Thursday, November 23, 2006


Myth: Homeless people are useless members of society.
Fact: 40% of homeless adult males served honorably in the US military. (Read more below)

THE BRIDGE MINISTRY: There is an angel named Candy Christmas, a beautiful Gospel singer in Nashville whose vision it was to feed the homeless. The power of one person's vision is miraculous. All by herself, on a wing and a prayer, she found a way to feed hundreds of desperate souls twice a week, every week. She started "Ministry Under the Bridge" in Nashville

  • Myth vs. Fact
    Myth: Homeless are so old they are not "worth" helping.
    Fact: The average age of the homeless adult male is 38; the average age of the homeless adult female is 32. Both genders have many good years left to offer.
    Myth:People are homeless because they are lazy.
    Fact: 90% of homeless have successful work histories, and many are currently employed.
    Myth: A minimum wage job is all a homeless person needs.
    Fact: In Davidson county, it requires a job paying $10.54 per hour/ 40 hours per week to afford the most modest one-bedroom apartment. Minimum wage is $5.15.
    Myth: If you want to work, you can find a job.
    Fact: Manufacturing and industrial blue collar jobs are steadily decreasing. Homeless people need new skills to keep up with the changing face of labor.
    Myth: Homeless don't want to do better.
    Fact: 92% desperately desire a permanent home.

    Candy Christmas began this ministry in late 2004. The ministry currently meets under the Jefferson Street Bridge on Tuesday nights and on Shelby Street at the First Wesleyan Church on Thursday nights.
    A team of more than 75 volunteers work each week packing trucks, bagging groceries, setting up the meetings, preparing meals and gathering clothes to aid over 300 homes every Tuesday and Thursday night.
    You can help! Contact us from the contact page and we will let you know how you can help!
    Candy Christmas
    P. O. Box 463 • Goodlettsville, TN 37070-0463

    1. Anonymous12:53 AM

      I like thier website. Very nicely done. And that Candy? She's smokin!

    2. Anonymous1:08 AM

      We need more people doing good work like this. More power to her.

    3. Nice post Lydia,

      Its very rare to find a well known singer who toured the world in front of thousands, that would give all that up to feed and clothe the less fortunate.

    4. She does give her money to buy food and clothes for the poor.

      She has rented a warehouse that is full of clothes and food she purchases or is donated.

      She sings in churches on weekends and uses the funds from that to buy food and clothes.

      I still feel the same as my earlier post.

    5. Anonymous11:20 AM

      Voltron said...
      Yeah, most of 'em just like to go to foreign countries and bash the USA just to suck up to anti American crowds, then get indignant when their patriotism is questioned.

      One of your more ignorant comments, to be sure.

      The Dixie Chicks didn't bash their country pinhead. Natalie Maines said ONE thing about their PRESIDENT, NOT their country.

      And she said one thing.

      But the little neocon nazi's jumped all over it. Just 1 week earlier, the little neocon nazis thought they were patriotic enough to do the most patriotic thing you can do in rightwing redneck land. They sang our national anthem at the Super Bowl.

      Then, 1 week later, pretty little Natalie Maines dares to mention she disagreed with the President, and whamo. They're suddenly labled traitors.

      Well don't worry moldron. History will record your group of goosestepping cowards and murderers, as the traitors, and they will see wonderful people like the Dixie Chicks, as the Paul Revere's of our time.

    6. Anonymous11:21 AM

      Besides. Natalie Maines is hot.

    7. Anonymous11:22 AM

      Oh and one more thing nimrod.

      That "anti-American" crowd you're talking about?

      Just the good people of England, thats all.

    8. Dolty;

      Natalie Maines used her first amendment rights of free speech to make a political statement, exactly what Thomas Jefferson thought it was supposed to be used for.

      She said something about HER personal feelings, which lead do the deaths of NOBODY, nobody had to come home permanently disabled or disfigured.

      The guy she made a statement about can not say that, and HE LIED,...she did not.

      It is people LIKE you who lie about what she did and aid the LIAR to continue to kill more people and disable thousands of soldiers, and tens of thousands of Iraqi's, so quit your bitching, he is doing what you want, but proly not fast enough for you.

      Too bad she has more testicular fortitude than you have because she was willing to face the wrath of the dumber set of citizens to speak truth to power. Which history has proven quite well by now.

      Her statement was a condemnation of the illegal invasion of Iraq by George W Bush....which has not only turned out to be illegal, but poorly planned and incompetently carried out by the Idiot.

      We all would have been in much better shape if we had listened to her INSTEAD OF him...OR YOU FOOLE.


    9. Australian Company AWB 'knew Iraq plans a year before'

      A YEAR before the invasion of Iraq, the then Australian ambassador to the United Nations, John Dauth, confidentially told AWB's former chairman Trevor Flugge the Howard Government would participate in military action with the US to overthrow Saddam Hussein, new AWB documents reveal.

      AWB Board minutes show Mr Flugge told the AWB board on February 27, 2002, that Mr Dauth confided in him that he believed US military action to depose Saddam Hussein was inevitable and that the Australian Government would support and participate in such action, Fairfax newspapers report.

      The documents, released at the Cole inquiry yesterday, undercut previous statements by Prime Minister John Howard that Australia did not agree to join the war before the UN debate in late 2002 and early 2003.

      The conversation between Mr Dauth and Mr Flugge is reported to have taken place 13 months before the military action began.

      Mr Dauth also predicted Iraq would invite UN weapons inspectors to return to the country to hold off any US military action for a year to 18 months.

      The former UN ambassador also promised he would give Mr Flugge as much warning as possible about when the military action would begin, Fairfax reports.

    10. So they were talking with their supposed coalition of the willing even before the went public with their plans here about their illegal invasion.

    11. Yeah Dolt, there is a huge difference between Bashing America and being unpatriotic and speaking out against and disagreeing with the president and anyone who would even TRY to silence a fellow American and take away their freedom of speech by painting them as in league with the terrorists or unpatriotic is a traitor, unamerican and a liar.

      You fools have twisted the word patriotism into something that bears little resemblance to its true meaning, you liars have turned patriotism into a dirty word.

    12. Dolt said "She may still be singing as well, I'm sure it's possible to do both.

      If she is, do you now feel differently about her?"

      No, but keep spinning away dolt it shows how childishly pathetic and argumentative you are.

    13. Anonymous1:38 PM

      Hey British Gary. Happy Thanksgiving.

      Ooops, forgot. You guys don't celebrate it, do you?

      Oh well, happy Thursday.

    14. Anonymous2:13 PM

      Thanksgiving is the celebration of our conquest and annihilation of the American Indian, and the taking of their lands.

    15. Dolty Boy, what I find incredulous, is the fact that the gutless chicken hawks who were too cowardly to defend the constitutional rights 9of this nation and it's people...

      Are the first to attack those very same rights of others here when they..... USE THEM,

      WHY IS THAT?

    16. Anonymous2:36 PM

      I'm sorry. I thought Santa Claus was a global belief. Are you telling me good little boys and girls in merry ole England don't anticipate the annual visit of the old man in the red suit?

    17. Anonymous2:58 PM

      Not that I'm aware of. We just tend to lump Thanksgiving and Christmas together, since they are so close. We start celebrating pretty much right after Halloween, and right through New Years day.

      Then we go back to being depressed.

    18. Anonymous3:06 PM

      We'll see. I like so many Americans put my faith in getting Democrats elected to beat the republicans. So far they have done nothing to validate that trust. Of course, they're not in office, so we'll have to see what they do in January.

      But I am paying very close attention to what the democrats do. So many trolls in here talk to me like I'm a democrat, and accept them no matter what. That could not be farter from the truth. Not only am I not a democrat, I won't cut them any more slack than I cut the republicans.

      They were voted in to bring the troops home. We'll see how they do.

    19. BG I agree the meatballs was funny, I think the funniest moment for me was when Monroe came to the Rush's anniversary dinner and after a Toast smashed Muriel's fine china (that I think she inherited from her grandmother) in the fire place.

      Also another funny and memorable scene was when the girls were fighting and Lydia shoved a slice of pizza in Jackie's purse.......I was hungery when I was watching this and immediately ordered a pizza during intermission BTW do they have pizza in england.

