Saturday, November 24, 2012


I am shocked and saddened at the death of Larry Hagman, who passed away yesterday. But I just heard the news that Deborah Raffin died too, and I can't believe it! I just worked with her on a talk show in Las Vegas.   
I remember being at Larry Hagman's home in Malibu Colony, during "silent Sunday" when he fasted on words and wouldn't speak. He sat in a Tee-pee on the deck by the ocean, and we all took a jacuzzi in the living room. His wife Maj was amazing. Then upstairs in the study we each got million dollar bills signed by J.R. Danny Bolin of Bolin Belt company was there - silversmiths who made all the Dallas belts. Amazing stuff. I have silver heart belt buckle with my initial "L" Rest in Peace Larry, Love and blessings.

Note on last posting: The only reason I put my website up for DVDs of "Too Close for Comfort" was because I saw them on Amazon going for $999.98 and $59 on up, and was shocked! I only sell these in conjunction with a charity and a percentage goes to another company. So for any "Too Close for Comfort" fans who asked me about the show, where it's playing, etc... I just wanted you to know that it's for sale on my website for much less, and autographed too. I always include photos and free gift. I can't reduce or change the price or get into my website until we get our technology back but it's a great deal. DO NOT FEEL OBLIGATED just because you're my friend here. I am just letting everyone know they can get them on my site, and photos too. Love you all. I certainly don't expect you to buy anything. Love and HAPPY THANKSGIVING ALL YEAR LONG!!