Friday, June 23, 2006


Springsteen Mocks Ann Coulter, TV Pundits

Published: June 23, 2006 1:00 PM ET
NEW YORK Appearing on CNN today to promote his current tour and album of Pete Seeger songs, rocker Bruce Springsteen took note of the current controversy surrounding Ann Coulter in responding to a question about whether musicians should speak out on politics.

Springsteen was asked if getting flack about his political views, such as backing John Kerry in 2004, made him wonder if musicians should try so hard to be taken seriously on topical issues.

"They should let Ann Coulter do it instead?" he mused, with a chuckle. Then he said, "You can turn on the idiots rambling on cable television every night, and they say musicians shouldn’t speak up? It’s insane, it’s funny," he said, laughing.

He called politics "an organic part of what I’m doing. ... It’s called common sense. I don’t even see it as politics at this point.''

As for the Iraq war, he commented, "You don’t take your country into a major war on circumstantial evidence -- you lose your job for that. That’s my opinion and I don’t have a problem voicing that. Some people have a problem with that, others don’t."

He revealed that some former fans have mailed records back to him. (Typical of the hate-mongers.)

The Ultimate Republican Capitalist SAYS THE WAR IN IRAQ IS WRONG AND A HUGE MISTAKE!! (Of Course, everyone knew that, but I suspect our president had ulterior motives all along: oil. It was never about Sadaam. It was the desperate need for oil to fuel our armed forces.


  1. Anonymous12:02 PM

    I would rather hear from artists because they connect more with people's true emotions and are usually deeper than "pundits." Ann Coulter is a national embarrassment.

  2. MaxMixt12:03 PM

    Hi Lydia, glad to see you worked at the Riviera. Would have loved to see the show!

  3. BORN IN THE USA !!!!!!

  4. Its funny to listen to the right wing politicians criticize musicians and actors as being "unexperinced" in these matters.

    Then we find out that the politicians in charge of these matters have limited or NO experience in the matters they are overseeing.

    Yet we're supposed to let them OVERSEE these matters, but singers can't even TALK about them.

    The Hubris.

  5. You know when I think of American singers, Bruce Springsteen is ALWAYS the first who comes to mind.

    Springsteen represents rural America. Redneck America if you will.

    And they all used to love him.

    Until he speaks out against the right.

  6. Like the Dixie Chicks.

    One minute they are so loved by the right wing that they're asked to sing the NATIONAL ANTHEM at the SUPER BOWL.

    Next month, they dare to exercise their right to free speech, and walla.

    They're traitors.

  7. I think the war was a mistake,”

    I would get out of Iraq as soon as possible consistent with the practicalities of a bad situation.

    It’s being held together by sugar candy. No matter what happens, I believe Iraq will fall again.


  8. I just saw this thread a TP, the new thread didnt show up for me to see for like 20 minutes, could that be because of a hacker?????

  9. But yes i'm SOOOOOO tired of those hippocrites thinking they get to say who has the right to speak out, and in the same breath they claim to be for freedom of speech, its insulting.

  10. I was watching Donny Deutch last night and he had Denis Leary on, and they were both ripping Ann Coulter, they both said exactly what I said the other day that 1) they need a fair and balanced host who doesnt just pitch her softballs, but asks the tough questions and calls her on her lies and unsubstantiated facts and asks her for proof to back up what she says.
    2) they also said what I said that they need to have another person on to rebutt and counter her lies and BS.......Lydia you listening?????????

  11. The Republicans cart hollywood stars like Tom Selleck and Bo Derek to their events, but that is okay.

    The Republicans embrace country music stars like Lorrie Morgan and Garth Brooks, at their events but that is okay.

    If Barbra Streisand or Whoopi Goldberg or Lydia Cornell or a Bruce Springsteen expresses views opposite the right wing, then they are attacked, maligned and labeled as Anti-American by the Republicans.

    The Dixie Chicks can't do concerts in America, because the Republicans, along with Country Music radio have labeled them Anti-American.

    The Bush/Rove America knows only to destroy those with different views instead of tolerate them.

    The Bush/Rove America is turning into one even worse than George Orwell's book 1984.

  12. could that be because of a hacker?????

    Nahhh. Just your web cache likely not refreshing.

  13. Mike said;

    they also said what I said that they need to have another person on to rebutt and counter her lies and BS.......Lydia you listening?????????

    Send her to ME!






  15. He revealed that some former fans have mailed records back to him.


    Long as they payed for them, LOL.

    Dumb asses.

  16. Anonymous3:12 PM

    THE DIXIE CHICKS ROCK! Their new song is so beautiful. How does a bozo like Bush stay in power?

  17. Wonder if Mann thinks only talent lacking hacks like her Malkin Rush Hannity and O'Liely should have the right to sppeak so the would not look so dumb...

    sort of reminds me of the trolls here decrying our posts...

    must be a repug neo-con insecure thing....

  18. Anonymous3:12 PM


  19. Yeah I wonder why people don't boycott Rush Limbaugh's show? There's never an announcement about Dems sending hate mail or death threats or boycotting any Repugs art. oh wait, there are no REPUG artists...are there

  20. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Unless you call country music art

  21. Right-wingers are regressive, Left-wingers are rrogressive.

  22. DARCY3:17 PM

    Left-wingers are PROGRESSIVE, right-wingers are REGRESSIVE, is what i meant.

  23. The best part oif the interview is when Bruce called Solidad O Brien an idiot to her face

    ("the idiots on cable TV, present company included")

    And she basically agreede and keot on with the him calling her an idiot was approiate

  24. "I think the war was a mistake.

    They did not have weapons of mass destruction.

    Saddam was not the prettiest leader, but I never felt they [Iraqis] were the problem in the world."


  25. Oh I'd've paid to have seen that Clif.

  26. "It's being held together by sugar candy.

    No matter what happens, I believe Iraq will fall again.

    I think when we leave, the country will be in chaos, and the modern day version of Saddam Hussein will take over again.

    We're in a war we shouldn't be in. We have bigger fish to fry."


  27. We need a few more SOLID people with the testicular fortitude to call the Morons who play the talking heads on TV the idiots they are...

    and the loud mouths who pretend to know everything like coulter and rush get called the insecure dolts they really are....

    Hell rush cuts off anybody who even comes close to challenging him..

    and Mann just talks over every one and spews such diarrhea that she must need an enema from BOTH ends...

  28. Francis Fukuyama is discing Bush's war on terror justification that they hate us for our democracy on C-Span...he basically is saying the repugs had a set of ideas they ran on but could not govern on because they were attacking the government ...but can't attack the government if the government is them like right now....

    unless the really are as skitzoid as the profess to be with their disjunctive ideas of religion...economics of the rich having most of the wealth is good fro everybody....fighing the war is not a reason to ask ordinary people to know the skitzoid anal retentive rovian ideas they want everyone to accept

  29. Neither of them want to debate me.

    THAT much I know.

  30. And they told us killing Zarqawi would inhibit the insurgency;

    State of emergency declared in Baghdad :: latest

    The Iraqi government declared a state of emergency and imposed a curfew today after insurgent gunmen set up roadblocks in central Baghdad and opened fire on US and Iraqi troops just north of the heavily fortified Green Zone.

    With just two hours notice, Prime Minister Nouri Maliki ordered everyone off the streets of the capital. US and Iraqi forces also were engaged in firefights with insurgents in the dangerous Dora neighbourhood in south Baghdad.

    The fighting along Haifa Street near the Green Zone, the site of the US and British embassies as well as the Iraqi government, was unusual in its scope and intensity.

    There have, however, routinely been clashes along the thoroughfare, making it so dangerous that a sign at one Green Zone exit checkpoint warns drivers against using the street.

    As the state of emergency was announced in the capital, a car bomb ripped through a market and nearby petrol station in the increasingly volatile southern city of Basra today, killing at least five people and wounding 18, including two policemen, police said.

    No wonder the US Ambasador to Iraq is sending memos that say things are not safe if the insurgents can set up their own road blocks outside the green zone and attack it...brings the vietcongs attack on the US embassy during the TET offensive to mind

  31. i'd love to see those two get ripped apart in fair and balanced debate.

  32. I'd love to do it.

    I've invited Berlin Betty to a debate many times in TP, which I know she reads. She has to read opposition blogs. Thats how she gets her crap.

    I've told her many times I'd be willing to debate her, publically, in a blog, anytime.

    So far she has yet to accept.

  33. Cause she knows I'd bust her up.

  34. Yeah, BORN IN THE USA!

    When his country called he ran to Canada as fast as he could.

    Makes millions singing song about somewhere he never went, doing things he never did....

  35. Yea, you guys used to love him.

    Like the Dixie Chicks.

    Remember what you kind decent people did to these 3 wonderfully talented American girls for daring to disagree with your fuhrer?

    Yet a mere month earlier, every Redneck and "good ole boy" right wing republican was wiping the tears away as they sang our national anthem at the biggest draw to the right wing since Katherine Harris's horseback pictures, the Super Bowl, in front of millions of cheering fans.

    Just one month before you branded them traitors.

    Go figure.

  36. Entertainers who alienate and risk loosing half their audience in order to publicly spout their semi-literate political beliefs are narcissistic fools.

    If I go to a concert I want to hear the music for which I paid, not someone's political opinion, even if it matches mine.

    In fact, why would anyone talk about his religion or politics unless that is part of his business, or he is posting anonymously on a blog? Why start fights with friends and family? What's the point?

    These talented dim-wits should just "shut up and sing" as Laura Ingram says bluntly.

  37. Thats a stupid attitude FF.

    They're citizens just like you and me. And they have a right to speak out just like you and me.

    We can't help it if those of us who have talent and the public loves, just happen to dislike you.