      As for Thanksgiving its pretty much like Worf said from Thanks giving or even mid November to New Years is the Holiday Season, there will be Christmas movies and decorations and everyone will be sho[[ing etc..... they are not related but Thanksgiving marks the prime Christmas shoping season and all the movies and decorations are out to get us in the Holiday spirit.

    20. Worf I pretty much aggree with everything you said, I am not a Democrat either but the thing is I think we Vitally need multiple party's because even if the democrats fumble the ball and disapoint I dont think I could ever support the repugs because they are worse....................other choices would force the democrats to be better than "not as bad as the repugs"

    21. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    22. BG Thanksgiving is a feast to celebrate the fall harvest, the Indians helped bring food and showed the colonists how to grow corn.

    23. Anonymous7:05 PM

      Happy Thanksgiving Mike!

    24. Anonymous7:06 PM

      The trolls are hiding, being Turkey season and all.

    25. How goes the vacation Mike?

    26. Anyone see Bush holding the Turkey yesterday, I had to ask which one was the "REAL" Turkey LOL

    27. Nice Larry, it was 70 down here and they are acting like its freezing, people are wearing winter parkas and complaining how cold it is, supposed to be 50 tonight in Florida which I think is nice.

    28. At least you weren't on I 95 it was supposed to be a mess.

    29. Yeah, I heard the I95 was a mess.

    30. British Gary,

      Glad you got the DVDs. The flyer that my manager includes with every order is just an order sheet. It includes the photos that ABC network used in promotions in the 80's when the show came on: the sequined bathing suits and all shots with pink backgrounds. These were network shots.

      Enjoy the comedy.

    31. Oh, regarding the meatball falling from the ceiling - there's a story behind that scene.

    32. Yo Dolty Boy, by the time "thanks giving" rolled around they were giving thanks for being alive, after all the disease and starvation, part of the thanks was for the Indians who showed them how to survive in the "new" world, which is kind of funny if you think the "unchristian savages" could be Christian enough to help out some "strangers", while those strangers would soon judge the savages to be so uncivilized, that the "Christians" from Europe could "judge" them as OK top dominate, and even eliminate if necessary.

      Thanksgiving had NOTHING to do with giving thanks for NOT being in England any more, but giving thanks for surviving here in America after arriving unprepared to survive here.

    33. Not good news if it is true...

      From Juan Coles Blog

      Another friend, a Sunni sheikh of the Shammar tribe noted to me that thousands of former officers are prepared to assault the G[reen] Z[one]. It is no longer a matter of can they do it, they are only mulling over the timing. The breach of the Green Zone security the other day was a test of their ability to get in, and not a real attempt at a coup, though it is reported as such. Every Iraqi I talk to says unambiguously that the resistance attached to the former regime would take out the Shiite militias with barely a fight, but that the resistance will not commit wholesale revenge against the Shiite population. They just want to get rid of the "carpet baggers" from Iran. '

      What would be the result of a brazen attack on the green zone even if it failed in the end?

      The United States military would have to question the safety of those who work for the US and Iraqi governments from there. They also would have to review what protections they have, and what they need. It could turn out to be the Iraqi version of Tet, especially if the Sunni Baathists had any success at all. Because they would prove that not only can they set up car bombs in Sadr City, or attack Shiite dominated Ministries like the Ministry of Health, but the very symbol of American power and influence in the country, the Green Zone.

      Such an attack three and a half years after the Iraqi Baathists were supposedly crushed by the American Army would embolden the Sunni insurgency. It would also raise more doubts here at home about this war. If we had been so successful in the invasion, and we had what we need in that country to achieve some sort of victory, how could the Baathists even dare to attempt such a daring attack, let alone carry it out.

      There are questions what this would do inside the country.

      How would the American military react, especially how would they reposition troops to either attempt to stop such an attack like this, (they must know it is being planned, if it is on the net.)

      What will al Sadr and the Shiites do, if they see the Sunni’s attacking the Green zone, stand by and allow the US and Sunni forces to fight it out, or come to either sides aid. More interestingly could they use such an attack as a welcome diversion. They could react by attacking in other areas knowing the vast US response will be in defense of the green zone, and not their timely attacks on Sunni forces they want to defeat in Baghdad and elsewhere.

      The situation inside Iraq is fragile at best, and after this weeks attacks in sadr City, and on the ministry of Health, the Sunni’s are making a statement they are a force to be reckoned with, but are they willing to step it up a notch, and attack directly into the center of the American power presence in Baghdad?

    34. Voltron,

      If all she gave is a dollar to the homeless, that's still a dollar more than you've ever given.

      Except maybe to your father, but that was probably after the article in the local paper...

    35. Hey Lydia, you cant say there's a story and then not share the story...........dont your kids tell you thats bad form LOL :D

    36. Anonymous10:37 AM

      In Video, Hussein Uses Slingshots and Bows to Rally Iraqis for War

      CBS News Productions
      WASHINGTON, Nov. 23
      As the world worried about Saddam Hussein’s quest for nuclear and biological weapons, he took time out to discuss with his top advisers the merits of a decidedly more primitive arsenal: slingshots, Molotov cocktails and crossbows.

      Theres your weapons of mass destruction.

    37. I read somewhere that Gordon Brown? would withdraw the British troops after he takes over for Blair, is that what you think will happen Gary?

    38. Anonymous1:22 PM

      What that article I printed failed to mention Gary, is that before the war, it was all over the news that Saddam planned on fighting a war of "resistance".

      There were CIA reports of Saddam studying the tactics of the Polish Partisan resistance fighters who successfully disrupted the Nazi occupation of the Warsaw Ghetto. He also reportedly watched the movie, Blackhawk Down, to see how underequipped partisan fighters can overcome overequipped invading armies.

      It was common knowledge, and that is why I was surprised to see Bush declare "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" when it was clear the resistance was just getting started.

      This is why Bush is a criminal. Because he's criminally negligent in ignoring facts that are publically available to anyone who cares to bother themselves to look at them.

      Facts like its raining in New Orleans.

    39. Mike and Gary,

      Sorry I shouldn't have opened that can of meatballs. We were in a hurry to get to my sister's for Thanksgiving.

      Okay, so Ted and the writers were sitting around trying to come up with more jokes after Monroe's spaghetti sauce exploded all over the kitchen, and I said, "How about if Ted gets a meatball to fall onto the pizza?" And they all look at me with glazed eyes, as if I'm not even there -- and about 30 minutes later, Ted says "we should have food falling from the ceiling!" And Arne Sultan says, "How about a meatball falls onto the pizza? Ted can knock it down with a broom handle..."

      And I'm going "I just said that..." and they look right through me. Apparently, WOMEN ARE INVISIBLE.

    40. Anonymous4:32 PM

      Now THATS a spicey meatball.

    41. Anonymous5:39 PM

      As smeone who used to be homeless twice (but gainfully employed both times), I can tell you that these myths really are myths and the realities really are realities. No one loves living in a shelter or on the street. No one likes being disrespected.

      Btw, thanks for the blogroll, Lydia. That's a rare honor.

    42. Anonymous6:25 PM

      British Gary said...

      Did they treat women like that as a norm? Was it all women or just you?

      Well it was the early 80's. In fact, the show began in 1980, so the 1970's mentality still prevailed, and in 1970 women were still best seen, and not heard. Oh sure, Women Lib was taking off, women were "beginning" to head into the business world, but men still looked differently at women then. And Ted Knight was pretty old, so I am sure he was old school.

      And theres one other thing to consider. Ted played second fiddle, (actually 3rd string) to a women for a long time. Remember the Mary Tyler Moore show? Ted played Ted Baxter, the anchorman. He always closed his broadcasts with, this is Tex Baxter, saying good night, and good news.

      Anyway I just figure working under a female star for so many years, maybe that influenced him, and might be why he was so opposed to Sara and Jackie getting all the attention, like they did the first season. In fact, in the first season, Sara (Lydia) was so popular they did two episodes back to back that were named for her.

      This had to gnaw at him.

