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This Monday, March 9 - we're having legendary White House Press Correspondent HELEN THOMAS on our show! She has covered every president since John F. Kennedy. Barack is her 10th. She flew on Air Force One with JFK and has been in the front row of the White House press room with ten U.S. presidents. She served for fifty-seven years as a correspondent and, later, White House bureau chief for United Press International (UPI) for 25 years.

She was the first female officer of the National Press Club, the first female member and president of the White House Correspondents Association, and, in 1975, the first female member of the Gridiron Club. She has written four books; her latest is Watchdogs of Democracy?: The Waning Washington Press Corps and How It Has Failed the Public.

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Ways we can all help: I was devastated by the news that California is cutting hot lunches from schools, firing teachers, closing down arts and music programs and closing several public schools. I started Googling Food Banks and supplemental programs to see which non-profits can pick up the slack. Some churches in under-privileged communities offer after-school snacks and places to hang out. Think about ways in your community in which you can mentor a young person who is having a hard time in school, or doesn't have enough to eat. Join the Boys' Club or your neighborhood YMCA.

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This just sounds funny: “This week, Yahoo announced a deal with Bebo that will help it compete with Google. I had to wiki Bebo to find out it’s kind of like Friendster and Woofie. Gosh, I hope they can all band together to save Fuzzelton village from the evil Snords. Grow up. If I want to see uncaring, money-making machines with cutesy names, I go to a strip club.”

"Before sunlight can shine through a window, the blinds must be raised."

Please read our new items below: Joke of the Day, "The Courage to Change" and an update on Rush Limpbotomy Should Rush be indicted for Treason?

Go to for specifics on where every penny of the Stimulus money is going to help our nation in this crisis.

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Unpatriotic and Treasonous... and Criminal?
Rush Limbaugh, who earns $38 million a year to spew toxic lies and garbage, repeatedly said some very anti-American words when he declared several times "he hopes Obama fails, he hopes the stimulus plan fails." What he's saying is HE HOPES AMERICA FAILS. HE HOPES THE MIDDLE CLASS FAILS. With his salary and arrogance he is only interested in Rush, and in saving his own ass.

Rush Limbaugh has incited people to commit hate crimes. The killings in the Unitarian church in Kentucky were committed by a "Dittohead" -- a Rush, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly follower who had all their books and newsletters in his apartment. This man had been listening to Rush Limbaugh for years and was so full of hatred for his fellow man, his perceived enemy, "liberals" — whom Rush had taught him to hate — he took a gun and killed a bunch of innocent people in a church! During Operation Chaos (Rush's term for destroying the "Democrat" party — he encouraged people to riot in the streets. He might be liable for criminal activity and up for treason charges. Why would anyone listen to a drug-addicted gasbag like this monster?

Joke of the Day:

1) You believe in Santa Claus.
2) You don't believe in Santa Claus
3) You are Santa Claus.
4) You look like Santa Claus.

When I first started working the 12-steps, the thought of having my character defects removed made me very nervous. I thought I would end up like a chunk of Swiss cheese, full of holes. But I wanted to get better and I was continually assured that the Steps wre the key to my recovery, so I went forward in spite of my fears. I had to take the risk and act on faith BEFORE I could receive the gifts my Higher Power held out to me.

...Once I "surrendered" the things I did not need, the things holding me back in life (selfishness, fear, envy, resentment, self-pity, jealousy, bitterness, laziness, pride) I found that every single defect that was removed had been hiding an asset. I didn't lose myself at all. Instead, as I let go of the things I didn't need — I made room for my strengths, skills, and feelings to become more fully a part of my life. I take comfort in this, because it reminds me that everything I need is already resent. From "Courage to Change" Alanon Family Groups March 5


"Just got this email the other day about how just $20
spent at the DOLLAR STORE can buy almost 2 weeks worth of groceries."

"To the world you may just be one person, but to one person you may be the world."
- Brandi Snyder

I met a beautiful elderly woman as I was walking through the pharmacy section of Rite Aid. She was so shaky, frail and thin — and panicked. She had a small piece of paper in her hand, a list of items to buy and she kept saying "Milk! Can someone help me find milk!" For some reason the words, the milk of human kindness ran through my mind. I reached out and put my hand on her shoulder to calm her down and said, "I'll find you some milk." And I went to the milk section and brought back two sizes. When I saw her shaky hands trying to open her tiny coin purse, it was clear that she didn't have enough for both bread and a tiny carton of milk.

