Monday, September 05, 2011


So far, 2011-2012 has been an amazing year. Along with David Mirisch we raised thousands of dollars for children with Autism at Community Coaching Center. We helped plant a garden at Carver Middle School "Carver Gardens" in South Central L.A. for underprivileged kids. We bowled for L.A. Team Mentoring to support kids who need after school programs. And we helped raise funds for the California Firefighteres and Red Cross with the Solvang Rotary. I played a horribly embarrassing game of golf in the AFTRA golf tournament to raise funds for actors who are unemployed.  And hosted the live stream for Variety's Power of Comedy honoring Russell Brand, benefiting the Noreen Fraser Cancer Foundation. Below are a few photos.

Variety Power of Comedy: Russell Brand and Lydia Cornell for Noreen Fraser Cancer Foundation

LATM and Pre-Oscar Suites for Go-Free pants creator Tina Ketchie Stearns
Lydia Cornell and Tina

LA. Team Mentoring

Sovang Rotary for Red Cross

Lydia Cornell, Nancy Jo Perdue Acme Comedy Theater
Brenda Epperson, Lydia Cornell
Christopher Knight, Lydia Cornell in Solvang 

LA Team Mentoring!
Autism Event - Community Coaching Center 

Melissa Biggs, Lydia Cornell in Solvang for the Firefighters and Red Cross
Lydia Cornell, Robert Hayes Firefighters & Red Cross 

Oh yeah! Almost forgot, my husband went on tour with Gene Simmons and never came back!


  1. Anonymous11:21 PM

    This is great! Great photos. I noticed you wear a Hopi or Zuni Indian Native American necklace.

    Does this have some special meaning to you?

    I love your style. You should write a book for young women and girls. So many are lost and have no role models.

    Keep up the good work Lydia! WE LOVE YOU!!

  2. Anonymous1:37 PM

    GREAT PICTURES. More please!

  3. Lydia Cornell hosted the 2010 Variety Power of Comedy event for charity. This was so dear to her heart and loved doing the show with all her friends. Lydia's goal in this civil action filed in Aug 2011 is to help get back the retirement funds of the families involved and the lost life-savings of hundreds of people (300 "Dos" to be added to the suit) along with get the money promised to the event by Staropoly and TODHD and to also stop others from giving their personal information to like these type criminals in the Fraud, credit card scheme that happened. Lydia has a big heart and was taken like others such as Verity, As she went with out pay to do the charity event for Verity where she was to get copies of the 6 reels of film taken at the event. I want to make this clear, that KELSEY GRAMMER IS NOT A DEFENDANT in this case as he also was taken for a great deal of money by there two so called companies and group of men. No matter what you read I know for a fact that Lydia has noting but the utmost respect for Kelsey Grammer, Loves him dearly and is a dear friend of hers. NOW LETS SEE WHAT THE CA. COURTS DO TO THESE MEN AND WOMEN that took advantage of so many people. Lydia I love you my dear friend and wish you the best in all that you do in life.

  4. Wow, thank you Richard! Luv xoxo

  5. You are welcome Lydia, I felt that the truth be told, and the kind of person you really are, along with the big heart, and the care that you give others. I am proud to call you my friend! luv yeah indeed xoox

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