - "The Demon-Haunted World"

  22. Actually Worfy,

    What I would say is the same thing you and Cliffy have said to me many many times.

    Individual weather incidents are not proof of climate change...


    Since no one said one "individual incident" is "proof" of anything, you just said the same thing.

    Just as stupid, just as deceptive, just as inane.

  24. If record snowfalls or record low temperatures in different locations in the winter don't disprove global warming, then record high temperatures and storm incidents in some places during the summer certainly can't prove global warming.


    We experience endless "evidence" and "signs" of global warming and document them in here, over and over and over and over and over.

    NON STOP record breaking temperatures.

    MULTIPLE extreme weather events.

    Rising sea levels.

    Melting ICE caps.


    And as we keep referencing them, .....Voltron, pathetic throwback to the remaining wingnut deniers out there, ...that even EXXON MOBILE is now moving away from....has nothing in his arsenal but to lie.

    Lie and call it just "one" event.

    Just one.

    No matter how many HUNDREDS we acknowledge.

    Because all he has are stupid, juvenile lies.


    The LieBaby said...

    If record snowfalls or record low temperatures in different locations in the winter don't disprove global warming, then record high temperatures and storm incidents in some places during the summer certainly can't prove global warming.

    And then when cornered, he changes his tune.

    Now suddenly its not just "one event".

    Now suddenly he admits its record breaking EVENTS.

    But like the liar he is, he pretends that global warming predictions are just about the "weather getting warmer".

    When in fact, as we've said over and over and over, and as NASA, the NOAA and every climate scientist out there studying climate change has said, ...its about EXTREME WEATHER PATTERNS INCLUDING RECORD SNOWFALLS.

    This is why idiots like voltron, and the Tea Party rubes he supports, have no business making public policy on matters of science.

    Because they're too stupid, to know what they're talking about.

  27. I never said just one. Just as there have been many record lows and or snowfalls during the winter.

    Besides, if you're right you should be happy. Civilizations have always flourished during warm times.

    Cold eras have historically always been full of sickness and disease and starvation for mankind.



    So in "Tea Party speak" ...the word "individual" is plural?


    Who'dve thunk it?



    The anatomy of a right wing trolls lie.

    "Besides, if you're right"

    So now, suddenly its not the NOAA.

    Its not thousands of Climate Scientists from around the world.

    Its not NASA, or the space fairing technology they use to study the event.

    Now its just "lil ole me".


    Of course since in his Tea Party Dialect, "individual" is plural, so .....

  30. Quit parsing words Worf. We both know what I meant. Individual incidents. No proof of connection.

  31. Regardless of how loudly you shout consensus, the fact of the matter is that there are scientists on both sides of the argument and there is no consensus. You have no hold on absolute truth, just one side you advocate. So in our argument it is just you.

  32. As a matter of fact, many of the sources you believe so much, are now admitting there has been little to no warming in the past decade.


    lol, "parsing words".

    The mainstay arrow in the Tea Party deniers quiver.....

    Of course, while he's blubbering about people actually "parsing" his actual words....meanwhile he's "CHANGING" mine.

    Of course he's welcome to scroll up and find the statement where I said that ANY events are "PROOF" of anything.

    See I used the word "EVIDENCE".

    The troll changes it to "PROOF".

    So much for "parsing words" ....huh, big mouth?


    As a matter of fact, many of the sources you believe so much, are now admitting there has been little to no warming in the past decade.

    And when cornered, out comes the blatant lies.


    All three major global surface temperature reconstructions show that Earth has warmed since 1880. 5 Most of this warming has occurred since the 1970s, with the 20 warmest years having occurred since 1981 and with all 10 of the warmest years occurring in the past 12 years.


    Even though the 2000s witnessed a solar output decline resulting in an unusually deep solar minimum in 2007-2009, surface temperatures continue to increase


    Shrinking ice sheets

    The Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets have decreased in mass. Data from NASA's Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment show Greenland lost 150 to 250 cubic kilometers (36 to 60 cubic miles) of ice per year between 2002 and 2006, while Antarctica lost about 152 cubic kilometers (36 cubic miles) of ice between 2002 and 2005.

