Monday, November 24, 2008


I have to admit I'm obsessed with "Twilight," which I saw this weekend. Maybe I'm 14 years old — oh yeah, that's right I am. I'm very interested in vampires that hold back, and in the erotics of abstinence. Teenage girls are my cause lately. Girls are in a lot of pain, with the highest suicide rate of any other group. I blame a culture of materialism, but it's an "inside job" and we each have to work out our own dark forces. According to the CDC, suicide attempts tripled in the past three years for girls ages 10-14. I really want to help them navigate life better than I did.

As a Harry Potter freak, Lord of the Rings fanatic and a lifelong Trekkie, I think films like this are great for girls. We need our own Harry Potter.

"We are in the business of love. Put "love" into what you do for a living."

By 2010 the number two form of disability will be depression. What goes on inside you is the cause of your outside experience."

"No one can be successful alone."

"The purpose of marriage is to learn how to be a compassionate human being." - Bob Lancer

Remember, if the time should come, when you have to make a choice between what is right and what is easy, remember what happened to a boy who was good, and kind, and brave, because he strayed across the path of Lord Voldemort. Remember Cedric Diggory.* - Albus Dumbledore
The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good. — Samuel Johnson, lexicographer (1709-1784)


TWILIGHT CULT PHENOMENON (The Christian Science Monitor)
Tween bibliophiles are armed with antecedent knowledge of the storyline, courtesy of Stephenie Meyer’s best-selling 2005 novel. It was the first of a tetralogy, which has been translated into 37 languages and collectively sold 25 million copies worldwide.

Excited fan girls queued up for sold out Thursday midnight showings, generating a $70 million gross. Made on a modest budget of $37 million, Twilight swept into the number one box office spot for the weekend, playing on 6,000 screens and pulling in $70 million.

You have to hear Carter Burwell's haunting score, especially, "How Will I Die?"
Go to and click on the movie trailers, but if you want to hear the score, go to Soundtrack and pause the songs, but listen to what plays automatically.


  1. You're right Lydia, that is a great soundtrack.

    I find movie soundtracks are some of the best music out there these days, probably due to the fact that movies pay composers the best.

    My favorite modern composer is hands down, the great Hans Zimmer who scored some of the best pieces out there, including the best score ever done for a movie (IMHO), Gladiator.

    I also like Trevor Jones (Last of the Mohicans, Cliffhanger, etc) and several others.

    This one is not my usual cup of tea (don't listen to to much "hard" music these days, but you're right. This is some great music.

  2. My friend works for Hans Zimmer in the studio, does all his computer and tech work and is a composer himself.

    The Carter Burwell score of Twilight is what i love right now -- the haunting theme score that plays in the forest scenes. Mainly "How will I Die"

    This plays as an undercurrent when you first go to the website.

  3. Another of the greatest scores of all time is "The Mission"

  4. Ennio Morricone: The Mission starring Jeremy Irons and Robert DeNiro

  5. Lydia Cornell said...
    My friend works for Hans Zimmer in the studio, does all his computer and tech work and is a composer himself.

    Really? wow. Thats not chaz is it?

    Well tell your friend to tell Hans Zimmer he's the greatest composer of all time.

    He's done a lot of movies that would not have been half as good as they were were it not for his music.

  6. Lydia said...

    The Carter Burwell score of Twilight is what i love right now -- the haunting theme score that plays in the forest scenes. Mainly "How will I Die"

    This plays as an undercurrent when you first go to the website.

    Yea I can hear it for just a second. I'll have to buy the album.

    You're right, its some great music, just the 3 pieces I heard.

  7. Hans Zimmer is a once in a generation composer.

    If this were the 16th century his work would be cannonized.

  8. Hey Lydia How was TWILIGHT?

    Obviously ALL the teenage and 20 year old girls are into it..............a bunch of girls I work with took off to go to the Midnight showing...................but is it JUST a chick flick or woulod anyone like it.................the previews I saw while at the Movie theater looked pretty good?

  9. Hey Bart, now that we are about 2 1/2 months into this financial crisis I have to ask do you think my idea that we should have done a Banking Holiday, examined the assets of ALL the banks and decided which ones were worth saving and then capitalize and/or nationalize the remaining banks to INSURE they lend to qualified and deserving borrowers.

    I'm on vacation for 2 weeks and been watching CNBC Friday and Today and ALL they keep talking about is how banks are NOT lending with the TARP money...............just like I KNEW they wouldnt, instead they are hoarding money,, buying stock, aquiring companies and giving bonus's.

    I just think it would have been a much better deal to capitalize and nationalize the banks worth saving then MAKE SURE they loan ALL the money to qualified and deserving people MANY of which cannot currently get credit.

  10. BTW, i'm sure the market will most likely pull back several more times...............but I feel much more confident.........bought more today and by the end of the week i should most likely be fully invested again.

  11. Maybe with the incoming Obama Administration, the perception of things will change.

    there has been a very real dehumanization of women going on in the last 8 years, with the Jesusistanis using their empty-suit monkey in the Oval Office as a cover to try to relegate women to the status of custodial property; accuse me of hyperbole if you wish, but you know that this is exactly what's been going on. While the average 12 year old girl might not understand exactly what kind of pressures are coming down from the top, I am guessing that the change in atmosphere in this country is being picked up on by younger girls, and if you're already troubled...

