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Please read Larry's excellent article "Stereotypes" below. But first I want to add this riveting news. Bush is trying to sell the Saudis a large cache of U.S. made high-tech weaponry for a $20 billion dollar asking price. Just now on Randi Rhodes show, evidence was presented that this is absolutely high treason, considering that most of the 911 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. And right now Saudi Arabia is emptying their prisons to unleash all their high-risk criminals. Guess where they are sending them? To Iraq, to kill American soldiers.

Remember, our government once upon a time, PROMOTED Saddam! We were “in his corner,” giving him support. Until he was no longer useful to us, that is, and served us better as a “bad guy” (which he already was, granted, but up to then we found it convenient to ignore that fact).

And we wonder why the rest of the world doesn’t trust us.

According to CNN, one of the more controversial proposals will probably be selling the Saudis, for the first time, satellite-guided bombs known as JDAMs. The sale may include a 500-pound and a 2,000-pound version of the aerial bomb. The Israelis are said to be very concerned about the Saudis having that precision-strike capability, so the United States will discuss basing the weapons as far away from Israel as possible, the official said. Other elements under discussion are new naval vessels, an advanced version of air-to-air missiles already used by the United States, and advanced Patriot missiles.

Hmmm... Bush wants to sell our weapons to the Saudis. Will we never learn? - Lydia

Guest Blog by Larry

We all face being stereotyped in one way or another. That is just a part of life, a view that people may have of us, right or wrong. Some stereotypes are totally inaccurate, while a few may be close to reality.

Some of us are viewed as having the world at our fingertips, that we can do no wrong, when in reality the private world may be filled with insecurities and failures that are masked to the public eye.

Some of us may be stereotyped as elusive and cold when in reality we are shy or just not comfortable with being open with others for fear of betrayal or possibly even disbelief.

There are some of us who are stereotyped as being perhaps merely a country hayseed, one who can barely string two audible sentences together, or write anything of significance, when in reality we may be fluent in the proper settings and have the gift of written words.

Whatever the stereotype you fall under, you are viewed in a certain way by those who have never taken the time to know you. They have never taken the time to see the person inside of you, and what you are all about.

In 2000, America was presented with a projected stereotype of George W Bush. There were millions who were led to believe that George W Bush was a kind man, a compassionate man. A man of good morals.

Millions of Americans were led to believe after 9/11 hit, that Mr. Bush was a fearless leader who would seek those who harmed our country and bring them to justice. Some believed that Mr. Bush was the only one who could save our country.

Often in stereotypes, we discover that the person we have one view of is totally different than what we once believed. We find that those we thought had it all together is really scrambled and confused, that the country hayseed is really very articulate and gifted with words.

Those millions who thought George W Bush was a kind and compassionate man, discovered he is really cold and calculating. Those who thought Mr. Bush was filled with morals and principles now see a man with the principles and morals of an alley cat.

Those millions who stereotyped Mr. Bush as honest and trustworthy now see a vision of corruption and greed. Those of religious beliefs who once thought Mr. Bush was a man of peace, now see a man filled with hate and war.

As we see people we barely know in a vision we have in our minds, we often see the wrong stereotype. We see what we want to see, not what is behind the surface of the inner person.

After nearly seven years, America now has the true stereotype of George W Bush. As we see the arrogance and contempt for our rights and freedoms being stripped away, as we see thousands die shameful deaths due to greed and power, we now have the true stereotype.

Let us all hope if we get another opportunity to choose a leader for America, we will look inside the soul of the person before we choose. America can't afford another stereotype of shame.


  1. Here is the proper stereotype of Bush:

    While Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff calls it "an essential security measure," worries arise about a looming privacy threat in the new agreement between the United States and the European Union, effective August 1, 2007, that allows the United States to keep extensive profiles of inbound airline passengers.

    In addition to data such as name, address, flight itineraries, and credit card information, the United States will now database more intimate details about passengers as provided by airlines, such as race, political opinions, religious beliefs, and sexual orientation.

    Personal data received, even on people not under suspicion, is to be kept on file for fifteen years and only used "when lives are at risk," such as during a terror investigation.

    The proper stereotype for Bush is traitor!

  2. Here is another proper stereotype for Bush:

    Alberto Gonzales's difficult relationship with the truth has led to calls for a special prosecutor to investigate claims that the attorney general perjured himself during Senate testimony. But as the Washington Post points out Monday, Gonzales and honesty have had a shaky relationship stretching back more than a decade.

    "Whether Gonzales has deliberately told untruths or is merely hampered by his memory has been the subject of intense debate among members of Congress, legal scholars and others who have watched him over the years," report the Post's Dan Eggen and Amy Goldstein. "Some regard his verbal difficulties as a strategic ploy on behalf of a president to whom he owes his career; others see a public official overwhelmed by the magnitude of his responsibilities."

    Gonzales's apparent willingness to dissemble in order to protect himself or President Bush stretches back to at least 1996, when he intervened to prevent then-Gov. Bush from serving jury duty in Texas, the Post notes. Not until its second-to-last paragraph, however, does the Post article remind readers that by not serving jury duty in the drunken driving case Bush was able to keep his own drunken driving conviction a secret for several more years.

    "He's a slippery fellow, and I think so intentionally," University of Texas public affairs professor Richard L. Schott told the Post. "He's trying to keep the president's secrets and to be a team player, even if it means prevaricating or forgetting convenient things."

    Questions about Gonzales willingness to protect Bush in relation to the drunken driving case were first raised last year by Newsweek investigative reporter Michael Isikoff. If Bush had served on the jury he would have had to reveal his own past conviction, but Gonzales convinced the defense attorney to ask that Bush be kept from the jury on the grounds that he may be called on to pardon the defendant.

  3. Bush is offering $20,000 of your tax dollars to send troops to possible death for his illegal war:

    The Army is now offering a $20,000 "QS" – or “Quick Shipper” -- bonus to new and prior service recruits joining, selecting any job and shipping out for training within 30 days.

    "The Q.S. letters means "quick shipper," said Columbus Recruiting Battalion spokesperson Tom Foley in a news release. "And $20,000 means, well, it means a lot of seed money for new soldiers answering the Army's call to duty. The Army is growing in size and we simply need more recruits for training, now.

  4. Here is another proper stereotype of the faltering Bush economy:

    Global banking giant HSBC Holdings on Monday revealed a massive jump in bad debts, mainly due to a weak US housing sector, that overshadowed record high profits during the first half of 2007.

  5. Larry, that was truly an exceptional article, but I have to take issue with you on one thing.

    You said... Those who thought Mr. Bush was filled with morals and principles now see a man with the principles and morals of an alley cat.

    Now my cousin Alley may be a little loose with the juice, but he is essentially a pussy with principles. Alley might invade a garbage can, but never a country. Alley might screw a kitty cat, but never an country. Alley might torture your ears with late night caterwauling, but never a person.

    By comparing his morals to those of the Crawford Criminal, you have done grievous damage to cousin Alley's reputation.

  6. Tomcat:

    Sorry I wasn't thinking about your cousin Alley.

    There is a big difference in garbage cans and countries.

    May Alley find a tasty bag of leftovers in the next hopper of habitation.

