Wednesday, February 27, 2013

POPE: Profound Serenity and Humility


Okay, I'm kidding. But wouldn't it be weird if we find out next week that this is the real reason the Pope is abdicating the throne? He is the first Pope in six centuries to abdicate. Or could this be part of the antichrist's plot? Am I being sacriligeous? I think he wants to settle down and marry his long time secretary.

God Bless Pope Benedict. I feel a strange love for him now, as I see he is merely human and broken. I actually admire his humility. I love his words, "I have a profound serenity in my soul."

Life is so magnificent. There is so much beauty everywhere, which to me is evidence of Good. The Great Goodness is the real picture.

The greatest beauty of all time though, is Mother Theresa. She took a vow of poverty and had absolutely no possessions except the clothes she wore. And yet she was the most generous and famous woman in the world.

What do you honestly think of the Catholic Church?  Does anyone find it odd that Christ Jesus said "Call no man "Father" upon the earth" and instructs us not to worship kings on thrones or gold and "love of money," yet the very church that bears his name is the most idolatrous and materialistic?  And I cannot believe anyone thinks it's okay to bow and kiss a ring on a "Pope-King's" hand.

Is this what Christ taught? All this pomp and circumstance, greed and hidden treasures, and it's strange crimes. A priest should be among the poor, and in the villages with the "common man." And Women. Women must be allowed to become priests. Too much focus on the flesh and gender and human qualities of sexuality, when Christ's Kingdom was not of this realm. He ONLY CARED ABOUT ONE THING: HOW YOU TREATED YOUR FELLOW MAN. Human kindness. Love one another, was The Great Peacemaker's one commandment. "And do not throw stones."

How can this Church persist? Because Catholics as a whole are wonderful people. And nuns are true servants of God. And Catholic Hospitals always welcome the poor -- or anyone in need and they never turn anyone away.

I do love the "idea" of the Church -- and I love the history for all the most salacious reasons. Salacious? Is that the right word? Maybe provocative is the right word.

Anyway, the human race is a crazy breed. But I really am beginning to be more understanding and more tolerant of the intolerant.

We're all just trying to get through the day.

God Bless Pope Benedict. None of us are perfect. We have to stop setting impossibly high standards,

But I do wish that just for ONCE, the Church, any church would practice what Christ taught: to heal the sick, raise the dead, heal the body, mind and spirit. For the Pope to resign because he's not feeling well, makes me wonder, why not rely on the Great Healer? Mary Baker Eddy, founder of the Pulitzr prize winning Christian Science Monitor, healed herself of paralysis (a broken and severed spinal cord) at the age of 14, by reading the Bible over and over, and finally the revelation came to her in Christ's teachings -- she discovered lost key to Christ's healing power -- which the churches had never found, because they were starting with the wong premise.

She understood more than any other spiritual thinker or minister -- that we are not material, we are spiritual. She was way ahead of her time. And if you start with the right premise: Genesis One - God made everything GOOD, there is no truth to the 2nd false creation story, the Adam and Eve myth, which clearly states was a "dream sleep of Adam." We are lost in that sleep right now. We started with a flawed premise; we started in the wrong place. No human can heal if he believes that evil (the serpent) or dis-ease has equal power to Good.

Eddy, a keen observer of human thinking, identified the kinds of thoughts that lead to illness. She saw that sickness is an unnatural, unconscious deviation from the perfection of God and of each one of us as His image and likeness. She came upon a place in thought at which individuals adopt a concept of themselves that leads either to discord and sickness or to holiness and health. She discovered that everyone can become aware of their thoughts and respond obediently to thoughts from God, those thoughts being spiritual, pure, and healthy. For her, mental self-awareness is key – just as knowing how you’re spending money is essential to sound personal finance.

Try this: Instead of assuming that you’re largely a set of body parts that can become ill, feel your oneness with this purely good, infinite Mind as its spiritual reflection. Start from the standpoint that your health is intact because goodness and wellness are inherent in this one infinite God that you reflect. This way of thinking has made a vast difference in my life, giving me both a more moral approach to living and better health. It can do the same for you.
Want to read more articles like this one? Visit the Christian Science perspective section on
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Remaining calm in a Crisis

An excerpt from

‘Dark nights of the soul’—illumined

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I don’t know anyone of deep faith who hasn’t struggled deeply. When some of his followers turned away from his teachings, Jesus asked his disciples if they would leave too. Peter responded: “Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life” ( John 6:68). “To whom shall we go?” The profound experiences of faith, the transforming moments of spiritual understanding and healing—moments born of the purest seeking and surrender—leave us changed in ways we cannot measure. They enlarge the scope of our lives; they propel us to discover more.

