Thursday, March 15, 2012


QUOTE OF THE DAY:  If all you did was just look for things to appreciate you would live a joyous, spectacular life. If there was nothing else that you ever came to understand other than just look for things to appreciate, it's the only tool you would ever need to predominantly hook you up with who you really are. That's all you'd need. - Abraham Hicks Teachings 

 The Journey of Learning to Not Hate 
by Rudy, Herbie Pilato's wise friend

          All of my life, I have been learning life lessons about whom not to hate.
I remember when my preacher talked about how God loved us so much, I would hear him. I knew for sure I was in the right place. But I was brought up in a culture that openly despised many people who weren’t exactly like my family.
When I was a young child, I saw the first black person and called him the n-word. My family was driving up to a stoplight and there was a man begging at the corner. I yelled out of the window, "Mom! Dad!
Look at the dirty _____!" My parents rolled up the windows and sped away; meanwhile, I was ecstatic, thinking I had said something profound. I never heard that word ever come from their mouths after that day.
Years went by and I learned to hate Catholics, although I had never met one. "Those Catholics breed like rats and have dozens of children." I learned to look down on Jews, who "don’t even practice Christmas celebrations"!
Oh, I was a racist, and I didn't even know it.
As a teen, I remember school peers who beat up gay men as they walked out of bars. I recall approving of this criminal activity. There was something in me that disapproved of harming others, but those gay men were fair game, in my eyes. At others times, when I was a teen, I remember saying with my own mouth that every gay person in the world should be rounded up and put on an island then nuked. I still talked to God, and though God talked to me, I went right on thinking gay men were an abomination.
Was it because my preacher told me so?
When I joined the Army, I lived among all kinds of blacks and Catholics, and I became friends with a Jew who taught me how to play chess at a higher level. I began to understand that each person of those other races and religions should be judged on their own merits. I later had roommates who were black, and I even lived in Mexico with a Catholic family for a year. It changed my perceptions.
Still, although I no longer hated Jews, American blacks, or Catholics, I of course still hated Russians from the "evil empire," and dark-skinned Muslim people from the Middle East.
But meeting God in heaven, I found that God even loved me, and I am not talking about just love, I am talking about love so strong that God didn't even see the thoughts I wished I had never thought and the actions I wished I had never done. God loved me as if I were God's favorite child who had come home.
After my NDE, I no longer hated Russians or Muslims.
When I returned from heaven to my body, I told everyone I loved them, or at least I tried to show it by my actions. I left the Army. I went along for the years thinking I was a changed person.
Although I was still prejudiced about homosexual men, I treated gay men with kindness and respect. Yet, when a preacher said that AIDS was a curse from God for immorality, and in particular for gay men in San Francisco, I believed it. I never asked God if this was true. I had met God and knew that God was love, but still, I rationalized that there was an exception for gay men. How could someone who has met God believe that God hated gay men?
I at least tried to get rid of my racism. I fell in love with a Latina woman. We got married and had three beautiful children.
I worked in a warehouse when I was first starting a family. I had a friend there who had helped me work on my car and never asked for anything in return. He was kind and helpful. When he didn't show up for a couple of weeks for work, I began to worry about him. There seemed to be a kind of secrecy about the whole thing.

I found he was in a hospital and had some kind of rare brain fungus. I went with my family to visit him, and he seemed glad that we had come by. We wished him well.
Later, after his funeral, I heard he died from complications due to AIDS. His parents hadn't approved of his lifestyle and didn't even go to his funeral.
He had never told me he was gay. I had long admired him, and it was during this time that I changed my mind about God creating AIDS to kill immoral people. Whatever Richard was in his personal life, the times I spent with him at work and outside of work, he was honest, sincere, and a true friend.
I am beginning to understand that there are reasons why we come to this earth. We want to learn some very specific things. When I was in heaven, God asked me if I needed to learn more about love. I always thought that it was a kind of question that begged me to learn how to love others. I have gone through many stages of learning about love, but what I have come to understand is that it wasn't about me loving other people, it was about God's love. God loves all of us, every one of us. We "all" may have what religious texts may call an immoral life. I know that God still loves me even though I had many areas of my life that were not “moral.” God looked beyond my cruelty and my own sexual immorality and saw what was good, and right, and beautiful inside of me.
I began working as a delivery driver. I worked very hard. During this time, I bought into the notion that homeless and welfare people were lazy and useless.
But I worked so hard that my wife and I hardly ever talked, and then she became depressed. At last, she became a shopaholic and went crazy spending money using credit cards. My whole world turned upside down. One day, she told me she didn't love me anymore and I went into a huge spiral of depression.
Working hard sure didn't save my marriage. I quit my job as a delivery driver, but it was too late. She took the children away with her.

I became a cab driver. Shortly after my health insurance lapsed, I was in another car accident when a car struck me from behind. My neck was re-injured. I was living with pain over eight on the ten point pain scale. My legs would become weak and lose their feeling. I couldn’t work.
I asked if I could stay with my family for a while. I told my father my legs were going numb, but he thought I was just being lazy and told me to mow the lawn the day after my accident. I left in anger. I lived on about $30 for a couple of weeks and then I ran out of money and gas.
Sure enough, without insurance or family support, I became homeless and hungry. I became what I had loathed!
Sleeping in a Camaro is no fun. My brother loaned me a tent so I could camp. I would sneak into the park late and pitch a tent and get up early before the park rangers came. Then, I stopped eating. I had no money. It was such a humiliating experience. It took me three days of starving and living in my car in the parking lot before I got food stamps. I pawned something I had for gas and lived at that park for a couple or more weeks and then I went to my brother for a shower.
I had lost my family, my home, my job, broke my neck again, with no one, not even my own family, to turn to. I was in horrific pain. 
This was the lowest point of my life.
One evening, I got down on my knees and prayed. I was angry at God. I asked why God sent me back to learn about love when there was not a person in the world that loved me. I prayed to God to let me go home. I said this world is not worth living in.
Then God spoke to me in an audible voice and said, "I didn't promise you that people will not break your heart. People will break your heart. I promised you that I would never leave you nor forsake you."
I often hear angels or spirit guides or whatever you want to call that inner voice, but this voice was a voice from the sky that I heard with my regular hearing. That was a pretty powerful thing to say. It changed my life.
Then God told me to go to my mother's house and move to Corpus Christi (which means “the Body of Christ”). I did so, and my mother told me a lawyer wanted me to come by his office. They had a check waiting for me. I went from there to Corpus Christi with a friend visiting there, and I was led to buy a house for $5,000 with an insurance settlement that finally came through.. The fellow wanted to give the old fishing shack to a Veteran and I looked like I fit the description. A little miracle.
I was so poor that I collected aluminum cans and sold my blood to survive beyond those meager food stamps and a tiny check for disability I began receiving. $178 a month and $100 for food is a slim living, but I survived. I went on to fix up the house. I went back to school, even though I was in horrific pain, and I picked up a college degree. I began all kinds of clubs to help homeless and poor people and God blessed that part of my life. Money would just happen when I needed it.
I met a woman who was very beautiful and very alcoholic back then. She was one of the most remarkable human beings I have ever known. I learned to love her in spite of her alcoholism and we even got married. Even though she died after we divorced, I still love her. You can't even hate alcoholics.
I actually got over my deep injury from the betrayal of my first wife, and we are now friendly when we speak to each other. Our children visited me at the beach house every summer.
I thought I was through my prejudices until I came to an online conspiracy discussion forum. Reading the forum, I almost started believing there were evil men in the world worth hating, until I realized it was the same stuff I was surrounded with when I was a child, just a more subtle version. Instead of the obvious racism of my childhood, this time it was all about “evil Zionists,” illegal immigrants, and Jesuits.
There was the usual talk of nuking certain countries -- just different countries than what I used to think about nuking.
I started debating them, but I was lambasted for not believing what they believe. I realized that others are not the ones we need to change, but rather that person inside of us that needs to change.
I once upon a time believed God hated atheists, Muslims, blacks, Catholics, gay men, alcoholics, drug addicts, the homeless, and I am sure several other kinds and types of people. 
Through the years, I have tried to make my list of people I loathe shorter. I don't always succeed, but I believe I have had breakthroughs on many levels, as you can see. I guess it had to sink in and I had to see that there is a little bit of me in them and them in me.
I can't hate racists anymore because I was just like them. Yet, I still have anger when I see racism. It is something that really gets to me, and I can't seem to hold my tongue. There is probably something in me that needs to be worked out, or I wouldn't have such strong reactions to it.
I also vehemently oppose war. Both of those actions seem such a spiritual waste of energy. I guess I still have things to learn about those actions or it would not bother me.
And now, I believe the hardest thing of all is for me to learn to love those who believe that God hates!
Perhaps this is my last lesson before I walk into the light?
I am still here, so I must have lessons left to learn. - 


  1. Everyone knows that the best way to defeat hate is by using more hate.

    All Muslims should go back to where they came from.......its obvious they cant be assimilated!

    By Daily Mail Reporter

    Muslim couple 'murdered their three daughters in honour killings' - because they wanted to cut off 'the diseased limb of their family tree'

    "The accused are alleged to have killed the girls - Zainab, 19, Sahar, 17, and Geeti, 13 - because they dishonoured the family by defying its disciplinarian rules on dress, dating, socialising and going online.

    The fourth victim was Shafia's first wife, who was infertile, and was living with the family in Montreal."

    OK, now I,ll read Ms.Cornells article.......LOL!

    Theres a slim chance I may learn something.

  2. Mook mook everybody with your emotional problems believe the best way to defeat hate is by using more hate.

    Otherwise history would beg to differ.

