Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Patrons of AVCOA, Lydia Cornell (center) Brad Berens (Executive Director) taken Sat, Sept. 14, 2013

Saturday night I got to be a celeb host of the AVCOA Golden Era of Hollywood Event at University of Antelope Valley in Lancaster, California

I want to thank the amazing people who brought me in to this event and this organization. I also loved the hotel they always put us up in: Hilton's EMBASSY SUITES of Palmdale, California

I love Linda B. Vasquez, Brad Berens, Candy Havlock and Steven Angebrandt.

Thank you. You are an amazing group of people doing so much good.

There are over 11,000 miles of seniors and poor, hungry, neglected souls out here in the vast desert of the AV, home to our military installations of Edwards Airforce Base, Northrop, Lockheed Martin.. and several interesting Drone test programs.

This used to be the place they dropped off the mentally unstable and the poorest of the poor. They are being aged out of the system and there are only two social workers for all these thousands of people due to BUDGET CUTS

These poor seniors who are living on bare minimum social security -- if they are even able to get their checks -- need our help. They need people to volunteer to check on them and make sure they have proper ventilation in this desert heat of 112 degrees. I ran out of gas on Saturday on my way out to Palmdale and almost boiled in the car even with the windows open!

Let's all do our part in whatever community you and I live in.


~ Blessings

And please donate if and when you can:

AVCOA is a 501 c 3 Federal Tax ID #23-7360206


  1. Seems like a good cause.............kudos! I firmly believe the state should take care of its own before showing concern overseas.

  2. Anonymous11:36 PM

    Johnny can't feel charitable unless he gets to exclude someone.

    The truth is of course we can do both, ...if we want to.

  3. Anonymous9:10 AM

    I was watching an episode of the Love Boat last night with Henry Gibson and Gene Rayburn and I noticed this really hot blonde playing shuffleboard who lost an engagement ring and then I realized it was Lydia. You must have had a lot of Love Boat episodes, that's like the 3rd one I've seen you in.

  4. So bizarre. Facebook disabled all my pages and accounts and won't allow me access -- they claim I am not myself. It must be the hacker and stalker who is a convicted felon, whom I have a permanent restraining order against. CAN ANYONE HELP? Please leave comments on the new post. thank you... luv xo (no good deed goes unpunished)