Sunday, October 26, 2008


Keith Olbermann talks with Richard Wolffe about the infighting within the McCain campaign about Palin’s going off script. On her “fruit fly” gaffe, Richard Wolf says: "Keith, I’m going to be as restrained and measured as I possibly can about this. This is the most mindless, ignorant uninformed comment we’ve seen from Governor Palin so far, and there’s been alot of competition for that prize."

OBAMA has so many Republicans jumping ship and supporting him — including Colin Powell, White House former Press Secretary Scott McClellan, Andrew Sullivan, Christopher Hitchens — and McCain's former advisor. And he has some of America's most beloved icons supporting him.

Look at this: Andy Griffith, Ron Howard and Henry Winkler publicly endorsed Obama?

From Republicans For

Republican Elected Officials supporting Obama:

Jim Leach, Former Congressman from Iowa

"For me, the national interest comes before party concerns, particularly internationally. We do need a new direction in American policy, and Obama has a sense of that."

Lincoln Chafee, Former United States Senator from Rhode Island

"As I look at the candidates in order who to vote for, certainly my kind of conservatism was reflected with Senator Obama, and those points are that we're fiscally conservative, we care about revenues matching expenditures, we also care about the environment, I think it's a traditional conservative value to care about clean air and clean water."

William Weld, Former Governor of Massachusetts

"It's not often you get a guy with his combination of qualities, chief among which I would say is the deep sense of calm he displays, and I think that's a product of his equally deep intelligence."

Arne Carlson, Former Governor of Minnesota

"I think we have in Barack Obama the clear possibility of a truly great president. I would contend that it's the most important election of my lifetime."

Wayne Gilchrest, Congressman from Maryland

"We can't use four more years of the same kind of policy that's somewhat haphazard, which leads to recklessness."

Larry Pressler, Former Senator from South Dakota

"I just got the feeling that Obama will be able to handle this financial crisis better, and I like his financial team of [former Treasury Secretary Robert] Rubin and [former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul] Volcker better."

Richard Riordan, Former Mayor of Los Angeles

"I'm still a Republican, but I still will always vote for the person who I think will do the best job."

Lowell Weicker, Former Governor and Senator from Connecticut

"At issue is not the partisan politics of two parties, rather the image we have of ourselves as Americans. Senator Obama brings wisdom, kindness, and common sense to what is both his and our quest for a better America."

Jim Whitaker, Fairbanks, Alaska Mayor

"If we are as a nation concerned with energy, then our consideration should be a national energy policy that is not predicated on crude oil 50 years into the future. We need to get to it, and I think Barack Obama is very clear in that regard."

Linwood Holton, Former Governor of Virginia

"Obama has a brain, and he isn't afraid to use it."

Republican Government Officials Supporting Obama:

Colin Powell, Secretary of State under Bush 43

"...he has met the standard of being a sucessful president, being an exceptional president. I think he is a transformational figure. He is a new generation coming into the world-- onto the world state, onto the American stage, and for that reason I'll be voting for Senator Barack Obama."

Douglas Kmiec, Head of the Office of Legal Counsel under Reagan & Bush 41

"I was first attracted to government by Ronald Reagan, who lives in our national memory as a great leader and an inspiring communicator. Senator Obama has these gifts as well, but of course, more rhetorical flourish without substance would be worth little. Is there more to Senator Obama? I believe there is."

Charles Fried, Solicitor General of the United States under Reagan

"I admire Senator McCain and was glad to help in his campaign, and to be listed as doing so; but when I concluded that I must vote for Obama for the reason states in my letter, I felt it wrong to appear to be recommending to others a vote that I was not prepared to cast myself."

Jackson M. Andrews, Republican Counsel to the U.S. Senate

"Barack Obama is a thoughtful visionary leader who as President will end the decline of American law, liberty, and fiscal responsibility that are the hallmarks of the extremist policies of the current Administration, now adopted by John McCain."

