Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Found this photo of Johnny Grant, Kelly Patterson and myself with the troops in Beirut, Lebanon for USO tour. God Bless the brave Marines of the 24th MAU, who died from a suicide truck bomb after we left Beirut. Black Jack, are you still alive?

My son Jack, the brainiac, asked if he could set up a PODCAST for me. It's still in primary stages, but will be updated starting next week. Lydia's Podcast

My friend, Patriot and Constitutionalist James Vaughn is having sinister trouble with the government trying to take his property in a land grab. He believes it's because he dares to speak out. Check out JamesVaughn.org

I LOVE ANGELINA JOLIE's HUMANITARIAN WORK! Even though she has big lips, she is becoming an amazingly evolved soul. (That was a joke about beautiful women.) Please support her campaign to end the torture, rape and mass killings of children in Darfur at GenocideIntervention.net

I wish our kids would pick heroes like Bono, Bruce Springsteen, Andre Agassi, Randi Rhodes and Angelina Jolie to emulate (and other modern-day Mother Theresas) instead of Paris Hilton, Carmen Elektra, Ann Coulter or Britney Spears. Also Bill Gates, Faith Hill & Tim McGraw, Celine Dion and many others have helped with Katrina relief and not being silenced in the face of corruption. Please help think of other people who give back to the world.

I agree with Carl, who commented here that we should value "principles over personalities" and not get into celebrity-worship. Normally I agree, but there are so few celebrities using their clout in the right way, I want to give kudos to Angelina Jolie, despite her sordid past. We are all redeemable, and I could care less about her personal or sex life, just as I didn't care about Clinton's. It was the political witch-hunt that harmed children in the Clinton scandal. The media titillation exposed children to the lurid details of what 2 consenting adults did alone — and Coulter, who brought Clinton down — couldn't have cared less how it affected young people. Hence the lax attitudes toward oral sex among young people these days. This is blamed on the Democrats; but the blame rests on those holier-than-thou prurient people, whose sole purpose was to bring down the president. Clinton was a very good president, if he had been allowed to do his job.

Moses killed a man. God still used him. Some of the best people have overcome terrible sin. Jolie has redeemed herself and grown up, and no one knows the truth about her marriages. In any case, I admire her committment to humanitarian causes.

The real crisis is what our media does to promote the wrong values: the obsession with Jessica Simpson's looks, and Lindsay Lohan's sex life is teaching kids that all that matters is fame at all costs! I value people who are actually doing things to help others. I wish more celebrities were doing what Jolie and Bono are doing.

MARCY WINOGRAD FOR CONGRESS 36th District, Mar Vista California! Progressive Democrat Marcy Winograd is putting Jane Harmon (who voted for the war, and for the Patriot Act again) to shame. The hope for the future of America is absolutely in the hands of the progressive, enlightened thinkers. Winograd is an amazingly optimistic spirit and her campaign is truly grass-roots. With more people like her in Congress, we stand a chance to become a great country again.

11:11 has anyone had an experience seeing 11:11? You who have, will know what I mean. I'll post my experiences later.
More soon....

TOO LITTLE TOO LATE: Today I have to agree with Bush's sudden change of stance in holding BIG OIL accountable for price gouging, not to mention the head of Exxon taking home a 400 million dollar bonus! This kind of greed is unbelievable. For all Republicans who think we have a fair system, what are you, nuts?

BUT, Bush acts like no one ever heard of "ethanol" from corn and using vegetable oils for fuel! He said, "You may not know this, but there's a way to make a car run on vegetable oil!" DUH. For years Dems have been trying to get serious investment in alternative fuels. Now Bush jumps on board and acts like Americans never heard of anything but oil. Ed Schultz on Progressive Talk today was commenting on how Bush suddenly acts like this is a new idea.

This reminds me of when Rush Limbaugh said, "Who in the hell cares about the rain forests! What do we need raiin forests for?" The wingnuts/rednecks love guns and always want to kill anyone who is a moonbat (peace-loving, tree-hugging, bleeding-heart liberal.) Which one follows the values of Love?

I still can't understand how any of these wingnuts can call themselves Christian. "I never mix religion with politics, but don't they know that Jesus was a bleeding-heart liberal?" LIberals are pro-life in the best sense of the word: they love all human life, the born and the unborn. They don't believe in the propaganda that the only valuable life is frozen fetal cells. Liberals are NOT pro-abortion; they are progressive the way Jesus Christ was: want equal rights for all, love America, love their neighboir and fellow man, love nature, love peace. Liberals want to save lives, not destroy them.

It dawned on me that the biggest problem is in our definition of terms. All these years I had no idea that liberal-bashing was a blood sport on A.M. talk radio. I had never heard the word liberal maligned until I turned on TALK RADIO. No wonder regular Americans have a complete misconception of the word "Liberal" -- the way Michael Savage, Rush, O'Reilly, Hannity Rantell and Coulter spew lies and propaganda, anyone would!

Randi Rhodes: Bush's approval rating is 32%, the same temperature we need for Hell to freeze over: 32degrees!