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For years I've been experiencing miracles through surrendering my ego.  But this past year I hit earth and needlessly started struggling through life. I was in resistance.

But then I remembered where I came from. I had so many uncanny experiences of synchronicity in recovery that I finally trademarked the term 'godshots' although this has nothing to do with any religious or fundamentalist version of "God." There is no such thing as fear and punishment when it comes to the God I am talking about -- which is the creative force of love that runs this beautiful universe.
What I’m about to say may sound weird, but there were several pivotal ‘light bulb’ moments that changed everything and rearranged my molecular structure. These events were so extraordinary, so uncanny — I have to pinch myself to believe they really happened. These events were nothing short of full-blown miracles. That’s the only way to describe them.  
My awakening was of the spine-tingling, Twilight-Zonish variety. It’s hard to talk about this stuff because it appears to exist in the realm of the magical.  But these things actually happened, and continue to happen. They give me concrete, tangible evidence of a loving, caring force in the universe. And now I’ve finally figured out the key to activating these gifts, which are really natural laws.       
I've never publicly spoken about this to anyone outside of recovery circles, but I’ve often stopped to wonder ‘how did these seemingly miraculous events happen?’ There was one common element: surrender. When I gave up fighting, the outside picture totally changed. But what is the metaphysics of surrender?  How did an ( invisible) inner change affect an outer result? In order to understand this, I had to study Quantum Physics, which inevitably led me to Einstein, who said, “No problem can be solved at the same level it was created on.”  In other words, you can't fight fire with fire; you can't cure alcoholism with more alcohol or drugs — you have to go to a higher level — a spiritual or diplomatic solution. Or as George Carlin put it, “Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity.”            But what does this overused word spiritual really mean? Read more in "GodShots"              
Remember: religion is man-made. God is Love. The major fundamentalist religions are very comforting at times, and offer a sense of community and charity. But they often misconstrue the foundation and principles of a loving God. They start in the wrong place: they have mistaken the Adam and Eve creation story -- which is actually a myth, a dream of Adam when he fell sleep ("a mist covered the earth...) this myth of a power called 'evil' in the form of a serpent who tempts Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil... ) this "dream sleep" of Adam has set up an impossible task and steered people in the wrong direction by starting with the wrong premise: duality or the belief in the power of evil. Maybe that's why the phrase 'relgion is the opiate of the masses" rings true.

At least the major fundamentalist religions.

If you are going to believe in the Bible at all, why not start at the beginning? It really works that way, and it helps if you want to heal as the Great Peacemaker did. There is no power in matter or evil or material sense. All is good. And when you start with the right premise, absolute mind-boggling miracles happen.

That's why I never believe the liar anymore. I never listen to people whine and complain about body aches and body parts. I know enough to not engage in the lie and "stand aghast at nothingness," as Mary Baker Eddy puts it.

If you believe cancer has power then you are putting other gods before God. "Thou shalt have no other Gods before Me."  Your amazing body is a reflection of the divine.

Like my friend Chaz says: the idea that you are flawed, the idea of 'original sin' is the fatal flaw. None of this is true. Start with the premise that all is well, all is good -- and healing is automatic because there was never anything wrong to begin with. 

If you want to experience the joy and wonder and excitement that life is really about, and you want to be inspired and have a new basis of hope — read about full-blown every day miracles that you can have too. The moment you turn your thought to gratitude and to the good in your life, you will see what I mean. Your thoughts create your reality, so keep them on the good, the beautiful and the true.. and you will bring GOOD into your life in proportion to your thought.

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My Birthday, July 2013 with my son

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  1. Advertising is all about images. Advertisers invest over 25 billion a year in commercials and images to sell products. If advertising didn't work to sway people, they wouldn't spend the money.

    Violent video games and rampant images of young women half dressed are influencing young people more than you know.

    "Girls ages 10-15 have the lowest self-esteem and highest rate of suicide attempts of any other group."

    Geena Davis Institute on gender media bias has some shocking statistics about women’s roles in 2013:

    Of the 5,554 speaking characters studied, 71% were male, 29% female. This translates into a ratio of 2.42 males to every 1 female, which has not changed significantly in 20 years. Female characters are more likely to be shown as “eye candy.” A higher percentage of females than males are depicted in sexualized attire (24% vs. 4%) and as physically attractive (14% vs. 3.6%). They are also often portrayed as younger than their male counterparts, reinforcing the idea that youthfulness, beauty, and a sexy demeanor are more important for females than for males.’

    (AP) The suicide rate among preteen and young teen girls spiked 76 percent, a disturbing sign that federal health officials say they can't fully explain… According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the biggest increase was in the suicide rate for 10- to 14-year-old girls.

    1. Yes,Lydia,media can influence us to a certain degree,nevertheless,we still know the difference between right & wrong........thus we have choice......period!

      As F.B.I forensic profiler John Douglas clearly pointed out the majority of law-abiding citizens dont go out and turn into serial killers,rapists,or violent offenders,due to the fact they picked up a copy of "Hustler" magazine or "Die Hard" the movie.