Susan Eisenhower, Granddaughter of President Eisenhower & President of the Eisenhower Group

"Given Obama's support among young people, I believe that he will be most invested in defending the interests of these rising generations and, therefore, the long-term interests of this nation as a whole."

Francis Fukuyama, Advisor to President Reagan

"...Obama probably has the greatest promise of delivering a different kind of politics."

Rita Hauser, Former White House intelligence advisor under George W. Bush

"McCain will continue the wrong-headed foreign policy decisions of Bush, while Obama will take us in a new direction."

Larry Hunter, Former President Reagan Policy Advisor

"I suspect Obama is more free-market friendly than he lets on. He taught at the University of Chicago, a hotbed of right-of-center thought. His economic advisers, notably Austan Goolsbee, recognize that ordinary citizens stand to gain more from open markets than from government meddling."

Scott McClellan, Former Press Secretary to President George W. Bush

"From the beginning I have said I am going to support the candidate that has the best chance for changing the way Washington works and getting things done and I will be voting for Barack Obama and clapping."

Bill Ruckelshaus, served in the Nixon and Reagan administrations

"I'm not against McCain, I'm for Obama."

Ken Adelman, served in the Ford administration

"The most important decision John McCain made in his long campaign was deciding on a running mate. That decision showed appalling lack of judgment... that selection contradicted McCain's main two, and best two, themes for his campaign-- Country First, and experience counts. Neither can he credibly claim, post-Palin pick."

Lilibet Hagel, Wife of Republican Senator Chuck Hagel

"This election is not about fighting phantom issues churned out by a top-notch slander machine. Most important, it is not about distracting the public-- you and me-- with whatever slurs someone thinks will stick."

Republican Columnists and Academics Switching to Obama:

Jeffrey Hart, National Review Senior Editor

"It turns out that these political parties are not always either liberal or conservative, Democratic or Republican. The Democrat, under certain conditions, can be the conservative."

Andrew Bacevich, Professor of International Relations at Boston University

"For conservatives, Obama represents a sliver of hope. McCain represents none at all. The choice turns out to be an easy one."

David Friedman, Economist and son of Milton and Rose Friedman

"I hope Obama wins. President Bush has clearly been a disaster from the standpoint of libertarians and conservatives because he has presided over an astonishing rise in government spending."

Christopher Buckley, Son of National Review founder William F. Buckley & former NR columnist

"Obama has in him-- I think, despite his sometimes airy-fairy 'We are the people we have been waiting for' silly rehtoric-- the potential to be a good, perhaps even great leader. He is, it seems clear enough, what the historical moment seems to be calling for."

Andrew Sullivan, Columnist for the Atlantic Monthly

"Obama's legislative record, speeches, and the way he has run his campaign reveal, I think, a very even temperament, a very sound judgment, and an intelligent pragmatism. Prudence is a word that is not inappropriate to him."

Wick Alison, Former publisher of the National Review

"I made the maximum donation to John McCain during the primaries, when there was still hope he might come to his senses. But I now see that Obama is almost the ideal candidate for this moment in American history."

Michael Smerconish, Columnist for the Philadelphia Enquirer

" Obama presidency holds the greatest chance for unifying us here at home and restoring our prestige around the globe."

CC Goldwater, Granddaughter of Barry Goldwater

"Nothing about the Republican tickets offers the hope America needs to regain its standing in the world, that's why we're going to support Barack Obama."

Please comment and about other Republicans for Obama. I will post a commenter's list of the current McCain-Pain circus lies shortly... but first these healing thoughts that can change your life.

LOVE HEALS because it’s so powerful. It’s so big, it’s ever present. It has no hint of confusion, fear, or hate. It just wipes those out. Ignorance, fear, and sin—those are the foundations of illness. And what Love does—it’s the divine eraser that removes each one of those.

