Monday, December 10, 2012


PLEASE listen to this AMAZING, beautiful song written by 17-year-old Zach Sobiech who suffers from bone cancer and is facing his last Christmas. Let's give him a million hits on Youtube to help children with bone cancer.

GOD BLESS YOU ZACH, Please stay. You are a shining light. We need you here. Let's make sure this kid sticks around. Don't give up before the miracle

Love you

After battling bone cancer for three years, Minnesota teenager Zach Sobiech was told this past May that the disease had spread and that there were no longer any effective treatments available. In response to this disheartening diagnosis, Sobiech embraced music as a way of bidding farewell to his friends and family. The resulting song, titled "Clouds," is an inspirational and courageous message of hope in the face of a harrowing future. You can hear Sobiech's "Clouds" and learn more about his story on YouTube ___________________________________________________ And then there's THIS song "TAKE A WALK" is the saddest, most haunting song I've heard in years. This song is so sad, so haunting. It describes what's wrong with the American Dream, and with America. It reminds me of "Death of a Salesman" which I saw when I was little. (Lee J. Cobb killed!) I love this song. So profound. Wow. Worf, Volt, Moo, FF Mike, Clif and Will Tell me what you think the lyrics mean "This Haunted, almost. There's lots of pop sh*t out there but this one rings true in unsettling ways, and if you let your imagination drive for a few'll probably seem just as 'real' as anything you'll find out there on any street in America" Read more at