When I embraced my spiritual path, I had no idea of the challenges this road would present, the demands that would be made, the stretching I would have to do, the refining of my heart, the quickening of my spirit. There have been days when I have struggled. But still, I would not trade a moment of it. Every tough time has brought me closer to God—has taught me about God’s unbounded grace and how it surfaces over and over as we surrender self and embrace new vantage points.
Perhaps the paradox is, that even in the toughest times, the spiritual dawnings can come with such convincing clarity, simplicity, ease, that we get frustrated when it doesn’t feel easy. When we’re grappling with the entanglements of darkness and disbelief, we’re tempted to despair over the roughness of the road. “It should not be so hard!” We plead, “Where are you, God?” We are surprised by persecution, kickback, indifference, but mostly by the struggles of our own hearts.
Several summers ago while teaching a twelve-day course on Christian Science healing, I woke in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. The words, “There is no God,” were repeating themselves over and over again with great force in my thought. I felt as though I were being held underwater.
Jesus’ message resonates today: No matter what we’re faced with, no matter how dark, how evil, how deep the disbelief—there will always be an answer. God will always be with us. 

I practically hurled myself out of bed and went downstairs. The day before had been a difficult one: A number of the students were struggling with different issues. I vowed to stay up as long as necessary, to turn completely to God—to affirm that infinite, loving Presence. I chose to anchor my thought, heart, and soul in God and nothing else.

Little by little the cold front of darkness, hate, and disbelief began to lift. I prayed for the class and for the whole world until I consciously felt that nothing could separate us from the love of God. After an hour or two, I was filled with the most profound stillness, peace, and holiness I had ever felt. I knew that all was well. I knew that God was present right where I was. Our class later that day reflected this peace.

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Love and Blessings


  1. "None of us are perfect. We have to stop setting impossibly high standards"

    There is a tiny spark of hope for you yet.

    Yes,it is simply astonishing what lengths people will go to in their quest to escape the harsh reality of life - Religion - gods - self imposed brainwashing - illusory perfect the end we are all just human!!!!

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Worfy: "I always wanted to work for NASA but got sidetracked."

    Well, I always said your head was in uranus...

  4. WORFY9:17 AM

    Wow had to reach pretty far back to come up with that dud.

    ...I feel the only appropriate response is..."...yea...well the jerk store called...and they're all outta you!"


    (don't worry, I know the irony of it will be lost on your keen intellect)

  6. Of course in 2620 their going to change the name of that planet...

  7. Terrible name for a planet.

  8. You two do a good stupid and even stupider routine, but keep the day jobs, you two clowns would starve trying to live off yer stupidity routines.

  9. Anyone here?

    Just found out someone in my family is dying. Need to feel something normal. Anyone want to call me names or something?

  10. My condolences Worf.

    I sometimes think I have more family and friends on the other side than I do this one. Still sucks when a loved one passes.

    Sorry I can't stay and chat, I have an early day tomorrow.


  11. Thanks Eric. Yea I know what you mean. The older I get the more it seems like everyone I know is either gone or on their way out.

    This ones a close family member, cancer. Lymphoma, looks like just months, if not weeks. Caught it too late.

    I can describe the feeling I have, been here before but this time it just seems worse. I feel black inside, empty and alone. I almost wish it were me.

  12. Lost my Mom to cancer several years ago. It was awful. Took me a year before I felt normal again.

  13. Mark Greune9:34 PM

    I read Dianetics years ago. My favorite saying is nothing can live inside me. (virus wise anyway). God has given us everything we need as long as we believe. The mind has a great effect on our health. My x mother in law had a brain tumor. Fortunately she also had lost her short term memory due to excessive drinking. She rehabbed successfully. She didn't remember the tumor from day to day so depression stayed away and eventually with treatment the tumor went away to the amazement of her doctors. Jesus was constantly saying to his disciples "Again I say unto you" so it doesn't surprise me that without him to steer them they would go astray with the trappings of the Catholic church and it's wealth.


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  15. Mark thank you. This is so beautiful, profound and true. I almost forgot that "no virus can live inside me" and that you must not feed the bad dog, the bad thought -- our mortal mind creates its own false illusions, but GOOD is constant and prevails.

  16. Worf, I am so sorry. I am praying for you and holding good thoughts for your loved one. It is so painful, I am going through some fears on that level too -- about someone very close to me.

    God Bless you
    Luv xo

  17. Mark said

    "God has given us everything we need as long as we believe."

    Sigh.........Oh Brother!!! Where do you people come from???!!

    “Where we have reasons/logic for what we believe, we have no need of faith. However, where evidence and logic are scarce we rely on faith and thus we lose our connection to the world and one another.”

  18. Gee,Worf,I am very sorry too. I genuinely understand your black/alone feelings.

    I lost my best friend of 30 years (a good christian man) and a close family member in the last two years.

    I can show you my latest job site or we can talk about tanks or something tonight if you like?

