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Twitter Song is a Hilarious Parody By Bill Zucker w/ Scott Baio and Lydia Cornell about twitter addiction By Creator Of the "World Famous" TARP SONG" VIDEO.

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CBeautiful who is that hottie at the end...its Lydia love it! RT @LydiaCornell Check this video out -- Twitter Song by Bill Zucker

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BCBeautiful who is that hottie at the end...its Lydia love it! RT @LydiaCornell Check this video out -- Twitter Song by Bill Zucker
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frankj2k9 @BillZucker @RealScottBaio @LydiaCornell Another Classic, Bill! You guys rock! Lydia you put this over the top.
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wickedmickey @LydiaCornell peace n love to a very good is been very good lately meeting everyone across peace n love always
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bluearkyprimite RT @LydiaCornell: The only religion is kindness. The Dalai Lama The only religion is kindness and comedy. - my version...luv it!!!
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fdbull22 rt @BillZucker SPECIAL TY TO @realScottBaio and @LydiaCornell FOR THEIR HILARIOUS ROLES IN MY TWITTER VIDEO
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"The only religion is kindness." - The Dalai Lama
"The only religion is kindness and comedy." - Lydia Cornell


  1. Love it, Lydia! I think it may be the first video I ever post on "Freeze Dried Gray Matter".

    That's right, I've decided to return to blogging. By the way, who was the hottie portraying you at the end? :)

  2. Look....Im by no means any type of fashionista but doest'nt everyone agree that Mrs.Obie has got to lose those friggin wide belts she wares just under her knockers.Did you see her today with the hula hoop and that belt cinched up?My god someone stop her.

  3. I won't tarry but I just had to come out of retirement long enough to say damn girl, you're lookin good.

    And that voice, wow. Not to be brash but that was too sexy for words. Every young man in America's going to want to see that video.

    Again and again, lol.

    Assuming they can get past the image of Bill Zucker sitting on the john.

    Rock on Lydia. Rock on.

  4. Sometimes he tells the truth;

    Bush Says He Regrets Standing in Front of ‘Mission Impossible’ Banner

    even when he doesn't mean to .......

    (cue a voltron sock puppet ignorant response)

  5. Thanks Robert!! That was so sweet.
    I forgot to mention that this video needs to go viral to support Kendras Kisses -- a foundation that helps children with cancer -- named after Kendra, a 4 year old girl who died of brain cancer.

    Please send this video to everyone you know and leave comments daily or log on daily. Thank you for all your love and care. xoxoxoox

  6. GHOST OF WORF!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Loved hearing from you. I really appreciate your kind words.

    Just recorded that "singing scene" on Monday night last week, and felt miserable about it. I was trying not to sing, but to lip synch so he could add his voice.

    But I had to sing in a whisper and he kept it in.

    You have to admit, it's kind of bizarro/wacko.

  7. I don't know, but it was sure more sensual to me than Monroe's "Happy Birthday, Mr. president."

  8. He kept in in because you have a very sexy voice. It really reminded me of Marilyn Monroe, the way it looked, sounded and just the feel of it.

    You've got a good voice when you want, and I'm guessing you never really knew that.

  9. Thanks for the nice comments Robert and Ghost of Worf!

  10. More to come... the TV channels are coming soon.

    And new radio show.

  11. Anonymous1:16 PM

    My friend is about to lose her home. Does anyone know any way she can stay -- any possible way she can get help and get her story out there?

    I am taking care of several families' children and domestic abuse survivors. I am stretched to the limit and have no time to blog about this.

    What she needs is TIME and there is no ethical, legal reason she should leave her home. She and her son pay the mortgage, they just can't refinance and no one will help her.

    What can she do?

    Thank you.

  12. Actually the troll forgot how many times he counted his fingers and toes ........

  13. Sorry to see your research skills haven't improved any Voltron.

    Of course, that does explain why you're always wrong.

    Try not fixating on the obvious typo and check the myriad of sources out there that provide the correct date.

    In fact, try that with all the nonsense that eminates from that keyboard glued to your hip and maybe in a decade or so you might actually say something smart.

    Although I won't hold my breath.

  14. Of course, if you were as old as you claim and watched the show like you claimed when it was on, then you'd remember she was in her late teens and early 20's when the show started in 1980. (or you could just look at the videos and see how young she was).