  7. Do they deserve this:

    President Bush's senior-most aides "received a $2,800 cost-of-living wage hike in the past year to earn a top pay rate of $168,000," according to the National Journal.

    "The June salary list includes 18 names in the upper deck, although one of them -- Dan Bartlett -- left the White House after the list was compiled, and his successor, Counselor to the President Ed Gillespie, was also included on the roster, creating duplication for that single post. (On the 2006 salary list, the White House listed 17 'assistants to the president.')"

  8. The Official George W. Bush
    "Days Left In Office"

    539 DAYS
    7 Hrs 33 Min 25.1 Sec

    Will this day ever come?

  9. Nobody wants to hear Condi's lies:

    NEW YORK If you've ever had trouble getting an Op-Ed submission published -- and who among print journalists has not? -- this might make you feel a little better: Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has had the same problem.

    Writing a -- what else? an Op-Ed -- in the San Francisco Chronicle on Sunday, former New York Times reporter Joel Brinkley (who now teaches journalism at Stanford) reveals Rice's problem in discussing her wider loss of influence.

    A few months ago, she decided to write an opinion piece about Lebanon. She enlisted John Chambers, chief executive officer of Cisco Systems as a co-author, and they wrote about public/private partnerships and how they might be of use in rebuilding Lebanon after last summer's war. No one would publish it.

    Think about that. Every one of the major newspapers approached refused to publish an essay by the secretary of state. Price Floyd, who was the State Department's director of media affairs until recently, recalls that it was sent to the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and perhaps other papers before the department finally tried a foreign publication, the Financial Times of London, which also turned it down.

    As a last-ditch strategy, the State Department briefly considered translating the article into Arabic and trying a Lebanese paper. But finally they just gave up. "I kept hearing the same thing: 'There's no news in this.' " Floyd said. The piece, he said, was littered with glowing references to President Bush's wise leadership. "It read like a campaign document.

  10. Hey Larry
    Very good! This is in part I wrote about today. Israel now thinks it is a good idea, now that they are getting more money and the missiles will be shorter range. But the whole picture is a whole lot worse. Gorbachev is dead right.
    Anyway, As Bush continues to squeeze Iran in his effort to create his version of a new middle east order, with his recent proposal to supply Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, advanced equipment and weaponry from the arms sales under consideration he is tightening the noose around Iran.
    How will China and Russia react to all this? I can't see them just sitting there.
    The proposed package of advanced weaponry for Saudi Arabia, which includes advanced satellite-guided bombs, upgrades to its fighters and new naval vessels, has made Israel and some of its supporters in Congress nervous as it should.
    Senior officials who described the package on Friday said they believed that the administration had resolved those concerns, in part by promising Israel $30.4 billion in military aid over the next decade, a significant increase over what Israel has received in the past 10 years.
    As a result of the increase in military aid to Israel they now say they are not concerned about the $20 Billion in military hardware in the middle east because Bush has them convinced that these so called moderate States will aid Israel and us in containing Iran in their efforts to dominate the middle east instead of Bush and Israel. I don't know about that? This is not going to be good.

  11. Patriot, I posted the part about the weapons, which I added above Larry's article.

    Are you saying Israel now thinks its a good idea?

    If so, these are strange bedfellows. Especially since Osama Bin Laden'sa biggest beef with us is that we are in bed with the

    There is a tragic article in the Christian Science Monitor about land mines and cluster bombs, which we use, but Clinton tried to ban worldwide. These bombs kill and maim more children than any other. Of course under Bush our use of them has increased.

  12. America can't afford another stereotype of shame.

    Exactly! We need a decent leader and Congress.

    Excellent article! :)

  13. Look out Bush Protesters:

    Maryland Retiree's Anti-Bush Buttons Got Him Arrested
    74-year-old Alan McConnell was arrested this weekend and charged with trespassing, after police said he was selling "Impeach Him" buttons without permission. McConnell has sold the anti-Bush buttons at a Maryland farmers' market for months.

    Officials said that the incident has nothing to do with politics, but that they feared McConnell and his supporters were becoming a safety hazard. As he was being arrested, about 40 McConnell supporters booed and yelled "Free speech.

  14. "Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one.”

    ~Marianne Williamson

  15. EXCELLENT aricle Larry.

    When i first came to this blog almost 2 years ago, there was a troll named FF who constantly used inaccurate stereotypes and dishonest sweeping generalizations to help him dishonestly ASSIGN his opponents a position that bore little resemblance to their true position because this was the ONLY way he could TRY to avoid getting shredded and made to look foolish in a debate.

    I said back then that it is FAR more accurate to judge people by their actions than by their "claims" or stereotypes...........GWB is the perfect example of that, his true character bears little resemblance to his lies, tall claims, dishonest talking points and the stereotypes and wordsmithing his handlers try to define him by or progject his image as.

  16. Thanks for the compliment on the article Mike. We are all stereotyped by even the ones we call friend.

    Bush's real person has come to light.

  17. Larry said...
    Bush is offering $20,000 of your tax dollars to send troops to possible death for his illegal war:

    The Army is now offering a $20,000 "QS" – or “Quick Shipper” -- bonus to new and prior service recruits joining, selecting any job and shipping out for training within 30 days.

    "The Q.S. letters means "quick shipper," said Columbus Recruiting Battalion spokesperson Tom Foley in a news release. "And $20,000 means, well, it means a lot of seed money for new soldiers answering the Army's call to duty. The Army is growing in size and we simply need more recruits for training, now."

    Well Larry I certainly dont support the war, and I think anyone who would go into that quagmire for $20,000 is [probably nuts, but I cant fault them for finally paying the soldiers).......I know its out of desperation now rather than giving the soldiers what they deserrve since Bush said giving the rank and file soldiers ALLREADY in the military a small raise is unneccessary......its certainly not out of the kindness of their hearts.

    But better the money goes to the soldiers than the contractors making $100,000-$200,000........thats a spap in the face to soldiers.

  18. BTW, did you here Rove and the Neo Con cronnies at the White House got the maximum raise, while the lowest paid staffers took a pay cut............more Bush elitism and unequal justice.

  19. Condi not getting her article publish just shows how incompetent, disrespected and out of touch most people feel the Bush Administration is..........No one wants to hear their biased ignorant views.

    They think Rice, Rove, Cheney and the rest are laughingstocks not worthy of being published.

  20. Mike:

    Are they going to retroactive pay to the thousands of soldiers who went before they offered this money.

    How about the thousands of soldiers who were killed or hurt?

    We know the answer.

  21. Condi is a shopping smurf and Bush toe licker and no more.

  22. LOS ANGELES - The number of U.S. homes facing foreclosure surged 58 percent in the first six months of the year, the latest sign of mounting problems in the mortgage industry, a data firm said Monday.

    In all, 573,397 properties across the nation reported some sort of foreclosure activity in the first half of this year, including receiving notices of default, auction sale notices or being repossessed by lenders, Irvine-based RealtyTrac Inc. said.

    The beautiful economy is another stereotype of falsity.