    I just bought this puppy two days ago. I have yet to play with it as my dad just picked it up for me in Toronto......cant wait!

    Check out the turret at 1:59

  19. Where do you find a leader today who relinquishes power? Pope Benedict has great humility.


    ALSO a 7 second video from my show (scroll down to the bottom.) It's the "sit down scene."

    NASA POST UP NOW. a very strange one, but we are going to NASA JPL this week to investigate -- it's one of my favorite places, along with the Hubble Telescop on Mt. Wilson and Griffith Park Planetarium etc

    Please read the new post and leave your comments there. THANK YOU!

  21. Anonymous2:26 AM

    We come from Mars.

  22. I don't see any new posts. I saw one earlier but it seems to be gone now.

  23. Dude, that tank video was cool, but I thought YOU did it. I sat there watching the whole thing and then at the end it said 2008.

    It sure looked real though. You should do a video like that, only when it fires, have like a little cup of gasoline and a firecracker go off near a model of a Sherman, like 100 feet away.

    That would look cool.


    And you could film it in black and white so it looks like an old war video.


    Russian style

  26. Arctic thaw may be first in cascade of tipping points

    ONE climate domino has fallen, and it may start toppling others. A recent study outlined an interconnected web of climate tipping points, some of which make the next ones more likely. Now, an analysis of data from the last 23 years suggests we passed the first of these tipping points in 2007, when Arctic sea ice flipped into a new, less stable state. That may speed the world towards the next tipping point – the thaw of a vast expanse of Siberian permafrost.

    When it comes to the consequences of climate change, few are more dramatic than tipping points – a small push unleashes a big change, which may be unstoppable. According to Tim Lenton of the University of Exeter, UK, and Valerie Livina of the UK's National Physical Laboratory, Earth saw its first tipping point in 2007 when the Arctic sea ice hit a record low. The pair analysed data on ice cover going back to 1979, and found that every year since then, the extent of sea ice in the summer has been hovering around a new, shrunken state (The Cryosphere, "This wasn't a one-off, it was a permanent change," Lenton says. He notes that since 2007, the ice has consistently taken longer to recover from small changes, suggesting it has entered a new, less stable state.


    You have to register to read entire article.

    Looks like the new Pope might have bigger problems than the crumbling Catholic Church hierarchy, and pedophile cover up ...... if this is true.

    Hundreds of millions starving to death might become a little pressing for him.

    Not to mention large parts of the currently inhabitable agriculture regions becoming uninhabitable.

    Here's hoping NASA gets to work on this very real looming problem.

  27. Volt, do me a favor. Just take off the Obama gansta hat. You're better than that, right? So don't use it. Find something better.

  28. Volty is probably trying how the GOpers in Illinois voted to have a multiple convicted felon as their congressional critter candidate in ILL-02.

    Paul McKinley, who spent time in prison for armed robbery in the 1970s, looks to be the GOp candidate in this special election.

    Yes, the Gopers in Illinois want to replace a newly convicted felon Jessie Jackson Jr with a guy who went to prison 3 times for violent felonies.

  29. I have a new granddaughter,

    Lily Emma,



    Or should I say "GRANDPA!"

  32. Lily Emma, I like that name. Classy, old school and very pretty.

  33. Its nice to hear about some new life.


  34. What a wonderful feeling that must be.

  35. Congratulations Clif!! Wow, God Bless you and your family. Wow. You are so lucky!!!

    Luv xo

  36. I can't believe these redneck bigots -- a teacher in class said "We burn fags" in front of the gay kid and the whole class laughed and laughed and the male teacher kept doing it. Sick

  37. "You get what you tolerate"

    This is learned behavior from hateful, ignorant parents.

  38. What is the Bully Effect? Is that a movie?

    Where can you see it?

  39. Isn't that great about Clif?

    I can't believe he's a grandpa.

  40. Just saw The Bully Effect, and can't stop crying.

    We have to change the world and stop all this hatred.

  41. "have like a little cup of gasoline and a firecracker go off near a model of a Sherman, like 100 feet away."

    Excellent idea.......I just might do this when the weather warms up a bit.I do have a firecracker or two laying around and with the right editing I could make a super cool video. My camera does shoot in black and white too.

    : D

    Actually,mine shoots BB's and has realistic smoke which comes in a little bottle that you put inside the tank.

    When I get it this weekend I,ll make a small introductory video so you can see it......maybe I,ll chase Princess with it or something!?

    That is a very interesting link.....I will finish watching it this weekend as I love raw footage like this. But, man were the early tanks ever gay.

  42. "We have to change the world and stop all this hatred"

    Good luck balancing the equation.

    I'm going to party in Cancun again while you stress over the worlds problems. I only have one life and I'm not going to futilely waste it away trying to make the ant-farm a perfect place.

