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If you missed it Saturday, you can hear our interview with Presidential candidate Mike Gravel by clicking on BASHAM & CORNELL PROGRESSIVE TALK Just click on 'archives' and you can hear all of amazing guests, including: Congressman Rangel, Brian Katsulis; Media Matters' Paul Waldman, Eric Boehlert, Karl Frisch, Dennis Yedwab; Mikey Weinstein; Former federal prosecutor Elizabeth de la Vega; and other bestselling authors, scholars and political leaders.

from 9 - 10 a.m. We broadcast live on KLAV -- or go to our website and click on the link to hear the entire show in the archives.

MIKE GRAVEL, 2008 Democratic Presidential candidate and the MAN WHO STOLE THE first DEMOCRATIC DEBATE. We did a 45 minute interview with Gravel, who served 2 terms in the House and was a Senator from Alaska. He is primarily known for ending the draft following the Vietnam War, and for having put into the public record, the Pentagon Papers in 1971!

Gravel is a hero of mine; he is the only cadidate committed to telling the truth and standing for his convictions. He has nothing to lose and no one to impress — but his conscience. He passionately speaks for the majority of Americans, but the mainstream media is focused on dumbing us down with 'celebrities-gone-wild' gossip and obsessive Clinton-bashing.
Military Coffins: The Photos You're Not Supposed to See
"Not to See the Fallen..." by mcjoan at

While memorializing those fallen today, don't forget the 143 journalists and media support workers, the most in any major conflict, who have been killed in Iraq.

If there's one thing the hapless war planners and conducters in this administration managed to do right, at least by their calculation, it's been to manage the media's access to and coverage of the actual story on the ground. Since the war began, they've made the increasingly instituted more stringent rules on what can be covered.

Since last year, the military’s embedding rules require that journalists obtain a signed consent from a wounded soldier before the image can be published. Images that put a face on the dead, that make them identifiable, are simply prohibited.


From blogger MCH1968:
On Memorial Day, people frequently will say "Thank You" to those who gave their lives for our freedom, and certainly I give my thanks to those who perished in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, World Wars 1 & 2, and so on ...

For those who have died in this Iraqi war, thank you doesn't seem to quite fit. Instead, all I can say is "I'm sorry."

I'm sorry it came to this. I'm sorry that the president didn't value your life enough to keep you alive. I'm sorry you aren't still here to help keep us safe from our nation's true enemies. I'm sorry that those in charge treasured their pride, money, greed, and political ambitions too much that you're considered expendable. I'm sorry that lies and deceit was all it took to have you killed. I'm sorry I didn't fight hard enough or effectively enough to keep you home.

To the 3455 (and unfortunately still growing) service men and women who have died for a reason other than our freedom -- we miss you, we love you, may you rest in peace.

Here is a great article posted by Larry:


On May 26, 1907 in a one bedroom home in Winterset Iowa, America's hero a thirteen pound Marion Robert Morrison was born. This was the same town that George Washington Carver lived and worked before he achieved greatness. This quaint little town was also a stop for the Underground Railroad.

Today in Winterset, the town will show three films that the towns most famous citizen has starred in. These films will be shown free to residents of Winterset because the star of all three films is Marion Morrison.

Marion Morrison wore a hairpiece for most of his life, a tidbit very few know. He made his last film in 1976 and he died of cancer three years later. He made action adventures and war films, but he was best known for his westerns.

This maker of such hits at True Grit,(his only Oscar) El Dorado, Rio Bravo, Stagecoach and the Sands of Iwo Jima, and his last film The Shootist were classics in the days when the term hero was more than a political catch phrase. Marion Morrison was in reality John Wayne.

Many are unaware that John Wayne was a staunch conservative. Wayne was a vocal anti-communist and at one time was President of the right wing Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals. Critics say Wayne was a racist.

John Wayne was also an outspoken supporter of the Vietnam War and he openly criticized anti-war protesters. Few knew that John Wayne himself was reported to have sought and received numerous deferments to avoid serving in World War II.

John Wayne was a hero to millions on screen, and an ultra-conservative off-screen. John Wayne criticized those who were against the Vietnam War, when in fact his refusal to serve himself was telling of the real Republican John Wayne.

In 1979, John Wayne released an album of narration of which two of the cuts were hits, and it is only fitting that during the weekend of his 100th birthday celebration that we remember the myth of John Wayne instead of the truth. The following prose was one of John Wayne's hits of 1979.

America, Why I Love Her
Written by John Mitchum Poet/Actor
You ask me why I love her? Well, give me time, and I'll explain...Have you seen a Kansas sunset or an Arizona rain?Have you drifted on a bayou down Louisiana way?Have you watched the cold fog drifting over San Francisco Bay?

Have you heard a Bobwhite calling in the Carolina pines? Or heard the bellow of a diesel in the Appalachia mines? Does the call of Niagara thrill you when you hear her waters roar? Do you look with awe and wonder at a Massachusetts shore...Where men who braved a hard new world, first stepped on Plymouth Rock? And do you think of them when you stroll along a New York City dock ?

Have you seen a snowflake drifting in the Rockies...way up high?Have you seen the sun come blazing down from a bright Nevada sky?Do you hail to the Columbia as she rushes to the sea...Or bow your head at our struggle to be free?

Have you seen the mighty Tetons? ...Have you watched an eagle soar?Have you seen the Mississippi roll along Missouri's shore?Have you felt a chill at Michigan, when on a winters day,Her waters rage along the shore in a thunderous display?Does the word "Aloha"... make you warm?Do you stare in disbelief When you see the surf come roaring in at Waimea reef?
From Alaska's gold to the Everglades...from the Rio Grande to Maine...My heart cries out... my pulse runs fast at the might of her domain.You ask me why I love her?... I've a million reasons why.My beautiful America... beneath Gods' wide, wide sky.


  1. Eight US troops killed across Iraq
    Published: Sunday May 27, 2007

    Eight US servicemen were killed across Iraq in a series of incidents that have kept May on course to be one of the bloodiest months of the war, the US military reported Sunday.

    The spike in US casualties comes amid a four-month-long surge in troop numbers meant to restore stability to the turbulent capital but which has also exposed US troops to greater losses.

    Already over a 100 servicemen have died in May, making for a grim run-up to America's Memorial day at the end of the month when a country increasingly disillusioned by the four-year-old war commemorates its dead.

  2. By STEVEN R. HURST, Associated Press Writer
    3:24 AM PDT, May 27, 2007

    BAGHDAD -- Americans have opened nearly 1,000 new graves to bury U.S. troops killed in Iraq since Memorial Day a year ago. The figure is telling -- and expected to rise in coming months.

    In the period from Memorial Day 2006 through Saturday, 980 soldiers and Marines died in Iraq, compared to 807 deaths in the previous year. And with the Baghdad security operation now 3 1/2 months old, even President Bush has predicted a difficult summer for U.S. forces.

    "It could be a bloody -- it could be a very difficult August," he said last week.

  3. Thank you Larry, that was a beautiful post.

  4. I had to repost the Mike Gravel interview as several friends are visiting the site today on Memorial Day weekend -- and have no idea where to find it.

    I will make a special section for your post Larry, MYTH OF A HERO, which I love.

    Thank you,

  5. Got this comment in my "inbox:"

    A widow fights for the 'widow's mite'

    Deanna Salie, widow of Sgt. David Salie, fights 'to overturn a law that affects an estimated 59,000 military spouses who have one particular life insurance policy that offsets another.'

    'Sgt. Salie was one of the thousands who had enrolled in the Military Survivor's Benefits Plan, which gives surviving spouses or children up to 55 percent of the service member's retired pay. He also bought the much less lucrative Dependency and Indemnity Compensation plan through the Department of Veterans Affairs, which cancels the SBP policy.'

    She wrote an op/ed piece for the Biloxi Sun-Herald as well on the topic. A bill, H.R. 1927, (PDF) is now in Congress addressing the topic of the 'reduction of survivor annuities under the Survivor Benefit Plan by veterans dependency and indemnity compensation and for other purposes.

  6. The reappearance of Moqtada al-Sadr marks the final chapter in Chimpy's Book of Failure.

    Moqtada has reappeared with his nationalist message because he believes the US is just about exhausted. And he's right-even before Chimpy's idiotic "surge." the US would have been able to stay no longer than about 16 more months in Iraq, becacause attrition is quickly robbing the US of the ability to support and supply even 50,000 combat troops.

    The raid on Moqtada's headquarters can be likened to a bully that runs down the street and throws rocks after being given his comeuppance. And ultimately, Moqtada will emerge as the premier political power in Iraq, largely because of the way the US has tried to handle him.

    Heckuva job, Chimpy.

  7. Thanks Jolly Roger

    What will happen next?

  8. Who knows? Moqtada is undoubtedly going to wind up with a big chunk of Iraq, but his nationalistic message probably won't play well in the west. And it's for sure the Kurds will never return to Iraq.

    My best guess is that a rump Iraq will consist of about 2/3 of eastern and southern Iraq. The western portion will probably set itself up as another Sunni-flavored autonomous entity. Kurdish Iraq is the most questionable one, due to PKK fighters using it as a rear area for attacks in Turkish territory. If the Kurdish authorities don't figure out how to stop the PKK, I expect the Turks to invade, and perhaps occupy, northern (Kurdistan) Iraq.

    One thing is for certain-we won't be able to stop it from happening. If we had any diplomats left, we might be able to smooth the transition and avoid a lot of violence while the players quarrel about the size of their slices of the pie.

  9. Sadr is trying to negociate with the moderate sunnis, but the kurds have no intention to be Iraqis any more, however they will say they remain in the "country" of Iraq as long as the Turkish threat exists, and try to get the US run interference for them with Turkey.

    If the Kurds try to form their opwn state both Turkey and to a lesser extent Iran will do what ever it takes to prevent that, because both have substantial Kurdish minorities which are a real pain in their collective sides, and their indigenous Kurdish populat5ions want to break free and form a Kurdish state which would comprise parts of Turkey, Iran Iraq and Syria.

    The Kurds have a real quandary on their hands and no real way to solve it in any way they would be happy with.

  10. Spot on;

    Today's Word: Kakistocracy

    What would we do without the Greeks?

    How would we ever be able to describe BushCo?


    SYLLABICATION: kak·is·toc·ra·cy
    PRONUNCIATION: kk-stkr-s, käk-
    NOUN: Inflected forms: pl. kak·is·toc·ra·cies

    Government by the least qualified or most unprincipled citizens.

    ETYMOLOGY: Greek kakistos, worst, superlative of kakos, bad; see caco– + –cracy.


    Kaka- crap, shit, etc.
    Poop, feces, shit, dung, dump, Load.

    Spot on.

    Even the Greeks with their oracles say the need to describe the fiasco which has been the Bush criminal empire inflicted upon this nation.

  11. I like that Clif. I didn't know the Bush goonies were mentioned that long ago.

  12. Lydia, I just caught the radio show and it was great as usual............I think it was brilliant to have Mike Gravel on, This guy NEEDS airtime to bring the focus to REAL issues.

    You asked some excellent questions, I was particularly hoping you would ask Gravel's take on iran and the military industrial complex..........and you asked both questions..........Also as usual Doug brought out a great point and ONCE AGAIN disected the Neo Con BS and empty rhetoric when he pointed out that Bush said Al Qaeda is in Iraq and our children our in danger if we leave and leaving is surrendering to the terrorists, then he flippantly flipp flopped and said if the Iraqi's ASK us to leave we will pull out.

    So essential he said by his own flawed logic of course that the safety of our children and the war on terror doesnt matter if the iraqis ASK us to leave........SO I guess according to GWB the Iraqi's wants are more important than OUR national security and our childrens safety.

    Oh and for the record I think the war on terror is a BS bumper sticker slogan just like John Edwarfss said.........and I also think the war in Iraq has made our Country, our national security and our children MUCH LESS SAFE...........I was merely using Bush's own words and flawed logic to show what a hypocriye, liar and fool he is!

  13. Bush did create the term "war on terror" to justify everything corrupt and wicked he gets involved in.

  14. International Herald Tribune | Michael Kamber | May 27, 2007 03:33 PM

    "In 2003, 2004, 100 percent of the soldiers wanted to be here, to fight this war," said Sergeant First Class David Moore, a self-described "conservative Texas Republican" and platoon sergeant who strongly advocates an American withdrawal. "Now, 95 percent of my platoon agrees with me."

    It is not a question of loyalty, the soldiers insist. Safstrom, for example, comes from a thoroughly military family. His mother and father have served in the armed forces, as have his three sisters, one brother.

  15. Houston Chronicle | May 27, 2007 04:16 PM

    Some of the world's biggest gas peddlers are encouraging their workers to pump the pedal.

    Exxon Mobil, BP and ConocoPhillips are among the Houston-area employers trying to make it easier for employees to bike to work.

    Sounds like oil companies already know how high gas will get.

  16. Larry said...
    I didn't know the Bush goonies were mentioned that long ago.

    Actually Larry they were mentioned way back in Old Testament times.

    with the jaw of an ass have I slain a thousand men.

    Judges 15:16

  17. Ten more American soldiers have been killed in fighting in Iraq, the military announced on Sunday, on the eve of war-weary Washington's annual Memorial Day commemoration of its war dead.

    But in a victory for US and Iraqi forces, troops liberated 41 people from an Al-Qaeda run torture facility in a lawless province northeast of Baghdad.

    Most of the 10 US soldiers were slain in and around Baghdad, the epicentre of Iraq's vicious sectarian conflict and the focus of a controversial 28,000-strong surge in US troop numbers, which is due to peak next month.

    Four soldiers were killed in two attacks in the Sunni province of Salaheddin on Saturday, while another four were killed in blasts in the capital. A marine and another soldier died in combat north and west of the capital.

    More than 100 US troops have been killed in May so far, while two are still missing two weeks after being snatched by Al-Qaeda, putting the month on course to be one of the bloodiest in the four years since the March 2003 invasion.

    The increase in casualties is largely a result of US forces flooding into areas they had previously avoided, like the restive Diyala province, where US-led forces freed the 41 captives.

  18. Thanks Worf:

    I forget about the ass in Judges.

  19. Angus Reid Global Monitor) - Adults in Britain are particularly critical of their prime minister and the American president over their Iraq policies, according to a poll by Ipsos-MORI. Only 17 per cent of respondents approve of the way Tony Blair is handling the current situation with Iraq, and just nine per cent feel the same way about George W. Bush.

    Wasn't Britain in the "coalition of the willing?"

    In fact weren't they the only real member?

  20. Security guards working for a private firm employed by the US State Department opened fire in Baghdad twice last week, once provoking a standoff with Iraqi forces, The Washington Post reported Sunday.

    Citing unnamed US and Iraqi officials, the newspaper said that on Thursday, a guard working for Blackwater USA shot and killed an Iraqi driver near the interior ministry.

    Meanwhile on Wednesday, a Blackwater-protected convoy was ambushed in downtown Baghdad, triggering a furious battle, in which the security contractors, US and Iraqi troops and AH-64 Apache attack helicopters were firing in a crowded area, the report said.

    Blackwater's security consulting division holds at least 109 million dollars worth of State Department contracts in Iraq and is authorized to use deadly force, according to the paper.

    Bush armed Blackwater and Halliburton better than he did the troops.

  21. WINDSOR — More than 38,000 people converged in Windsor Sunday for a massive rally to threaten action if the manufacturing sector continues to bleed jobs.

    The Canadian Auto Workers union organized the rally to draw attention to what President Buzz Hargrove called a crisis in the industry.

    Mr. Hargrove told those assembled that General Motors workers in Windsor are willing to do whatever it takes to keep their jobs, which are being threatened by plans to locate a new transmission plant in St. Catharines.

    “I want to send a message on behalf of the General Motors workers at the transmission plant to Mr. Harper but especially to General Motors that, by God, we've started the fight to save our jobs, to get a new product in Windsor, and we'll carry it through to the bargaining table and a strike if necessary in 2008,” he said.

    Sounds like Bush is allowing in the U.S.

  22. The Telegraph | Andrew Alderson | May 27, 2007 11:52 AM

    The Queen has been left "exasperated and frustrated" at the legacy of Tony Blair's 10 years in power, friends have disclosed.

    The Queen and the Blairs see in the millennium together at the Dome
    The Queen and the Blairs see in the millennium together at the Dome

    She has been "deeply concerned" by many of New Labour's policies, in particular what she sees as the Prime Minister's lack of understanding of countryside issues, her closest confidants reported.

    Looks like the Queen is sick of Bush and his lapdog Blair.

  23. Larry:

    Yes, apparently the Queen is not too pleased with Blair. Did she tell him to step down? hmmmm...

  24. Suzie:

    Maybe the Queen kicked Blair to the curb.

    The only Queen we have is Pickles Bush and she stays too snuckered on tequila to kick our loser out.

  25. Vice President Dick Cheney criticized the notion of applying the Geneva Conventions to individuals captured in the course of the war on terrorism in a Saturday commencement address at the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York.

    "Capture one of these killers, and he'll be quick to demand the protections of the Geneva Convention and the Constitution of the United States," the Vice President said in the Saturday morning speech. "Yet when they wage attacks or take captives, their delicate sensibilities seem to fall away."

  26. "A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people." - John F. Kennedy

  27. Larry:

    Pickles would rather go stay at the Mayflower Hotel.

  28. Larry:

    JFK was a great President and Bush is a great failure!

  29. Suzie:

    The Kennedy quote is fitting for modern day America.

    Bush is afraid to listen to the people.

  30. New York Times | May 27, 2007 08:35 PM

    But now on his third deployment in Iraq, he is no longer a believer in the mission. The pivotal moment came, he says, this past February when soldiers killed a man setting a roadside bomb. When they searched the bomber's body, they found identification showing him to be a sergeant in the Iraqi Army.

    "I thought, 'What are we doing here? Why are we still here?' " said Sergeant Safstrom, a member of Delta Company of the First Battalion, 325th Airborne

  31. Army Col.Ann Wright says the supplemental bill Congress passed to continue funding the Iraq war is really about "stealing Iraq's oil- the second largest reserves in the world.The "benchmark,"or goal,the Bush administration has been working on furiously since the US invaded Iraq is privatization of Iraq's oil.Now they have Congress blackmailing the Iraqi Parliament &the Iraqi people:no privatization, no reconstruction funds.

  32. Larry:

    Yes, Bush won't listen to the people because we are right about the war. It needs to end asap.

  33. Suzie:

    10 more troops were killed today and Bush is at Camp David celebrating the fruits of his war.

  34. The Nation) This column was written by the editors of the Nation.

    It's beginning to look like Congress should take lessons in democracy from the Iraqi Parliament. The majority of Iraqi parliamentarians have signed a draft bill that would establish a timetable for the withdrawal of U.S. troops. Iraqi politicians are responding to popular sentiment in their country, as reflected by polls that show 65 percent of Iraqis want the occupation to end. Would that American politicians were as responsive to public opinion here; a recent CBS News/New York Times poll found that 64 percent of Americans want out.

  35. The Bush Administration has relied on an axis-of-clichés to stifle thought, inhibit debate, and generally mislead the American people. “The world is safer without Saddam Hussein.” “We are fighting the terrorists in Iraq so we don’t have to fight them here.” And “if we retreat from Iraq the terrorists will follow us home,” are just a few of the stale non-sequitars the Bush Administration has peddled to keep the public in a state of fear and prevent rational thought about the choices America faces. So long as these empty slogans frame the terms of the debate the United States will to continue make catastrophically poor decisions regarding Iraq and the War on Terror

  36. Larry:

    10 more troops today? It's getting worse each and every day!

  37. Suzie:

    It is getting worse and Bush and his fellow Democrats seem content for it to be that way.

  38. Speaking about the increasing exodus of Iraqis from their home country, and the established US policy of ignoring their plight, Rich writes, "To admit that Iraqis are voting with their feet is to concede that American policy is in ruins. A 'secure' Iraq is a mirage, and, worse, those who can afford to leave are the very professionals who might have helped build one. Thus the president says nothing about Iraq's humanitarian crisis, the worst in the Middle East since 1948, much as he tried to hide the American death toll in Iraq by keeping the troops' coffins off-camera and staying away from military funerals.

    Frank Rich
    New York Times

  39. Who is missing from this family photo and why?


  40. Dick Cheney’s Song of America

    The Plan is for the United States to rule the world. The overt theme is unilateralism, but it is ultimately a story of domination. It calls for the United States to maintain its overwhelming military superiority and prevent new rivals from rising up to challenge it on the world stage. It calls for dominion over friends and enemies alike. It says not that the United States must be more powerful, or most powerful, but that it must be absolutely powerful

  41. Shooter may have a plan, but let's face it-he is at least as stupid as Chimpy is, and perhaps even moreso.

    Cheney is Hitler without the street smarts. An ugly thing to behold.

  42. CALUMET CITY, Illinois (AP) -- A man beat his girlfriend's 4-year-old son to death after she left the boy in his care while she was deployed to Iraq, police said.

    Donnell Parker, 23, was charged Friday with first-degree murder in the death of Cameron Smith. The boy was found dead in his bed Thursday in a suburb south of Chicago.