  23. Nope they are just desperate to try to get soldiers to fight their should hear the morale in the military, I know MANY soldiers that have 14-17 years in and are saying screw it, they were planning on a military carreer and are just throwing in the towel with only a few years left because of Bush's insanity...........Bush craps on them and views them as cannon fodder and they KNOW IT!

  24. Larry said...
    LOS ANGELES - The number of U.S. homes facing foreclosure surged 58 percent in the first six months of the year, the latest sign of mounting problems in the mortgage industry, a data firm said Monday.

    In all, 573,397 properties across the nation reported some sort of foreclosure activity in the first half of this year, including receiving notices of default, auction sale notices or being repossessed by lenders, Irvine-based RealtyTrac Inc. said.

    The beautiful economy is another stereotype of falsity."

    LOL, I posted that same figure this morning in the previous blog responding to that ignorant troll.

  25. Why would anyone in sound mind want to be in the military, while Bush is in control?

  26. Sorry Mike:

    I seen some troll made a snide remark on a blog he hates deeply so I went on.

  27. Here is a glowing reference:

    US Vice President Dick Cheney on Monday came to the defense of embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales amid growing pressure from lawmakers for the Justice Department chief's resignation.

    Cheney, asked in an interview with CBS radio whether Gonzales should keep his job, replied: "I do. I'm a big fan of Al's."

    The vice president also rejected suggestions that Gonzales, a long-time aide to President George W. Bush, had misled the US Senate in testimony about a dispute over a controversial spying program.

    One liar covering for another.

  28. Another Bush War:

    A former aide to Vice President Dick Cheney is briefing lawmakers on Pentagon plans for secret military intervention in Turkey, Robert Novak reported Monday.

    The Bush administration is considering covert military activity by U.S. Special Forces to help Turkish troops quash Kurdish guerilla fighters, who are believed to be using northern Iraq as safe-haven, according to the syndicated columnist.

    Undersecretary of Defense Eric S. Edelman, a former Cheney aide, briefed lawmakers on Capitol Hill last week on the plans. The plans call for secret U.S. involvement to assist Turkish action against the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

    Maybe Bush would be better off attacking Gilligans Island.

    There are only 7 people for him to fight there.

  29. Only a blind partisan like Larry Krudlow could say the economy is great..........lets see GDP is growing at around 2% inflation according to the governmenents bogus stats is 2%-3% that means growth is nonexistent to negative now if you factor in the REAL inflation rate of around 7% without all the hedonic shams to dishonestly make it appear less then GDP is negative 4%-5%.

    Foreclosures are up 58%, good paying manufacturing jobs continue to be outsourced and the deficit that is on the books is almost as large as GDP if that were a person they would declare him bankrupt............and remember that is ONLY the on book deficit that the manipulators are showing.

  30. Undersecretary of Defense Eric S. Edelman, a former Cheney aide, briefed lawmakers on Capitol Hill last week on the plans. The plans call for secret U.S. involvement to assist Turkish action against the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

    Maybe Bush would be better off attacking Gilligans Island.

    There are only 7 people for him to fight there."

    LOL, Cheney and Bush are a dumb and dumber version of the Skipper and money would be on Gilligan!

    As for little Eric Eikmanhe should just click his jackboots together and keep his mouth shut so he wont look so stupid.

  31. Here is a site that tells the economy truth:

    Calculated Risk

  32. Blowhard Cheney will be on Larry King Tuesday night fielding softball questions.

    I don't want to hear his arrogant lies.

  33. Another dried up neocon bites the dust:

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) raided the home of Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) on Monday, advancing the corruption probe that has ensnared the once-untouchable GOP dean.

    The Anchorage Daily News first reported the search of Stevens’s Girdwood, Alaska, residence on Monday afternoon, citing the assistant special agent in charge of the FBI’s local office.

    That home has fueled the investigation into Stevens’ ties to oil-field services company Veco, whose two top executives recently resigned after pleading guilty to bribery and fraud.

  34. Americans fleeing Bush's tyranny:

    The number of Americans admitted to Canada last year reached a 30-year high, with a 20 per cent increase over the previous year and nearly double the number that arrived in 2000.

    The results of a survey, conducted by the Association for Canadian Studies, also revealed that the so-called "brain drain" of Canada appears to be narrowing.

  35. Another result of the Bush economy:


    GMAC, the finance company in which General Motors Corp (GM.N: Quote, Profile, Research) sold a majority stake, posted a 63 percent decline in second-quarter profit on Monday, hurt by losses in its home lending unit.

    Net income fell to $293 million from $787 million a year earlier.

    The company's Residential Capital LLC unit posted a net loss of $254 million, compared with a profit of $548 million a year earlier, hurt by what GMAC called "severe illiquidity" in the market for subprime mortgages.

  36. Julian D.W. Phillips
    27 July 2007

    Below is a snippet from the latest weekly issue from |
    Gold Positive: Iran Wants Yen From Japan
    Not The U.S.$ For Oil
    Who And What Next?
    At the heart of the global monetary system lies the use of the U.S.$ as the currency used to pay for the globe's oil. Any change in that role has a disproportionate impact on the importance of the $ as well as its value relative to the globe's other currencies. If the oil producing nations of the world decided to use other currencies for oil payments then the global monetary system itself is undermined, making gold more attractive and long-term a safer place to hold one's savings.

    So when we heard that Iran asked the Japanese refiners to switch to the Yen to pay for all crude oil purchases, after Iran's central bank said it is reducing its holdings of the U.S.$, we realized that this is an undermining blow to the $ and will also contribute to the current fall of the $ in exchange rate values, despite any short-term rally.

    Iran wants Yen-based transactions "for any/all of your forthcoming Iranian crude oil liftings," according to a letter sent to Japanese refiners that was signed by Ali A. Arshi, general manager of crude oil marketing and exports in Tehran at the National Iranian Oil Co. The request is for all shipments "effective immediately," according to the letter, dated July 10.

    Japan's annual oil imports from Iran costs 1.24 trillion yen ($10.1 billion) against the entire world's demand for oil of around $2.354 trillion a year. This is not a huge amount of Yen let alone U.S.', but it is significant in that it is a breakaway from the $ and it is possible to break away.

    Now add this to the new policy of the Central bankers of Venezuela, Indonesia, and the United Arab Emirates, which have said they will invest less of their reserves in $ assets because of its weakening prospects. At what point will they permit the switch to other currencies in payment of oil?

    Iran isn't alone in wanting to drop the $ as the oil currency. Russia has been favoring the Ruble payment for the Urals oil export blend in rubles to curb currency risks. The nation plans to open the Energy Stock Exchange in St. Petersburg in the first half of next year to trade oil in rubles, U.B.S. AG reported June 14. Russia's ambitions as the major supplier of Europe will have considerably more impact on the $ as well as bring the Ruble into the mainstream of global currencies.

    Iran asked the refiners to use the Yen exchange rate quoted at the Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi on the date oil cargoes are loaded. The use of yen-based letters of credit for oil "has finally been approved" by the Iranian central bank and the NIOC, according to the letter, titled "New payment mechanism for Iranian Crude Oil Cargoes."

    Japan imported 1.59 million kiloliters of Iranian crude oil in May, the least since June 2006, according to government data. Only Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are larger oil suppliers to Japan than Iran.