    Did you hear that???? I swear I just heard a "Corona" calling my name in Cancun!

  43. It's not a gangsta hat Worf.

    Didn't you ever watch Fat Albert as a kid?

    It's a "Dumb Donald" hat...

  44. "God is Love.
    Love is blind.
    Ray Charles is blind.
    Ray Charles is god."

  45. Forest Gump was right,

    Stupid is, as stupid does;

    Proven daily,

    by mook mook and dummytron,

    right here,

    for all to see.

  46. Yes, I remember Fat Albert. It was a "black cartoon" back in the 70's, back when most shows about black people showed them living in ghettos, because that's where most black people lived back then.

    So your choice, out of the trillions of choices out there of ways to insult him, was to select an early television show about black kids, ...not "kids" mind you...but black a ghetto, from a time period back when black people were still openly disparaged in TV shows, and seldom shown in less than an unflattering light, (ghettos, junkyards, working as butlers....maids..., even the Jefferson's wasn't about a wealthy black family, it was about black family that "climbed out of the ghetto")and used THAT for your icon.

    You're not racist, just "Happened" to choose form all the zillions of choices to mock him, a show about black kids taken from a time period when racism still existed openly on television.

    yea....right....uh huh....

  47. You're always telling me to look in a mirror voltron, and that's good cuz I need to probably do that as much if not more than most.

    But you need to take a long look in yours and look at your motivations that you're "sure" you don't have.

    cuz you clearly do, and anyone else can plainly see it.

  48. Clippy1:27 PM

    If it were not for Norman Lear, black people may not exist on tv till years later.

    Lear showed blacks to be loving and kind.

  49. lippy1:29 PM

    Bonnie Franklin passed away, another Lear Classic.

  50. Clippy1:34 PM

    Bill Cosby and Sammy Davis paved the way that ALL entertainers can perform.

  51. Clippy1:37 PM

    Bill Cosby worked diligantly, so that Amos n Andy would never again be shown on broadcast television.

  52. Amos and Andy was a radio show.

  53. Clippy1:51 PM

    It also became a tv show in the mid '50's

  54. Clippy1:52 PM

    You are correct, it started on radio, with white people providing the voices.

  55. Clippy1:55 PM

    I Spy was the first show, to show an actor in the normal way...Bill Cosby.....1967

  56. Clippy2:08 PM

    Greg Morris, another great example...Mission Impossible....1968

  57. Clippy2:12 PM

    If you are under the age of 50,
    you are probably too young to remember...Lydia can remember these programs.

  58. Gee Worf, I didn't remember it that way, I thought it was a show about decent kids struggling to do the right thing like we all were back then.

    I never realized that Bill Cosby was such a racist either, since the show was based on him and his friends AND narrated by him.

    I do admire though how your keen enlightened mind zoomed in first on the fact that the kids were *gasp* black...

  59. And although I don't want to completely blow your theory of how racist we are in flyover country out of the water, I would be perfectly happy with a black president along the lines of Alan West or Herman Cain.
    (you know someone that loves America?)

    Hell, before that I was hoping JC Watts would be our first black president.

    In short, I don't care what color our leaders are, I care about what their ideology is.

    I'm even willing to forgo all the conspiracy theories about our current president.
    Maybe he isn't part of some socialist plan to overthrow the US.

    Perhaps he's a decent guy who's just an idiot and completely incompetent...

  60. Of course I used to think the same thing about Jimmah Carter.

    Before he started monitoring elections in third world dictatorships and declaring them legal, while decrying elections here at home.

    Or accepting the nobel which was given with a backhanded slap at the US.

    Carter needs to go back to building houses and STFU.

  61. Anonymous10:37 PM

    lose the hat

  62. Fumnny how dummytron is OK with somebody who cannot get elected as a "black" president, but the person who could and DID, dummytron alone can decide doesn't "love" America.

    Funny how dummytron gets to decide who "loves" and who doesn't "love" America, like most teatards, who never offered much to the country, or served like Jimmy Carter, who gave years of his life in service to all of us in service to our country, before he served in both state and federal government.

    Get over your self dummytron you ain't a very good judge of what America really is standing for,that good a judge of character for those you denigrate here because of your extreme far right pseudo-fascist ideology.

    Both Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter have given much more to America than you ever considered to offer yourself.

    Your just like that fat pustule of human waste Rush Limbaugh, sitting on your fat arse squawking and complaining, but actually doing much of nothing in concrete terms yourself.

    However you both do a very good job denigrating those who gave much more then either of you two clowns ever have though of offering.

  63. Says the man who had an epiphany about a deserter and has a very difficult time finding anything good his country has done on the international stage in the last 100 years...

    PS, I'm entitled to my opinion dickhead.

