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NC pastor gives sermon on killing off homosexuals

2 hours 22 minutes ago - WCNC Charlotte 2:22

MAIDEN, N.C. -- A local pastor is igniting controversy, preaching a plan to eliminate gays. NewsChannel 36 received several calls and complaints Monday about Pastor Charles Worley's sermon from May 13. It was originally posted on Providence Road Baptist Church's website. The 71-year-old pastor delivered the sermon in response to President Obama supporting gay marriage earlier this month. But it's Worley's idea on how to control the homosexual population, not politics, that sent this video viral.

How dare this man spew his hateful rhetoric.

THIS IS THE VERY DEFINITION OF EVIL, if evil exists at all: A false prophet, a hateful arrogant pharisee (the very opposite of a Christian) this man is a maniac who dares to call himself a "Christian pastor" spewing extermination speak, hate speak and bigotry on the level of Hitler.

According to Christ Himself: The only thing that matters is how you treat others, the thoughts you harbor in your heart, the love you give, the compassion and understanding for the downtrodden. The spirit not the flesh. Never throw stones, never harbor hatred for your fellow man; give generously to the poor and to anyone in need, anyone who asks you for your coat. Never judge your fellow man, never take judgement or vengeance into your own hand.

No true man of God, no real Christian would ever say things like this, least of all think them.  NOr would they be quick to fight or carry guns. This is so opposite of love, and reality. I am sick of putting up with this hate speak, in the name of God. ENOUGH IS ENOUG

The only "sin" according to Christ, the Great Peacemaker, Himself is hatred, intolerance, and judging others, And acting as these religious pharisees, these anti-Christian hypocrites with dark hearts full of evil.. are acting..

THE WAY THIS PASTOR Chuck Worley of Baptist Church in Maiden, North Carolina and the horrifying, anti-Christian "Fred Phelps" of his phony, contemptible Westboro Baptist "Church" who makes money off families who are grieving by picketing military funerals to protest gay existence for some bizarre reason.  They are a family of corrupt lawyers, and all these hateful people should be ashamed of themselves and we should protest against them for lewd, criminal behavior in their dark, mental illnesses and obsessions What twisted hearts they have. How little they know of the true meaning of Christ's entire mission. I must somehow find it in my heart to forgive them, and I will. But only with the Grace of Love.


  1. The show we taped last week was not technically working because of the Ustream servers and the equipment.

    We will be up and running with all new GIANT computers soon

    Thanks for hanging in there. Luv xo

    Please comment on your thoughts on this pastor. Why is this happening? I have a major article and will post parts of it here in a couple of days.

  2. Ahhhhh........religion!!!

    In Canada such hate speech is against the law......we learned from history albeit the Second world War.

    While an individual may express his/her hate views privately,they may not do it for purposes of public assembly.

    Obviously this moron preacher is a barbaric fool who feels his vision of morality is best for everyone.

    While the thought of two guys becoming intimate personally makes me want to barf,I have nothing against two consenting adults choosing a way of life in the privacy of their own home.

    Of course two hot chicks going at it is always OK.....LOL!


  3. Anonymous8:33 AM

    Well, the right wing attacks Obama over the man who preached at the church he attended.

    But what about the Rev Ted Haggard?

    Here's a man who founded the largest evangelical "megachurch" in the country, and based his entire platform on condemning homosexuals.

    He was also not just a pastor who preached at a church Bush attended, but was instead President Bush's PERSONAL SPIRITUAL ADVISER. He actually came to the White House every week to counsel the President.

    Until he was caught with a male prostitute and a gram of cocaine.

  4. Okay an updated article I wrote on gay marriage is up. Chelsea Handler says it well.

    And I say: Gay marriage is not a sin, according to Christ Himself.

    Love you all

  5. "Until he was caught with a male prostitute and a gram of cocaine."

    Figures!!! Ive noticed that those who speak out too vehemently against something are in fact trying to disguise their own immoral behavior.

  6. Friends of Lydia Cornell said...

    "And I say: Gay marriage is not a sin"

    I would pay twenty trillion dollars if someone could define "sin"for me???