    In addition, but not of nearly so much significance, is the policy of Iran in cutting its U.S.$ reserves to less than 20% of total foreign currency holdings. Consequently it will buy more Euros and Yen as tensions with the U.S. increase, Central Bank Governor Ebrahim Sheibany said on March 27 2007. It is important to realize that the content of reserves is not nearly as significant as the daily use of the $ in paying for oil, unless it is in the hands of a nation like China with its [so far] $1.3 trillion, sitting statically in U.S. Treasuries and other $ denominated assets.

    If one, for example cut the use of the $ in global transactions in oil by half $1.177 trillion, where will these dollars go? They will be surplus to global requirements. As we all know this amount of unutilized $s is sufficient to swamp the foreign exchanges looking for a place to go. Their eventual path will be to absorb it back into Treasuries, a burden that will hit both the Treasury yields as well as the $ exchange rate, heavily. This is why the paths we have described that lie ahead will be so pernicious to the US$. We have ignored the effect on all other $ users, which if brought in more than justify short, medium and long-term investments in gold.

    We have just been informed that China is now quoting in the € on export contracts. Has the change begun to spread significantly? If this is common practice in China the US$ will come under heavy long-term

  37. Jolly Roger knows someone who is buying gold up whenever they can, for the upcoming crash.

  38. All these countries are going to put the screws to Bush fiancially in unison.

    Sad thing is, we will suffer.

  39. Another Bush/Condi lie that ties in with Lydia's supurb post at the beginning of the article:

    Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, heading for the Middle East for a joint diplomatic mission with Defense Secretary Robert Gates, has defended Bush administration plans for major new weapons sales in the region. Rice says the multi-billion-dollar plans will not upset the regional arms balance or halt American democracy agenda among Arab states. VOA's David Gollust reports from Shannon, Ireland where Rice made a refueling stop.

  40. Gold is a good place to be right now, I predicted a recession sometime between late 2007 and early 2008 and I stand by that.

  41. Is the economy bad:

    The economy may be playing second fiddle to the Iraq war in the race for the White House in 2008, but pocketbook issues are emerging as important voter concerns.

    Even though jobs are relatively few, polls show strong undercurrents of public anxiety about healthcare, gasoline prices, and the effects of global competition.

    Many families feel they are falling behind with incomes that aren't keeping pace with inflation.

    In a Wall Street Journal/NBC poll last month, for example, 34 percent of Americans cited Iraq as the top national priority. The next closest issue was healthcare, at 15 percent. But others selected economic issues including job creation and growth (8 percent), energy and the cost of gas (6 percent), and the federal budget deficit (4 percent).

    "You have to add them up," but 33 percent of Americans see an economic issue as the top priority, says Robert Schmuhl, professor of American studies at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Ind. "Collectively, economic issues contribute to the generalized worry about the direction of the country."

  42. Warren Buffett says a severe recession by the end of 2007.

  43. Did you see the article I posted about Iran think about that in context of the Arms sale Bush just did to saudi arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Quatar etc.....

    That means Bush KNOWS things are getting bad and he is buying those countries loyalty so they will support the Petrodollar by keeping their oil sales denominated oin dollars and insure our access to oil and gas if things get ugly.

  44. Well i'm in good company if i'm in agreement with Warren Buffet..........maybe the ignorant trolls will say Buffet is wishing for a recession and WANTS to lose billions of dollars or that he isnt successful and is jealous of small fry nee-do-well cronny capitalists like Bush and Cheney that are dead wrong about just about EVERYTHING...........Aye Dolty boy......if the jackboot fits little troll!

  45. A waste of your tax dollars:

    After raising the minimum wage by 70 cents an hour this week, many members of Congress are ready to give themselves a pay increase of roughly $4,400 per year.

    That would take their annual salaries to nearly $170,000.

    Cost-of-living increases are automatic for members of Congress unless they’re voted down. The House of Representatives already has cleared the way for such a raise in 2008, but a bipartisan coalition is out to block it, with critics saying the money could be better spent during a time of war and high deficits.

    Why do they need a raise? The economy is in the sewer, the war rages on, deaths mount everyday in Iraq and Afgtanistan, Bus/Cheney/Gonzo/Condi haven't been impeached, Katrina victims are still homeless, our military has virtually been destroyed.

    Why do they need a raise for allowing that?

  46. Bush is arming the enemy by arming the Saudi's.

    Most of the 9/11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia.

  47. Another result of the Bush economy:

    It's gotten a lot tougher for first-time home buyers to secure a mortgage these days.

    With the mortgage industry rocked by soaring delinquency and foreclosure rates, particularly in the subprime loans made to people with weaker credit, lenders have become a lot stricter about doling out the dough. They have tightened their credit standards, requiring higher down payments, better credit scores and more documentation on income and assets.

    These higher hurdles hit first-time home buyers, who often struggle just to accumulate a down payment, particularly hard, experts said.

    "Even six months ago, it was pretty easy to get almost anyone a mortgage," said Bethany Marten, founder of Baldwin-based Home Buyers' Resource Center, a buyers' agency, and Mortgage 1, 2, 3, a mortgage broker. "In the past, really marginal buyers could get mortgages. But we have a lot of people we can't do loans for right now."

    Until earlier this year, home buyers enjoyed more than a decade of easy credit, which helped fuel the housing frenzy. Lenders not only loosened their standards but also created so-called "exotic mortgages," which allowed people of lesser means and weaker credit to buy homes. Lenders offered mortgages requiring no down payment or carrying low initial interest rates for the first two to five years that made monthly payments affordable. Such mortgages made it possible for many first-timers to buy homes.

    Now, a growing number of people are defaulting on those mortgages, particularly subprime ones made to people with blemished credit histories. As a result, lenders are pulling back on their offerings. In the past two weeks, for instance, several have said they are eliminating so-called 2/28 loans, which are usually subprime loans that have a lower fixed rate for the first two years before jumping to a higher adjustable rate.

  48. The Vice President went on national television today and AGAIN tried to claim he was not part of the executive branch!!!

    Change the name of the White House to the NutHouse!

  49. Wait till he is on Larry King tomorrow. If King doesn't softball him to death, he may say it again.

  50. He should be forced to go for psychological evaluation............its bad enough if an immigrant or a snot nosed kid doesnt know which branch of government the VP is but for an elected official to be THAT delusional boggles the mind.........he should be impeached just for incompetence and not having a firm grasp of reality.

  51. That IDIOT ALWAYS gets softballs the ONE time I saw ANYONE challenge Cheney with a REAL question that WASNT a softball he looked at Wolf Blitzer like a modhitman would look at a guy he's going to take out and Blitzer backed right down like a coward that was actually afraid of that dunce.

  52. Cheney is a Constitutional MORON for saying otherwise, and professors for the next 500 years will be teaching how the fool tried to remove his own office from the Executive branch simply by saying it was so.

  53. I mean, isn’t anyone ashamed right now? I mean the world is watching. They see the Vice President of the United States on national television claiming he is not part of the executive branch.

    He is a fool. A complete moron.

    And he’s making the rest of us look like morons too.

