Thursday, May 22, 2014


How to Age Backwards: 

1. Never think about age

2. Stop looking in the mirror.

3. Every morning when you wake up, immediately think of something to be grateful for. Add a new item everyday to the list. Write down 5 things to be grateful for on your fist day. 

4. Go on The Seven Day Mental Diet (Emmett Fox) - do not think a negative thought for seven days. See if you can do it. 

My friend Kristin Macdonald lost her eyesight and had limited vision, so she created an inner vision: a second vision radio show to find the lost dream inside her. This amazing woman transformed her life. CHECK out her site here: SECOND VISION

And I was lucky enough to be on her show on AIRS LA. Here is a link to my guest appearance on her show:


So I'm up for a couple of TV roles, and they want to know "what I look like today."  I have not had any plastic surgery or injections. I am so grateful that I was unable to afford expensive injections or plastic surgery the past few years -- because I avoided RUINING MY FACE!  My heart goes out to every woman who has succumbed to the terror of "anti-aging" remedies. 

This video was shot 3/14/2014
This is an ANTI-PORN comedy rant, that actually has an uplifting ending. It was filmed on March 14, 2014 and is to show "how a woman in Hollywood can still survive without plastic surgery" lol for casting directors, etc.
Through the grapevine I heard that "on reality TV they will not allow any woman on the air who is unattractive."  This made me wonder about Anthony Bourdin of 'PARTS UNKNOWN' on CNN.

I wonder if they would allow a woman to replace him on the Travel Channel, a woman with gray hair and wrinkles — like he has. Look at HIS face: it's wrinkled, graying and gnarly, but since he's a guy he gets to age normally and gracefully and ENJOY LIFE. 

We, as women, are not so lucky. 

Yes, he's handsome (for a man.) But can you imagine if a woman was allowed to have crows' feet, wrinkles and gray hair and do a show and JUST BE HERSELF? 

FYI: the rest of my RANT goes like this: 

"I was mistaken for  a hooker by my mother and the police on my way to an audition. Maybe it was the leash and dog collar I was wearing at 8
o'clock in the morning. 

I'm not spiritual enough to stop dressing like a hooker because you can't get a job in Hollywood without lap dancer on your resume -- and I'm referring to the writers, not the actors. 

That's why I'm in withdrawal from cleavage ..