    Parker told police he beat the boy, but would not say why, said Calumet City police Chief Patrick O'Meara. It was not immediately known if Parker had an attorney.

    Cameron was punched in the head, stomach and chest, and whipped with a belt from Tuesday to Wednesday evening, O'Meara said. An autopsy found he died of blunt-force trauma to the abdomen and head, O'Meara said.

    The boy's 7-year-old sister and 8-year-old brother had also been in Parker's care, O'Meara said. They were put in the custody of their maternal grandparents after Cameron was found dead.

  43. BAGHDAD, Iraq -- A car bomb exploded in central Baghdad on Monday, killing at least 19 people and wounding 46, police and hospital officials said.

    The bomb went off at 2 p.m. in the Sinak commercial district on the east side of the Tigris River.

    Also in central Baghdad, a battle raged after insurgents hijacked two buses and kidnapped at least 15 passengers, police said.

    At least three policemen had been killed and eight wounded, including four passers-by, authorities said.

  44. Militants Widen Reach as Terror Seeps Out of Iraq
    When Muhammad al-Darsi got out of prison in Libya last year after serving time for militant activities, he had one goal: killing Americans in Iraq.

    A recruiter he found on the Internet arranged to meet him on a bridge in Damascus, Syria. But when he got there, Mr. Darsi, 24, said the recruiter told him he was not needed in Iraq. Instead, he was drafted into the war that is seeping out of Iraq.

    A team of militants from Iraq had traveled to Jordan, where they were preparing attacks on Americans and Jews, Mr. Darsi said the recruiter told him. He asked Mr. Darsi to join them and blow himself up in a crowd of tourists at Queen Alia Airport in Amman.

    “I agreed,” Mr. Darsi said in a nine-page confession to Jordanian authorities after the plot was broken up.

    The Iraq war, which for years has drawn militants from around the world, is beginning to export fighters and the tactics they have honed in the insurgency to neighboring countries and beyond, according to American, European and Middle Eastern government officials and interviews with militant leaders in Lebanon, Jordan and London.

    Some of the fighters appear to be leaving as part of the waves of Iraqi refugees crossing borders that government officials acknowledge they struggle to control. But others are dispatched from Iraq for specific missions. In the Jordanian airport plot, the authorities said they believed that the bomb maker flew from Baghdad to prepare the explosives for Mr. Darsi.

    Bush's war is spreading.

  45. The Bush White House has declared that the 3.5% pay raise for the troops proposed by Democrats as being "unnecessary" but requested the legislature to make the President's tax cuts for the rich permanent, actions that have earned the administration the wrath of unions.

  46. Departing World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz in a radio interview broadcast Monday blamed an overheated atmosphere at the bank and in the media for forcing him to resign

  47. I just found this blog yesterday and I wanted to introduce myself properly, but today I felt like typing this instead. I will introduce myself later.

    On Memorial Day, people frequently will say "Thank You" to those who gave their lives for our freedom, and certainly I give my thanks to those who perished in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, World Wars 1 & 2, and so on ...

    For those who have died in this Iraqi war, thank you doesn't seem to quite fit. Instead, all I can say is "I'm sorry."

    I'm sorry it came to this. I'm sorry that the president didn't value your life enough to keep you alive. I'm sorry you aren't still here to help keep us safe from our nation's true enemies. I'm sorry that those in charge treasured their pride, money, greed, and political ambitions too much that you're considered expendable. I'm sorry that lies and deceit was all it took to have you killed. I'm sorry I didn't fight hard enough or effectively enough to keep you home.

    To the 3455 (and unfortunately still growing) service men and women who have died for a reason other than our freedom -- we miss you, we love you, may you rest in peace.

  48. {{waves at Larry}}

    Mch1968, what an excellent way to introduce yourself!

  49. mch1968 - THANK YOU. That was beautiful and very sad.

  50. mch1968, I hope you don't mind, but I posted your message for Memorial Day on the blog.

  51. Clif, I want to thank you for your service to our country and express my gratitude that you are alive and here with us, helping us to spread the message of hope ot all the dimwits.

    We love you CLif!!

    To John Conley and Marcus we love you too.

  52. Nope, dont mind a bit and I'm very honored ... wow, my very first comment too :)

    Ok, a wee bit about me -- I found the blog thru Wikipedia ( a trail that started with Superman ... a dollar to the one who figures out the link) and I feel like I have found another home.

    I am more of a liberal than I am a democrat, Im still trying to sort out my religious beliefs (the 2004 elections killed what I had), Lydia was one of my first "Hollywood crushes", I'm a huge Beatle fan, and I'm too longwinded for my own good.

    Lydia, Im sorry I didnt find your blog before now -- you are a very intelligent, witty, and wonderful person to be getting to know. By intelligent of course, I mean that we agree on everything politically ;)

    Anyway, I look forward to reading and hopefully contributing more.

  53. In Memoriam;

    Abad, Roberto

    Acevedoaponte, Ramon A

    Acklin, Michael D II

    Acosta, Genaro

    Acosta, Steven

    Adamkavicius, Clayton L

    Adamouski, James F

    Adams, Algernon

    Adams, Brandon E

    Adams, Brent A

    Adams, Clarence III

    Adams, Leonard W

    Adams, Mark P

    Adams, Michael R

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    Aguilar, Andres Jr

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    Ahlquist, Clinton W

    Ailes, Jeramy A

    Aitken, Tristan N

    Akers, Spencer C

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    Arndt, Travis M

    Arnette, Jason R

    Arnold, Andrew Todd

    Arnold, Daniel L

    Arnold, James L

    Arnold, Larry R Sr

    Arredondo, Alexander S

    Arrelanopandura, Carlos

    Arriaga, Richard

    Arroyave, Jimmy J

    Arsiaga, Robert R

    Arvanitis, Nicholas A

    Asbury, Brandon S

    Ashcraft, Evan Asa

    Ashley, Benjamin J

    Aston, Trevor D

    Atkins, Julia V

    Atkins, Shawn M

    Aubin, Jay Thomas

    Auchman, Steven E

    August, Matthew J

    Aultz, Corey J

    Austin, Aaron C

    Austin, Shane R

    Avery, Garrison, C

    Avery, Jeffrey A

    Aviles, Andrew Julian

    Axelson, Matthew G

    Ayala, David

    Ayala, Luis G

    Ayon, Eric A

    Ayro, Lionel

    Babb, Brock A

    Babbitt, Travis A

    Babcock, Howard E IV

    Babin, Christopher J

    Babineau, David J

    Bacevich, Andrew J

    Bachar, Salem

    Bacon, Henry A

    Baddick, Andrew Joseph

    Bader, Daniel A

    Baez, Cesar O

    Baez, Roberto C

    Bailey, Michael V

    Bailey, Nathan J

    Baines, Joe L

    Baker, Brian K

    Baker, Riley E

    Baker, Ronald W

    Baker, Ryan T

    Baker, Sherwood R

    Baldwin, Joel Egan

    Baldwyn, Stephen P

    Bales, Chad E

    Balint, Paul Jr

    Ball, Terry W Jr

    Ballard,Kenneth Michael

    Balsley, Michael C

    Banaszak, Debra A

    Bancroft, Matthew W

    Bandhold, Scott M

    Bandonill, Metodio A

    Bangayan, Solomon C

    Banks, Barbaralien

    Baragona, Dominic R

    Barber, Douglas

    Barbieri, Thomas J

    Barbosa, Felipe C

    Barbret, Mark A

    Barcus. Collier E

    Barkey, Michael C

    Barlow, Patrick O

    Barnes, Jonathan P

    Barnes, Matthew R

    Barnett, Christopher W

    Barnett, Jeremy D

    Barnhill, Edward C

    Barnhill, Michael S

    Baro, Jeremiah A

    Baroncini, Lester D Jr

    Barr, Aric J

    Barraza, Ricardo

    Barrera, Michael Paul

    Barron, Bryan Edward

    Barry, Michael C

    Barta, John

    Bartels, Daniel D

    Bascom, Douglas E

    Basham, Robert J

    Bass, Aram J

    Bass, David A

    Bates, Todd N

    Battles, Michael Sr

    Baucus, Phillip E

    Baughman, Nathaniel S

    Bauguess, Larry J Jr

    Baum, Ronald E

    Baum, Ryan J

    Baum, Tane T

    Bayow, Steven G

    Beadles, Jason J

    Bean, Alan N Jr

    Beard, Bradley S

    Beardsley, William J

    Beasley, Bobby E

    Beatty, Jonathan S

    Beaulieu, Beau R

    Beaupre, Ryan Anthony

    Becker, Gunnar D

    Becker, Shane R

    Beckstrand, James L

    Bedard, Andrew D

    Beeler, Brent E

    Beery, Brock A

    Behnke, Joseph O

    Behrle, David W

    Beisel, Jacob W

    Belanger, Gregory A

    Belchik, Christopher

    Bell, Aubrey D

    Bell, Rusty W

    Bell, Ryan M

    Bell, Timothy M Jr

    Bellard, Wilfred D

    Bellavia, Joseph P

    Bell-Johnson, Katrina L

    Belser, Donnie R Jr

    Benford, Jason A

    Benish, Stephen C

    Bennett, Keith A

    Bennett, Richard A

    Bennett, William M

    Benson, Darry

    Benson, Johnathan L

    Benson, Michael A

    Benson, Robert T

    Berg, Ryan R

    Bergeron, Bradley J

    Bernholtz, Eric J

    Bernstein, David R

    Berry, David R

    Berry, Sean B

    Bertoldie, Joel L

    Bertolino, Matthew L

    Bertolino, Stephen A

    Bertrand, Bryan P

    Best, Marvin

    Beste, Bradley H

    Bevel, Ray M

    Bevington, Allan R

    Beyer, Paul A

    Bibby, Mark A

    Bicknell, Stephen D

    Bier, Joseph P

    Bievre, Mario J

    Biggers, Ethan J

    Billiter, Gregory J

    Birch, Dustin V

    Bishop, Jason L

    Bishop, Jeffery A

    Bishop, Ryan A

    Biskie, Benjamin W Sr

    Bisson, Jeffrey D

    Bitz, Michael E

    Bixler, Evan A

    Bixler, Stephen R

    Black, Jarrod W

    Blair, Jonathan F

    Blair, Robert E

    Blair, Thomas A

    Blaise, Michael T

    Blake, Joseph R

    Blakley, Richard A

    Blanco, Ernesto M

    Blanco, Joseph A

    Bland, Brian D

    Blaney, Christopher T

    Blankenbecler, James D

    Blanton, Jeffrey S

    Blazer, Melvin L

    Blecksmith, James P

    Blessing, Jay A

    Blickenstaff, Joseph M

    Blodgett, Nicholas H

    Bloem, Nicholas William B

    Blohm, Alan R

    Bloomfield, Gerald M II

    Blue, Shaun M

    Blum, Aron C

    Blumberg, Trevor A

    Boatman, Darrell W

    Boatright, Michael L

    Bock, Amos CR

    Boehmer, Jeremiah J

    Bogrette, Henry W

    Bohling, Matthew C

    Bohlman, Jeremy L

    Bohr Jr., Jeffrey E

    Bohrnsen, Kyle G

    Bolar, Matthew T

    Bolding, Todd J

    Boles, Dennis J

    Boling, Craig A

    Bollinger Jr, Doyle W

    Bolor, Kelly

    Bonifacio, Jerry L Jr

    Bonilla, Orlando A

    Booker, Darryl D

    Booker, Stevon A

    Boone, Christopher K

    Boone, Clarence E

    Booth, Joshua L

    Borbonus, John G

    Bordelon, Michael J

    Borea, Russell P

    Boria, John J

    Boskovitch, Jeffrey A

    Bosselmann, Kirk J

    Bossert, Andrew L

    Bostic, Kenneth E

    Bosveld, Rachel K

    Boswell, Samuel M

    Botello, Brian A

    Bouchard, Nathan K

    Boule, Nathew G

    Bourdon, Elvis

    Bourgeois, Matthew J

    Bouthot, Michael E

    Bow, Jeremy D

    Bowe, Matthew C

    Bowen, Samuel R

    Bowling, Jonathan W

    Bowling, Theodore A

    Bowling, William G

    Bowman, Jon E

    Bowman, Larry R

    Bowman, Timothy N

    Box, Hesley Jr

    Boyce, Timothy R

    Boyd, Joshua M

    Boye, Noah L

    Boyles, Aaron

    Brabazon, Edward W

    Bradach-Nall, Travis J

    Bradbury, Brian J

    Bradfield, Hoby F Jr

    Bradley, Kenneth R

    Bradshaw, Anthony M

    Bramer, Michael J

    Brand, Emerson N

    Brandon, Stacey C

    Brangman, David J

    Branning, David M

    Brassfield, Artimus D

    Braswell, Darren D

    Brattain, Joel K

    Braun, Jeffrey F

    Bravo, Raul S

    Brazee, Joshua T

    Brehm, Dale G

    Brennan, William I

    Brevard, Christopher R

    Brewer, Adam N

    Brewster, Bryan A

    Bridges, James L

    Bridges, Michael P

    Bridges, Steven H

    Bright, Dean R

    Bright, Scottie L

    Brinlee, Kyle A

    Briones, Pablito Oena

    Britt, Benjamin T

    Brixey, Billy D Jr

    Brock, Sean L

    Brooks, Adam R

    Brooks, Cory W

    Brooks, William J

    Broomhead, Thomas F

    Brown, Andrew W

    Brown, Bruce E

    Brown, Demarkus D

    Brown, Dominic C

    Brown, Donald S

    Brown, Harrison

    Brown, Henry L

    Brown, James E

    Brown, Jeffery S

    Brown, Jeremy A

    Brown, John E

    Brown, John G

    Brown, Kyle W

    Brown, Larry K

    Brown, Lunsford B II

    Brown, Nathan P

    Brown, Nicholas P

    Brown, Oliver J

    Brown, Philip D

    Brown, Scott J

    Brown, Timmy R

    Brown, Timothy D

    Brown, Timothy W

    Brown, Tyler H

    Brown, William R

    Brownfield, Andrew D

    Browning, Brian A

    Brozovich, Daniel A

    Bruce, Travis R

    Bruckenthal, Nathan B

    Bruns, Cedric E

    Brunson, Jacques E

    Bryan, Benjamin S

    Bryant, Jack Jr

    Bryant, Todd J

    Bryson, Stephen L

    Bubb, Daniel Scott R

    Bubeck, John T

    Bucklew, Ernest G

    Buckley, Roy

    Buckley, Ryan J

    Bucklin, Brock L

    Bueche, Paul J

    Buehring, Charles H

    Buerstetta, Richard A

    Buesing, Brian Rory

    Buford, Travis W

    Buggs, George E

    Buie, Jimmy D

    Bunch, Joshua I

    Bunda, Christopher

    Burbank, Michael L

    Burdick, Richard A

    Burge, Jerry C

    Burger, Dale A Jr

    Burgess, Alan J

    Burgess, Bryan K

    Burgess, Jeffrey C

    Burgess, Ryan J

    Burk, Taylor J

    Burkart, Armer N

    Burke, Timothy R

    Burkett, Tamario D

    Burkhardt, Travis L

    Burnett, Jason K

    Burns, Kyle W

    Burri, Eric T

    Burridge, David P

    Burrows, Joshua C

    Buryj, Jesse R

    Bush, Charles E

    Bush, Matthew D

    Bushart, Damian S

    Bushnell, William W

    Bustamante, Marlon A

    Butcher, Steve Jr

    Butler, Adrian J

    Butler, Jacob L

    Butler, Kenneth J

    Butler, Kenneth T

    Butterfield, Anthony E

    Buzzard, Jason J

    Byers, Casey

    Byers, Joshua T

    Byler, William J

    Byrd, John T II

    Byrd, Thomas H

    Caban, Eric

    Cabino, Shayne M

    Cabralbanuelos, Juan C

    Cadavero, Jonathan D

    Caddy, Marshall H

    Cagle, Daniel P

    Cahill, Joel E

    Cain, Marcus A

    Cajimat, Jay S

    Calapini, Lewis TD

    Calavan, Cody S

    Calderon, Juan Jr

    Calderon, Pablo A

    Calderon-Ascencio, Roland E

    Caldwell, Eric T

    Caldwell, Nathaniel A

    Caldwell. Charles T

    Callahan, Bobby T

    Callahan, Keith A

    Callahan, William J

    Calloway, Isaiah

    Camacho, Leeroy A

    Camacho-Rivera, Carlos M

    Camara, Joseph

    Cambridge, Lyle J

    Camilomatos, Radhames

    Campbell, Damion G

    Campbell, Jaime L

    Campbell, Jeremy M

    Campbell, Michael C

    Campbell, Ryan M

    Camposiles, Marvin A

    Campoy, Isaac

    Canegata, David C III

    Cann, Adam L

    Cannan, Kelly M

    Canning, Wesley J

    Cantafio, Ryan J

    Cantrell, Joseph H IV

    Cantu, Philip

    Caradine, Ervin Jr

    Carballo, Adolfo C

    Carbonaro, Alessandro

    Cardelli, Sean T

    Cardinal, Anthony O

    Carey, Michael M

    Cariaga, Deyson K

    Carl, Richard P

    Carlock, Ryan G

    Carlson, Frederick A

    Carlson, Michael C

    Carman, Benjamin R

    Carman, Edward W

    Carr, Robert M

    Carrasquillo, Jocelyn L

    Carrasquillo, Miguel

    Carrillo, Alejandro

    Carrillo, Rafael A Jr

    Carroll, James D

    Carroll, John A

    Carter, Curtis A

    Carter, Justin B

    Carter, Lawrence J

    Caruso, David M III

    Carver, Dane O

    Carver, Mitchell K Jr

    Carvill, Frank T

    Casanova, Jose

    Casavant, Casey

    Case, Virgil R

    Cash, Christopher S

    Cashe, Alwyn C

    Casica, Kenith

    Casillas, Landon R

    Cason, Ahmed A

    Casper, James A

    Cassidy, Paul J

    Castellano, Stephen A

    Castillo, Luis J

    Castillo, Mario A

    Castle, Samuel T

    Castleberry, Roger D Jr

    Castner, Stephen W

    Castro, Jesse JJ

    Castro, Jonathan

    Castro, Roland L

    Cataudella, Sean K

    Cates, Steven C T

    Cathey, James J

    Caughman, Thomas D

    Cauthorn, Forrest D

    Cawley, James W

    Cawvey, Jessica L

    Cayer, Geofrey R

    Cedergren, David A

    Celestine, Willie P Jr

    Ceniceros, Manuel A

    Ceo, Bernard L

    Cepeda, Aaron N Sr

    Cerrone, Michael A

    Cervantes, Victor H

    Chaires, Daniel B

    Champlin, Donald E

    Chamroeun, James

    Chan, Doron

    Chanawongse, Kemaphoom A

    Chance, James A III

    Chandler, Jeremy A

    Chaney, William D

    Channell Jr., Robert William

    Chao, Cornell C

    Chapin, Chris S

    Chapman, John A

    Chapman, Nathan R

    Chapman, Nathan Ross

    Chappell, Jason K

    Charette, Holly A

    Chase, Lance M

    Chavez, Daniel

    Chavez, Javier Jr

    Chavez, Steven M

    Chavis, Leebernard E

    Chay, Kyu H

    Cheatham, Jonathan M

    Checo, Steven

    Chen, Yihjyh L

    Cherava, Nicholas O

    Cherry, Craig W

    Cherry. Marcus M

    Chevalier, Brian L

    Childers, Therrel S.