    According to you and your idiot of an altar ego's calculations, she'd have to have been almost 30 when the show came out.

    Of course you know that, and are simply showing us all once more that your purpose here is nothing more than to insult, harrass and be ignorant.

    Of course that last one probably comes naturally to your family line.

  15. No, you're just a two bit neocon punk kid with a big mouth in here harassing and insulting a decent lady.

    Sara Rush was not played by a 30 year old woman, or a 29 year old woman. She was a kid.

    Just like you are now.

  16. And if she really is 55 and doesn't want people to know it for her career or something, then once more its none of your business, and you're just in here trying to do damage.

    Your entire presence in this blog for years has been nothing but an evil attempt to cause distress, disrupt, insult, mock, ridicule be a nuisance.

    Your entire being, at least in here revolves around evil and foul intent.

    Which is why I don't and won't waste any more of my precious time on the likes of you.

    Karma's coming asshole.

    And it doesn't need my help.

  17. Well since I didn't say any such thing I guess I'd ask why you feel it was necessary to spend your years trying to damage others.

    Of course I don't need to ask that because your actions over the years have remained consistent and clear, thus so are your intentions.

    And we are left with the knowledge that what you have sown, so shall you reap.

    Now speak to me no more little troll.

    Go reap your reward.

  18. So duncetron was the foole(ie anonymous) who can't remember how many times he counted his fingers or toes.

  19. Worf posted this from HUD

    Also, Michael Moore has a great film out as we all know, CAPITALISM.

    His website has solutions for people who are losing their homes.

  20. So you're the one Volt, who has sinister motives. I know about the others but this is really sad. All these years, I finally find out. Unbelievable.

    You know nothing of the deaths in our family. You have no right to bring your ugly negativity and contoversy here. If you have nothing positive or constructive to add to my personal web page, then find another place to manipulate people with your agenda.

    I have turned a corner in my life and no longer want to engage in anything but the good. I am not interested in petty intrigue or sick minds.

    There is nothing more corrupt than the current American fundamentalist "Christianity", which is the anti-Christ.

    You represent everything I am not interested in.

    So if you want to post here, it must be kind, civilized and uplifting or solution oriented. I do not allow personal attacks of any sort. It is my perogative not to allow idiots or trouble-makers to post on my blog.

    Your negativity is not attractive or interesting to me. I am tired of fighting, I am a spiritual thinker who does not believe in limitation or primitive thought, and I absolutely do not believe in age.

    You obviously have no manners, but even more -- you have no sense.

    Cease and desist.

    If you have nothing constructive or solution-oriented to say - or if you are not fighting ACTUAL CRIMES that are occuring in which it is imperative to speak out, then don't post your petty rants here.

    Any racists, sexists or gossips are not welcome here. If you are a KKK member you are not welcome here. If you love war and cannot help your own fellow americans, do not post here.

    We need actual solutions and spiritual strength in this country now.

  21. That's why I stopped blogging. I got tired of inviting all the constant negative influences in every day.

    Inviting people every day into your life who are there for one purpose and one purpose alone, i.e. to cause distress and discord and tear you down, just didn't make sense anymore.

    Its like each day walking up to a stranger on the street and saying, "hey, could you smack me around a little?".

    These neoconservatives have shown us their fruits. They preach war, torture, prejudice and intolerance, and they constantly tell us who "we should hate".

    They mock every good thing, and whenever they see any positive, pleasant exchanges going on in here, they quickly pounce on it and try to ridicule and mock people so as to turn it into an insult exchange, which is something they thrive on.

    Of course it takes two to tango, and many of us were willing participants. Which is why I stopped blogging. Because I was no longer a willing participant. I realized that life is too short to fill it with people like Voltron (and his many altar egos) and the rest, who's one stated purpose in life, at least in here, is to tear me and others down.

    Their entire purpose is to do damage.

    To cause harm and hurt.

    If you remember the movie "White Noise", then these would be "The ones who like damage".

    They're not good people, they're petty, little people who's only pleasure in life is the displeasure they can cause in others lives.

    Which is why they vote for war, oppression, torture, and all manner of evil, because its what drives them.

    I can honestly say that the past 3 or 4 months where I haven't been blogging have been more productive and more positive than the last 5 years I spent in here and elsewhere arguing with these people.