Interview with Keith Wommack on

This website is the ancient metaphysical truth behind The Secret, Emmet Fox, The Law of Attraction, and Eckhart Tolle's beautiful books. It's all the same truth, the law of life. It is as simple as turning your heart to love no matter what the external appearance is. And no matter who the "enemy" is.

Caller: “If Divine Love is here for us 24/7, when and how does hatred and fear come about?”

Keith: Good question. You know, hatred and fear come about when we are accepting that love is absent. Darkness is the absence of light. We pour in light and the darkness flees. So the more that we acknowledge and cherish that God is that ever-present 24/7 Love, that we express that Love dynamically and effortlessly 24/7, then we’re going to see an abatement of fear and hate.

This reminds me of when I was performing in the band, and one night after a performance, I walked out the backstage door of an auditorium, headed to a parking area. And I found myself right in the middle of a race riot. The back door of the auditorium slammed shut. And I was immediately surrounded by a group of young men, and their anger just turned on me. Everything happened fast, but what came to my thought was the idea, “Love has no opposite sides.” It just came whooshing into my thought. And surprisingly, I felt spiritual peace.

I was then poked in the back, and when I turned around, a large man hit me in the face with his fist as hard as he could, but it only felt as if I had been tapped with a balloon. My head didn’t move at all. The man who hit me looked me in the eye, looked at the others, and then he walked away, and every one of them followed after him. If I had tried to fight back, the situation would have turned out quite differently. I’d probably be a little grease spot on the asphalt. But my nonreaction was an act of love. “Love has no opposite sides,” the anger and danger just disappeared. All that remained was love.

These are six simple things that can help fill an empty heart

1. Stop being critical. Criticism closes our eyes to the good that has always been present. Critical states of thought lead to critical mistakes, as well causing critical states of the body. So let’s stop being critical.

2. Stop keeping score. It’s not how someone else is acting, but how much of God’s love you are expressing that will satisfy you. That’s two, stop keeping score.

3. Stop trying to prove you are right. Instead of telling others you are right and they are wrong, live what is right and you will begin to sparkle. Let’s stop trying to prove you’re right.

4. Be honest. Honesty allows you to be at peace, even in the middle of turmoil. It keeps you strong, and it keeps a relationship strong. "Honesty is spiritual power. Dishonesty is human weakness, which forfeits divine help.” That’s number four—be honest.

5. Start forgiving. Forgiveness means starting over with love. Forgiveness is learning to see others as God made them. That’s important. Number five, start forgiving.

6. Be grateful. Pain and gratitude are incompatible. Be grateful for everything good in your relationships and your home and in your life. Gratitude completes the circuit in every healing.

That’s six things. One, stop being critical. Two, stop keeping score. Three, stop trying to prove you’re right. Four, be honest. Five, start forgiving. Six, be grateful.

And then the characteristic traits that are bad—what we call personality traits that are kind of harmful—will begin to fall away because we’re not holding on to them. They’re not a part of God’s being, therefore, they cannot be a part of ours. We can refuse to live our life with them any longer.


  1. Hey Lydia, you stole my list.

    Bartlebee said...

    Could it be all the republicans, like Colin Powell, Scott McClellan, Andrew Sullivan, Christopher Hitchens, and a slew of others who are tossing their hat in the ring for Obama?

    lol, just kidding. But seriously there is an amazing amount of support for Obama coming from long time republicans.

    Just look at the Goldwater family!

    McCain has always tauted his being a "Goldwater republican".

    Well just last week his grandchildren ALL threw their support into the ring for Barak Obama, with CC coming out and writing an annoucement as to why the Goldwaters were pulling their support for McCain, and turning it to Obama.

    When the Goldwater family won't support the RNC candidate, then its obvious that RNC candidate needs to re-evalutate his "strategy".

    McCains strategy has been to take the WORST tactics and ideologies of the FAR right and expand them, even going so far as to pick a far right wingnut for his running mate. One who does nothing but widen the divisions and fuel hate.

    And apparently that "strategy" is costing him the support of high ranking republican figures. Even the Goldwater family.