  54. That means Bush KNOWS things are getting bad and he is buying those countries loyalty so they will support the Petrodollar by keeping their oil sales denominated oin dollars and insure our access to oil and gas if things get ugly.

    Hell, I don't think "ugly" even factors into it, unless you mean the state of the dollar when you say "ugly."

    This game is UP. Everyone knows it. The people who fill up the Denalis and Excursions are getting nervous they're going to wind up with worthless paper. Guess what?

  55. The Vice President is an idiot. You can’t “argue it either way”.

    The Vice President is endowed as an office in Article II of the Constitution, which deals with the EXECUTIVE BRANCH.

    Article II

    Section 1. The executive power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America. He shall hold his office during the term of four years, and, together with the Vice President, chosen for the same term, be elected, as follows:

    While his role as President of the Senate is referenced in Article 1 it is NOT mentioned in the opening vesting of power. He is merely referenced, and given extremely limited power. His OFFICE however, is vested in Article II, which is the executive article.

    Therefore, there IS no question on the issue. As every first grader knows, the Office of Vice President is part of the executive branch, and you can’t “argue both sides”.

    There is no “both sides”.

    There is only the one.

  56. Jolly Roger said...
    That means Bush KNOWS things are getting bad and he is buying those countries loyalty so they will support the Petrodollar by keeping their oil sales denominated oin dollars and insure our access to oil and gas if things get ugly.

    Hell, I don't think "ugly" even factors into it, unless you mean the state of the dollar when you say "ugly."

    The state of the dollar is EXACTLY what I was refering to Bush is trying to buy loyalty to defend the Petrodollar!

  57. I think its time people just started vocalinzing this everywhere, especially on the news.

    We’re not afraid of the terrorists.

    We’re afraid of Bush and Cheney!

    Thats who we really fear.

  58. I've said all along Cheney is a laughingstock, a buffoon..........why people pretend that delusional idiotic fools like Cheney or Coulter are credible i'll NEVER know.......its sad actually!

  59. Well said. What is amazing to me is how long it took most of this country to figure out who the "real" W is.

  60. Mike. I just can't get past it. I'm in my "HUH?" mode still.

    I just cannot imagine a sitting Vice President getting on national television and claiming his office was not part of the executive branch of the government.

    He's an idiot.

    And he makes us all look like idiots.

  61. Now I know why they love that show, are you smarter than a 4th grader.

    Clearly they're not, cause every 4th grader knows the VP is part of the executive branch.

  62. I've said all along Cheney is a laughingstock, a buffoon..........why people pretend that delusional idiotic fools like Cheney or Coulter are credible i'll NEVER know.......its sad actually!

    Shooter is a big-time FAILURE whenever he tries his hand at anything. I knew this in 2000, when people were saying he was going to provide some kind of a steady hand. I remember yelling "ASBESTOS?!? HELLO?!?"

    He made his amends to Halliburton, st least.

  63. And like usual.......what I cant understand is NO ONE challenges him and exposes him for the fool he is.

    Its almost like people are hypnotized by these buffoons...............if I stated publicly on national tV that I am really a martian and anm not subject to the laws of this nation such as speeding, paying taxes, driving drunk etc............i'd be taken away in a strait jacket the Vice President says he is not part of the Executive Branch, something many if not most 5th graders would no and he goes unchallenged as if he said something personally normal and reasonable............its like we have pod people running our government.

  64. How two failures like that can even be elected is one thing..........but it boggles the mind how the brainwashed idiots can STILL be supporting these morons................If I was a repug I would be initiating the charge to impeach both of them to save a shred of credibility.

    ANY smart repug would do that...........I know, I know a "smart repug" is a myth like the yeti!

  65. Freeway Bloggers arrested for opposing Bush:

    A Downers Grove man believes he is being prosecuted for his political views - and an area attorney has taken his case pro bono.

    Jeff Zurawski, 39, of Downers Grove and Sarah M. Hartfield, 45, of Naperville were initially charged with disorderly conduct for displaying a banner that read "Impeach Bush and Cheney - LIARS" on May 6 on the Great Western Trail above Interstate 355.

    Jeff Zurawski of Downers Grove and Sarah Hartfield of Naperville write and sort thank-you notes they're sending to people who have contributed to their legal aid fund. They face charges for placing an anti-Bush sign above Interstate 355.
    (Kate Szrom/Staff photographer)

    » Click to enlarge image

    Jeff Zurawski and Sarah Hartfield face a year in county jail for reckless conduct and unauthorized display of sign charges after displaying a banner that read "Impeach Bush and Cheney – LIARS" on May 6 on Great Western Trail above Interstate 355.
    (Kate Szrom/Staff photographer)

    • Update: Trial date set for protesters
    But more charges were brought against the two war protesters last week in DuPage County Circuit Court in Wheaton: reckless conduct and unauthorized display of a sign in viewing of a highway, both misdemeanors.

    The new charges each carry a penalty of up to one year imprisonment, while the original charge was up to a three-month sentence in the county jail.

    "This is political prosecution," said environmental rights attorney Shawn Collins, who has taken on Zurawski and Hartfield's case pro bono.

  66. 'The Israelis are said to be very concerned about the Saudis having that precision-strike capability, so the United States will discuss basing the weapons as far away from Israel as possible,'

    Isn't this like Austin selling your enemy in Texas a bomb while you live in Oklahoma? Gee--there's a state line between the two of you. Don't you feel safe, now?
    Countries in the Middle East are miniscule compared to other parts of the world. And a border doesn't make you safe.

    In answer to the closing question-- We learn. Bush doesn't. Therefore, we're all in trouble.
    And, Larry--
    that QS is a downright bribe.
    They can't get people to enlist or reenlist -- so they stoop to bribery while trying to convince people that the armed forces are strong?

    What kind of double-speak is that???

  67. Lawrence Korb, Ronald Reagan's assistant sec of Defense, is saying unless we change something, the army will be broken worse then it was after Vietnam without ten years to rebuild it.

    He also stated the administration has NO clue as to what the hell they are doing in Iraq over all and things have just deteriorated every year because they have had no coherent plan for the mission starting April 10th.........

    Basically he is saying the fooles keep making it up as they go along and have created a fiasco in Iraq and destroyed the army because of that.

    He also says Gen Shinseki was right and since the reichwing repubies controlled congress they never asked for clarification when Dumsfeld attacked Gen Shensiki, BUT NEVER backed up his personal attack with any real facts.

  68. Joe Sestak (D)Pa. is one hell of an informed congressman on military matters,

    Probably helps he was a three star Navy Admiral before he ran for congress........

    The gutless reichwing repubies are gonna HATE having to deal with his ability to speak on military matters there..............

    Just like our gutless reichwing chicken hawks HATE anybody who calls them on their crap here......

  69. I just hope it possible to find someone genuine and caring and not a warmongering fool. I hope someone can be found that listens to the people and what they truly want for a change.

  70. What about this Bush:

    Iraq's parliament on Monday shrugged off U.S. criticism and adjourned for a month, as key lawmakers declared there was no point waiting any longer for the prime minister to deliver Washington-demanded benchmark legislation for their vote.