    Gandhi defeated the British with much less violence then the USA did by not hating them and not directly using hate or violence against them.

    Mainly led by the ANC, the end to apartheid in South Africa was negotiated between NELSON Mandela and F.W. de Klerk.

    Hate was not the main weapon used in either situation. Neither was violence advocated by Mandela or Gandhi.

    In the USA the civil rights era the Jim Crow discrimination was mostly overturned by non violent confrontation, and not hate. The right wing conservative bigots both in and out of government did try to incite much hate and used violence to try top stop it, however they failed, so your claims are as baseless and most of the drivel you post.

  3. The Gandhi Myth

    "he believed that Muslims and Hindus could live together in fraternal concord, and his celebrated fasts were designed to achieve that end, yet he presided over the partition of India, sanctioning (though reluctantly) the creation of a theocratic Muslim Pakistan, at the cost of at least a million lives and the forcible transfer of an estimated fourteen million people;

    he urged non-violence (ahimsa) to his fellow Hindus, even in the face of appalling atrocities, and received only more Islamist atrocities in return, often bloodcurdling in their ferocity.

    Passivity and brotherly love in response to violence and hatred are simply foolish; Gandhi's claim that they represent distinctive Hindu moral principles would (if true) say nothing positive about the tradition he professed to uphold."

    Yeah, a real success story Cliffy......millions suffered because of his unbalanced delusional passivity.

  4. Now, correct me if I’m wrong Cliffy but I’m pretty sure those weren’t flowers you dropped on Germany in 1945.

    In fact, I’m almost positive they were hate filled high explosive bombs specifically designed for human was this type of hate that ended the war thus liberating tens of millions of people!

    You live in a fantasy world Cliffy. I think there’s too much fibre in your Raisin Bran………it’s also softening your brain.

  5. Anonymous9:26 PM

    See folks?

    To the republican, defending yourself in WWII from Nazi Germany is aggression, not defense, and Ghandi was a loser.

    Who knew?

  6. I’m pretty sure those weren’t flowers you dropped on Germany in 1945.

    Mook Mook, I didn't drop anything on Germany in 1945 since I wasn't even born yet, and do not eat Raisin bran, drink less think more and you'll not make such unhinged remarks.

  7. PS; your attacking Gandhi for what happened AFTER the time I wrote about which you totally ignored because it ruined your emotionally crippled talking point.

    Nice try but EPIC FAIL as usual.

  8. Pickle Lips said:

    "To the republican, defending yourself in WWII from Nazi Germany is aggression"

    Uhhh,Worf, I hardly call the bombing of Dresden DEFENSE. This was 100% pure human hatred.....period!Nevertheless,it worked.

    Even Cliffy was smart enough not to touch this one.

    Chamberlain proved beyond any doubt that passivity,in the long run, simply doesn't work.

    Europe paid dearly for his weak strength of character.

  9. Ms. Cornell said:

    “VOLTRON you need to read this.

    Stop your evil. Just try something new. Surprise us. You might actually get a great woman to marry you and enjoy the beauty in life and live longer”



    If Volt starts loving Muslims the chicks will immediately creep out of the wood work and will want to marry him………LOL!

    Better stock up on those condoms Volt.

    I suggest Ms. Cornell should re-examine her own philosophy ………I don’t recall her getting remarried to some wonderful guy due to her beliefs.

    But, I must admit those blue pills sure are tempting.

  10. Johnny's Grandma6:51 AM

    Pickled Anus said...

    Uhhh,Worf, I hardly call the bombing of Dresden DEFENSE

    That's because you're an idiot.

  11. Johnny's Grandma6:53 AM

    Voltron's butthole said...

    I am "The One."

    no, you're more like a number 2.

  12. "Better stock up on those condoms Volt."

    It's ok Johnny, from what I hear the government is supposed to supply all I need for free!

  13. I note that having a different opinion than the ones held here make you: racist, a bigot, hateful and evil...
    I think that's called "Intolerance".

    I'm beginning to see why her marriage failed.

  14. YO Mook Mook; your reading comprehension is atrociously bad.

    I did touch the fire bombing of Dresden stupid comment you made, just not in a way you can recognise.

    I just do not try to make somebody who wasn't even alive when it happened responsible like you seem to want to do.

    I'd say cut out the brew-skies and dry out so your C2H5OH addled brain cells can recover.

    BTW nice to see you didn't try to LIE about my Gandhi comment a second time.

  15. from what I hear the government is supposed to supply all I need for free

    Typical voltron, actually thinks right wing RNC invented talking points are true.

  16. Global Worfing4:46 PM

    WASHINGTON (AP) — America's weather is stuck on extreme.

    Nearly 11 feet of snow has fallen on Anchorage, Alaska, this winter. That's almost a record, and it's forcing the city to haul away at least 250,000 tons of snow. Yet not much snow has dropped on the Lower 48 this year.

    The first three months of 2012 have seen twice the normal number of tornadoes. And 36 states set daily high temperature records Thursday. So far this month, the U.S. has set 1,757 daily high temperature records. That's similar to the number during last summer's heat wave, said Jake Crouch, a climate scientist for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
    Six rare, but not unprecedented, March tornadoes struck Thursday in Michigan, which also set 26 heat records. Temperatures were in the 80s in some parts of the state.
    Nationwide, there have been 132 tornadoes confirmed in January and February, with preliminary reports of more than 150 already in March.
    Two different weather phenomena — La Nina and its northern cousin the Arctic Oscillation — shift storm and temperature patterns through the world, meteorologists say. Scientists say you cannot link a single weather event to global warming.

    However, climate scientist Andrew Weaver of the University of Victoria says: "When you start to see the extreme events become more common, that's when you can say that it is a consequence of global warming."

  17. Global Worfing4:49 PM

    The article must be wrong, right?

    Just because the number one common denominator among global warming predictive indicators has always been "extreme weather patterns", it can't be that.

    Just because scientists have been warning us about an increase in "EXTREME WEATHER PATTERNS" as a sign of global warming since the 1970s, I mean....well , that can't be it.

    It must be something else.

  18. Global Worfing4:51 PM

    I mean, this guy, this scientist Weaver or Weiner, or whatever his name is.... how can he say that?

    Just because thousands of scientists have for decades been warning of "EXTREME WEATHER PATTERNS" to increase with global warming, ....surely it must be anything but that.

    That's what the republicans tell us , and.....

  19. Global Worfing4:51 PM

    ...they're really smart.

  20. Global Worfing4:53 PM

    We must keep the oil flowing.

    We just must.

    Because as a people, we can't possibly find another way to power a car.

  21. Or move the collective fat arses with out driving in our individual cars.

    Walking is certainly out of the question.

    Gotta drive the kids everywhere, in a 6000 lb suv.

    I mean the people from the turn of the last century who used trolleys, trains and other forms of public transportation, were such socialists for doing so, if you ask the modern day right wing.

  22. Global Worfing5:53 PM

    I mean...the combustion engine was only invented in the 1800's.

    Surely we need more time than a few paltry centuries to think of something new, don't we?

  23. Global Worfing5:53 PM

    ...give us time.

  24. Cliff said

    YO Mook Mook; your reading comprehension is atrociously bad. I did touch the fire bombing of Dresden stupid comment you made, just not in a way you can recognise.”

    Uhhh, Cliff, your far dumber and imperceptive than I thought……I was simply snubbing your meek attempt at humor (and deflection) over a serious topic. Speaking as a Canadian I obviously meant “you” as in the United States.

    Nevertheless, surely you’re not dumb enough to contest that the enormous overkill/slaughter of Dresden was of military strategic value? It was pure human hatred at its finest……and it worked!

    As for Ghandi, I was simply nullifying your post by revealing the true catastrophic costs of his actions. I’m not saying he was a bad guy, I’m simply pointing out that his methods were narrow-minded. You of all people should know that war is life and life is war. Sometimes……not all the time………but sometimes we have to fight.....period!

    The Russians hatred for the Germans on the Eastern front knew no bounds………and it saved their country!

    Ho Chi Min used hatred/aggression in belief of his doctrine thus eventually allowing him an independent Vietnam.

    The American Civil War is another great example of hatred working at its finest………it freed an oppressed people!

    BTW, Are those few paltry examples of passivity you provided the best you can do for all of human history………sad……very sad!?

    However, since everyone knows that Johnnymoomoo does not believe in “absolutes” my above hate comment was in fact an assessment specifically designed to signal the chemical precursors of peoples brains so as to gain an emotional response, thus I may gauge your reactions for my own analysis.

    The hate comment holds no balance………………nor did Gandhi!

    Specific and ongoing use of one or the other (hatred or passivity) simply doesn’t work and is doomed for failure……period!

  25. Just like the great Friedrich Nietzsche said:

    "You have your way - I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist."

  26. Of course, I am "The One."

  27. Its not easy being number one......everyone hates you.


  28. You might think you are #1 in your delusional emotional stunted mind, but the #1 you might be in reality isn't the same as you think it is.

  29. What happened to the Big K and Worf happy hour?

    "I have a six pack chilling in the freezer waiting to view it."

    Worf, I know your computer savy.....I wish you could figure out a way to get animated gifs on here? Maybe this will help?

  30. I'm a little worried about Worf.

    I hope he didn't jump off his home theater balcony after that whoop-in from Big K?

  31. I must admit that I certainly sympathize with this Rudi character.......hes certainly had some bummer luck!


  32. The following quote has always bugged me..........probably because there's a ring of truth to it!?

    "There are no foxhole Atheists."