  2. Lydia said...

    Please comment and about other Republicans for Obama

    Well theres a lot of them lately thats for sure. I was really surpised to see Christopher Hitchens endorse him. His endorsement came not too long after his waterboarding experience to which he wrote an article in Vanity Fair entitled "YES, ITS TORTURE". Powells endorsement too was suprising, considering his usual unwillingness to take political sides publiclly.

    But then theres the former governor of Massachusetts, William Weld, who came out last week in support of Obama.

    And lets not forget the 74 year old life long moderate conservative and Governor of Minnesota, Arne Helge Carlson, who on Saturday delivered a rousing speech from the steps of the Minnesota state capital endorsing Senator Barack Obama for President.

    Other noteable conservatives and republicans include the well known Reagan aid and editor of the Washingtonian, Ken Adelman, former publisher of the National Review Wick Allison and George W Bush's former chair of the SEC, William Donalson.

    In fact, not to be outdone by Barry Goldwater, Richard Nixons ghost apparently persuaded his own DAUGHTER, Julie Nixon Eisenhower (she's also the grandaughter in-law of former President Dwight D. Eisenhower), to come out in support of Barack Obama. In fact, President Eisenhowers actual grandaugther who also happens to be president of the Eisenhower Institute, Susan Eisenhower has also now publically endorsed Senator Obama.

    Even one of George W Bush's few public supporters out of Hollywood, actor and director Dennis Hopper, who publiclly supported Bush in both 2000 and 2004, has now announced he is supporting Barack Obama in next weeks election.

    Even George W Bush's first Secretary of the Treasury, Paul Oneill is publiclly endorsing Obama.

    People are sick of the politics of hate and fear. They stomached them because of 911, but now people are sick of them. Obama is the new face of America.

  3. Of course, global support for Obama is overwhelming. Not that it matters to podunk Alaska mind you, because in their minds nothing outside of small town America matters, but the fact is the entire world is in support of Obama and against McCain.

    Thats not just talk. Its fact. Hundreds of polls and surveys have been done internationally on a massive scale, showing Barack Obama is widely supported in almost every country in the world.

    In fact the BBC polled 22,000 people worldwide, and found a dismal 12 percent supported John McCain. Yet in contrast, a whopping 49 percent supported Barack Obama! And that was just one poll. One survey done showed that in whatever country you held the election, Obama would win in each one except for a few small countries like Iraq and Cuba.

    Seems the entire world wants Barack Obama, but theres still a handful of chuckleheads in this country who think the senile old man and his sidekick the tongue speaking tail wagging witchhunter from Wasilla are what this country needs after 8 years of utter disaster from another yuk yuk they'd like to have a beer with.

    Go figger.

  4. Not exactly a GOPer endorsement, but a very interesting one anyway;

    The TWIT's hometown newspaper endorses Barack Obama

    That is right, the Anchorage Daily News endorses Obama.

    I wonder if st sarah thunks she can fire then also?

  5. John McCain is "assuring" reporters of a "late night surprise" election night which will ensure his winning.

    Wonder what he knows that everyone else doesn't?

  6. Former Sen. Larry Pressler (R-SD) votes (by absentee) for Obama.

    Here's what Pressler said ...

    Pressler, who said that in addition to casting an absentee ballot for Obama he'd donated $500 to the Illinois senator's campaign, cited the Democrat's response to the financial crisis as the primary reason for his decision.

    "I just got the feeling that Obama will be able to handle this financial crisis better, and I like his financial team of [former Treasury Secretary Robert] Rubin and [former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul] Volcker better," he said. By contrast, John McCain's "handling of the financial crisis made me feel nervous."

    drip ....

    drip ....

    drip ....

    .... the permanent republican majority just flitters away.