    Speaker Mahmoud al-Mashhadani closed the final three-hour session without a quorum present and declared lawmakers would not reconvene until Sept. 4. That date is just 11 days before the top U.S. military and political officials in Iraq must report to Congress on American progress in taming violence and organizing conditions for sectarian reconciliation.

    U.S troops and Iraqi citizens are being killed and maimed everyday, while Bush's self imposed Iraqi stooges take a lenghty vacation.

    Just like Bush does.

  71. Bush arms the enemy:

    WASHINGTON - Just 25 months after Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice denounced 60 years of US support for authoritarian governments in Arab world, she and Pentagon chief Robert Gates are on their way to the Middle East bearing arms and an uncannily familiar strategic vision to the same regimes.

    Isn't selling arms to the enemy considered Treason?

  72. Another result of Bush's war:

    Desperate shortages of drugs and medical supplies in Baghdad's overcrowded hospitals are confronting the victims of violence. But the shortages are not because of a lack of money.

    Medicines and supplies have been siphoned off and sold elsewhere because of corruption in the Iraqi government's Ministry of Health, according to a draft U.S. government report obtained by NBC News.

    The report, written by U.S. advisers to Iraq's anti-corruption agency, analyzes corruption in 12 ministries and finds devastating and grim problems: "Corruption protected by senior members of the Iraqi government," the report said, "remains untouchable."

  73. Another Bush mess:


    A suicide car bomb wounded three troops from a U.S.-led force and three Afghan civilians in the Afghan capital on Tuesday, the U.S. military said in a statement.

  74. Another result of the Bush war:


    U.S. oil climbed above $77 on Wednesday, inching towards its all-time high, on forecasts for another weekly decline in crude stocks in top consumer the United States and a recovery in world share markets.

  75. Another result of the Bush Economy:


    Johnson & Johnson said on Tuesday it planned to eliminate 3 percent to 4 percent of its work force of about 120,500 people as part of a plan to improve its cost structure

  76. It just never ends. On and on.

  77. Last night on the CBS evneing news, Katie Couric pushed a story about so called "progress in Iraq". She referenced two guys, Pollack and Ohanlon, and identified them as former war critics.

    The problem is they were not war critics. They were war advocates from the beginning.

    This story was already being pushed by AP, CNN, MSNBC and other news outlets.

    Now why did all the news outlets, suddenly, overnight, turn into FOX news?

    Consider this.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 13303 says don’t work against stabilization efforts in Iraq.

    Suppose the White House, contacted station owners and told them that their coverage was one sided, and too negative, and therefore was working against stabilization efforts in Iraq?

    Suppose they threatened to seize their assets if they didn’t start reporting positive stories on Iraq?

    Am I the only one who finds it odd that 2 weeks after Executive Order 13303 is issued, suddenly the news is calling two war advocates war critics, and tauting their bogus claims of progress in Iraq?

  78. And consider this.

    If you have to send in MORE troops to reduce the violence, then its NOT PROGRESS.

    When it takes LESS troops to quiet the violence, THEN you can call it progress.

  79. Worfeus if you get a chance find the CSPAN program where Both Former Reagan Assist Sec of Def and Gen Keane, are testifying to congress about pending legislation and the surge, especially listen to Dr Korb and how pathetic the reichwing is trying to attack a person Ronald Reagan had a lot of faith in his judgment.

    They are getting quite desperate in their defense of this illegal and immoral war. And of course at the very end Con Sestak lays out how long it will take to redeploy US forces from the theater of operations in Iraq, because of the limits of the Kuwaiti facilities to handle personnel and equipment.

    In th3e estimation of a former three star Navy admiral, it will take 3-4 years to fully redeploy all the personnel and equipment out of Iraq, because of the limited capabilities the Military has in Kuwait to handle the equipment to be cleaned and processed for shipment by sea, and the personnel redeploying who have to process the equipment they bring back with them.

    And according to the reichwing fooles in charge they haven't even begun planning for any redeployment, even though it is a military necessity.

    Looks like the idiots have made the decision to be as stupid leaving as they were invading.

  80. Worf, I said last week the FIRST people the Bush Administration will use that Executive Order on is the Media, if a TV station reports negative news or runs a documentary on all the lies of the Administration that led to war they will likely have their assets seized to deter others from goosestepping out of line.

    I think PBS may be a target for the fascists.

  81. Bush Fulfills His Grandfather's Dream

    by David Swanson

    It's remarkably common for a grandson to take up his grandfather's major project. This occurred to me when I read recently of Thor Heyerdahl's grandson taking up his mission to cross the Pacific on a raft. But what really struck me was the BBC story aired on July 23rd documenting President George W. Bush's grandfather's involvement in a 1933 plot to overthrow the U.S. government and install a fascist dictatorship. I knew the story, but had not considered the possibility that the grandson was trying to accomplish what his grandfather had failed to achieve.

    Prescott Sheldon Bush (1895 to 1972) attended Yale University and joined the secret society known as Skull and Bones. Prescott is widely reported to have stolen the skull of Native American leader Geronimo. As far as I know, this has not actually been confirmed. In fact, Prescott seems to have had a habit of making things up. He sent letters home from World War I claiming he'd received medals for heroism. After the letters were printed in newspapers, he had to retract his claims.

    If this does not yet sound like the life of a George W. Bush ancestor, try this on for size: Prescott Bush's early business efforts tended to fail. He married the daughter of a very rich man named George Herbert Walker (the guy with the compound at Kennebunkport, Maine, that now belongs to the Bush family, and the origin of Dubya's middle initial). Walker installed Prescott Bush as an executive in Thyssen and Flick. From then on, Prescott's business dealings went better, and he entered politics.

    Now, the name Thyssen comes from a German named Fritz Thyssen, major financial backer of the rise of Adolph Hitler. Thyssen was referred to in the New York Herald-Tribune as "Hitler's Angel." During the 1930s and early 1940s, and even as late as 1951, Prescott Bush was involved in business dealings with Thyssen, and was inevitably aware of both Thyssen's political activities and the fact that the companies involved were financially benefiting the nation of Germany. In addition, the companies Prescott Bush profited from included one engaged in mining operations in Poland using slave labor from Auschwitz. Two former slave laborers have sued the U.S. government and the heirs of Prescott Bush for $40 billion.

    Until the United States entered World War II it was legal for Americans to do business with Germany, but in late 1942 Prescott Bush's businesses interests were seized under the Trading with the Enemy Act. Among those businesses involved was the Hamburg America Lines, for which Prescott Bush served as a manager. A Congressional committee, in a report called the McCormack-Dickstein Report, found that Hamburg America Lines had offered free passage to Germany for journalists willing to write favorably about the Nazis, and had brought Nazi sympathizers to America. (Is this starting to remind anyone of our current president's relationship to the freedom of the press?)

    The McCormack-Dickstein Committee was established to investigate a homegrown American fascist plot hatched in 1933. Here's how the BBC promoted its recent story:

    "Document uncovers details of a planned coup in the USA in 1933 by right-wing American businessmen. The coup was aimed at toppling President Franklin D Roosevelt with the help of half-a-million war veterans. The plotters, who were alleged to involve some of the most famous families in America, (owners of Heinz, Birds Eye, Goodtea, Maxwell Hse & George Bush’s Grandfather, Prescott) believed that their country should adopt the policies of Hitler and Mussolini to beat the great depression. Mike Thomson investigates why so little is known about this biggest ever peacetime threat to American democracy."