    Childress, Kyle W

    Chiomento, Robert J

    Chisholm, Tyrone L

    Chism, Jonathan B

    Choi, Min S

    Chris, Andrew F

    Christensen, Gerry Willard

    Christensen, Jeremy E

    Christensen, Ryan D

    Christensen, Thomas W

    Christian, Brett T

    Christoff, David R

    Cifuentes, Michael J

    Ciraso, James Kristofer R

    CisnerosAlvarez, Julio C

    Clairday, Jason S

    Clark, Arron R

    Clark, Carlton A

    Clark, Eric D

    Clark, Matthew W

    Clark, Michael J

    Clark, Regina R

    Clark, Ryan J

    Clark, Theodore Jr

    Clarke, Kevin M

    Clarkston, Thomas L

    Clary, Don A

    Claunch, Herbert R

    Clay, Daniel J

    Clay, Darrell P

    Clayton, Hayes

    Clearman, Brent

    Cleary, Michael J

    Clemens, Brian M

    Clemens, Shawn M

    Clemmons, Brad A

    Clemons, Nathan B

    Clemons, Thomas W

    Cleveland, Adare W

    Clevenger, Ross A

    Clifton, Richard C

    Cline, Donald J

    Cobb, Christopher R

    Cockerham, Benny G III

    Codner, Kyle W

    Coffin, Christopher D

    Cohee, Walter F III

    Cohen, Michael R

    Coker, Lance W

    Colburn, Gavin J

    Cole, Jeremiah S

    Coleman, Bradli N

    Coleman, Gary B

    Coles, Dominic R

    Colgan, Benjamin J

    Collado, Jay T

    Collier, Russell L

    Collins, David S

    Collins, Gary L

    Collins, Jonathan W

    Collins, Randy D

    Collins, Ryan D

    Collinsworth, Clifford R

    Colnot, Kyle A

    Colon, Pedro J

    Colton, Lawrence S

    Colunga, Zeferino E

    Colvill, Robert E Jr

    Combs, Casey D

    Comeaux, Kurt J

    Cometa, Anthony S

    Comley, Chase J

    Commons, Matthew A

    Commons, Matthew A

    Conboy, Adam C

    Conde, Kenneth Jr

    Conley, Matthew D

    Connell, James D Jr

    Conner, Bradly D

    Conner, Brian R

    Conneway, Timothy M

    Connolly, David S

    Conover, Steven D

    Conte, Matthew G

    Contreras, Aaron J

    Contreras, Andres J

    Contreras, Pedro

    Cook, Jason

    Cook, Robert J

    Cooke, Eric F

    Cooley, Sean M

    Coon, James J

    Cooper, Charles S Jr

    Cooper, Jason

    Cooper, John E

    Cooper, Travis S

    Cooper, Troy D

    Corban, Jeffrey W

    Corbett, Jason J

    Cordova, Ramon E Gonzales

    Cornell, Todd R

    Cornell, Wayne R

    Cornett, Lance S

    Corniel, Marcelino R

    Corpuz, Bernard P

    Corral, Dennis A

    Cortes, Victor M III

    Cosgrove, Christopher B III

    Costello, James F III

    Cote, Budd M

    Cothran, Derrick J

    Coullard, David J

    Coulter, Alexander S

    Courneya, Daniel W

    Cournoyer, Nicholas R

    Courtney, Kelley L

    Coutu, Matthew S

    Cowherd, Leonard M

    Cox, Gregory A

    Cox, Ryan R

    Cox, Simon T Jr

    Crabtree, Daniel B

    Crackel, Alexander B

    Craig, Brian T

    Craig, Heath N

    Crane, Richard M

    Crate, Casey

    Craver, Johnny K

    Creager, Timothy R

    Creamean, Tyler L

    Creed, Matthew W

    Creighton, Shawn R

    Crocker, Ricardo A

    Crockett, Ricky L

    Crockett. Michael T

    Crombie, David N

    Cronkrite, Brud J

    Crose, Bradley S

    Cross, Kenneth M

    Crowe, Terrence K

    Crowley, Kyle D

    Crumpler, Adam J

    Crutchfield, Michael J

    Cruz, Joseph

    Cuaresma, Sirlou C

    Cubert, Clinton W

    Cuervo, Rey D

    Cuka, Daniel M

    Culbertson, Russell G III

    Cuming, Kevin A

    Cummings, Branden C

    Cummings, Ryan J

    Cunningham, Daniel Francis

    Cunningham, Darren J

    Cunningham,Jason D

    Curran, Carl F

    Curtin, Michael Edward

    Cutchall, Christopher E

    Cutter, Brian K

    Daclan, Edgar P Jr

    Dagostino, Anthony D

    Daily, Mark J

    Dallas, Ernest W Jr

    Dalley, Nathan S

    Dallman, Ryan S

    Dameron, Joel P

    Damon, Patrick D

    Dampier, Grant A

    Dan, Corey A

    Dang, Andrew S

    Daniel, Jason B

    Daniels, Danny B II

    Dantzler, Torey J

    Darga, Paul J

    Darling, Norman

    Das, Eric B

    Daul, Andrew P

    Davenport, James R

    Davey, Seamus M

    Davids, Wesley G

    Davies, Shawn M

    Davila, Jessie

    Davis, Anthony J Jr

    Davis, Brandon L

    Davis, Bryant L

    Davis, Craig

    Davis, Daryl A

    Davis, David J

    Davis, Donald N

    Davis, Edward G III

    Davis, Gloria D

    Davis, Jefferson Donald

    Davis, Justin R

    Davis, Kevin D

    Davis, Michael W

    Davis, Raphael S

    Davis, Robert G

    Davis, Wilbert

    Davis, William N

    Davis, Zachariah S

    Day, David F

    Dayton, Jeffrey F

    Dazachacon, Edwin H

    De Leon, Mario K

    Deal, Lee Hamilton

    Dean, James Emerick

    Dearing, John W

    Deason, Michael L

    Deblanc, Darren A

    Debro, Germaine L

    Dechen, Kurt E

    Deckard, Matthew L

    Deeds, Roger W

    Deem, Michael S

    Deese, Joshua

    Defazio, Robert W

    Defrenn, Jason G

    Deghand, Bernard L

    Degiovine, Christopher

    Deibler, Jason L

    Delatorre, Jesse D

    DeLeon, Lauro G Jr

    Delgado, Marc A

    Delgreco, Felix M

    Demand, Jacob H

    Dembowski, Robert H

    DeMoors, Joseph D

    Dempsey, Kevin J

    Denfrund, Jason C

    Dengkhim, Tenzin

    Dennie, Mike A

    Dennis, Jerod R

    Dennison, John R

    Dent, Darryl T

    Depew, Cory R

    DePottey, Jeremy E

    Deraps, Leon B

    Derenda, Robert V

    Derga, Dustin A

    Derks, Brian K

    DeRoo, Gabriel G

    Derrick, Andrew J

    Dervishi, Ervin

    Desens, Daniel A

    Desiato, Travis R

    Desilets, Benjamin D

    Desjardins, Douglas C

    Detample, Nathaniel E

    Deuel, Michael R

    Deutsch, Michael J

    Dewey, Brandon

    Deyarmin, Daniel N Jr

    Diaz, Carlos J

    Diaz, Isaac E

    Diazvarela, Sergio R

    Dicenzo, Douglas A

    Dickens, Tyler J

    Dickerson, Christopher M

    Dickinson, Joshua W

    Dickinson, Michael A II

    Dickison, Christopher W

    Dieruf, Nicholas J

    Diesing, Trevor J

    Dietrich, David E

    Dietz, Danny P

    Digiovanni, Jeremiah J

    Dill, Christopher W

    Dillon, Matthew V

    Dima, Catalin D

    Dimaranan, Jeremy M

    Dingler, Joshua P

    Diraimondo, Michael A

    Disney, Jason A

    Dively, Duane W

    Dixon, Anthony J

    Dixon, Christopher R

    Dixon, Robert J

    Dodson, Philip A

    Doerflinger, Thomas K

    Dolan, Daniel G

    Doles, John G

    Doltz, Ryan E

    Dominguez, Carlos

    Donaldson, Christopher B

    Dones, Jacob D

    Donica, Dustin R

    Dooley, Mark H

    Dooley, Michael E

    Dorff, Patrick D

    Doria, Richwell A

    Doring, Nathanael J

    Dorrity, James P

    Dossett, Trace W

    Dostie, Shawn C

    Dostie, Thomas J

    Dougherty, Scott E

    Dowdy, Robert J

    Downey, Michael A

    Downing, Stephen P II

    Downs, William

    Doyle, Jeremy W

    Drake, Chad H

    Draughn, George R Jr

    Drawl, Robert E Jr

    Dreasky, Duane J

    Dreese, Justin W

    Drexler, Jeremy L

    Drier, Charles A

    Dronet, Brandon R

    Dudkiewicz, Kasper A

    Duenas, Joseph J

    Duerksen, Amy A

    Duffman, Scott E

    Duffy, Christopher M

    Dumas, Joseph C Jr

    Dunckley, Allen J

    Dunham, Jason L

    Dunham, Robert E

    Dunigan, Joe L Jr

    Dunkin, Shawn M

    Dunkleberger, Brent W

    Dunlap, Brian E

    Dunn, Jeannette T

    Dunn, Terrence D

    Duplantier, Arnold II

    Durbin, Jerry M Jr

    Durgin, Russell M

    DuSang, Robert L

    Dusenbery, William D

    Dvorin, Seth J

    Dwelley, Jason B

    Dyer, Christopher J

    Dyer, Scott W

    Dykman, Scott D

    Eacho, Donald W

    Eason, Carl A

    Eaton, Richard S Jr

    Ebert, Blain M

    Ebert, Christopher S

    Echols, Thomas P

    Eckert, Gary A Jr

    Eckfield, Robert F Jr

    Eckhardt, Christopher M

    Eckhart, William C

    Edens, William A

    Edge, James C

    Edgerton, Marshall L

    Edgin, Kevin F

    Edinger, Benjamin C

    Edmunds, Jonn J

    Edmundson, Phillip C

    Edwards, Amos C Jr

    Edwards, Chase A

    Edwards, Mark O

    Edwards, Michael I

    Edwards, Shawn C

    Egan, Michael

    Eggers, Daniel W

    Eggers, Kyle A

    Egnor, Jody L

    Ehle, Jeremy W

    Ehney, Robert W

    Ehrlich, Andrew C

    Eisenhauer, Wyatt D

    Elias, Elias

    Elizarraras, Emigdio E

    Ellenburg, Kevin J

    Elliott, Terry J

    Ellis, James D

    Ellis, Joseph J

    Ellsworth, Justin M

    Elrod, Nathan R

    Emanuel, William R IV

    Emch, Lucas W.A.

    Emolo, Ebe F

    Emul, Adam Q

    Engel, Mark E

    Engeldrum, Christian P

    Engeman, John W

    English, Shawn L

    Enos, Peter G

    Eppich, Robert S

    Erberich, Christopher M

    Erdy, Nicholas B

    Escalante, Brian A

    Esckelson, Christopher E

    Escobar, Sergio H

    Espaillat, Pedro I Jr

    Espiritu, Allan M Cundanga

    Esposito, Michael J Jr

    Esposito, Phillip T

    Estep, Adam W

    Estep, James E

    Estes, Justin M

    Estralla-Soto, Ruben

    Estrella, Michael A

    Etterling, Jonathan E

    Evans Jr., David

    Evans, Kermit O

    Evans, Michael S II

    Evans, William L

    Everett, Christopher L

    Evey, Jason M

    Evnin, Mark A

    Ewens, Forrest P

    Ewing, Jeremy Ricardo

    Eyerly, Justin L

    Ezernack, Troy S

    Faircloth, Bradley M

    Fairlie, Nathan P

    Falaniko, Jonathan I

    Fales, Adam R

    Falkel, Christopher M

    Falter, Shawn P

    Fargo, Adam J

    Farmer, Donald B

    Farnan, Colby M

    Farr, Clay P

    Farrar, Andrew K Jr

    Farrar, William A Jr

    Farris, Billy B

    Farrow, Jefferey J

    Fasnacht, Michael J

    Fassbender, Huey P L

    Faulkenburg, Steven W

    Faulkner, James D

    Faulstich, Raymond J

    Faunce, Brian R

    Fegler, Jason A

    Feistner, Curtis D

    Fejeran, Gregory D

    Felder, Arthur L

    Felder, Tyanna S

    Fell, Robin V

    Felsberg, Paul M

    Felts, Thomas H Sr

    Feniello, Shelby J

    Fennerty, Sean P

    Fenton, Matthew J

    Fenty, Joseph J

    Ferderer, Dennis J Jr

    Ferguson, Rian C

    Ferguson, Richard L

    Fernandez, Christopher JC

    Fernandez, George A

    Fernandez, Kyle Ka Eo

    Fernandez, William V

    Ferrin, Clint D

    Fester, Gregory J

    Fettig, Jon P

    Fey, Tyler R

    Ficek, Damien Thai

    Field, Nathan R

    Fifer, Eric A

    Figueroa, Gabriel J

    Figueroa, Kristen K

    Figueroa, Luis A

    Finke, Michael W Jr

    Finken, Paul J

    Fischer, Jeremy J

    Fiscus, Keith E

    Fiscus, Michael T

    Fisher, David M

    Fisher, Donald E II

    Fisher, Dustin C

    Fisher, Paul F

    Fite, Joseph E

    Fitzgerald, Almar L

    Fitzgerald, Dustin R

    Flanagan, Dennis J

    Flanigan, William T

    Fleischer, Jacob R

    Fletcher, Jacob S

    Flint, Marion Jr

    Flores, John D

    Flores, Jonathan R

    Flores, Omar D

    Flores, Wilfred Jr

    Flores-Mejia, Jose Rocardo

    Floyd, Alkaila T

    Floyd, Clarence L Jr

    Flynn, John M

    Foley III, Thomas A

    Folks, Tommy I Jr

    Folmar, Timothy

    Fonseca, Jesus

    Fontan, Jacques J

    Fontanilla, Victor M

    Fontecchio, Elia P

    Foraker, Ryan D

    Forbes, Aaron M

    Ford, David H IV

    Ford, Jason C

    Ford, Joshua A

    Ford, Michael L

    Ford, Phillip C

    Ford, Richard L

    Ford, Travis A

    Fordyce, James F

    Forshey, Curtis J

    Fortenberry, Wesley C

    Fortune, Maurice Keith

    Foshee, Jeremy D

    Fouty, Byron W (POW/MIA)

    Fox, Bradley C

    Fox, Travis A

    Fracker, Dale E Jr

    Fraise, David M

    Fralish, John T

    Franco, Jason

    Frank, Craig S

    Frank, Michael K

    Frank, Phillip E

    Frank, Stephen W

    Franklin, Benny S

    Franklin, Bobby C

    Franklin, Michael W

    Frantz, Lucas A

    Frantz, Matthew C

    Frantz, Robert L

    Fraser, David M

    Fraser, Grant B

    Frassetto, Vincent M

    Frazier, Jacob L

    Frazier, Joshua J

    Frederick, Kendall K

    Frederick, Leslie Jr

    Freeman, Benjamin L

    Freeman, Brian L

    Freeman, Brian S

    Freeman, Bryan L

    Freeman, Daniel J

    Freeman, Walter Jr

    Freese, Shawn Michael

    French, Carrie L

    Fresques, Jeremy

    Freund, Steve W

    Fribley, David K

    Frickey, Armand L

    Friedrich, David T

    Frigo, Nathan J

    Frist, Luke P

    Frith, Kerry W

    Fritz, Jacob N

    Froehlich, Adam D

    Frosheiser, Kurt R

    Fry, John D

    Frye, Jason L

    Frye, Nichole M

    Fuentes, Daniel A

    Fuerst, Joseph F III

    Fuga, Michael T

    Fuhrmann, Ray M II

    Fulkerson, Timothy A

    Fulks, William B

    Fuller, Alexander H

    Fuller, Carl R

    Fuller, Chad C

    Fuller, Travis J

    Funcheon, Alexander J

    Funke, Kane M

    Funkhouser, James A

    Furman, Donald D

    Futrell, Marcus S Jr

    Gabbard, Marilyn L

    Gabrielson, Dan H

    Gadsden, Clifford V

    Gadsden, Jonathan E

    Gage, Joseph A

    Galewski, Justin J

    Gallagher, Patrick J

    Gallardo, Denis J

    Galvan, Daniel Lee

    Galvan, Jose A

    Galvez, Adam A

    Ganey, Jerry L Jr

    Gannon, Richard J II

    Garbs, Ryan C

    Garceau, Seth K

    Garces, Tomas

    Garcia, Alberto Jr

    Garcia, Anthony R

    Garcia, Israel Devora

    Garcia, J Adan

    Garcia, Javier J

    Garcia, Justin R

    Garcia, Ruel M

    Garcia-Arana, Juan De Dios

    Gardner, Derek L

    Gardner, Freeman L Jr

    Gardner, James W

    Garibay, Jose A

    Garmback, Joseph M

    Garrigus, Mickel D

    Garrison, Landis W

    Garton, Clay

    Garvey, Justin W

    Garvin, Edward M

    Garyantes, Joseph P

    Garza Jr., Juan Guadalupe

    Garza, Damian J

    Garza, Israel

    Garza, Joe J

    Garza, Rogelio R Jr

    Gasiewicz, Cari A

    Gaspers, Kevin J

    Gaunky, Anthony A

    Gauthreaux, Jay R

    Gautier, Aaron D

    Gavriel, Dimitrios

    Gaylord, Alva L

    Gebur, Ronald W

    Geer, George R

    Geiger, Christopher P

    Gelina, Mark C

    Gelineau, Christopher D

    Genevie, Aaron M

    Gentry, Lewis J

    George, Phillip C

    Gerena, Orville

    Germosen, Scott N

    Gertson, Clinton R

    Gettings, Albert P

    Geurin, Cory Ryan

    Giaimo, David L

    Giannopoulos, Peter J

    Gibbons, Devon J

    Gibbs, Mathew V

    Gibbs, Nicholas R

    Gibbs, Todd C

    Gibson, Brennan C

    Gibson, Christopher A

    Gibson, Derek A

    Gibson, Timothy M

    Gienau, Richard B

    Gifford, Alan N

    Gifford, Jonathan L

    Gifford, Micah S

    Gil, Carlos J

    Gilbert, Kyle C

    Gilbert, Richard A Jr

    Gilbert, Thomas M

    Gilbert, Troy L

    Giles, Landon S

    Gill, Steven P

    Gillican, Charles C III

    Gilman, Benjamin L

    Gilmore, Cornell W I

    Gilmore, Joseph A

    Ginther, Ronald A

    Gionet, Daniel R

    Gist, Milton A Jr

    Given, Nathaniel A

    Givens, Jesse A

    Givens, Steven R

    Glawson, Curtis E

    Gleason, Michael T

    Glimpse, Marcus S

    Glover, Michael D

    Goare, Shamus O

    Godbolt, Lee M

    Godwin, Todd J

    Goins, James Michael

    Golby, Christopher A

    Golczynski, Marcus A

    Goldberg, David J

    Golding, Nicholes D

    Goldman, Shane L

    Golla, Cliff K

    Gomez, Billy

    Gomez, Jose

    Gonsalves, Chad A

    Gonzales, Armando Ariel

    Gonzales, Carlos M

    Gonzales, Jesus A.

    Gonzales, Jorge A

    Gonzales, Mario D

    Gonzales, Victor A

    Gonzales-Iraheta, Felix G

    Gonzalez, Benjamin R

    Gonzalez, Christopher N

    Gonzalez, Orlando E

    Good, Alecia S

    Gooden, Bernard G

    Gooding, Dakotah L

    Goodiron, Nathan J

    Goodnature, Corey J

    Goodrich, Gregory R

    Goodrich, Joseph P

    Goodro, Dusty Reed

    Goodwin, Anthony L

    Goodwin, Robert S

    Gordon, Brandon D

    Gordon, David W

    Gordon, Lyle L

    Gottfried, Richard S

    Gould, Dustin M

    Gourley, Gregson G

    Goward, Richard A

    Graham, James R III

    Graham, Jeffrey C

    Graham, Lance T

    Graham, Mark W

    Graham, Shawn A

    GramesSanchez, David J

    Granados, Cesar A

    Grant, Brian K

    Grant, Jonathan W

    Grant, Sandra S

    Grassbaugh, Jonathan D

    Graves, Joseph A

    Gray, Jamie A

    Gray, Michael J

    Gray, Tommy L

    Gray, Torrey L

    Green, Jeffrey G

    Green, Ryan P

    Green, Toccara R

    Greene, Curtis F

    Greene, David S

    Greene, Jeremy R

    Greenlee, Satieon V

    Greer, Nicholas J

    Grella, Devin J

    Gresham, Daniel G

    Grez, Jourdan L

    Griffin Jr., Patrick Lee

    Griffin, Darrell R Jr

    Griffin, Kyle A

    Griffith, Donald D Jr

    Griffith, John C

    Grigg, Travis J

    Grijalva, James T

    Grilley, Sean R

    Grimes, Kyle J

    Grimes, Sean

    Grimm, Matthew T

    Griner, Aaron M

    Grogan, Travis W

    Grothe, Kelly B

    Guastaferro, Daniel F

    Gudino, Sergio

    Guereca, Jose Jr

    Guerra, Ernesto R

    Guerrera, Joseph R

    Guerrero, Marieo

    Guerrero, Salvador

    Guiterrez, Kelvin E

    Gukeisen, Hans N

    Gullett, Zachary R

    Gunterman, Hannah L

    Gurbisz, James M

    Gurtner, Christian D

    Gutierrez, Agustin

    Gutierrez, Analaura Esparza

    Gutierrez, Jose

    Gutierrez, Marshall A

    Guy, Robert A

    Guy, Shaker T

    Guyton, Larry I

    Haag, Chase A

    Hafer, Richard W

    Hager, Joshua R

    Haggin, Jonathon C

    Hagy, Guy S Jr

    Hahn, Peter J

    Haight, Charles G

    Haines, Kenneth W

    Halal, Michael J

    Hale, John E

    Hall, Blake W

    Hall, Curtis R

    Hall, David E

    Hall, Michael D

    Hall, Robert E Jr

    Hallal, Deryk L

    Haller, Roger W

    Halling, Jesse M

    Halsel, Santiago M

    Halverson, Andrew

    Halvorsen, Erik A

    Hamill, Jason R

    Hamlin, Christopher N

    Hamm, Jonathan V

    Hammond, Nathaniel T

    Hampton, Kimberly N

    Hancock, Michael S

    Hanks, Michael W

    Hannon, Fernando B

    Hansen, Jeffrey J

    Hansen, Warren S

    Hanson, Charles A Jr

    Hanson, Jason

    Hanson, Joshua R

    Hardy, Brandon M

    Hardy, Richard A

    Harkins, Jason R

    Harlan, James W

    Harmon, Darren

    Haromarin, Atanacio

    Harper, Bradley J

    Harper, Gary R Jr

    Harper, Marlon B

    Harrell, William M

    Harriman, Stanley L

    Harrington, Foster L

    Harris, Adam J

    Harris, Blake

    Harris, Blake M

    Harris, Dustin J

    Harris, Jennifer J

    Harris, Joseph G

    Harris, Kenneth W Jr

    Harris, Noah

    Harris, Shane P

    Harris, Torry D

    Harris-Kelly, Leroy

    Harrison, George D

    Harrison, James W Jr

    Hart, John D

    Hart, Nathaniel Jr.

