Thursday, May 22, 2014


How to Age Backwards: 

1. Never think about age

2. Stop looking in the mirror.

3. Every morning when you wake up, immediately think of something to be grateful for. Add a new item everyday to the list. Write down 5 things to be grateful for on your fist day. 

4. Go on The Seven Day Mental Diet (Emmett Fox) - do not think a negative thought for seven days. See if you can do it. 

My friend Kristin Macdonald lost her eyesight and had limited vision, so she created an inner vision: a second vision radio show to find the lost dream inside her. This amazing woman transformed her life. CHECK out her site here: SECOND VISION

And I was lucky enough to be on her show on AIRS LA. Here is a link to my guest appearance on her show:


So I'm up for a couple of TV roles, and they want to know "what I look like today."  I have not had any plastic surgery or injections. I am so grateful that I was unable to afford expensive injections or plastic surgery the past few years -- because I avoided RUINING MY FACE!  My heart goes out to every woman who has succumbed to the terror of "anti-aging" remedies. 

This video was shot 3/14/2014
This is an ANTI-PORN comedy rant, that actually has an uplifting ending. It was filmed on March 14, 2014 and is to show "how a woman in Hollywood can still survive without plastic surgery" lol for casting directors, etc.
Through the grapevine I heard that "on reality TV they will not allow any woman on the air who is unattractive."  This made me wonder about Anthony Bourdin of 'PARTS UNKNOWN' on CNN.

I wonder if they would allow a woman to replace him on the Travel Channel, a woman with gray hair and wrinkles — like he has. Look at HIS face: it's wrinkled, graying and gnarly, but since he's a guy he gets to age normally and gracefully and ENJOY LIFE. 

We, as women, are not so lucky. 

Yes, he's handsome (for a man.) But can you imagine if a woman was allowed to have crows' feet, wrinkles and gray hair and do a show and JUST BE HERSELF? 

FYI: the rest of my RANT goes like this: 

"I was mistaken for  a hooker by my mother and the police on my way to an audition. Maybe it was the leash and dog collar I was wearing at 8
o'clock in the morning. 

I'm not spiritual enough to stop dressing like a hooker because you can't get a job in Hollywood without lap dancer on your resume -- and I'm referring to the writers, not the actors. 

That's why I'm in withdrawal from cleavage ..


  1. Goldie Hawn was perhaps one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Picture perfect face, golden locks, she had it all (except cleavage). I saw her on the recent Academy Awards and you just can't help but feel embarrassed for her. She's clearly had massive plastic surgery and botox injections. Both of which ruined her face. She looks like Joan Rivers now. Lots of beautiful women in Hollywood run to the plastic surgeon, its like they haven't seen what these butchers are doing to other beautiful women or something. Maybe they think "theirs" will come out better.

    It won't.

    You can't stretch a face to remove wrinkles and expect it to look human afterwards. It won't. It will look ridiculous. And it does. That "permanent smile" it gives you is pathetic.

    That's why you look so good. You were blessed to not go get that stuff, and look at you. I mean LOOK at you. If that video above is anytime recent, then you are absolutely gorgeous. Like you always were. You don't need all that stuff. And I'm glad you're in withdrawal from cleavage, because you don't need to show that either. Just your shape in clothes shows it, but the low cut neck lines I never liked. I don't know who does. I saw PINK performing at the Academy's that night too,(man I never knew she could sing like that) and while her performance was magnificent, her low cut dress all the way down to her solar plexus made her look out of place for the song. I mean, she's singing a childrens song and showing as much cleavage as possible.

    I hate Miley Cyrus now. She's the equivalent of a female Justin Beaver, or Beeber, or whatever the frack the little twits name is. She's just trashy. And there's no reason for it.

    You keep doing what you're doing and don't let hollywood sway you Lydia. You look perfect like you are. Don't let them change you.

    1. Thank you Worf. That video above was filmed last week. I did a commercial for THE BIG RED CHALLENGE.

    2. Wow, I wasn't sure if it was an older one or not. Man you really are just sort of aging backwards aren't you?

      I'm young for my age too, its odd. There's a gene I was reading about that is found in a small percentage of the population that causes them to age more slowly than normal. Asian countries have a higher occurrence of this gene. You must have it because you really are aging backwards.

    3. Maybe you ought to write a book about how to not get sucked into the plastic surgery\botox world that draws so many 70's and 80's actresses in. So many of them from that era have done it, but you didn't. And look at you. Then look at them. I know if I were Kurt Russell, I'd wished Goldie had tried it your way. That's sort of mean to say I know but everyone saw her at the Academy's, and she couldn't move her lips they were pulled back so tight. It was awful to see her like that. Maybe you could save some up and coming actresses from making the same mistake. That plastic surgery\botox thing, doesn't work.

      It just doesn't.


    4. I mean, you look ridiculously good in that video. A lot of women I bet would like to hear what you do to stay so young and beautiful naturally. They've all seen the results the other way gets you. I bet they'd love to hear what you have to say. And whatever creams and lotions you use, probably would like to hire you to endorse their products, lol. I'm serious. ..."you....,'ve got a gift my friend......yes you do..." (think Deniro to Crystal in "Analyze This")

    5. Thank you Worf. good idea. I'm creating and producing several new shows, and would like to get back into acting, but I'm producing my comedy into TV shows and movies. FINALLy getting all this out.

  2. Here's another place you win at. I remember he who's name shall not be spoken used to badger you about your endorsement of AA in here, and your frequent touting the virtues of sobriety and abstinence.

    Did you see this?

    "Los Angeles (CNN) -- Former teen idol David Cassidy was ordered to enter alcohol rehab for three months after pleading no contest to a drunken driving charge in Los Angeles on Monday.
    Cassidy, 63, must also serve five years' probation, pay fines and take part in a nine-month alcohol education program.
    He was arrested after a California Highway Patrol officer stopped him for making an illegal turn at a red light near the Los Angeles International Airport in January.
    The singer-actor blew .19 -- twice the legal level -- on an alcohol test administered by the officer who stopped his rented Chevrolet Impala, according to a California Highway Patrol statement.
    Photos: Celebrity mugshots Photos: Celebrity mugshots
    It was his second DUI arrest in six months and third since 2011"

    People love to say nice guys (and girls) finish last. Well they may finish last but that's because the others burn out early or ruin their lives with stupid stuff like this.

    Being a nice girl in Hollywood I bet ain't easy, but it's clearly worth it.

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