  64. Sorry about my thoughts while serving in an active combat zone.

    You are entitled to your bigoted opinion no matter how far off the American ideal it actually is, coward.

  65. Clippy12:42 PM

    Clif, you are the bigot, you used to say "colored". Now your tune changes.

  66. Yo bozo, it's the right wing cowards, you know the chicken hawks who squeal like dummytron when called on their cowardice, nothing racial about it.

    However thanks for pointing out yer home skoolin' left you with out the knowledge to know the difference between colored and coward.

    PS: dippy shi-ite, never personally used the term colored, that was the term "polite racists" in the Jim Crow era used in the former confederate states to show their personal brand of bigotry wasn't the trailer trash kind of bigotry. The rest of the mental midgets in that era used the "N" word ......

  67. A) You are idiots!!!!!!!!
    B) The guns are loaded!!!
    C) Care to try me ?????????

    That was the message written by a teacher on the blackboard for his sixth period class to read;

    Edison teacher suspended as threats on chalkboard investigated

    ..... and the "nra"still thunked teachers with guns are the answer????????

  68. LANDWORF4:56 PM

    Lydia is a shark.

    Florida surfers who ride waves at Mayport Poles might find this news a little unsettling, but scientists sure were delighted to have tagged and released a large great white shark Sunday afternoon immediately beyond the popular surf spot, in only 25 feet of water.

    It's the first time a great white has been tagged in the Jacksonville area, Chris Fisher, founder of Ocearch, told the Florida Times-Union. Mayport Poles is named after the nearby Mayport Naval Station.

    The shark measured 14 feet, 6 inches, and weighed 2,000 pounds.

    It was given the name Lydia and, after its tag was fitted and tissue samples and a blood work were taken, the shark was lowered from the research vessel's tagging cradle and turned loose.

  69. Can't wait to see what our resident wingnut wackos and their water carrying fooles do with that one worf.

  70. Anonymous9:49 AM

    What do you need a gladius for, Romanfats?

    If your house gets robbed just call the lictor's guild or use your scutum to fend off the attack.

    No Roman citizen actually needs a gladius. If push came to shove, what, are you and your untrained barbarian slaves going to defeat 10 legions by yourselves?

    What next, should you have the right to own a ballista? No Roman citizen should need anything more than a pugio to defend himself in his home. You're just overcompensating for your short stature and plebeian birth.

  71. OK,Worf,here is my Tiger tank. Went through hell to post this.My new Fuji camera doesnt have the proper codec and when I tried to download it I picked up some nasty malware/spyware.

    Video quality is not the best........still trying to figure out my camera settings?

    Anyways,Princess none like my Tiger too much.......LOL!

  72. MALWORF4:41 PM

    ok, you tell me you picked up some nasty malware and then expect me to click a link?

    : |

    ....what's the punchline?

  73. Completely 100% gone.......the link is simply to my Google Video site!

    I have excellent (paid version) malware protection.Everything is back to normal.

  74. Anonymous9:07 PM

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  75. ANTIWORFUS10:53 PM

    JohnnyContagion said...

    Completely 100% gone.......the link is simply to my Google Video site!

    uh huh, yea..can't get a virus from Google, huh....


    Typhoid Johnny said...

    I have excellent (paid version) malware protection.Everything is back to normal.

    : | do I know that "Normal" doesn't just mean dozens of viruses as opposed to hundreds?

  77. Believe whatever you want to believe Worf.


    I "believe" that's a cool tank, however I don't remember seeing lights on it. I guess it did have them.

    I also wouldn't run it on that hardwood floor.


    Dog's none too fond of it however.

  80. Actually, that's good quality laminate........very scratch resistant!

    BTW,since we were on the subject of malware/viruses,what is your professional opinion of Mcafee and Norton anti-spyware??


    Well I wouldn't call it a professional opinion but my preferences are I wouldn't use Mcafee. Symantecs alright but it bogs down your system.

    Too many free options out there anyway that work as good or better, like AVG. Also Avast is a good free option. So is Adaware, although some of the features with Adaware will bog down your system a bit, not like Symantec but it'll slow your web browsing. I like AVG.

  82. Laminate? Cheesy.

  83. I have "Mcafee Security Center Plus" which is anti-virus/spyware and firewall..........I thought it was the best! I was stunned when someone from another forum mentioned that Mcafee cant be trusted and is far from the best. I will choose better software when my subscription runs out.

  84. Nowadays laminate is made very strong.......some is scratch and burn resistant!

    Also - and many people agree - its hard to tell the difference between laminate and hardwood.

    I do have oak in my dining and living room though.Here is a pic of my kitchen.......I thought it looked good!

  85. BTW,do you have a pic of your ol dusty/hairy German shepherd?

  86. Anonymous6:55 AM

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  87. Here is a video for you Volty......dont want you to feel left!

    This is super,duper,pooper,cool!!