    Actually, if you listen to the 30-minute BBC story, there is not one word of so much as speculation as to why this story is so little known. I think a clue to the answer can be found by looking into why this BBC report has not led to any U.S. media outlets picking up the story this week.

    The BBC report provides a good account of the basic story. Some of the wealthiest men in America approached Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler, beloved of many World War I veterans, many of them embittered by the government's treatment of them. Prescott Bush's group asked Butler to lead 500,000 veterans in a take-over of Washington and the White House. Butler refused and recounted the affair to the congressional committee. His account was corroborated in part by a number of witnesses, and the committee concluded that the plot was real. But the names of wealthy backers of the plot were blacked out in the committee's records, and nobody was prosecuted. According to the BBC, President Roosevelt cut a deal. He refrained from prosecuting some of the wealthiest men in America for treason. They agreed to end Wall Street's opposition to the New Deal.

    Clearly the lack of accountability in Washington, D.C., did not begin with Nancy Pelosi taking Dubya's impeachment off the table, or with Congress' decision to avoid impeachment for President Ronald Reagan (a decision that arguably played a large role in installing Prescott Bush's son George H.W. Bush as president), or with the failure to investigate the apparent deal that George H.W. Bush and others made with Iran to not release American hostages until Reagan was made president, or with the failure to prosecute Richard Nixon after he resigned. Lack of accountability is a proud tradition in our nation's capital. Or maybe I should say our former nation's capital. I don't recognize the place anymore, and I credit that to George W. Bush's efforts to fulfill his grandfather's dream using far subtler and more effective means than a military coup.

    Bush the grandson took office through a highly fraudulent election that he nonetheless lost. The Supreme Court blocked a recount of the vote and installed Dubya.

    Prescott's grandson proceeded to weaken or eliminate most of the Bill of Rights in the name of protection from a dark foreign enemy. He even tossed out habeas corpus. The grandson of Prescott, that dreamer of the 1930s, established with very little resistance that the U.S. government can kidnap, detain indefinitely on no charge, torture, and murder. The United States under Prescott Bush's grandson adopted policies that heretofore had been considered only Nazi policies, most strikingly the willingness to openly plan and engage in aggressive wars on other nations.

    At the same time, Dubya has accomplished a huge transfer of wealth within the United States from the rest of us to the extremely wealthy. He's also effected a major privatization of public operations, including the military. And he's kept tight control over the media.

    Dubya has given himself the power to rewrite all laws with signing statements. He's established that intentionally misleading the Congress about the need for a war is not a crime that carries any penalty. He's given himself the right (just as Hitler did) to open anyone's mail. He's created illegal spying programs and then proposed to legalize them. Prescott would be so proud!

    The current President Bush has accomplished much more smoothly than his grandfather could have imagined a feat that was one of the goals of Prescott's gang, namely the elimination of Congress.

  82. Looks like Murdoch is gonna get the wall street Journal after all.

    The MSM is reporting the deal is done, so now when some gutless reichwing foole tries to quote that rag, he will get reminded it is published by the same GREEDY dishonest person who foisted Fox Noise machine and The Simpsons on us, at least The Simpsons is entertaining if not more accurate then other enterprises of Murdoch.

  83. CLIF, The Simpsons makes fun of Fox News all the time. They disparage their own network and are embarrassed to be on Fox.

    There was a You Tube clip of the Simpsons calling Fox News a propaganda network, etc.

    Harry Shearer and Matt Groenig, et al are definitely upset they are on Fox...

  84. While Bush has fiddled and Iraq had burned both it's society and OUR Army up,

    Geopolitics, Oil And Water

    The most troubling element of the latter-day industrial revolutions in India and China may lie in their soaring energy demands. The rise in the consumption of natural resources is significant because of the sheer number of people involved: There are a combined 600 million Americans and Europeans, but more than a billion Chinese and a billion Indians. India's oil consumption has doubled since 1992, and China's has doubled since 1994. Today, India and China have low per-capita petroleum consumption, but if the two nations used as much oil as the U.S., there wouldn't be enough oil for the world.

    The race for resources like oil can put countries at loggerheads, and the foreign policies of both India and China are increasingly dictated by their energy needs. They have made up with historical enemies and, more alarmingly, have cozied up to nations led by despots or in otherwise unsavory states of affairs. Before our eyes, post-Cold War political alliances are shifting.

    Bush and the neo-cons are clueless fooles who have been out played by India but especially China in global real-politics.....

    And the idiot trolls here are gonna scream how bad it is when China and India have the economic power to ignore the US as a bankrupt post industrial nation with little new to offer the world economy, except for more stupid reichwing wars of aggression.

    Stupid trolls have NO ability to THINK, they just make up stupid soliloquies like dolty boy does on the pink pajama circle jerk blog, and gaydalf used to do with his delusional dishonest fantasy based false generalizations he was so proud of.

  85. Like I said Lydia;

    at least The Simpsons is entertaining if not more accurate then other enterprises of Murdoch.

  86. Thanks Clif, for these great posts.

    Hey EVERYONE -- call your Congress people and make sure your voices are HEARD RIGHT NOW regarding impeachment, the Saudi deal, and Gonzales



  87. Thank you, Larry. Cousin alley will thank you every morning, when he symbolically buries Bush in his box.

  88. Lydia, I call then almost daily.

  89. Lydia,

    Sadly, we will never learn. There's something in the American psyche that makes us think we are larger than history.

    That same history has eaten up and swallowed every other country that thought it, too, was larger than history.

  90. Lydia Cornell said...
    CLIF, The Simpsons makes fun of Fox News all the time. They disparage their own network and are embarrassed to be on Fox.

    They did it in the movie, too. Got a huge laugh.

  91. Larry,

    So this is where you call home?

    Somehow, it didn't reach my desk until today.

    I am adding this blog to my growing and splendid blogroll.

    BTW, great piece (as usual) from you.

    I just think I can't be outraged by anything this criminal administration does and then I'm floored once more.

    Too bad Speaker Pelosi doesn't "get it" as she is planning a jaunt to Paris in August to shop for art and furniture, insisting all along that "impeachment is off the table" and "Bush isn't worth impeaching."

    Ah, no Missy Nancy. You are wrong again. Bush and Cheney MUST be impeached and if she's not up to the task, then she needs to hand her damned Gavel to someone (maybe Henry Waxman?) who isn't interested in having his picture taken with Bush at GOP picnics.

  92. Hey Christopher, you got Pelosi nailed...........she's a disgrace!

    BTW, are you from SQ's blog?

  93. BTW, are you from SQ's blog?

    Hi Mike,

    No, but Suzie-Q is my pal.

    My blog is:

    I was so excited last November after Pelosi took ocer the U.S. House but, my excitement quickly turned to disbelief and finally, anger at her.

    But you something? House Minority Speakers rarely make good House Majority Speakers. It's a transition that usually results in failure.