    Hartge, Nicholas S

    Harting, Adam J

    Harting, Ralph J III

    Hartley, Dustin Ray

    Hartley, Jared D

    Hartman, David A

    Hartman, Jennifer M

    Hartman, John L Jr

    Hartman, Jonathan N

    Hartwick, Michael L

    Hasenauer, Jason D

    Haslip, Travis F

    Hasse, Donald J

    Hattamer, Stephen C

    Haupt, Ryan E

    Hawk Eagle, Sheldon R

    Hawkins, Gene A

    Hawkins, Omar T

    Hawn, Asbury F II

    Hay, Dennis P

    Hayes, Erik W

    Hayes, James F

    Hayes, Michael R

    Hayes, William S III

    Haynes, Schuyler B

    Hays, Nathan P

    Hayslett, Timothy L

    Hazelgrove, Brian D

    Heald, Barbara

    Healy, Daniel R

    Heath, David M

    Hebert, Justin W

    Hecker, William F III

    Heflin, Christopher T

    Heidelberg, Damian L

    Heighter, Raheen Tyson

    Heines, Jeremy M

    Heldt, Erik R

    Hellerman, Brian R

    Heltzel, Paul M

    Hemauer, Kyle M

    Hemingway, Terry W

    Henderson, John M Jr

    Henderson, Matthew C

    Henderson, Miles P

    Henderson, Robert L II

    Hendrickson, Kenneth W

    Hendrickson, Robert T

    Hendrix, Jason R

    Henkes, Richard J II

    Hennessy, Jack T

    Henry, Chassan S

    Henry, Joshua J

    Henry, Lorne E Jr

    Henry, Raymond L

    Henson, Clayton W

    Henthorn, Jeffrey S

    Heredia, Joseph J

    Herlem, Bryant A

    Hermanson, Michael L

    Hernandez, Armando

    Hernandez, Edelman L

    Hernandez, Emmanuel

    Hernandez, Frank B

    Hernandez, Irving Jr

    Hernandez, Robert

    Hernandez, Tony L

    Herndon, Joseph F II

    Herrema, Richard J

    Herrera, David L

    Herrera, Evenor C

    Herrgott, Edward J

    Herried, Patrick W

    Herring, Jacob R

    Hershey, Brett M

    Herzberg, Eric W

    Heselton, Edward R

    Hess, Jordan W

    Hess, Kenneth D

    Hewitt, Cory M

    Hewitt, Thomas J

    Hickey, Julie R

    Hicks, Glenn D Jr

    Hicks, Gregory B

    Hicks, Jason

    Hiester, Michael T

    Hiett, Anton J

    Higdon, Kristopher A

    Higgins, James W

    High, Stephen C

    Hildebrandt, Chad R

    Hildreth, Seth A

    Hill, Christopher K

    Hill, Joshua L

    Hill, Raymond D II

    Hill, Ryan J

    Hill, Tarryl B

    Hillenburg, Eric

    Hiller, Stephen D

    Hines, Derek S

    Hines, Joshua M

    Hines, Keicia M

    Hines, Timothy J Jr

    Hinton, Dominic J

    Hinz, Kelly C

    Hirlston, James D

    Hobart, Melissa J

    Hobbs, Brian S

    Hodge, Jeremy M

    Hodges, Erick J

    Hodshire, Michael P

    Hodson, Nicolas M

    Hoe, Nainoa K

    Hoeffner, Benjamin D

    Hoffman, James T

    Hoffman, Justin F

    Holden, Brian L

    Holder, Theodore S II

    Holguin, Manuel J

    Holland, Christopher J

    Holland, Daniel E

    Holland, Fern L

    Hollar, Robert L Jr

    Holler, Luke B

    Holley, Matthew J

    Holleyman, Aaron N

    Hollinsaid, Lincoln D

    Holloway, Matthew W

    Holmason, John M

    Holmes, James J

    Holmes, Jeffery S

    Holmes, Jeremiah J

    Holmes, Terry

    Holt, Antoine J

    Holter, Paul C III

    Holtom, James J

    Holzhauer, Raymond J

    Hoover, Levi K

    Hopper, Brian C

    Horn, Sean

    Hornbeck, Kelly L

    Hornbeck, Robert

    Hornedo, Manny

    Horrigan, Robert M

    Horton, Jeremy R

    Hoskins, Christopher L

    Houck, David B

    Houghton, Andrew R

    Housby, Jessica M

    House, John D

    Houser, Thomas E

    Howard, Curtis T II

    Howard, John R

    Howard, Merideth L

    Howard, Walter B II

    Howe, Casey E

    Howe, Darren D

    Howell, William

    Howey, Blake H

    Howick, Christopher T

    Howman, Gregory C

    Hoyer, Bert E

    Hoyt, Robert W

    Hsia, Hai Ming

    Hubbard, Jared P

    Hubbard, Tavon L

    Hubbell, Corey A

    Hudson, Aaron M

    Hudson, Christopher E

    Huey, Sean P

    Huff, Ashley L

    Huff, Sam W

    Huffman, Jason I

    Hufstedler, Doyle M

    Huggins, Jamie L

    Hughes, Jonathan A

    Hughie, Buddy J

    Huhn, David A

    Hull, Eric R

    Hull, Thomas C

    Hullender, Michael R

    Humble, Joshua U

    Humlhanz, Barton R

    Hunt, Isaiah R

    Hunt, Joseph D

    Hunt, Justin T

    Hunt, Kenneth E Jr

    Hunte, Simeon

    Hunter, Matthew D

    Hurley, Joshua C

    Hussein, Fahd Mohamed

    Huston, James B Jr

    Huston, Seth

    Hutchings, Nolen R

    Hutchinson, Ray J

    Huxley Jr, Gregory P

    Hyland, Joshua M

    Idalski, Nicholas R

    Idanan, Michael J

    Ingraham, Thor H

    Irizarry, Henry E

    Isenberg, Benjamin

    Isshak, Daniel

    Ivory, Craig S

    Ivy, Kendall H II

    Iwan, Edward D

    Jack, Derence W

    Jack, Edward E

    Jackson, Kyle E

    Jackson, Leslie D

    Jackson, Marlon P

    Jackson, Wakkuna A

    Jackson, Williams S II

    Jacobs, Jeriad P

    Jacobs, Morgen N

    Jacobsen, William W Jr

    Jacobson, Elizabeth N

    Jacoby, Kip A

    Jaenke, Jaime S

    Jafarkhani-Torshizi, Saeed Jr

    Jagger, Aaron D

    Jaime, Jesse

    Jakes, Michael J Jr

    Jakoniuk, Grzegorz

    Jallah, Dennis Jr

    Jamar, Scott

    James, Evan T

    James, Laquita Pate

    James, Leon G II

    James, Lindsey T

    James, Luke S

    James, Richard Z

    James, William C

    Jameson, Jessiah

    Jameson, Tricia L

    Jansky, Benjamin D

    Jarrett, Justin R

    Jaynes, Allen B

    Jazmin, Moises

    Jeffcoat, Brahim J

    Jeffries, Joseph A

    Jeffries, William A

    Jenkins, Kenneth A

    Jenkins, Robert B

    Jenkins, Troy David

    Jennings, Darius T

    Jerabek, Ryan M

    Jerak, Ivica

    Jessen, Kevin P

    Jimenez, Alex R (MIA/POW)

    Jimenez, Linda C

    Jimenez, Oscar

    Jimenez, Romulo J II

    Jodon, Andrew R

    Johns, Jason D

    Johnson II, Howard

    Johnson Jr, Michael Vann

    Johnson, Adam R

    Johnson, Alan R

    Johnson, Allen C

    Johnson, Benjamin

    Johnson, Carl W II

    Johnson, Christopher B

    Johnson, David W

    Johnson, Jeremiah J

    Johnson, John P

    Johnson, Joshua A

    Johnson, Justin W

    Johnson, Lavena L

    Johnson, Leon M

    Johnson, Markus J

    Johnson, Maurice J

    Johnson, Nathaniel H

    Johnson, Paul J

    Johnson, Philip A

    Johnson, Philip A

    Johnson, Rayshawn S

    Johnson, Robert S

    Johnson, Robert T

    Johnson, Stephen F

    Johnson, Stephen P

    Johnson, Ty J

    Johnston, Gary S

    Jonaus, Jude R

    Jones, Anthony G

    Jones, Charles J

    Jones, Charles S

    Jones, David R Sr

    Jones, Derek W

    Jones, Devon D

    Jones, Gussie M

    Jones, Jeremy S

    Jones, Joshua D

    Jones, Kevin M

    Jones, Michael D

    Jones, Raymond E Jr

    Jones, Rickey E

    Jones, Robert L

    Jones, Rodney A

    Jones, Roy L III

    Jones, Ryan P

    Jones-Huffman, Kylan A

    Jopek, Ryan D

    Joplin, Brian K

    Jordan, Alexander

    Jordan, Curt E

    Jordan, Jason D

    Jordan, Michael Anthony

    Jordan, Phillip A

    Jostes, Forest J

    Joyce, Kevin B

    Jutras, Dillon M

    Kading, Matthew R

    Kaemmerer, Travis J

    Kahalewai, Henry K

    Kaiser, Adam W

    Kaiser, Anthony A

    Kalladeen, Anthony N

    Kamolvathin, Alain L

    Kane, Joseph M

    Karim, Brian C

    Karol, Spencer T

    Karolasz, Edward

    Karpowich, Paul D

    Karr, Michael G Jr

    Kasecky, Mark J

    Kashkoush, Michael M

    Kashmer, Douglas E

    Kassin, Robert P

    Kasson, Darrel D

    Kathiria, Hatim S

    Katsigiannis, George D

    Katzenberger, Christopher M

    Kaufman, Charles A

    Kavanagh, Eric M

    Kaylor, Jeffrey J

    Kearney, James C III

    Keating, Benjamin D

    Keeling, Thomas O

    Keith, Chad L

    Keith, Quinn A

    Kelley, Michael J

    Kelly, Bryan P

    Kelly, Dale J Jr

    Kelly, Paul M

    Kelly, Sean P

    Kemple, Andrew J

    Kendall, Dustin L

    Kennard, Courtland A

    Kennedy, Adam P

    Kennedy, Brian Matthew

    Kennedy, Kyran E

    Kennedy, Stephen C

    Kennon, Morgan D

    Kenny, Christopher J

    Kenny, Patrick B

    Kent, Aaron A

    Kenyon, Chadwick T

    Kenyon, Rex C

    Kephart, Jonathan R

    Kerns, Dallas L

    Kerwood, William J

    Kesinger, James C

    Kesterson, Erik C

    Khan, Humayuns S M

    Kidd, Mark D

    Kieffer, Ricky A

    Kiehl, James

    Kielion, Shane E

    Kiernan, Christopher S

    Kilpatrick, Christopher R

    Kilpela, Andrew J

    Kim, In C

    Kim, Jang H

    Kim, Kun Y

    Kim, Louis G

    Kim, Minhee

    Kimble, Dexter S

    Kimbrough, Paul W

    Kimmell, Matthew A

    Kimmerly, Kevin C

    Kincaid, Kenneth E IV

    Kinchen, Jerimiah C

    Kinchen, Levi B

    King, Bradley D

    King, Charles M

    King, Eric D

    King, Jeremy E

    King, Jerry R

    King, Paul N

    Kingman, Jonathan PC

    Kinlow, James O

    Kinney, Lester O II

    Kinser, Adam G

    Kinslow, Anthony D

    Kinzer, William S Jr

    Kirchhoff, David M

    Kirk, Jeffrey L

    Kirk, Johnathan E

    Kirkpatrick, David A

    Kirven, Nicholas C

    Kiser, Charles A

    Kiser, Timothy C

    Klasno, Rhys W

    Kleiboeker, Nicholas Brian

    Klein, Allan

    Kleinwachter, Chris

    Klinesmith Jr, John K

    Klinger, Joshua P

    Knier, Tony L

    Knight, Timothy A

    Knighten, Floyd G Jr

    Knoll, Garrett C

    Knop, Allen J

    Knott, Eric L

    Knott, Joseph L

    Knowles, Joshua L

    Knox, Adam L

    Knox, Rene Jr

    Koch, Brent W

    Koch, Matthew A

    Koehler, Gary A

    Koele, Shane M

    Koenig, Lance J

    Kokesh, Allen D Jr

    Kolasa, Alexander J

    Kolath, Obediah J

    Kolda, Zachary A

    Kolm, Kevin T

    Komppa, Charles V

    Kondor, Martin W

    Koprince, William C Jr

    Kordsmeier, Patrick W

    Korn, Edward J

    Korthaus, Bradley S

    Kosters, Cory C

    Koth, Edward A

    Kovacicek, Ryan J

    Kowalczyk, Stephen M

    Kowalik, Jakub Henryk

    Krause, Elmer C

    Krege, Travis C

    Kreider, Dustin L

    Kremm, Jared J

    Kreuter, David Kenneth J

    Krissoff, Nathan M

    Kristensen, Erik S

    Kritzer, Bradley G

    Krout, Kurt E

    Kruger, Eric J

    Kryst, Kevin M

    Kubasak, Jared W

    Kubik, Brian J

    Kuehl, David C

    Kuhlmeier, Daniel J

    Kuhns, Larry R Jr

    Kulick, John

    Kurth, John F

    Kurtz, Russell A

    Kynoch, Joshua J

    Labadie, William W Jr

    Labouff, Douglas A

    Ladd, Joshua S

    Lagman, Anthony S

    Laird, Dustin D

    Lake, Chad W

    Lake, Floyd E

    Lalush, Michael V

    Lam, Alan Dinh

    Lam, Jeffrey

    Lamb, Charles R

    Lamberson, Randall L

    Lambert, James I III

    Lambert, James P

    Lambert, Jonathan W

    Lamont, Andrew David

    Landaker, Jared M

    Landeck, Kevin C

    Landrus, Sean G

    Landry, John F Jr

    Lane, Shawn A

    Lane. Mitchell A

    Langarica, Victor M

    Langenbrunner, Richard P

    Langhorst, Moises A

    Langley, Sean M

    Langmack, Steven M

    Lanham, Jane E

    Lannaman, Denise A

    Lanzarin, Jose A

    Lapinski, Stanley J

    Lapka, Christopher J

    Laramore, Tracy L

    Large, Bryan W

    Large, Samuel W Jr

    Larsen, Cole W

    Larson, Nicholas D

    Larson, Scott Q Jr

    Laskowski, Mathew C

    Lasky, Michael H

    Lasswell, Shawn T Jr

    Latham, Thomas L

    Latham, William T

    Latimer, Aaron P

    Latourney, Paul M

    Lau, Karina S

    Lauer, Timothy J

    LaWare, Casey M

    Lawrence, Jeffrey D

    Lawson, Isaac S

    Lawton, Mark A

    Layfield, Travis J

    Laymon, Benjamin J

    Le, Binh N

    Leach, Patrick D

    LeBrun, Jeff

    Ledesma, Rene

    Ledsome, Michael C

    Leduc, Ryan

    Lee, Bum R

    Lee, Carl W

    Lee, Dustin J

    Lee, James S

    Lee, Marc A

    Lee, Qixing

    Lee, Samuel S

    Lee, Terrance D Sr

    Legaspi, Emmanuel L

    Lehmiller, Michael R

    Lehto, Jason A

    Leija, Hector

    Leisten, Ken W

    Leiva, Luis Enrique

    Lemon, Jerome

    Lennon, Cedric L

    Leon, Christopher D

    Leonard, Jared

    Leon-Perez, Jesus A

    Letendre, Brian S

    Letufuga, Farao K

    Leusink, William J

    Levens, Donnie Leo F

    Lewis, Adrian J

    Lewis, Bryan A

    Lewis, Dwayne P R

    Lewis, Joel W

    Lewis, Lee A Jr

    Lewis, Timothy D

    Lhotka, Jesse M

    Libby, Dustin J

    Licalzi, Michael L

    Lieto, Wilgene T

    Lieurance, Victoir P

    Light, Robbie G

    Lightner, Daniel R Jr

    Lightner, Nicholas J

    Linck, Henry W

    Lindemuth, Michael B

    Linden, Justin W

    Linden, Troy C

    Lindsey, James T

    Lindsey, Nathaniel B

    Ling, Roger G

    Linn, Karl R

    Lisk, Terry M

    Lister, Joseph L

    Little, Jason T

    Little, Kyle A

    Little, Tommy S

    Livaudais, Nino D

    Lloyd, Dale T

    Lloyd, Michael C

    Loa, Jeffrey S

    Locker, Kenneth E Jr

    Locklear, Velton III

    Loggins, Adam E

    Loncki, Elizabeth A

    Londono, Daniel J

    Loney, Jonerik

    Long, Bunny

    Long, Jeremy Z

    Long, Ryan P

    Long, William A

    Long, Zachariah W

    Longoria, John M

    Longstreth, Duane E

    Longsworth, Christian

    Lootens, Jonathan E

    Lopez, Edgar E

    Lopez, Edwardo J

    Lopez, Hilario F

    Lopez, Juan

    Lopez, Manuel III

    Lopez-Feliciano, William

    Lopezlopez, Hugo R

    Lopezreyes, Jason

    Lord, Richard M

    Losano, Raymond

    Loudon, Christopher E

    Lourey, Mathew Scott

    Love, Joseph I

    Love, Robert L Jr

    Love, Scott M

    Loveless, Jeremy M

    Loyd, David L

    Lozada, Angelo L Jr

    Lu, Victor R

    Lucas, Jason A

    Lucas, Jeffrey A

    Lucas, Joseph A

    Lucas, Kevin A

    Lucente, John A

    Lucero, Joshua E

    Lucero, Robert L

    Lucey, Jeffrey

    Luckey, Bryan C

    Ludlam, Jason C

    Lueken, Eric R

    Lufkin, Caleb A

    Lugo, Jacob R

    Lukac, John

    Luna, Kevin M

    Lundell, Scott B

    Lundstrom, Brett L

    Lunsford, Audrey Daron

    Lusk, Joe F II

    Lutters, Derrick J

    Lutz, George A II

    Lwin, Wai P

    Lybert, Patrick L

    Lyerly, Sean E

    Lynch, Jason N

    Lynch, Matthew D

    Lyons, Christopher P

    Lyons, James N

    Mabry, Christopher D

    MacDonald, Gregory E

    Machado-Olmos, Cesar F

    Maciel, Fred L

    Mack, Brian A

    Mack, Kenneth N

    Mack, Vorn J

    MacKenzie, Tyler R

    Mackinnon, Michael J

    Macrum, Robert D

    Madaras, Nicholas A

    Madden, Joshua B

    Madison, Tim J

    Madore, Ronnie G Jr

    Magaoay, Blake A

    Maglione, Joseph B

    Mahaffee, Shane R

    Mahdee, Marcus

    Maher, Sean P

    Maher, William J III

    Maher. Jarrod L

    Mahlenbrock, David P

    Maholic, Thomas D

    Maida, Mark A

    Makowski, Russell M

    Malcom, Dan T Jr

    Mallet, Toby W

    Maloney, John W

    Malson, Adam

    Maltz, Michael

    Mancini, Curtis

    Manion, Travis L

    Manoukian, Nicholas J

    Manuel, Ian D

    Manuel, William F

    Manzano, Pablo

    Maravillosa, Myla L

    Marcellus, Matthieu

    March, Howard S Jr

    Marcial, Miguel A III

    Marcum, Joshua S

    Marcus, Lyndon A Jr

    Mardis, Paul C Jr

    Marencoreyes, Douglas Jose

    Maresh, Jeremy E

    Maria, Giovanny

    Mariano, Jude C

    Mariano, Robbie M

    Marin, Javier Jr

    MarinDominguez, Jose S Jr

    Marion, Christopher L

    Mariotti, Keith R

    Marku, Gentian

    Marsh, Chad E

    Marshall, James E

    Marshall, Randell T

    Marshall. John W

    Martens, Robert N

    Martin, David J

    Martin, Jay E

    Martin, Ryan A

    Martin, Stephen G

    Martinez, Anselmo III

    Martinez, Francisco

    Martinez, Fransisco G

    Martinez, Jesse J

    Martinez, Joseph L

    Martinez, Michael A

    Martinez, Michael R

    Martinez, Misael

    Martinez, Oscar A

    Martinez, Rene

    Martinez, Robert A

    Martinez, Victor A

    Martinez, Virgil C

    MartinezFlores, Francisco A

    Martinezluis, Trinidad R

    Martini, Phillip J

    Martino, Michael D

    Martir, Jacob D

    Martone, Justin R

    Marzano, Michael A

    Mason, Christopher E

    Mason, Collin T

    Mason, Johnnie V

    Mason, Nicholas C

    Masterson, Conor G

    Mastrapa, Arthur S

    Mata, Johnny Villareal

    Mateo, Ramon

    Matheny, Charles E IV

    Matheny, Randy J

    Matoscolon, Edwin A

    Mattek, John J Jr

    Matteson, James C

    Matthews, Clint Richard

    Mattingly, Matthew C

    Matula, Matthew E

    Matus, Andrew G

    Maugans, Jamie O

    Maul, Eric S

    Maupin, Keith Matthew (POW)

    May, Donald C

    Mayek, Joseph P

    Mayhan, Ryan L

    Maynard, Chad B

    Mayo, Barry W

    Mayorga, Pablo V

    Mazur, Alec

    Mazzarella, Anthony M

    McAnulty, Brian P

    Mcarn, Montrel S

    McCaffrey, Patrick R

    McCandless, Rodney L

    McCants, Hershel D Jr

    McCants, Marquis J

    McCarthy, Joseph C

    McCaughn, Ryan T

    McCauley, Ryan M

    McCaulley, Randy D

    McClain, Charles J

    McClenney, Daniel B

    McCloud, Joseph T

    McClung, Megan M

    McColley, Jonathan E

    McCollum, Daniel G

    McConnell, Daniel James

    McCormick, Brad P

    McCormick, Clinton T

    McCoy, Gregory W.G.