    Why wait? Download AVG for free and try it out. Its free.

    That Mcafees crap.

    This is the good stuff.

  89. OK,thanx,Worf,will do.


    And uninstall that Mcafee crap. Make sure there's nothing in your Quarantine first though. Mcafee's stupid and will release any viruses in Quarantine on uninstall (sort of a payback for getting rid of it).

    Delete them all first.

  91. Or Johnny use Ubuntu Linux like I do and forget all the worms, virus and trojans windows is vulnerable to to.

    If a computer neophyte like me can master using Linux you shouldn't have any problem.


    Ubuntu is not virus free. It has less "documented" viruses because its open source and its harder to track, but there are plenty of viruses that attack it. Not nearly as many as Windows of course, but nonetheless they're there.

    L10n Worm, Slapper Worm, Adore, Cheese Worm, Zip Worm, Net-Worm, Vit, Lindose, Satyr, RST, Rike, Pod, Metaphor, Nuxbee....and on and on.

    I'll be the first to admit there's a much lower laundry list, not even a fraction of those that can infect Windows, but there's still plenty of them out there and they're propagated easily due to the open source nature of Linux as well as the fact of a false sense of Security many Linux users have making them think they don't need anti virus software. An unprotected Linux system is a hackers dream.

    Same goes for Apple. All those Apple users out there who flaunted their perceived their systems impervious to viruses got a heavy dose of reality last week when Apple got taken down by one.

    I don't care what OS you use, if you're going to connect to the internet, you're going to want virus protection.

  93. Oddly enough, I agree with Worf on this one.

    McAfee and Norton are both about average at detecting malware currently on your system. However, they are absolute crap at preventing them getting on your computer in the first place.

    A few years back I would've sworn by Trend Micro. They may still be good but they've turned into complete bloat ware. It'll slow your computer down big time.

    I currently run AVG free and Spybot Search and Destroy. They're both pretty good at keeping most malware out.

    Having said that, there are some more malicious bugs out there that will slip by them too. For that a good alternative is Malwarebytes Anti Malware.

    Be advised though that each program is better at detecting some viruses and not others. If you get something and none of your go to programs fix it, try the free or online versions of several different programs. Bit Defender, Panda, House Call, Malwarebytes and F-Secure will usually get most everything. If nothing works, look at programs that detect root kits.

  94. One warning though, BE CAREFUL with the programs that search for root kits. They usually show you what they "suspect" are root kits and allow you to delete items at your discretion. If you don't know exactly what you're looking for you could delete something necessary to your system and really screw it up.


    Malwarebytes is a good one but usually it just gets benign cookies and bots. But it is a good "FREE" complimentary to another virus program like AVG.

    Norton, Symantec, Mcafee, all system hogs. So is Trend Micro, however Trend Micro is really more of a corporate solution and works best on appliances and servers.

    Panda used to be good, but now its a system hog too.

    Kapersky is one lots of sys admins swear by, but its made in Russia, so......


    Seems like the best ones are the Free ones now.

  97. Worf, I run the firewall with Ubuntu, and have my computer configured so only my password permission allows changes to my hard-drive.

    On windows I usually use Malwarebytes with a tweak (to beat those who try to stop it) to clean up MS based computers, like the one I keep to run an old vector based CAD program I like to use.

    The programmer only wrote it to Windows so to use it I need a windows platform to run it and the small "XP only" usb 300 power microscope I use.

    But for inter-tubes surfing I just use the Ubuntu computer. I only load software from their Canonical site, so it has been checked out by people much smarter then I am about these things.

  98. Usually if nothing I currently have on my computer works I first go to F-Secure. I think it's one of the best online scanners I've found.
    If you don't have a fairly fast computer though the scan can take several hours.

  99. I've never tried the installable version, so it may be bloatware too...

  100. "I usually use Malwarebytes"

    OK guys,Malwarebytes is a joke compared to my paid version of "Exterminate It".......outstanding........period!


    That makes sense Clif, and if it prompts you for changes then that's good, of course I'd still run the AV were it me.

    Personally I use an Application Layer Firewall (hardware based of course) inline that filters out anything coming across the wire that I don't want (a pain when I need an exe or something but I just go in and disable it momentarily) so I can't get most types of viruses because they never get through my firewall.

    A few slip through but I have defenses in place for those too.

  102. Worf

    Does AVG not have a firewall? I only briefly checked out the site.

    Linux is good too.


    Yea they have one but its with their paid product, AVG Internet Security.

    Like most of the freebees if you want the Internet Security side then you have to pay.

    Adaware is the exception however, they include a free HTTP filtering capability in their product.

    Of course Windows comes with a free built in standard firewall, and now Windows includes free anti virus software (Windows Defender).

    The firewall I was talking about for me however is a hardware appliance, not software.