  7. I have been fascinated with a website called because of the healings I've been experiencing.

    The reason I post things from there is that this is the opposite of fundamentalism -- it is the ancient Law of Attraction, metaphysics, the truth behind "The Secret", Emmet Fox... and Eckhart Tolle's beautiful books. It's all the same truth, the Christ Truth, the law of life. It is as simple as turning your heart to love no matter what the external appearance is. And no matter who the enemy is.

    If we all learned these tools of putting love in place of judging others, hating others and fearing others -- we'd have an amazing world.

  8. My favourite quote is: A creator can only create and to resist something is to make it bigger so don't focus on what you don't want only what you do want.
    -Ken McLean.

    Ken has written more ebooks than anyone I know imparting his knowledge on the universe, miracles, life after death, the Law of Attraction and many more subjects.

  9. I just posted an updated list of Republicans for Obama from their website.

    Also, several major newspapers, including the Chicago Tribune (which hasn't endorsed a Democrat in 100 years) have endorsed Obama!

    Please check out the Sarah Palin video at top of blog.

  10. Out-sourcing just finally bit the reich wing in the rear,

    Republicans hire mercenaries for ground war against Barack Obama

    Damn can't get enuf volunteers so they have to hire temps they can't vet any better then the TWIT?


    They really are imploding 'bout now aren't they?

  11. You know, I've been noticing something odd lately, about the McCain\Palin tickets campaign buttons, signs, bumper stickers, etc.

    Has anyone else noticed, they are blue?


    Why are they blue?

  12. The republican parties color is Red.

    The democratic parties color is Blue.


    Why are the republicans, using the democrats colors?

  13. Cause of things like this bart;

    Stevens Found Guilty on All Counts

    and of course, Him

    and even maybe this.

  14. Yea but whats the angle?

    Why would they use the Democrats color? Do they think they'll trick some people into thinking McCain\Palin are running on the democratic ticket?

    Or is it a psychological thing to disassociate McCain\Palin with Bush?

  15. I'm upset that the Obama_biden names on the ballot are at the bottom.

    I didn't realize McCain was using our BLUE color!

    How annoying

  16. They are. Just look at all the McCain\Palin signs they're holding up at their rallies.

    Go back and look at videos on the web of the different McCain and Palin rallies. Look at the signs the people are holding up. They're BLUE!

    Next time you go out look at the signs on your neighbors lawns (if there are any McCain\Palin supporters in your neighborhood).

    You will note they are ALL BLUE!

    Look at the campaign buttons people are wearing at the Palin\McCain rallies. They are ALL BLUE!

    Look at the next McCain\Palin bumper sticker on a car next time you're out. They are also BLUE!

    I cannot believe the worthless MSM has not seemed to notice this, but the fact is the McCain\Palin camp, for some reason (can you say BUSH?) are afraid of using their own colors this year.

    And whats more, not only are they not flying their own party's colors this year, but they have decided to fly the Democrats colors instead.

    Look again and you'll see Lydia.

    Everythings BLUE.

  17. I think its a pretty significant statment that John McCain is so ashamed of his own party that not only does he NOT fly their colors, he flys his oppositions.

    Its clearly a trick designed to mentally distance McCain\Palin from Bush\Cheney.

    Imagine how stupid someone would have to be, for that to work.

  18. Here. Heres something that will make your day.

    We've seen a Monkey f#$king a football for the last 8 years.

    Now you can see a Monkey doing something much smarter.

    Riding a Segway.

    Check this out!

    This Monkey Must be a Liberal

  19. McFeeble and the Grand Dame Wizard couldn't pretty up their campaign enough, even if they bought out the entire inventory of Sak's Fifth Avenue.

    McKeating's problem remains what it always has been, no matter how much he protests. He simply does not have any positions that differ significantly from Chimpy's. We already KNOW what that'll get us.

  20. BTW, have you seen the tripe that Steve KKKing is spewing?

    Getting rid of McKeating is a great thing, but it's only the beginning. The inbred racist scumbags who make up McKeating's core of support need to be flushed from public life as well.

