Wednesday, May 14, 2014


GROWING UP GAY IN AMERICA... my deeply personal interview with my Too Close for Comfort costar Jim Bullock "Monroe" Jim J. Bullock joins @LydiaCornell on the @BeatnEats #Podcast Network! download our #FREEAPP:


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  1. Anonymous10:04 AM

    Food for thought. The right wing "Conservative Christians" in their never ending persecution of gay people like to claim that people aren't born gay. That its simply a "choice".

    They claim that, because if people were born gay it means God made them that way, and of course that wouldn't fall in line with doctrines of sin, etc.

    So think about this.

    If the right wing Christian Conservatives truly believe that being gay is a "choice", then they must themselves be actually gay, and just "resisting" the temptation.

    Otherwise, how could they believe its a choice?

    I can't make the choice. I'm heterosexual and there is no circumstance of any kind where I could "choose" to be gay. It's just not possible unless you're actually gay or at least bisexual.

    So all of these Christian Conservatives must be gay, or at least bisexual. Otherwise they'd not be able to believe that it is a choice.

    And I present as evidence to further prove my point, the good Reverend Ted Haggard.

    Here we have the leader of what was the largest evangelical church in the United States. And his church teachings focused on gay bashing. Condemning, mocking and ridiculing the gay people of America all to the cheers and jeers of the "Christians" in his congregation.

    Turns out, the good Reverend Haggard, is gay.

    That's right. Got caught with a homosexual prostitute (apparently he can't even score and has to pay for it) and a few vials of crack.

    The Reverend Haggard. The man who built an empire on gay bashing, is gay himself.

    So, he sort of rests my case for me.

    See, if you believe its a choice, then you must believe you could be "tempted" to make the choice. And that means you're a closet homosexual.

    And while there's nothing wrong with being a homosexual if God made you that way, there is something wrong in preaching hate and intolerance towards them when you yourself are one.

    Its bad enough to preach hate and intolerance toward them period. But when you're one yourself, then the hypocrisy is monumental. Epic. Incredible.

    Being gay is not a choice. I can't choose it anymore than Jim Bullock can choose to not be. God made him that way. Not me, not him, not his parents. God did. So its between HIM, and GOD.

    Its not my business, and it certainly isn't the business of the evangelical "Christians".