      Of course you do get the odd wacko with a mental disorder who acts sadistically but this does not speak for the massive majority of law-abiding citizens.

      I suggest adult apathy and female bullying may play a large role in your above suicide statistics.Beautiful,narcissistic girls can be pretty mean to the unsightly,overweight ones.

    2. Anonymous2:05 PM

      As usual Johnny spins his deceptions via straw arguments which he invents (so much like clippy, ...hmmm) so as to not address the facts that defeated his untenable position long ago.

      Since no one made this ridiculous argument, pretending to refute it is akin to talking to himself.

      The data gathered over 30 years via more than 3000 medical and scientific studies and experiment confirm a direct increase in aggression and apathy for others after watching violent media in young people. Over time this tendency becomes ingrained in the behavior and someone who may have had underlying problems but may have reacted to them or acted on them in different less aggressive ways had they not been fed a steady diet of constant apathetic, ignorant and gratuitous violence.

      None of the studies and none of the medical organizations providing or analyzing the data suggested that watching Die Hard would make someone go out and turn into a serial killer.

      That nonsensical argument was never made, by them or by me, therefore it is just a straw argument, pure fabrication.

    3. Hogwash,and you know it!! These same medical studies blamed "Mad Magazine" & even "The Three Stooges" in the fifties.

      Also,your cop-out doesnt explain a far more violent past before media??

      Strange............I suddenly feel like poking Worf in the eyes???

  2. BTW: THANK YOU WORF for your amazing comments.

    Who is "Clippy?"


  3. Who is Clippy? Is Clippy Moo Moo?

    Moo Moo why are you so mean?

    1. I am mean terribly mean because "Princess" wont stop licking in-between my toes.And,she hogs the bed..........big time!

    2. Anonymous2:07 PM

      ...that's just not right...

      Someone call the animal abuse hotline.

  4. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Lydia Cornell said...

    Who is "Clippy?"

    ...the missing link?

  5. If you want to experience the joy and wonder and excitement that life is really about, and you want to be inspired and have a new basis of hope — read about full-blown every day miracles that you can have too. The moment you turn your thought to gratitude and to the good in your life, you will see what I mean. Your thoughts create your reality, so keep them on the good, the beautiful and the true.. and you will bring GOOD into your life in proportion to your thought.

    1. Beer is good!!

      : D

    2. Anonymous1:53 PM

      ..depends on the beer.

  6. Good for amazing photo

  7. Anonymous3:46 PM

    @moomoo. Nope, you can't take over 3500 studies and drill them down to a couple of silly one liners and expect me to address it as if you made an actual argument.

    Here are the facts. Straight from people who aren't the poster child for Alcoholics Anonymous and who in fact are miracle workers with kids every day. They would know, better than you.

    Research has associated exposure to media violence with a variety of physical and mental health problems for children and adolescents, including aggressive behavior, desensitization to violence, fear, depression, nightmares, and sleep disturbances.

    More than 3500 research studies have examined the association between media violence and violent behavior; all but 18 have shown a positive relationship.

    Consistent and strong associations between media exposure and increases in aggression have been found in population-based epidemiologic investigations of violence in American society, crosscultural studies, experimental and “natural” laboratory research, and longitudinal studies that show that aggressive behavior associated with media exposure persists for decades.

    The strength of the correlation between media violence and aggressive behavior found on meta-analysis is greater than that of calcium intake and bone mass, lead ingestion and lower IQ, condom nonuse and sexually acquired human immunodeficiency virus infection, or environmental tobacco smoke and lung cancer—associations clinicians accept and on which preventive medicine is based without question

    Pediatrics 2001;108;1222
    Committee on Public Education
    DOI: 10.1542/peds.108.5.1222
    American Academy of Pediatrics

  8. OMG!!!!! Am I imagining this? You have to check out the video I just posted on the blog from Germany -- so bizarre.

  9. Fans and Friends of Lydia Cornell5:54 AM

    Who is Clippy? Is Clippy Moo Moo?

    Moo Moo why are you so mean?

    Hey Worf, do we have "high" people in here, or what?

    Worf, has proven to be the meanest bastard in here.

  10. Anonymous1:58 PM

    It only seems that way when you're wrong all the time Clippy.

  11. Hi Worf, I will give you that info on Friday.
    I'm changing the info. Will let you know

    Who is clippy?
    Why is Moo Moo having a cow?

    Did you watch the MILEY TWERKING DWARF VIDEO ???
    Omg - YOU have to see the parodies of Miley Cyrus. They are amazing parody videos. priceless.

    One is a guy named 'Bart Baker" and one is a girl"

  12. Anonymous8:00 PM

    No I didn't watch the video. But to be honest I'm still sort of in the dark about what she did anyway. I will try to force myself to watch the video but first, what is "twerking"?