  21. McKeating is NOT a "Goldwater Republican." That self-description is despicable. Next he'll be talking about Caribou Barbie's frugality or something outrageous like that!

  22. "Imagine how stupid someone would have to be, for that to work."

    The science of advertising and propaganda says not very stupid just suggestible a.k.a. gullible.

    It's why the average American, American, European, Asian, African can be sold poison sticks of burning rotten leaves that kill, poison paste for the skin, flavored beverages that cause any number of life shortening maladities and pills that will create more problems while 'cureing' the problems these things cause.

    Yeah, Imagine how stupid, and then go look in a mirror - it's called the human animal, you know the ones that fall for breast implants and lip glass.

  23. Look in your mirror maybe.

    I never mess with fake boobies and I never believe what they say either.


  24. One of the biggest problems with this country and its politics right now, is everyones propensity to either accept, ignore or excuse stupidity.

    Stupidity is not to be accepted, ignored nor excused because stupidity is not a condition, its only a choice.

  25. "stupid is as stupid does"

    - Forrest Gump's Mom

  26. Hi Bart!

    Don't worry.

    I don't accept you, I don't ignore you, but I DO excuse you.

    Oh well. Two out of three ain't bad huh?

  27. I also note that you don't mention "wisdom"...

    You ARE book smart though. That's gotta count for something.

  28. Well considering I've got a decade or so life experience on you truck boy, I wouldn't bet your paycheck on that.

  29. Sorry Bart.

    "Life experience" doesn't count when you consistently draw the wrong conclusions from it...

    Ask Joe Biden.

  30. You're talking about "not learning from experience"?

    For a moron who after 8 years of Bush thinks he still has something to say you're apparently not able to learn a thing from yours.

  31. Worf,why on earth do you think every conservative is a republican?

    Why would you think every conservative supports Bush?

  32. My goodness,why would you think all conservatives support McCain?

  33. Hey give me some credit here. I didn't take the easy shot you left me.

    I could have just said:

    "I wouldn't be my paycheck on your being book smart counting for something either."

  34. I think most conservatives know the country has made a bit of a left hand turn,but I also believe most true conservatives take solice in the knowledge that BHO has a pretty good chance of being the second coming of Jimmy Carter.

    You know how good Jimmy turned out.

  35. thereturnofRusty said...
    My goodness,why would you think all conservatives support McCain?..............."

    Uhh because yer like frickin dumb.

  36. Tell the frickin truth you conservotard goons love mcLOSER, ya wouldnt be flappin yer frickin deranged goon mouths in here if ya didnt.

  37. A trillion in new programs?

    A forced open ballot for union voters?

    Barney Frank wants to reduce military spending by 20%.

    Universal healthcare?

    Increase capital gaines taxes?

    Redistribute the wealth?

    I see 4 years of BHO,then 16 years of conservative rule.

  38. President frickin Obama is gonna give free health care and education to everyone, frickin deal with it goons.

  39. No sara,we all love you....and your mom of course.

    I personally love that thing she does with her tongue.

  40. Yes sara,then you will be able to have that STD treated.

  41. thereturnofcRusty said...

    Dog pile on worf.

    At least you got the species right.

  42. You can drop the act Sara. Bart, Mike and Cliffy all know your on our side...

    The jigs up.

  43. And perhaps get educated while your in treatment.

  44. And there goes the neighborhood.

    Well as much as I'd like to sit here and exchange insults with two losers who think we need 8 more years of failure and incompetence, but I've got better things to do.

    Evening ladies.

  45. Worf must be going to the "dojo."

  46. Of perhaps to Klinks "clubhouse."

  47. Uhh we need to like frickin eliminate all military spending an end the frickin war an walla free frickin health care an education for everyone asshole.

  48. Or over to Mike's,to look at Lydia posters.

  49. I like totally agree sara,we should also get a free car and maybe a free apartment...abit a small one.I'd be happy with that...yea,healthcare,education,a car and an apartment.