  38. FF does not believe in others RIGHTS remember his lambasting Kirk12 for the way he chose to exercise kirks rights to fly his flag in distress as a political statement about the FF no more believes in the constitution than coulter...rush or Bush himself who slandered the constitution in both words and deeds

  39. Funny though.

    I just heard that exact same argument, put in that exact same way, in an interview with some really stupid right wing dickwad, who was interviewing Henry Winkler.

    This guy was an numnber one dickhead.

  40. He said the exact same thing as FF.

  41. Thge repugs do not want FREE speech because with out the lies protected by Fox...and blogs like coulter and malkin which DO NOT allow comments...and shows like O'Liely and limptards who both screen calls and cut off dissenting views...they would Lose most open debates...they have lied...spoken half truths...distorted the truth and their opponantes for years...they swift boat real veterans all the time hiding their chicken-hawk status...they pretend to be christian...but would swiftboat jesus if Jesus came back and respoke his message...thery probably would advocate locking him up in gitmo for being unamerican

  42. They believe in free speech that Repug Gov Ernie Fletcher is having a progressive KY website blocked but not others on state computors because the,...dares to point out the fact that Ernie is not honest..has committed crimes and others along with him...(but not bert),

    this story has made newws around the world....we are getting our soldiers killed supposedly to give democracy to the Iraqi's but deny it here at home to the Americans...HYPOCRITES says it just about right they are political and religious HYPOCRITES

  43. Come on FF dont cut and run, I'd like to at least hear one of your semi wity barbs after I made you look silly in the previous thread, by disproving your unsubstantiated rhetoric about the miniumum wage.

    How does that saying go FF, "facts are like kryptonite to conservatives"????

  44. And gutless chicken-hawks

  45. I've never seen a site like Coulter's before there is no place to e-mail her or post messages if you are not a member.

    Our resident trolls say they cant stand places where everyone agrees all the time, I wonder what Coulter's site is like, it must be all yes men kissing her ass and saying how great she is all the time.

  46. And the FACT that the repug blogs cut off debate by blocking posters as quickly as they stray from the party line...and even remove dissenting freepers scared under their beds because a liberal boogey man might get them to think for once

  47. what repug blogs have you gone to?

    BTW, i'm not exclusively Lydia's anymore, I actually posted a few posts at TP today.

  48. Was that you Mike?

    Did we talk?

  49. They repugs can't envision that others might have better ideas or something of merit to say because they are scared little people who demand seig heil goose stepping follow the psarty line or your a traitor..

    FF can't fit inside his scared little brain that the flag belongs to Kirk12 also and he HAS the right to do with it as his first admendment right allow...because the flag is the only wayFF knows how to be patriotic...not applauding the fact that somebody actually exercises their rights...which is being patriotic,

    Thumping their chests about who and what is patriotic they miss the real idea of is everything that is done LEGALLY while exercising all our rights.

    Soldiers and Marines take an OATH to defend the constituion thus our rights,,, and when we exercise them we give honor to their service..and sometines tragically their ultimate sacrifice.....

    not in ideas of trashing the rights to protect a piece of cloth which is merely a symbol not the thing in of itself which is FREEDOM...they want to limit freedom to protect their little symbol because they are that limited intellectually

  50. Mike said...
    I've never seen a site like Coulter's before there is no place to e-mail her or post messages if you are not a member

    Thats how they ran the Reich too.

    If you weren't a member of the party, you were outside.

  51. yeah, about north korea

  52. we should all crash a reich wing site, when there's a slow day here and see how long it takes us to get banned.

  53. The Bush administration has banned all media access from Guuatanimo Bay, except for Fox news.

    Didn't Hitler have total control of the German media in his reign of terror as well?

    National Security must be at risk from all the media, except the Bush controlled Fox News.

  54. They repugs slander the quest to aid the poorest workers in trying to make ends meet...but hail the ultra rich which use the system both political and economic to hoard more and more for them selves even though with out thousands they would do nothing..and most do not do that well for the corporations they lead...most do accept6able but not 5000 times more than the people who actually do the physical work.....the auto workers ..did make the cars..but the ceo's and upper-management BLEW it but got millions

    Oil executives make OBSCENE profits based upon the terror in most regions of this planet where they get their product...but never want to share those profits with the people who actually should own the natural resources.....

    And they fight any attempts to get us Unaddicted to oil...starting with depends boy who slandered jimmy Carter for telling the truth...if we had followed Carters path toward self sufficiency...conservation...better sources of energy which do not pollute as much or contribute to Global Warming...we would not be in the mess we are scrambling for the limited oil in the middle east getting tens of thousands of people killed...and we would have a growing economy and manufacturing base because we would have LED in the post petroleum economy...toward a renewable and sustainable one, but the oil executives and Cheney and the Neo-cons might have to have shared with the rest of us, and repugs HATE to share...they want it make up for their inner insecurities and self inflated deficiencies

  55. Larry said;

    Didn't Hitler have total control of the German media in his reign of terror as well?


  56. A look at Carter and reagan says it all Clif, carter installed Solar panels on the White House, and Reagan immediately tore them down.

  57. Al Gore is on David Letterman right now...must drive the repug neo-cons crazy because Al is getting more TV exposure then Mann the Nazi...and people acutally are going to see his movie in droves...must scare them not to be able to stifle him and hide this problem so they can make more dollars

  58. Depends boy who is the only divorces president...wanted to cut taxes..had idiots daddy as his second and read my lips was all about protecting the opil industry from any attempt to the government fund any competition...bvecause their profits are more important than what is really good for the country

  59. Sending troops into Iraq...and building perminate bases in the Iraqi oil fields and along the pipelines...that is spun as good for the country....maybe the united corporations of oil....but not the USA

  60. More and more people are falling behind economically...the middle class is shrinking...but a fewe at the top are making billions thus because they control the talking heads they get their message out that everything is fine...even though the stock market is still BELOW 2000 levels...and many good paying jobs have been outsourced

  61. The repug machine has guarenteed that their benefactors will keep their snouts at the trough of the taxpayers...and they cut the costs for the rich and pass the bill to the poor and their children and grandchildren

  62. Just as they do for the costs of is not a true draft but an economic draft where the poorer must send some sons and daughters to fight wars for the profits of the rich

  63. Yea I saw Gore on Letterman Clif.

    Dave has had it with the bull.

    Notice he said what I'm always saying?

    Its a shame folks aren't smarter.

    Al Gore smiled and nodded.

  64. And its true. Evil seems to go hand in hand with stupidity.

    Look at Hilter. He too believed in overwhelming force with the military.

    And thats where his tactical abilities ended.

    Just like Bush Hitler fought a clumsy war, and made massive mistakes that if he had avoided, might have changed the tides of history.

  65. Worfeus they have been trained to be American Idol stupid

  66. That Donny Deutsch thing is on with Tim Russert and Donny is saying Coulter disgusts him.

  67. American idol stupid?

    Now thats stupid.

  68. Both Bush and Hitler had not plan to follow on to their invasion plans...Hitler had to send in the gestapo...and bush uses Blackwater et al

  69. Damn

    Donny Deutsch didn't just tear Coulter a new one, TIM RUSSERT did too.

    He said she is JUST PLAIN WRONG.

  70. By outsourcing the dirty work in Iraq to "private" ex military types..the UCMJ and geneva convention are left aside...and the problem that started in fallugha in april 2004 was partly caused by the private contractors who have never been concerned with the people who bush said he was liberating and trying to bring democracy....

    They use what they learned in the military without the restrictions

  71. U.S. losing its middle-class neighborhoods
    Metro areas show widening gap between rich and poor sections

    INDIANAPOLIS - Middle-class neighborhoods, long regarded as incubators for the American dream, are losing ground in cities across the country, shrinking at more than twice the rate of the middle class itself.

    In their place, poor and rich neighborhoods are both on the rise, as cities and suburbs have become increasingly segregated by income, according to a Brookings Institution study released today. It found that as a share of all urban and suburban neighborhoods, middle-income neighborhoods in the nation's 100 largest metro areas have declined from 58 percent in 1970 to 41 percent in 2000.

    Killing the middle class will lead to a situation not unlike that which happened in 1929..where the very rich suffered a minor economic set back but the middle class lost jobs homes farms..and the poor were worse off...Bush seems doomed to repeat the economic morass or the great depression...but his tax cuts to the rich will give them more for now.

  72. Worf said "Damn

    Donny Deutsch didn't just tear Coulter a new one, TIM RUSSERT did too.

    He said she is JUST PLAIN WRONG."

    yeah I saw Tim Russert also, Donny has been ripping Coulter every night, they both said it is a talk show hosts responsibility as a fair and balanced part of the media to ask tough questions and call someone out when they are using the airwaves to spew lies and unsubstantiated facts.

    Donny then said he would love to have Coulter on his show WITH someone from the left who could respond to and rebutt her rhetoric and BS.

    He, like most people saw right through Coulter and knew she is using the airwaves to sell and promote her book with hateful outrageous lies and is trying to deceive and influence people politically and Donny said it is crucial to provide both perspectives so the show is credible and fair and balanced and not a political propaganda tool to deceive and influence people and sway public opinion.

  73. They're (talented performers shouting inane leftist rhetoric) citizens just like you and me. And they have a right to speak out just like you and me.

    True. Obvious. Irrelevant. Typical.

    We can't help it if those of us who have talent and the public loves, just happen to dislike you.

    Um...that would be talented folks like Bruce Springstein and you whom the public loves? Yeah you're a legend in your own mind. I'm so hurt when you say such mean things. Waaaaaaa.

  74. but its ok for average joe's like you fascist fan to spread your reich wingnut BS like most people earning minumum wage are teenagers with out any facts to back it up, you must have been hanging around Coulter and Rush too much your starting to spew BS just like them.

  75. thats just like the right wing to claim to be for freedom of speech then imply that inane leftist wacko performers dont have the right to speak out.

  76. Yea Freedom Fan.

    I can see what a "Fan" of Freedom you are.

    Freedom of Speech, in your own words, "is irrelevent" .

    Thats some Freedom you got there.

    Hope its not going around.

  77. And its ok for a well to do money grubbing media whore like Ann Coulter to get rich off of insulting the families of those lost in the trade towers.

    Just not celebreties.

  78. Hey wait a minute.

    Seems I remember Ron Silver from the West Wing out campaigning for the President all throughout 03, and he's still out acting as a spokesmen for the right.

    So let me see if I can put this in context.

    Actors can speak out, as long as they're speaking out for YOU.

    Now I get it.

  79. Seig Heil Freiheit F├╝rsprecher!!!!

  80. So I guess your real gripe is not that so many celebrities are speaking out.

    I guess your real gripe is that so many celebrities are speaking out against YOU.

  81. FF can't fit inside his scared little brain that the flag belongs to Kirk12 also and he HAS the right to do with it as his first admendment right allow...because the flag is the only way FF knows how to be patriotic...not applauding the fact that somebody actually exercises their rights...which is being patriotic.

    ...they miss the real idea of is everything that is done LEGALLY while exercising all our rights.


    For Clif, apparently the real idea of patriotism is to say, take a crap on the U.S. flag. Certainly someone has a legal right to do that, but that hardly makes him a"patriot". This is one of the most stupid ideas I've ever heard expressed.

    thats just like the right wing to claim to be for freedom of speech then imply that inane leftist wacko performers dont have the right to speak out.

    For most liberals, as illustrated perfectly by Mike, Clif and British gary, the act of criticizing leftist free speech, is not itself a form of protected speech.

    Their comments perfectly illustrate a key element of the left-wing mentality: The unqualified acceptance of anything that another liberal does, under the guise of being tolerant and open-minded. Thus anything goes, as long as it is done by another liberal; there is no such thing as independent morality. Naturally we must accept every liberal wacko who stands naked on a San Francisco sidewalk with a scrotum inflated with salt water.

    However anyone who criticizes a liberal is deemed to be a nazi trying impose censorship. Anyone who disagrees with zany lib blather is obviously a narrow-minded limited thinker. In other words, they claim to believe in freedom of speech, but only for enlightened folks like themselves.

    How can libs so consistently embrace such transparent Orwellian hypocrisy?

    I believe it lies in a foundation of narcissism which blinds them from empathizing with people with different ideas.

    Another factor is that libs are often largely devoid of a capacity for critical thought, thus able to entertain multiple inconsistent ideas without experiencing the cognitive dissonance felt by normal folks.

    Perhaps like the libs' uber hero, bill clinton, libs are able to "compartmentalize" conflicting groups of thoughts so that only one set is in the mind at any one time. For slick willie, lying was not an inadvertent mistake, it was an intentional, exceptionally well developed art form.

    Also, since most libs are not traditionally religious, liberalism is a substitute religion as Ann Coulter suggests. So lib ideas must be accepted on faith without question.

    This is why any student, who opposes nauseating leftist propaganda spouted by his liberal professors, is expelled for using "hate speech".

    This is why libs cheer when Conservatives are shouted down and assaulted with pies when attempting to speak in public forums.

    This is why Mike wrote frantic emails to Ms. Cornell to have her censor my ideas on this blog, but now hypocritically trumpets his avid belief in "free speech".

  82. Tall Texan10:43 AM

    "Mike said...
    But yes i'm SOOOOOO tired of those hippocrites thinking they get to say who has the right to speak out, and in the same breath they claim to be for freedom of speech, its insulting.

    1:12 PM"

    Kind of like when Lydia called for Rush Limbaugh's right to broadcast should be revoked.

  83. Fascist Fan Said"This is why Mike wrote frantic emails to Ms. Cornell to have her censor my ideas on this blog, but now hypocritically trumpets his avid belief in "free speech".

    really so apparently your either illegally hacking into e-mail accounts and can prove this blatent lie or else your going to admit your a filthy liar spewing unsubstantiated propaganda just like your hero's Rush and Coulter, because I can assure you Fascism Fan i NEVER e-mailed Ms Cornell about censoring your's or anyone else's ideas on the blog.

    see at one time I thooght you were a troll, however after sometime I came to the conclusion that although I felt your thinking was misguided you were here for true debate and did have SOME sound arguments at times, however after your return the past week or so, i/m starting to feel my first impression of you was correct (as it usually is) and that you are a troll here to spew lies and political propaganda to influence people, as you havent had an honest or sound argument since your return, just lies and rhetoric as reference above.

  84. TT said "Kind of like when Lydia called for Rush Limbaugh's right to broadcast should be revoked."

    TT I agree with Worf on this one, although I dont want to speak for Lydia, I really think she was just exhibbiting her frustration that Rush and Coulter are allowed a platform to influence public opinion and to deceive people into beliving their opinion is fact, Tim Russert and Donny Deutch decried the same thing that a host of a talk show owes it to his public to be fair and balanced and present both sides of an issue, now if the host wants to state their opinion that is perfectly fine as long as they make it known it is their opinion and nothing more.

    Like I said before i'm not trying to speak for Lydia, but when you talk with someone so much and share similar views, you KNOW when someone mis-states something as opposed to feeling a certain way that numerous posts in the past have clearly shown she does not feel. Lydia has never censored anything on this board and her previous posts have clearly shown she is against censorship, she was showing the same frustration myself and many others on this blog feel, when our sides opinions are being censored and silenced, The hoststhat have Coulter on should ask her the hard questions and some should also have on someone to oppose coulter to provide the oppositios perspective and a chance to rebutt Coulter. same for Rush, he screens his calls and never lets dissenters with strong arguments on the air, and when they do get on he talks over them or hangs up on them if they have a point or argument he cant refute. see if these people dont present both sides in a fair and balanced way then all these shows are is political propaganda tools to influence and sway public opinion.

  85. ARTIST11:20 AM

    Inn fact, why would anyone talk about his religion or politics unless that is part of his business, or he is posting anonymously on a blog? Why start fights with friends and family? What's the point?

    These talented dim-wits should just "shut up and sing" as Laura Ingram says bluntly.



    GET IT freedom fan?

  86. ...I can assure you Fascism Fan i NEVER e-mailed Ms Cornell about censoring your's or anyone else's ideas on the blog.

    Will you confirm this, Ms. Cornell? Thanks.

  87. Anonymous11:22 AM


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  89. But FF you fit the typical profile of a Reich Winger to a Tee, if you cant defeat the message you attempt to kill or attack the messenger.


    Indeed. Liberal artists, like you apparently, are narcissists performing for themselves, not their irrelevant fans. This is why for libs, "art" is so superior to mundane things such as providing an abundance of consumer goods and services in a competitive marketplace. Thanks for the clarification.

    /I enjoyed the shouting also.

  91. Fascism Fan said "...I can assure you Fascism Fan i NEVER e-mailed Ms Cornell about censoring your's or anyone else's ideas on the blog.

    Will you confirm this, Ms. Cornell? Thanks.

    So FF I guess this is your cowardly but suble way of saying I got caught lying and spewing unsubstantiated accusations and propaganda with no support whatsover to back it up.


  92. Anonymous11:31 AM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  93. Anonymous11:36 AM

"Why would anyone talk about his religion or politics unless that is part of his business, or he is posting anonymously on a blog? Why start fights with friends and family? What's the point?" 

ANSWER: Because first of all Republican war-mongers mixed church and state by throwing the first stone, claiming war was a mission from god of all the sick things. 

Good artists evolve. They are not artists if they are not socially aware and commenting on what they see, whether it be injustice in the bedroom or in the social/political landscape. 

The best artists have an obligation to open our eyes. 

  94. FF the first amendment gives many people rights.

    I do not have to agree with their message but must defend their RIGHT which is the underlying basis for our freedoms...we do not have to agree on the opinion...but agree on each others RIGHT to express it.

    For most liberals, as illustrated perfectly by Mike, Clif and British Gary, the act of criticizing leftist free speech, is not itself a form of protected speech.

    And if YOU yes YOU who were here were actually Honest about it....I....had this very discussion about free speech with British Gary...and he has admitted to me that he has changed his opinion and now agree that freedom of everyone to legally speak is one of the cornerstones of a free is the religious censor zealots who are the most dangerous...followed by those who would lie like Rush and O'Liely with out allowing the truth have the right to say things that are untrue...but you have no right to stifle the truth...which has become a favorite spin technique of the swiftboating right ...whether against McCain...Gore...Cleland...Kerry...
    Murtha...among others they needed to deny the truth the particular individual is speaking about whether it is the difference between somebody who completes one tour and volunteers for another compared with somebody who's daddy gets them a special; assignment to a NG unit and can not complete their service because the party is more fun...

    Or slandering the service of someone who gave three limbs in a war by calling them unpatroitic....something YOU are all about HERE Unfreedom fan (which is what you really spout most of the times)

  95. In other news, Bruce Springsteen, according to administration officials, was not, in fact, born in the USA but in Tikrit, the birthplace of Saddam Hussein, and should nhot be taken seriously or listened to ever again under penalty of Swiftboating.

    Btw, note the . I'd deleted my old one and decided to start fresh. So, if you wanted to link to the new site, Lydia, I wouldn't hold it against you.

  96. Bad link. Here's the URL to the new site: Welcome to Pottersville.

  97. what happened did one of the Reich Wing Trolls throw a tantrum because they've taken such a beating the last weak and have looked make that stupid in almost every thread.

    BTW who is the blog administrator? it Lydia?......I didnt know we had a blog administrator.

  98. However anyone who criticizes a liberal is deemed to be a nazi trying impose censorship. Anyone who disagrees with zany lib blather is obviously a narrow-minded limited thinker. In other words, they claim to believe in freedom of speech, but only for enlightened folks like themselves.

    How can libs so consistently embrace such transparent Orwellian hypocrisy?

    Never said somebody who criticise but those who do so DISHONESTY...that is not protected speech..but legally called Mann the nazi coulter makes her whoring living may sell books to the less informed and bigoted among the population...but she can not claim what diarrhea that she spews has truth as a rigid basis...instead of character assassination and slander, just like the political campaign tactic of KKKarl Rove..who learned under Lee Atwater...who when he knew he was dying ...he admitted what he had done was...WRONG...Not Honest...less than moral...and ..get this Appologised for his lies and deceptions....too bad the right does not admit that...that their spinmeisters who use his tactics haver been outed by his admissions, as immoral dishonest agents who spew lies slander and half truths...they have the right but not the moral authority ....funny because they spend so much time pretending to be Christian

  99. Hey Please continue to post here on politics, I took a time out because a dear friend of mine died, Aaron Spelling, so in tribute to him, i posted a new blog, but will add political stuff to it soon, or just post over there on the same subject here if you wish.

  100. FF said,

    I believe it lies in a foundation of narcissism which blinds them from empathizing with people with different ideas.

    this coming from somebody who supports those who claimed John McCains adopted child was a mixed race child SAenator McCain had out of wed lock....real openminded there...

    Or those who slandered a triple amputee as unpatriotic...just so they could win another senate seat for their K street project...thge one run by somebody with the moniker as the Hammer...because of how he reacted whenever anybody stepped out of the party line...

    Or those who attempt to define patriotism as just what they do and attack free thoughts of others they disagree with, by belittling them and denying that any idea not.."approved" by the reichwing christofascists is...

    "The unqualified acceptance of anything that another liberal does, under the guise of being tolerant and open-minded. Thus anything goes, as long as it is done by another liberal; there is no such thing as independent morality. "


    For Clif, apparently the real idea of patriotism is to say, take a crap on the U.S. flag. Certainly someone has a legal right to do that, but that hardly makes him a"patriot". This is one of the most stupid ideas I've ever heard expressed.

    Where you take something I posted to an EXTREME which I necver hinted at...instead of agreeing that using the flag in an internationally accepted signal of distress as an accepted form of political dissent peacefully...probably the most patriotic thing a citizen can do...exhibit their political views in both verbally and visually...

    No instead of accepting Kirk12's political statement went off half cocked on a rant he was desecrating the flag...but actually he was reasurting his freedoms which is the foundation of the country which is what the flag is a SYMBOL of...not the freedom or people but a reichwingnut neo-cons are all about the symbols...not the actual constitution...freedoms or people...but a symbol whose meanings you can distort for your greedy purpooses...which are really about grabbing and holding power to enrich each other at everyone elses expense.....

  101. Great post Clif, to reich wingnuts the symbol becomes more important that the thing itself, ie.. the flag a piece of cloth sybolizing freedom becomes more important than the freedom itself.

    Hence dogma over spirit.

  102. Because to you narrowminded insecure reichwingnuts it is all about the money...which you always come back trumps everything else for gives you your worth in your minds, and those who do not have as much are just lesser humans relugated to being servants who are to be worked for as little as possible and charged as much as possible...and if they can not get ahead in the rigged system that the reichwingnut neo-cons truimph...thben it is their fault...not the fault of those who are breaking the commandments of Jesus and distorting the religion he inspired until turn the other cheek can be morphed into ripping turbans..and whole sale kjilling whether in reality as in Iraq on a daily basis...or in the fantasies spouted by your vaulted spewers of hate (something Jesus would also have a problem with)..

    You violate his message in so many ways...exhaulting money over his message...

    Deny and take advantage of the less fortunate...AND underpaying someone is taking not raising the minimum wage because you have the political power to work the machine to the advantage of those who bribe you with so called campaign contributions

    And turn the message of love you neighbors and enemies into ...GOD Bless the USA and bomb the rest back to the stone age....something I doubt Jesus would agree with

    but we keep pretending that we should have a special free pass from his rules because we CLAIM to be a christian nation.....and we know sooo much more than any body else

  103. Perhaps like the libs' uber hero, bill clinton, libs are able to "compartmentalize" conflicting groups of thoughts so that only one set is in the mind at any one time. For slick willie, lying was not an inadvertent mistake, it was an intentional, exceptionally well developed art form.

    But with operators like Rove, Atwater...Bush ...Cheney Feith...wolfowitz...coulter...
    rush....hannity...O'Liely....and the rest of the reichwingnut spin machine like Ralph Reed...Jack Abrarmoff,,,Grover Norquist...whoi ran a scam operation to get MONEY millions...lying is more than an art form but a way of life for them....

    Like I said you all will lie as long as you can get the money..and power

    Bill wanted a blowjob...and nobody lost their lifes savings...or dide in a war that the country was decieved into...for any of Bills blowjobs...but his were far greater crimes right Unfreedom greedy one

  104. Yeah Clif its like Lydia said to repugs death is preferable to sex.

    sad isnt it these deluded fools actually think that getting a blow job is worse than lying us into a war that has resulted in thousands of unneccessary deaths and weakened our military and poisoned and tarnished our international image.

  105. Everyone should watch "Point of the Spear".

    It is one of the strongest arguments for what Lydia has been saying that I've seen in the movies.

    Watch it.Its on DVD now.

  106. would BlockBuster have that????

  107. Anonymous2:48 PM

    Hey I heard a minister say yesterday that who someone has sex with, be they gay or straight, makes no difference, that sexual immorality is the same as overeating, or gluttony or greed or lust of the mind. He means that church folk who judge others and protest gay rights, are guilty often of other sins which are equal or worse, but they refuse to look at themselves, hence Christ's admonition: "Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone. And take the plank out of your own eye before taking the speck out of your neighbor's eye."

  108. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Hey what's "Point of the Spear" about?

  109. James W.3:22 PM

    Saying GET OUT OF IRAQ does not mean we don't support the troops.

  110. Hey James, how have you been, you havent droped in, in a long time.

  111. Anonymous said...
    Hey what's "Point of the Spear" about?

    Its a true story, as told by the surviving son, about a small group of Christian missionaries, who try to bring Christianity to a small native tribe in the wild.

    It is not what you think. If you want to see what real Christians act like, get this movie.

  112. And actually I said the name wrong. Its "End of the Spear".

    Here is a link to purchase and with a synopsis.


    It was an amazing movie, whether you agree with the peoples philosophy or not.

    Absolutely amazing.

    Lydia will love it.

  113. Plot Summary for
    End of the Spear (2006)

    "End of the Spear" is the story of Mincayani, a Waodani tribesman from the jungles of Ecuador. When five young missionaries, among them Jim Elliot and Nate Saint, are speared to death by the Waodani in 1956, a series of events unfold to change the lives of not only the slain missionaries' families, but also Mincayani and his people.

    The true story of a group of Christian missionaries in Ecuador who set out to reach the Wadani tribe (a violent Ecuadorian tribe defined by revenge killing). When the 5 men from this group are speared to death by Mincayani and others in the tribe (who believe all foreigners are cannibals), the wives and children of those men move into the Wadani tribe to teach them about God.

    End of the Spear is an amazing story of Truth, Love, and Forgiveness.

  114. Tsunami relief workers shocked by 9th Ward tour, say they expected more signs of recovery

    Two leaders of the Asian Coalition for Housing Rights who have spent the last 18-months helping victims of last year’s Tsunami took a walk through the Lower Ninth Ward Friday. Their reaction was one of shock, because they said they expected to see more signs of recovery from Hurricane Katrina.

    “We think of America as being this fabulous, powerful superpower, and it’s exactly like Third World situations,” said Tom Kerr.

    “In my personal opinion, I think you should have done much, much faster. It should be much better than what I have seen today,” said Samsook Boonyabancha. [...]

    "The fact that the relief and the support for people who live here is so minimal even though there is so much money in this country, it's really shocking," said Kerr.

    Even foriegnors can see the lack of Christian care in this country...where the reichwingnuts treat everybody but their click with comtempt and refuse even the basic helping hand to rebuild their I said it is about how much money they can get their hands on and greed...which goes directally against Jesus teachings...either treat gods children as you would treat god...OR serve your bank account

  115. Their conclusion: hurricane victims face far more red tape from government and private industry than do the survivors of the tsunami.

    "We just sit together and we decide what we like to do together, and we find funding supporting the people, then we start to do it right away. It is much easier that way. Here your lives depend on the government’s plan, depends on the insurance company, and you keep waiting, and waiting, and waiting," said Boonyabancha.

    Later this summer, a group from New Orleans east and the Lower Ninth Ward will travel to Indonesia to see what they can learn about the recovery efforts from the tsunami in some of the world's poorest countries.

    "So I think it is important that we look at those models, what's happened in Asia, and try to take those lessons of self help, mutual aid and volunteerism, and how that might apply back to New Orleans," said Brad Paul, with the National Council on Homelessness.

    Great the people who live in NO are left to go to a third world country to find out how to recover because little georgie has other thing to

    Try and give control over the ports away....

    Create more deception about how well the fiascos in Iraq and Afghanistan are going....while many more die ....

    Spin the base with the very necessary legislative moves against the tsunami of gay marriages and flag burnuings which must be occuring on every street corners because the repug controlled held up funding for the troops to hold votes on these measures......

    Aty least the rest of the world will not expect as much from the ZUS government as they have shown how incompetent they can be when run by psychpants who only care about their click and leave the rest to sink or swim on their own.....

  116. And the king of Jordon could see what the king dumbya couldn't;

    King of Jordan-- recognized Katrina'a impact immediately

    King of America--never thought levees would break even when his Palace had been told they would.

    The White House was told in the hours before Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans that the city would probably soon be inundated with floodwater, forcing the long-term relocation of hundreds of thousands of people, documents to be released Tuesday by Senate investigators show.

    A Homeland Security Department report submitted to the White House at 1:47 a.m. on Aug. 29, hours before the storm hit, said, "Any storm rated Category 4 or greater will likely lead to severe flooding and/or levee breaching."


    King of Jordan--glued to TV

    King of America--got the DVD 5 days later

    Some White House staffers were watching the evening news and thought the president needed to see the horrific reports coming out of New Orleans. Counselor Bartlett made up a DVD of the newscasts so Bush could see them in their entirety as he flew down to the Gulf Coast the next morning on Air Force One.

    How this could be—how the president of the United States could have even less "situational awareness," as they say in the military, than the average American about the worst natural disaster in a century—is one of the more perplexing and troubling chapters in a story that, despite moments of heroism and acts of great generosity, ranks as a national disgrace


    King of Jordan--Visited the 9th Ward

    King of America--Bypasses unwashed to meet with landed gentry

    Bush, meanwhile, has spent relatively little time meeting with the victims of the flooding and touring the devastation in New Orleans. His visits there are often confined to meetings with political and business leaders.


    King of Jordan--asks why is this place still such a mess

    King of America--says progress is "pretty dramatic"

    Most telling paragraph...

    Senators touring the destruction were decidedly less upbeat than President Bush was five days earlier, when he visited New Orleans for the first time in three months. During that trip, Mr. Bush called progress since August "pretty dramatic," but he was later criticized for visiting the city's wealthier neighborhoods, which escaped the brunt of the damage.


    King of Jordan--on visit went to real fire station and talked to firemen

    King of America--on visit kept firemen from work for photo op

    As specific orders began arriving to the firefighters in Atlanta, a team of 50 Monday morning quickly was ushered onto a flight headed for Louisiana. The crew's first assignment: to stand beside President Bush as he tours devastated areas.

    Ahhh...georgie and his photo ops...he must think they are all that is required to fix problems...he has so many but then ignores the real problem


    King of Jordan--after my visit I'm going home to develop a plan for schools and houses and hospitals for you

    King of America--after a few hours here I'm off to a multi-million fundraiser for me and mine

    Bush Squeezes In Trip To New Orleans Before Fundraiser

    Earlier today, White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan revealed a great deal about the President’s lack of commitment to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. The administration’s rhetoric remained the same. “The President is going to continue visiting the region I expect throughout his presidency,” McClellan said. “This is a top priority for the President.”

    Bush, however, hasn’t visited the region for 3 months. McClellan said this trip would last less than twenty-four hours — Bush is returning to Washington this evening.

    But Bush isn’t even going to spend all of that short period of time in the region ravaged by Katrina. Tonight, Bush will attend a fundraiser at the Palm Beach home of Bush “Ranger” Dwight Schar, who raised more than $200,000 for the President during the 2004 election.

    Three months of ignoring the problem, a cursory visit, all capped off with a multi-million dollar fundraiser – pretty much par for the course for Bush in New Orleans.


    King of Jordan--we'll help your people

    King of America--let my Crony Lords help themselves to the spoils

    I am almost surprised at the Bush administration's transparent support in helping big business rebuild NOLA. Amongst residents and LA officials there has been widespread support for the Baker Bill which has been viewed as absolutely essential to rebuilding NOLA. However Bush has never supported it and informed Baker earlier this week that the White House will not support it now or in the future........

    Canizaro who has been the leading force in the BNOB commission contributed over 1 million dollars to Republicans since 1997. Bollinger, who owns the 3rd largest shipbuilding company in the country, contributed over $130,000. Canizaro was one of 22 wealthy business leaders whom President Bush invited to lunch in 2001 to discuss his tax cut for the wealthy. Is it all that surprising that Bush"sanctioned" them to be the re-builders of NOLA?

    No wonder the repugs want to run on Iraq again...with the medicare fiasco...and the mess that they have made with their inept response to Katrina...and the teetering economy...Iraq must look good in comparison

    Those are the two people Bush wants to rebuild NO..because they give him and the repugs money

  117. Plus the story about Iraq might change real soon because the fact that the new guy in charge is saying so,

    Maliki’s Master Plan
    A national reconciliation plan for Iraq calls for a timetable for withdrawal of U.S. troops and, controversially, amnesty for insurgents who attacked American and Iraqi soldiers.

    Thus we are being invited out of the country..and what is gerorgie to do…invade the country to remove the government he installed? Just because they want him out so they can do what georgie can noit even do in New Orleans...clean up the mess.....

  118. EMails from Jack Abramhoff show that Republican Ultra-Conservative Grover Norquist, arranged personal meetings with Bush or Rove for $ 100,000 per visit.

    The emails show Norquist arranged meetings for clients that Abramhoff had, including many foreign figures as well as American Indian tribes wanting a meeting with Bush or Rove.

    Norquist wrote Abramhoff in one email saying when I have the funds, then Karl Rove will arrange the meeting with Bush.

    Isn't Bush the one who constantly said when running for President, that he would bring dignity back to the White House?

    I guess Dignity comes at a price of $100,000 per visit.

  119. Clif said;

    How this could be—how the president of the United States could have even less "situational awareness," as they say in the military, than the average American about the worst natural disaster in a century

    Hell how could he not care enough to turn on the damned TV?

    Is it too much to ask for a President who gives a crap about us???

  120. "An Inconvenient Truth," the movie, is now in wide distribution, with the paperback edition of his book going to #1 on the New York Times bestseller list the week before July 4th.

    Must be out selling Mann the Nazi's book...fortunately Mann does not try and make any movies...they would to be rated U for unfreeking ugly

  121. Rush limoballs on how the show 24 faired after its inseption;

    "Later, Limbaugh went back to the program's creation, saying: "You got lucky with 9/11 happening shortly after the show started." He quickly stopped himself, saying: "Sorry--not got lucky--bad choice of words."

    He could say the same for Bush-Cheney

  122. 90,000.00 in the freezer12:37 AM

    Hey Lydia...
    You "forgot" to mention that Bruce also insulted the CNN reporterette to her face...calling HER, and others like her, idiots.
    Four years...25 million people the cost of 65,000 of our soldiers' lives. Iraq? No. World War 2. In Iraq we've been there almost as long, liberated twice as many...and we did it at the cost of only 2,500 soldiers lives. Which war was less bloody?

  123. Anonymous12:44 AM

    "Harry Reid, on Saturday, announced he will immediately be stepping down as minority leader for the Senate Democrats. His ties to the Jack Abramoff scandal have caught up with him. Sen. Christopher Dodd is the leading candidate to replace Mr. Reid. The move is seen as damage control for the fractured party."

    --Daily Kos, Saturday, June 24

  124. Big Oil...Big Ketchup12:57 AM

    "Saddam Hussein is the most dangerous dictator that region has seen...he MUST be removed."
    "It's the wrong war at the wrong place at the wrong time."
    "Yes." (When asked at the Grand Canyon if he would still vote to go to Iraq knowing what he knows today.
    "If you think Iraq isn't a major threat to the U.S. then you shouldn't vote for me."
    "I actually did vote for the 87 billion, before I voted against it."
    "You can't have it both ways." (A barb directed at Hillary)
    --all quotes by John 'both-ways' Kerry

  125. Springsteen Fan1:01 AM

    Yeah...Kerry does want it both ways.
    And HE is the guy Bruce supported.
    Bad decision Boss.
    Stick to singing.
    You haven't been on the winning political side in your life.
    You're becoming an embarassment to yourself.
    And apologize to Soledad O'Brien for calling her an idiot.
    Personal attacks don't become you.
    Democrats would never attack anyone personally.

  126. Anonymous3:07 AM

    lydia,is it true your husband is close friends with AARON TONKEN? Maybe he forgot to mention that to you. Opps..........

  127. Tall Texan5:59 AM

    Victor Davis Hanson: Why the Democrats Won't Win

    Will President Bush's current unpopularity translate into a Democratic recapture of either the House or Senate this fall - or a victory in the 2008 presidential election?

    Probably not.

    Despite widespread unhappiness with the Republicans, it is hard to envision a majority party run by Howard Dean, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.


    All sorts of apparent and not-so-apparent reasons. First, recent events and trends have complicated Democrats' talking points about George W. Bush's purported failings.

    The so-called "jobless" recovery has seen low unemployment rates comparable to the Clinton boom years.

    Last September, many people blamed what they viewed as a stingy federal government for the chaos following Hurricane Katrina. But now we learn individuals' fraudulent claims and spending accounted for $1.4 billion in federal largess. Too much was apparently thrown around from big government too generously, rather than too little, too slowly.

    Karl Rove was supposedly going to be "frog-marched" out of the White House in cuffs for a role in outing CIA agent Valerie Plame. Instead, the special prosecutor recently found no evidence that he was involved in any wrongdoing.

    And then there's Iraq. The recent killing of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and the establishment of a complete Iraqi democratic Cabinet will not ensure a quick victory, as we see from the recent slaughter of American captive soldiers. But both events still weaken the liberal clamor that the American effort at birthing democracy is doomed in Iraq. Calling for a deadline to leave, as Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., and Sen. John Kerry, D-Ma., advocate, is not so compelling when the current policy is based on training the growing Iraqi security forces so that American troops can come home as soon as possible.

    Thus, looking ahead to the elections, there is little that the Democrats will be able to capitalize on.

    Take the budget deficit. Total federal annual revenues have increased despite, or because of, the tax cuts. Yet at the same time budget expenditures in the first Bush term grew at a much faster annual rate than during Bill Clinton's administration. So the time-honored remedy for the shortfall calls for cuts and a more conservative budget cruncher, hardly a liberal forte.

    Even in an area like illegal immigration where Bush is getting hammered by his own party, the Democrats aren't in good shape. Their similar support for amnesty and guest workers gives them the same Bush negatives on those issues. But they suffer the additional burden of apparent laxity on open borders.

    Meanwhile, the Democrats face a more fundamental, existential problem. The addition of China and India to the world capitalist system has brought well over a billion workers into the global marketplace. The planet is now flooded with cheap consumer goods - at precisely the time the U.S. economy keeps creating national wealth at a rapid clip.

    The result is that while there may be more inequality than ever before in the no-holds-barred world mart, the middle class and poor in the U.S. have access to "things" - TVs, sound systems, clothes, cars - undreamed of in the past. We are now in the age of MTV and mass conspicuous consumption, not of the grapes of wrath. American class warfare can no longer be defined by the Democratic Party as an elemental need for a 40-hour workweek, unemployment and disability insurance, or Social Security.

    Unfortunately, the liberal debate has devolved to why one person has more opportunity for leisure and even nicer things than others do. A sort of envy rather than hunger more often fuels the gripe - and that should require a subtle Democratic acknowledgment that things continue to improve for everyone.

    Finally, in the past, savvy Democrats understood the need for a conservative package for such liberal contents. To win the popular vote in presidential races, the formula was to nominate a Southern governor or senator - as in 1964, 1976, 1992, 1996 and 2000 - and then hope either for a Republican scandal such as Watergate or Iran-Contra, or a populist third-party conservative like Ross Perot.

    In contrast, recently any time the liberal base got its wish and nominated a Northern progressive - 1968, 1972, 1984, 1988 or 2004 - the party lost the presidency. So far even Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, Katrina and Haditha have not equated to past national scandals; nor will there likely be a prairie-fire independent to draw votes away from the Republicans.

    Yes, much of the public is grumpy at high gas prices. It does not like the costs in Iraq and continuing budget deficits. And people worry about unchecked illegal immigration and dangers on the horizon, from Iran to North Korea. But when Americans get inside the voting booth, they probably will think the envisioned Democratic remedy is worse than the current perceived Republican disease.

    Victor Davis Hanson is a classicist and historian at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, and author, most recently, of "A War Like No Other: How the Athenians and Spartans Fought the Peloponnesian War." You can reach him by e-mailing

  128. My review of "End of the Spear".


    Every now and then a movie comes along that is not only a wonderful story, but that has a wonderful message about morality as well.

    End of the spear will not only transport you to a magical far off place, where exotic people, birds and scenery take your breath away, but it will also make you ask tough, troubling questions about morality, Christianity and what it really means to be a Christian.

    In stark contrast to the modern conservative Christian we see so much of on television and in the political arena, End of the Spear introduces us to Christians missionaries, who actually embrace the morality taught by the man whose name they claim. In showing true sacrifice, forgiveness and understanding, the characters in this movie, a true story, mimic the type of compassion and forgiveness which Jesus demanded of his followers.

    Watching it, it is hard to fathom that the filmmaker could demonstrate such tender mercy and compassion on film yet still make a movie that is exciting, tense, wonderfully epic, and not preachy or overbearing. As a non Christian, I appreciated that.

    There is no lecturing on Christ, no quoting scripture or dogma pushed on the viewer. Just a moving story of remarkable people who did a remarkable thing, and changed forever the fate of a people.

    The movie is visually stunning, with breathtaking aerial scenes, magnificent scenery, acting so believable you will think you're seeing the actual events as they unfold, and some quite realistic combat scenes, which may be too intense and too realistic for younger viewers.

    Movies like this only come along once in a while and they seldom get the recognition they deserve. This movies stands head and shoulders above the crowd, and is a must see for anyone concerned about our current tumultuous world, and the violence, and fighting which is pushed on us daily in the media, and by those calling themselves Christian.

    I think every elected official standing behind a bible should be compelled to watch this movie, and every person in America "calling" themselves Christian.

    I think they'd be surprised to see what a real Christian looks like.


  129. Hey Worf, what was that other movie you recommended before the one with Armand Assante i'd like to order that as well, I think I saw the very end of it years ago, i'm drawing a blank on what the name is though.

  130. Johnny troll said "lydia,is it true your husband is close friends with AARON TONKEN? Maybe he forgot to mention that to you. Opps.........."

    oh lookie Johnny is showing his obsession with people by trying to google up dirt on them, kind of like that stupid quote from Worf you dug up out by trolling through like 100,000 posts to find that means absolutely nothing yet you keep posting it like an obsessed 8 year old. your starting to seem like anm obsessed stalker there johnnie boy.

  131. Oh and let me just point out our resident genius Troll Tex posted that long piece of drivel here first then in the Aaron Spelling thread, showing he knew exactly what he was doing and didnt post it there by accident.

    Show some respect Troll Texan and keep your biased partisan politics where it belongs. See you could claim ignorance if you had posted there (in the newest thread first) but you didnt you posted over there in what apperared to be an attemp to bury/hi-jack the thread that was paying respect to a great man in the entertainment industry who enriched all of our lives..........although I will go with all of the above since in addition to you being a troll, I have no problem with believing you are ignorant as well.

  132. Mike said...
    Hey Worf, what was that other movie you recommended before the one with Armand Assante i'd like to order that as well,

    Hey Mike.

    That movie is the 2000 remake of the 1959 classic, "On the Beach".

    The original movie was good as well, but did not have the "real" feeling to it that the 2000 remake has.

    I'll warn you though. Unlike End of the Spear, which will leave you feeling good at the end, this movie will likely leave you devestated.

    Its the single most depressing movie I've ever watched.

    But it will motivate you as well, to want to make sure this can never, ever happen.

  133. And its long.

    4 hours. You want to set some time aside to watch it, where you won't be disturbed.

    And make sure you've got booze.

    You're gonna need it when its over.

    (oops, did I say that outloud??? just kidding Lydia).

  134. is it called "On The Beach"

    It just popped into my head I think?

  135. I wonder if Lydia knows Kathy Griffin.

    I've been watching her show on Sundays, and she is amazing.

    She went to Iraq to entertain the troops, even though she's openly against the war. She bashes Bush, the bs of the right, yet she stands up for the troops.

    Kathy Griffin rocks!

  136. Oops I guess it was "On The Beach"

  137. She took Michael McDonald from Mad TV with her, one of the funniest men alive.

  138. Lydia! I can't wait to read your book when it comes out. Ann Coulter is black mold to our society. Ewwwwwwww. I've written about her on my blog too. She is one hateful human being. One good thing? Her Karma will come back to bite her in the ass one of these days and I hope I'm alive to witness it!!!!

    Keep up the great work. Love your blog. (Your friend "John" told me about your blog and said I would enjoy your insight. He was correct!)

  139. Tall Texan12:19 PM

    Kay in Maine -- super blog.
    Why zero comments?
    Maybe the evil Chimp in Chief got his hired goons to strong arm blogger and censor them out. You think??

    Nice long blog entries, and no readers. How odd.

  140. Troll Tex said "Kay in Maine -- super blog.
    Why zero comments?
    Maybe the evil Chimp in Chief got his hired goons to strong arm blogger and censor them out. You think??

    Nice long blog entries, and no readers. How odd."

    Troll Texan maybe you should help her out in getting bloggers, by going to all the sites you blog in and plugging it and posting a link........I mean after all you are such a strong defender of free speech, particularly in liberal blogs......

  141. Actually I think she writes quite well.

    There are millions of blogs on the Internet and most of them have little or no response comments.

    Only the bigger blogs are able to maintain a steady stream of dedicated bloggers.

    Lydia's blog of course being the exception.

  142. In fact, maybe Lydia should invite her to write a guest article.

    I for one would enjoy that.

  143. I agree I think she does write well, her posts echo many of our feelings on what is going on, hopefully Kay you will become a regular here because I think she is very insightful.

  144. Speaking of Guest Bloggers, any guesses who the Guest Blogger will be this week???

    do you think the Monroe Doctrine Lydia alluded to in a previous blog was a clue that it might be Jim Bullock, or do you think it might be someone more politically oriented??????

  145. BTW, I just spent the afternoon watching my favorite Rocky, Rocky 3, I usually watch my favorite movies once or twice a year, and I havent seen that one since Christmas

  146. I was watching wolf Blitzer this morning, and they had cheney saying that we need to strike North Korea hard to knock out their nuclear capability, he said we need to strike them not once but multiple times, now if this country reportedly has at least 8-10 nuclear bombs and we have no chance of getting all of them as most are probably hidden and spread throughout the country isnt this like poking a hornets nest and looking for trouble, WHAT HAPPENED TO DIPLOMACY?????.

    Its almost like Cheney and his cabal of Neo Con Fools deliberatly WANT to start WW3 because they think it will boost their popularity in the polls and Americans will rally around the war and their phony patriotic rhetoric and they will hold onto congress because Americans somehow believe they are safer with repugs in control.

    I dont know about you but I dont feel comfortable with a fool who drunkenly shoots his own buddy in face with his finger on the button.