    I think blogging is good, but unfortunately it also can include people who's sole purpose in life, is to cause others distress and sow discord. I think others will see in here that the less we hear from these neoconservative loons, the better off most of them will be in their lives.

    We've heard all we need to hear from the mean, ugly neoconservative right.

    Its time to hear some positive voices.

  22. Lydia and Worf.........I couldnt agree more thats pretty much why I stopped blogging as well I just got tired of engaging a munch of ignorant knuckledragging idiots ALWAYS insulting, mocking, lying and focusing on the negative.

    Worf i'll be in later tonight I read an very interesting article that focused on exactly WHY lending hasnt resumed like it should, something you focused on a great deal last year........i'll post on it later tonight its a short but interesting article and i'll give a quick summary later.

  23. Wow Lydia.

    You're right it IS unbelievable.

    My comments were only regarding your birthdate. I even stated you were attractive regardless of it.

    It was not done to be "ugly" or "negative". Hell, I even thought your getting a college degree in business no less was a "positive" and "uplifting" thing.

    I even gave you credit for being more enlightened and for having more depth of character than others in here seem to. I was wrong, you obviously do not possess those qualities.

    You're right, I know nothing about the deaths in your family. That's probably why I never brought it up. I've had more than a few in mine as well, and so has just about everyone else here. It does seem to be a common consequence of being alive.

    As to "I do not allow personal attacks of any sort."

    Sure you do. You always have.

    You allow the sort that are against people who disagree with you politically.

    You even engage in them yourself when it suits you.

    Goodbye Lydia. Unlike Barf I won't tell anyone where to go, or what to do with themselves, or linger like a character with a death scene in a B movie.


  24. Voltron said...

    Goodbye Lydia. Unlike Barf I won't tell anyone where to go, or what to do with themselves, or linger like a character with a death scene in a B movie.


    Sure you will. You've left before and yet have always "lingered". This isn't the first time you've gotten upset and left. What is "unlike barf" is that unlike barf, you don't admit that you have.

    And considering you've stated your purpose was always to harass and badger, even specifically singling me out and others, (remember what you guys did to Kayinmaine?), including mocking and driving out new bloggers with your smug, neoconservative superior than thou attitude, its laughable that now you want to play the martyr.

    You get back what you put out, and you've put out an awful lot of negativity over the years in here, trying to disrupt this blog, harass liberal bloggers and anyone not agreeing with your right wing neocon "hate everyone not like us" doctrine.

    No doubt I and others have responded to your negativity in negative ways ourselves which is why I, and apparently others decided to stop wasting our time on the likes of you.

    You get back what you put out volt, and in here you've done nothing but drag others down.

    Some ladies don't like to discuss in polite company their age, and any decent man claiming to be as old as you claim to be would know that and not intrude there.

    Your purpose was to embarrass her like it always has been.

    As for being gone, you're gone just like you meant no harm.

    Sure you didn't.

    And sure you are.

  25. Look at this the old gang is here!
    Worf has risen from yet another tearfull farewell,Mike is stupid as ever,Clif is still staging toy soldier battles in his back yard and the fair implanted Lydia is still claiming ignorance."Some things never change." Bob Seger.

  26. See people?

    Now you know who Rusty is.

  27. I've KNOWN who Rusty was for a LONG time despite Volty's benevolent Eddie Haskell act, his intention was to sabotage insult and drive people off the blog from day one he tried that with me from day one, he tried that with Kay in Maine and he's used sock puppets to insult and drive people off right up till today........i'm done wasting my time with ignorant morons with nothing positive to discuss or add.

  28. Ghost of Worf........remember how you stated over and over how banks refusing to lend was the reason the economy was imploding and how you said lending would bring the economy back to life.?

    The problem is the Federal Reserve and the hacks and banking cronnies Obama appointed to his administration just like I said 6 months ago......WHY would the bankstake any risk loaning money to regular people and small businesses when they got FREE TARP money at no cost with the Federal Reserve paying interest on that money for the first time ever.

    So now, the banks can loan money to the Fed and to the government, via Treasury securities, at an interest rate spread of some 3 to 4 percent without ANY risk.

    Between making a risk free 4% loaning money to the FED or by using their money to manipulate commodities, shorting stocks or playing other derivitive games while hiding behind offshore hedge funds why the hell would they put that free funny money at risk helping regular people and busineses that comprise the REAL ECONOMY?