      He wasn't a bad actor I don't think. In fact he was an old pro. You can see it if you watch him in the first season, when he's NOT overreacting to something.

      I think he may have allowed his anger over the attention the two girls were getting, to transfer onto the set, and thats why he sometimes seemed so nasty and mean on the show. But I bet he was a decent guy, and he did crack me up in some of the episodes.

      Where they messed up was I think was when they phased in Audrey Meadows. She was a seasoned actress to be sure, but the character she played on the show was so foul and nasty. That coupled with Ted Knights anger, and Muriel playing referree, and Munro doing constantly stupid things, there was no one to balance the group out. The girls characters were nice, and for the most part, quite normal. They softened Ted Knights hard edge, and Munro's idiocy. They gave the show balance.

      But when they took the girls away, all you had was an idiot breaking stuff, a mean old Dad who was always yelling, a mother in law who was always yelling and bitching at everyone and everything, and a soft spoken wife who tried to play referee.

    43. Anonymous6:28 PM

      They also wrote the girls in less and less in the later seasons, and this had the same effect.

      Plus, its important to mention the girls were why most guys watched the show. Taking them away was just plain stupid.

    44. Christian Coalition Leader Quits in Doctrine Row

      The Florida pastor tapped to lead the Christian Coalition has resigned because he was not able to get the organization to focus on anything aside from abortion and gay marriage.

      * He wanted to focus on things like poverty and the environment, “issues that Jesus would want us to care about,” the pastor said.

      Buffalo News:

      ORLANDO, Fla.—The Florida pastor recently tapped to lead the Christian Coalition of America resigned his position in a dispute about conservative philosophy—more than a month before he was to fully assume his post, he said this week.

      The Rev. Joel Hunter, of Northland, A Church Distributed, in Longwood, Fla., said he quit as president-elect of the group founded by evangelist Pat Robertson because he realized he would be unable to broaden the organization’s agenda beyond opposing abortion and same-sex marriage.

      He hoped to include issues such as easing poverty and saving the environment.

      “These are issues that Jesus would want us to care about,” Hunter said.

      The resignation took place Tuesday during an organization board meeting. Hunter said he was not asked to leave.

      "They pretty much said, "These issues are fine, but they're not our issues; that's not our base,' " Hunter said. A statement issued by the coalition said Hunter resigned because of "differences in philosophy and vision." The organization, headed by President Roberta Combs, claims a mailing list of 2.5 million.

      Hunter's move signals more tumult for a group that has fallen on hard times. Members have complained the coalition's agenda has become too liberal and diffuse.

      Hunter hoped to revive the group by expanding its agenda to include what he called "compassion issues." He also planned to teach evangelicals how to "vote with their life," or integrate and apply their Christian values to public life.

      The coalition's rejection of Hunter's approach means it is unwilling to part with its partisan, Republican roots, Hunter said.

      "To tell you the truth, I feel like there are literally millions of evangelical Christians that don't have a home right now," Hunter said.

      It is interesting, what Jesus talked about is NOT their issues.....I wonder what they think Jesus would say about that.

    45. Anonymous7:31 PM

      I have a feeling most of them don't even know what Jesus said.

    46. Worf said "He wasn't a bad actor I don't think. In fact he was an old pro. You can see it if you watch him in the first season, when he's NOT overreacting to something.

      I think he may have allowed his anger over the attention the two girls were getting, to transfer onto the set, and thats why he sometimes seemed so nasty and mean on the show. But I bet he was a decent guy, and he did crack me up in some of the episodes."

      I think Ted Knight was a great actor, but I think your on to something that he let "some" of his anger and ego transfer to the show, but on the other hand that was some of the shows charm, most of the actors on TCFC transfered some of their real personality into the characters they played at least in my opinion, Like Ted i think let his ego, some of his anger, arrogance and some of his controlling domineering personality transfer in to Henry Rush, Lydia let her nice kind and funloving personality transfer to Sara, Deb transfered her nice but level headed and practical personality transfer to Jackie, and Monroe looked like he could be gay, but was still funny just like Jim seems, I cant really form an opinion of Nancy of Audry, but from what Lydia has said Nancy goes against the grain of what I just said.

      As for Audrey Meadows playing the mother-in law, I liked the tension between her and Henry, it kinda reminded me of the Flintstones, and while I didnt dislike mr Rush, I was kinda cheering for someone to put the arrogant SOB in his place and Muriel's mother as well as Henry's father provided that.

      As for Ted stealing people's ideas that doesnt surprise me, that seems like his personality, I think he did that to the girls and/or Monroe in one of the shows...........we've all had that happen to us, we think of a good idea it is brushed off and discounted then one of the arrogant people who blew it off claim it as their brilliant idea a little bit later. LOL

    47. Jurassic pork said "As smeone who used to be homeless twice (but gainfully employed both times), I can tell you that these myths really are myths and the realities really are realities. No one loves living in a shelter or on the street. No one likes being disrespected.

      Btw, thanks for the blogroll, Lydia. That's a rare honor."

      Wow, I never would have guessed that, I know anyone can become homeless and that there are plenty of working poor that are homeless, but that statement really surprised me, it shows that many of us have a lot to be thankful for.

      Hope you had a great holiday, try to drop in more.

    48. I'm going to throw this question out to EVERYone, cause for me this is the "question of the month"

      Do you guys think the repugs are going to take their party back from the radical Neo Cons and change course in Iraq and pullout by Summer..................or do you think this is just a smokescreen to buy time for GWB and deflect the heat for most of the remainder of his term so it gives the "appearance" he is changing course or being more reasonable and re-evaluating the situation?

    49. Oh also regarding the meatball episode I also liked that the phone receiver ended up in the blender, that and the meatball falling off the ceiling at the end were the most memorable parts of that episode. LOL :D

    50. Yes, we prided ourselves on highbrow, intellectual humor. LOL


    51. Anonymous10:02 PM

      Lydia Cornell said...
      Yes, we prided ourselves on highbrow, intellectual humor.

      Or as in this case, highball, intellectual humor.


    52. as a little off topic aside, anyone watch this new survival show on the discovery channel its on Friday nights, they take this British Special Forces guy and drop him in the middle of no where in a desolate inhospitable region and he has to survive and make it back to civilization.

      Last week they dropped him on a Mesa in a desert in the American Southwest in 120 degree temps and he had to survive, this week they dropped him on an Alpine peak in the French Alps at high altitude and cold weather.............its a really cool show.

    53. Worf you in particular being a rock climber would like this show, because he's been mountain climbing every show, last show he was rock climbing this show he was alpine climbing its a really cool show.

    54. actually if anyone's interested that show is on Discovery Channel Right Now!

    55. Anonymous10:47 PM

      I love that show Mike.

      I watch it all the time.

    56. Anonymous10:47 PM

      He's like the Macgiver of the wilderness.

    57. Anonymous10:48 PM

      He can make a patte' out of grubs and mealworms.

      And man can that guy make fire, or what?

    58. Anonymous10:49 PM

      You ever see him sharpen his knife? He uses little quartz stones he finds in a stream bed, and grinds them up mixing them with sand and water, and then uses the paste on a leaf to sharpen his knife.


    59. Anonymous10:55 PM

      I see hes at the Sushi Bar today Mike.

    60. See "Dark Days" a documentary by Marc Singer.
      It's illuminating and takes a different look at the homeless and who/what they are like.
      If you've never taken the time to speak with anyone, be it on the street or serving in a food line, nowadays, we all are close to perhaps being there ourselves.
      Circumstances can change mighty quicly in this life, in these days ; (

    61. Just found this quote:

      "Honesty allows you to be at peace, even in the middle of turmoil. It keeps you strong. “Honesty is spiritual power. Dishonesty is human weakness, which forfeits divine help.” (Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures)

    62. I think George Bush has forfeited divine help (by his dishonesty.)

    63. yeah that was crazy, he bit into that live fish that he caught with maggots just like gollum did in LOTR's.