  147. Lydia, i'm just curious did you happen to notice that they are advertising free Ann Coulter Posters and Free Ann Coulter books on the top of your site.................Why would ANYONE want a Ann Coulter poster??????????????????????????????????????????????EWWWWWWWWWW

  148. BTW, didnt I say earlier that some deeppocketed Right Wing wacko like Scaife or Moon was probably buying up her books and giving them away to HELP old Anthrax get on nthe bestseller list. HMMMMMMMMM Interesting

  149. Mike:

    The reason they are giving away Ann Coulter books and posters is that most of the public has refused to buy any.

    The ones being purchased are by "Cold-Hearted Coulter" herself or a few ultra-rightwing hate mongers, who are buying them up to give away at the Republican convention in 2008.

    This makes her book sales look like they are sky-rocketing, and she can continue to spew her her hatred and claim she is more Godly than anyone else.

  150. Democrats dare to dream of recapturing the Bush heartland

    From Kansas to South Carolina, Republican moderates are turning their backs on the neocons and defecting to the enemy

    The squat, bunker-like building in a south Topeka suburb does not look like a place to turn American politics on its head. Nor does Mark Parkinson, a tall, affable man, look too much like a revolutionary. But here, deep in the American heartland, are the warning signs of a political earthquake.

    The two-storey office block is Parkinson's campaign headquarters as he runs as Democrat candidate for deputy governor. So far, so normal. Except that only a few weeks ago Parkinson was a Republican. In fact, he was Kansas Republican party chairman.

    His defection to the Democrats sent shockwaves through a state deeply associated with the national Republican cause and the evangelical conservatives at its base. Nor was it just Parkinson's leave-taking that left Republicans spluttering with rage and talking of betrayal. It was that as he left Parkinson lambasted his former party's obsession with conservative and religious issues such as gay marriage, evolution and abortion.

    Sitting in his headquarters, the new Democrat is sticking to his guns. Republicans in Kansas, he says, have let down their own people. 'They were fixated on ideological issues that really don't matter to people's everyday lives. What matters is improving schools and creating jobs,' he said. 'I got tired of the theological debate over whether Charles Darwin was right.'

    This is music to Democratic ears and has profound potential implications for November's mid-term elections. Kansas has been an iconic state for the Republican right, a symbol for issues such as teaching creationism in schools and fighting abortion rights. The modern Republican party, masterminded by political guru Karl Rove, has harnessed fury over such topics to allow the Republicans to dominate US politics since 2000. This was the topic of Thomas Frank's hit book of the 2004 presidential election campaign entitled: What's The Matter With Kansas? It used the state's falling under the spell of conservative Republicanism to explain national American politics.

    But in a swath of heartland states such as Kansas, Democrats are seeing the first signs of their party's rebirth. Parkinson is not alone in switching sides. In Virginia, Jim Webb, a one-time Reagan official, is seeking to be a Democrat senator. In South Carolina, top Republican prosecutor Barney Giese has defected after a spat with conservatives. Back in Kansas another top Republican, Paul Morrison, also joined the Democrats and is challenging a Republican to be the state attorney-general.,,1805330,00.html

  151. Bake 'N Fresh11:50 PM

    Ann Coulter has your number. She has you pegged. She sees right through you. And the fact that she proclaims your insanity in best-selling books just eats you alive.
    You can't stand it. Well...if you have a response to her, why not respond intelligently? Oh, yeah...I forgot...throwing pies at Republican speakers IS your best response.
    Keep bakin' those pies, folks. You're gonna need a lot!

  152. Oh look Johnny's back!

  153. Pissed Democrat11:26 AM

    As a loyal Democrat, I am glad I found your blog. I wonder if there are others out there like me...others who are fed up with the fact our spokespeople are shooting themselves in the foot!
    Jack Murtha has now gone over the edge...a man who was once a poised voice for the troops. He's becoming a joke!
    Can't we find someone to speak for us in the national eye who isn't on the verge of rage or senility? Joe Lieberman, a solidly moderate voice in our party...a man trusted by both sides of the aisle, is about to be forced out of the party. What does that say about us?

  154. Murtha Kitt12:00 PM

    What do Usher, Prince, 50 cent, LL Cool J and Ice T have in common? NONE of them feel the need to regurgitate their political leanings upon the rest of America...thereby effectively insulting half their audience. What else do they have in common?
    Oh, yeah...they're all Republicans.

  155. Coulter Hater12:14 PM

    I agree with "Pissed Democrat"!
    Our spokepeople have become the Michael Moores, Dixie Chicks and Jack Murthas of the world.
    Moore is quoted as saying, "The 9/11 attack wasn't that bad."
    Dixies Shticks are quoted as saying, "Patriotism isn't that great."
    And Murtha has now put himself in the same catergory as Cindy Sheehan...saying, "The U.S. is worse than North Korea or Iran."
    We're laughingstocks!!!!! Only Senator Russ Feingold is getting across our message without making a fool of himself. Feingold in 2008!!!

  156. pissed democrat12:19 PM

    Hey, Coulter Hater...I'm glad there's someone out there who feels the same frustration as I do.
    I agree with you about Russ Feingold. I'll be working to get him into the White House in 2008.
    Keep the faith!

  157. Feingold in 200812:21 PM


  158. Springsteen Fan7:40 PM

    "Present company INCLUDED", was the comment made by the Boss, to Soledad...the CNN babe.
    That means YOU ARE AN IDIOT Soledad...because, after all, musicians - according to some of these posts - connect more with people's true emotions. And because of that, Springsteen is right about you. You're an idiot.

  159. Leno Rules!7:58 PM

    Kathy Griffin!?
    That was the woman Jay Leno ripped when he put up a picture of Carmen Electra next to her and said it looked like a "before and after" shot!
    She looked like she wanted to cry, and she never got over that.
    Poor Kathy Griffin.
    First, a botched face lift...then an interview-enema by Anderson Cooper last week.
    Did you see that last interview she did?
    She was asked if she thought the troops were doing great things in Iraq.
    She said, "Oh, yeah...of course!"
    Then he asked her why the troops were doing those things.
    She got this confused look on her face.
    He repeated, "Why are the troops doing great things in Iraq?"
    She replied, "They just are."
    He asked, "Are they doing those things on their own?"
    She looked even more confused.
    He finally said, "You say you support the great things they're doing for the people of Iraq, yet you have nothing but contempt for the Commander in Chief under whose orders they're doing those great things...can you explain that?"
    She looked like she wanted to vomit.
    Anderson then hit her with, "Every great thing you claim they're doing, and that you said you support, was ordered from the White House."
    She then stuttered an insult...
    Anderson then hit her hard. "So you really don't support them, do you?"
    She responded coldly, "When you put it that way...I guess I don't."

  160. What do you think of the way President Bush uses presidential power?
    He goes too far 72%
    I approve 24%
    He doesn't go far enough 4%
    Total Votes: 96,479
    Note on Poll Results

  161. Pissed Democrat1:06 PM

    Hmmm...Is this the same poll sampling that Zogby used for his 2004 polls?
    On the morning of the 2004 election, Zogby stated Kerry would win with over 300 electoral votes.
    Polls are meaningless...
    We Democrats can keep giving ourselves these great poll results all day long...but that cahnges nothing.
    The only polls that matter are elections.

  162. If you guys are for real, you're on the wrong blog. The people you're dissin' are these guys heroes....

  163. Pissed Democrat6:48 PM

    If Jack Murtha, the Dixie Chicks and Michael Moore are "heroes" to my Democratic Party, then I guess you're right, Voltaire.
    Maybe it's too much to expect. I've been waiting for years for this party to take a long, hard look at ourselves and ask why we keep losing elections.
    I believe it's because our spokepersons are polarizing and inflammatory in their remarks and positions. Frankly, many are becoming laughable.
    THINK PEOPLE!!!! Before you say something like, "You should have military experience before you can fire missiles at someone"...remember Pres. Clinton did it many times. You're giving the Right Wing Nuts fodder for campaign ads. Our leaders need a voice of reason. Not a voice of rage.

  164. Actually, if you all wanna MEET the denizens of this blog, they're on a newer post above this one in the previous page...

    I'm not sure, but don't expect to be welcomed with open arms....

    (these guys are so far left they've already fallen off the planet...)

  165. chucko_8:15 PM

    Hey supposed "Springsteen Fan," and Steve Colbert or anyone else who has hearing problems, BRUCE DID NOT call SOLEDAD O'BRIEN an idiot - he said that you can turn it (meaning tv) on, present company (meaning Soledad) included, AND SEE IDIOTS RAMBLING ON CABLE TV....
    Don't you think Soledad would've paused for a second or look insulted if Bruce really did insult her?
    Common sense, people.

  166. Springsteen Fan10:05 PM

    I never accused Soledad of being bright!

  167. Pissed Democrat2:37 PM

    That's it!
    Nancy Pelosi has gone and done it the Republicans more fodder for this upcoming election.
    "ALL deserve protection under our Constitution"!!!!!!
    I've already seen a commercial here in Minnesota playing the audio of her words over the pictures of the 19 hijackers on 9/11.
    Way to go Nancy.
    Someone with BRAINS...PLEASE take over this party!!!!!

  168. Lydia2:39 PM

    So right!
    This is becoming shameful.
    She's got to go.

  169. Pissed Democrat2:40 PM

    Hey, Lydia.
    Thanks for that info on the election fraud.
    I'm gonna tell all my friends about that.
    Feingold 2008!

  170. Lydia2:42 PM

    You got it PD.
    Did you hear about Harry Reid being caught in the Abramoff scandal?
    Looks like the Democratic Senate Leader will be different again after 2006.

  171. maxmixt2:44 PM

    You guys get off of this blog.
    You CAN'T be for real!
    No true Democrat would celebrate Reid's demise in the Senate!
    He was set up, I'm certain of it.