  29. Lydia that was a great video you were great.......and I couldnt agree more with what you said its like banging your head against a wall wasting any time on the knuckledragers.

  30. Last I heard Mike President Obama was signed a deal to funnel funds to smaller banks and rural banks in exchange for making small business loans.

    Don't know what will come of it but it seems like a good step.

  31. It DOES seem like a good step,,,,,,,,,but the Federal Reserve paying interest on bank reserves is a HUGE impediment to lending...........all i'm saying is I was right about Bernanke and Greenspan being a bunch of hacks just like YOU were more right than i originally gave you credit for when you said lending was everything.

    In fractional reserve banking every dollar is multiplied 9 times over when it is lent and relent, with no lending the money supply is doomed to contract regardless of how much money they throw at the same IDIOT Wall Street bankers who got us into this mess.

  32. While there's a lot I disagree of on an individual level with what the President is doing, there's also a lot I agree with, and at this point I am only focused on supporting him.

    I have been alive for a long time, and I've never known a President with whom I agreed with on everything, or even a bulk of things. Different people have different ways of doing things so I am going to continue to support him as long as humanly possible. Just like I supported Bush.

    I gave GWB three years of my support up and until he decided to throw the Constitution out and invade and occupy a sovereign nation that had not attacked us.

    I learned the lessons of Nazi Germany and Hitlers illegal invasion and occupation of Poland, and so when I saw Mr Bush doing the same thing, I knew I could no longer offer him my support, like so many other Americans.

    But this President hasn't been given a day of support by these neoconservative traitors.

    These people haven't shown one day of that blind American support of their President that they demanded out of us for all those years.

    I do realize some democrats (not saying you) are falling out with this President already because he hasn't produced on certain key issues and I am likewise disappointed but for now I'll stick to encouraging him to stay on track and honor his campaign promises and also remember that I am not him and do not know all the inner workings that must go on inside that environment that is our federal govt.

    He's done a lot in the 6 months he's been President, to stabilize the economy and heal our international relations so given the damage done during the last 8 years by the neoconservatives and their President I'm inclined to at least give him a chance.

    This is about America, and doing what's best to pull us out of the pit Bush and the neoconservatives dug for us, healing the damage we've done in other lands and making it all work again.

    So over the next four years he may or may not get my vote, but he sure as hell is going to get my support.

  33. I pretty much agree with everything you just said...........for the record he has my support as well.........while I dont agree on everything, the main things I have voiced displeasure over have been his appointments........while I want him and this country to succeed I just cant support him appointing many of the very people whose ignorance and greed helped cause this crash while minimizing, ignoring or giving symbolic figure head roles to those who have been consistently right and could have helped us avoid this mess had we listened to them.

  34. I understand and that doesn't mean that I think you shouldn't write about specifics that you disagree with. On the contrary. Keep him on track. Hold him to his pledges. I'm all for that.

    I'm just focusing right now on what he's doing right, that's all.

    I've had 8 years of focusing on what someone was doing wrong, (because pretty much everything he did was wrong) so I'm going to try something different for a while.

  35. Hmmm,just what has Obie accomplished? He seems to be the black Jimmy Carter.

  36. If you want to know the character of these neoconservatives, just think back to when Bush was in office, and support for him began to wane, mostly on the left.

    They demanded our "blind support".

    They shouted from the rooftops that it was "Unpatriotic to not support the President during a time of war".

    This is all we heard. They even got Brittany Spears and a host of Country Music starts to tell us it was "Unpatriotic to not support your President during a time of war".


    We're at war.

    Where's their support?

  37. You guys always said the Afgan war demanded support.Where are you now?

  38. Anyway I'm done for now Mike.

    I just popped in because I wanted to comment on Lydia's video. I thought it was cool.

    Of course it didn't take the trolls long to jump in and try to steal our joy, rob our spirits and generally try and drag us all down to their low, low level.

    I'll pop in from time to time but as I said 4 months ago when I left I'm done wasting my precious time in a place where negative, bellicose, ugly and wicked people like this thing voltron and his altar egos work to tear down a persons spirit, and steal their joy.

    The last 4 months were so much better and so much more productive and positive without being dragged down everyday by illiterate, lowbrow bellicose vermin who's only intent is to share their personal misery.