    McCrackin, Christopher M

    McCrae, Erik S

    McCune, Donald R

    McCurdy, Ryan S

    McDaniel, Andre

    McDaniel, Eulice Justin

    McDaniel, William L II

    McDonald, Edmund W

    McDonald, Sean K

    McDonough, Bryan T

    McDowell, Robert M

    McElroy, Brian

    McElveen, Anthony T

    McFarlane, Dwayne J Jr

    McGaugh, Dustin K

    McGee, John E

    McGee, Robert K

    McGeogh, Holly J

    McGill, Arthur R

    McGinnis, Brian D

    McGinnis, Ricky L

    McGinnis, Ross A

    McGlothin, Donald R

    McGlothin, Michael A

    McGowan, Stephen M

    McGreevy, Michael M Jr

    McHalffey, Jeremy W

    McHugh, Scott R

    McIntosh, Eric A

    McIntosh, Hospitalman Joshua

    McKeever, David M

    McKenna, John J IV

    McKinley, Eric S

    McKinley, Robert L

    McKinzie, Antoine J

    McLaughlin, Michael E

    McLaughlin, Scott P

    McLeese, Justin D

    McLochlin, Jeffrey A

    McMahan, Don S

    McMahon, Michael J

    McMillan, Jacob G

    McMillin, Heath A

    McMullen, Michael J

    McNail, Robert A

    McNary, Robbie D

    McNaughton, James D

    McNeil, Spence A

    McNeill, Phillip D

    McNulty, Michael L

    McPeek, Alan E

    McPhillips, Brian M

    McSwain, Clarence D

    McSween, Joseph A

    McVey, Otie J

    McVicker, Daniel M

    Medellin, Jesus Martin A

    Medina, Brian A

    Medina, Irving

    Medlin, Jean P

    Meeks, Rhonald E

    Meeuwsen, William B

    Mehrer, Curtis R

    Mehringer, Daniel F

    Meister, Tobias C

    Mejia, Benjamin E

    Mejia, Bobby II

    Mejias, David A

    Melcher, Mark W

    Melia, Anthony C

    Mellen, Casey L

    Melo, Julian S

    Melson, Jacob E

    Melton, Kenneth A

    Meluat, Jaygee

    Melvin, Tracy L

    Menchaca, Kristian

    Mendez, Bobby

    Mendezaceves, Fernando A

    Mendezsanchez, Antonio

    Mendoza, Antonio

    Mendoza, Ramon J Jr

    Mennemeyer, Steven P

    Menusa, Joseph

    Menyweather, Eddie E

    Mercado, Gil

    Mercado, Raul

    Mercado-Velazquez, Angel D

    Mercer, Chad M

    Merchant, Christopher S

    Merck, Dennis P

    Merila, Michael M

    Merrill, Jason L

    Merville, Christopher A

    Messer, Christopher P

    Messer, Scott A

    Messmer, Nicolas E

    Methvin, Daniel K

    Mettille, Michael C

    Meyer, Harrison J

    Meyer, Jason M

    Meza, Barry K

    Micks, Joseph P

    Miersandoval, Eliu A

    Mihalakis, Michael G

    Mikha, Emad

    Milczark, Matthew G

    Mileo, Jason David

    Miles, Sean H

    Miller, Anthony S

    Miller, Bruce Jr

    Miller, Clinton J

    Miller, Daniel B Jr

    Miller, Dennis J Jr

    Miller, Frederick L

    Miller, Harley D R

    Miller, James H IV

    Miller, John W

    Miller, Kyle R

    Miller, Lowell T II

    Miller, Marco L

    Miller, Marvin L

    Miller, Nicholas A

    Miller, Ryan A

    Miller, Ryan E

    Miller, William L

    Millican, Johnathon M

    Mills, Jerry W Jr

    Mills, Lea R

    Millsap, Timmy J

    Mininger, Robert T

    Minjares, Gilbert Jr

    Mintzlaff, Brian L

    Minucci, Joseph II

    Miranda, Troy L

    Misner, Gordon F II

    Missildine, Jody W

    Mitchell, Curtis A

    Mitchell, George A

    Mitchell, Keman L

    Mitchell, Michael W

    Mitchell, Raymond N III

    Mitchell, Sean R

    Mitts, David A

    Mizener, Jesse D

    Mock, Willsun M

    Modeen, Scott T

    Mogensen, Robert J

    Mokri, Yari

    MolinaBautista, Jorge A

    Monroe, Anthony W

    Monroe, Christopher T

    Monroe, Jeremy S Sandvick

    Monsoor, Michael A

    Montalvo, Jesus M

    Montefering, Jason W

    Montes, Luis A

    Montgomery, Brian P

    Montgomery, Robert J Jr

    Montgomery, Ryan J

    Monti, Jared C

    Montoya, Damien M

    Montrond, Alberto D

    Monzon, Milton M Jr

    Moon, Jae S

    Mooney, Adam G

    Moore, Christopher

    Moore, Dwayne L

    Moore, Horst G

    Moore, James L

    Moore, Jason William

    Moore, Keith J

    Moore, Nathaniel K

    Moore, Stuart W

    Moore, William C

    Moothart, Travis A

    Moquin, Brian M Jr

    Mora, Arthur A Jr

    Mora, Jose L

    Mora, Melvin Y

    Mora, Michael A

    Morales, Jason M

    Morales, Orlando

    Morberg, Joshua M

    Morehead, Kevin N

    Morel, Brent L

    Moreno, David J

    Moreno, Fabricio

    Moreno, Gerardo

    Moreno, Jaime

    Moreno, Luis A

    Moreno, Reece D

    Morgain, Carl J

    Morgan, Dennis B

    Morgan, Dwight J

    Morgan, Richard L Jr

    Morin, Steve Jr

    Morningstar, Christopher R

    Morr, Allan A

    Morris, Brian L

    Morris, Daniel M

    Morris, Daniel T

    Morris, Darrel J

    Morris, Eric W

    Morris, Geoffery S

    Morris, Kelly S

    Morris, Ricky A Jr

    Morris, Stephen L

    Morrison, Lawrence E

    Morrison, Nicholas B

    Morrison, Shawna M

    Morrow, Jason W

    Mortenson, Marty G

    Morton, Benjamin C

    Morton, John D

    Moscillo, Robert L

    Moshier, Timothy J

    Moski, Jason L

    Moss, Keelan L

    Moss, Walter M Jr

    Mosteiro, Allen

    Moudry, Christopher O

    Moudy, James S

    Mounce, Clifton B

    Mowris, James D

    Moxley, Clifford L Jr

    Moyer, Ashly L

    Mracek, Cory R

    Muldoon, James P

    Mulhair, Jeremy W

    Mullen, Scott J

    Mundell, Michael L

    Munger, Joshua J

    Munier, Charles E

    Munoz, Pedro A

    Murphy, Christopher E

    Murphy, Edward J

    Murphy, Michael P

    Murphy, Shawn M

    Murphy, Warren A

    Murphy-Sweet, Philip A

    Murralles, Marcus V

    Murray, Adam R

    Murray, David J

    Murray, Jeremy E

    Murray, Robert W Jr

    Murray, Rodney A

    Musack, James P

    Muscat, Dimitri

    Mutz, Mitchel T

    Muy, Veashna

    Myers, Edward L

    Na Kim, Jeingjin

    Nachampassak, Krisna

    Nahvi, Russell H

    Nakis, Nathan W

    Nakumara, Paul T

    Nalley, Kenneth A

    Napper, Roger A

    Naputi, Richard Junior D

    Narvaez, Joe A

    Nash, Casey W

    Nason, Christopher G

    Nass, Ryan J

    Navarro, Peter J

    NavarroArellano, Juana

    Nave, Kevin G

    Navea, Rafael L

    Neal, Jacob H

    Nealey, Troy D

    Needham, Robb G

    Neel, Philip I

    Neeley, Charles L

    Neff, Paul M II

    Negron, Julio E

    Neighbor, Gavin L

    Nelom, Regilio E

    Nelson, Albert M

    Nelson, Andrew H

    Nelson, Lex S

    Nelson, Mario

    Nelson, Travis L

    Nelson. Craig L

    Nettles, Marcques J

    Neubauer, Paul C

    Neusche, Joshua M

    Newgard, William R

    Newman, Clinton T

    Newman, Gwilym J

    Newman, Randy L

    Nguyen, Dan H

    Nguyen, Long N

    Nguyen, Tung M

    Nice, Joseph L

    Nicolas, Dominique J

    Niedermeier, Louis E

    Nieves, Isaac Michael

    Nisely, Scott E

    Nixon, Patrick R

    Nixon, Travis W

    Nolan, Allen

    Nolan, Joseph M

    Nolasco, Marcos O

    Nolen, Kyle A

    Nolte, Nicholas S

    Normandy, William J

    Norquist, Joseph C

    Norris, Curtis L

    North, Christopher M

    Norton, Jason L

    Norton, Justin D

    Norwood, Byron W

    Nott, Leif E

    Novak, Shaun A

    Nowacki, Andrew W

    Noyes, Justin L

    Nunes, Todd E

    Nunez, Jason

    Nurre, Joseph C

    Nutt, David T

    Nygardbekowsky, Mick R

    Nyren, Nathaniel J

    Oaks Jr, Donald S

    Obaji, Francis C

    Oberleitner, Branden F

    Obourn, George R Jr

    Oceguera, Alex

    Ochsner, James S

    O'Day, Patrick T.

    O'Dell, Robert D

    O'Donnell, Shane K

    O'Donohoe, Justin L

    Odums, Charles E II

    Ogburn, John B III

    Oglesby, Wade J

    O'Haire, Walter K

    Ojeda, Ramon C

    Olaes, Tony B

    Oliveira, Brian

    Olivier, Nicholas J

    Olsen, Daniel R

    Olsen, Toby R

    Olson, John T

    Olson, Todd D

    Omvig, Joshua

    O'Neill, Evan W

    O'Neill, Michael C

    Oneto-Sikorski, Robert C

    Onwordi, Justin B

    Opskar, Bryan J

    Oremus, Michael K

    Orengo, Richard P

    Orlando, Kim S

    Orlowski, Eric J

    Ornsby-Adkins, Jay-D H

    Orosco, Adrian N

    Orozco, Osbaldo

    Orr, Cody J

    Ortega, Elijah M

    Orton, Billy J

    Osbey, Timothy R

    Osbourne, Pamela G

    Ostrom, Ryan S

    Otey, Deshon E

    Ott, Kevin C

    Ottolini, Michael C

    Ouellette, Brian J

    Overstreet, Tyler R

    Owen, Michael G

    Owens Jr., David Edward

    Owens, Anthony C

    Owens, Bartt D

    Pabla, Paul S

    Packer, Steven M

    Padgett, Timothy P

    Padillaaleman, Geovani

    Padilla-Ramirez, Fernando

    Page, Rex A

    Pahnke, Shawn D

    Paige, Patrick J

    Paine, Mark C

    Palacios, Gabriel T

    Palermo, Anthony

    Paliwoda, Eric T

    Palmatier, Jacob C

    Palmer, Charles O II

    Palmer, Christopher L

    Palmer, Cory L

    Palmer, Joshua D

    Palmer, Joshua M

    Palmer, Nicklas J

    Palmerton, Jason T

    Palmisano, Eric A

    Panchot, Dale A

    Pankey, Larry W Jr

    Parcell, Jennifer M

    Parker, Bradley L

    Parker, Daniel R

    Parker, Elisha R

    Parker, Evan S

    Parker, James D

    Parker, Kenya A

    Parker, Kristian E

    Parker, Saburant

    Parker, Tommy L Jr

    Parker, Vincent

    Parkerson, Harvey E III

    Parr, Brandon A

    Parr, David S

    Parrello, Brian P

    Parrish, Lawrence L

    Parrott, Michael C

    Parson, David B

    Parson, Lonnie J

    Partridge, Willard T

    Pate, Christopher T

    Pathenos, Matthew P

    Paton, Justin T

    Patriquin, Travis L

    Pattaway, James L Jr

    Patten, Andrew G

    Patterson, Esau G

    Patterson, Jayton D

    Patton, Eric S

    Paul, Henry

    Paul, Robert J

    Paulsen, Ronald L

    Payne, Bradford H

    Payne, Rocky D

    Payne, Ronald R Jr

    Payne, Williams M

    Paytas, Dylan R

    Payton, George J

    Pearce, Joshua M

    Pearrow, Eric P

    Pearson, Brice A

    Pedersen, Michael F

    Peek, Michael C

    Peguero, Devin K

    Pelkey, Michael Jon

    Pellegrini, Gennaro Jr

    Pena, Javier Obleas-Prado

    Pena, Roger P Jr

    Penamedina, Abraham D

    Pena-Romero, Jorge L

    Penisten, Brian H

    Pennanen, Ross A

    Pennington, Gregory V

    Peralez, Johnny J

    Peralta, Rafael

    Perez III, Jose A.

    Perez Jr., Wilfredo

    Perez, Andres H

    Perez, Christopher S

    Perez, Emily J.T.