  37. More parsing...

       [ev-i-duhns] Show IPA noun, verb, ev·i·denced, ev·i·denc·ing.
    that which tends to prove or disprove something; ground for belief; proof.
    something that makes plain or clear; an indication or sign: His flushed look was visible evidence of his fever.
    Law . data presented to a court or jury in proof of the facts in issue and which may include the testimony of witnesses, records, documents, or objects.

       [proof] Show IPA
    evidence sufficient to establish a thing as true, or to produce belief in its truth.
    anything serving as such evidence: What proof do you have?
    the act of testing or making trial of anything; test; trial: to put a thing to the proof.
    the establishment of the truth of anything; demonstration.
    Law . (in judicial proceedings) evidence having probative weight.


    Warming oceans

    The oceans have absorbed much of this increased heat, with the top 700 meters (about 2,300 feet) of ocean showing warming of 0.302 degrees Fahrenheit since 1969.


    I won't even address your latest diversion, since your own dictionary quote shows that evidence LEADS to proof, but is not "proof" itself.


    DENVER (AP) — Drought and wildfire fears are snuffing out some Fourth of July festivities this year.

    Drought and wildfire fears are snuffing out some Fourth of July festivities this year.
    From Utah to Indiana, state and local governments are calling off annual fireworks displays out of fear that a stray rocket could ignite tinder-dry brush and trigger a wildfire. They're also warning residents not to use fireworks, sparklers or Roman candles in backyards.

    The worry is especially acute in the West, where crews are already battling out-of-control blazes in several states. Parts of the Midwest are affected, too, after weeks without any significant rain.

    It's not uncommon for communities to delay or cancel fireworks shows because of drought conditions, but this year, the practice is more widespread.

    Last year, about a third of the country was in drought.

    Now nearly three-quarters is, according to the latest U.S. Drought Monitor map, a weekly analysis of dryness across the nation.

    The parched conditions have been aggravated by a dry, mild winter and above-normal temperatures.

  41. WORF WRAP11:23 AM

    It doesn't matter how much "evidence" we see coming to fruition.

    It doesn't matter to voltron that exactly what scientists have been predicting is happening before our very eyes.

    No matter how much the predictions come to fruition, from extreme weather events, droughts, rising sea levels, melting ice caps, receding shore lines, massive snow falls and rising surface temperatures, .....all this idiot named voltron can say is "NUH UH....doesn't mean its global warming..."

    You can't argue with a partisan nutjob who thinks NASA is part of some sort of "Librul conspiracy".

    All you can do is let him strut around in his tin foil cap....until his brain melts.


    ...that and expose his endless stream of lies.


    The liar said;

    Friends of Voltron said...
    As a matter of fact, many of the sources you believe so much, are now admitting there has been little to no warming in the past decade.

    But the truth?

    RELEASE : 10-017

    NASA Research Finds Last Decade was Warmest on Record, 2009 One of Warmest Years

    RELEASE : 10-017

    WASHINGTON -- A new analysis of global surface temperatures by NASA scientists finds the past year was tied for the second warmest since 1880. In the Southern Hemisphere, 2009 was the warmest year on record.


    "January 2000 to December 2009 was the warmest decade on record.

    Looking back to 1880, when modern scientific instrumentation became available to monitor temperatures precisely, a clear warming trend is present"

  45. Poor poor voltron;

    so many lies exposed by nature and the truth,

    so little time to troll wingnut propaganda sites for the new versions of the lies.


    No doubt Clif.

    So its time to spin the trollodex I guess, since this liars been exposed yet again.

    Maybe Johnny can pop in next,... and say "yea....but mans role is a tiny fraction of it.".

    The circle of liars, ...never run out of lies, ....because they just keep repeating the same ones.

    Its a carousel of lies....and round and round it goes.


    Australia baked under hottest decade on record

    (Reuters) - Australia experienced its hottest decade on record from 2000 to 2009 due to global warming, the nation's bureau of meteorology said on Tuesday, as annual summer bushfires again burn drought lands and destroy homes.

