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"I’m Lydia Cornell. October is National Domestic Violence awareness month. I’m delighted to be coming to Texarkana to speak about the epidemic of domestic violence and encourage you to become a part of the solution. The kickoff luncheon is at noon on October 14th in Eagle Hall at Texas A&M University."

Please join us at the 30th Anniversary Celebration Luncheon on October 14th. Actress Lydia Cornell will be joining us from Los Angeles, CA to share an inspirational message about domestic violence and the importance of community support. Below, you will find more information on Lydia. To RSVP, call Ashley Smith at 903-794-4000.

Lydia Cornell has been Invited to contribute her writings to The International Museum of Peace, which houses letters from Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Mother Teresa, Maya Angelou and Sir Edmund Hillary
Award-winning actress, writer, comedienne, talk-show host and inspirational public speaker Lydia Cornell grew up in America’s living rooms. Best known for her starring role as the daughter of TV legend Ted Knight (The Mary Tyler Moore Show) in the hit ABC series Too Close for Comfort, Cornell was one of the most popular sex symbols of the 80’s in her role as the virginal, dazzlingly beautiful yet stereotypically dumb blonde cheerleader ‘Sara Rush.’

     •    Known for her knife-sharp humor on HBO, in standup comedy concerts, and on morning-drive radio, Cornell has been called: “A fresh voice; one of the most original voices in America today.” -  Dreyfuss, Rolling Stone

An international celebrity, Cornell has starred in over 250  films and TV shows including Full House, Dukes of Hazzard, Knight Rider, A-Team, Hunter, Hardball, Hotel (2), Love Boat (6), Fantasy Island, T.J. Hooker and the cult Sci Fi series Quantum Leap,with Scott Bakula. She signed hundreds of autographs at their convention earlier this year in Los Angeles. She co-starred with three Oscar winners James Earl Jones, Jose Ferrer and Lila Kedrova (Zorba) in The Red Tide, shot in the Greek Isles. 
Recently seen on HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, Lydia is currently starring in the new Kelsey Grammer-Bill Zucker Comedy Hour and has her own channel on Kelsey’s new celebrity TV network TODHD. As cohost of her own A.M. radio show in Las Vegas, she interviewed world leaders, Pulitzer Prize winners, White House advisors, presidential candidates and Congressmen. Now she has her own LIVE talk show each week — a provocative, humorous celebrity TV show on a the fastest growing network with Kelsey Grammer.

 Lydia is currently filming a new movie, “Cats Dancing on Jupiter”with Ashley Hamilton, Amanda Righetti (The Mentalist), Keith Coogan, Rex Smith, Richard Grieco. She costars in Dean Grakal's award-winning indie "Me, Miami and Nancy" with Robert Downey Jr. and Jon Bon Jovi. 

She was recently on stage in her own original 3-woman show "Pain is Inevitable, Sex Optional” written with standup comedy co-stars Destiny and Stephanie Hodge.  

She is working on a very funny book about Hollywood, which will be released in 2012. She is also developing a feature film which she wrote. 

Triumph over Tragedy
Lydia Cornell is a women and children’s advocate, and an inspirational speaker on domestic violence and teen suicide prevention — as well as on drug, alcohol and Adderall[1] abuse. She endured a shattering personal tragedy when she found her younger brother’s body after a drug overdose. Sober now for 15 years, she speaks to recovery groups of up to 300 or more.
She hosted a documentary for Safe Passage Home.org — an organization that gives extreme life makeovers to victims of domestic violence — which will be shown on Oxygen network. Last fall she housed domestic abuse victims and cared for their children throughout the school year. With the help of the police, Cornell helped rescue a battered woman from a predator.

Cornell speaks at high schools, hospitals, and women’s centers on overcoming grief, unemployment, sexism, ageism, depression, self-sabotage, obnoxious teenagers — and every imaginable hardship. Her talks are laced with poignant stories of transformation with an innate sense of comic timing. “If you can laugh at yourself you probably won’t kill yourself.”
Cornell’s triumph over tragedy, depression and addiction was the result of a ‘catastrophic spiritual awakening.’ “There is a reason so many celebrities are in rehab these days,” she says. Her experiences in overcoming a string of failures and humiliations inspired her to assist others with their own demons.