  172. Pissed Democrat2:46 PM

    Yeah, I heard, Lydia.
    Hey...corruption is corruption.
    If he did it, he's got to go.
    I never said this party doesn't need to be retooled.

  173. Lydia2:47 PM

    Do you know why Springsteen apologized to Soledad O'Brein?
    I didn't think he should have to do that.
    He has nothing to apologize for.

  174. Pissed Democrat2:51 PM

    No, I didn't hear that!
    I DID hear that a lot of his fans...I should say ex-fans....are burning his they did the Dixie Chicks.
    People are insane!

  175. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  176. Tall Texan10:36 AM

    I am here, but I may have to leave any moment, but I do have the link saved.

    This is a good idea since my wireless broadband is no where near the speed of my home or office broadband. Let's hope the others get the message.

  177. I'll try to check in to remind them a few times today if they start posting there.

  178. Lydia, are there any other options for blogs that would be less vulnerable to hackers and would give you more control to ban people that are up to no good and are not her to debate, maybe Worf would know?

  179. How is it possible that the United States, which annually spends nearly as much on defense as all the other nations of the world combined, is losing the war on terror? Here's how, you follow George Bush's ten "rules".

    1. Tell Americans that the war on terror will be "a lengthy campaign" and then don't involve them in it. Don't ask them to make any sacrifice, such as reducing their fossil-fuel consumption. Don't give them an activity to do that will foster community and allay their fears. Instead, tell them to go shopping. Implore them to trust the President because "he's a Christian."

    2. Resist formation of an independent commission to investigate what happened on 9/11. When public outcry forces the creation of this commission, feign cooperation with it, and resist all requests for information. Classify massive amounts of material as "top secret" and deny access to independent investigators. When the 9/11 Commission publishes its recommendations, thank them vociferously, pledge your cooperation, and then don't implement any of their suggestions. Don't do anything that suggests you made a mistake prior to the terrorist attacks.

    3. Make the conduct of the war on terror the exclusive responsibility of the Department of Defense. Dismiss the advice of national-security experts that effective anti-terror efforts involve diplomacy, covert operations, economic sanctions, and law enforcement, as well as military action. Surround yourself with advisers who have either never been in the military, or, if they have, avoided active duty. Make your Administration's motto, "We know best because we have no experience in war."

    4. Abandon diplomacy. Argue that terrorists only respond to the use of force. Distill the nature of the conflict into one simplistic phrase, "you are either with us or against us." Disdain any action directed at the roots of terrorism. Promise the American public that the US will lead an anti-terror coalition, then turn off all the potential coalition partners with your hypocrisy and arrogance. Promote anti-American sentiment so virulent that wherever you go you must carry your own "green-zone" security bubble.

    5. When you are on the edge of scoring a decisive victory in Afghanistan, don't follow through. Even when you've trapped Osama bin Laden and the other Al Qaeda leaders, don't follow the advice of your military and send in American troops, instead rely on mercenaries. Use the Afghanistan war as the testing ground for your Secretary of Defense's unproven theory about how to wage modern war: over-reliance on technology and underutilization of American troops. Ignore the fact that he has never led troops or even been in battle.

    6. Once you've occupied Afghanistan, and the Afghans look at you as liberators, treat them as a colony rather than a fledgling democracy. Spend billions of dollars on the military aspect of the mission, but not the funds necessary to guarantee that the Afghan economy stabilizes or that civil society blooms. Make sure that all the big contracts go to your U.S. political supporters and not to local contractors.

    7. When you are on the brink of pacifying Afghanistan and eradicating the roots of terrorism, shift your focus to Iraq. Lie to the American people about every aspect of this war: its justification, cost, duration, and the impact on the war on terror.

    8. Ask for international support but abandon institutions such as the UN and the Court of Justice. Mock the United Nations by appointing John Bolton as the US Ambassador after he's said, "There is no such thing as the United Nations. United States makes the U.N. work, when it wants it to work." Beg the international community for support in Iraq but refuse to work with it on issues such as global warming and arms control. Eschew cooperation; ask only, "What have you done for me lately?"

    9. Ask the military for a comprehensive plan for the invasion and occupation of Iraq and then ignore it. Shove everyone who disagrees with you out of the military or your Administration. Keep saying that you see signs of progress even when the situation steadily deteriorates. Steadfastly ignore all indicators that your ill-advised actions have strengthened the insurgency and advanced the terrorist cause.

    10. Adopt the same "the ends justify the means" mentality that characterizes the terrorists. Develop a reputation for hypocrisy and brutality to the extent that other nations can't distinguish you from your adversaries. Never admit a mistake and never ask for advice. Remember, you believe that winning is everything.

    11. Keep the same incompetent foole in charge even though he has shown a lack of military tactics or stragetic thinking...IN TWO WARS.....


  180. And Senator Leahy's views on the Supreme Court case which slapped Bush's dictator policies down;

    LEAHY: Well what you're doing is reading the White House talking points in saying that. My response to that is this. You guys have done such a great job. You have had a Republican controlled Supreme Court tell you that you have been breaking the law. And what have you got to show for it? Not one single conviction.

  181. Joe Libermann's view on Iraq;

    "The situation in Iraq is a lot better that it was a year ago," Lieberman observed. The Iraqis "are on the way to building a free and independent Iraq.,2777,DRMN_23972_4834769,00.html

    Another view...

    JACK CAFFERTY, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Wolf it was another horrible day in Iraq. Attacks near the green zone in Baghdad killed between 5- 16 people, 10 others died carrying a body to Najaf for burial. An Iraqi diplomat was kidnapped in Baghdad. The U.S. military is condemning a video posted on Islamic websites that claims to show the bodies of two U.S. soldiers kidnapped, killed and mutilated last month in Iraq. And this all comes as the House holds a hearing to evaluate the Bush administration's national strategy for victory in Iraq. Meanwhile a recent Gallop poll found that about two out of three Americans want a U.S. withdrawal from Iraq and 31 percent want it to start immediately.

    BLITZER: It's been horrible now for several days. In fact, I guess you could go on and say for several weeks. Some people suggesting, Jack, they're teetering on the brink of civil war.

    CAFFERTY: Yes, that's come up again. The sectarian violence certainly isn't going down, it's getting worse it seems.

    Wonder what Joe is smoking..and why he can't deal with reality any better than the neo-con repugs can.....

    could it be he is secretly one of them?

  182. What Now Bush:

    Venezuela owned Citgo Petroleum has decided to stop selling gas to some 1,800 stations in the US.

    This was in response to Hugo Chavez's calls to nix contracts that benefit US consumers more than Venezuelans.

    What now Bush? Another War?

  183. Tall Texan1:50 PM

    So if you libs can stand it, it seems that Novak will reveal his third source on Brit Hume tonight. I think it will be a)no new news or b)that Richard Armitage is the original source.

    Special Report with Brit Hume. 6EDT, 5CDT.

  184. Good idea guys.

    I wish the blog worked. Must be run by republicans.

  185. The Supreme Court verdict that slapped the president down and back into reality was huge, and is just the beginning of the Bush administration's resounding defeats.

  186. Tall Texan2:03 PM

    Worf, or anyone else who knows enough HTML, could one of you provide a hot link on the former page that directs readers to this one.

    Thanks. TT

  187. A radio show reported yesterday that Republican Texas Congressman Ron Paul said the following:

    "I would have trouble arguing that he's been a Constitutional President, and once you violate the Constitution and be proven to do that I think these people should be removed from office."

    And this: "Congress has generously ignored the Constitution while the President flaunts it, the courts have ignored it and they get in the business of legislating so there's no respect for the rule of law."

    And this: "When the President signs all these bills and then adds statements after saying I have no intention of following it - he's in a way signing it and vetoing - so in his mind he's vetoing a lot of bills, in our mind under the rule of law he hasn't vetoed a thing."

    And Paul said the United States had entered a period of "soft fascism."

    If the repugs are coming out suggesting impeachment..well the shrubs problems might raise some more...

  188. Republican favorite Joe Lieberman will be on MSNBC's Imus in the Morning Thursday.

    Isn't it great to be able to see a 2 party candidate?

  189. Wonder if ZNovak is trying to cover up for Rove because:

    In 1992 in an incident well known in Texas, Mr. Rove was fired from the state campaign to re-elect the first President Bush on suspicions that Mr. Rove had leaked damaging information to Mr. Novak about Robert Mosbacher Jr., the campaign manager and the son of a former commerce secretary.

    The article describes their friendship through the years and shows how leaking information is nothing new for Karl.

  190. Too bad the shrubs standards are sooo much lower than daddy's

  191. It was just announced on CNN that Karl Rove WAS IDENTIFIED by Robert Novak as a source in the CIA leak case!

    Someone pass poor Voltaire another peice of Crow Pie.

  192. I'd say give him some of the Humble pie, but he couldn't keep that down.

  193. Once more for the reality impaired, it was just announced on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer that Karl "Turdblossom" Rove WAS a leaker in the CIA case.


  194. Tall Texan2:20 PM

    The fact that Rove was a "confirming source" is old news. What we dont't know is who was the original source.

  195. Bbutt KKKarl had scottie run out and say he did not have anything to do with the outing of plame...thus HE LIED to the white house spokesperson to the country...and had that person repeat his LIE

  196. And he had to return to the grandf jury FIVE times to get his story other words he did not tell the whole truth every time...


  197. Come on Troll Tex, are you really wondering who the original leaker is and who will get thrwon under the bus and go down for this......................i've said a bunch of times its old Dead Eye Dick, he has no political future and is expendable not to mention guilty as hell. Chene's approval ratings are even worse than your pitiful repug congress.