Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I finally broke down and bought the paperback version of Coulter’s last book. The one before the current one, the name of which I will not speak, because it might give power to Voldemort. I thought it was unethical to spring for the hardcover, in case the money went to fund abortion center bombings or produce more talking-Coulter dolls. I was so embarrassed to be seen buying a Coulter book again, that when the cashier tried to pry my hands off the title and spine so she could scan the price, I announced to everyone standing in line “I’m not a Republican. I’m just doing research!”

What if the entire premise her career is based on — the heinous immorality of liberals — turned out to be a complete lie? What if Ted Haggart's entire idea of Christianity is also based on a lie? I received this comment from my website: “Ann Coulter is certainly more enlightened than you. You will find that one cannot be a Liberal and be a Christian at the same time.” This sentence makes no sense at all, and it does so in such a bossy way! It’s like saying “white is black and that’s the law!” Certain news networks and certain fundamentalist sects — the ones who have declared a monopoly on values and Christianity — are in fact, diametrically opposed to true Christian values! Maybe they don't realize that Christ has something to do with Christianity because the vowel sounds are different. The God of Coulter has nothing to do with anything remotely Christian. So I guess being called Godless, is a compliment if you're going by her version.

Coulter attacks liberals for being the “porn” party, but what is the real truth? Who are the companies selling us this mind-numbing, mood-altering, bra-pumping sex appeal and drugs to make us thinner, richer, harder, younger? Are liberals immoral and capitalists corrupt? Why is sexual immorality considered the liberal’s sin? Don’t Republicans have sex? Why do they get to decide which moral defect is worse than the other? Isn’t stealing employee pension plans worse than having sex with a consenting adult?

According to my research, most of the large media conglomerates vote Republican; the bottom line is always profit — and sex sells. It’s not the artists who are pushing the envelope in Hollywood — it’s the corporate executives, and this is a fact: they are Republicans. The bottom line is always profit and sex sells. Personally I would like to know whose idea it was to program Britney Spears’ midriff into our homes 24 hours a day for the past few years.

I’ve come to the conclusion that even though Angelina Jolie has big lips, she’s an amazingly evolved soul. Our heroes should be people of courage, compassion and charity — not propagandists, Ferderline wives and pole dancers. Bono, Nicosi Jones, Mother Theresa, Eleanor Roosevelt, Faith Hill, Dixie Chicks, Bruce Springsteen and yes, Angelina Jolie are role models for young people.

This might send shockwaves through the right wing, but I think good conservatives are really liberals at heart.


"The Nintendo Wii comes with a motion-sensitive controller that the gamer waves around in the air, using it as a tennis racket, golf club, steering wheel, gun or sword depending on the game."

I got up at 4 a.m. on Sunday morning and stood in line at Circuit City to get the Nintendo Wii game system for my son. He had been nagging me for 3 months to make sure I'm in the midnight line because he was away at GATE camp in the Palisades.

It's awesome! It's "intuitive gaming" virtual reality and at $250 a lot less than the $600 PS3 which doesn't even do the things this does.

I met some really cool nerds, moms and dads on line — and also some gang kids (looked like gang kids, but who knows; they were very sweet.) We're all going to meet in line next year for a reunion when Nintendo launches a new system!

My son has never been so happy. I suddenly realized maybe materialism isn't always a bad thing. I bought the amazing game "Zelda" as well as Rayman with the dancing rabbids! When they dance to the Blackeyed Peas it's really cool.

Seinfeld star Michael Richard's racial outburst is a career-ending tirade, and it's sad. But there is never any excuse for using the "n" word or any bigoted epithet. Seinfeld is my favorite show. We are living in such a strange time; people are so out of control. I think the media has everyone hyped up, ready to explode with their finger on the trigger.

Jamie Masada, owner of the LAUGH FACTORY, had a small role on our show, TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT, the very fist season, in the cookie episode. He played a Latino busboy whose only line was "You finished?" After that he bought the entire block in Hollywood and started the Laugh Factory. I kept thinking, "Wow they must have paid him a fortune on our show if he can afford a whole block of prime real estate." Duh.

An excerpt from a great article by my friend Robert Dreyfuss:

  • Last week, the situation in Iraq took another major turn for the worse. That might seem impossible, since the level of carnage and destruction is so immense already that it’s hard to imagine things getting worse. But get worse they did, when the ministry of the interior —the death squad-dominated, Shiite-run agency that has become a factory for torture and murder—announced that it was seeking the arrest of Iraq’s top Sunni cleric, Harith al-Dari, who heads the Muslim Scholars Association.

    Widely seen as someone who is close to the Sunni-led resistance in Iraq, Dari is hardly a radical. But that didn’t dissuade Iraq’s interior minister. “We have proof that he is involved in terrorism,” said a ministry spokesman. That announcement provoked a storm of outrage from those Sunnis, including moderates and centrists, who’d decided earlier this year to take part in Iraq’s political process rather than remain outside, and many of them immediately threatened to shut down the Iraqi government and boycott parliament. “We have to decide if we want a state, or not,” said Jalal Talabani, Iraq’s president, who would have done better to acknowledge that indeed, Iraq has no state at all. Indeed, over the past few days, terrorists—real ones, and the Shiite variety—launched brazen attacks against two government ministries, raiding the Iraqi education ministry and kidnapping scores of employees, and then kidnapping the deputy minister of health.

    The worsening crisis in Iraq lends desperate urgency to efforts in Washington to find a solution. While the capital awaits the report of the Iraq Study Group, co-chaired by James Baker and Lee Hamilton, in December or early January, the die-hards and dead-enders in and out of the Bush administration are making one last push for, well, one last push. All reason to the contrary, they’re pushing the notion that the United States has to prepare for one more Alamo-like last stand in Iraq.

    Such an effort was on display last week, when I attended the November 15 hearings of the Senate Armed Services Committee, which heard testimony from General John Abizaid, the beleaguered, political commander of Centcom, who placidly declared his support for staying the course. But Abizaid was pressed by Senator John McCain, from the Republican side, and Senator Joseph Lieberman, from the—well, from what?—to explain why it wouldn’t be a good idea to send at least another 20,000 American troops to Baghdad in order to prevent defeat. You can read the rest here:

  • Also, check out this article by a gifted journalist: