Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Pain is the touchstone of all spiritual progress. - Anonymous

Photo: In memory of my sweet brother Paul at the Grand Canyon, who passed away December 1, 1995. Photo of our boys a couple of years ago.

"We aren't simply an isolated collection of atoms and molecules, but are an inseparable part of the infinite field of intelligence." David Simon, M.D.

"When you know that you are an inseparable part of the field of all possibilities, you can easily fulfill your desires. You no longer worry about money — getting it, losing it, or not having enough — because you know hte supply is inexhaustible. This understanding is the source of all abundance." - Deepak Chopra, M.D.

"Within you rests the universal answer to every question that you could ever ask yourself. It's been said that prayer is talking to God... meditation is listening. Can you hear the universe whispering to you?" - Davidji

"Love is the unified field" - me

"You'll SEE it when you BELIEVE it." - Dr. Wayne Dyer

"All boundaries melt in the warmth of love and we know that we are part of an indivisible whole — an expression of the eternal Divine." - Deepak Chopra, M.D.

"I think there needs to be a change of consciousness with the news ... to try to seek a higher ground. Why can't it be more representative of the way the world really is? I think we don't know what the bombardment of crime and violence does to our minds, I think we're in denial about it." - Oprah Winfrey

Your life is right now. It's not later. It's not in that time of retirement. It's not when the lover gets here. It's not when you've moved into the new house. It's not when you get the better job. Your life is right now. It will always be right now. You might as well decide to start enjoying your life right now, because it's not ever going to get better than right now — until it gets better right now! -
Jerry and Esther, Abraham-Hicks

"All the strife in the world is happening to bring us closer to our spirit, our humanity. For years we've been snowballing toward excess, chaos, materialism, violence and porn. There will never be enough perversions to satisfy us. There is never enough sex, drugs, i-pods, plasma screens or edge-of-death experiences to fill us up. You can't paste fulfillment on like a bandaid from the outside. It's an inside job. Sometimes you have to lose everything to become free. There is only one way to go: toward healing, toward love which is the spiritual kingdom within us. The more we focus on the good in others, even our enemies, the more the good increases. This is a law of the universe, and it's the only real way to pray." - Me

But on that note, it is okay to point out dishonesty when you see it. For example:

Milwaukee's Dan Shelley Exposes How 'Conservative' Talkers Create Their Phony Narrative on the Publicly-Owned Airwaves...

The former news director/program manager at one of Milwaukee's largest and most powerful radio stations offers some remarkable inside skinny on how Rightwing Radio chooses its slanted topics, marches in lockstep with GOP talking points, sets up its "conservative" listeners as victims, and shuts out all but the most artfully selected opposing viewpoints.

I'll take this moment to mention, yet again, that this is all being done on the publicly owned airwaves, which we grant license to out of the kindness of our public hearts, and which the wingnuts enjoy as public welfare queens to bludgeon Americans into voting against their own self-interest...


Quote of the Day
"We have a great life here in Alaska, and we're never going back to America again!" - Homer Simpson

Bush, the self-proclaimed "War President" says: "I Was Unprepared For War," "I'm Sorry" For The Economic Crisis. ABC News/AP/CNN | December 1, 2008 at 11:32 AM

President Bush let it all out today during an interview with ABC News' Charlie Gibson. Bush delivered a mea culpa on Iraq, the economic crisis and the 2008 election outcome for Republicans.

My take: He passes the buck and doesn't apologize for cooking the books and cherry-picking the intelligence. Bush and Cheney did everything in their power to silence Ambassador Joe Wilson, destroy the cover of CIA agent Valerie Plame and keep the National Intelligence Estimate quiet. By the way, who leaked the NIE report which said Sadaam DID NOT have WMD? I think it was Gates. And it was sinister the way the Bush- Cheney cabal painted everyone as unpatriotic who wore a Peace T-shirt or was against the 'shock and awe' bombing of the ancient Babylonian lands, innocent Iraqi civilians who could not flee Falluja in time -- including children. Bush and Cheney destroyed hospitals, colleges, schools, Mosques and infrastructure. They claimed Sadaam had WMD when clearly he did not. And they knew it. To pretend that now he didn't know the intelligence was cooked, is a crime.

I agree with Chris Matthews, who says that WMD was not the actual reason Bush drove this war fever. He had other imperialistic motives, so the whole thing is an unconscionable lie -- or rewriting of history — even this apology.

More below.... but first, some funny pictures from HUFFPO:

Big Three CEOs Drive Hybrids To Washington

Doctor Zhivago


  1. Seems to me a good way for Bush to apologize for the war would be to end it.

  2. Quote of the Day
    "We have a great life here in Alaska, and we're never going back to America again!" - Homer Simpson

  3. Hi Lydia we want to get some new pictures of u for r fan club. JimmyZee is in love with you & sez thanks for the autografs.

    Can I download some from your site?

    we love u!

  4. Oh yah that kid from Drake and Josh sez hi to u 2!

    love you and thanx again for ur smile.

  5. All right guys I hate to say I told you so.................all right i'll be honest I love to say I told you so so:

    1) I said back in September that the Fed should offer 4 1/2% mortgages to EVERYONE to allow people to refinance to cut their mortgage payment and put money in their pockets and the economy, allow people to remain in their homes, and allow MORE people to buy homes and reduce the amount of forclosures and homeson the market............WELL FINALLY THE FED IS DOING WHAT I SAID.

    2) I also said we need to help the working class as well as the Banking elite.................I was against the bailout back then BECAUSE it provided no oversite that assured the money would be ONLY for lending and not bonus's for rich CEO's, or aquiring other companies or buying back stock................I also said it might be BETTER to let many if not ALL of the banks fail and set up a National Bank that would lend to the credit worthy and get credit flowing again and lending............Well I was right AGAIN, last week the Fed gave some of the TARP money to Citigroup with the express condition they NOT raise rates on credit card holders.................They promised Congress just last week after accepting the bailout money that the WOULDNT raise rates on creditcard holders then not even a week later they lie and turn around and raise rates on creditcard holders.

    Citigroup should have been allowed to fail and a national bank should have been set up that has the interest of the common good as its central premise not the interests of the greedy elite.................Damn Citigroup they should have to give every cent back and if they fail they fail...........the hubris of these assholes that think they can do whatever they please just boggles the mind..............Congress NEEDS to show it has a spine and is not toothless or else they will be just as big of a joke as the last 2 congresses.

  6. This crap that corporations are TOOOOOOOOO big to fail is just that crap if they are too big to fail they should be broken up just like the media empires that have gotten too big have to, and further Chris Cox and Kevin Martin the idiots that LET them get TOO BIG should be publicly fired these two buffoons Never met a merger they didnt like and woudnt know an uncompetitive real life monopoly or oligopoly from the reading railroad in the Parker brothers game............these bozo's need to get not pass not collect $200!

  7. Agreed Mike.

    What upsets me is that no one can qualify for a loans anymore. And guess who is behind "TRW" services anyway? The banks themselves rigged this whole credit score thing for their profit motives... to keep the whole thing in a circle. To keep customers on a gerbil wheel.

  8. And furthermore, even my son is laughing at how gas prices dropped to $1.83 a gallon. Even he sees the sham and scam.

  9. Lydia whats disgusted is in a few months oil and gas prices will start rising again and the hedge funds and traders will keep fleecing the working class till someone stops them and makes sure they cant rig th game anymore.

  10. Have you noticed how the Markets whipsaw up and down sometimes by 1000-2000 points a week.........thats the big hedge funds, traders and the government fleecing people by manipulating the markets..........if your not a STRONG hand with a medium to long time horizon you have NO BUSINESS being in the market with the crap thats going on......its going to be a traders market bouncing between 6500-10,500 for at least the next 5 years.

  11. Lydia Cornell said...
    Agreed Mike.

    What upsets me is that no one can qualify for a loans anymore.

    I tried to warn you. I tried to warn everyone last October.

    Everyone want's to jump on the bailouts but no one wants the repercussions of not bailing out the banks or automakers or mortgage lenders.

    Well now we see.

    Sure we need to do it responsibly, something that Bush did not do with the 700 billion he handed out.

    But we do need to do it.

    Right now Jon Stewarts making jokes about bailing out the big three automakers, laughing at the "fat cats" and completely ignoring the THREE MILLION PEOPLE sitting in their living rooms praying congress bails out their employers so they can keep their jobs!

    Its like no one seems to get it. These people have no where else to go. There's no other jobs in Michigan. These towns will turn into desolations! Depression. RUIN!!! Where are these people supposed to go? What are they supposed to do? And the repercussions of this will be felt throughout the country.

    We need to stop bickering about this, stop playing kill the giants, and start calling and writing our congressmen and telling them to bail out the big three auto makers and give the banks money for lending. We need lending to return full steam, and we need the automakers to keep going.

    We need to do it responsibly but we need to do it.

  12. And like Mike said lower mortgage rates and make mortgages available for middle income Americans as well as make options for people to refinance their homes and stay in them so we can stall the default rates.

    This ain't rocket science. We need to lend money on homes and auto's or collapse into global depression.

  13. Last October when it was reported Countrywide was failing everyone said "STOP!" to lending.

    Everyone, both congress and citizens, all cried for an immediate end to the ARM and SubPrime products and KABOOM.

    Just like that suddenly a huge portion of the mortgage lending market was gone! Just like that!


    Suddenly millions of homes that would have sold with these products were now unable to be sold. The market was immediately flooded with a glut of homes and no buyers, driving home prices down and putting millions of people out of work.

    Congress meanwhile led by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid continued to lead the charge, oblivious to the havoc they were wreaking in the financial markets. Terrified lenders afraid of the wrath of congress froze lending even of most of their Prime lending packages further driving down home sales and causing an across the board economic collapse.

    This spread to the auto lending industry and soon the automakers fell into the red.

    I'm not sure why people can't see this clearly but it looks like people are slowly starting to put this simple puzzle together.

    Let's hope people start seeing a litle clearer and impressing on their congress representatives that "Its the lending stupid".

    Return the lending and you return the economy.

  14. Well apparently what I wrote wasn't well recieved, so let me say it again. And please, put aside whatever emotional feelings you have about me and think about what I am, and have been saying.

    I will say this one again.

    Jon Stewarts making jokes about bailing out the big three automakers, laughing at the "fat cats" and completely ignoring the THREE MILLION PEOPLE sitting in their living rooms praying congress bails out their employers so they can keep their jobs!

    We all are! We're all focusing on the CEO's of the big three, mocking them for their fancy jets and huge salaries, while meanwhile we're completely, and I do mean COMPLETELY, IGNORING the THREE MILLION PEOPLE who's jobs will go away if they collapse.

    No one wants to think about that.

    Bring it up and folks say "yea but....".

    Well there is no "yea but....".

    There just is 3 MILLION PEOPLE about to lose their jobs so we can feel good about "sticking it" to the big three automakers.

    And the same goes for TENS OF MILLIONS of jobs we cost by "sticking it" to the big mortgage lenders.

    When we locked out the SubPrime Market last October, and said "HALT THE LENDING!", it was like a group of people stranded in the desert, who discovered they had gotten some bad water at the last watering hole, and instead of just draining out or filtering the bad water, decided to throw out their canteens as well.

    Now days go by and those people are dying of thirst. They need to get back to civilization, but they have no water, and suddenly they come upon an small oasis. So they quickly quench their thirst, but they still are lost in the desert, and need to keep going.

    Problem is, they now have some water, but nothing to put that water in to carry it with them.

    Because they foolishly decided to throw their canteens away, when they threw out the bad water.

    So now, instead of heading towards the nearest town, they must turn back, into the desert, and search for the canteens they threw out. Otherwise, they'll never make it to town without something to carry water in.

    So back into the desert they go, hunting for the canteens they threw out that they'd have right now if they'd listened to the one guy telling them not to throw them away.

    And thats where we are now in the financial collapse.

    We saw some bad loans, and that those loans were being packaged into securities. So we FREAKED OUT, and tossed out the loan programs with the bad loans.

    We called a halt to lending, and now, finding ourselves stranded in the desert and dying of thirst, we realize suddenly that we shouldn't have thrown out the programs when we found some of their substance was tainted.

    So now, instead of heading for town, we have to head back out into the desert to search for those programs and ways to get the lending started again, that we'd never had to worry about if we just hadn't STOPPED it in the first place.


    Does anyone get this?

    Anyone at all.....Buhler......

  15. There is no "yea but" here.

    There is no other points of view.

    THIS is what happened. This is the fact. Forget trying to sound smart. Forget trying to be right.

    Just face up to the fact that the mess we are now in was caused by ourselves, led by Congress.

    Pretty much everyone in here said last year and early this year (an many still are saying it) "NO MORE EASY MONEY!...NO MORE EASY LENDING!!!".

    Well, that meant that more than HALF the lending going on was going to stop.

    And as Congressmen Frank so clearly pointed out the other day, MOST MORTGAGES in the US are GOOD!!!

    Let me repeat that MOST MORTGAGES are GOOD!

    "Everyone" wasn't reniging on these loans. Just "some people". A SMALL fraction of people.

    More than before.

    But still a tiny fraction of the overall loans written.

    The govt reported the other day that at least 94 percent of all loans written since 2003 are GOOD!!!

    But we let inflated numbers, tainted by a firm named "REALTY TRAC" scare us.

    They effectively BUFFALOED us, into locking down lending and thus causing our own economic crisis.

    Now, everyone is starting to get it. Lydia apparently sees now that even she is having problems getting a loan. Others are finding this out. And as we do, we realized that is why HOME SALES and AUTO SALES are tanked.

    Not because of some magic voodoo in the market place, or some bullsh$t doubletalk from so called financial experts, but for the SIMPLE REASON THAT FOLKS CAN'T BORROW MONEY TO BUY THEM.


    It ain't rocket science people. It's simple.

    If you stop lending, then the two industries that RELY on lending for 99 percent of their business, will collapse!


    If people can't borrow for a car, or a house, then people selling cars and homes can't sell them.

    And then of course that means MILLIONS and MILLIONS of job losses, BILLIONS in economic loss, and it all SNOWBALLS on down the line, taking the economy with it.

    It's as simple as A B C.

    When we stopped the lending, we cut our own throats.

    And now everyone's frantically trying to figure out how to get lending to return, lending that if they had never helped to stop in the first place, wouldn't need to "return".

    We are our own worst enemies.

  16. And for those who think I am blaming congress and not the Bush administration, then think again.

    Because as I so clearly pointed out many times, the CORE REASON that there was a problem to begin with, was the DEREGULATION that Cheney and Graham inacted when they introduced the new Sub Prime programs.

    If they hadn't deregulated when they introduced these programs, then federal oversight bodies would have compelled lenders to set aside adequate capital produced from increased interest revenue to compensate for the EXPECTED increase in defaults.

    Naturally if you're going to make more high risk loans you're going to see more defaults. So you put aside more of your interest revenue to offset these defaults.

    Instead the Bush administration canned oversight, and some mortgage lenders naturally UNDERestimated the number of potential defaults, and thus failed to set aside sufficient revenue to offset them.

    So yes, deregulation WAS the CORE CULPRIT.

    But Congress is responsible for the crisis that followed, by focusing on regulation and locking down the lending, instead of finding a smooth transition BACK to regulation while still maintaining the SubPrime markets.

    We had a wound from deregulation, but Congress took that wound and opened it up wide.

  17. If they had simply stiched the wound up, and drained the infection over time, then the wound would have healed.

    Instead they pryed that wound open and let it bleed, and now the patient is dying.

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    Course, once again you'd have to be intelligent to get that, so...

  26. What is funny though is how Will, the "casual blogger" who just comes in for moderate discussion, just pops up whenever Doltron pops up.

    And what's even funniers is he thinks he's fooling someone.

    Once again though, we have to make allowences for your lack of intelligence... sort of lower the bar across the board... if you know what I mean.


    Oh that's right, you don't know what I mean....what with the intelligence thingy and all...

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  31. Voltron said...
    Well it's cause you told it wrong!

    The joke actually goes like this:

    So anyway a horse walks into a bar...

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    ....then the bartender looks at his as and says, "oh I didn't see you there Mr Bush".

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  45. I drop 2 words and this stooge goes into a homophobic tirade. And then he has the chutzpah to belittle the intelligence of others. Incredible. What did you do with Clif, by the way? You do know that DNA (testing) has gotten quite sophisticated, don't you? 12 months of deception just to fool 3 stooges that I didn't know existed. Atta way to "reason", ace.

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    Pun not intended.

  52. Tell me again how crude and inferior I am....


    That's one of my favorites.

  53. Voltron said...
    A horse walks in a bar backwards with it's tail raised...

    The bartender says Hi Bart! Been to the dojo?"

    Oops........looks like duncetron forgot to post under his OTHER sockpuppet handle RustyRides know the Idiot that always blathers about Worf, DOJO blah blah blah.........Col Klink blah blah blah.........mike, economic summit blah blah blah.............that Crusty!

  54. And Duncetron thats rich for YOU to talk about being full of BS!

    Thats a good one!

  55. Mike said...

    Oops........looks like duncetron forgot to post under his OTHER sockpuppet handle RustyRides know the Idiot that always blathers about Worf, DOJO

    No doubt.

  56. Like I said, he THINKS he's fooling someone.

  57. cRusty + doltron + Willfart = UNITROLL.

  58. Voltron said...
    It's a wonder Bart ever made any money at all the way he talks, Mikey though I think his money is ALL talk."

    Wanna see how pathetic things are at the Echo Chamber............Duncetron and his clown posse of bitter imbeciles cant seem find anything to talk about but us..............I mean are these bitter Neo Con zealots biscussing the economy or Obama's agenda or any other relavant current events.............No sirree all they can manage to babble about is how much money Bart and I about pathetic.........if the little truck driver needs a handout that bad he can always come over and mow my lawn or pull out some weeds.......being that i'm in the Christmas spirit an all!

  59. I'll toss him a nickel or two if he'll go away.

  60. I mean, he's getting pretty pathetic.

    Every couple of days or so he comes in and insults one of us, then when someone insults him back he starts whining about how mean we are, lol.

    Course now that you busted him on the DOJO thingy, I think he'll have to invent a new handle.

    Be looking for some new blogger to just pop up suddenly, declaring how he "is a moderate who just happened on this blog".

  61. Either that or he's off doing a google search on Mary Jane Potterton.

  62. Today the White House spokesman Scott Stanzel (the bald headed one that looks like a neonazi) mocked the White House press corp declaring "we never said we weren't in a recession".

    So we see even at this late date, these lying (and I'm sorry Lydia but I am SICK of these lying sacks of sh$t, and I am done listening to their bull) sacks of sh$t still can look right into the camera and LIE to us like we're all as dumb dirt STUPID as they are!

    For the last YEAR the White House including President Bush HIMSELF have been delcaring "WE ARE NOT IN A RECESSION".

    Now, this lying peice of scum, this nazi f$#k, this dirty rotten son of the devil sat there and delcared "uh uh, we never said we were not in a depression".

    It's time to stop giving these worms a pass. Soon there will be a new President, and a REAL White House spokesman and Press Secretary, and then these maggots, every one of them, are going to come face to face with their foul evil corruption.

    Bush was right, this is about a struggle between good and evil.

    And the way to recognize evil is by the constant use of lies and half truths, which is the very FOUNDATION of the Bush administration.

    When Bush made up his little "Axis of Evil" list he forgot to put one group on it.

    Him and his foul, wicked administration.

  63. Here Lydia, Mike, whoever. Read this and see if you can stomach any more from these rotten eggs.

    "The President finally said, first time at a podium, that we are in a recession. This administration had been saying for months, from the very beginning of 2008, that we weren’t"


    "No, that’s not correct."

    REPORTER: "You said that"


    "what we had said is that is a determination that’s made by the National Bureau of Economic Research."

    I don't know about you guys but I can't take anymore lying from these scumbags.

  64. " “The administration economists are not forecasting a recession.”

    White House Press Secretary Dana Perino, 1/23/08

  65. We don’t believe we’re going to have a recession though.”

    Vice President Dick Cheney, 1/30/08

  66. “I think the experts will tell you we’re not in a recession.”


  67. "I don’t think any of the analysts are saying that” the U.S. has been in or is entering recession."

    White House Press Secretary Dana Perino, 7/31/08

  68. “I think we have avoided a recession.”

    White House Budget Director Jim Nussle, 7/31/08

  69. "it’s [a recession] generally considered two consecutive quarters of negative growth. We certainly haven’t had that.”

    White House Press Secretary Dana Perino, 9/17/08

  70. “I just haven’t heard anybody talking necessarily about a recession.”

    White House Press Secretary Dana Perino, 9/5/08

  71. “First of all, we’re not in a recession.”


  72. Lying sacks of sh$t.

    Every last damned one of them.

  73. December 5th, 2008


    "The President finally said, first time at a podium, that we are in a recession.

    This administration had been saying for months, from the very beginning of 2008, that we weren’t"


    "No, that’s not correct."

  74. If someone can explain to me how (and why) I am not supposed to hate these lying scum, I'm all ears.

    But I can't see it.

  75. I know I know, "hate the sin, love he sinner", right?

    Ok, I'll love em when they're out of office.

  76. What do you expect? Wingtards are never to blame for the problems they cause. Just look at the postings of dolty/fascist franny/crusty. You'll never hear a wingtard admit to being wrong, because an ideologue is NEVER wrong. Dogma trumps data every time.

  77. Check out the beautiful snowy pictures and updated inspiration on the blog page.

    At bottom, not arranged properly yet - is a shot of the house in Doctor Zhivago -- one of my favorite movies and books.

    I have to stop pretending I don't know something that I've been hiding from everyone. I'm sick of pretending to exist on this primitive level of thought. A lot of spiritual seekers don't think people are ready for it yet.

  78. Lydia. What do you mean "primitive level of thought"?

  79. You mean like me? I'm pretty primitive, I know.

  80. EGO-based thought, petty arguments with personal feelings being hurt.

    EGO = Edging God Out

    Read the "Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle or his new book "A New Earth: Awakening to your Life's Purpose."

    I admire people who quickly admit when they are wrong, forgive others quickly and don't have too much pride.

    Like Obama. The opposite of Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, or anyone who judges others too harshly.

    It's one thing to point out dishonesty or blatant lies and liars.

    But when you point a finger, there are always three fingers pointing back at you.

  81. And what I mean by primitive is this "matter-based world."

    We all have the power inside us to heal anything we want. We can step outside of the race belief (the human race belief in limitation and fear. The belief in "evil." Only good is real. Only light is real.

    There is no power in darkness or in cold or in fear. We don't have to buy into it anymore. I have had miracles of healing but it happens when I don't give disease or bad people any power with my thought.

    Only good is real. Therefore we don't have to suffer.

    Pain is inevitable, suffering optional.

    In fact, whenever something horrible seems to be going on, quickly reverse your thought about the situation. This is a thought universe and there is no solid matter.

    There is no solid matter.

  82. Quantum physics. God can be proved through science.

  83. I'm referring to quantum physics. God (which is the healing, transformative power of love) can be proven firsthand. Our prayers (concentrating on love or compassion) can change lives. I've had tangible evidence of this power. It can lift you out of a bog of despair and set everything right.

    Enthusiasm and courage actually change your brain waves, changing the molecular structure around you. When you radiate love and goodwill toward others, you can change lives and your own life.

    Buddhist monks silently practice compassion meditation, which is concentrated prayer for others in distress and depression.

    Compassion meditation changes the brain. The brain doesn't age or fall prey to dementia and alzheimers.

  84. What I'm saying is this: we all need to be praying for those less fortunate -- uplifting them with our thought - pouring out love and compassion to others.

    Action is one thing. It always helps to be there for others, to comfort the afflicted, to lend a helping hand, to donate money, goods and services. But equally important is to picture the good in others. To picture them as whole, not sick or depressed or diseased.

    Believe it or not, our prayers and our loving thoughts about others have tangible power.

  85. Well I have to admit I am tired of arguing with people who will never hear, never see and never learn.

    Just keep in mind it's not all petty bickering. (though a great deal of it is it seems). We really did work to fight back what many of us saw as an evil rising in our midst, taking our country from us by storm as we suddenly began to emulate pre war Nazi Germany. I don't think good thoughts could have stopped Adolf Hitler. The Jew's tried not arguing, and they tried being positive and believing in the ultimate good that they felt would eventually overcome and the nazi's would spare them.

    But that never happened and 6 million people went to the most horrific deaths one can imagine.

    I suppose I spend too much time watching the history channel, like today watching hours and hours of footage on Himmler and the SS. Watching the 3 year old toddler screaming as the nazi pig kicks her, and tosses the toddler aside like a rag doll. That stuff tears at the very fabric of my soul, and when I think of the similar attrocities committed daily in Iraq, in prisons and on night raids where we rip families apart and arrest anyone suspected of anything less than blind loyalty to the coalition, I wonder how much longer we can escape damnation.

    I've learned a lot from these last 8 years. A lot about Nazi Germany and how the German people could be lulled into apathy, and I think history will judge us much harder than we judge ourselves presently.

    But the good news is we have not reached the scale of attrocity as did Nazi Germany, yet. The nature of the attrocities are similar, and in many cases identical, but in quantity we have not yet committed ourselves to the level of murder and destruction as did Nazi germany.

    So there is reason for hope, and I do concede I've experimented with some of the concepts you're talking about, and I do believe that our very moods and thoughts can in some way influence what I call the "ether" around us, and cause change, for either good or evil.

    So I'll try Lydia. I'll honestly try.

  86. Course I'm listening to you only because the Bible says I should.

    Out of the mouth of babes... hast thou ordained strength because of thine enemies, that thou mightest still the enemy and the avenger.

    Psalm 8,1-2

  87. I had to go to Yahoo answers to figure out what :P means!

    I have never understood all these internet symbols.

    I finally figured out what :) means.

  88. Question: is Will Ferrell funny?

  89. Are you listening to our radio show today? Right now I'm on the air (it's a traffic break) and we are discussing the neo-cons, the radio hate-talk, and Will Ferrell.

    My co-host thinks Will Ferrell is the Sarah Palin of comedy.

    He hated the movie Step-Brothers, which he saw last night for the first time, and thinks Will Ferrell is not funny.

    But I LOVED him in "ELF" and "Anchorman."

  90. lol, :P means sticking out ones tongue, in this case it was meant to convey zanyness and oogling at your babeness (out of the mouth's of babes, as in "Babe-raham Lincoln)in a zany sort of way.


    Yes, Will Ferrell is the funniest man alive.

  91. Elf is my favorite Christmas movie.

    I have not seen his newest movie but he is hilarious in anything he's in.

    I can think of no one funnier than Will Ferrell.

  92. Remember Ferrell as "Mugabe" in Derek Zoolander?


  93. Or was it "MUGATU"?

  94. Lydia said...

    Lydia Cornell said...
    Are you listening to our radio show today

    I don't know how. How do I listen? I don't see a link on your site.

    I just tried to call in though to your number so I could tell you some more Will Ferrell movies I like but you didn't answer.

    Remember him as Franz Liebkind in the Producers???

    There's never been a funnier character than that.

  95. Or what about "A Night at the Roxbury" with Chris Kattan?

    That was some funny stuff.

  96. And Anchorman where he played a zany 70's style Anchorman?

  97. And if you ever saw him in Nora Ephron's remake of "BEWITCHED", where he played an actor playing Darren Stephens,(along side Nicole Kidman) he was HILARIOUS!

    That was a funny movie.

  98. He also played a very funny Bob Woodard in the movie "DICK", which was a comedy about a 2 girls (Kirsten Dunst and someone else, can't remember) who end up meeting and working for Richard Nixon.

  99. Lately he's been trying a risky strategy of making movies about stuff no one likes, like his portrayal of the fictious race car driver "Ricky Bobby" in Talladega Nights".

    I saw the movie and as always he was hilarious. The problem with it of course was it was NASCAR, and as we know no one with a sense of humor likes NASCAR.

    Also Blades of Glory which was about Ice Skating, another boring topic, yet he was still hilarious and it is worth watching just for his performance.

  100. By the way I found the "LISTEN LIVE" link on the Basham and Cornell website but its very obscure and I didn't notice it the first time I looked. You should have your webmaster put another link in a much more prominent location. More people will listen if there's a big button that says "LISTEN LIVE" right at the top of the page. Let me know if you need help with that.

    Also when I clicked the link it says it cannot be played. I tried all three, both REAL PLAYER, MEDIA PLAYER and WINAMP, although I might not have Winamp installed.

    I will listen all the time if you can get them to fix whatever that problem is.

  101. Or maybe the show was just over when I clicked on it.

  102. You guys going to see Land Of The Lost this Summer.........Will Ferell is starring in that.

    You guys are a little older than me but Land of The Lost was my favorite show as a kid.........I used to set my alarm for 9:45 every Saturday morning get up eat my cereal and watch Land of The fact I just had a Land of The Lost marathon about 6 weeks ago watched all 3 seasons!

  103. Is the show in the archives yet?

    I'd like to hear it!

  104. I was pretty old when Land of the Lost came out. I was I think around 18 or so. I do remember it though. That was back when there still wasn't much on TV, and no cable so I watched it a few times.

    The monsters were hilarious. I'm sure Will Ferrell will make good sport of it.

  105. One can adopt a different plane of thinking, this is true. but one cannot, and should not, allow those who refuse to admit and atone for their crimes against all of us any breathing room. No, the dolty's, fascist frannys, crustys of the world... their support of the horrors of the Reign of Error are what made the Reign of Error possible, and NOW they want to try to pretend that they were right, and somehow those of us who were SCREAMING at them for years are to blame for the predicament we're in.

    There ain't gonna be any of that. It is my moral responsibility to continue to expose them for who and what they are. To do anything less is to acquiesce to the next Big Lie.

  106. Or just ignore them until they go away.

    I know it's hard but I'm willing to try. I'm tired of arguing with people who will never see, no matter how it's spelled out for them. They lost the election, and for the next four years they are out of power (unless they pick up a lot of congressional seats in 2010).

    I'm willing to try ignoring them and moving on with my life. I really am tired of debating with people who will never, ever see.

  107. "He can't hear you.

    Men like him will never hear you"

    Henry Fonda (Davis)
    "12 Angry Men"

  108. If we ignore them, if we let them tell their lies unchallenged, we inadvertently create the impression that there lies must not be lies after all.

    Der Rovesmarschall is right now working on a transformation of the ineptitude of a moronic monkey into some kind of epic tale of greatness. We must not let him, or any of his helpers, get by with what they are trying to do.

  109. I just don't want to end up like Bele and Lokai in the old Star Trek episode, "Let This Be Your Last Battlefield".

    Remember that episode? Frank Gorshin was Bele, with the left half of his face white and the right side of it was black? And Lokai, his arch nemesis had a the right side of his face white and the left was black?

    Remember how they were doomed to eternally struggle against each other, with no reprieve? Just on and on and on, never seeing the others side on anything and refusing intervention they slipped off into eternity locked forever in mortal combat.

    That's how I feel sometimes in here, with trolls who no matter if the sun fell from the sky and landed on their head, and as it did began to speak "behold, Bush is evil, torture is evil, pre-emptive war is evil", they still would not see it.

    They'll never get it. They have chosen their path in life. No matter what you say, they're never gonna hear it.

  110. I posted 2 photos: In memory of my brother Paul...

    And a picture of our boys taken a few years ago in the mountains

  111. I'm not talking about ignoring them, but the only way to "change people is to stop playing God and let go. People never change when you're yelling at them.

    They change when you detach with love (Alanon is an amazing program for dealing with the alcoholic who is wrecking your life.)

    That's why Bush didn't succeed with his plans. He tried to force democracy on the Middle East.

  112. Well since you must know that I am going to be incapable of "loving" these liars who support murder and the doctrines of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich, which they do, then hopefully you'll settle for my ignoring them.

    I ain't Jesus Lydia, and I don't think any of us in here are capable of loving such evil, wicked people.

  113. In fact, Jesus wasn't very nice to the evil men of his day, and often rebuked them publiclly, and often debated them in the temples, synagogues and market places.

    He called them names, reviled them and even mocked them, making them to appear as the fools they were.

    So based on that I can see JollyRoger's point that confronting them is important.

    I can also see your point about focusing on the good.

    But as for me, I'm just tired of beating a dead horse. They don't hear. Lying is the cornerstone of all they do. And they will never, ever see any truth, no matter how clearly it's spelled out for them.

    They are lost in a sea of lies, corruption and the worship of bloodshed, and I am tired of wading into their muck to try and cast a little light in.

    I'm just tired of it. I'm not holy, not spiritual about it, I sure as hell ain't gonna love em, so I'm just tired. Tired of arguing with people who will never see.

    I'll let you do the lovin stuff.

  114. I put a $75,000 bid in for the Ill. senate seat vacated by Obama.In fact I sent Gov.Blagojevich a $10,000 deposit.Question....can I get a refund?

  115. If I remember correctly about a year ago regs here were raving about Patrick Fitzgerald when he was chasing after Scooter Libby.

    How do you like him now?

  116. thereturnofRusty said...
    If I remember correctly about a year ago regs here were raving about Patrick Fitzgerald when he was chasing after Scooter Libby.

    How do you like him now?"

    I like him JUST as much as before that jackass from Illinois NEEDS to go to jail just like Libby should have........throw the bum in jail.............unlike YOU partisan idealogues I dont defend the indefensible!

  117. And for the record Crusty Fitzgerald wasnt "chasing" Scooter Libby, he was doing his job and prosecuting a treasonous Neo Con piece of slime that Thinks he is ABOVE the Law!

  118. I do find it interesting that they arrested Blago for corruption and yet have left Cheney and Bush alone thus far.

  119. I find it interesting that the right wing trolls think that we are as blindy partisan as they are and only encourage accountablity for republican offenders.

    Liberal and progessive blogs across the board had plastered Blagojevich's ugly mug across their headlines and left wing bloggers uninanimously condemened this corrupt bastard.

    Liberal shows like Jon Stewart and Colbert TRASHED this guy and condemned him, mocked him and reputed him enmasse.

    To the neocon mind, they cannot comprehend that anyone would be anything other than a simple minded partisan hack.

    Like themselves.

  120. "I find it interesting that the right wing trolls think that we are as blindy partisan as they are and only encourage accountablity for republican offenders.

    Liberal and progessive blogs across the board had plastered Blagojevich's ugly mug across their headlines and left wing bloggers uninanimously condemened this corrupt bastard."

    Once it was UNAVOIDABLY OBVIOUS he was corrupt you all piled on sure.

    But you guys thread needles you'd need a electron microscope to see to allege wrong doing in a Republican or conservative, yet make excuses or dismiss any questions about liberals or Democrats activities.

    Look how you've dismissed any questions about Obama's associates and activities.

    You'd have condemned ANY conservative with similar connections or history.

    Just remember Obama crawled out of the same swamp that created Blagojevich.

  121. I hadn't even heard of the guy before yesterday pinhead.

    You're determined to publically condemn and defeat our new President BEFORE he even gets sworn in, or gets to do anything with your petty, partisan bullshit.

    You served a corrupt man for 8 years and now it bothers you you lost, so instead of giving the guy a chance to at least DO SOMETHING before you start trashing him, you are committed to trashing him before he takes office.

    We at least gave Bush a chance once the Supreme Court nominated him to be president and most of us, me included supported him all the way up and to his invasion of Iraq.

    You can't even give Obama a chance to get sworn in before trying to ruin him.

    If I had known about this pig prior to yesterday I would have condemned him them, as would anyone of us because corruption is what we preach against, both on the left and the right.

    You on the other hand are a partisan HACK, and a petty little man with a petty little life.

    Go away.

    No ones interested in what you have to say anymore.

  122. Case in point...

    Thanks for playing.

  123. The only one playing is you.

    With yourself.

  124. Now stop talking to me.

    I'm trying to ignore you.

  125. "I'm trying to ignore you."

    Oh, and doing a wonderful job I might add...

  126. Look how you've dismissed any questions about Obama's associates and activities.

    You'd have condemned ANY conservative with similar connections or history.

  127. "It’s just nice to know that my President-elect went through that entire system – all of these guys – Ayers, Blagojevich, Rezko, the Reverend Wright – and he didn’t notice any of them. At his best, he is oblivious. At his absolute worst, he is disingenuous. He had to know something about some of these guys. ... We’re told that he’s the smartest guy on the planet on one hand. In the other hand, he never noticed any of this stuff. Come on, get the antenna up there, Barack. You got to wake up."
    -Dennis Miller

  128. Does anyone know a person named Chrlie Rangel.Its seems this guys got a bit of a sticky wicket thing going on.

    Looks like the roofs going to fall on his heard.

    There may be a good deal on a vacation house in the Dominican Republic soon.Or perhaps a rent controled apartment in NYC.

  129. TROLL!!!!!!!!!!!

  130. The Guy haqsnt even taken office yet and slimy partisan hacks like you and your babnd of inbred idiots are allready trying to smear, slime and undercut him..................yiour a brainwashed Neo con fool!

  131. Hit the road, I scrape pieces of sludge off my shoe that are better than you!

  132. I may be wrong here,but I think Charlie Rangel has been in office for quite a while.

  133. Barack Obqama hasnt even taken office yet and the LOSER Reich Wing trolls are ALLREADY attacking IDIOTS must be REAL SCARED!

    Now run along little troll.............go hide in your underground bunker and babble about the sky falling and Socialism and all that other BS!

  134. They just want to play politics Mike. They're partisan hacks and haven't an iota of real concern for their country.

    Just like their republican counterparts who are now playing politics because they feel emboldened suddenly by the failure of the corrupt Ill Governor. They are playing politics with the Auto Bailout package, thus playing politics with the jobs of THREE MILLION AMERICANS.

    They got theirs, and thats all they care about.

    Politics. I'm so f$#@king sick of politics.

  135. I've never mentioned Obama,why are you two so damn paranoid?
    I asked about the Il.Gov and a congressmen from NYC.
    Notice I never said anything about that dufuss in Louisiana,the one with the money in the freezer.I think the people there finally voted him out.In fact I believe they voted in the first Vietnamese/American congressman in history.

  136. Did you know that in 2007 GM and Toyota sold almost the same number of cars......GM lost 38 billion,Toyota made 17 billion.

    You really want to throw american tax dollars down that rat hole.Let them go into a pre-packaged bankruptcy.

    What is going to change in their business plan?You think having the dopes in D.C. oversee the auto industry with its present contracts and product lines will make it successful?

    Maybe in your world bailing them out is a great idea,but in all actuality they are a loosing cause.

  137. Oh boy,more bad economic news today.Krispy Kreme is shutting down about 20% of its stores.

    I'm sure you two would rush to bailout a dounut shop.

  138. If you wrongly think the republicans are "playing politics" you should take the effort to read the bailout proposal written by Sen.Bob Corker.Hes the only member of the senate making any sense.
    All the dems are interested in is bowing down to the UAW.
    The big three has to reduce their wage and benefit cost equal to or lower then the american Nissan,Toyota and Honda manufacturing plants.

  139. Thank god the senate had enough sense to quash the auto industry bailout.

    The leadership of the UAW needs to realize this is a new economic world,they are leading their membership down a very dangerous path.

    This union has to realize their wage and benefit structure is contributing to the demise of the american auto industry.They need to look no further then South Carolina where BMW is building high end vehicles cheaper then Ford can make a piece of crap Focus.

  140. The auto bailout package has just collapsed in the Senate thus ensuring another stock market crash tomorrow, just in time for weeks end.

    God I'm sick of poltics.

  141. rusty you are dimwitted and quite insane

    If the auto workers had single payer health care and retirement - the way Congress has (lifetime pension and benefits for a limited and very cushy job??? They wouldn't need to make that hourly wage.

    Why are we allowing the idiots in the banking industry who add no real product to our society, and are still not loaning money to the worker or the homeowner? Why are we allowing these scam artists who created the "TRW" credit scoring system to benefit from taxpayer bailout? The UAW is a vital necessity in a corporate culture where CEOs have robbed us blind.


  142. Exactly Lydia. We gave the banks how much? 700 BILLION? And what did they do with it??

    They purchased failing corporations as TAX SHELTERS!!!

    They were SUPPOSED to make LOANS with that money!!! Mortgage loans. Auto loans. LOANS!!!

    If they had made loans with the money like they were supposed to, then the Auto bailout wouldn't even be necessary. The auto makers would be selling auto's again!!!

    But nooooooooooooooo, we give me 700 BILLION dollars and they SQUANDER it, to buy up failed companies to use as TAX SHELTERS.

    And now congress can't even pass a silly 14 billion dollar bill to let THREE MILLION PEOPLE KEEP THEIR JOBS.

    People with families. People with lives, jobs, homes, all going to lose their jobs in the middle of winter because Congress can't do anything right. Republican congress men stonewalling, and democratic leaders (Pelosi\Reid)to weak to make them get on board.

    Republicans clearly don't care about the American worker, because they just said no to JOE AUTOWORKER!!!

  143. When George W Bush took over as President (After being annointed by the Supreme Court) Democrats in both Houses worked to help him, particularly during troubled times like the first years post 911.

    Whether we agree with their decisions the point is they tried to give him support, and did not seek to ruin him right out of the gate.

    Yet here the republicans in Congress are playing politics, partisan bs and generally disregarding the country in favor of their partisan goals, trying desperately to make things difficult for the incoming president, to push the country and the economy further into economic collapse, so next month when Obama takes office he'll have an even bigger mess on his hands.

    As if that were possible.

  144. The only good thing that will come of their actions against the American people is they just lost the auto workers of this country, and the thousands of peripheral industries that rely on the auto industry, for good.

    That's going to equate to about 10 MILLION voters, and they just said good bye to those votes in 2010.

  145. From AP:

    NEW YORK – General Motors Corp. said Friday it will temporarily close 20 factories across North America and make sweeping cuts to its vehicle production as it tries to adjust to dramatically weaker automobile demand.

    The measure failed in dramatic fashion late Thursday after Senate Republicans balked at passing the bill without more wage and benefit concessions from autoworkers.

    See folks? See who the republicans care about?

    Not "JOE THE PLUMBER" or in this case, JOE THE AUTOWORKER.


    These guys making 20 and 30 dollars an hour! (that 70 dollar an hour figure is a republican lie, they really make about 25 dollars an hour on average).

    So Republicans are fine handing Bank CEO's HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars, but they can't give a lousy 15 billion to the auto workers to save their jobs?

    Now they want MILLIONS of people who are struggling already, to take pay cuts and give up their benefits???!!?!????!?!?!!?!!?!?!?!?

    F@$K the republicans.

    Let them hang themselves the stupid, evil bastards.

    Let all the country see what they really are about.

    For all their bullshit talk about "Joe the Plumber" we see in reality, they could care less about Joe.

    The fat rat bastards.

    All of em.

  146. awwwwh

    when will Toyota workers may half as much as Uaw workers?

    never -- I wonder why?
    Toyota makes a better product,

    like what kind of car does Lydia drive ?

    mmmmm let me guess

  147. I drive an American car and have for my entire life dipshit. I don't drive japanese crap, and idiots like you who mock the loss of millions of jobs for millions of American familes can crawl back into the shithole you crawled out of, with the rest of your pack of inbred rat bastards.

  148. 2 weeks before Christmas and millions of American families are looking at losing their jobs.

    But f@#k em, right?

    Are the work houses all filled?

    Have the prisons reached their maximum capacities?

    And if they'd rather die than go to such places then let them do so and decrease the surplus population.

    Right dirtbag?

  149. I hope peices of crap like you get all you've got coming to you this year.

    And more.

  150. You people should move to Oz where you'll be right at home in a fantasy world.

    The blonde bimbo tries to compare auto workers to elected congressmen,that is just plain stupid.

    And the resident bleeding heart is moaning about the poor UAW members at christmas time.

    Its plain and simple you fools,you cant sell something for ten bucks when it cost you twenty bucks to make it.

    Do any of you have to live within a budget? Have any of you ever actually run a business?

    The big three are money losing businesses due to their cost...dont you get that.

    I'd rather congress take 25 billion,put it in a pile and set it on fire....its the same thing.

  151. The return of the scumbag said...

    tries to compare auto workers to elected congressmen,that is just plain stupid.

    You're right.

    How can you compare anything as miserable and foul as a congressmen to a respectable human being like an auto worker?

    As for setting 25 billion on fire, hell they already set a trillion on fire fighting a hopeless illegal war in Iraq.

    And it's 14 billion dumb ass.

    Not 25.

    Trade your calculator in for an abacus.

  152. You're such a useful idiot worf.
    Lydia was the one trying to equate congress to auto workers.If she does'nt like the benefit programs congress has established stop voting the same people in for 20 to 40 year terms.

    Its no difference if its 14 or 25 or 100 billion dollars to the auto makers,its all wasted money.

    I know you consider yourself a smart person....perhaps you could take a minute to explain what magical thing the industry will do to make themselves profitable once they get their hands on the money.What will change?

    The idea of a "Car Czar" is plain and simple just stupid.What would that person do?The three guys running those companys did'nt get to their positions by being idiots,but the government...who has done a bang up job with the public school system,healthcare and energy just to name a few will now have an appointed person to show them how to fix a failing industry.

    I again point out that in 2007 GM and Toyota sold about the same number of made 17 billion profit,GM lost 38 billion. Would you possibly think the cost structures of the two companys are a bit different?DUH!!

    I'm surprized some lib has'nt suggested the government make Nissan,Toyota and Honda raise the cost in thier american plant egual to the big three....yea,thats the ticket.

  153. After Jan.20th the dem controlled senate and congress should force Nissan,Toyota and Honda to raise their cost on par with the big three.They could in fact call this new law "The Auto Industry Fairness Doctrine."

    Lets make that the new american way...if you cant compete in business the government should be duty bound to bail you out or force your competition to raise their cost of doing business.

    I'm sure the founding fathers would agree with that.

  154. Lydia Cornell said...
    rusty you are dimwitted and quite insane

    If the auto workers had single payer health care and retirement - the way Congress has (lifetime pension and benefits for a limited and very cushy job??? They wouldn't need to make that hourly wage.

    Why are we allowing the idiots in the banking industry who add no real product to our society, and are still not loaning money to the worker or the homeowner? Why are we allowing these scam artists who created the "TRW" credit scoring system to benefit from taxpayer bailout? The UAW is a vital necessity in a corporate culture where CEOs have robbed us blind.


    Tre=uer words were NEVER nailed it with this post Lydia.

    That crap that the UAW workers earn $70 an hour is just that CRAP................the truth is their wages are very competitive to Toyota and Ford their better Pension and insurance benefits make their TOTAL compensation about $10 higher than the foreign auto makers or about $45 VS $35 that BS $70 figure is the lying political hacks trying to make blue collar auto workers and teachers earning $20-$25 an hour in wages into the overpaid fatcats instead of the CEO's making $400 million a year........that bogus $70 figure includes legacy costs for the retired workers no longer working added into present workerws salaries.........its RIDDICUOUS and DISHONEST to add salary for retired workers into present workers salaries to calculate their compensation when the present workers arent actually being paid those figures.

    Up is down black is white, truth is lies to these evil lying pieces of sludge...........its like a Bizzaro Universe where the blue collar Auto workers and teachers making $20-$25 an hour are the over paid fat cat elitists that are making TOO MUCH Money and sucking the lifeblood out of society and the CEO's making MILLIONS are the hard working people who need a break.

    Lydia's ABSOLUTELY 100% right take take out the legacy costs with a bailout package and Nationalize Health Insurance so the Auto companies dont have to be burdened by health care costs and they can be very competitive with foreign producers provided they make competitive products that consumers want.

  155. Why is it we have No problem throwing trillins to banks when that money is being used by CEO's for bonus's and to buy up companiews for tax deductions and we cant throw 14 Billion to an industry that directly effects the employment of 2-5 million people............The Banking industry has WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY TOOOOO much power in this country.

    Hacks like Crusty dont give a crap HOW MANY people lose their homes, commit suicide, cant feed their children etc.......all him and his EVIL masters see this as is an opportunity to break the unions and steal more from the working class............a goal they have zealously been TRYING to attain the past 70 years is now within reach and pieces of human sludge like Crusty and Duncetron dont care how many they murder through their wars of choice based on lies or how many they put out of jobs with their unbridled greed all they care about is what THEY WANT.

  156. One more thing to ponder if you dont think the Banks and military Industrial Complex has become TOO powerful consider this............Gov Blagojevich was taken down the same day he stated NO gov entitityy in illinois would do business with Bank of America any longer................coincidence I dont think so he crosses an Elite Banking Firm that has been annointed untouchqable by wallStreet and gets taken down just like Spitzer was and like JFK was when he wanted to disband the Federal Reserve to stop the elite private bankers from rigging the sysyem against the working class and took a bullet in the head.

    Bush and Cheney arent spying on American citizens to fight terrorism..............stuff like this is WHY they want to spy on Americans.............To black mail and gather dirt to take down those who cross the elite they deem untouchable is why they want to spy on American Citizens just like Hoover did!

  157. This comment has been removed by the author.

  158. GeoDigital said...

    when will Toyota workers may half as much as Uaw workers?

    never -- I wonder why?
    Toyota makes a better product,

    like what kind of car does Lydia drive ?

    mmmmm let me guess"

    Sorry Slick but Toyota workerss DONT make half as much as UAW Workers They make about $10 less.........or their Total compensation is about $35 vs $45 for The UAW..........with Health Care being the main difference.

  159. The return of the mental midget said...

    I know you consider yourself a smart person....perhaps you could take a minute to explain what magical thing the industry will do to make themselves profitable once they get their hands on the money.

    Well you know I consider you a lamebrain, so why don't you take a minute and go back and try READING the things we suggested for use of those funds to make the auto industry more profitable.

    Like new technologies, making more hybrids, etc.

    And when you're done READING the answers we already gave to the question you just asked, THEN you can go read what we wrote about WHY the auto industry is failing.


    And here's a hint.

    It has little to do with the cars they're making and everything to do with the fact that NO ONE CAN BORROW MONEY TO BUY THEM.


  160. Here Mike. Here's a typical conversation with that dipshit rusty.

    US: 1+1 = 2. 2 + 2 = 4. 4 + 4 = 8.

    DIPSHIT cRusty: "Yea, but what does 2 + 2 equal?"

  161. Let me try and understand what Mike the Moron just said.

    Is he saying the UAW should have the same healthcare as the members of congress?If si way?

    Is he saying the government should pay the auto industries legacy cost?If so why and what other industries should have their cost covered by the government?Should the government cover some of the costs for Nissans,Toyotas and Hondas american plants?If not why not? Are'nt they also american workers?

    Is he saying that Gov.Blogo was set up by Bush and Cheney thru a connection with Bank of America?I love to hear his proof on that one.

    One more time for you economic cant sell something for ten bucks when it cost you twenty bucks to make it.

    Or you could always use the bigger truck theory.

  162. Mike said...

    Sorry Slick

    He ain't slick he's JohnnyMooMoo\Aka Crusty, which is evident by using cRusty's term for Lydia "the blonde bimbo".

    Moo Moo called her that.

    cRusty calls her that.

    So we don't need to wonder who GeoDigital is.

  163. thereturnofINBRED said...

    Let me try and understand what Mike the Moron just said.

    Ok, cool.

    Where'd you find a brain donor?

  164. Bigger truck theory.....Mike and Worf buy a truck,they drive out to the country and buy watermelons for a buck apiece....they then drive back to town and sell the watermelons for a buck apiece....after 10 trips back and forth Mike says,"we're having a hard time making any money at this." Worf (the smart one)says,"yea I think we have to get a bigger truck and make it up in volume."

  165. Then they ask the government for a bailout.

  166. cRusty (the dumb one) lied and said;

    Worf (the smart one)says,"yea I think we have to get a bigger truck and make it up in volume."

    You can't even read douchebag.

    I said the opposite you dumb inbred lying little turd.

  167. One day cRusty will ask his welfare mom (when she's not suckin on the pipe, or something else) how the average American can buy a new car without an auto loan.

    Then when she explains "they can't", perhaps he'll figure out why auto makers are going under.


    It never ceases to amaze me how stupid a person must be to not be able to correlate the big ticket item lending freeze with the failure of the housing and auto markets.

  168. Rather then giving the big three billions of dollars perhaps the government should consider buying a new car for every american between the ages of 18 and 60.Of course the cars must be purchased from one of the big three and be bought at sticker price.

    My god the factories would be humming,all the UAW members would be happy and best of all they would all vote for democratic candidates for ever and ever.

  169. What's the alternative dipshit?

    Let them along with millions of auto workers jobs collapse, along with millions more peripheral industries?

    Anyway why am I arguing with a dipshit like cRusty the clown?

    I might as well have an argument with a monkey. At least the monkey can learn.

  170. The fact is idiots like cRusty will talk in circles as long as someone is dumb enough to talk back, as I just was.

    He's too stupid to realize that without lending the economy will collapse, and nothing you say to a moron like this will change that.

    The only think that would change that is if Rep BONER gets up and declares that now lending must return, in which case little cRusty will take Boners boner out of his mouth long enough to shout, "Seig Heil" and then stuff it back in.

  171. He's a partisan troll. A goon. A hack, nothing more.

    I've spent years in here arguing against George W Bush, but right now Bush is calling for a bailout of the auto industry, and I SUPPORT him in this effort.

    Because I unlike cRusty the cocksucking clown, am not a mindless partisan drone, but am willing to work with whomever has the will and the right plan to get the job done.

  172. Worf,your as stupid (I wont say anything about your mom here) as Mike.The lending crunch began the second half of 08.No one was buying their cars because they could get a better car with more options at a decent price somewhere else.That lack of lending story of yours is wearing thin.
    Was there money avaiable in 2007?
    Yes there was and GM lost 38 billion dollars.
    The american auto industry (big three)with its present business model is doomed for extinction,either now or five from now.Let their present form die in peace.

  173. Alternative,alternative you ask.

    Let them all go into pre-packaged bankruptcy.and renegotiate the contracts.That will indeed lower their manufacturing cost and perhaps make them competive,perhaps.

    But as is they are doomed.A money pit,nothing else.

  174. Have either you or Mike ever taken any sort of business class?
    If you had you'd have to admitt those three are on very thin ice and cannot succeed.

  175. Was ii it you libs always want to reward failure and punish success?

  176. Quit blabbering ladyboy and open wider.

    Boner's ready to let go.

  177. White House assessing options to aid carmakers

    By DEB RIECHMANN, Associated Press Writer Deb Riechmann – 2 hrs 14 mins ago

    WASHINGTON – The White House weighed its options Saturday for preventing a collapse of the troubled auto industry, once the backbone of the U.S. economy. So far, the only thing certain is that the Bush administration wants to avoid the possibility of a disorderly bankruptcy of any of the Big Three

  178. cRusty's so stupid he thinks Bush and the White House are liberals.

  179. Your so predictable worf,whenever someone shows how idiotic you really are your only retort is the name calling.

    Worf said:I'm paraphrasing here...."the big three are going under do to the lack of avaiable credit,I have no idea why GM lost 38 billion in 2007,but it could be do to the lending freeze up of lending the second half on 2008.It has nothing to do with their cost."

    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

  180. Paraphrasing is the term cRusty uses for lying.

    And as for predictable?

    Here, allow me.

    cRusty said ....and I'm paraphrasing here....

    "I see the circle jerks under way.... worf....dojo.....where's col klink.....heh heh, heh heh...."

  181. You're as predictable pal as taking a crap.

  182. Only the crap smells less.

  183. Poor worf,has that anger issue when someone shows him to be the dope he is.Yes,the auto industry is going down the tubes due to the credit crunch.You sure got that correct.

    Worf....a 50ish aged petulant child. Sad,so very sad.

  184. I don't get angry with little worms like you junior.

    I'd put it no higher than nauseated.

  185. Please read the new post. Life is about more than politics, but politics is life. In order to win hearts and minds we need to expand our frame of reference.

    I believe films like "Slumdog Millionaire," "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" and "The Day the Earth Stood Still" are doing more to defeat the dark forces of redneck bigotry and right-wing narrow-mindedness than all the talking heads and pundits combined.

    Anyway, please read and comment on new thread.

    Thanks for your patience.