    64. anyone know what Mark Foley is doing these days....................I hope he's not masquerading as a Santa to get little boys to sit on his lap.

      oops hope I didnt give any of the other repugs any ideas.......................we allready know Dolt doesnt like women in swimsuits LOL :D

    65. btw Dolt how do you manage at the beach, it must be a real painful and traumatic experience for you seeing half naked women in bathing suits everywhere.........................unless your not going for the women :D

    66. Anonymous5:10 PM

      It's sad that people treat homeless people as if they are failures of some sort. Society fails the indvidual much more often than the individual fails society.

    67. Anonymous6:28 PM

      octavian dont sit down,its obvious your head is up your ass.I see healthy assholes begging on street corners everyday.The unemployment rate is 4.7% if you cant find a job in this economy youre not looking for one.

    68. Anonymous6:55 PM

      Hey Octavian, just ignore the idiot. He apparently is too stupid to spell his own name, or too chicken.

      Its probably one of our local trolls, trying to scare off any new bloggers, by insulting them as soon as they come in.

      We've got your back.

    69. Anonymous7:33 PM

      Flavius and octivian,perhaps two greeks,or should i say geeks.

    70. Anonymous7:35 PM

      if you two greeks are so concerned about the homeless what percent of your yearly salary do you contribute to them? dont lie .

    71. Anonymous7:36 PM

      perhaps they are one and the same.

    72. Shadow Boxing: America's Alcoholic-Like Iraq Insanity

      A. Alexander

      Ask any alcoholic at what moment they moved beyond being a slave to the bottle and they'll tell you, almost to a person, the second they admitted defeat. Until then, it is textbook insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again, while expecting different results. Until a person admits that they are defeated by their addiction, it is a macabre game of attempting to exert self-will over an immovable psycho-physiological object. Promises of doing better next time, of only having "a few," of not drinking "tomorrow," of reducing the number of drinks, and a million other forms of self-delusion eventually lead to a state of nearly insurmountable denial. It doesn't require a mental giant to figure out that this conundrum -- this textbook insanity -- is exactly where the United States finds itself in Iraq.

      On the surface, admitting defeat appears to be a sure sign of weakness. In reality, however, it can be the perfect example of wisdom, maturity, and strength. Imagine the person stricken with alcoholism. Now, consider a shadow as being the disease of alcoholism. The alcoholic will spend months and years or an entire lifetime boxing the shadow. Indeed, the alcoholic will punch him or herself out a hundred times over ... and keep swinging until they find themselves sucking on the business end of a pistol, balancing on the ledge of a high-rise building, or diving off a tall bridge. The reason so many alcoholics commit suicide is simple - boxing shadows is mentally and emotionally exhausting.

      For many alcoholics the notion of ceasing to box shadows seems absurd ... indeed, weak. And so it is, many keep swinging away - keep pretending that one day they'll "lick" their disease. Of course, they don't and eventually, rather than simply admitting that their disease has defeated them, they decide to quit living and commit suicide. Hell, it beats appearing weak by admitting defeat. That's insane thinking, but people actively living in their addiction aren't rational people.

      From the time of the Roman Empire until America's war in Iraq today, superpowers have been trying to figure out how to defeat an insurgency. Every so-called great power has failed in that endeavor.

      The how and why of insurgencies forever taking invading mega-powers to the woodshed is pretty simple, too: The insurgents hold home court advantage and in "asymmetrical warfare" that means a lot. Actually, that means everything. Insurgents speak the local language; dress culturally appropriate; can flow seamlessly between battling the occupier and buying the milk from the market; they know where the roads narrow; they know who does and doesn't support their cause; they know the best places to hide; and they have an almost limitless recruiting base. More than the obvious advantages insurgencies are fighting for their homes, their families, and against a foreign enemy. And, too, from a tactical perspective the insurgents hold all the cards.

      Insurgents don't need to mobilize large units, they don't have to figure out the best route for convoys to travel, and they don't require complex logistical infrastructure to support their cause. The insurgents don't have to capture and hold ground - they take the space that is available and walk away when the occupier arrives. Something that takes the occupier a hundred men and tens of thousands of dollars to do, three insurgents can accomplish on parts scavenged from the dumpster. In the final tactical analysis insurgents own the most vital commodity of all - time.

      It doesn't matter how rich and powerful the occupying force might be - finances are finite and, too, sooner or later invaders have to go home. The real rub is the fact that the longer an occupying force remains in place, the greater the proportion of the indigenous population that comes to hate and despise them. Just as the occupying force is running out of cash and fighters, the insurgencies ranks begin swelling with an ever increasingly agitated and angry local population that grows more eager and willing to fight the foreign invaders.

      Thanks to the Bush administration the United States has, like the active alcoholic, been doing nothing more than insanely and wildly swinging at shadows in Iraq ... mostly its own. The administration and anybody that continues to support their delusional dream of "victory" are in deep denial. The U.S. was long ago defeated in Iraq. The problem is that nobody can bring themselves to admit the obvious. It doesn't matter how many gaggles of generals or Iraq Study Groups gather, offer suggestions, implement plans, disband, re-gather, offer more suggestions, implement new plans, and disband; it doesn't matter how many promises we make that "tomorrow we'll do better," because Bush has all ready been defeated in Iraq.

      How many so-called reasons, rationalizations, lies, plans, updated plans, newly updated plans, niftily named operations, and corners has the United States turned? Every month we are told that "the next three-to-six months are going to be vital," and a month later we are told the same thing. It has been nearly four straight years of, "the next three-to-six months...." And the United States is doing nothing but falling farther and farther behind. The magnitude of defeat grows with the passing of every day, week, month, and "three-to-six months." This is classic alcoholic-like behavior! This is classic denial!

      The Iraq policy is the alcoholic's promise: "Tomorrow" it'll be better. "Tomorrow" we'll quit if the corner isn't turned. "Tomorrow" we'll devise the plan that will succeed. "Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Tomorrow!" This is pure insanity! These are the lies being told, because nobody can admit defeat.

      The reality of Iraq is this: George W. Bush and the United States won't be victorious in Iraq tomorrow, or the tomorrow after that tomorrow, or the hundredth and thousandth tomorrow after all those tomorrows piled upon a million more tomorrows. We are doing nothing but boxing shadows in Iraq ... that's all we've been doing for the past three years - boxing our own shadows.

      "Yes, but if we pullout now the entire region will come apart at the seams and Iraq will become a failed state," those in denial like to say. The reality-based response to that is this: Too late! The Middle East was drifting toward the coming conflagration. There was some hope of preventing that, but hope ended the day George W. Bush invaded Iraq. Now, weather the United States stays in Iraq and continues swinging wildly at their shadow or leaves ... doesn't matter. We can't stop the inevitable anymore than we can stop the civil war currently raging in Iraq.

      Just as the alcoholic struggles to control the uncontrollable -- the disease -- the Bush administration and their supporters are trying to control an insurgency and circumstances that have spun beyond their influence. Yet, they keep trying and trying and promising and promising that tomorrow will be a new and better day. In what is certain insanity they keep swinging at shadows, while inching the entire nation toward financial and military suicide.

    73. Anonymous8:05 PM

      now,who the hell is this guy? is he on of the greeks?

    74. Johnny your such a LOSER

    75. Anonymous8:11 PM

      was that ment for me?

    76. Anonymous8:12 PM

      i have no idea who johnny is nor do i give a shit who he is.

    77. Anonymous8:13 PM

      you seem a reasonable sort,does anyone beside these greek guys post here?

    78. Yes Johnny, the analusless troll bit is as old and tired as the rest of your troll tricks.

    79. Anonymous8:15 PM

      friend,are you smoking something other then a ciggerette?

    80. Anonymous8:15 PM

      who the hell is johnny?

    81. Anonymous8:16 PM

      better yet,who the hell is clif?

    82. Anonymous8:17 PM

      this is one strange blog

    83. Only when YOUR here Johnny.

    84. BTW Johnny it is spelled cigarette, and I do not smoke anything , nor do I drink.

    85. Anonymous8:22 PM

      once again buddy,i have no idea who this johnny person is.this is a spooky place.