  7. Anonymous6:05 PM

    A sin is defined Johnny, depending on which religion you're asking. It's just something that is a transgression of a religious code or law. Of course all religions will tell your their law is Gods law, of course meaning their God and how they see him. Interestingly enough their Gods seem to have an awful lot in common with the one telling you about him. (or her or it, depending again on who you ask).

    The one thing I've learned in life, is the number one thing keeping mankind from finding out more about God is religion.

    Because with religion, the questions have already been asked and answered by someone claiming to know. And no more questions can be asked. Other than feed me, clothe me change me, ..etc.

    Now that doesn't mean religions are all bad or anything. Often they can do good to help a popand provide a vehicle of expression for someone needing that sort of thing. But ultimately from what I can see, from India to Ireland to the United States and as far back as there's been recorded history it seems, they usually bring with them war, avarice, factional hatred, prejudice and oppression. In the extreme cases, even murder. (like the Inquisitions or Pro Life evangelical radicals) .

    So religion is what needs to get its act together I think and get out of the way of science, which has been steady trying to figure out what the hell's going on here, for a very long time.

    Religion keeps getting in everyone's way.

    We don't need to outlaw religions.

    We just need to keep religions out of our laws.

  8. Anonymous6:07 PM

    I'll take my 20 trillion dollars in cash please.

  9. “A sin is defined Johnny, depending on which religion you're asking.”

    Precisely my point!

    With so many diverse religions and so called Gods how can anyone safely/logically define sin when it is a subjective point of view of opposing deities??

    Clearly, sin is not objective and therefore must be a vagary of perception of mans will and thus infinitely open to interpretation.

    What may be considered a sin in one land is normal everyday behavior in another.

    For example, wearing pants or cooking pork in a frying pan is a sin in the Middle East. And, in some parts of the Western Hemisphere it is legal to beat ones wife.

    Are these examples subjective or objective?

  10. Anonymous11:35 AM

    That's what I just said. What are you trying to wriggle out of paying me my 20 trillion dollars?

    I defined it for you so I'll take my 20 trillion dollars now please.

    And make it small bills.

    I have simple tastes.

  11. Well,it was a good post.....

    .....OK I,ll pay twenty trillion via certified cheque.

    Please wait patiently by your mailbox over the next week.


  12. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Nooo, I want cash. None of that Canadian crap either. I prefer clean crisp US dollars in small denominations.

    I'll pay for the Armored Car transport.

  13. Very well!

    My address is 123 Porkbelly Blvd.

    I will need a receipt of course.

  14. Anonymous5:23 PM

    ..but of course.


    I'm rich. Filthy rich!

  15. Sin means "separation from God"

    The main sin is unkindness to your fellow man.

    By the way we are all ONE. We all come from one source. And the only difference between darker skinned people and lighter skinned people is Vitamin D! The sun! Study this.

  16. Anonymous10:25 PM

    Well, separation from God is one of the definitions of sin but its tied to the breaking of a moral or religious law so I still hold claim to the 20 trillion dollars.

    sin 1 (sn) n.

    1. A transgression of a religious or moral law, especially when deliberate.

    2. Theology a. Deliberate disobedience to the known will of God. b. A condition of estrangement from God resulting from such disobedience.

    3. Something regarded as being shameful, deplorable, or utterly wrong.

    intr.v. sinned, sin·ning, sins

    1. To violate a religious or moral law.
    2. To commit an offense or violation.

    - American Heritage Dictionary

    So the general definition is the one I provided you Johnny so I'm not splitting my 20 trillion with anyone here.

  17. Anonymous10:40 PM

    By the way, I'm not posting in that other article. Its already got over 700 comments. But as for one of the headlines, that homosexuality wasn't a sin to Jesus, that's not quite correct. Its not off exactly but its not quite correct either.

    See, we don't know what he thought about it, because he never mentioned it one way or the other. So what we can say is whatever he considered it, he didn't see it as important enough to mention even once throughout his entire recorded gospel preaching.