    Maybe a free vacation....but only once every two years....dont want to over do it.

  50. I like totally agree with that military spending thingy'd you get so smart...we think so alike,we should be BFF's...dont you like think.

  51. Fascinating thing about that "redistribute the wealth" thing. It all seems to be focused around the concept of taxing the rich and giving to the poor, or tax credits to people who do not make enough money to pay income tax. Republicans are hollering about socialism and communisim and every other type if "ism" out there as if Obama got the idea from Stalin, Lenin, and Marx.

    What the conservative pundits are crying about sounds an awful lot like a certain something in our tax code called the Earned Income Tax Credit. When citizens of low income are doing their taxes, if they fall at a certain income level they are receive this credit which triggers a "refund" -- it's larger if they have children and gets progressively smaller as the tax-filer increases their income. It's not unusual that a low income family could find themselves with a tax refund check of $2000 under this program.

    "We cant have that!" the conservatives say. "That's socialism! That's taking money from those who have earned it and giving it to people who haven't earned it! What communist came up with that idea?" Was it Kennedy? Was it Carter? Could it be the prince of sin, Bill Clinton?


    The Earned Income Tax Credit was first introduced by former Republican president Gerald Ford. The program was reinstated, and expanded by, the patron saint of the Republican party -- Ronald Reagan.

  52. Elizabeth Dole just violated the US Constitution.

    She just ran an ad, accusing her opponent of being an atheist.

    Now the irony here is her opponent, Kay Hagan, is not only not an atheist, but she is an elder in the Presbyterian church and teaches Sunday School!


    But of course, whether Hagan is a Christian, Muslim, Atheist, etc, is MOOT in a US election, per our Constitution.

    It is against the Constitution, hence against the law, to place ANY religious test on a public office.

    Yet here, Elizabeth Dole in her ugly, Anti-American desperate attempts to paint her opponent as "Godless", has done just that.

    Elizabeth Dole, who like so many of her far right wingnut friends, do not believe in the Constitution of the United States.


    No wonder her husband suffers from erectile dysfunction.

  53. BARTLEBEE said...
    Elizabeth Dole just violated the US Constitution.

    She just ran an ad, accusing her opponent of being an atheist.

    Now the irony here is her opponent, Kay Hagan, is not only not an atheist, but she is an elder in the Presbyterian church and teaches Sunday School!


    We need to boot out the Bums who are ignorant of or lack respect for the Constitution because the Constitution is above mere3 men and woman, particularly little ignorant brutes like GWB.

  54. Looks like last night was a trollfest..........dont worry though the trolls wont have much to say next week at this time!

  55. BARTLEBEE said...
    One of the biggest problems with this country and its politics right now, is everyones propensity to either accept, ignore or excuse stupidity.

    Stupidity is not to be accepted, ignored nor excused because stupidity is not a condition, its only a choice."

    Here here...........I have no tolerance for stupidity!

  56. Cariboo Barbie has been screeching and ranting for a week or two now that Obama is a "SOCIALIST" thats been the mantra and talking point that Palin and ALL the Right Wingers have been robotically parroting in unison ..................and yet when I give them one simple response to that McCarthyian type rhetoric I never seem to get an answer they always just slither away with their tail between their legs.

    The definition of Socialism is either nationalizing key industries or distributing the profits equally and equitably to the since Cariboo Barbie taxed the oil companies and distributed the profits to all Alaskan citizens including young children and HER FAMILY took well over 5 figures of Socialistic "spread the wealth" type money from the oil companies.................that makes her the biggest Socialist in America, as a governor she's MORE of a Socialist than Bernie Sanders is in the Senate.

    It looks kinda like Cariboo Barbie is cut from the same cloth as Hugo Chavez rather than the fiscal conserrvative free market capitalist she PRETENDS to be.

  57. If Sarah The Socialist EVER had the courage to debate me or be interviewd by me that moronic empty suit would be reduced to tears inside of 60 seconds.