    86. Anonymous8:23 PM

      you dont smoke or drink,so when you get up in the morning thats as good as youre going to feel all day

    87. Sorry johnny, you write too much like a Moo Moo....even when your playing the sock puppet game.

    88. Chemically recreating your vision of reality must be the reason you appear to be such a loser each time you "appear here" Johnny

    89. Anonymous8:28 PM

      look pal i think you may have bumped you head recently,i do not know who this johnny is.a friend of mine told me about this blog and i thought i would stop by but its kind of scary

    90. It's the dusty-bruno-wufuss-mcmikey-clippy-stupidturd show tonite folks......

      a foole by any name is still a foole,

      and son;


    91. Anonymous8:30 PM

      do any sane people post here?

    92. Not if your posting here son.

    93. Anonymous8:31 PM

      are you the blog leader?you seem forceful

    94. For somebody who supposedly just stumbled in here, your QUICK to act just like the sock puppet trolls how have slithered about for the last year.

    95. Anonymous8:33 PM

      look pal,may i call you clif?i have no idea what the hell youre talking about

    96. Clif - that is a BRILLIANT article, and on the money. For a long time I've said Bush and America needs a 12-step program.

      1. Admit you are powerless over the insurgents
      2. Believe in a power greater than yourself (God)
      3. Make a decision to turn your life and your will over to God (Let go)

      ... THIS IS WHEN DIVINE HELP ACTUALLY HAS ROOM TO MOVE IN, when you get your hands off the steering wheel, and stop controlling, or thinking you can control it. This is when the most mystical thing happens: nature actually corrects the course, and does a better job without human meddling.

      Admitting defeat actually lets us lean on a power greater than ourselves. We don't have to know how it works, but it does.

      It's like plugging a plug into an electric socket. Electricity is a power greater than ourselves which enables us to read at night, work in the dark... It expands our power by our surrendering to it, and depending on it. We are not weaker because we are depending on this power greater than ourselves. Our energy and power is doubled: we can get more accomplished.

      I don't know why Bush thinks he has to play this charade of "going it alone." He must not believe in God at all.

    97. Son, why all the questions, right after slandering a poster, you that big a LOSER?

      So sad the Idiot and his criminal corrupt party got their ass handed to them, so you slither like a useless little troll?

      Seems like you got an agenda, but reality has kind of undercut it son.

    98. Anonymous8:34 PM

      i was told this was a liberal blog with some intelligent postings.doesent look like it

    99. Not in your case son.

    100. Anonymous8:36 PM

      clif why all the animus?

    101. Most of your posts are snarky stupid questions.

    102. Anonymous8:37 PM

      is that lydia that just posted?isnt she a former actress

    103. Your the one who came in here and posted this as your first post,

      Anonymous said...

      octavian dont sit down,its obvious your head is up your ass.I see healthy assholes begging on street corners everyday.The unemployment rate is 4.7% if you cant find a job in this economy youre not looking for one.

      so GOOD question son, why the animus?

      Why did you post THAT if your just looking for a smart liberal blog?

    104. Anonymous8:39 PM

      what was snarky and stupid?

    105. Analuseless said...

      is that lydia that just posted?isnt she a former actres

      Son it is spelled ...actress....

      and spelled isn't, and names are usually capitalised, like this Foole, that is you BTW.

    106. Anonymous8:41 PM

      because the poster is one of those people who thinks humans shouldnt be responsible for their actions or the results of their actions

    107. Your entire presence here tonight is stupid and snarky numbnuts.

    108. Anonymous8:42 PM

      sorry i thought i did spell actress

    109. Anonymous8:43 PM

      well clif your not at all hospitable

    110. Now I know you a stupid repug sock puppet troll son.

    111. Anonymous8:44 PM

      are you the sargent at arms here?why so angry

    112. I NEVER plan on being hospitable to STUPID TROLLS.

      act like a sycophant get treated like a sycophant.

    113. Anonymous8:46 PM

      have you ever seen someone about your anger problem?it could be helpful

    114. Son I am NOT angry, just responding to a stupid troll who's first post was an attempt at being demeaning in kind.

      the old eye for an eye theory you all like so much.

      BTW numbnuts reread what I posted. and you'll see it has MUCH more merit than anything you have typed all night.

    115. Anonymous8:48 PM

      i make the sign of the fig? what does that mean

    116. Anonymous8:49 PM

      what was it you posted?did you write it or find it?

    117. Anonymous8:49 PM

      Great site!

      I think we need strong liberal voices right now! Keep up the good work.

    118. BTW foole enjoy...Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the house, maybe she can clean up the mess Newt Gingrich, Tom Delay and Dennis Hastert made of it.

      And true congressional oversight of the white house of the idiot and dead eye.

    119. Anonymous8:50 PM

      im trying to be civil clif but you just seem to want a fight,what goes

    120. British troops have 'defective ammunition'

      British soldiers fighting in Afghanistan have been forced to use defective ammunition, it is being claimed.

      They ran out of bullets while taking on the Taliban, and had to borrow ammo from the Americans and Canadians.

      Now British paratroopers say the army bought inferior replacement rounds for their machine guns - making them hard to fire in the heat of battle - and putting the paras in danger.

      Footage has appeared on YouTube showing a machine gun constantly jamming.

      According to reports, a platoon refused to go out on patrol until the problem was solved.

    121. Anonymous8:52 PM

      i know pelosi is speaker,i wish her well.not a very good start with that murtha thing but i think she will be a good change

    122. I you had planned on being CIVIL son, you would NOT have posted you post to Ocatvian, or your response to what I posted, you being dishonest as all repug trolls are.

      Thus I just treat you as the spoiled child you act like.

    123. Anonymous8:54 PM

      those silly brits must have bought their ammo from the french

    124. Anonymous8:56 PM

      calm down i just tod told octavian what i thought of his comment.isnt free speach allowed

    125. See son they purchased them from their own defense contractors, but being the repug troll you are numbnuts you have to make an anti french joke out of it.

      BTW did you like Rush Limpballs admission HE LIED for years for the idiots in the white house and congress?

    126. Anonymous8:57 PM

      i mean isnt that what made america the country it is the freedom to disagree with each other

    127. Anonymous8:58 PM

      if you were just allowed one thought wouldnt that be like the old soviet union?

    128. I know you can't help your self because repugs ARE so stupid , but you might start learning the last six years were the WRONG path, and way too many who did not choose to follow that path are dying for those who are gutless chickenhawks but chose it for others.

    129. Anonymous8:59 PM

      you ahve to admit the french in general are a bit weak

    130. Analuseless said...

      if you were just allowed one thought wouldnt that be like the old soviet union?

      Or the America George Bush and friends tried to create.......

    131. Rusty, we know it's you. You always type your punctuation too close to the words,like this,it's very strange;see what I mean?

    132. No son I do NOT have to admit that, they are the ones sitting in southern Lebanon right now, and were on my right flank in Desert Storm, where have YOU served son?

    133. Anonymous9:02 PM

      why do you feel that i shouldnt be allowed a voice

    134. Like I said Lydia it is sock puppet night, but ole dusty stupidturd is so ashamed the last time he was here and got spanked by Worfeus, he's ashamed to use his normal sock puppet moniker, he fell back on one he has used in the past.

    135. Anonymous9:04 PM

      is that lydia?a nice looking woman i must say

    136. Never said that son, just try to be CIVIL when YOU enter, and stop attacking everyone and the entire BLOG, like if you actually showed up in person, you'd get the same treatment after a few stupid rants, at least where I LIVE son.

    137. Anonymous9:05 PM

      now who the hell is rusty?before i was johnny

    138. LATER loser, do try to GROW UP someday son.

    139. Clif, I would like to thank you for your service to our country in the military, and for suffering through the Gulf War.

      What are your thoughts on Gulf War Syndrome and do you think our troops will be suffering from long-term effects of white phosphorous or whatever chemical hazards are automatically incurred?

    140. Anonymous9:08 PM

      you were in the service?thank you for your service

    141. The sad thing is, Bush and his cronies CUT veterans benefits but managed to cover this up with lot of shifty language.

    142. Lydia, I get quite a few tests in The VA for my lung condition, and numerous other troubles they can NOT explain.

      Never smoked. but now have lungs in worse shape than some friends who have smoked for years.