    The average temperature in Australia over the past 10 years was 0.48 degrees Celsius above the 1961-1990 average, said the Bureau of Meteorology said in its annual climate statement.


    Fortunately, the Australians don't need to listen to their own Bureau of Meteorology, .....or even the mass bushfires, droughts, property loss and loss of life they're witnessing with their own eyes.

    No sirree.

    Nope, ....its all not really happening......just a big "librul conspiracy"...because two Tea Party Tin Foil hat wearing loons on the internet named "Voltron" and "Johnny Moo Moo" ......say so.


    "Australia experienced its hottest decade on record from 2000 to 2009 due to global warming, the nation's bureau of meteorology said on Tuesday"


    Here, I'll do Voltron's next comment for him again....just to save him the trouble.

    "....uhhh...just because the globe is warming....doesn't mean its global warming."

  51. Greenland Ice Sheet Melt Nearing Critical ‘Tipping Point’

    Greenland's ice has been melting faster than many scientists expected just a decade ago, spurred by warming sea and land temperatures, changing weather patterns, and other factors. Until now, though, most of the focus has been on ice sheet dynamics — how quickly Greenland's glaciers are flowing into the sea. But the new research raises a different basis for concern.

    The new findings show that the reflectivity of the Greenland ice sheet, particularly the high-elevation areas where snow typically accumulates year-round, have reached a record low since records began in 2000. This indicates that the ice sheet is absorbing more energy than normal, potentially leading to another record melt year — just two years after the 2010 record melt season.

    .... spin away voltron if you can.

  52. Perceptions of Climate Change:
    The New Climate Dice

    "Climate dice", describing the chance of unusually warm or cool seasons relative to climatology, have become progressively "loaded" in the past 30 years, coincident with rapid global warming.

    The distribution of seasonal mean temperature anomalies has shifted toward higher temperatures and the range of anomalies has increased.

    An important change is the emergence of a category of summertime extremely hot outliers, more than three standard deviations (σ) warmer than climatology.

    This hot extreme, which covered much less than 1% of Earth's surface in the period of climatology, now typically covers about 10% of the land area.

    We conclude that extreme heat waves, such as that in Texas and Oklahoma in 2011 and Moscow in 2010, were "caused" by global warming, because their likelihood was negligible prior to the recent rapid global warming.

    We discuss practical implications of this substantial, growing climate change.

    The greatest barrier to public recognition of human-made climate change is the natural variability of climate.

    How can a person discern long-term climate change, given the notorious variability of local weather and climate from day to day and year to year?

    This question assumes great practical importance, because of the need for the public to appreciate the significance of human-made global warming.

    Actions to stem emissions of the gases that cause global warming are unlikely to approach what is needed until the public perceives that human-made climate change is underway and will have unacceptable consequences if effective actions are not taken to slow the climate change.

    Early recognition of climate change is critical.

    Stabilizing climate with conditions resembling those of the Holocene, the world in which civilization developed, can only be achieved if rapid reduction of fossil fuel emissions begins soon (1).

    pdf warning;

    Spin away voltron if you can even understand what they have said scientifically.

  53. I wonder if this years still occurring heat wave fits?????

    You know the one that has spawned the very severe weather many citizens are suffering from, both the heat and severe storms.


    Amid Sweltering Heat, Millions Still Without Power, Air-Conditioning
    Many could remain in the dark for much of the week

    WASHINGTON (AP) - From North Carolina to New Jersey, 2 million people without electricity are asking the same question: Why will it take so long to get the lights back on?

    Nearly three full days after a severe summer storm lashed the East Coast, utilities warned that many neighborhoods could remain in the dark for much of the week, if not beyond.

    Friday's storm arrived with little warning, so utility companies have had to wait days for extra crews traveling from as far away as Quebec and Oklahoma. And the toppled trees and power lines often entangled broken equipment in debris that must be removed before workers can even get started.