  33. The takeover is complete. I now declare this a republican blog.....hehe!


    As chairman of this new repub blog(Johnnymoomoo — Politically Hot)
    let me start off by suggesting far lower taxes for big corporations and much higher ones for the middle and lower classes......this should get the economy rolling again.

    And,all welfare should have a one year cap on it....period!

    You might be surprised what people are capable of once they are forced to take care of themselves.

    The state cant afford indolent peoples alcohol,drug, and cigarette consumption.

    And, no gay marriage.....with the exception of hot chicks of course.....LOL!

  34. Worfeus Rex10:09 AM

    ..sorry, had to take a Voltron.


  35. "had to take a Voltron."


  36. Worf Schmorf2:53 PM

    ..alright, a moo moo then.

  37. Did you mean "had to take a Voltron and moomoo" out to an expensive restaurant ?

    Thanx, Worf, this is something we both so richly deserve. Great minds need a little R&R.


  38. Anonymous4:09 PM

    ok well if all that can also be translated into pinching a loaf then yea that's what I did.

  39. That’s kinda gross Worf.

    I’m sure Ms. Cornell would be less than thrilled to envision you partaking in such an endeavour!

    But, then again with her you never know…………she might say it’s all part of God’s wonderful love; or maybe even a stitch in some kind of master tapestry or something……LOL!

  40. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Life is what we focus on Johnny.

    Your type chooses to focus on the negative and like the center line on a highway we gravitate towards that which we focus on.

    It takes a little more determination and will to focus on the positive, but it doesn't seem to have hurt her any.

    Last I checked she was scuba diving in Greece or some crazy thing. Her boys seem happy. Seems like she's got a good life.

    I guess that's what bothers you.

  41. VOTRON, I'm sorry I hurt your feelings. I just feel you are underhanded. I have studied sociopaths and am surrounding myself only with good people.

    Good people do not use subterfuge and devious methods to hurt others. Boy have I experienced the sectrum of human behavior this year. And I armor myself with LOVE, which is Divine -- and some call it God. God is love, the Christ is in the ship. Love all, serve all. But stand up and shine a light on the opposite of love, which is fear. Hatred comes from fear, mangled and perverted into anger that forgets its beginnings.

  42. VOLT: I am not and never would call you a sociopath, just saying that I've come to know them a little too well. These are people who can never put themselves in another's shoes, never look inside themselves and say they're sorry, never have compassion for others. They have not been able to see the world through another's eyes.

    For Pete's sake, isn't life hard enough? If you knew where someone was coming from, wouldn't you have more compassion. Life is not black and white. We all bleed the same. We all have the same needs.

    Why not try to heal the world by seeing it from another point of view. We all hate crime, we all hate "hatred" and agree that violence is a bad thing. If you just practice the Golden Rule the way the KKK leader did when he finally found God, and became friends with the very Blacks he hated -- this is the true healing miracle. To simply surrender. Surrender is the sweetest word. In AA, we surrender our problem and our burdens to God, and we are FREE! God really does exist. It's the love that created you and me.

  43. Does anyone on the right defend this horrifying act by this Zimmerman guy -- in pretending he shot that 17-year old kid in Florida who was searching for his stepmom's place?

    Does anyone DARE to defend Zimmerman, who was frothing at the mouth to kill?

    Glen Beck apparently said that the victim was a truant or troubled kid because he was tardy to school. This warrants KILLING A HUMAN BEING?

    I dare any of you to defend his actions.

  44. Does anyone on the right defend this horrifying act by this Zimmerman guy -- in pretending he shot that 17-year old kid in Florida in self defense? The kid was searching for his stepmom's place, on the phone with his girlfriend, looking lost, and this "Neighborhood Watch volunteer wannabe cop" was straddling him from behind, on top of him. How could the kid have been attacking this big person?

    Does anyone DARE to defend Zimmerman, who was frothing at the mouth to kill?

    Glen Beck apparently said that the victim was a truant or troubled kid because he was tardy to school. This warrants KILLING A HUMAN BEING?

    I dare any of you to defend his actions.

  45. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Go into any online blog right now on the topic, and the right wing trolls are out in force defending Zimmerman.

    The kid "didn't belong there" they're saying. They're saying the kid may have had a history of criminal activity or may have looked frightening to Zimmerman. They're saying Zimmerman "did the right thing" in shooting the kid because he probably was doing "something wrong".

    The right wing loves guns, not God or country. Their God is their guns and killing is fine with them as long as they're the ones doing the killing.

  46. Anonymous10:30 AM

    In most blogs they're laughing about it, (including Yahoo's articles on the shooting). They think its funny this guy shot a "black guy".

    That's how the right wing feels about it.

  47. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Ask Johnny how he feels about it.

  48. I would be interested in seeing ALEC and the NRA defend this wanton aqct of murder.

    ALEC is a right wing leaning very pro corporate lobbying effort that actually writes legislation (like they did with the law in Florida for the NRA), for any elected official to front as a sponsor.

    What is ALEC?

    ALEC is not a lobby; it is not a front group. It is much more powerful than that. Through ALEC, behind closed doors, corporations hand state legislators the changes to the law they desire that directly benefit their bottom line. Along with legislators, corporations have membership in ALEC. Corporations sit on all nine ALEC task forces and vote with legislators to approve “model” bills. They have their own corporate governing board which meets jointly with the legislative board. (ALEC says that corporations do not vote on the board.) Corporations fund almost all of ALEC's operations. Participating legislators, overwhelmingly conservative Republicans, then bring those proposals home and introduce them in statehouses across the land as their own brilliant ideas and important public policy innovations—without disclosing that corporations crafted and voted on the bills. ALEC boasts that it has over 1,000 of these bills introduced by legislative members every year, with one in every five of them enacted into law. ALEC describes itself as a “unique,” “unparalleled” and “unmatched” organization. We agree. It is as if a state legislature had been reconstituted, yet corporations had pushed the people out the door.


    In Florida ALEC did the bidding of the NRA to get the "stand your ground" and shoot somebody law passed.

    ALEC Ratified NRA-Conceived Law That May Protect Trayvon Martin's Killer

    Just another case of where the extreme corporations over people attitude of the right and GOtPers is hurting, and in this case killing people.

  49. Lydia, THIS is what Worf is talking about.

  50. Ms. Cornell said

    “Ask Johnny how he feels about it.”

    I was kinda shocked when I first seen Zimmerman…………instant dislike! He looks like a jack-ass fool who, most likely, invented excitement so as to fill the boredom of his hum-drum routine wardens job.

    Feeling powerful in his self-important piss-ant position Zimmerman picked on an innocent to liven up his dull evening.

    This is a clear example of abuse of power and dwindling freedoms and should be cause for alarm.

    The quote below is more than enough to convince me:

    “Mr Zimmerman told an operator that Martin seemed "up to no good, or he's on drugs" and appears to have pursued the younger man even when police told him that was unnecessary.

    Martin's girlfriend said he told her was being followed and that in the moments before his death there were sounds of a struggle. "Trayvon said, 'What are you following me for?' and the man said, 'What are you doing here?”

    This scenario is truly disturbing. I believe that Zimmerman needs to be dealt with in a harsh manner or engage himself in some kind of lifelong restorative justice so as to dissuade others from committing a similar act.

    Also, I have no doubt that had this been a black guy shooting a white kid, the black guy would definitely be behind bars.

    Most importantly, imagine if everyone in society carried a gun and had a gut feeling that someone was “up to no good.”


  51. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Lydia didn't say that Johnny I did.

    And who are you, and what have you done with Johnny Moo Moo?

  52. Anonymous6:04 PM

    ..Johnny, if you can hear me, knock once for yes.

  53. Anonymous6:04 PM

    ...twice for no.

  54. Anonymous6:07 PM

    By the way, just curious but what exactly does it mean for him to "engage himself in some kind of lifelong restorative justice"?

    And what sort of "harsh manner" did you feel he should be dealt with?

    Just curious.

  55. Anonymous6:08 PM

    ...I mean harsh like lethal injection harsh?

  56. Anonymous6:09 PM

    ...or harsh like feather dusters at 200 paces?

  57. Interesting Clif,

    I followed your link to the "Sadly no" website and saw the quote you evidently wanted us to see.

    I followed THEIR link to the "Redstate" website and I can't find that quote anywhere. In fact the vast majority of posters there condemn Zimmerman. Some do lament the fact that the media doesn't cover black on white crimes as they have this one, but no one seems to approve of the way Zimmerman or the local police handled the situation.

    As for myself, if the incident occurred as it's currently being portrayed I too condemn Zimmerman's actions and the response of the local police.

    I do note that a state and federal investigation IS underway and I'd like to see the results of that before I make a definitive statement.

  58. Anonymous12:44 AM

    ...the old..."I'll wait until the facts are in" dodge.

  59. Anonymous12:44 AM

    ...the old..."I'll wait until the facts are in" dodge.

  60. Yes, because it feels so much better to go ahead and smear someone before you know what the hell you're actually talking about.

    Also dumbass I didn't "dodge" anything. I clearly said if the incident occurred as currently described I DO condemn not only the actions of Zimmerman but the local police as well.

    So bite me.

  61. Anonymous8:54 AM

    Nobody really knows what happened in the Zimmerman case so we have to let the legal system work. People like sharpton going down there would be the worse thing you can do because that would contaminate the case if there is a case. I believe that there is more to the case than is being reported so if there is more to it, then we will find out in time what it is.

  62. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Like I said, the usual old "I'll wait till the facts" are in dodge.

    Of course were it a black kid that shot a older white gentlemen, then we know old Moldy Voltry would suddenly not need to "wait till the facts are in".

  63. This Comment Has Been Removed by the Author10:45 AM

    The usual right wing defense of one of their own, gun loving cowards.