    We do know he considered adultery a sin, but he never condemned anyone over it. So no doubt at the very least he'd approach it from that perspective, and not condemn people over it. As the article Lydia wrote says the more important issues to him were in how we treat each other. Hurting people or failing to treat them with compassion, understanding and mercy were always at the main focus of his message.

    And that says a lot about the "Christian Conservative" of today, who sits and laughs at the idea of a 30 year old man dying because he doesn't have insurance, or booing a veteran serving in Iraq simply for being gay. Pious hypocrisy like this always drew a stern rebuke.

    So the articles basically correct but no where does Jesus state one way or the other how he viewed homosexuality. If he did consider a sin, he didn't consider it a serious enough one to merit any portion of his gospel message.

    Unlike the conservative christian "evangelical" blowhards we hear from today who make their living off of attacking them.

  18. Anonymous10:52 PM

    Personally, I've always assumed its natures way of population control.

    After all, the Common "Reed Frog" found throughout the African continent can change gender from female to male in response to a shortage of breeding males.

    If nature can do it with frogs, then surely it can do it with people.

    By injecting the population with a varying degree of homosexuals and lesbians nature can help control the population. As the population increases in relation to available resources the number of homosexuals and lesbians rises to reduce breeding. Then as the population tapers off, those numbers may drop.

    Its just a theory of course, but I think its a good one.

    Whatever it is, God sure made a lot of them.

  19. Anonymous10:55 PM

    And if its a choice like the republicans all claim it is, then its one he didn't give to me, because I could not choose it if I wanted to. I was "born" a heterosexual and no force in the world in my life could change that.

    Apparently the republicans pushing this, "its a choice" mentality must feel they could choose it under the right circumstances.

  20. Remember Larry Craig?

    "A police officer who arrested him June 11 said Craig peered through a crack in a restroom stall door for two minutes and made gestures suggesting to the officer he wanted to engage in "lewd conduct."

  21. Thats "Super Gay"......LOL!

  22. Anonymous7:48 AM

    Ted Haggard's the one I remember most. He was the leader of the largest Christian Conservative Evangelical "MegaChurch" in the country, and PERSONAL SPIRITUAL ADVISER to President George W Bush.

    His entire ministry was centered around condemning the "evils of homosexuality", until he got caught in a hotel room with a male prostitute and a vile of crack cocaine.

    And in prime conservative fashion, he didn't bother to express remorse over his hypocrisy in spending years and years condemning homosexuals while himself being one.

    He just felt bad that he was a homosexual.

    His own hypocrisy, or the hypocrisy now of the right wing in attacking Obama's pastor, who unlike Haggard was never invited to the White House as his PERSONAL SPIRITUAL ADVISER, for things he said years ago when Obama simply went to his church with hundreds of other people.

    This sort of blatant hypocrisy is a cornerstone of the new Christian Conservative movement.

  23. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Whatever homosexuality is, its not a "problem" for our country that needs a bunch of old, fat, greasy lazy good for nothing politicians arguing about.

    What people do with their doodads is their own business.

  24. Anonymous3:22 PM

    And I'm not posting on that "new\old" thread. There's over 700 comments there already so the page loads so slow and you have to get through several pages to get to the end.

    Why not just append that article to this fresh comment section?

  25. Anonymous3:49 PM

    because this blog needs to look busy. Make it look like there's lotsa people here...

  26. Anonymous3:50 PM

    Good for self promotion.

  27. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Why say that anonymously?

    To make it look like I said it?

  28. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Why say that anonymously?

    To make it look like I said it?

  29. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Besides, we got the last one up to 1300 or something so no need for all that. I think she just didn't figure out how to transfer to that post without also showing the comments.

    You can just check a box where it says "make this the current post" and it does it. But it brings comments with you.

    And besides, entertainment people are supposed to promote themselves. They all have to. Its their job, but your jaded characterization doesn't fit here. This looks more like its just a technical or time thing.

    If it were me, I'd just copy and paste the old article but it doesn't paste right in, you have to format it so either she didn't think of that or didn't have time to mess with formatting a new blog post. Remember how sometime's when she adds something to an existing post it gets all screwed up and the words run off the screen and such. It takes time to get the formatting right so I think she just chose the option to check the little button and make that post the current one. Unfortunately the comments come with it.

  30. I thought those anonymous comments were a little odd.......I did believe they were from you Worf!

    Seriously,I suggest Lydia should do away with anonymous posting altogether........better for everyone!

  31. Anonymous8:15 PM

    No, no problem with anonymous comments when you know who the anonymous is. But when someone who's obviously either you or voltron or big k (the only three here who say such things) and you post trying to make it look like I said it, then you're being dishonest and a weasel. Then its a problem. If everyone here was someone of a reasonable amount of integrity, then it wouldn't be a problem.

  32. Admittedly,Mr.Smith, I have said such things using my handle but I have NEVER posted anonymously.........not once!

    I hate anonymous posting due to the fact that I loathe being blamed for comments I didn't make.

  33. Anonymous8:27 AM

    So you're saying Voltron or Big K is "lurking"?

    Because that's all that's left.

    And as for being blamed for comments you didn't make, how does using a handle insulate you from reasonable suspicion for anonymous comments? Especially when you and I are the only ones "seemingly" here?

  34. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Obviously whoever it was has a regular handle and chose to post anonymously to try to conceal their identity and make it look like I'd said it.

    And nothing ever stopped you guys from using my handle in the past and posting as me. Its easy enough create a blogger account and use someones name and avatar so using a handle's no panacea either.

    But whoever it is, they're either you or me (since we appear to be the only ones here) and I know it wasn't me. So that leaves you.

    Unless of course like I said you think your buddy Voltron is "lurking' in the shadows. Something he's been known to do.

  35. Anonymous8:37 AM

    It is sad that whoever it was, didn't have the moral character or courage to simply post it as themselves.

    Obviously an individual of low moral and ethical character.

  36. Anonymous9:26 AM

    And come to think of it, it isn't likely big k, since he has always been fairly congenial to Lydia.

    In fact the only ones who've ever said those sort of things are you and Voltron, who say those sort of things routinely.

    So, eeenie meenie miny mo....

  37. Just bought some "Sour Puss" at the liquor store and as I,and a few others, exited, a bum,who appeared to be about 40 said:

    "Could I bother some of you good people for some spare change so I can eat a decent meal?"

    Yeah, right!!

    Its a little obvious buddy that as soon as you get enough suckers to fill your pockets your going to go right into the liquor store and buy a bottle of whatever gets you through the day.....idiot!



    My back is killin me and Im supposed to supply his addiction?

    Thats not the way JMM rolls mannnnnnnnnn!

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  39. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Thats not the way JMM rolls mannnnnnnnnn!

    Some people don't do as well as others do in life Johnny. Until you've walked a mile in a mans shoes you need to be careful about judging their personal weaknesses and failures. Maybe this guy has a mental problem. So many mental patients end up on the streets simply because its that or the nuthouse. And we treat them pretty poorly in those places. Always have.

    Oh sure I give you and Volt sh$6t for boozing but giving two apparently reasonably successful dudes a raz about it and turning away an impoverished fellow human being with his hand out are two different things.

    There are some people who are never going to succeed in the workforce no matter how hard they try. They're just limited in one capacity or another and will never be able to produce on the level required by demanding commercial enterprise. They're either too illiterate, too weak, too sick, mentally disturbed or something else. They're not all just "lazy". Everyone's body isn't the same and neither or their brains.

    It takes compassion for your fellow man, which is considered a prime indicator of higher intelligence, to succeed as a nation. On the other hand, lack of compassion for others, which is a prime indicator of lower intelligence and even mental instability, is the one common development in most societies throughout history right before they collapse.

    Giving the old a guy a buck or your pocket change wouldn't change a thing in your life, and its probably not going to change a thing in his. Other than for a few hours he gets to feel good because someone cared enough about him to want him to.

  40. Anonymous7:39 PM

    Be careful what direction you let the ideologies you choose in life point you in. This new right wing ideology of being against anyone other than the strong isn't so new. There was another group who tried that approach and you know who they were.