  13. Anonymous8:07 PM

    Ok I watched like the last 3 minutes of the video there above called "we can't stop". So is that her or is that someone spoofing her?

    Didn't see anything in it that looked weird or whatever, maybe the tongue thing but Gene Simmons did that too so not really that odd.

    Is she doing any of this "twerking" stuff in it, and if so where at on the tape?

    I want to see this "twerking".

  14. Are you serious? you never saw the original horror show on the VMAs? It was stupefying. Just google the Video Music Awards and watch her performance. It is beyond belief disgusting.

    Then watch her original video of "We Can't Stop"

    Then the parodies
    But the German dwarves -- above is mild, yet she is still so racist or dwarsist or sexist or horrifying to let the girl dwarf slap her butt, etc.

    It's so surreal in light of what happened at the VMAs.
    alan thicke is an old friend, and I can't believe his son did this performance with Miley..

  15. Anonymous5:45 AM

    I don't even know what the "VMA's" are.

    And as for watching her, I don't listen to childrens music.

  16. Anonymous5:52 AM

    Ok, I see VMA means "Video Music Award", so ok I know what a music video is. I watched MTV back in the 80s.

    But when I stopped watching MTV, Thriller was still the most popular music video around and Lionel Richie, Pat Benatar, Rick Springfield, etc were the popular kids on the block.

    Now I haven't a clue who's who, nor do I really care, lol. I just don't watch that stuff. It looks silly and juvenile to me. Teeny bopper.

    Of course I imagine if I had kids like you do it would be of more importance to me to be up on what they're up on. But I don't so this stuff is just not something that is anywhere even remotely on my radar.

  17. Worf said: "Didn't see anything in it that looked weird or whatever,"

    Actually,neither did I!!?? Obviously,Lydia forgot to take her powerful meds again.......LOL!?? In Lydias fantasy world,she believes that if we got rid of Miley,the planet would be a perfect place.....LOL!

  18. As for you,Worf,you can give me ten million scientific studies but I know that society desperately seeks excuses for human nature.

    Thousands of years of human violence can be blamed on "Resident Evil" and "Battlefield 3" ass!!

    I loved Ozzy as a teen yet I can assure you I had no desire to bite the head off of a!

    I think your ridiculous studies are funded by church groups..LOL!

  19. I remember reading "Plato" years ago - he tells of going to the lion games with a determined friend. He refused to watch the cruelty yet he describes an overwhelming feeling of having to peek despite his huge opposition to such barbaric entertainment.

    Plato ponders "What is it about human nature that drives us to enjoy such violence?"

    Not an exact quote as I am working from memory.

  20. Worf,and his scientific church groups have single-handedly discovered the root cause.......Burger King commercials,Revlon, and The Three Stooges......................................................................LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

    Trust me,its not easy being number one............everyone hates you!

  21. Anonymous4:41 PM

    The entire premise of your argument and subsequent posts is invalidated by this one sentence.

    Johnnymoomoo said...
    "As for you,Worf,you can give me ten million scientific studies but I know that society desperately seeks excuses for human nature."

    Since this data has never even been remotely hinted at being some sort of "excuse", ...everything you said is invalidated by your own founding premise.

  22. Anonymous8:30 PM

    ...making it another straw argument in an endless chain of straw arguments from you.

  23. Well, your "straw argument" crutch is still a crutch even though you've never remotely hinted at it being some sort of crutch...

  24. Usually the ones making excuses don't really advertise them as such...just sayin

  25. There's nothing wrong with Miley's performance on the VMA's.

    It's human nature for older women to be jealous of younger women.
    Let's remember to be liberal minded, this is 2013 not 1980.

    Worf you're right about people here, they create "straw arguments"

    Worf knows a lot about the straw argument...he goes by the old adage: " Big winds come from empty caves".

  26. If Lydia thinks Miley is bad she'll faint when she sees my favorite music video......LOL! I crank it on my stereo via my X-Box.

  27. Anonymous6:02 PM

    hmmm, no, I'm afraid simply saying "uh uh" when caught making a straw argument, then going right on and continuing the straw argument makes you nothing more than a liar, ....whiny-boo hoo, aka Johnny-moo moo.

  28. Anonymous6:04 PM

    Since no one ever offered anything as an "excuse" for anything, your lie still stands exposed.

    Just like your ass, which sits directly above the collar of your shirt.

  29. When it comes to Mileys performance I don't care one way or another, it's just the extreme negativity being spread about this performer.
    The way she wants to preform is none of anyone's business.

    People need to learn how to live their own life.

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Anonymous2:53 PM

    I think the negativity is from parents who have kids that she targets as her audience.

    When you decide you want to entertain children for a living, then what you do in front of those kids is going to receive scrutiny from parents and educators and justly so. Its their kids you're making your money off of.

    So I don't see a problem with people wanting to call out overtly sexual behavior or worse, the image of a drug addict (which she appears to be turning into) and condemning it for what it is.

    Maybe you need to learn how to live your own life, and let them live theirs.

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