    Adding to the urgency of the repairs are the sick and elderly, who are especially vulnerable without air conditioning in the sweltering triple-digit heat. Many sought refuge in hotels or basements.

    Officials feared the death toll, already at 22, could climb because of the heat and widespread use of generators, which emit fumes that can be dangerous in enclosed spaces.


    The other day when Voltron was busy telling us how this isn't global warming, 12 people were dead.

    Now its up to 22.

    To bad those 22 people aren't around so Voltron the genius can explain to them how Global Warming isn't killing us.

  56. Worf said

    "The other day when Voltron was busy telling us how this isn't global warming, 12 people were dead.

    Now its up to 22."


    Global warming is just a trendy earth occurrence that comes and goes.........I'm hardly frightened!

    I'm more worried about bathtubs than I am measly car exhaust which btw partially escapes through the hole in the ozone layer.

    "Slip and falls account for over 20,000 fatalities per year in North America"

    You & Cliff should start an anti-bathtub campaign as far more people are dying from scrubbing their behinds as opposed to natural & unusual weather patterns..........LOL!

  57. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Yea, that's pretty funny.

    Especially since one of the people who died this weekend from this heat wave was the grandparent of someone I work with.

    You're a real freaking riot.

  58. measly car exhaust which btw partially escapes through the hole in the ozone layer.

    WRONG mook mook.

    Simply unscientific to the max.

    CO2 does NOT escape through the Ozone holes any more then O2 (a lighter molecule by mass )can.

    Can you be any more obtuse in your scientific claims while being totally opaque in your right wing water carrying ye little firefly.

    One of the most outrageously STUPID things you have ever posted.

  59. My bad Cliffy Poo ......your right!

    It is HEAT that escapes through the hole in the ozone layer thereby helping to reduce global warming........that's what I meant!

    I know you'll forgive me because you read the good book and all.

    : )

  60. I know you'll forgive me

    It ain't up to me to "forgive" you, because we won't suffer the real disastrous effects of AGW like the children and future generations who are doomed to inherit a much harsher environment with very reduced resources to deal with it.

    They are the ones to judge you and your slimy mumbling in support of the deniers and tea baggers.

  61. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Anyone who laughs at the death of 22 people, particularly while its going on, is just a piece of shit.

    Pure and simple.

    Just a piece of shit.

  62. Oh, shut-up Worf ya big cry baby!

    I was laughing at the logic of your overly theatrical statistic in comparison with other more costly fatalities and the fact that you matter of factly blamed these deaths on global warming.......I wasn’t laughing at the actual deaths themselves!

    BTW, MR. Morality, wasn’t it you who once said that VOLT should go kill himself and do the world a favor. Big K certainly wasn’t too impressed and thought you a piece of shit.

    Also, unlike you, I don’t have a complete nervous collapse for every death that takes place on the ant-farm.

    Hypocrite indeed.......

  63. Anonymous6:00 PM

    Someone I knew just died, and I'll tell you're lucky you're a coward.

    Real lucky.

  64. Anonymous6:01 PM

    piece of shit

  65. BTW mook mook you INFLATED the stat you quoted because you did not do enough research to see if your talking point fit the facts.

    10% of falls occur in bathtubs (IE 2000 not 20,000), which means you like all right wing loud mouths inflated your factiods, so you might feel better about your despicable actions denying climate change which is going to make life for future generations much tougher then we have it.

    This year's extreme weather is just a little taste of the reality to come, but you still slither along carrying right wing memes, long disproven by real scientists and people who do all the research necessary to know and understand the facts and what it means.

    Typical mook-mook wrong and still screeching at others ... what a hypocrite.

  66. Real scientists work for years to achieve results like this;

    Something like the Higgs boson has been found – probably, according to leaked video

    even if they accidentally release the results one day before they wanted to.

  67. The comments involved with your above link are certainly interesting.

  68. Typical mook mook, ignore the actual science look for the spin

  69. Anonymous6:51 PM

  70. Anonymous6:56 PM

  71. clif said...
    "Real scientists work for years to achieve results like this;

    Something like the Higgs boson has been found – probably, according to leaked video"

    Something "like"??? -"probably"???