    Some pathetic old white fool living in a secure gated community walking around with a loaded gun in his pants, because he's got nothing else in them, guns down a boy in cold blood, and these losers as usual come in with their "wait till the facts are in" nonsense.

    But were it a white kid, shot by a black man, or a white old man shot by a black kid, then they wouldn't need to wait.

  64. Anonymous10:48 AM

    So there you go. There's your right winger.

    Typical Voltron.

    Like I said before, the right wing will say "the boy must have been doing something".

    Just like Voltron effectively just said.

  65. Anonymous10:50 AM

    And there is NO situation, where a full grown man has to gun down an unarmed boy.


    Boy had no knife, no gun? Then walk away if you're so afraid of him.

    But there is NO excuse for murdering him.

  66. You're Momma10:51 AM

    Unless you're Voltron, or one of the other right wing Rat-turds infesting this blog.

  67. Voltron's A Little Punk10:53 AM

    Then its something that you "have to wait for the facts on".

    Just like he says every time someone from his camp (as in white, gun loving trash) does something wrong.

  68. Well Worfy,

    Should we give the guy a fair trial and then execute him, or do you want to just move to the execution phase?

    I mean since you're advocating for lawless vigilantism here, maybe you should round up the posse and go get him.

  69. Note that in all Volty's song and dance act, he never once expresses any compassion for the boy, or disgust for the act of killing him.

    Just defense for the white guy, who shot him.

  70. And your racism is disgusting Worf.

    "The Boy" is a 17 year old man and the guy who shot him isn't "white", He's hispanic.

  71. Should we give the guy a fair trial and then execute him, or do you want to just move to the execution phase?

    All the parents ever asked for was Zimmerman be arrested and brought before a court of law.

    YOU SHOULD TOO voltron, I do.

    Any person who shoots an unarmed minor child deserves NO less then to explain in open court under oath, why he needed to shoot an unarmed minor child.

    He should NEVER walk away with the weapon that killed an unarmed minor child.

    Never get the free pass he has been handed so far.

    PS; Voltron right wing site regularly scrub their comments sections, after the posters express too much of the right wing mind set ....... after all Voltron, you openly advocated for the out right murder of 1.4 billion people here on Lydia's blog.

  72. Owl Jolson12:39 PM

    A Tap Dancing Troll said...

    "The Boy" is a 17 year old man and the guy who shot him isn't "white", He's hispanic.

    Yea, Mister "Zimmerman".

    Real Hispanic.

  73. Predator Drone12:47 PM

    Dancing with the Stars said...

    The Boy" is a 17 year old man

    Isn't that the sort of thinking that got you into trouble with the judge last time around?

    17's not an adult.

  74. Voltron's grandma12:49 PM

    Of course had this been a white kid shot by a black man, then suddenly Voltron would be calling him that "poor boy".

    But its a black kid, so...he's a man must have had it comin...

  75. Trollsmack12:54 PM

    Well, Lydia did dare you to defend the clown.

    And in typical, trollio fashion you goobers just can't help but take the bait.

  76. ScumRemover12:56 PM

    ...always re-revealing what we knew about you all along.

    Typical Tea Bag scum.

  77. Friends of Trolltron2:02 PM

    Course we all knew what Voltron's answer would be. Same one he gives every time there's something like this.

    Whenever a frightened white gun loving tea bagger guns down a black kid, he needs to "wait to hear all the facts" before passing judgement.

    But if its a black kid however gunning down an afraid white tea bagger, then all of a sudden he's the instant judge, jury and wannabe executioner.

  78. Just the Facts Mam2:13 PM

    See, normal people, ...human beings that is, ...don't need to "wait" to hear any "facts" before passing judgement on some chickenshit white gun loving tea bagger gunning down a unarmed black kid in the streets.

    The facts are in. The kid was unarmed. And ZIMMERMAN WAS FOLLOWING HIM. We know this from the 911 call.

    So there's "the facts".

    So there is no circumstance where this guy would have been justified in shooting this kid. He was following the kid.

    If he was so afraid of him he should have NOT BEEN FOLLOWING HIM.

    But he followed him with a loaded gun, and when the black kid didn't bow to the master race when ordered to, this tea bagging NRA Gun Loving COWARD, murdered him in cold blood.

    There's the facts, asswipe.

    Choke on em.

  79. NRNAY2:17 PM

    This is a prime example of why the Tea Party republicans are full of shit, and the right to carry concealed weapons is way out of control in this country.

    The only people who need guns are law enforcement and other forms of actual security.

    Not neighborhood watch clowns, not private citizens.

    You want a gun? Fine. Keep it in your house.

    But when we let you right wing chickenshit gun lovers carry them in public, you end up shooting innocent, unarmed citizens.

    Because you're so afraid, you're trigger happy.

  80. TazeMeBro2:18 PM

    You're just too scared to be walking around with loaded guns.

  81. Pistol Pete3:02 PM

    Another prime example HERE

  82. Gun Fu3:04 PM

    The right wing wants everyone to carry guns, because they're so stupid, that they actually think that for some reason people (like themselves) won't be pulling them and or using them any time they get into any sort of verbal confrontation.

    Even though history has shown us time and time again, that when everyone carry's guns, that's all that ever happens.

  83. Hole in the Head Gang3:10 PM

    In fact, the ONLY way men like Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson and Bill Hickok were able to bring civilization to the early boom towns was by outlawing the carrying of guns, concealed or otherwise inside of city limits.

    Letting everyone carry guns NEVER has worked.

    Even in the military most non critical sentries carry UNLOADED firearms.

    Because they know what happens when they give em live ammo. Someone ALWAYS ends up getting shot.

  84. Long Carbine3:13 PM

    Permitting guns in private homes is fine.

    Then only the idiot with the gun and his inbred family ends up getting shot.

    But history has shown us too many times that permitting these gun loving idiots to run around in public with them just ends up getting innocent people killed.

    Outlaw concealed weapons, once and for all.

  85. A very nice informational blog . Keep on making such important blog post. Your work is really being appreciated by some one.

  86. Assh#le said

    "A very nice informational blog."

    Well, it was until you came along needle dick.


    Take your virus riddled site and f*ck-off....period!

  87. Anonymous9:13 PM

    "What happened to the Big K and Worf happy hour?"

    wow, i have a fan.

    and worf is still carping to himself about global warming. sheesh, give it a rest. you lost that fight. i even tried to help you out there.

    stil waiting on the name of that mail in school you went to. heh. bet that cost a whole 24.99. plus postage and handling!!

    in keeping with the topic of the new thread, i hope they throw the book at that jackass in florida. it seems he was unprovoked. unless i see otherwise this was just stupid. justice should be served here, and he is still not arrested! i am sure the police are waiting to make sure they have overwhelming evidence. they do that in high profile cases, but seriously, the townsfolk are picking up their pitchforks and torches over there.

    and i cant blame them.

    i hope that we can all agree with all that at least.

    rest in peace kid. and may God give solice as only He can to the family and friends of this young man.

    big k

  88. Anonymous11:06 PM

    See how one taps out and another taps in?

    Like the WWE.

  89. Anonymous11:08 PM

    And no, I didn't lose the fight, because there was no fight.

    You just said "nuh uh" to several thousand actual scientists and declared yourself a "mechanical engineer", which then was supposed to qualify you to speak on the subject.

    Then we all laughed at you.

  90. Anonymous11:09 PM

    Then you got mad and ran off.

    Like you always do.

  91. you lost that fight

    Wasn't a fight skippy, not even close to one.

    All it really was, was you claiming to know more then many many scientists who spent their lives studying Climate Change not trying to get their advanced (pseudo-scientific) degree .... and then stomping your little digital feet at all the proof, of how truely clueless, you really are.

    Your claim of winning is almost as dumb, as your stupid claim of a knife being more dangerous then a gun.

    You missed your calling, writing for a cable comedy show. Now time to claim "nuh-uh" and stomp your little digital feet some more.

  92. The Big Kahuna12:28 AM

    "I'm big k and I gots me a colleeegee edyoocayshun.."

  93. Jethro Bodine12:31 AM

    "...yup...and I'm a saneeetayshun engineer....just like me uncle Jed..."

  94. This comment has been removed by the author.

  95. Anonymous4:04 PM

    reading comprehension again, buddy.

    i stated many times, the math is the same. calculus applies to finance, just as well as it does the physics for which it was invented.

    same here with climate change (except in this case you would need a statistical approach, probably something on the order of an EWMA). if you know enough math, you can describe anything. you do not need to know the underlying reasons or physics.

    i know the math. you do not. i asked for a scientific article and gave you the description of such to aid you in your search. they exist, but you obviously do not know how to find them, or recognize them. and you certainly lack the critical reading skills to understand them.

    if you do not start with a scientific paper, one that has the ability to be peer reviewed, you are just reading propaganda. right or wrong, you are not informed, and do not have the tools to be.

    and i have seen how the research community does its work. it is a money making entity as well. just because someone has spent time on a problem does not guarantee impartiality. if they are getting grants to keep their research going, they have no incentive to publish something that goes against their core thesis. in fact they have plenty of incentive to do the opposite.

    and go ahead and keep trashing a mechanical engineering degree. i do not think that gets you anywhere. i am part of the scientific community, you are not. meaning you have less place talking about it than i do from your own argument. and like it or not, i shared a lot of classes with people of other scientific disciplines. i can speak intelligently with people of many different backgrounds, that is the power of a mechanical engineering degree, and why it is so hard to get. it is very general, and an ME is expected to tie a group together.

    also, philosophically you are unable to make a sound argument. i think i proved that too.

    i did not run off, i got bored with you. your name calling, and deflections do nothing to make your point.

    ps. i do find it interesting you were trashing me for going to a religious school, which i never have, but you said once you attended catholic college. i do not think you were able to finish that. but it is interesting that you think people who have attended them are stupid, and here you are.

    big k

  96. if you know enough math, you can describe anything. you do not need to know the underlying reasons or physics.