    Life is too short to waste it on the likes of these.

  39. Typical....if you cant answer a question,run away....Nancy.

  40. The racism of Voltrons\Crusty\Cowboy's last statment speaks for itself.

    They don't dislike this President for his policies as much as they hate and fear him for the color of his skin, as cRusty\Voltron\cowboy so clearly demonstrated just now.

    He's not "like Jimmy Carter".

    He's a "BLACK" Jimmy Carter.

    Its the "BLACK" that they hate.

    So they expose themselves as the foul, bigoted pigs who wear sheets over their heads and burn crosses. These neo-nazi scum who foul up our country and they foul up this blog.

    And if you know of anyone not recognizing that these people are organized, please send me their names so I can include them on a telemarketing list I am putting together.

    I could sell that list for gold.

    Because anyone believing these guys are not organized racist pigs, would buy anything.

    You could sell these people cream cheese bullets.

  41. Hell you could sell them reading lessons for their dog.

  42. Oh and Volty\aka\crusty?

    If I wouldn't piss on your head to put a fire out in your hair, what gave you the impression that I would be willing to answer one of your inane questions?

    But you can answer one of mine if you like little man.

    Tell all the good people here where yours and your altar egos support is for our current President during a time of war.

    We'd all like to hear that.

    Go on and tell us where that support that you demanded we all to give to the President during a time of war, is at now.

  43. You claimed we were not patriots if we didn't support the President during a time of war.

    Yet this President, who has only been President for a matter of months, hasn't enjoyed one day of support from any of you.

    Hell he hasn't enjoyed ONE MINUTE of support from the republicans.

    You were all bashing him the day he got elected, as was FOX fake news.

    So what happened to your cries of unpatriotic and treason for failing to support the President during a time of war?

  44. Wouldn't that make you all unpatriotic traitors by your own decree?

  45. I have taken in some domestic abuse victims and their children. One of them has a blood clot on her brain and she fell yesterday, unconscious. She has no health insurance, so she refused to go to ER when the paramedics came. I am very frightened and worried about her.

    This is very scary, and what happened to her is outrageous.

    I am so over-extended and trying to take care of so many people I feel I'm going to collapse.

    I really can't understand why you want to hurt me Volt. Please stop.

  46. If you propose to speak, always ask yourself, is it true, is it necessary, is it kind. Buddha

    The only religion is kindness. - The Dalai Lama

  47. All is well, and you will never get it done. Life is supposed to be fun. No one is taking score of any kind, and if you will stop taking score so much, you will feel a whole lot better -- and as you feel a whole lot better, more of the things that you want right now will flow to you.

    You will never be in a place where all of the things that you are wanting will be satisfied right now, or then you could be complete -- and you never can be. This incomplete place that you stand is the best place that you could be. You are right on track, right on schedule. Everything is unfolding perfectly. All is really well. Have fun!!


    (Life can start at any moment, any hour. You can begin over again right now. Just go forward and don't do the same thing you did yesterday, behave in a new way.

    The whole point of Christianity is forgiveness. But first you have to admit you are wrong and become humble. We are forgiven the minute we "go and sin no more."

  48. I thought a certain person "stopped blogging" because he paranoiacly accused the blog hostess of engaging in sock puppetry, harrassing her to the point that she had to enable the "moderation" function.....No?

  49. Volt, for almost a year I've known some things that you and FF did, that absolutely astounded me. In addition, and this is only a minor point, the things you wrote about "Let me know when you want me to pull the trigger on Lydia..." were beyond comprehension.

    I have given you the benefit of the doubt countless times, but the secrecy and manipulations and blogger problems are too much.

    That is all I can say right now.

    I'm sorry you think I haven't been fair on my own blog. I have never banned anyone, but I feel the negative atmosphere of people constantly fighting isn't healthy.

    Anyway, I'm out of politics, except to expose corruption.

  50. Taking my RSS feeds down was sinister and all the other stuff.

  51. I thought a certain person "stopped blogging" because he paranoiacly accused the blog hostess of engaging in sock puppetry, harrassing her to the point that she had to enable the "moderation" function.....No?

    Your first mistake was thunkin' son,

    Besides that ..... give it a rest.

    Go back to your waste of bandwidth.