    It is way past time that we began to shift our emphasis on the role of girls in our society. Let's talk about how they can bring the world to a new era of peace and prosperity, instead of trying to make them shoppers and sell them cigarettes.

  12. Well Mike there are aspects of your plan that I'm in sync with.

    I'm not sure a "Banking Holiday" would be the best way to implement them however. FDR did that to stop a run on the banks. Since we don't currently have a run on the banks, implementing a banking holiday could very well precipitate one.

    We don't want to panic people further so I'd steer clear of 1933 mentalities as much as possible, while still learning from their examples.

    An easier way would be in the form of the establishment of a federal lending program administered by the banks but regulated by federal overseerers.

    Instead of foolishly handing the banks 700 billion dollars and saying "here, have at it boys", the Fed should set up special lending programs designed for the middle income American with a moderate credit score.

    The lending program would be designed to get loans out the door rapidly and thus reinvigorating our big ticket markets, i.e. home and auto sales.

    The banks would have 90 days to lend out the money, or lose it.

    For example, lets say a smaller bank or lending institution was only given 30 million to lend, and a larger institution was given 30 billion to lend. If at the end of certain performance milestones, (i.e. 30,60,90 day reviews) the smaller bank was outperforming the larger one in making loans, funds to the larger bank would be reduced or halted altogether, and redirected to the smaller bank, and other like them who showed a capability for getting the loans made.

    This plan would ensure a resurgence in both the auto and housing markets, eliminating the need for an "automakers bailout" and returning millions of lost jobs while simultaneously creating new ones (to keep up with the rush), thus improving economic indicators across the board.

    This is what I "thought" they were going to do with the bulk of the 700 billion when they got it, but no we see the banks can't be trusted, so the establishment of a federal oversight institution to ensure the money is used for this purpose is crucial to success of any capital outlay to the banks and major financial institutions.

    I'd call it the ORC, (Obama Reconstruction Corporation) or something like that, lol.

    But its the only plan that has a real chance of actually working.

    Everyone elses plans come paired with predictions of inevitable disaster either way.

    This one does not. This one has a damn good chance of working.

  13. Another variation of the same plan could be the establishment of a federal lending pool, where monies would be doled out for home and auto loans based on the actual writing of those loans.

    Once again the establisment of a Federal Oversight and Management institution, (The Obama Reconstruction Corporation) would manage and maintain the fund.

    Banks and lenders would then opt into the program, drawing on the fund to make loans. Banks who make the loans would only need to repay the fund the actual loaned amounts, and would retain all interest and fees, thus gaining revenue without the risk of lost capital.

    This is no different that my other program except for the initial state of the funds, i.e. handed out up front with performance conditions attached, or held in trust until those conditions (loans in this case) were made.

    Either way it would mean an immediate resurge in the economy, on every economic front. Jobs, wealth creation, and on down the line.

  14. Also my plan would include help for the poor, which the current economic bailout packages do not.

    Under my plan, (I feel like Al Gore), the poor would see immediate benefits in the form of job creation in both the auto and home industries returned.

    Construction would return, creating a wealth of jobs across the board for low to middle income workers, putting America back to work, thus helping people across the board.

    We can hem and haw about this till the cows come home but we'll still end up back to the realization that without an immediate injection of lending capital for big ticket items, nothing, and I do mean NOTHING, will get this economy going again.

    Without immediate lending capital then no ones going to be selling cars, or homes.

    Meaning those two industries, the two biggest industries in the United States, and all the peripheral industries and jobs that rely on them, will continue to fail.

    This isn't rocket science. If people can't borrow money for cars or homes then no one will be buying cars and homes which is how we got here in the first place.

    It wasn't people going into default on their loans that got us here.

    It was Congress, headed by Nancy Pelosi and Harry (spinaljelly) Reid who locked down the lending industry last October when Countrywide collapsed, that created the mess we're in now.

    If instead of freezing the lending industry when that happened, they had instead injected some of this federal capital we're now throwing at the problem to shore up countrywide and give it to another firm better able to manage it, then we wouldn't be here right now.

    Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are two of the biggest obstacles we face in this crisis, because they are simply not smart enough to understand the issue.

  15. And if you think I'm wrong about that, then you're not looking at the problem clearly enough, nor our reactions to it.

    Last October Reid and Pelosi shut down lending, and everyone from the talking heads to the White House were decrying the "evil lenders" and everyone was focused on stopping the "easy money" as they called it.

    Today those same people are now waking up, and suddenly screaming about how "lending must return".

    Which is right. It must.

    Of course in admitting that we're faced with the realization that we should have never made it go away in the first place.

    Then we wouldn't need it to "return".

  16. Anny Tranny finally has to STFU,

    Ann Coulter's jaw broken and will be wired shut

    at least for a while;

    It seems Karma ain't quite done with the reich wing yet.

  17. New blog thread up: OBAMA - HELP IS ON THE WAY...

    Please leave comments on new thread, thank you.


  18. Anonymous12:17 PM

    i think you should validate your html, it got errors

  19. Anonymous11:17 AM

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