      And I am a lucky person, because I am getting treatment, quite a few vets are not.

    143. Here is YOUR first 20 posts son, think anybody would let YOU stay in person if you acted like this for real?

      1. Anonymous said...

      octavian dont sit down,its obvious your head is up your ass.I see healthy assholes begging on street corners everyday.The unemployment rate is 4.7% if you cant find a job in this economy youre not looking for one.

      6:28 PM

      2. Anonymous said...

      Flavius and octivian,perhaps two greeks,or should i say geeks.

      7:33 PM

      3. Anonymous said...

      if you two greeks are so concerned about the homeless what percent of your yearly salary do you contribute to them? dont lie .

      7:35 PM

      4. Anonymous said...

      perhaps they are one and the same.

      7:36 PM

      Seems you NOT so civil eh son?

      5. Anonymous said...

      now,who the hell is this guy? is he on of the greeks?

      8:05 PM

      You want intelligence, but that is the best you got son?

      6. Anonymous said...

      was that ment for me?

      8:11 PM

      7. Anonymous said...

      i have no idea who johnny is nor do i give a shit who he is.

      8:12 PM

      9. Anonymous said...

      you seem a reasonable sort,does anyone beside these greek guys post here?

      8:13 PM

      10. Anonymous said...

      friend,are you smoking something other then a ciggerette?

      8:15 PM

      11. Anonymous said...

      who the hell is johnny?

      8:15 PM

      12. Anonymous said...

      better yet,who the hell is clif?

      8:16 PM

      13. Anonymous said...

      this is one strange blog

      8:17 PM

      14. Anonymous said...

      once again buddy,i have no idea who this johnny person is.this is a spooky place.

      8:22 PM

      15. Anonymous said...

      you dont smoke or drink,so when you get up in the morning thats as good as youre going to feel all day

      8:23 PM

      16. Anonymous said...

      do you beat the bishop more than three times per week?

      8:25 PM

      17. Anonymous said...

      look pal i think you may have bumped you head recently,i do not know who this johnny is.a friend of mine told me about this blog and i thought i would stop by but its kind of scary

      8:28 PM

      18. Anonymous said...

      do any sane people post here?

      8:30 PM

      19. Anonymous said...

      are you the blog leader?you seem forceful

      8:31 PM

      20. Anonymous said...

      look pal,may i call you clif?i have no idea what the hell youre talking about

      8:33 PM

      You claim to be here for intelligent debate, but rant like this, and wonder why you get treated like a stupid sock puppet troll?

      BTW son; Flavius and Octavian, are ROMAN names not Greek stupid.

      Get a clue son.

    144. This is MY writing son; is NOT just numbers.

      14053, is the number of civilians admitted killed in Iraq from July 1st 2006 to October 31st 2006, basically from the 4th of July till Halloween. 14053 Mothers or fathers or sisters or brothers or sons and daughters no longer exist, they died in the secular violence the illegal invasion of the neo-cons spawned. They were kidnaped and were tortured with drills. They were shot in the back of the head, after being blindfolded. They were killed by a road side bomb, or killed by a mortar attack. They were killed for where they lived, or just who they were. Or more recently they were killed along with others by the rising number of car bombings as a means to incite more violence. By the mortar attacks which haunt Baghdad now days.

      14053 is a large number of people dying for any reason, it is almost 5 times the number who died on Sept 11 2001. In Iraq The Us has lost 2872 Soldiers since March 19, 2003 but in every month the Iraqi people have lost more people that the entire US losses for the war, or we lost on that fateful late summer day five years ago.

      As a comparison, there are about 25 million Iraqi's and 300 million Americans, so if we were having a comparable number of violent deaths here it would be around 168,500 people killed violently by sectarian violence(in the same time period). If that were to happen, especially in a situation where two different groups of people were using extreme violence and mass killings to fight for control of the government and power here, I'm sure we would call it something akin to a civil war.

      The Bush administration does NOT want to call it a civil war, OK lets call it what it really is war crimes spawned by the illegal invasion of a sovereign country by a group of people who thought they were above the law, the Geneva Convention, above being held accountable for their breaches of the code of human conduct that before this had been agreed upon by civilized nations.

      Well George Bush must be happy, because there is NO Geneva Convention in effect inside Iraq. Hell there is not even the rule of law any more. People in Iraq have nowhere to turn except to the people causing these deaths, so they will continue. They will continue while the "Know Nothings" inside Washington debate the latest idea to try to turn this Fiasco around. The killings have gone on while Jim Baker polishes up his plan which is already outmoded. The deaths do not stop as the beltway pundits and pontificators argue whether more troops or less troops is the way to go.

      These senseless killings are the result of their failure to listening to those who realized early on this was going to turn out bad. The mistakes of ignoring what was really happening on the ground. Placing more emphasis on purple fingers than security or electricity. Trying to stage manage the collapse of a society with no plan for rebuilding it, nor having enough qualified people who actually know how to do that. Mistakes piled upon mistakes as they have to pile body on body in the Baghdad morgue.

      14053 is the number of reported deaths by the UN, the real number is probably higher still, but since the neo-cons deny this is a civil war, and refuse to count the civilian deaths, they do not really worry about the numbers or even the deaths. They are beginning to worry about their futures, because even though they do not think it is a civil war or they should be held accountable, most of the rest of the world KNOWS it is a civil war, and the neo-cons are responsible.

      From Kayinmaines blog VoiceCrackinDISSENT

    145. Anonymous9:48 PM

      Ah, I thank you for this article!
      It's about time we get rid of unwanted myths.

    146. Fresh claims of Afghan shortages

      The government is facing fresh claims that British troops in Afghanistan are facing shortages of vital equipment.

      Sgt Stephen Brown of the Royal Marines has complained his men do not have enough ammunition and equipment, and have to use inappropriate vehicles.

      He told reporters in Helmand Province: "Countless times we have put in requests for what we need extra, and it has not arrived."

      But the MoD and senior officers insist there is enough equipment for the job.

      "Providing our forces with equipment that is both fit for purpose and effective in theatre is an absolute priority," the MoD said.

      "In the past few years a range of new systems have been introduced which have significantly enhanced our troops' capability, including new improved body armour, new vehicles and a range of new weapons."

      Meanwhile, the MoD's biggest purchases will be delivered almost three years late on average, the National Audit Office has said.

      It looked at orders for equipment such as air-to-air missiles, armoured vehicles, radios and submarines.

      And MPs along with armed forces sources have told the BBC aircraft in the RAF's fleet, currently being used for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, urgently need replacing.

      On Thursday, it emerged that troops in Afghanistan had faulty ammunition for a month and had to borrow from other Nato forces.

      Grenade 'shortage'

      The complaint from Sgt Brown comes after a marine in his unit, Gary Wright, was killed by a suicide bomber in Helmand on 19 October.

      Marine Wright, 21, died while on patrol in a Land Rover. A sergeant with him was injured.

      Sgt Brown said that among the shortages faced by troops were heavy vehicles, such as "Wimiks", which are stripped down and heavily armed Land Rovers.

      He said while a heavier vehicle might not have prevented Gary Wright's death, it might have prevented his injuries.

      He also said there was a shortage of thermal imaging sights, which register body heat and which would show a bomber's explosives against his body, and of grenades launched from rifles.

      "We need different vehicles and more weaponry," he said.

      "Everything could be improved. It's the lack of kit that needs to be addressed. Countless times we have put in requests for what we need extra, and it has not arrived."


      But Lieutenant Colonel Andy Price, of the Royal Marines, said there were enough grenades available, and added heavy vehicles were inappropriate to patrol in narrow streets in built-up areas.

      He said: "Every commander would love to have infinite resources but we are realistic.

      "If we ask for 30 more Wimiks there's only one place they are going to come from in the short term and that's Iraq.

      "We don't want to take kit away from them. What we ask for has to be something essential.

      "The commander's view is that he has enough kit to carry out the mission he has been tasked to do."

      The statement by Lieutenant Colonel Andy Price, of the Royal Marines..

      "If we ask for 30 more Wimiks there's only one place they are going to come from in the short term and that's Iraq.