  58. You JUST CANT be more of a slimy hippocrite than Palin and McSame.

  59. The "Obama's a socialist" and "hangs out with terrorists" crap McCain is now himself spewing is little more than Elizabeth Doles crap about her opponent being Godless.

    Not only are the charges completely fabricated, but they are not pertinent to this election. They deal with no issues.

    They are not only the tactics employed by dirtbags, but they are the signs of desperation.

    You know, I would hate to be McCain right now, wrapping up my life by selling my soul to the devil for a chance to be President.

    And whats worse, not even getting the prize I bargained it away for.

  60. I'm watching the Obama half hour truth-o-cution he is giving the reich wing lie and smear machine.

    Hope they enjoy the next four years with Barack Obama as our 44th president of the United States of America instead of the rovian attempt at divided people based on lies and spin the reich wing has run on since the time of Nixon.

    Last night here was a very good example of the clueless, gutless, retched people of that reich wing smear machine.

    Enjoy trolls ....... the next four years belong to the people who hope for the future instead of spreading fear to attempt to steal the future from us.

  61. Wing nuts head MUST be exploding which is why they are soooo silent.

  62. That 30 minute ad he did was pretty good.

  63. After watching Obama, and the last week of the campaign, this song should be used by McCain's supporters to get the senile old guy, and them of course, used to next weeks election day serious ass whippin' and eventual let down for the party of criminally organized corruption and faux family values.

    Cause this song just about sums up McCain's chances about now ..... and liddy dole's, ted steven's, john sununu's, norm coleman's saxby chambliss' and a whole host of the other people who helped geroge w bush screw this country so badly.

  64. Here it is on U tube

    American Stories, American Solutions

    for those who missed it.

  65. Wanna know how bad it has gotten fur McInsane and his clueless sidekick the TWIT?

    John McCain has been reduced to spending money on robocalls in his homestate of Arizona.


    .... along with troopergate, st sarah has a travelgate investigation to possibly deal with.

  66. This cartoon about sums it all up.

  67. Watching Bill Clinton on stage with Barack Obama is priceless.

    Barack Obama has owned this day, and set the stage for the next couple of days news cycles.

    McCain is all but retired.

    And the TWIT might as well ask faux noise what their best offer is.

  68. Barack Obama and Bill Clinton brought out 35,000 people at 11 PM on a Wednesday night in Kissimmee Florida to hear them speak …….

  69. Klink is certainly excited over BHO....he see's more free stuff coming his way.

  70. Most people work.....Klink holds out his hand.

  71. and Klink said....."more sir,may I have more."

  72. "where's worfs dojo....klink is here.... you're all losers.... blah blah blah.........."

    Shove a cork in it sparky.

  73. Come talk to us Wednesday morning, and we'll see who the new loser is.

  74. Awash in anxiety, Americans look to shift course


    As they do perhaps once in a generation — 1932, 1968 and 1980 — Americans this week will choose a new president and chart a new course in a time of economic turmoil, social upheaval and great anxiety.

    Financial markets are in turmoil. Jobs are disappearing overseas. Pensions and retirement accounts are dwindling. Terrorists are vowing death to more Americans. U.S. troops are at war in two countries. Immigrants are pouring across the borders, legally and illegally, changing the complexion and the culture of the land.

    Fewer than one in 10 Americans think the country's on the right track, the lowest in the three decades that Gallup has asked the question. Consumer confidence is at a 41-year low. The president's approval ratings rival the worst on record, and the public's opinion of Congress is even lower.

  75. 8 years in power and the financial markets are bankrupt, the economy is a disaster, 99 percent of the planet is despises us, we're the international laughing stock of the world, Osama Bin Ladens laughing at us and running free, Iraq is a disaster, Afghanistan is becoming a disaster, 90 percent of the country thinks the country is on the wrong track and we can't even clean up after a hurricane.

    Whats that you clowns call that again?


    Oh yea.