    It failed in Nazi Germany like its failed in any society. Seems humanity is bound to live a little higher than the animals or we falter. On the surface, the cold calculating apathetic mind might conclude that ridding society of the weak, sick, lame, and anyone not deemed worthy or strong enough is a good idea and will ensure that society develops to its fullest potential, but history has shown otherwise. Seems whether you believe in a deity or not, or an afterlife, judgement day, doesn't seem to dissuade the inevitability of karma.

    No matter what you believe it seems that karma's always the bitch.

    Listen to any successful speaker like Zig Zigler, Normal Vincent Peale, Another Robbins, Ira Hayes, Stephen Covey, Og Mandino, ...they all say the same thing.

    If you want success in life then be kind and generous to others and life will be kind and generous to you. That doesn't mean give a bum a dollar and get an instant reward. But it does seem to turn out better for those who do kind and decent things and those who do not.

    There's always exceptions to every rule, but all in all I think anyone who's lived a few years as an adult, knows this life truth.



    Lydia, please call the authorities immediately.......I think Worf has been kidnapped and the perpetrators are using his computer!

    Hang in there ol is on the way!

  42. Anonymous9:25 AM

    First, funny, but that's my line. I've used it on you many times, recently even. Can't you guys ever have an original thought?

    And second, the subject of my last two posts aren't any different than they've always been. Those are life principles I've advocated for years now.

    The right wing wants America (and Canada apparently) to morph into a paranoid, every man for himself nightmare of apathy and selfish greed.

    This is the core foundation of the Tea Party republicans. Besides hating people of other skin colors, religions and orientations, they want us all to hate the poor.

    The churches they attend teach that the poor deserve their lot in life. And for the atheists and agnostics like yourself, the secular doctrines identical. "The poor are where they are because of their own doing". Thus they deserve it.

    That makes it easy to walk past a bum at a Movie Theater, or vote down food stamp programs for the unemployed. That makes it easy to be cold, apathetic and stingy.

    All you have to do, is elevate those ugly traits into something intrinsically admirable, and suddenly, as in the words of Gordon Gecko, "Greed is good".

    Problem is, its not.

  43. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Calling evil good doesn't make it so.

    No matter how many right wing evangelical preachers and political leaders say it is.

    Greed and apathy is petty, small and a key indicator of limited intelligence.

  44. "I am not what has happened to me,I am what I choose to become."

  45. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Really Johnny?

    So when a man who works 27 years at a factory suddenly has medical bills pile up due to his wifes or his own illness, that's his choice?

    He chose to become a person with cancer? His wife chose to have diabetes or a failing pair of kidneys?

    So when a small town factory closes its doors because some son of a bitch like Mitt Romney's firm Bain Capitol comes in and liquidates it, and suddenly there's no work in the town or nearby, and all those people with mortgages can't pay because there's no work, they "chose" that?

    Or when that high paid engineer in a remote rural area working for some large Defense contractor loses his job because the firm he works for lost the contract so he and others can't pay their mortgages because they have no work that pays enough to cover it, that's his choice?

    Like I said Johnny, apathy is the key indicator of lower intelligence.

    The inability to experience empathy and see things from someone else's shoes is always the sign of the dull witted and often intentionally ignorant.

    Its easy to grab a quick little folksy one liner like that, thus declaring billions of people worthless. The right wing loves those one liners, because those one liners sell easy because they're easy for their constituents to remember.

    But life and truth require more than cheesy, simplistic one liners to comprehend. Life is nuanced, complicated. It takes brains to understand it.

    And since you clearly do have some brains there rolling around inside your noggin,( at least the ones which aren't pickled yet from the booze) then obviously you are choosing to be stupid.

    Its not a choice to lose a job, suffer massive medical bills due to illness, or other unfortunate circumstances that impact so many in this world.

    But the choice to be apathetic and indifferent thus ignorant to their plights is.

  46. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Thus you have chosen in life to become what you've become.

    You've reached very low, and achieved it.

  47. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Anyway try reaching a little higher and go to the new thread. I'm tired of scrolling past that long thread to get here. There's a new thread about online universities that's fresh so I'll see you in there.

  48. OK.....I posted on the new thread. Right now I'm painting the ceilings of my house (twice).....bummer!