A mother of boys, she has been raising teenagers (and their girlfriends, who confide in her about the most troulesome things, on a daily basis.)  “I have three boys and two dogs, including my husband, and they’re all going through puberty.” She also is a teen mentor and has a site for troubled teens called “The Answer Room.” She had an epiphany: ”Teenagers are not nice people,” she jokes. “But I think the Universe makes them into jerks so we don’t miss them so much when they’re gone! Or when they’re finally old enough to leave home.”
More facts about Lydia Cornell
o     Received the USO Distinguished Service Award for trip to Beirut war zoneo     Known for her knife-sharp humor on HBO, in standup comedy concerts, and on morning-drive radio, Cornell has been called: “A fresh voice; one of the most original voices in America today.”o     Lydia was on Google’s Top Trends of 2008 and Yahoo Finance News’ Most Viewed News Storieso     TMZ: Lydia Cornell was the first celebrity profiled of 2009 on TMZ.o     In talks with Dancing with the Stars o     Yahoo! Finance News: Lydia Cornell interviews World Leaders, Pulitzer Prize Winners and Presidential Candidates for new Radio Showo     Political Voices of Women Best Writing Awards ~ World Report Award, Thinking Blogger Award; Weblog Award and Double Koufax Nominee.o     Standup: Improv, Laugh Factory, Las Vegas at the Riviera, Sahara; opening for Paul Rodriguez at Pechanga 1500 seat theatero     Too Close for Comfort has been in worldwide syndication for over 25 years and recently began airing again on WGN and in top markets nationwide.o     Mentor/Volunteer - Mentors teens; volunteers with sons for Red Cross, Imagine L.A., homeless childreno   

For ten years, Lydia raised a wonderful stepson who was diagnosed at birth with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (brittle bone disease) 

Recently divorced, but cherishes and adores her stepson and has an amazing story to tell about miracles, various treatments, Fosomax, Shriners Hospital and the daily coping with this disease.  In any broken relationship, only the good remains. 

Yahoo! Finance News: Actress Lydia Cornell Interviews World Leaders, Presidential Candidates, And Pulitzer Prize Winners for New Radio Show



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  7. Was'nt it worf who was beside himself with joy because the nation elected not only a Harvard grad but a black man.

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  8. Yes, the glasses are nice. The earrings, though, those are the real bomb, IMO.

  9. Rusty Shackleford said...

    Was'nt it worf who was beside himself with joy because the nation elected not only a Harvard grad but a black man.

    Hows that going?

    Well, since I didn't vote for him, and said I wasn't voting for him for 8 months prior to the election, and since most of my comments on him in here have been derogatory of his performance, I'd think a better question would be whats wrong with your memory.

    Yes, I was pleased a nation elected its first black President. Of course. I was proud that enough of us had overcome that hurdle to do it.

    I was also pleased that instead of the Witch from Wasilla and her geriatric patient of a partner didn't get elected.

    But within 90 days I was criticizing his performance, so it looks like cRusty and John McCain share at least one thing in common.


  10. Rusty how bizarre of you to mention "A Harvard grad and a black man" as if being black has anything to do with anything.

    Fundamentalist wackos and people who are primitive are so behind in evolution. What a sick bunch of idiots to even think in terms of race or color or any physical feature. How backwards can you get?

    The Tea Party is this way. So pathetic and so ignorant.

  11. And run by the billionaires. The Tea Party is an invention of the billionaire money-hoarders who go offshore to avoid paying taxes.

  12. The Tea Party is an invention of the billionaire money-hoarders who go offshore to avoid paying taxes.

    And who are able to talk large percentages of the population to go out and protest AGAINST getting things like free medical care, consumer protections, benefits and protections for the working class, ..etc.

    You gotta admit they're good at it.

    Who'd have thought that a bunch of fat cat corporate lobbyists could convince millions of people to go out and protest against their own protections and rights?

    But they do.

    They simply appeal to the angry, pettier minds who are easily stirred up by avarice, spite, greed, and of course, their main ace up their sleeves, fear.

    Fear of foreigners, other religions, communism, socialism, gays, blacks, Mexicans, and any other petty, simple minded non unimportant issue that they can fixate this simple minded but rather large demographic of the American population.

    Of course, they could probably fixate this group simply by jingling some key's in front of them.

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