    Perez, Geoffrey

    Perez, Hector R

    Perez, Joel

    Perez, Jose R

    Perez, Luis A

    Perez, Nicholas

    Perez, Richard A Jr

    Perez, Stephen J

    Perkins, Andrew C

    Pernaselli, Michael J

    Pernell, Carlos E

    Perreault, Theodore L

    Perry, David S

    Perry, Joseph W

    Persing, Charles C

    Peters, Dustin W

    Peterson, Alyssa R

    Peterson, Dale G

    Peterson, Justin D

    Petithory, Daniel Henry

    Petriken, Brett J

    Petsche, Neil D

    Petty, Christopher P

    Petty, Erickson H

    Petty, Jerrick M

    Pfender, Jonathan R

    Pfister, Jacob M

    Pfister, Travis D

    Phaneuf, Joseph E

    Phelan, Mark P

    Phelps, Chance R

    Phelps, Christopher W

    Phelps, Coty J

    Philippe, Gladimir

    Philippon, Lawrence R

    Phillips, James R

    Phillips, John P

    Phillips, Steven L

    Phipps, Ivory L

    Piche, Pierre E

    Pickard, Joshua D

    Pickering, Aaron C

    Pierson, Jordan C

    Piestewa, Lori Ann

    Pillen, Paul J

    Pineda, Carlos

    Pinkston, Foster

    Pinson, Amanda N

    Pintor, Dennis L

    Piper, Christopher N

    Pirtle, James H

    Plite, Jason

    Plouhar, Raymond J

    Plowman, Derek J

    Plumhoff, Steven

    Plumondore, Adam J

    Poelman, Eric J

    Poindexter, Jason T

    Pokorney, Frederick E

    Pokorny, Andrew R

    Pollard, Justin W

    Polley, Larry E

    Polo, Joe

    Pomante, Vincent J III

    Ponder, James W III

    Pope, Robert C II

    Porras, Ralph N

    Posivio, Robert G III

    Pospisil, Kenneth B

    Postal, Michael V

    Poston, Christopher M

    Potocki, Michael J

    Potter, Darrin K

    Potter, David L

    Potter, Jerome J

    Potts, Christopher S

    Poulin, Lynn R Sr

    Powell, Chad W

    Powell, James E

    Powell, Kyle W

    Powers, Caleb J

    Powers, Joshua F

    Prater, Terry W

    Prather, Clint J

    Pratt, Daniel J

    Pratt, Dean P

    Pratt, Kameron

    Prazynski, Taylor B

    Prening, Brian P

    Presley, Michael B

    Preston, Aaron L

    Prevete, James E

    Prewitt, Kelley S

    Prewitt, Tyler D

    Price, Bruce E

    Price, James W

    Price, Jonathan K

    Price, Timothy E

    Priddy, Joshua

    Priest, Tina M

    Priestap, James D

    Priestner, John R

    Prince, Kevin W

    Prince, Neil A

    Probst, Michael S

    Procopio, Mark J

    Procopio, Scott J

    Proctor, Joseph E

    Prosser, Brian Cody

    Puckett, Mathew D

    Puello-Coronado, Jaror C

    Pugh, Kenneth I

    Pugh, Robert S

    Pugliese, George A

    Pulido, Victor H Toledo

    Pummill, Richard T

    Pursel, Michael A

    Pusateri, Christopher M

    Putnam, Cody A

    Qualls, Louis W

    Quick, Marquees A

    Quill, Richard O III

    Quinlan, John A

    Quinn, Michael B

    Quinton, Bryan L

    Raderstorf, Stephen J

    Rafferty, Christopher C

    Ragimov, Mourad

    Rahaim, Joseph A

    Raines, Carl L II

    Rairdan, Rhonald D

    Ramey, Branden P

    Ramey, Richard P

    Ramirez, Angel De Jesus Lucio

    Ramirez, Benito A

    Ramirez, Christopher

    Ramirez, Eric U

    Ramirez, Gene

    Ramirez, Ignacio

    Ramirez, Reyes

    Ramirez, William C

    Ramirezgonzales, Aleina

    Ramon, Julian A

    Ramos, Christopher

    Ramos, Hector

    Ramos, Miguel A

    Ramos, Tamarra J

    Ramsey, Brandon

    Ramsey, Carson J

    Ramsey, Christopher J

    Ramsey, David J

    Ramsey, Joshua A

    Ramseyer, Jason C

    Randle, Edmond L

    Raney, Cleston C

    Rangel, Jose C

    Rangel, Ray

    Rankinen, Shawn P

    Rapavi, Nicholas P

    Rapicault, Patrick Marc M

    Rateb, Sameer A M

    Ratzlaff, Gregory A

    Ravago, Rel A

    Ray, Joseph R

    Raymond, Jared J

    Raymond, Pierre A

    Razani, Omead H

    Read, Brandon M

    Reali, Regina C

    Rechenmacher, William J

    Redifer, Jason C

    Reed, Aaron H

    Reed, Christopher J

    Reed, Jonathan R

    Reed, Ryan E

    Reed, Tatjana

    Reeder, Edward R

    Reese, Aaron T

    Reese, Gary L Jr

    Regan, James J

    Regnier, Jeremy F

    Rehn, Randall S

    Reich, Stephen C

    Reinke, Gavin B

    Reiss, Brendon C

    Renehan, Kyle J

    Rentschler, George S

    Reppuhn, Justin D

    Resh, Mark T

    Retzer, Thomas E

    Reyes Torres, Ramon

    Reyes, Luis R

    Reyes, Mario A

    Reyna, Seferino J

    Reynolds, Edward C Jr

    Reynolds, Sean C

    Reynolds, Steven S

    Reynosauarez, Rafael

    Reynoso, Yadir G

    Rice, David L

    Rice, Demetrius L

    Richardson, Bryan J

    Richardson, Stephen K

    Richardson, William D

    Richardson, William D

    Rico, Ariel

    Ridgley, Kenneth L

    Ridlen, Jeremy L

    Ridout, Juan M

    Riedel, Andrew G

    Riehl, Nicholas E

    Riekena, James D

    Ries, David G

    Riewer, Greg N

    Riggs, Wesley R

    Rimes, Garrywesley T

    Rincon, Diego Fernando

    Rintamaki, Steven A

    Rios, Duane R

    Rios, Hernando

    Rippetoe, Russell B

    Risner, Henry C

    Ritzberg, Brian E

    Rivera, Eric G Palacios

    Rivera, Jose A

    Rivera, Michael D

    Rivera-Serrano, Jose A

    Rivera-Vargas, Milton

    Rivero, John T

    Rivers, Frank K Jr

    Riviere, Christopher T

    Roark, Timothy J

    Robbins, Thomas D

    Robbins, Todd J

    Robbins, William T

    Roberson, Jeffrey G

    Roberts, Anthony P

    Roberts, Bob W

    Roberts, Neil C

    Roberts, Robert D

    Roberts, Trevor A

    Robertson, Michael T

    Robinson, Charles D

    Robinson, Christopher L

    Robinson, Fernando D

    Robinson, Jeremiah W

    Robles, Lizbeth

    Robsky, Joseph E

    Rocha, Moses D

    Rock, Nathaniel S

    Rockhold, Marlin T

    Rockholt, Ricky W Jr

    Roddy, David S

    Rode, John D

    Rodriguez, Damian Lopez

    Rodriguez, Franci Gonzales

    Rodriguez, Joseph E

    Rodriguez, Michael J

    Rodriguez, Robert M

    Rodriguez, Yull Estrada

    Rodriguez-Contrera, Luis O

    Roehl, George R Jr

    Rogers, Alan L

    Rogers, Christopher

    Rogers, Gregory S

    Rogers, Jeffry A

    Rogers, Nicholas K

    Rogers, Philip G

    Rojas, Jonathan

    Rojas, Kenny D

    Rojas, Michael M

    Rollins, Justin A

    Roman-Cruz, Alexis

    Romeo, Vincenzo

    Romero, Daniel A

    Romero, Joshua G

    Romero, Ramon

    Romines, Brian M

    Roodhouse, Edwin W

    Rooney, Robert E

    Roos, Timothy D

    Rosa, Angel

    Rosacker, Randal Kent

    Rosales, Benjamin S

    Rosaleslomeli, Victor A

    Rosario, Jose E

    Rosas, Richard H

    Rose, Christopher D

    Rose, Scott C

    Rosema, Adam J

    Rosenbaum, Thomas C

    Rosenberg, Randy S

    Ross, Eric

    Ross, Kenneth G

    Ross, Marco D

    Roukey, Lawrence A

    Roustum, David L

    Rovinski, Gary T

    Rowe, Alan

    Rowe, Brandon J

    Rowe, Michael D

    Rowe, Roger D

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    Rubado, Charles R

    Rubalcava, Isela

    Ruhren, David A

    Ruiz, David A Mendez

    Ruiz, Jose L

    Ruiz, Lorenzo Ponce

    Ruiz, Manuel A

    Rund, Gregory P

    Rushforth, Bruce A Jr

    Rusin, Aaron J

    Russell, Blake H

    Russell, John W

    Russell, Michael L

    Russell, Ryan D

    Russoli, Andrew D

    Ruth, Monta S

    Ryan, Marc T

    Ryan, Timothy Louis

    Rymer, Lyle W II

    Ryndych, Yevgeniy

    Rystad, Corey J

    Saba, Thomas E

    Sabalu, Wilberto Jr

    Saboe, Scott A

    Sacco, Dominic J

    Saenz, Carlos N

    Saez, Sergio A Mercedes

    Sage, Lance S

    Sahib, Rasheed

    Saintvil, Gael

    Sakoda, Steve M

    Salas, Ricky Jr

    Salas, Rudy

    Salazar, Roberto L Martinez

    Salazar, William I

    Salcido, Rudy A

    Salem, Adriana N

    Salie, David J

    Salter, Richard M

    Saltz, Edward M

    Samek, Jesse M

    Sammis, Benjamin W

    Samodell, Blake W

    Sampler, Sonny G

    Sams, Joey T II

    Samson, Dennis K Jr

    Sanchez, Efrain Jr

    Sanchez, Emilian D

    Sanchez, Enrique C

    Sanchez, Ian T

    Sanchez, Luis M Melendez

    Sanchez, Oscar

    Sanchez, Paul T

    Sanchez, Virrueta Aalberto

    Sanders, Charles R Jr

    Sanders, Gregory P

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    Sanders, Ryan T

    Sandoval, Leroy Jr

    Sandoval-Flores, Felipe D

    Sandri, Matthew J

    Sanford Sr, Barry

    Santee, Daniel J

    Santini, Ed

    Santoriello, Neil Anthony

    Santos, Isaias E

    Santos, Jeremiah S

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    Santos, Luis D

    Sapp, Brandon R

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    Sarno, Cameron B

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    Wright, Gregory A

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    Wright, Jason G

    Wright, Jeremy R

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    Wright, Thomas G

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    Wyatt, Matthew A

    Wyatt, Stephen E

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    Youmans, Rodricka A

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    Youngblood, Travis L

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    Zamora, Jose

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    Zeigler, Kevin L

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    Zilinski, Dennis W

    Zimmer, Nicholaus E

    Zimmerman, Christopher M

    Zimmerman, Luke J

    Zimmerman, Travis C

    Zimny, Christopher E

    Ziolkowski, Nicholas L

    Zizumbo, Daniel

    Zook, Ian T

    Zoucha, Brent B

    Zubowski, Scott A

    Zurheide, Robert P Jr

    Zyla, Michael S

    Zylman, Casey P

  54. Associated Press | BOB JOHNSON | May 28, 2007 09:52 AM

    The Alabama Department of Homeland Security has taken down a Web site it operated that included gay rights and anti-war organizations in a list of groups that could include terrorists.

    The Web site identified different types of terrorists, and included a list of groups it believed could spawn terrorists. The list also included environmentalists, animal rights advocates and abortion opponents

  55. A top aide to White House political adviser Karl Rove has 'cleared out her office,' according to a report in Monday's Washington Post. Sara Taylor, Rove's top lieutenant, has seen her name brought up in recent months in Congressional hearings relating to the firing of 8 US Attorneys.

    "Taylor, 32, was one of the first people put on the payroll of the Bush campaign," writes Michael Fletcher in the new 'At the White House' column. "Taylor cleared out her office early last week. She plans to take her skills to the private sector."

  56. A truck bomb exploded outside one of Baghdad's most revered Sunni shrines on Monday, killing at least 18 people and damaging the outer walls of the Abdel Qadir Gilani Mosque.

    The powerful blast, which sent a massive pillar of black smoke into the sky above downtown Baghdad, occurred as US and Iranian representatives were meeting for landmark talks on Iraqi security less than a kilometre (half mile) away.

    "Surge" on Bush.

  57. BAGHDAD -- A suicide car bomber struck a busy commercial district in central Baghdad on Monday, killing at least 21 people and damaging a Sunni shrine, police and hospital officials said.

  58. By Hussein Kadhim McClatchy Newspapers

    The daily Iraq violence report is compiled by McClatchy Newspapers in Baghdad from police, military and medical reports. This is not a comprehensive list of all violence in Iraq, much of which goes unreported.


    - Around mid-day on Monday, police were ambushed responding to a call telling them that two mini buses had been taken by gunmen from Bab Al-Muadham to Fadhil area( east Baghdad). In the ensuing clash three policemen were killed and seven injured.

    - At 2pm, a car bomb exploded near the Ghailani mosque, one of the loliest shrines for Sunni in Baghdad. At least 22 people were killed and 30 injured.

    - Around 3 pm, a roadside bomb exploded near the Adila Khatoon mosque killing two and injuring five.

    DIYALA ( 66 km north of Baghdad)

    - Early in the day, gunmen opened fire on a police patrol at Ameen neighborhood north of Baquba, killing a police officer.

    - Before mid-day, a squad of the fifth division of the Iraqi army raided a site in Shaqraq village north of Muqdadiya ( 45 km north east of Baghdad) killing four terrorists. They seized a large cache of weapons and ammunition.

    - After mid-day, police patrol found two dead bodies in Doura neighborhood north Baquba. The corpses had bullet wounds in their heads and chests and signs of torture.

    - Around 1 pm, gunmen killed one civilian and injured three when they opened fire on them at Saisabana village on the Baquba-Balad Rouz highway east of Baghdad.

    - Around mid-day, an armed group opened fire randomly at Barawana village in Muqdadiya ( 45 km north east Baghdad) killing one civilian and injuring three.

    SALAHUDDIN (175 km north of Baghdad)

    - Sunday night, gunmen kidnapped 40 people on the Baghdad-Tikrit highway south of Samara (110 km north of Baghdad). All were from the Jibour and Shimar tribes whose members have formed a council of tribes to drive out terrorists.

    KIRKUK ( 255 km north of Baghdad)

    - Around 9 pm Sunday, a roadside bomb exploded when a police patrol passed through Awashra village on the main road of Hawija –Fatha ( west of Kirkuk. Three policemen were injured.

    "Surge" is working well Bush.

  59. By Basil Harrington,

    Friday, May 25, 2007

    "The Republican Party is falling apart," said one insider to me recently. "The GOP has become the party of neoliberal corporate globalism, not the party of conservatism," said another. Perhaps election 2008 will be the last hurrah. Other than Tom Tancredo, Ron Paul and Duncan Hunter, the GOP presidential candidates are a joke. The rest are all neoliberal, interventionist globalists.

    Look how we've derailed...

    Iraq is a huge mistake, a neocon experiment in utopianism, and we are paying the price. Bush's foreign policy is not conservative. It is Wilsonian nation building. The transformation of the Middle East to liberal democracy is Jacobin, not conservative. And it is because of the neocon war machine in the Middle East that we are hated.

    Crumble Crumble Crumble

  60. Clif, are these the names of troops lost in the Iraq invasion?

    How many did you list?

    We just put the flag ourside our house. God Bless them.

  61. There are 232 Democrats in the House of Representatives,” House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) tells us in yesterday’s Washington Post. “There are 232 Democrats that believed that our policies in Iraq are failing.”

    On this Memorial Day, these are comforting yet insulting words from a man who, according to the same Washington Post, less than four days ago “jury-rigged” a vote on the House floor to make sure the Iraq War continues - a vote that most of the 232 Democrats in the House supported (For background on this vote, see here - it was deliberately confusing). Hoyer’s platitudes speak to what I will call the Innocent Bystander Fable - a myth that has become a self-reinforcing ethos in our nation’s capital these days.

    This is a great comment.

  62. Mch1968 - Wow, I'm so glad you found this blog. We can use more liberals anytime. WE used to have several right-wing trolls arguing all day long on this blog, but I think they were scared off.

    Okay a Superman reference. Right now my son is addicted to Smallville, and he just discovered it at the age of 13, so could Smallville have something to do with it?

  63. Drug may help vets struggling to get rest

    For many combat veterans, insomnia is a huge problem, and the struggle to find a way to sleep can morph into alcohol abuse, marital problems and increased risk of suicide.

    Dr. Murray Raskind, a Seattle-based researcher, has focused on the new use of an old, cheap generic drug — prazosin — to help patients get some rest. In recent trials with veterans, Raskind found prazosin is working better — and at a much-reduced cost — than antipsychotic drugs that have been widely prescribed for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

    While it does not induce sleep, prazosin helps normalize sleep so that patients can have normal dreams rather than nightmares, according to Raskind, a psychiatrist with the VA Puget Sound Health Care System.

    "This drug changes lives," Raskind said. "Nothing else works like prazosin."

    Raskind and other VA researchers are working with Madigan Army Medical Center doctors in a major trial of prazosin with active-duty soldiers who have the disorder

  64. Bush Pens Dictatorship Directive, Few Notice
    News Type: Event — Seeded on Mon May 28, 2007 9:23 AM EDTArticle Source: kurtnimmo.comus-news, bush, terror, america, federal-government, dictator, homeland-security-presidential-directive, national-continuity-coordinatorSeeded by themagpie
    In short, Bush may now declare himself absolute ruler at any moment and Congress can like it or lump it. Naturally, this act of betrayal is of so little importance and consequence, the corporate media believes you are better served knowing Justin Timberlake is in love. “This directive on its face is unconstitutional because each branch of government the executive, legislative and judicial are supposed to be equal in power,” Lee continues. “By putting the President in charge of coordinating such an effort to ensure constitutional government over all three branches is effectively making the President a dictator allowing him to tell all branches of government what to do.”

    So much for the first three articles of the Constitution, designed to make sure there remains a separation of power between branches of government. “Ambition must be made to counteract ambition,” declared James Madison in the Federalist Papers. Madison, in his original draft of the Bill of Rights, included a proposed amendment that would make the separation of powers explicit, but this proposal was rejected, primarily because his fellow members of Congress thought the separation of powers principle was obvious in the Constitution. There was no way for them to read the future, or predict the wholesale selling and buying of Congress, a judiciary stacked with reactionary troglodytes from the Federalist Society, and a largely brain dead public apparently more interested in Britney Spears lip-sync concerts than preserving the Constitution, let alone comprehending it.

  65. Mike - Thank you, glad you enjoyed the show on Saturday. What a great comment. And I loved this "Bush flippantly flip-flopped."

  66. The unpleasant truth is that Bush’s failed policies in both Iraq and Afghanistan have made the world a far more dangerous place. Our friends in the Middle East, including most prominently Israel, have been placed in greater danger because of the policy blunders and sheer incompetence with which the civilian Pentagon officials have conducted this war.

    We as Americans should have “known then what we know now”- not only about the invasion of Iraq but also about the climate crisis; what would happen if the levees failed to protect New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina; and about many other fateful choices that have been made on the basis of flawed, and even outright false, information. We could and should have known, because the information was readily available. We should have known years ago about the potential for a global HIV/Aids pandemic. But the larger explanation for this crisis in American decision-making is that reason itself is playing a diminished, less respected, role in our national conversation.

    Al Gore is a former US vice-president; this is an edited extract from his new book, The Assault on Reason, published this week by Bloomsbury.

    © 2007 Al Gore

  67. Lydia the list is all Afghanistan and Iraq casualities, because we honor all veterans who sacrificed their lives on Memorial day.

  68. Clif, yes of course including Afghanistan. Do you have over 4,000 names?

  69. Larry said...
    Bush Pens Dictatorship Directive, Few Notice

    Larry, is this the directive called NDS51 I posted a few days ago?

    Can you get a mainstream media source?


  70. Lydia there is 3865 on that list it is up to date as of 28 May 2007

  71. You mean this directive?


    Bush To Be Dictator In A Catastrophic Emergency
    Lee Rogers

    The Bush administration has released a directive called the National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive. The directive released on May 9th, 2007 has gone almost unnoticed by the mainstream and alternative media. This is understandable considering the huge Ron Paul and immigration news but this story is equally as huge. In this directive, Bush declares that in the event of a “Catastrophic Emergency” the President will be entrusted with leading the activities to ensure constitutional government. The language in this directive would in effect make the President a dictator in the case of such an emergency.

    The directive defines a “Catastrophic Emergency” as the following.

    "Catastrophic Emergency" means any incident, regardless of location, that results in extraordinary levels of mass casualties, damage, or disruption severely affecting the U.S. population, infrastructure, environment, economy, or government functions;

    So what does this mean? This is entirely subjective and doesn’t provide any real concrete definition of what such an emergency would entail. Assuming that it means a disaster on the scale of the 9/11 attacks or Katrina, there is no question that the United States at some point in time will experience an emergency on par with either of those events. When one of those events takes place, the President will be a dictator in charge of ensuring a working constitutional government.

    The language written in the directive is disturbing because it doesn’t say that the President will work with the other branches of government equally to ensure a constitutional government is protected. It says clearly that there will be a cooperative effort among the three branches that will be coordinated by the President. If the President is coordinating these efforts it effectively puts him in charge of every branch. The language in the directive is entirely Orwellian in nature making it seem that it is a cooperative effort between all three branches but than it says that the President is in charge of the cooperative effort.

    The directive defines Enduring Constitutional Government as the following.

    "Enduring Constitutional Government," or "ECG," means a cooperative effort among the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the Federal Government, coordinated by the President, as a matter of comity with respect to the legislative and judicial branches and with proper respect for the constitutional separation of powers among the branches, to preserve the constitutional framework under which the Nation is governed and the capability of all three branches of government to execute constitutional responsibilities and provide for orderly succession, appropriate transition of leadership, and interoperability and support of the National Essential Functions during a catastrophic emergency;

    Further on in the document it states the following.

    The President shall lead the activities of the Federal Government for ensuring constitutional government.

    This directive on its face is unconstitutional because each branch of government the executive, legislative and judicial are supposed to be equal in power. By putting the President in charge of coordinating such an effort to ensure constitutional government over all three branches is effectively making the President a dictator allowing him to tell all branches of government what to do.

    Even worse is the fact that the directive states that the Secretary of Homeland Security will serve as the lead for coordinating overall continuity operations. We already know that the Homeland Security department is not really working to secure the homeland. Instead the Homeland Security department is really working to enslave the homeland just like the Home Office over in the United Kingdom has made that country an Orwellian hell of closed-circuit TV spy cameras. If such an emergency is declared, we can only guess what sort of surprises the Homeland Enslavement department will have for us.

    The directive itself recognizes that each branch is already responsible for directing their own continuity of government procedures. If that’s the case than why does the President need to coordinate these procedures for all of the branches? This is nothing more than a power grab that centralizes power and will make the President a dictator in the case of a so called “Catastrophic Emergency”.

    It is insane that this directive claims that its purpose is to define procedures to protect a working constitutional government when the very language in the document destroys what a working constitutional government is supposed to be. A working constitutional government contains a separation of powers between three equally powerful branches and this directive states that the executive branch has the power to coordinate the activities of the other branches. This directive is a clear violation of constitutional separation of powers and there should be angry protests from our legislators about this anti-American garbage that came from the President.

  72. Thanks Mike:

    I found it on Sourcewatch but it didn't have any news linkis.

  73. Thanks guys.

    I just posted photos of coffins and the wounded, with an excerpt about the media campaign to keep photos of war casualties out of the media.

  74. Thats EXACTLY what Hitler did, he changed the laws so he could seize power at a later time.........does ANYONE REALLY think GWB is proposing this plan JUST for the fun of it.............consider this GWB and the repugs KNOW The overwhelming majority of the American public opposes them and they are Finished in 2008.............imagine a terrorist attack or an attack on Iran in the next year that produces the chaos the Neo Cons NEED to seize total power.

    Bush KNOWS his back is to the wall and the house of cards is about to fall he needs to cheat to not get decimated in the end game now.

    He attacked Iraq for the oil and war profits.......the obsessive focus on attacking Iran is altogether different though it is NOT about the oil at all it is about creating the chaos and smoke screen NEEDED to seize and consolodate ultimate power and become a dictator like Hitler before him..............directive 51 is just the little brute exposing his hand once again...........and once again instead of taking action America slumbers and Congress does nothing.

  75. I Lost My Son to a War I Oppose. We Were Both Doing Our Duty.

    By Andrew J. Bacevich
    Sunday, May 27, 2007; B01

    Parents who lose children, whether through accident or illness, inevitably wonder what they could have done to prevent their loss. When my son was killed in Iraq earlier this month at age 27, I found myself pondering my responsibility for his death.

    Among the hundreds of messages that my wife and I have received, two bore directly on this question. Both held me personally culpable, insisting that my public opposition to the war had provided aid and comfort to the enemy. Each said that my son's death came as a direct result of my antiwar writings.

    This may seem a vile accusation to lay against a grieving father. But in fact, it has become a staple of American political discourse, repeated endlessly by those keen to allow President Bush a free hand in waging his war. By encouraging "the terrorists," opponents of the Iraq conflict increase the risk to U.S. troops. Although the First Amendment protects antiwar critics from being tried for treason, it provides no protection for the hardly less serious charge of failing to support the troops -- today's civic equivalent of dereliction of duty.

    What exactly is a father's duty when his son is sent into harm's way?

    Among the many ways to answer that question, mine was this one: As my son was doing his utmost to be a good soldier, I strove to be a good citizen.

    As a citizen, I have tried since Sept. 11, 2001, to promote a critical understanding of U.S. foreign policy. I know that even now, people of good will find much to admire in Bush's response to that awful day. They applaud his doctrine of preventive war. They endorse his crusade to spread democracy across the Muslim world and to eliminate tyranny from the face of the Earth. They insist not only that his decision to invade Iraq in 2003 was correct but that the war there can still be won. Some -- the members of the "the-surge-is-already-working" school of thought -- even profess to see victory just over the horizon.

    I believe that such notions are dead wrong and doomed to fail. In books, articles and op-ed pieces, in talks to audiences large and small, I have said as much. "The long war is an unwinnable one," I wrote in this section of The Washington Post in August 2005. "The United States needs to liquidate its presence in Iraq, placing the onus on Iraqis to decide their fate and creating the space for other regional powers to assist in brokering a political settlement. We've done all that we can do."

    Not for a second did I expect my own efforts to make a difference. But I did nurse the hope that my voice might combine with those of others -- teachers, writers, activists and ordinary folks -- to educate the public about the folly of the course on which the nation has embarked. I hoped that those efforts might produce a political climate conducive to change. I genuinely believed that if the people spoke, our leaders in Washington would listen and respond.

    This, I can now see, was an illusion.

    The people have spoken, and nothing of substance has changed. The November 2006 midterm elections signified an unambiguous repudiation of the policies that landed us in our present predicament. But half a year later, the war continues, with no end in sight. Indeed, by sending more troops to Iraq (and by extending the tours of those, like my son, who were already there), Bush has signaled his complete disregard for what was once quaintly referred to as "the will of the people."