I hardly ever carry cash, but I happened to have a $20 dollar bill and I just handed it to the woman. She burst into tears. She told me she'd pay me back and then said, "My daughter is dying. I lost my son last year." Turns out she is 88 and her daughter is 51, with a crushed spine or some degenerative problem, and she can't move. The old woman is so thin, she hardly eats -- doesn't have enough for bread and milk at the end of month because her social security check and daughter's disablility runs out.

She had lost her Vietnam Vet son to alcoholism. He had saved many lives, they told me. When he came home from Vietnam, he just couldn't cope with life and began the spiral downward.

A couple days later, I dropped by her small one-room apartment with a loaf of bread, some milk and cookies. She and her daughter were awestruck that I stopped by and said "No one has ever followed through with a promise before -- except for you! No one has ever brought us anything before."

They both burst into tears and hugged me like I had delivered manna from heaven! It turns out, they are short just $20 a month, which is the least I can spare. We also dropped off groceries again -- and you should see their faces light up, the gratitude. These women could be my mother or sister. How many people are sitting in their apartments alone, unable to walk or drive or cook or read - without anyone to care for them?

There are so many people who need help. If each one of us went outside our door and knocked on our neighbor's door -- and simply asked, "Do you need anything? Can I help you in any way?" Imagine how the world could change.

THE AMAZING STORY OF JIM HILLIS: There was a sweet waiter I met about 11 years ago at Hamburger Hamlet. He was on the verge of suicide and committed to a mental institution ( a "critically acclaimed nut house," he says.)

I used to call him and talk to him about God (love), Emmet Fox and sobriety.

He's been sober and amazing ever since. I will post his letter in a few days under its own heading.

Photos from our USO trip to Beirut, 1982 aboard the USS Inchon (The wonderful David Fix, who sent me the photos, is on the left; I have DORKY hair.) More photos and info about the USS Inchon reunion in Washington DC: USS INCHON

I visited the USS Inchon on the USO Christmas Tour in 1982 off the coast of Beirut, Lebanon and now 26+ years later I have the opportunity to attend a reunion for the USS Inchon April 22-26, 2009 in Washington, DC. (and I HOPEFULLY WILL attend!!!!)

Check out: USS INCHON

More Photos from Beirut, 1982 aboard the USS Inchon:


There were three pivotal ‘light bulb’ moments that changed everything. These events were so uncanny — I have to pinch myself to believe they really happened. Just as I could no longer cope, I surrendered my worries, fears and control — and a miracle happened each time. The times I’ve had these monumental shifts in my life – where things in the physical universe actually changed as a result of my prayers — are too profound to ignore or dismiss. These extraordinary coincidences occurred to let me know that God exists. Money (a lot of money) came out of nowhere when I most needed it. A man came out of nowhere when I had given up on love — and ended up being my future husband. But the biggest miracle happened when I quit drinking in a spiritual surrender.
Let go and let God. God is not some man sitting in the sky. God is love. Just surrender your fears and worries and breathe deeply. Stay in the present moment, this exact moment -- where peace reigns. There is nothing going wrong in this very moment. Look around at the beauty. This is an abundant universe. There is no lack of ANYTHING. There is plenty of everything. Step outside the human race belief in lack, fear and chaos.

Everything is in divine order. There is a harmonious structure to the universe -- the principle of harmony, music, mathematics cannot be destroyed. Like the inner software of a computer -- this divine harmony makes everything run. Trust it. All you have to do is express love, right where you are.

Why do people talk so much about whether or not God exists, when God is simply love? Who can argue with love? Kindness to others, unselfishness, compassion, sharing, forgiveness.

I had a catastrophic spiritual awakening, a full-blown series of miracles starting on September 11, 1994. But before I go any further, I have to express utter bewilderment. The word “God” has become so political and dirty and misunderstood, I’m embarrassed to use it. I feel guilty about being embarrassed, and I’m not even Catholic! Or Jewish! Or Amish!

Before my downfall, I didn’t care about anyone but myself and those who supported my exalted notion of myself. It was a very small circle. It took years to gain some humility, stop forcing things my way, let go of fear and begin to deeply care about others

I believe that the purpose of suffering is to bring us closer to our spirit. Getting rid of the ego is a big part of it, and in Hollywood, which is run by massive egos, this is not easy — we reflect each other. Alcohol & drugs are just a cover for extreme insecurity. I now have tangible evidence of a force beyond anything in the material world. This experience has given me clarity, a sense of purpose and an exhilarating faith — and I feel I know what people are really hungering for when they speak of trying to find “God.” But I used to wonder, if I find God will I still have a good sex life?

If there was ever a divine idea, it was “love your enemies; bless those who persecute you.” No human could have come up with this one.