    Stop the presses, call any and all universities world wide, tell them their physics, geology, chemistry, biology, and earth science departments are immediately to be suspended and all matriculated students enrolled in ONLY math courses, based on the unverified claims of a blog troll with a BS in engineering.

    The laughter will ring for days.

    In reality with out the underlying reasons or physics, the math is totally meaningless. Just numbers and equations with NO reference to reality.

    Nice move to stomp your little digital feet here. The rest of your self glorifying diatribe is totally unscientific. Keep stomping those little digital feet, helps show how hollow your arguments really are.

    Keep screaming you have more knowledge then anybody else. Smearing those who do actual research, by falsely claiming they ONLY do it with ulterior motives. Thus you show yourself to be less scientific in your approach, because the only thing you have chosen to PROVE is you push baseless unverifiable personal claims, and attempt to glorify your self way beyond your actual knowledge.

    You have NO peer reviewed publishing to back up your unverifiable claims, though you claim this in the only thing acceptable. You have NO independant source to verify a second data point to peer review your baseless claims.

    But you little digital feet stomping is actually entertaining to a degree.

  97. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Once again you proceed from a false assumption. I fully comprehended your bogus challenge, and treated it accordingly.

  98. Anonymous6:37 PM

    His problem Clif, is he presupposes that global warming theory and predictability is based solely on statistical and historical data, which it is not.

    So you can't even start any sort of debate with the guy, because he's already basing his entire argument on a false premise.

    He's not qualified on the subject and that's just all there is to it.

    But that's ok because neither am I.

    So there's no debate to have.

    Science explained global warming a long time ago when I was in grade school, when we learned blanket effect hands on. And until science tells me otherwise Global Warmings real, its happening now and man's use of fossil fuels contributes to it. Unless of course NASA is part of some "evil libtard conspiracy".

    So all the "Big Kooks" on the internet no matter how mad they get or how many times they call me stupid and no matter how many online degrees they bought at Bob Jones University and wave in everyones face, ...they still aren't going to alter that one little bit.

    When I need to get my science from a kook on the internet rather than some place normal, like NASA for example, I'll look him up.

    Until then, Big Kook can Kiss my Toocus.

  99. Anonymous6:43 PM

    But I do love listening to his proclamations of his college education.

    Especially the misspelled ones, which are indicators of the value of that piece of paper he supposedly owns and keeps telling us all about at every opportunity he gets.

  100. Anonymous6:46 PM

    But I think the one I enjoy the most is the one where he tells us that getting a Bachelors of Science degree ...

  101. Anonymous6:46 PM

    ...means you're a scientist.

  102. Anonymous6:48 PM

    ..that ones my favorite.

  103. Anonymous7:21 PM

    Aide says Cheney had heart transplant

    By KASIE HUNT | Associated Press – 11 mins ago


    Former Vice President Dick Cheney had a heart transplant Saturday, after five heart attacks over the past 25 years and countless medical procedures to keep him going. Cheney, 71, waited nearly two years for his new heart, the gift of an unknown donor.

  104. Anonymous7:22 PM


  105. Anonymous7:39 PM


    the why is important. but if the simple ability to predict, to describe mathematically a phenomenon is what is desired, then yes, the math is all you need. when i said that, i was really quoting a math instructor i had for a 400 level course. so go ahead, tell the universities what i said. people in the know would agree with it.

    the higg’s boson was described mathematically, but not yet dicovered. put that in your pipe ad smoke it, if indeed you even understand that statement.

    worf, you do not understand my challenge. i do not believe you do. i do not believe you can meet it. i say this because you never have.

    and you never will.

    you will undoubtedly have some excuse, but you never will.

    i find it interesting that you keep thinking you run me off. i have said this before, i will say it now, and will probably say it again in the future, and i fully understand your limited capacity will preclude your grasp of this, but i am only around to find out how people who hold your ideas get to where they are. i understand i may learn something from someone who is honest in their belief.

    you are not.

    i understand i may learn something from someone who has knowledge of what they speek.

    you do not.

    so, every so often i come back hoping you have left the junior high mentality you so often display for something more cerebral.

    you do not.

    so i leave. it is no "coincidence" when i come or go. you have never figured that out. at least not publicly.

    you prove yourself an idiot and a liar. stating you can show me something but will not spend the time to do so does not advance your supposed intellect, your point, or the people who believe such as you do.

    i am saying you have no capacity to argue with me on that plane.

    you have not forgotten more math and science than i have because you graduated before i did. you never graduated.

    you do not know more than i do about the catholic religion, as you stated you did years ago, because you went to catholic college. because you did not.

    you do not work harder than others here. you blog too much. people who work as hard as i do have other things to do.

    you do not.

    i predict you will not prove any of what i said wrong. more blustering, more insults that mean nothing, more ridicule that would embarrass a 5th grader will ensue.

    but nothing else.

    that is all you have. this is why i get bored with you.


    you will notice i did not bother to address you in the later parts of this post.

    that is because i never beieved you to be anything other than an idiot. worf at least had me fooled once or twice.

    big k

  106. Anonymous7:48 PM

    one other thing,

    if getting a bachelors of science degree in an applied science field, and working in a research lab does not a scientist make,

    then what does worf?

    and how the hell does anyone here know what that is?

    big k

  107. Anonymous8:47 PM

    lol, now its a research lab.

    Give Big K a few more days and he'll have us believing he discovered Penicillin.

  108. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Ladies and genitalmen....who ya gonna believe when it comes to climate science?

    Climate scientists?

    NOOO!!! Of course not.

    Cuz they're all part of the libtard conspiracy.

  109. Anonymous8:51 PM

    If you want to know about Climate Science...then you want a recently graduated Mechanical Engineering student.

    Cuz he knows.

  110. Anonymous8:55 PM

    I heard Dick Cheney asked for a recently graduated Mechanical Engineering student to do his heart transplant...

  111. Anonymous8:56 PM

    ...but for some reason they couldn't find one that knew how to use a vascular clamp.

  112. Anonymous9:57 PM

    big k said,

    "i predict you will not prove any of what i said wrong. more blustering, more insults that mean nothing, more ridicule that would embarrass a 5th grader will ensue."

    i worked in a research lab.

    and i graduated 3 years ago. i am not sure if you could call that "recent," but whatever.

    i said all this before. your reading comprehension skills are atrocious.

    but keep making my point.

    big k

  113. Anonymous10:00 PM

    hey worf,

    have you looked up the definition of an applied scientist recently?

    i am sure you have, since you dropped that subject like a hot rock.

    admit when you are wrong, man. it happens to everyone. people may actually respect you a little if you did.

    big k

  114. Anonymous10:02 PM

    and where was it you went to school again?

    you know, the one you learned so much you forgot more about math and science than i ever knew?

    still waiting on that one.

    it was a catholic college, if recollection serves.

    big k

  115. Anonymous10:10 PM

    " and i graduated 3 years ago. i am not sure if you could call that "recent,"

    Sure you could.

    However based on your grammatical skills I'm not sure you could call that graduated.

  116. Anonymous10:11 PM

    and where was it you went to school again?

    Obviously one with a better English dept, than yours.

  117. Anonymous10:14 PM

    i said all this before. your reading comprehension skills are atrocious.

    ..which is good then, so they'll match your writing skills.

  118. Anonymous10:15 PM

    i worked in a research lab.

    yea? As a staff member or a subject?

  119. Anonymous10:27 PM

    ..let me put it this way.

    Did you occupy an office, or a cage?

  120. Anonymous10:27 PM

    ..let me put it this way.

    Did you occupy an office or a cage?

  121. the higg’s boson was described mathematically, but not yet dicovered.

    Sorta like how string theory shows a 26 dimensional Universe, and a 10 dimensional Universe, at the same time another solution shows a 11 dimensional unkiverse.

    Each theory is mathematically consistent, each theory has proponents, however not all three could consievable be correct in reality.

    Hense your wild claims of math over riding true science fall flat on its face (sorta like you do here also).

    Your quote above proves the Higgs Boson is nothing but part of a unverified theory (as far as the Higgs Boson), nothing more nothing less. The scientists looking for the Higgs Boson really WANT to find it because according to the Standard Model (SM) of particle physics, a particle which meets the mathematical properties of the Higgs Boson needs to exist to explain how matter achieves the mass each individual particle has.

    If they cannot verify the Higgs Boson existance, then changes to the Standard Model would be required.

    However, and this is really, really important here, it has NOT been verified to exist with true scientific certainty, which means we cannot state for a fact that the Higgs Boson does exist.

    BTW just for information purposes, models alternate to the Higgs Boson Standard model have been constructed, which means just because the math works out doesn't means reality abides by the mathematical equations hense forth.

    Sorta like your claims of expertise over scientists who work in the climatology field, you claim much but so far haven't been able to actually prove anything. But you WANT us to believe you because you say so, with no real proof.

    nuff said.

  122. BTW, I heard they just gave Dick Cheney a heart ... good for them, now at least he can claim to have one, even if he still doesn't use it.

  123. Hey Worf, you wanna hear something funny?

    Somebody studied "Special K" without even knowing he existed,

    Yep ....

    They even have a name for what he is trying but failing to achieve here;

    The Dunning-Kruger effect ....