      Is very telling, basically he is admitting the Illegal invasion of Iraq has hampered their war fighting ability in Afghanistan, and for SOME reason they get equipment first. like what is happening in Afghanistan is NOT as important as what is happening inside Iraq, but Osama and the people who attacked both the US on 9-11 and London on 7-11 are in Afghanistan and the border region of Pakistan, NOT IRAQ.

      Iraq is basically lost, and it has drawn down what was available for the fight against the people who sponsored the attacks in both countries, SO WHY did both Bush and Blair divert needed supplies and assets from that battle to attack Saddam who had NOTHING to do with either attack?

    147. Havent been able to post for awhile. First I was busy then I couldnt get onto any blogspot sites. Kept getting HTTP 404 error. Had an OK Thanksgiving dinner. Hope it was good for everyone else.

    148. Anonymous12:03 AM

      Anonymous said...
      Flavius and octivian,perhaps two greeks,or should i say geeks.

      Well I'll take geek over stupid any day.

      And by the way felonius, Flavius and Octavian are Roman names.

      Not Greek. Roman.

      I know to folks like you its all the same, but to the grown ups, its not.

    149. Anonymous12:09 AM

      Damn good to see you.

      A 404 error is a client side issue. It usually means a malformed request which in your case, if I had to guess I'd say your proxy server might have been filtering your access to the site. It could also have been a browser issue, but I doubt it.

      Hope that helps.

    150. Anonymous12:11 AM

      Anonymous said...
      this is a spooky place


    151. Anonymous12:37 AM

      clif said...
      the last time he was here and got spanked by Worfeus

      Now thats gonna piss him off.


    152. Anonymous12:44 AM

      Clif said;

      BTW son; Flavius and Octavian, are ROMAN names not Greek stupid.

      Damn Mr Anonymous. Looks like you got spanked twice there spanky.

      Clif got to you first.

      I was not on today so I'm just catching up, but its nice to see someone else saw this inability to distinguish a common roman name.

      I mean, come on.

      You don't get more Roman than Flavius, or Octavian, but this guy thought they were greek.

      Shows the level of genius we're dealing with.

    153. Worfeus in analuseless's case, he should be glad God made breathing automatic, or he would not still be here......not enough brain power to remember to breathe and chew gum....

    154. Anonymous1:10 AM


    155. BTW Marcus, good to see your still OK after this weeks actions in Iraq, I was wondering what happened.

    156. at first he seemed to be Johnny in drag again, but I agree with Lydia it was stupidturd, he can't spell or type well.

      Exact same mistakes each time....

    157. Coffee Messiah, Octavian, Dirk and Zee - thank you for your kind comments.

      I apologize for the bickering going on there. The right-wing trolls do not like our 'spiritiually progressive' approach.

    158. No problem.
      That's what the "delete"
      key is for ; )

    159. Anonymous9:38 AM

      Man, are you deluded!
      The pressure cooker of which you speak, is the one we made there ourselves.
      Unless you remember reading that all this bloodshed was indeed going on prior to our silly little war game.
      Deluded and mind controlled ye be mate!

    160. Anonymous9:54 AM

      Really now. Violence has never solved anything. And if those people actually wanted to get along they could. How is fighting amongst them helping anybody?
      On and on and on and on......

    161. Anonymous10:21 AM

      Voltron said...

      It has nothing to with "liking" your approach. Your approach SOUNDS very nice, if not naive.

      But in a world where we face an enemy who has vowed to destroy and conquer ALL who do not share their terrible vision, we cannot just sit around and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah...


      Give it a rest.

      It takes balls to be an American and live free. Man up and quit yer cryin, or better yet, go buy yourself one of those solid steel "panic rooms".

      Crawl in, and shut the door behind you.

      We'll call you when its safe to come out.

    162. Anonymous10:23 AM

      Afraid of his shadow said;

      And more to the point, 'God' or 'Jesus' no longer overtly expresses his will by devine fiat.

      Actually, I heard God works through divine Volvo now.

    163. Anonymous10:25 AM

      Believes George Bush is Divine said;
      He works THROUGH the actions taken by mere humans -people, and on a global scale through their leaders.

      And there you have it people.

      Theres your "master race".

      God works through their Fuhrer, so therefore all is right in the world, even when its not.

      Now does everyone see clearly?

    164. Anonymous10:26 AM

      Voltron said...

      It is DIFFICULT to see the hand of God in satelitte guided bombs raining down on suspected militia groups.

      Gee ya THINK?

    165. Anonymous10:27 AM

      But not for you, huh?

      Raining down blessings on their heads, aren't you?

    166. Anonymous10:28 AM

      Captain Amurika said;

      I find it hard to believe God would condone us retreating to our borders and ignoring what was happening to the rest of his people.

      You mean in the DR or in Darfur?

    167. Anonymous10:30 AM

      Voltron said...

      We can debate wether the methods and tactics of this Administration are correct or not,

      No, you can debate it. The rest of the world has selected the NOT option.

    168. Anonymous10:30 AM

      Chicken Little said;

      but war HAS been declared on civilization itself

      You mean by us?

    169. Anonymous10:31 AM

      Voltron said...

      Some on this board like to accuse us of having blood on our hands


      In order to get blood on your hands you'd have to actually put on a uniform, and head to where the action is.

      And we all know thats not gonna happen.

    170. Anonymous10:32 AM

      On your souls is more like it.

    171. Volt said "But in a world where we face an enemy who has vowed to destroy and conquer ALL who do not share their terrible vision, we cannot just sit around and think happy thoughts and fear no evil."

      Really destroy and conquor all?

      I seem to remember their problem with "US" being our occupation of the Middle East and unconditional support of Israel............Osama has offered us peace on several occasions and "YOU" guys have chosen war stating "you dont negotiate with terrorists" which is odd because that is Exactly what you have done for the last 50 years from Saddam to Sadr long as the terrorists do what "YOU" want its ok.

      Do you fools even KNOW who we are fighting and who the bad guys are in Iraq, is it Al Qaeda, the Sunni's the Shia? and what is winning over there.

      you first said we went over there to protect the world from Saddam's WMD, then it became liberating Iraq from an oppressive dictator, then installing democracy in the Middle East, what will the reason be tomorrow and will it contradict the first two reasons. You people are so hippocritical its laughable.

      you claim to invade Iraq for WMD and North Korea develops WMD right in front of you and you do nothing while they detonate nuke after nuke, while claiming to have a problem that Iran is seeking Uranium, its all about oil and the hippocritical Reich Wing fools dont have the guts to admit it, North Korea has NO OIL and Iran and Iraq have LOTS OF OIL AND GAS!

    172. Anonymous10:33 AM

      Voltron said...
      OR as someone else might put it,

      Wake up and smell the jihad.

      Well, considering you and the right win already have your noses so far up the Muslim nations assess, I imagine you can smell it better than us.

    173. Anonymous10:35 AM

      Voltron said...
      And I'm sure Worf will be by soon to tell us how it's perfectly OK to loose a few thousand people every now and then...

      You mean like the few thousand we lost in Iraq?

    174. Dolt said "We can debate wether the methods and tactics of this Administration are correct or not, but war HAS been declared on civilization itself and we MUST answer the call."

      No Dolt it was you fools that "DECLARED" war on a sovreign nation that had NOTHING to do with attacking us, only a nation can declare war not a rag tag group of terrorists who lack a airforce a navy and a military, that can hardly destroy the mightiest nation on earth.

    175. Anonymous10:39 AM

      Mikes right Volt.

      Can you say "Axis of Evil"?

    176. Anonymous10:39 AM

      It's difficult sometimes to deal with other human beings as if they were other human beings.

      Some of the people who want to take great pride in the power of our country must be shaken when they see the homeless and the destitute live here as well. How can this be, they ask? And they hate them.

      A friend of mine went last Christmas to help out a Vietnam Veteran who lived in the city. He got enough money from the government to pay rent on his home, but he was in a wheelchair. He also couldn't afford any other care, so he lived on the bottom level of his small two story home. He had no living family, there was no one to clean up, and no one to look out for him. The short company of my friend was all he had to look forward to.