    These "scientists" weren't employed at muppet labs were they?

    And they worked for years to come up with that?

  72. Reminds me of the good old days, back when Einstein came up with his

    "Theory of probably general something like relativity".

  73. Beavis said;

    Something "like"??? -"probably"???

    These "scientists" weren't employed at muppet labs were they?

    Butthead said;



    Neither understanding the science, or significance of completing the standard model something Albert E. worked for years on but never actually achieved,

    Our resident Beavis and Butthead, mocking science when they totally fail to understand it and thunkin' it was funny.

    Typical right wingers in action.

  74. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Its like trying to explain red shift to a pair of chimpanzees Clif.

  75. Actually Cliffy, I probably understand it just as well if not better than you do.
    (well, except for the fact that you seem to know everything about everything, more than anyone else on the planet...)

    But after arguing with Worfy about his undeniable, undebatable scientific facts, that you would tout this achievement by quoting such an ambiguous tagline.

    That tagline doesn't do justice to the work done.

  76. Oh and I appreciate the Beavis & Butthead reference...

    I often refer to you and Worfy as the Ness brothers, A & P.

    (you know, A.Ness and P.Ness?)

  77. Anonymous9:37 PM

    Except the chimps will go away if you give them a banana.

  78. In Hawkings "A Brief History of Time" he indicates that time slows down as we approach the speed of light as physics simply wont allow anything to exceed this speed.......Einsteins theory of relativity clearly states this!

    If light speed travel is now possible by this apparent and costly new discovery then how can the un-massing of objects by switching off the Higgs boson overcome this time problem.......... everything slows down as we approach the speed of light........I don't get it?

  79. "I often refer to you and Worfy as the Ness brothers, A & P.

    (you know, A.Ness and P.Ness?)"

    Yes, and Cliffy Poo is definitely A. Ness.

  80. I really wonder what "dark matter" is???

  81. Anonymous5:45 AM

    Look inside your skull.

    Its where most people have grey matter.

  82. Anonymous5:47 AM

    You'll find the same thing in the bottom of your shorts.

  83. how can the un-massing of objects by switching off the Higgs boson overcome this time problem

    Umm, mook mook, the theory about the Higgs Boson goes something like this'

    In the Standard Model of Particle physics, in order for particles to have mass, there must exist a quantum field which said particles can interact with to create the mass of the particles.

    When these theories were proposed in the mid 1960's the theory suggested a boson particle with a mass around 100 GeV/c2, or around 100 proton mass.

    If the particle was discovered it would substantiate the theory, and show that a quantum field exists because the particle associated with the field was shown to exist.

    In order to allow objects with mass to exceed the speed of light, their interaction with the higgs field would have to be disassociated with the particle(or particles) you were trying to accelerate to light speed and beyond.

    The theory for light speed is simple as you acclerate any particle that contains mass with energy, youy add mass with each increase of energy, you then need much more energy(force) for the next increase of peed(acceleration) because of the increased mass of said particle. So by the time you are reaching light speed you are needing an infinite amount of energy to achieve the speed of light because of the ever increasing mass of what ever you are attempting to accelerate.

    Since infinite+1 energy levels cannot be achieved, getting any mass even as small as a single electron to achieve the speed of light is impossible, the mass of even an electron wiould be simply too large to accelerate even with unlimiytted(infinite) energy.

    However of you can disassociate the mass from the particle, the need for such enormous amounts of energy are removed, IE the photon, (light itself) which is a massless particle does this everyday. In fact massless particles travel at the speed of light.

    Understand now?

  84. Volty, I really don't care what you want to call me, or how you want to lie about your non-son or his supposed three showers a day lies you told.

    You lie so much, I really do not care how slimy or despicable you attempt to be on the intertubes at all.

  85. Well,I tried to be cool!

    Its to bad that phony liberals have nothing but revenge ,insults,violence, and struggle for intellectual power on their minds.

    They "talk the talk" but they definitely don't "walk the walk".........period!