    "Kruger and Dunning proposed that, for a given skill, incompetent people will:
    a. tend to overestimate their own level of skill;
    b. fail to recognize genuine skill in others;
    c. fail to recognize the extremity of their inadequacy;
    d. recognize and acknowledge their own previous lack of skill, if they can be trained to substantially improve."


    Sounds like they have Special K described to a Tee ..... LOL

  124. Anonymous2:40 AM

    He does seem to be obsessed with our understanding that he has a bachelors degree.

  125. Anonymous2:42 AM

    Special K, lol.

  126. Anonymous2:44 AM

    He seems to think that a Bachelors of Science degree makes you a scientist.

    Of course, he can't even spell the word "seems" so.., ...

  127. Anonymous2:46 AM

    ..the whole bachelors degree thing's in question there too.

  128. Anonymous8:39 PM

    i did gradooated i gradooate and got a degree so that makes me smaryt write?

    big k

  129. Anonymous11:56 AM

    There are two types of science.

    Normal science, which involves science and the scientific community, and then there's "republican science", which involves pseudo scientists in unrelated fields who base their "findings" on whatever their political and religious leaders (which are one and the same) tell them to find.

  130. Anonymous12:00 PM

    They even have their own "museum", in Petersburg, Kentucky (intellectual capitol of the world, if you're a republican), that dismisses collective science and contradicts everything on the subject of creation, so that it fits with their political and religious beliefs.

    This is science of the dark ages, no different than when the church told Galileo that the earth couldn't revolve around the sun because it contradicted their beliefs that the earth is the center of the universe.

  131. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Of course a heliocentric universe is no more real than their belief in a 6000 year old earth, but that doesn't matter when you get your science from politicians and pastors, instead of from scientists.

  132. Anonymous12:05 PM

    And its the same with global warming.

    Big Oil doesn't "believe" in it and so they buy republican politicians off who in turn instruct their constituents to "disbelieve" in the science.

    They get their kooks like Big Klown there to go online and make bullshit, unqualified arguments against the science to try to seed the notion that the science is in doubt, which its not.

    We've known man's burning of fossil fuels has been warming up the planet since before internet idiots like Big K was born.

    Its not a matter for debate. The blanket effect is real.

    But that doesn't matter, when you're a republican and you get your science from the next political charlatan to come along.

  133. Anonymous12:07 PM

    "Finding the occasional straw of truth awash in a great ocean of confusion and bamboozle requires intelligence, vigilance, dedication and courage.

    But if we don't practice these tough habits of thought, we cannot hope to solve the truly serious problems that face us ..."

  134. Anonymous12:08 PM

    ....-- and we risk becoming a nation of suckers, up for grabs by the next charlatan who comes along."

    Dr. Carl Sagan from "The Demon-Haunted World" - "The fine art of baloney detection"

  135. Worf want to know the really funny part about the Heliocentric Universe,

    people who wanted to believe it

    worked out the math to prove it ....

    just not the science ... :P


  136. Anonymous3:43 PM

    That's absolutely right Clif.

    A Geocentric universe was the core of the Ptolemaic system that was used for centuries. Ptolemy worked out a mathematical system using convoluted loops and orbits of the planets to make it work. And it DID work, even though it was completely wrong.

    They even based an Almanac on the Ptolemaic system that was used in agriculture around the world. And it worked.

    But Ptolemy was completely wrong.


    Because he based his science on PRECONCEIVED RELIGIOUS BELIEFS.

    Just like the republicans do today.

  137. Anonymous3:45 PM

    When you approach science from the position of having already made up your mind, then you get bad science.

    Like the Ptolemaic system.

    The republicans have already made up their minds on several key facts. Their presidential candidates all have attested to this.

    These facts?

    1. The earth was created in 6 days.

    2. The earth is only 6000 years old.

    3. Global warming is a democratic conspiracy.

  138. Anonymous3:51 PM

    So like Ptolemy, they set out to prove "their science" matches their belief systems.

    For number 1 and number 2, they begin seeding "creationism" into state school textbooks, like they do down in Mike's homestate there, Texas.

    Their schoolbooks then are mingled with religious doctrines and concepts and the science is corrupted. Their kids grow up stupid, not knowing the difference between belief and science.

    And they even went so far as to make their own "museum".

  139. Anonymous3:53 PM

    The "Creation Museum" in Kentucky stands as a Monument to their ignorance, and the ignorance of all who are stupid enough to try to mingle their religious beliefs with government and science.

    The creation museum is little more than a child's fantasy theme park, yet being sold to those dumb enough to buy into it, their religious beliefs disguised as science.

  140. Anonymous4:01 PM

    They built an entire museum based on junk science all designed to prove their preconceived religious beliefs.

    And they do the same with the science of global warming.

    They set out with preconceived notions and beliefs, and their "scientists", which are usually little more than idiots like Big K with a half-assed degree in a non related field, go about building imaginary science that fits with their preconceived beliefs.

    So no matter what the science says their beliefs on the subject won't change.

    Because they already decided what the science "must be" and then any "research" they do is designed to prove that already accepted belief.

    Just like Ptolemy did with the Geocentric universe. And when it was finally demonstrated (actually Aristarchus demonstrated it long before but again, religious beliefs kept those in authority from accepting his findings) that the earth revolved around the sun, and the solar system was in fact heliocentric, they just went on to conclude that the universe must therefore be heliocentric, i.e our sun was the center of it.

    Of course we now know that's false too, and we just sit off on in a little corner of it. But again, when religion mixes with science, real science ends up taking a back seat to the junk science idiots like Big K, Voltron and their party of Dark Ages Throwbacks, come up with.

  141. Anonymous4:07 PM

    What I don't understand however, is why it happens in this day and age.

    It seems people should be smart enough to see through such nonsense and baloney.

    I could see it 2000 years ago when the closest thing to the internet was a piece of parchment kept in the Library at Alexandria, but today with instant information at your fingertips, how to they convince reasonably intelligent people to buy into adopting a position on science that's straight out of the Dark Ages?

    How do they do that?

  142. Anonymous6:12 PM

    And think about this.

    Even if these guys don't "believe" in the global warming, why would they be so vehemently opposed to our country doing what it does best and leading the rest of the world in technology by developing better, faster and cleaner methods of propulsion?

    So what if we set emission standards to obtain by a certain year? Are you telling me we can't find ways to meet those standards?

    Because we walked on the moon, remember? And we maid a car that weighed a few pounds, ran on batteries and fit on the Lunar Excursion Module. And that was in 1969!

    So don't tell me we can't do it better. We already have. We have the technology now to make cars run off batteries. We have methods of improving on this technology but no ones going to go there until it becomes a national standard and new vehicles are required to meet higher standards.

    We can't move away from petroleum until we start taking steps and to do that we need to get away from the republican "drill baby drill" idiocy, which is just a slogan that says "I'm stupid and I'm gonna remain that way!".

    Newer technologies are all ready to go. They're already using them in Europe and Scandinavian countries. Clean energy is not only doable, but it creates jobs and raises the quality of life for everyone.

    Oils dirty, pollutes our breathing space, fills our cities with smog, grit and black soot and poisons our lungs.

    So who cares if you "believe" in global warming or not? Aren't those reasons enough to get on the clean energy bandwagon?

  143. Anonymous6:16 PM

    But the problem is big oil doesn't want to go away or change to some green technology because its too easy just drilling for the stuff, or so they think it is.

    So they buy any political leaders they can and fund "studies" to discredit the science of global warming.

    And republicans for some reason eat this stuff up.

    Probably because many of them believe the bible gives us authority to "trash the earth", ...which it does not.

    So republicans make the science a political issue, and walla. It becomes a republican-democrat thing.

    Even though its not.

  144. Well Worf two of the largest funders of the anti-science deniers, are Exxon Mobile and the Koch Brothers(who own the largest privately held Oil Corp in the world.) Some of the people running interference for them worked in the 1990's for big tobacco in that anti-science pro tobacco campaign.

    Richard Linzden being one of them.

    James Hansen recalls meeting Lindzen whilst testifying before the Vice President's Climate Task Force: "I considered asking Lindzen if he still believed there was no connection between smoking and lung cancer. He had been a witness for tobacco companies decades earlier, questioning the reliability of statistical connections between smoking and health problems. But I decided that would be too confrontational. When I met him at a later conference, I did ask that question, and was surprised by his response: He began rattling off all the problems with the date relating smoking to health problems, which was closely analagous to his views of climate data."

    Storms of my Grandchildren, Hansen J. Page 15. I read the book, quite good by one of the pre-eminent scientists with decades of research, behind him.

    BTW here is how Linzden sees Exxon Mobile;

    Lindzen told the BBC that ExxonMobil was "the only principled oil and gas company I know in the US" and that "they have a CEO who is not going to be bamboozled by nonsense."


  145. Anonymous8:01 PM

    I don't understand how they can fool people like Voltron. Big K sure (lol).

    But Volty seems "reasonably" intelligent.

    So how can they fool guys like this?

    I mean, who'd listen to the same clowns that said cigarettes don't cause cancer?

    Especially when it comes to another situation where a big corporation is pushing against the scientific community because it fears its livelihood in jeopardy?

    Who could possibly be fooled by such nonsense?

    I guess people want to be fooled.

  146. Anonymous4:21 PM

    And to demonstrate once more that I am not liberal and don't side with them on every issue, contrary to volty's insistence that I do, I'm hoping the Supreme Court rules that a health care mandate is unconstitutional.

    President Obama was going to give us all health care, for free. That was the original idea they sold us.

    We were going to extend medicare to everyone who wanted it, mainly because of the failure of insurance companies who drop us when we get seriously ill.