      Our great country treats our wounded veterans this way. It is sad that those who take so much pride in this country would say that there is something bad about this man. There is nothing bad, he has given the use of his legs to society, and he lives alone and uncared for it a shabby apartment which he cannot clean.

      It's no wonder some people hate the homeless. They're a reminder of the reality behind their fantasy.

    177. Anonymous10:56 AM

      Well said Octavian.

    178. Anonymous1:27 PM

      It's nice to know that there are talented people like Candy who aren't just using their gifts for show.

    179. Every single soul on this planet is a brother to us.

      Volt - you say we can't "retreat" or sit on the sidelines, and not take action - but there are many kinds of action besides force. We are not using our minds or hearts here.

      Is the only way to combat terror to fight a "war on terror?" Think about what war on terror means. A siller statement is hard to find.

    180. Anonymous3:16 PM

      Hey crusty the clown. I'm not sure who "wuffy" is, but if you're referring to me, you're as stupid as I know you look.

      I was in here for a total of an hour on thanksgiving day, proving not only can't you write worth a crap, you can't read either.

    181. Anonymous3:17 PM

      But hang in their champ.

      I'm sure the drunks in the club think you're cool.

    182. Dolt said "But on the other hand, it is IMPOSSIBLE for anyone besides the thouroughly deluded to see his hand in a suicide bomber detonating himself in a crowed restaurant. Or lunatics flying planes full of innocent people into buildings full of MORE innocent people. Or in a man who would kill a 4 year old girl by smashing her skull with a rifle butt."

      What about the little Iraqi girls killed by our bombs or shot by our soldiers...............or is that merely collateral dammage for the greater good or part of your convert or die fantasy?

      according to "YOU" its ok for us to kill innocents when our innocents are murdered but somehow not ok for the Iraqi's to do the very same thing.............can you say hippocrite

    183. Anybody who see's he hand of God in either a suicide bomber, or a laser guided bomb is deluded, they both are projecting their bigoted opinions onto the actions ofdesperate people...whether using the weapons of modern warfare or the tools of fourth generation guerilla warfare against the modern weapons.

      Simpler, dolty boy is as deluded as Osama is.

      And he will not admit his errors any more than Osama will.

    184. Anonymous4:09 PM

      U.S. Finds Iraq Insurgency Has Funds to Sustain Itself

      New York Times
      Published: November 26, 2006
      BAGHDAD, Nov. 25 —

      The insurgency in Iraq is now self-sustaining financially, raising tens of millions of dollars a year from oil smuggling, kidnapping, counterfeiting, connivance by corrupt Islamic charities and other crimes that the Iraqi government and its American patrons have been largely unable to prevent, a classified United States government report has concluded.

      The report, obtained by The New York Times, estimates that groups responsible for many insurgent and terrorist attacks are raising $70 million to $200 million a year from illegal activities. It says $25 million to $100 million of that comes from oil smuggling and other criminal activity involving the state-owned oil industry, aided by “corrupt and complicit” Iraqi officials.

      As much as $36 million a year comes from ransoms paid for hundreds of kidnap victims, the report says. It estimates that unnamed foreign governments — previously identified by American officials as including France and Italy — paid $30 million in ransom last year.

      A copy of the seven-page report was made available to The Times by American officials who said the findings could improve understanding of the challenges the United States faces in Iraq.

    185. Anonymous4:11 PM

      clif said...
      Anybody who see's he hand of God in either a suicide bomber, or a laser guided bomb is deluded,

      I would take it a step further, and say anybody who see's he hand of God in either a suicide bomber, or a laser guided bomb, is a complete raving lunatic.

    186. Dolt said "I find it hard to believe God would condone us retreating to our borders and ignoring what was happening to the rest of his people. Nor even would THAT be totally safe. They have struck here once and will again. And the seeds of this evil are already planted here in this country."

      I dont think leaving where we are not wanted is "retreating" I was under the impression occupying someone elses land against their will is tresspassing just as invading a sovreign nation is an act of agression and war.

      The Islamists biggest complaint with us is occupying "THEIR" land until we develop alternate sources of energy so we are not dependent on the Middle East and get out of their sovreign territory we can NEVER truly say we worked towards peace.

      If you cut through a crazy old mans backyard everyday and he pulled out a shotgun and shot at you everytime you did it, you could not honestly say he wants to kill you and is a threat to you if you didnt give him a reason by tresspassing on his land and disrespecting his wishes, whether he is crazy or not you will never know if he is a mortal threat to you or is capable of peace unless you respect his wishes and stay off his land first since that is what he claims is the cause of the trouble in the first place..........same goes for the middle east you cant just claim your enemies want to kill you and cant be reasoned with or negotiated with UNLESS YOU FIRST "ATTEMPT" TO NEGOTIATE WITH THEM.............and thats something the arrogant fool GWB AKA the "DECIDER" does not believe in or think is neccessary.

    187. Anonymous4:19 PM

      One must think themselves the chosen of God, to believe that the death of a 7 year old girl, and her 3 year old brother just so pussy's like moltron and crusty rusty can protect themselves from some POSSIBLE attack in the future that THEY are afraid of, and from a country that DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A NAVY OR LONG RANGE AIR FORCE.

      They must really be legends in their own minds.

    188. Dolty boy said;

      Yadda..yadda..yadda..God would condone us retreating to our borders blah..blah..blah..

      God would not probably condonme the borders either son. after allHE NEVER drew any of them, the various forms of "ceasers" have.

    189. Great post - interesting blog. Thanks.

    190. Dolt said "And more to the point, 'God' or 'Jesus' no longer overtly expresses his will by devine fiat. He works THROUGH the actions taken by mere humans -people, and on a global scale through their leaders."

      LMAO, are you saying that god works THROUGH the actions of leaders like GWB, Osama Bin Forgotten, Saddamm, Kim Jong Il, the crazzies in Darfur etc..................according to you Reich Wingnut fools the will of god is death war and destruction..........................................the only god you Reich Wingers worship is The God of War............for you trolls that arent too smart and dont know your greek from Roman, that would be Aries in Greek and Mars in Roman.

    191. Rusty you have to be the most pathetic loser i've ever met, only a total loser would create fantasy names, lives and scenarios for people they dont even like over and over just shows how truly pathetic your life really is.

    192. Anonymous5:41 PM

      Hi Gary. I was checking out your profile and I see you lived in a monestary?

      Thats amazing. If you ever want to talk about that I'm all ears.

    193. I saw he lived in BC I think thats pretty cool also, kinda like the California of Canada.

    194. Anonymous6:04 PM


      Was that supposed to be funny?

      It's like listening to a 2nd grader.

    195. Anonymous6:04 PM

      If crusty had half a brain, he'd be dangerous.

      Fortunately that is clearly not the case.

    196. creating more fantasy lives for people you dont even know or like on a blog?

      Look in the mirror fool, your the one in here slandering bloggers about being here and creating fantasy scenarios to try and insult the regulars here......btw thats quite a vivid imagination fool do you hear voices also???

      maybe you should look into being committed or getting electro shock treatment because you have been delusional and disconnected from reality for a LONG time.

    197. Anonymous6:12 PM

      Crusty the Clown said...

      Mike,your a good candidate for the L on the forehead tattoo.

      Yea, thats a good idea crusty.

      And maybe you could tattoo serial numbers on our forearms too.

      I heard that worked for your kind once before.

    198. Anonymous6:15 PM

      eins, zwei, drei, feur

      eins, zwei, drei, feur


      Hey loser unless you hacked my computer to learn my real name then had me investigated you have no idea how old I am, if I have a girl friend or if i've ever been married but nice try loser

      BTW i'm willing to bet a loser blog troll thats comes to a blog where he doesnt like anyone and creates fantasy lives for all the people he doesnt like so its easier for the halfwit to insult doesnt have a wife or girl friend or ANY friends for that matter sounds like a safe bet to me mr Vegas, what do you think the odds are genius.

    200. I find it hard to believe you even work in Vegas Rusty I mean what casino would employ a moron who says interest rates are at 30 year lows when they have risen 500% that was one of your more memorable "STUPID" moments Crusty The Clown, but there are many more to choose from.