    To be fair, responsibility for the war's continuation now rests no less with the Democrats who control Congress than with the president and his party. After my son's death, my state's senators, Edward M. Kennedy and John F. Kerry, telephoned to express their condolences. Stephen F. Lynch, our congressman, attended my son's wake. Kerry was present for the funeral Mass. My family and I greatly appreciated such gestures. But when I suggested to each of them the necessity of ending the war, I got the brushoff. More accurately, after ever so briefly pretending to listen, each treated me to a convoluted explanation that said in essence: Don't blame me.

    To whom do Kennedy, Kerry and Lynch listen? We know the answer: to the same people who have the ear of George W. Bush and Karl Rove -- namely, wealthy individuals and institutions.

    Money buys access and influence. Money greases the process that will yield us a new president in 2008. When it comes to Iraq, money ensures that the concerns of big business, big oil, bellicose evangelicals and Middle East allies gain a hearing. By comparison, the lives of U.S. soldiers figure as an afterthought.

    Memorial Day orators will say that a G.I.'s life is priceless. Don't believe it. I know what value the U.S. government assigns to a soldier's life: I've been handed the check. It's roughly what the Yankees will pay Roger Clemens per inning once he starts pitching next month.

    Money maintains the Republican/Democratic duopoly of trivialized politics. It confines the debate over U.S. policy to well-hewn channels. It preserves intact the cliches of 1933-45 about isolationism, appeasement and the nation's call to "global leadership." It inhibits any serious accounting of exactly how much our misadventure in Iraq is costing. It ignores completely the question of who actually pays. It negates democracy, rendering free speech little more than a means of recording dissent.

    This is not some great conspiracy. It's the way our system works.

    In joining the Army, my son was following in his father's footsteps: Before he was born, I had served in Vietnam. As military officers, we shared an ironic kinship of sorts, each of us demonstrating a peculiar knack for picking the wrong war at the wrong time. Yet he was the better soldier -- brave and steadfast and irrepressible.

    I know that my son did his best to serve our country. Through my own opposition to a profoundly misguided war, I thought I was doing the same. In fact, while he was giving his all, I was doing nothing. In this way, I failed him.

    From the Washington Post

  76. Hi Lydia,

    Actually Superman has always been my favorite comic book hero so I was looking him up on wikipedia which eventually led me to the Super Friends entry which mentioned Ted Knight doing the narration for the original episodes which led me to the Too Close entry which led me to you and your blog.

    Wikipedia has a way of doing that.

  77. Great post Larry. It reminds me of how much I hate to think of what's being done to my country.

  78. Thanks for the comment Chuck:

    As you reflect daily on your blog, this is a mess run by a mess of criminals who haven't been indicted yet.

  79. Ok, I need to comment on that recent proclamation or whater it was the Herr Bush signed. Like everybody else, I was extremely worried that he would use it to take over but a few other details entered my mind ...

    Exactly who would he get to enforce this? The military, CIA, FBI, police, etc ... are all still Americans and it's not like they would go along with rounding us dems up like the Gestapo used to.

    Plus, there are plenty of Republicans out there who arent happy with a lot of Herr Bush's techniques -- like the serious overuse of signing statements.

    In other words, he can try it but he wont succeed.

  80. MCH1968 said...
    Ok, I need to comment on that recent proclamation or whater it was the Herr Bush signed. Like everybody else, I was extremely worried that he would use it to take over but a few other details entered my mind ...

    Exactly who would he get to enforce this? The military, CIA, FBI, police, etc ... are all still Americans and it's not like they would go along with rounding us dems up like the Gestapo used to.

    Plus, there are plenty of Republicans out there who arent happy with a lot of Herr Bush's techniques -- like the serious overuse of signing statements.

    In other words, he can try it but he wont succeed."

    MCH, that was a good post you wrote earlier and all, but with alldue respect I think you need to actually go back and actually read directive 51.............see Hitler merely changed the laws so he could seize power at a later time, he didnt announce to the world HOW or WHAT he was going to use to seize power and make the country a police state and neither will GWB.

    See if you actually read the directive or portions of the so called "Patriot" Act or other things that say citizens can be locked up deniened Habeous Corpus and fair representation and the ones that empower Bush to take civilians into the military or into military Concentration would see that laws like these arent enacted spur of the moment on a lark just for fun and shits and giggles.

    You seem to be saying something like this could NEVER happen in America and THAT is precisely the reason it can, Democracy is safest when people question their leaders and government...........Do you think the German People EVER thought their country would be hijacked by a megalomaniac genocidal fascist dictator capable of murdering millions and waging pre-emptive war............................if they had been surveyed in the 1920's the overwhelming response would have been no!

  81. The taking of rights under the Patriot Act, the ability to spy on every U.S citizen, and the ability of Bush to impose Martial Law leads to the conclusion that our government is posed to overtake the citizenary.

  82. Chuck.

    I liked your "70's Rock" page.

    Very cool.

    But wheres Pink Floyd in that list?

  83. Oops.

    Just found it. I see you had Dark Side of the Moon and the Wall.

  84. Should add Wish You Were Here.

  85. Very cool that you added the Alan Parsons Project, but the album and songs you chose were from "Turn of a Friendly Card" which came out in the 80s.

    I'd go with "Edgar Allen Poe, Tales of Mystery and Immagination", which came out early 70's.

    Anyway enough of my two cents worth. I loved the page. Rock on.

  86. Sorry Larry, didn't mean to hijack the thread. Just checking out some of the cool new bloggers in here.

    Some interesting people dropping in.

  87. Yeah, I agree Worf, I'm a big Floyd fan in fact I was listening to quite a bit of Floyd Saturday night.

  88. Did you check out his 70's rock site Mike?

    Its pretty cool.

  89. Worf:

    You didn't hijack anything. Chuck also has a popular political blog.

    You are right, there are some interesting new people here today.

  90. This little blog just keeps growing.

  91. Yeah Worf I did a few nights ago..........and I meant to comment i liked his taste in music as well.........I've seen chuck on other blogs..........he seems like a great addition!

  92. He has about anything anyone is into on his regular blog.

  93. Chuck - Wecome, thanks for posting. Great photo.

    Larry said...
    I Lost My Son to a War I Oppose. We Were Both Doing Our Duty.

    What a shattering article this is. So Cindy Sheehan's not the only anti-war parent. Thanks Larry.

  94. OBI WAN WORFEUS said...
    Larry said...
    I didn't know the Bush goonies were mentioned that long ago.

    Actually Larry they were mentioned way back in Old Testament times.

    with the jaw of an ass have I slain a thousand men.

    Judges 15:16

    WORF - I can't help it, you make me laugh when I really need it. Thank you!

  95. Anyone say we are not becoming a fascist police this:

    Extra4/5/2007 10:00 AM ET
    Inside Wal-Mart's 'threat research' operation
    The retailer appears to go beyond most companies in its sleuthing. Its surveillance group hunts computer hackers, trolls colleagues' e-mails and tries to plug information leaks.

    A Wal-Mart worker fired in March for intercepting a reporter's phone calls says he was part of a larger, sophisticated surveillance operation that included snooping not only on employees but also on critics, stockholders and the consulting firm McKinsey.
    As part of the surveillance, the retailer last year got an employee to infiltrate an anti-Wal-Mart group to determine whether it planned protests at the company's annual meeting, according to Bruce Gabbard, the fired security worker, who worked in Wal-Mart Stores' (WMT, news, msgs) Threat Research and Analysis Group.
    The company also deployed cutting-edge monitoring systems made by a supplier to the Defense Department that allowed it to capture and record the actions of anyone connected to its global computer network. The systems' high-tech wizardry could detect the degree of flesh tone on a viewed Internet image and alerted monitors that a vendor sharing Wal-Mart networks was viewing pornography.
    Wal-Mart has since disconnected some systems amid an internal investigation of the group's activities earlier this year, according to an executive in the security-information industry.
    Talk back: Does Wal-Mart take surveillance too far?
    The revelations by Gabbard, many of which were confirmed by other former Wal-Mart employees and security-industry professionals, provide a rare window into the retail giant's internal operations and mindset.
    The company fired Gabbard, a 19-year employee, in March for unauthorized recording of calls to and from a New York Times reporter and for intercepting pager messages. Wal-Mart conducted an internal investigation of Gabbard and his group's activities, fired his supervisor and demoted a vice president over the group as well.
    Gabbard says he recorded the calls on his own because he felt pressured to stop embarrassing leaks. But he says most of his spying activities were sanctioned by superiors. "I used to joke that Wal-Mart paid me to be paranoid, and they got their money's worth," Gabbard says.

    More from MSN Money and The Wall Street Journal

    Wal-Mart drops bid to expand banking
    Fired Wal-Mart worker speaks out
    Wal-Mart suit shows glass ceiling still big issue
    Wal-Mart tapings spark probe
    Wal-Mart pays bonuses to store workers
    In praise of Wal-Mart
    Surveillance appears legal
    Wal-Mart says it permitted recording employee calls "only in compelling circumstances and with written permission from the legal department." But because pager messages were sent over a frequency that was not secure, Gabbard inadvertently intercepted pages from non-Wal-Mart employees as well. A U.S. attorney is investigating whether any laws were violated as a result of the phone and pager intercepts.
    Aside from that possible infraction, Wal-Mart's surveillance appears to be legal. U.S. courts have long held that companies can read employee e-mails, and Wal-Mart employees are informed they have "no expectation of privacy" when using company-supplied computers or phones. The surveillance of people in public places is also legal.
    Wal-Mart has always placed tight limits on what its employees can do while at work. For instance, it bars store employees from using personal cell phones on the job. Managers receive a list of e-mail addresses and phone numbers their employees have communicated with, and a list of Web sites visited, according to current and former employees. And the company limits Internet access, blocking social-networking and video sites.

    Video on MSN Money

    U.S. attorney investigates call taping
    Federal authorities in March began looking into the actions of a computer systems technician at Wal-Mart Stores who intercepted pager and text messages and secretly taped telephone conversations, CNBC's Scott Cohn reports.
    But Wal-Mart appeared to go beyond most companies in its sleuthing. It didn't just scan e-mails written on the corporate e-mail system. Technology it was helping develop allowed it to view e-mails that employees sent to or received from private accounts such as Hotmail or Gmail whenever the employees were hooked into the Wal-Mart computer network, according to Gabbard and others with knowledge of the system.
    The security operation and its surveillance technology "seems Orwellian," says Robert West, the founder and chief executive of Echelon One, a security research and consulting firm composed largely of former corporate chief information officers. Other activities, such as infiltrating critics' groups, went "beyond the scope of the typical information security organization," he says.

    A dimly lit 'Bat Cave'
    Wal-Mart declined to give details about its surveillance activities. A company spokeswoman, Sarah Clark, characterized its security operations as normal.
    "Like most major corporations, it is our corporate responsibility to have systems in place, including software systems, to monitor threats to our network and our intellectual property so we can protect our sensitive business information," Clark said. "It is also standard practice to provide physical and information security for our corporate events and for our board of directors and senior executives."
    According to several former Wal-Mart employees, the company's roughly 20-person Threat Research and Analysis Group hunts computer hackers through cyberspace, trolls colleagues' e-mails looking for misbehavior or proprietary-data theft and tries to plug damaging information leaks. Members work on the third floor of the Wal-Mart's Bentonville, Ark., technology offices. They enter a separate glass-enclosed structure by holding the palm of their hand to a biometric reader that grants them access to a dimly lit work area. Colleagues call it "the Bat Cave."
    The group "is no longer operating in the same manner that it did prior to the discovery of the unauthorized recording of telephone conversations," said Wal-Mart's Clark. ". . . We have strengthened our practices and protocols."
    Get free, real-time stock quotes on MSN Money
    According to Gabbard, Wal-Mart began beefing up its electronic call surveillance after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in response to government requests to employers in general to help find terrorist cells. Gabbard says he was directed by two former FBI agents working for Wal-Mart to set up a system that could track any calls to and from Syria, Yemen and Iran, among other countries. The search was unsuccessful, only flagging an apparent call from Iran that turned out instead to be from an Indian jeweler, according to Gabbard.
    Later, he says, he used the same equipment to intercept and record calls from The New York Times.

    A concern about leaks
    The electronic surveillance accelerated in October 2005 when confidential company memos began appearing on the Web site of a union-backed anti-Wal-Mart group, Wal-Mart Watch, according to Gabbard. One such memo suggested that because of rising costs and criticisms of its worker health insurance, the retailer should revise its policies by hiring healthier workers and requiring all jobs to perform physical activity, such as retrieving shopping carts.
    Concerned about the leaks, Wal-Mart began working with Oakley Networks, a developer of "insider threat management" gear to track employees' and suppliers' computer usage over its network, according to Gabbard and an industry source. One Oakley system is able to record an employee's computer keystrokes and deliver a TiVo-like replay of his or her computer activities, according to Tom Bennett, Oakley's vice president of marketing.
    Oakley confirmed the advanced capabilities of the system but says it doesn't identify customers apart from the Defense Department. The system goes beyond keystroke capture products and e-mail filtering packages by "providing a view of content moving over your network," Bennett says.
    Suspecting that the leaks of confidential memos might have come from McKinsey employees who had been working on a health-care project at Wal-Mart's headquarters at the time of the leaked memo, Wal-Mart's security experts used an Oakley device to monitor the McKinsey Internet activities, according to Gabbard and others.
    Wal-Mart ultimately took no action. "We continue to work closely with McKinsey, and we have no evidence that anyone there ever inappropriately shared confidential information," Wal-Mart's Clark said Monday. McKinsey declined to comment.
    Wal-Mart also used an Oakley product to monitor suppliers' use of the Wal-Mart network. Gabbard says that using the program that can monitor flesh tones on a computer screen, his team found a vendor downloading pornography and reported it to Wal-Mart and the vendor's executives. He doesn't know the outcome. Wal-Mart declined to comment on the incident.

    Critical shareholders targeted
    Gabbard says he also used his computer skills to find information on Wal-Mart critics. In March 2006, he searched a South Carolina Democratic Party Web site for information on Nu Wexler, the spokesman for the anti-Wal-Mart group Wal-Mart Watch. Wal-Mart knew that Wexler planned to be in northwestern Arkansas during an annual company conference. Gabbard said he found personal photos of Wexler stored on a publicly available folder on the party's computer, which allowed Wal-Mart security to identify Wexler.
    "Wal-Mart has far bigger concerns than my vacation photos," said Wexler, after being informed of the surveillance. "Someone would have had to dig for quite a while to find that link."
    Get free, real-time stock quotes on MSN Money
    In late spring 2006, Wal-Mart learned that several anti-Wal-Mart groups might protest at the annual shareholders meeting in June. Company executives were concerned the civil-rights group Acorn (the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) and local Up Against the Wal members would disrupt its meeting. Wal-Mart sent a long-haired employee wearing a wireless microphone to Up Against the Wal's Fayetteville, Ark., gathering, and eavesdropped from nearby, says Gabbard. "We followed around the perimeter with a surveillance van," he says.
    "It is not the company's policy to infiltrate organizations or events, and we would not condone any associate engaging in such activity," said Wal-Mart's Clark. Wal-Mart also directed its surveillance operations at critical shareholders.
    Stock Charts (Year)

    According to a January 2007 memo reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, security units were asked to "do some preliminary background work on the potential threat assessment" of those submitting proposals to its June shareholder meeting, particularly those whose resolutions the company was trying to block. The list included proposals from a Boerne, Texas, religious group; the New York City controller's office; and Sydney Kay, an 85-year-old retired science teacher who submitted a resolution requiring that board nominees own at least $5 million in Wal-Mart stock, and his 93-year-old sister Hilda Kaplis.
    "It is standard business practice to do an overall assessment for potential disruptions at a major event like our shareholders' meeting involving 20,000-plus people," Clark said.
    Reached at his Dallas home, Kay scoffed at the notion he posed a threat to Wal-Mart's annual meeting. "I am a nobody," he said."

  96. mch1968 I can't believe I forgot that Ted voiced the original Superman TV show. You mean the old black and white George Reeves version? Ted talked about this once as I recall.

    By the way, we have to realize that what is happening with Bush is very insidious. The mere fact that he will not comply with the will of the people in ending this "war" is astounding. He has something up his sleeve. This, along with the blatant in -your-face rising oil prices is a strange sign.

  97. Lydia, Larry, worf, Clif etc............I KNOw its a long article, but I urge you to take the time to read the article I just CLEARLY shows the direction our country is headed.........and its not a pleasant one.

  98. Hillary Clinton was on the Board of Directors at Walmart for quite a while, and still holds close ties to them, just check campaign donations.

  99. Associated Press | May 28, 2007 06:08 PM

    The blast went off at 2 p.m. in the Sinak market area on the east side of the Tigris River, just as U.S. and Iranian diplomats were wrapping up a historic meeting aimed at ending the violence wracking the country.

    Insurgents carried out several mortar and car bombing attacks throughout the capital Monday and even waged a lengthy gunbattle with police in broad daylight. The wave of violence, which killed 36 people across Baghdad.

    Things are still the same.

  100. Why are we here’?

    By: Steve Benen

    A growing number of U.S. troops in Iraq are asking themselves the same questions: "What are we doing here? Why are we still here?"

    Donald C. Hudson Jr., a private assigned to the 1st Brigade Special Troops Battalion, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, is one of those soldiers. After watching his roommate die in a roadside bombing, Hudson spoke out.

    I came here as part of the first wave of this so called "troop surge", but so far it has effectively done nothing to quell insurgent violence. I have seen the rise in violence between the Sunni and Shiite. This country is in the middle of a civil war that has been on going since the seventh century. Why are we here when this country still to date does not want us here?

    Why does our president’s personal agenda consume him so much, that he can not pay attention to what is really going on here? […]

    I would just like to know what is the true reason we are here? This country poses no threat to our own. So why must we waste the lives of good men on a country that does not give a damn about itself?

    Hudson deserves an answer. It's tragic his commander-in-chief can't give him one.

  101. Clif Iraq was all about oil, while the obsession to attack Iran is all about seizing power in the chaos that will ensue due to the oil spike..........Bush wants to become a a tyranical dictator and the chaos from attacking iran is just the smoke screen he needs to attempt it!

  102. Embassy Memo Flap and the Decline of the Right Blogosphere

    Glenn Greenwald and Iraqslogger on that memo about food shortages at the US embassy in Baghdad (which have ended for the moment).

    The right blogosphere went crazy about this little memo and its authenticity. Uh, guys, I like State Department folks fine (certainly better than you do), but even they would admit that there are bigger issues than what choices they get at the cafeteria. Like for instance the mortar fire landing in the Green Zone or the bombing of the Abdul Qadir al-Jilani Sufi shrine on Monday that might well set off sectarian violence. The memo was not a big deal one way or another.

    And as for the invocation of Dan Rather, why don't they look into Doug Feith's Office of Special Plans at the Pentagon if they want to look into fraudulent documents.

    There was a guy named Curveball, who was far more important than Dan Rather because he helped get us into this quagmire of a war. Then there was the Niger forgery. So many rightwing forgeries, so little investigation by those with little green feet and balls.

    and the stupid trolls who infect the tubes it seems...............

  103. To kill a mocking blog
    Marcy Wheeler
    May 29, 2007 12:30 PM

    In preparation for the upcoming sentencing of Scooter Libby - the Bush administration official convicted of perjury in the Valerie Plame scandal - his defense team solicited his friends and associates to write letters to the judge arguing that Libby deserves a reduced sentence. Last Friday, Libby's lawyer Bill Jeffress submitted a filing [PDF] opposing the release of those letters to the public. In it, he writes: "Given the extraordinary media scrutiny here, if any case presents the possibility that these letters, once released, would be published on the internet and their authors discussed, even mocked, by bloggers, it is this case."

  104. Here's Glen Greenwalds article in it's entirity, it is facinating reading on how the reichwing distorts and lies then walks away like nothing happened when they get CAUGHT lying, just like tiny the liar, the foole dolty boy crusty the clown have done here..............

    Right-wing blogger geniuses expose another journalistic fraud![themselves]

    The genius investigators in the right-wing blogosphere -- who serve as our Watchdogs over the Corrupt "MSM" -- made a major, major discovery this weekend. Last Wednesday, former CIA agent Larry Johnson published a Memo (.pdf) sent from the U.S. Mission in Iraq which advised troops and other military personnel in Iraq of a "theater-wide delay in food delivery" which would likely limit the available food supply.

    As has been true for the last four years, right-wing bloggers simply shut their eyes and refused to believe that any news reflecting poorly on the Leader's War could be real. Just as was true for news reports of civil war and a growing Iraqi insurgency, this Memo just had to be a fake, so they declared it to be such.

    The super-tough-(and-anonymous)-Churchillian-warrior "Ace of Spades" got the investigative ball rolling, declaring: "that document is fake" (emphasis in original). "Ace" then explained: "someone is attempting to gin up a rather minor convoy delay into something that threatens the feeding of our troops." These accusations were grounded in "Ace's" belief that an eagle in the corner of the memo was inauthentic, copied from a figurine. Upon finding the image online, "Ace" excitedly announced that he discovered "How The Retarded Forger Found The Image."

    "Ace" then added an update citing as support for his conclusion of a "Forgery!" the "analysis" of that highly-impressive-document-expert Charles Johnson. Johnson -- in a post entitled "Fake But Accurate, Nutroots Edition" -- announced:

    Ace of Spades exposes another probable anti-war fraud, an "internal memo" with a "military logo" that turns out to be ... a Hummel figurine.