    Mine is enterprise class of course, but there are a lot of smaller ones out there that have Enterprise class capability that also include AV filtering but are designed for home offices.

    Like the Cisco ASA, Checkpoint makes one too (if you trust Israel) and Symantec has little ones too. I think the 360R might still be supported, not sure.


    So you never answered me. Those lights on the Tiger. They're not scale. The Tiger had lights but they weren't that big were they?

  105. Interesting, sounds like somebody was gaming their system also.

  106. Hmm, interesting. I wonder if they put that there or hackers just hacked their page? Looks like they might have had a compromise though.

    Again that shows how Unix is vulnerable, since most of the big financial systems use Unix based servers (probably Solaris, SCO or another proprietary flavor).


    In fact, most websites are run on Apache, again Unix\Linux based.

    Websites get hacked all the time.

  108. Its hard to find a pic of a real tiger with lights......obviously they were not used in front line action!

    I believe the lights are scale. The brightness of the headlights makes them seem larger.

    You should buy a Sherman so we can do battle......we'll meet at the border!

    I still say you should get an X-Box so we can play Battlefield 1943.........guaranteed to make your blood boil with a vengeance! It really makes you think about real war where there are no second chances..........snipers infuriate me!

  109. AVG is actually pretty good.

    This adware cleaner is excellent also.


    A Sherman against a Tiger?

    "To a New Yorker like you, a hero is some type of weird sandwich, not some nut who takes on three Tigers." - Oddball

  111. Clippy1:55 PM

    The Panzerkampfwagen commonly known as the Panzer IV, was a medium tank developed in Nazi Germany in the late 1930s and used extensively during the Second World War. Its ordnance inventory designation was Sd.Kfz. 161.

    Maybe Worf and Clif invaded Poland in 1939....LOL

  112. Clippy2:20 PM

    These 2 mooks love to stir the pot.


    yea...and me thinks "clippy" loves to smoke the pot..


    Here's a riddle for you Johnny.

    Why was the Panzerkampfwagen the most "feminine" of the German tanks?

  115. Because you could get more hot chicks in it with super firm hooters?


    Awww..come on, you can get more hot chicks on a King Tiger, for sure. Panzer Mark IV's pretty small.

    That's your best answer?

    I thought you knew a lot about this stuff.


    You want the answer?


    Because they sometimes wear skirts.

  119. Maybe Worf and Clif invaded Poland in 1939....LOL

    Poland????? No wasn't even born yet.

    Served in the US army when the US kicked Saddam out of Kuwait during Operation Desert storm, yes.

    Glad to help you get yer history lesson correct for the day,

    Tell mommy she needs to do a better job on yer home skoolin' ... ;)

  120. Yes,they do wear skirts but is it ok to look underneath?

  121. Panzerkampfworfen8:55 PM

    Come on, that was a good one.

    A Panzerkampfworfen original.

    Panzer's had armor and mesh "skirts", called " Schürzen skirkts".

    They were designed to deflect enemy anti tank weapons from taking out the command turret or the tracks.

  122. I can't believe I missed this one:

    " it has been checked out by people much smarter then I am about these things."

    Damn. I would've swore Cliffy wrote his own programs.

    And admitted there are people smarter than him?

    What bizarro world have I stumbled into...


    Lose the hat volty.

  124. BIZARRO WORF9:50 PM

    As for Clif, he's said that same thing many times.

    And by "Bizarro world", I'm sure it is to you.

    This one has human beings in it.

  125. What bizarro world have I stumbled into...

    Ummmm dummytron ... it's called reality,

    You know the place the wingnut teatards deny exist to persist in their alternate daily talking points fed, faux noise fairy tale, you clowns keep telling yerselfs?

    I'd tell ya to try living in it, but you'd have to get a cranial-rectal retraction, and that is something you clowns refuse to do, prefering the stench of the place you pretend to be true.

  126. there are people smarter than him?

    Lots of people are smarter them me dummytron ........

    just not you

  127. Lose the hat volt.

  128. WORFEUS12:11 AM

    Ted Nugent is bragging about killing over 400 wild pigs, a kill he dedicates to Bill Maher and other "animal rights freaks."

    While talking with SiriusXM's Brett Winterble, Nugent claimed he killed 455 wild pigs with his machine gun in a Texas field last weekend, according to RumorFix.

    “I took my machine gun in the helicopter -- in the Texas hill country -- me and my buddy ‘Pigman.' His name is ‘Pigman’; I’m the swine czar. I killed 455 hogs with my machine gun. I did it for Bill Maher and all those other animal rights freaks out there," he told Winterble, according to RumorFix. "My haters will hate me more for that."