    I don't always agree with Volt but at least he says it like it is and is always consistent with his views. This is why I respect him unlike Worf who speaks of empathy and evolving into a better species but quickly changes his mind to suit his own needs by saying things like.....

    "you're lucky you're a coward.

    Real lucky."

    ........thus indicating violence!

    Like Ive always said......there will always be war.......PERIOD!

    But, maybe Worf is right? I'm certainly not the ultimate judge on morality........maybe violence is the answer to resolving differences??

    It certainly has purchased peace in the past.

  86. Actually, Cliff, I do understand this better......thanx! I must admit that I believed Einsteins theory was infinitely infallible.

    However, the Higgs boson is not a for sure discovery yet either?

  87. Anonymous3:33 PM

    I got nothing to say to this lying piece of shit.

  88. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Everything he just said is a lie, but then again that's all this ones capable of.

  89. Einstein's theory has absolutely nothing to say if you were able to find a way to unhinge particles that interact with the Higgs field to achieve mass, thus relieving the said particle of mass.

    Once the particle has no mass, any force will send it off flying at the speed of light, since ALL massless particles move at that speed.

    The question would be how do you localise the mechanism to only what you want to accelerate, and when you are at or near your goal how to slow down and reattach the particle to the higgs field.

    Oh and how do you make sure the particles you unattached move due to the force you want to apply and not some stray force which steals your massless particle when you weren't ready.

    That is partially why Gene Roddenberry went with warping space and dilithium crystals instead, he could easing control the physics even if it wouldn't work in our non-fictional world (sorta why the right wingers cannot abide by real science also) their fictional world doesn't work with real world science or math.

  90. "The question would be how do you localise the mechanism to only what you want to accelerate, and when you are at or near your goal how to slow down and reattach the particle to the higgs field."

    Who knows,just like we can now control the splitting of an atom perhaps one day this scenario could easily be achieved?

    I would sure like to be around when this happens.

  91. "I got nothing to say to this lying piece of shit."

    Fine.........phony Worf and his evolution theory no longer exist to me!

    There will always be war.......period!

  92. we can now control the splitting of an atom

    The splitting of the atom was child's play compared to trying top manipulate the higgs field. Nuclear decay occurs naturally in the universe,

    IE U238 -> Th234 -> Pa234 -> U234 -> Th230 -> Ra226 -> Rn222 -> Po218 -> Ra218 -> Rn218 -> Pb214 -> Pi214 -> Po214 -> Tl -> Pb -> Bi -> Po -> Tl206 -> Pb206, is the natural decay cycle for Uranium in nature.

    Scientists used the natural decay cycle as the starting point to explore nuclear reactions and were able to duplicate similar results which lead to splitting the atom which is a extremely rare natural occurrence on earth through double beta decay which will not support a chain reaction.

    Scientists used a neutron instead of the double beta decay since they wanted to achieve a chain reaction; either controlled like in a nuclear reactor to use the energy for economic purposes, or uncontrolled like a nuclear bomb used for military purposes.

    Bioth sinarios require manuplkiation of the nuclear material to either 5% enrichment of U235 for a reactor or 90-95% enrichment for a bomb, neither of which normally occur in naturally found uranium on earth.

    We have nothing to see if or how a particle would unattach itself to the higgs field, so the beginning investigations have very little to progress with scientifically.

    At the moment we don't even know how particles interact with the higgs field just the theoretical knowledge that if the standard model is correct and the finding of the Higgs Boson points to that direction shows that it is.

    We have nothing to go on since the amounts of energy required just to find the Higgs Boson is so much more then what was needed to work with the strong nuclear force which binds protons and neutron in the nucleus of an atom and is needed to overcome to achieve fission.

    Something the double beta decay shows is possible, which is outside the normal radioactive decay chain I showed above.

  93. For a person that says that she has love in her heart you have a funny way of showing trust that good will to those that have done nothing to you but want to be your friend. How is that? Is the word of God true that you speak of, or is it just another way to profit off your God Shots or and write another book?