    Johnson christened their exciting new "MSM" scandal "Hummelgate," and announced that "'Hummelgate' hits the Washington Post; they quote from the memo in this article" [here]. Johnson then issued a painstaking analysis of the .pdf properties as further "proof" of the document's fakeness.

    All of that, needless to say, provoked a whole slew of braying, celebratory right-wing bloggers denouncing the MSM for their outrageous fraud against the Leader and the War. Leading the way was Charles Johnson's very own "news agency" Pajamas Media, which was last seen trumpeting the death of Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, an "exclusive" report which -- once it turned out that Khamenei was and is very much alive -- forced even Michelle Malkin's Hot Air to admit it was "a major embarrassment" for Pajamas.

    This weekend, the Pajamas "news agency" published an item headlined: "The Fake Memo With the China Figurine On Top." The Pajamas News Agency "reported":

    Ace is on the case, with some help from LGF. It's a Defense Department memo, and while the document is definitely fake, whether the specific information contained in it is accurate is up in the air. If the info was indeed wrong, then the Washington Post was fooled.

    Curt's Flopping Aces announced: "Another Forged Document Fools A Lefty," and began: "Larry Johnson, that ViPer with a serious case of the BDS, is at it again peddling a forged document." Curt then proceeded to spew all of the sophisticated and insightful document analysis for which the right-wing blogosphere is so well-known, and then accused Johnson of "tak[ing] this obvious forgery at face value because it fits in with his own preconceived notions."

    The sea of right-wing blog followers then washed ashore, with one proclamation after the next like these:

    ** "Hi-larious Ratheresque hijinx on the part of Larry Johnson, ex-CIA moron, discussed by Ace."

    ** "The Has-Been Media is also incredibly stupid and easily fooled, so long as they can advance their political agenda . . . Check out the link to the memo. It's laughable.

    ** This is hilarious. Seems Super Duper Spook Larry (Plame Flame) Johnson got duped by a faked intel memo.

    Needless to say, the memo is authentic. And some of the accusers are slowly starting to admit it (with no apologies to Johnson or The Washington Post for impugning their integrity, from what I have seen).

    And so we have but the latest in an endless series of right-wing-blogger outbursts of accusatory bile and claimed discoveries of wrongdoing and fraud where the only fraud and wrongdoing is from the blogger-accusers themselves. It is literally impossible to count the grand humiliations of this sort to which the right-wing blogosphere has repeatedly subjected itself. Over and over, they make the most vicious accusations without the slightest basis in fact.

    Time and again, they are revealed to be people completely unmoored from reality or without the slightest regard for basic precepts of responsible commentary. Facts which are unpleasant to them are deemed to be "fake" for that reason alone, and the most serious accusations come spewing forth from their mouths without any regard to whether they are actually true.

    Right-wing bloggers and "Pajamas Media" spent all weekend calling Larry Johnson a liar and a fraud when the only liars and frauds were, as usual, them. And now that they stand exposed, yet again, as reckless and fact-free hysterics, they will simply move, unperturbed, onto their next manufactured scandal, with the expectation that they will be taken seriously. Is it really any wonder that not even their own party -- which venerates people like Rush Limbaugh -- takes right-wing blogs seriously?

    But media figures like Howard Kurtz take them very seriously. And it is important to note they are really nothing more than an online extension of the right-wing noise machine, employing the same tactics and demonstrating the same sense of integrity. The most basic facts which conflict with their political agenda are derided as false. Those reporting those facts are subjected to the most vicious character assaults. And they launch one lynch mob after the next based upon the most serious accusations which repeatedly turn out to be as factually false as they were plainly ridiculous. What else could they possibly do to lose credibility altogether?

    UPDATE: Professor Juan Cole was one of those who cited the Memo in a post from last week, which apparently prompted readers of these right-wing blogs to e-mail Cole to demand a retraction in light of the proven "fraud." In reply, Cole refused to retract, pointing out that he "do[esn't] accept the reasoning of LGF about the memo."

    In response to Cole's refusal to retract, "Ace" said (h/t teh l4m3):

    Hey, dickhead? What more "reasoning" do you need than this?

    [photograph of figurine eagle]

    This is a f$#king hummel eagle and flag figurine from a cheesy knicknack vendor, you f%#king idiot. What additional "reasoning" do you need?

    It's this [Green Beret and retired senior officer of U.S. Military Intelligence and U.S. Army Special Force] Pat Lang character, a lefty buddy of Larry Johnson's, who's been passing this obvious sham around. . . .

    What kind of idiots do we have in our "intelligence" community, exactly?

    When they give you an intelligence test, do they require you actually fail to get the job? Or at least post a not-too-high, not-too-low score somewhere between "average intelligence" and "borderline imbecile who sits in the corner all day clapping and masturbating"?

    That is who Pajamas Media cited as the source for its "forgery" story.

    Just contemplate the deep shame and sense of remorse that a normal, healthy person would feel after spewing that kind of venom at people, including a former Green Beret, who were completely right. But they don't. Like the brilliant pundits whose every proclamation about the Iraq war turned out to be false yet who still parade around as proud and pompous experts, right-wing bloggers continuously hurl accusations like this and then, when proven wrong, simply move on to the next accusatory orgy without any real acknowledgment of wrongdoing or apology.

    -- Glenn Greenwald


    ahhh shades of gay-dalf the foole, tiny the liar, dolty boy and GOO GOO with their side kick sock puppets like crusty the clown....

    seems it is a reichwing disease to be so wrong on so much for so long.

  105. Is it the freepers vs the neo-cons?

    Free Republic Purge: Conservative Web Site Bans Giuliani Supporters

    A few weeks ago – in between Hillary Clinton’s official entry into the presidential race and the first Republican primary debate of the cycle – the fiery online conservative forum Free Republic marked a decade in operation as one of the premier online forums for right-wing political discussion.

    It also experienced one of the biggest internal battles to rock the site since the 2000 election of George W. Bush -- a tumultuous campaign year that nearly tore the site apart, as its founder and chief administrator first cleansed commenting ranks of Bush supporters, then, later, rallied to his support.

    At the heart of the latest controversy: the fight over the conservative bona fides of Rudy Giuliani.

    Over the past few weeks, chaos has reigned in the “Freeper” community as members sympathetic to the former mayor's candidacy claim to have suffered banishment from the site. They were victimized, they say, by a wave of purges designed to weed out any remaining support for the Giuliani campaign on the popular conservative web forum. Another significant chunk of commenters have migrated away from the controversial site over the action, according to a number of former site members and conservative bloggers who have been tracking the situation.

    In a plaintive post on the blog “Sweetness & Light,” exiled commenter Steve Gilbert, who says he does not support the former mayor’s campaign, blasted the site’s new “anti-Giuliani, anti-abortion jihad.” Since George W. Bush was elected president, he wrote, “there haven’t been any large scale [Free Republic] purges to speak of – until now.”

    The fight began one month ago, when site founder Jim Robinson posted an anti-Giuliani manifesto titled: “Giuliani as the GOP presidential nominee would be a dagger in the heart of the conservative movement.” Then the virtual ax started to swing. Longtime posters to the freewheeling discussion threads, used to serious no-holds-barred web etiquette, were still stunned by the intensity of the anti-Rudy activity; conservative blogs buzzed with the development.

    “Jim Robinson has been going on a tear demonizing Rudy Giuliani, because Rudy (agreeing with the vast majority of Americans), is personally opposed to abortions on a moral level…” complained a user on the GOPUSA Web site. “Anyone who posts any support for Giuliani at the site, if it's at all forceful, will be banned.”

    (“Normally, we don't allow complaints about other conservative forums,” chided the moderator, but “…because it is being discussed all over the Internet, I'll make an exception.”)

    Just a few months ago, Rudy Giuliani placed second in an early Free Republic straw poll; now, his support on the site has been virtually eliminated. “After the ‘April Purge,’ I don't think there are any Rudybots left around here,” noted Free Republic commenter “upchuck” in one recent post. “And if there are, they're not posting pro-Rudy stuff :).”

    The forums weren’t the only venue for the Free Republic’s new antagonism toward Mr. Giuliani, which coincided with a wave of comments expressing similar sentiments from other corners of the conservative movement. A few days after Mr. Giuliani’s equivocal Roe v. Wade comments at the Republican presidential debate on May 3, a new “STOP RUDY NOW News & Information Thread” was featured on the site, and a newly-created stand-alone category debuted via a link from the homepage: “The Giuliani Truth File.” (So far this campaign season, Mr. Giuliani is the only candidate – Republican or Democratic – to be singled out for that level of scrutiny from the Free Republic.)

    Why Rudy? Why now? Some conservative bloggers and former commenters contacted for their view of the continuing controversy say they believe that site founder Jim Robinson holds ideologically middling Republicans like Mr. Giuliani responsible for the GOP’s congressional loss and current woes. (They asked that their names be kept out of this story for fear of antagonizing the famously frisky site regulars.)

    Others claim that the former mayor’s top-tier status is spurring frantic site administrators into action.
    Finally, one popular theory holds that the Free Republic is secretly hoping for another Clinton presidency that would send its Alexa ratings soaring back to levels it hasn’t experienced since its halcyon days of the Clinton impeachment, when a since-soured relationship with blog pioneer Matt Drudge and overwhelming anti-Clinton sentiment in Republican ranks helped make Free Republic one of the hottest Web sites in the nation. It hasn't recovered that luster since the Bush administration took over.

    “It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s an observation,” said one blogger, who describes himself as a half-hearted Mitt Romney supporter. “They’ve still got a brand name that means something, but they’re not what they were in terms of real-world impact. A Hillary presidency would get them there.”

    Robinson himself could not be reached for comment, but his original post laid out his case against Mr. Giuliani – a graphics-heavy presentation of some of the former mayor’s most damning moderate quotes in mainstream media venues, along with a color-coded report card tracking his less-than-doctrinaire positions on abortion, immigration, gays and guns.

    Robinson, it should be noted, famously blasted George W. Bush’s presidential candidacy back in 2000, before a dramatic late-campaign about-face that saw him emerge as one of the GOP ticket’s biggest supporters. But whether or not Free Republic experiences a similar election-year shift this cycle, the site’s current campaign is spreading a dangerous primary-season meme of Rudy Giuliani as big-city liberal – and turning one of the most influential web forums in conservatism into an exclusive gathering place for those who share that view.

  106. AP

    MINDEN, Nev. -- Max Baer Jr., who as Jethro in the 1960s sitcom "The Beverly Hillbillies" lived off his uncle Jed's oil riches, is hoping to strike it rich in the gambling market.

    Baer purchased a 2.5-acre parcel last week for a planned casino in north Douglas County for $1.2 million. The deal followed his recent sale of the old Wal-Mart building in nearby Carson City for $8.5 million.

    "I'm putting my money where my mouth is and buying the property," Baer told Gardnerville's Record-Courier newspaper. "This purchase demonstrates a commitment to Douglas County. It shows the people here that the process is moving forward."

    The parcel was the first of two the longtime county resident will need for his proposed Jethro Bodine's Beverly Hillbillies Casino & Mansion. He won't purchase the remaining 20.78 acres until he has received the needed zoning changes and height variances for the casino, he said.

    If approved, the casino would be part of the proposed 600,000-square-foot Riverwood commercial development located along U.S. Highway 395 just south of Carson City.

    A 40,000-square-foot gambling area with 800 slot machines and 16 tables would be flanked by various eateries, including Jethro's All You Ken Et Buffet. The project also would feature a showroom, cinema complex and a 240-room, five-story hotel.

    Jethro is doing better than Bush!

  107. I dont think Ted did anything on the old George Reeves show .... no, I was referring to the original Super Friends cartoons. It had Superman, Batman & Robin, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and two teenagers Wendy & Marvin their dog Wonder Dog. Ted was the narrator famous for the line "Meanwhile at the Hall of Justice."

    Ok, on to Bush. I do think he is capable of wanting to take over, I just dont think he would have the necessary manpower to do it. The world is a lot different than it was int he 30's when Hitler was able to take over Germany. The fact that people like us can communicate with each other in a forum such as this is proof of that. As evil as he was, Hitler had a lot of charisma and could fire people up with his speeches. All Bush is able to manage is to make us laugh at his constant flubs. He'll never be able to change the way Americans act or think and the military certainly wouldnt obey orders to take over our own country.

  108. Hi Lydia!

    Nice post today to remember the troops.

  109. Hi Guys!

    So, Cindy Sheehan has resigned?


  110. I can't believe Sheehan resigned since I assumed they were mainly footing the bill for her travels and expenses.

  111. Beautiful tribute, Larry. Thank you.

  112. Thanks Jacq,

    The part about John Wayne surprised me. I knew he was a neocon, but I didn't know he was like Cheney and received several deferments to avoid the war.

  113. Oops! I meant nice post today Larry and I said Lydia!

  114. Thanks Suzie,

    You can give Lydia the accolades, she was a big part of it.

  115. Thanks Suzi, I wrote the part about the troops (or actually I posted 2 articles about them, and the pictures)

    One of the articles was from a new blogger on this blog: mch1968

    Larry posted the amazing story about John Wayne. Sorry I kept adding to the top and changed the title because I thought these stories went together.

    When we get up and running in a more professional manner, we'll have bloggers post threads more often.


  116. Yeah, I didn't know John Wayne had gotten the deferments to get out of WW II. Also, that he was a racist!

    Both of my grandfathers served in the Army in WW II. I remember as an older child I always wanted my grandfathers to tell me about the war but they didn't want to talk about it.

  117. Hi Lydia:

    I understand now that 3 of you actually wrote the article. :)

  118. mch1968 said...

    He'll never be able to change the way Americans act or think and the military certainly wouldnt obey orders to take over our own country.

    Well I have to disagree with you there. He's already changed the way Americans act and think. After Sept 2001 Bush had us spying on our neighbors. He had mailmen watching you with official orders to report "anything suspicious". He made us afraid and while we were afraid, he snuck in the back door, like a thief in the night, and removed critical constitutional protections leaving us all vulnerable now to a omnipotent government.

    You are right in that he is a bumpkin to be sure, and none too bright, but this bumpkin has used his cowpie charisma to begin to dismantle a free democracy right before our very eyes.

  119. Fortunately, an ever growing majority is beginning to see the bumpkin for what he is, and are moving away from him, but he still commands a large following of dedicated sheeple.

    But he is still influcing us even now. He is convincing us to hate Iran so he can plunder their nation too. Haven't you noticed the additional media story's lately, about how Iran is fueling the insurgency (like we didn't expect them too?) or how Iran is so mean to its people?

    The media is falling right back into the trance they were in pre March 2003, and whatever Bush tells them is gospel with regards to new threats.

    Bush's back is against the wall, and if he can't get us to stop finding out the truth about why we went into Iraq, and what he did to get us to that point, then he's going to just start another war, so he can further bury the truth, and distract from the obvious.

  120. Don't mind me guys... I was out in the sun too much was 100 and I'm brain dead! LOL

  121. Yes, Obi Won Worfi:

    It's all media hype with Iran!

  122. John Wayne made a better actor than he did politician.

    I still like his movies though.

    She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
    The Searchers
    The Commancharos
    Rio Lobo
    Rio Bravo
    Big Jake
    True Grit

    John Wayne was a great actor.

    He should have stuck to acting.

  123. Suzie-Q said...
    Yes, Obi Won Worfi:

    It's all media hype with Iran!


    Too bad with that media hype comes moving warships into the region.

    That usually precedes a conflict.

  124. I think the talks today were a ruse, designed to give Bush the chance to say we tried.

    But I don't think they expected Iran to make the concession it did. If Iran is given a hand in this, it will most likely take over Iraq, or at least a good part of it. But at least they'll keep the peace, and keep the trains running on time.

  125. What it will mean for the people of Iraq, I don't know. I think we need more than Iran. I think we need Iran's help, coupled with UN oversight.

    That plus help from Syria and I think we could see the region settle down.

  126. OBI WAN WORFEUS said...
    I think the talks today were a ruse, designed to give Bush the chance to say we tried.

    But I don't think they expected Iran to make the concession it did. If Iran is given a hand in this, it will most likely take over Iraq, or at least a good part of it. But at least they'll keep the peace, and keep the trains running on time."

    I said the same thing Worf!

  127. Sorry Mike didn't see that. Haven't had a chance to read through all the comments yet.

    One things for sure. Bush wants to engage Iran in armed conflict. You can see it in his speech and in the speech of everyone who represents him.

  128. The problem is if we start a conflict with Iran, we will piss off some major countries, like Russia for one. But we will also piss of our allies, like France.

    We have to be careful here. You don't have to be a CIA analyst to figure out that an attack on Iran could start a chain reaction that could rapidily snowball into World War III.

  129. Hey Mike.

    What does Bush call Global Thermo-nuclear war?


  130. Hey Mike.

    What does Mahmoud Ahmadinejad call Iraq?

  131. Research and Development.

  132. Come on, this is some of my best stuff...


  133. MCH said "Ok, on to Bush. I do think he is capable of wanting to take over, I just dont think he would have the necessary manpower to do it. The world is a lot different than it was int he 30's when Hitler was able to take over Germany. The fact that people like us can communicate with each other in a forum such as this is proof of that. As evil as he was, Hitler had a lot of charisma and could fire people up with his speeches. All Bush is able to manage is to make us laugh at his constant flubs. He'll never be able to change the way Americans act or think and the military certainly wouldnt obey orders to take over our own country."

    Like I said before you are thinking two dimensionally..........Bush is spying on our phone calls, monitoring the internet and blogs...........most likely to spy on and dig up dirt on their politically enemies.

    As for the military obeying Bush's orders if we attack Iran and the oil spike causes 10-15 a gallon gas and we have mass unemployment, starvation, riots, murders etc.......Bush would say it is to stabalize and bring order to the country.

    He would then establish a national police force with unlimited power and transfer massive wealth to them to buy their loyalty..........then you have a dictatorship.

    See Dictators always say they have benovolent reasons at first till they have ultimate power then the mask comes off.

  134. "But I don't think they expected Iran to make the concession it did. If Iran is given a hand in this, it will most likely take over Iraq, or at least a good part of it. But at least they'll keep the peace, and keep the trains running on time."

    Ah yes, the "peace". I'm sure Iran will keep it just like Hitler and Stalin did...(I think they made the trains run on time too)

  135. If thats so great, then you have nothing to fear here eh?

  136. No Volt.

    I am sure your way is better, with shit blowing up every freaking day.

  137. Bush is an unstable moron and a fool and having someone like that in charge of our country is certainly something to fear or at least be uneasy about.

    Bush ruins everything he touches instead of the midas touch that gomba you call a president has the crapola touch!

  138. I had a feeling all the trolls and sock puppets would be back for the holiday!

  139. The bodies of children who were tortured to death lining the streets each morning like newspaper bundles line ours is an exceptionally nice touch.

    Gives it that nice "holocaust" kinda ambiance.

  140. Dan Rather just said there is Real evil out there and most people dont see it until it is too late and the evil has seized ultimate power.

  141. Maybe if we bomb Iran back to the stone age with Iraq, we can create another 50 million new terrorists?

    That'd be cool.

  142. Millions of new people who we've killed a family member of.

    That ought to keep this war on terror thingy going on for the next 75 years.

  143. I just watched the star wars legacy and it is chilling how it paralells what Bush is doing.

    The way the emperor changed the laws, started a sham war based on a lie and gave himself emergency powers so he could one day become a dictator would have made Rove proud!

  144. What's a little mass genocide among countrymen....?

  145. I am sure the rest of the world won't notice.

  146. Whats wrong Volt was it something I said or are you still lurking and taking screen captures.

  147. I was hoping we were rid of them.

    It was just starting to get nice here.

  148. As was I but we've had an old familiar troll in here today long before Volt game in..........havent you smelled him?

  149. Moldron said...
    If thats so great, then you have nothing to fear here eh?

    Perhaps. That is if our standards for what passes as freedom were as low as yours.

  150. Doltron projected,

    Ah yes, the "peace". I'm sure Iran will keep it just like Hitler and Stalin did...(I think they made the trains run on time too)

    And yet it is your moronic monkey Messiah who wants to make himself the Emperor during emergencies (that he, himself, will declare.)

    Enabling Act, anyone? Of course you Chimpletons know your history like I know my neuroscience. Your intelligence shows in the post I quoted-however, you being a Chimpleton means it is impossible to teach you anything, so I'll skip the history lesson.

  151. Dan Rather just said Dictators always start out claiming they will help the little guy..........he then said By the time you are aware of the evil it is too late.....Democracy can always be destroyed from within!

  152. Voltron spewed the following propulsive turd...
    Ah yes, the "peace". I'm sure Iran will keep it just like Hitler and Stalin did...(I think they made the trains run on time too)


    *deep breath*


  153. Thanks for the welcome everyone. Much appreciated (I'm slow to respond).

    My 70s rock page is 70s predominantly, with some 60s and 80s thrown in. ;)

    Yep, I know the list is not all inclusive- I'm working on it from time to time.

    Anyway, just thanks for making me feel at home here.

  154. Glad to have you chuck!

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