    So the insurance companies were broken. We pay huge sums every month, then we get sick and they figure out a way to weasel out of paying. So offering medicare to the population gave us a way of getting at least basic medical care regardless of what's wrong with us.


    Sounds fair in any advanced society. As long as there are no requirements or mandates to accept it. But if you need it, its there. That's "providing for the General Welfare" so that's something I can see.

    But they couldn't get that past the republicans so they instead to make everyone buy the very insurance that's the source of the problem to begin with. Which makes no sense.

    Some attempts to reform health care aside, the problem was the insurance companies in the first place. The program is designed to provide as little care as possible for maximum profit. That's a for profit system. So when it comes to our health, our very lives, that system is broken.

    So compelling every American to go out and buy that product makes no sense. And to me it seems to go against the idea of democracy to force people to purchase health insurance. Some people don't believe in health care the way we do. What about Jehovah's Witnesses?

    They could be compelled by a medical facility to have blood drawn or do procedures they don't accept. Other people are into holistic medicine, or old world cures and others just don't trust insurance companies and with good reason.

    So forcing people to buy insurance just seems to make no sense to me. I disagree with the idea and thinks it smacks of corporatism.

    The insurance companies were the problem, therefore making us all buy insurance isn't the answer.

  147. Anonymous8:22 PM

    wow clif,

    you definately did your homework on wikipedia. and it seems you even understood some of that. maybe you are not the porky to worfs duck dodgers that i thought you were. just maybe.

    however, you are missing something kinda important. those scientists you love so much, do agree with me on the whole math thing. that is why people have spent billions building facilities to study stuff like the higg's boson, like for instance, cern.

    you may have heard of it. wikipedia has an article if you have to look it up. go ahead, i will wait.

    and other bosons were predicted mathematically before they were discovered, the higgs is just the last piece in the puzzle. but good job on that book report. really, i mean it.

    worf could use a lesson.

    i remember mentioning that worf would blather on and throw out insults, but would not produce an article like i was talking about before.

    it is funny, he made such a big deal about that nasa website, got all over me for not reading it quick enough, and when his reading comprehension skills let our hero down yet again, he simply shrugs and says he could have met the challenge, but did not feel like it. except we all know he was thinking he had a joker in his hand.

    i am not a psychologist, but it would seem i got worf pegged pretty good.

    and clif, when i said i won that argument, i actually really did.

    he cannot claim victory if he decides not to play. or in his case come up with a lame attempt and then ignore the result.

    and to state he has me on the whole math and science thing and then clam up on where his vast knowledge came from...

    is he modest?

    this is worf we are talking about. no, he is not modest.

    is he shy?

    see above.

    is he embarrassed by his success?

    see the last two responses.

    is he a lying bastard?

    well, every other time i have cornered worf in an obvious mistake or lie he has done exactly this. called me names and tried to change the subject.

    go ahead, look at his history on this blog. but, clif does not need to do that, he has been here a long time. he just has to be honest enough to admit worf does that all the time.

    big k

  148. Anonymous8:32 PM

    one last thing.

    i never said i do not "believe" in global warming. i said i was a skeptic.

    reading comprehension again.

    and even if the earth is warming, is this man made? did we just contribute to something that was happening anyway? how big of a deal is this going to be anyway?

    i am over simplifying this, for worf's benefit, i am not pretty sure clif can hang on here, but the enormity of the problem of solving any of these questions is staggering. even for a vaunted climatologist.

    and just for fun, i googled "climatologist" and "mechanical engineer", and to my utter and complete amazement (that was sarcasm, worf, i know you have a hard time with these things), there was someone who fit both shoes. pretty prominent guy too.

    it is even in a wiki article. i know you guys like that.

    big k

  149. Anonymous8:47 PM


    other anonymous guy.

    put a name down or something. what are we supposed to address you as?

    anonymous guy?

    if i am so easy to fool on this whole global warming thing than i issue my challenge to you instead.

    worf has nothing, might as well.

    first, the same background. i gave this before, quite recently, but people here are wholly unable to scroll up, apparently.

    a scientific document must have a few of things.

    a data set. this is done so someone can follow the work. i find it so funny that i open myself up like this, with the knowledge that if i am not able to analyze the data then i would lose the few fans i have here and no one takes me up on it.

    if for some reason a data set is not provided, the data must have been peer reviewed. otherwise we all must take the author’s word for it, and that is not scientific.

    a description of how the data was collected, it should summarize how the data is truly representative of the problem, so we all know the data was not tampered with going into analysis. truly random data is actually quite hard to achieve, so extra care must be taken at least in a good attempt.

    a list of assumptions. this is the most important thing. if the assumptions are not valid the whole study is flawed. or if the final model is not robust in violations of the assumptions, this should be explained.

    lastly, error predictions. the only way to analyze a data set such as this would be statistically, this means there is an error calculation, an upper and a lower bound, etc.

    without these things, it is not a scientific paper, and i say this again, it is propaganda.

    even if it is from nasa. btw worf, the article i read, the person did not even sign their name.

    good one on that.

    big k

  150. HEY Special K, didn't need wiki for the string theory knowledge, but keep plugging that LIE so you can IGNORE the inconvient facts, like you do.

    As for your opinion of me, don't really care what some blog troll actually thinks, you already show you cannot understand science the way you claim.

    Other wise you wouldn't be trumping math over actual knowledge.

    The math is always an abstraction, IE a model. Has to be since the math is actually a construct of the human mind and NOTHING more, where as the physical world exists whether we do the math or not.

    Keep a stompin' your little digital feet and claiming how truly great you are, the "Mook mook" might believe you the rest of us do not.

    even if the earth is warming, is this man made?

    BTW since the climate of planet earth is actually a large heat transfer function from the warmer climate areas of the tropics to the much colder areas of the Arctic and Antarctic. Recently large areas of melting ice have appeared in the warmer seasons which are historically out side the norms. This study is quite relevant in exploring the reasons for the very recent extreme decline ;

    Arctic Sea Ice Decline

    Their conclusions?

    The decline in Arctic sea ice can be best explained from a combination of natural climate variability, such as variability in air temperature, atmospheric and oceanic circulation, and from external forcing due to rising concentrations of atmospheric greenhouse gases (GHGs) [(e.g. Serreze et al., 2007; Kay et al., 2011)].


    A more recent paper by Kay et al. [(2011]) analyzed the influence of anthropogenic forcing on the late 20th and early 21st century Arctic sea ice extent trends using the latest version of the Community Climate System Model version 4 (CCSM4). They concluded that the observed ice losses could not be explained by natural climate variability alone.

    That is one that I have read recently so I remembered it. Try spinning that one special K, but you cannot LIE about it being wiki loke you continously do to avoid the fact your as shallow here as you were when you claimed a knife is more dangerous then a gun.

    PS I haven't even included how much heat the oceans are absorbing while the planet heats up due to the effects we have had on it sine the 1750's, or how much CO2 the oceans are absorbing which are making the oceans more acidic. Both direct results of human activity just like AGW is even if you cannot understand it.

  151. Anonymous10:24 PM

    "it is propaganda"

    Yes, we know, we know. Its an evil democrat conspiracy. We get it, we get it.

    ...evil libtard conspiracy.


  152. Anonymous10:30 PM

    Quick question K.

    When they come get you for dinner, do they use a net?

  153. Anonymous10:41 PM

    anonymous guy,

    i did not say it was an evil liberal conspiracy.

    what i said goes for any supposed scientific writing that does not include those things. those are the trappings of a scientific document.

    all i asked for was to see a document that had them. this should not be hard to do.

    people like worf, however would rather throw around a few insults and never bother to inform themselves. you do not need to be a scientist to understand much of the writing in a scientific journal. it may put you to sleep, and it may require you look up some terminology, and without a science and math background the formulas may not be helpful, but the majority of it can be understood by intellegent people. and the abstract should show the conclusions in somewhat plain english, making it easy. the rest is there to make sure others can follow your work and validate the results.

    the underlying point i was trying to make is that most people never see these documents. they read stuff like worf threw at me, but never bother to dig into the subject. the article was pretty, had some nice pics, also a chart. but it did not answer anything.

    a believer would remain a believer and think his point bolstered by the fact it was a nasa webpage.

    the skeptic would remain a skeptic because the pretty pictures and the chart mean nothing without background information including rigorous analysis. just stating "the data shows" is lazy. this is not a liberal or conservative thing. and i also find it interesting that clif, for all his newfound scientific knowledge is not arguing the process i laid out.

    he cant.

    at first i really was not trying to be a jerk with worf. but the whole, "i graduated in 1985 (or whenever)" thing just killed me.

    it was from a catholic college apparently too.

    he hates those.

    but that is his "truth."

    big k

  154. Anonymous10:44 PM

    "loke" clif?

    clif can't spell. ha ha. his whole argument is distroyed by spelling. what a terrible thing for clif.

    and stuff.

    i really do not care. i just had to come down to your level of argument for a sec.

    i am not a grade school english teacher, neither are any of you.

    big k

  155. Anonymous10:51 PM

    anonymous guy,

    i did not say it was an evil liberal conspiracy.


    Cuz I read this...

    ""it is propaganda"

  156. Anonymous10:53 PM

    ...sorry..know you're not a grade school teacher and all...which is good since your spelling isn't even at a grade school level...but...

    ..can't have propaganda without a conspiracy.