    Nugent, who claims he fired off 750 rounds a minute, says it was all for the common good since wild pigs destroy the region's natural habitat, RumorFix reports. After the kill, the 64-year-old gun-crazed rocker said he gave the meat to the needy. “We distributed tons of the most delicious pork to the soup kitchens and homeless shelters of this state. Everything we did was perfect – win, win, win," he added. “I had to adjust my halo as I was machine-gunning hogs.”

    I'm not sure what's sicker.

    The pure evil of human pieces of shit, like Nugent, who's souls are so wicked and foul they should be put down like the pigs he gleefully slaughters, ...or the fact this puss bag hero of the right wing pissed his pants when his time came to actually serve in the military, and yet the right wing stands him up as a hero.



    Here you go Johnny

  130. Yes, Worf, I am fully aware of the side skirts on German armored vehicles but did not connect them with your joke. I believe many tank commanders removed these and the fenders as they were wicked mud traps thus hindering wheel movement greatly.

    Hard to believe it took 300,000 man hours to build just one Tiger. Dumb move on Hitlers part.

  131. THE WORFLER9:00 AM

    Not joke, "riddle"


    The skirts were not used on the Tiger. That pic I sent you was of an antique little model of a Tiger that I have (from the 1960s).

    The Schürzen skirts were used on the Panzerkampfwagen (Panzer Mark IV) and came in solid armor and later in mesh (which was lighter). They weren't fitted on most Panzer's operating in towns, cities, etc, just on the Mark IV's, with the long barrel 75mm operating in open battle fields.

    Later the Panzerkampfwagens chassis was used for the Sturmpanzer and Brumbar mounted guns but they also did not employ the skirts.

    Hence the most "feminine" of the Kraut tanks, was the Panzerkampfwagen for its proclivity of wearing skirts.

    : |

    ....that's funny stuff...laugh it up

  133. I cant laugh,I'm too tired! I knew you were into models but I didn't know that you had a!What else do you have?


    All sorts of cool stuff, but most of its antiques.

    I like my stuff from the 60's.

    Do you know what "MINI-PLANES" are?


    How cool are these?


    Those are from about 1964, still in the box, MINT condition.

    How cool is that?


    Actually I take that back, the 64 versions had the box without the view window.

    These are about 67.


    The box that the little Tiger came in

    The Tiger is from 1966.


    Check this one out Johnny.

    How cool is THIS

    This is vintage, 1977. New in the box, original wrapper.

  140. Hey worf,

    Here's my granddaughter Lily

  141. Seriously cool stuff,Worf,and I like the fact that its vintage. Also, I believe that destroyer I was on last summer had something to do with the "Tirpitz" tracking it or something!?

    Wonder how much your models are worth now?

  142. Well,its a nice looking baby Cliff..........not that Im an expert or anything as they all look the same to!

    Anyways I'm happy for you that its healthy.


    Hey, look at the little baby!

    Pretty cool Clif!


    Johnny said...

    "Wonder how much your models are worth now?"

    Not that much. You can get this stuff pretty cheap if you look around.

    The mini planes are worth tops about 50 bucks each. Still 50 times more than they cost in 1967, lol.

    But they're cool to have.


    Here Johnny, a piece of history.

    1936 Reich Stamp


    Check it out.



    Those are real mind you. Mid 1930's.

    Never used. No postmark, glues still intact (although sort of brittle).


    How about this?

    Deutschemark 1923

    This is an actual 1923 Deutschemark.

    This was minted right about the time Hitler was first speaking for Drexler and writing Mein Kampf.

  149. 1923 WORFMARK7:54 PM

    200 Marks actually.

    Here's the back.



    I like the name Lily by the way Clif.

    Very classic.

    She's a cool little baby. Is that your daughters feet we can see in the picture?




    Another one fer ya Johnny;

    Fokker DR1 Triplane

    The baddest arse plane of WWI.

    The "Tripe"


    Those little modeles are older than you Johnny.

  154. I really like the little planes.I used to have your exact stamp but its long gone now.

    However,your 200 mark coin is paltry compared to my 100,000 mark note.If I had a time machine I would be filthy rich............well not really its dated around 1921.

  155. BRATWORF9:14 AM

    100,000 marks?

    Ok you're buying the bratwurst.

  156. Yes worf, that is my daughter's feet.

    The both are on the hospital bed.


    Well that's one cool little baby.


  158. POPE WORFEUS5:10 PM

    This new Pope is incredible. I cannot believe the Catholic church finally picked a Pope who actually teaches and emulates Christ, and not the opposite like the last ones.

    This guy is the real deal.

    Who knows, there may be hope for humanity yet.

  159. Hey everyone, PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS on teh new thread.

    Even you Johnny Moo Moo.
    How are the cows?

    How are the Volts?

    How is BIG K?

    Where is Freedom Fan?

    I'm missing the gang at CPAC.

    Read the new blog and leave comments. thank you Luv xo