  157. Anonymous10:55 PM

    back to the point.

    as an engineer, obviously i know the physics are important. i said you can "describe a system," maybe i should have said you can describe the behavior of a system using nothing but the math. it is often a start. or even a finish. people use mathematical modeling techniques to predict the stock market. they do not care what is going on with a company or index, they just want to know what is around the corner in terms of price, and you can do that using wave form analysis. in the short term, it can even be accurate.

    it is almost funny, but if you disagree with me, i cannot be wrong, i must be lying.

    you need to calm down a little cliff.

    so you have graduated from wiki. good for you. that at least is a step in a positive direction.

    big k

  158. Anonymous10:56 PM

    And since you're not a scientist, but just a guy with a bs degree that may or may not be a bs bs...

  159. Anonymous10:59 PM

    .. asking for a "scientific paper" from another non scientist means nothing.

    Like I told you the first 100 times big mouth, when I want to get my science from some illiterate right wing moron on the internet instead of know...actual scientists...

  160. Anonymous11:00 PM

    "..can't have propaganda without a conspiracy."


    you cant just have someone who believes so strongly in something to the exclusion of other theories that they skip a few steps?

    for a group that miss the obvious parts of a post, you sure are good at reading between the lines. like, way down between the lines.

    everything is some conspiracy.

    my favorite is that i am not the original big k.

    kills me every time.

    maybe worf is not the real worf!! ever thought of that! he could have been abducted and replaced by another worf who is trying to make the left look bad.

    and doing a good job of it.

    big k

  161. Anonymous11:00 PM

    ..I'll let ya know.

  162. Anonymous11:03 PM

    go to an "actual" scientist then!

    go ahead.

    please. i am asking for it.

    i just want a paper with data and stuff.

    oh, and that college again.

    i laugh every time i type that. it is not getting old at all.

    worf graduated.....


    big k

  163. Anonymous11:04 PM


    uhhh, yea, really, since you were talking about scientist(S) spreading it.

    That would constitute a conspiracy.

  164. Anonymous11:05 PM

    But really, can't they invest in a Speak-n-Spell for you guys down there at WhatsaMotta U?

  165. Anonymous11:08 PM

    i laugh every time i type that. it is not getting old at all.

    worf graduated.....

    I did. Long before you ever even thought about it.

    And since you also don't "believe" in basic science, ....what you "believe" about me, my life or my history, doesn't mean a rats ass.

  166. Anonymous11:13 PM

    And you know, if you're such a hot shot scientist, why are you in here with a bunch of dummies running your mouth desperately trying to convince us all you graduated college (even though you write on a 3rd grade level)?

    Why not go into an online science journal or blog and publish some of your "findings".

    I'd pay to see that.

  167. Anonymous11:15 PM

    I mean, being a real "scientist" and all...why waste your time with us low brow dummies who couldn't "possibly understand" the inner workings of your big fat brain?

    Why can't we just go read your "findings" in some reputable online science journal?

  168. Anonymous11:16 PM

    ...I know why...

  169. Anonymous11:18 PM

    like i said worf,

    i know you are not shy, so why not after all this time not just say what catholic college you graduated from?

    it could not be because i caught you lying about it.

    that could not be it.

    perish the thought.

    big k

  170. Anonymous11:24 PM

    Never said I graduated from a Catholic College big mouth.

    Get yer lies straight.

  171. Anonymous11:24 PM


    your article still has no data. discusses variability, but no measure of that variability.

    the data goes back to the 80's, but they changed data collection methods during this process. it is good they disclose this though.

    and where, o where, are the assumptions?


    graduated. from where?

    with what? who knows? worf does not seem to.

    maybe that is part of the stuff he forgot more about than i ever knew.

    i love it.

    big k

  172. Anonymous11:26 PM

    "Never said I graduated from a Catholic College big mouth."

    a titillating new clue.

    you said during a discussion some years ago that you knew more about my religion than i did because you went to catholic college.

    so, you must have transferred. that is possible.

    keep your lies straight. after all, i do know how to use the scroll button, and the archives are still in lydia's old blog.

    big k

  173. Anonymous11:30 PM

    I'm not the one lying.

    That would be you.

  174. Anonymous11:31 PM

    anyone else ever notice how worf just seems to know about every subject? and has an academic background in it.

    like the catholic thing.

    and the science thing.

    i mean, i guess it is possible.

    but then he gets some fundamental things wrong, even when given a hand.

    makes you wonder, right?

    maybe this is all a bunch of crap.


    its your turn worf.

    say something you feel would be really insulting, but does not answer any questions!!

    go ahead!

    big k

  175. Anonymous11:32 PM

    And where I went to school, or any personal details of my academic or professional life, ain't any of your business and never will be.

  176. Anonymous11:36 PM

    "And where I went to school, or any personal details of my academic or professional life, ain't any of your business and never will be."

    but worf,

    you were the one who brought this up!

    when you said, again, some years ago, that you never finished, i dropped the subject.

    i do not think that because one man did not graduate that they are not intelligent. i gave you that much respect even then.

    and now, all of the sudden, you went back in time, and it is not a catholic college, and you did finish it!!

    why would you not want to share that news with the world?

    i mean time travel.....

    big k

  177. Anonymous11:38 PM


    the story now is, you DID graduate, but it was NOT a catholic college.

    so all that latin must have come from an online translator.


    you were lying then, would that be
    a true statement?

    big k

  178. Anonymous11:42 PM

    No, you're just weaving a load of bullshit like you always do, and calling it reality.

    I pointed out a long time ago when we were discussing the priesthood and scripture that I'd studied under a scholar at Catholic U and was preparing for the seminary, but decided against it and pursued a secular career.

    That's what I told you then. And that's all I'm telling you now.

    My personal life, family life, academic life or business life is none of your business.


  179. Anonymous11:44 PM

    And what proof exactly have you offered up of your "bs" degree?

    Other than shouting about it from the rooftops for the last month?

  180. Anonymous11:46 PM

    See the difference between you and me, is I could care less if you have one or not.

    It seemed to bother you that people doubted it so I naturally teased you about it. But if you have one, great.

    Still doesn't make you a "scientist" and still doesn't make you an expert on global warming.

    If you had any "data" at all that would hold up then you'd not be in here with us lowly dummies trying to convince us of it.

    You'd be publishing it in a scientific forum worthy of its merit.

    That's the truth big mouth.

    Deal with that.

  181. Anonymous11:48 PM

    But feel free to provide "proof" of your "BS" degree if you want to so badly.

    No ones stopping you.

  182. Anonymous11:50 PM


    you did the priesthood a service by leaving it worf.

    thank you, truly.

    and you still brought all this up. it is in the least cowardly to insist on this information from me, and then clam up.

    at worst, it is a cowardly lie.

    i have to say i am in the "glass half open" category on this one.

    i am not asking for your social or anything, and i would not give you information on my employer and would never ask for yours.

    that stuff gets a guy in some trouble on a political blog. i would never want to go that far.

    but you did not say you had cred you would not disclose those years ago. you said you had none.

    not none of your business.

    just none.

    and i left it at that for the reasons i already said.

    now, it is some, but your not gonna tell, and its none of anyones business, but believe me.


    big k

  183. Anonymous11:56 PM

    as far as giving you proof,

    i am sure that if you are as good as you think you are with your computer you can find anything you want on me. i have given enough information for that by now.

    i went to a public school, graduation records are available.

    i told you when i graduated, and with what degree. there were only 2 kevins in my graduating class with that degree.

    and i think i even said the town i live in some time ago. unless i am getting my blogs mixed up.

    so, go find it for yourself if you want. its a free country still. i think the only thing you will not get is my gpa. and since i am now in graduate school, it had to be better than a 3.0.

    so there.


    big k

  184. Anonymous11:58 PM

    unlike you i am proud of my affiliation with my school, and my achievements there.

    of course, i do not have to make them up.

    big k

  185. Anonymous11:59 PM

    Again big mouth, YOU'RE the one who came in bragging about his "BS" degree.

    Not me.

    Yet you never provided any proof of your so called degree.

  186. Anonymous12:00 AM

    unlike you i am proud of my affiliation with my school, and my achievements there.

    ..yea but does the school feel that way?

  187. Anonymous12:01 AM

    of course, i do not have to make them up.

    You haven't provided any evidence whatsoever of any affiliation with any school or any degree.


  188. Anonymous12:02 AM

    no worf,

    i came in saying i was an engineer. you made fun of the fictional school in your head you thought i went to. i told you where i went, and we went from there.


    your reading comprehension of even YOUR OWN POSTS suck!

    go to bed. you need the sleep. better to make stuff up tomorrow.

    big k

  189. Anonymous12:02 AM

    So we have no evidence whatsoever of your affiliation with Arizona State University. That's the school you said you went to right?

    I can't remember.

  190. Anonymous12:03 AM

    ...wanna know why I can't remember?

  191. Anonymous12:03 AM


  192. Anonymous12:03 AM

    ....but you clearly do.

  193. Anonymous12:04 AM

    i told you where i went, and we went from there

    Yea...we know.

    You "TOLD" us where you went.

  194. Anonymous12:05 AM

    Don't recall your providing any proof along with that "told-ing".

  195. Anonymous12:09 AM

    and you provide no proof you ever graduated from any school at any time.

    your reasoning skills certainly do you no favors there.

    i will provide any proof you want, just tell me this school you went to and the course of study.

    of course, you will not.

    you do not have it. no wait, it is because it is none of my business.

    not to be confused with the "NONE" you threw down before.

    not that you care or anything.

    big k

  196. Anonymous12:10 AM

    Anonymous said...
    and you provide no proof you ever graduated from any school at any time.



    ...that would be you.

  197. Anonymous12:11 AM

    ...and I'm not the one demanding proof of someones schooling, or to know more about it.

    Again that would be you.

    Yet YOU, have yet to provide ONE SINGLE SHRED of evidence of your own degree.