  94. I agree I too was very hopeful when the Democrats took back congress, but at this point I feel Pelosi and Reed are two of the biggest diaspointments I have ever seen and I told them that.

    The ONLY people in Congress that seem to be doing anything are Waxman, Leahy, Feingold and Schumer.........they are all a bunch of cowards.

  95. Mike:

    Christopher visits dozens of blogs daily and he has a growing and popular blog that he updates throughout the day.

    Check it out:
    From The Left

  96. Feingold backed out of supporting Impeachment. Censure is a paper trail of nothing. He is a disappointment.

    Pelosi and Reid need to go.

  97. Murdoch trying to take over the world:

    Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. is likely to secure a deal to buy Dow Jones & Co. Inc. on Tuesday after drawing the support of a sufficient number of votes held by the company's controlling family, according to The Wall Street Journal.

  98. Feingold and Obama, ducked out of impeaching Bush and Cheney.

    Obama I can understand; he's running for president and doesn't want to rock the boat.

    Ditto for Hillary, the Queen of AIPAC.

    But Feingold? WTF? Did Cheney threaten his children?

    Oh well, where are the political heros today? Not in Washington. Maybe they're found right here in the blogosphere.

  99. The only heroes left are Keith Olbermann, and he isn't running.

  100. Nearly 20,000 U.S. troops based in the United States will begin departing for Iraq in December as part of the regular rotation of combat forces there, the Defense Department announced Tuesday.

    More troops for death. Courtesy of George W Bush!

  101. Despite growing disapproval of Congress, Democratic House candidates -- both incumbents and challengers -- are steadily gaining ground for a 2008 election likely to be a repeat of 2006, according to two surveys (here and here) by Democracy Corps.

    That doesn't mean they can't do their jobs. Like Impeach Bush!

  102. He Broke The Law:

    The White House has refused to comply with a Republican senator's request for information about Alberto Gonzales's conflicting testimony on a secret surveillance program by a 12 p.m. Tuesday deadline.

    Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA), the ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, said yesterday that he requested from the Bush administration a "letter addressing that question [of Gonzales' veracity] from the administration" by noon Tuesday, according to The Hill. He promised to release the letter to the media, but so far the word from Judiciary Committee staff is that no letter has arrived.

    Throw Gonzales in jail. They would everyone else.

  103. The only heroes left are Keith Olbermann...

    If Keith ever tires of his 21 year old trophy girlfriend and wants to play on my team, I'm available.

    Jim would kill me but he would have to understand: it's Keith Olbermann! :-)

  104. But Feingold? WTF? Did Cheney threaten his children?

    I have been wondering about that too! What happened to Feingold?

  105. Christopher said...

    BTW, are you from SQ's blog?

    Hi Mike,

    No, but Suzie-Q is my pal.

    Awww... that is sweet of you! :)

  106. Hi Lydia and Guys!

    Did you see the photo on my blog about O'Reilly and Markos?


  107. It is time to think about the "unthinkable." The Bush Administration has both the inclination and the power to cancel the 2008 election. The GOP strategy for another electoral theft in 2008 has taken clear shape, though we must assume there is much more we don't know.

    But we must also assume that if it appears to Team Bush/Cheney/Rove that the GOP will lose the 2008 election anyway (as it lost in Ohio 2006), we cannot ignore the possibility that they would simply cancel the election. Those who think this crew will quietly walk away from power are simply not paying attention. The real question is not how or when they might do it. It's how, realistically, we can stop them.

    It may be coming!

  108. Breaking News from


  109. Larry:

    I wonder if Rummy can remember anything?

  110. Suzie:

    Poor Rummy probably won't have the memory he did when he ordered the shooting.

  111. Larry's right Rummy will say alot of nothing just like Gonzo does he'll probably say he doesnt remember some where in the double digits.

  112. This comment has been removed by the author.

  113. Larry:

    Yep, and his boss probably ordered it too..

    ALL roads lead to Cheney and Bush.

  114. I do think Cheney and Rummy ordered the shooting with Bush's blessing.

  115. In Bush's quest for multiple wars, this action was recently taken with little notice:

    The United States and the European Union have agreed to expand a security program that shares personal data about millions of U.S.-bound airline passengers a year, potentially including information about a person's race, ethnicity, religion and health.

    Under the agreement, airlines flying from Europe to the United States are required to provide data related to these matters to U.S. authorities if it exists in their reservation systems. The deal allows Washington to retain and use it only "where the life of a data subject or of others could be imperiled or seriously impaired," such as in a counterterrorism investigation.

    According to the deal, the information that can be used in such exceptional circumstances includes "racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership" and data about an individual's health, traveling partners and sexual orientation.

  116. Hi Mike!

    Yes, how many times do you think he will say he can't remember? 80? 100?

  117. Larry said...

    I do think Cheney and Rummy ordered the shooting with Bush's blessing.


    Yes, I believe so too!

  118. Suzie:

    Rummy will probably cuss everyone out like normal, stonewall and be let off with bi-partisan praise.

  119. Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...
    Hi Mike!

    Yes, how many times do you think he will say he can't remember? 80? 100?'

    Like I said, somewhere between 10-100.

    And I agree, I think Cheney and Rummy ordered the hit.........but just like La Casa Nostra they will give up nothing>

  120. The Democrats will grandstand like always without accomplishing anything.

  121. I wish we had another choice........the two party systems sucks!

  122. I agree Mike but Corporate America always gets their way.

  123. I honestly don't think the monkey had anything to do with Tillman being killed. I suspect the problem was of a far more "local" variety. I DO think, however, that they went ahead and used him as their poster boy knowing full well the circumstances surrounding his death.

    What is sad is that none of us-not me, not Suzie, not mike, not anybody-can sit here and say that our President is above having a GI murdered. He;s already shown a willingness to murder them by the thousands.

  124. Thats sad but true JR, I wouldnt put ANYTHING past Cheney or Bush.

  125. "There were millions who were led to believe that George W Bush was a kind man, a compassionate man. A man of good morals."
    These people should have done their homework.

  126. Tillman was the Bush administration's Iraq war star: young, movie star handsome, a jock, turned down a football contract to go to fight in Iraq -- he had it all.

    He also had a brain. Which made him dangerous to the Bush Reich.

    When Tillman said aloud, "This war is so fucking illegal," it was like he drove a sword through Bush's hearts.

    Tillman had to be punished and I think silenced. He had become a liability to the war propaganda machine. So, they put 3 bullets in his brain.

    It was all very JFK-esque, in my opinion.

  127. Poor humble Cheney:

    July 31 (Bloomberg) -- Vice President Dick Cheney said he was wrong two years ago when he declared that the Iraq insurgency was in its ``last throes.''

    ``It turned out to be incorrect,'' Cheney said in an interview with CNN's Larry King, the same interviewer to whom he made the statement in May 2005. ``The insurgency turned out to be more robust.

    If you were wrong Cheney, then end the war now.

  128. How will you remember Bush:

    President George W. Bush will be remembered fondly on his deathbed.

    The only ones who will "remember Bush fondly" will be his lovers Condi and Harriet.

  129. Is this Bush's kind of freedom:

    (UPI) -- Iraq's Oil Ministry has directed all its agencies and departments not to deal with the country's oil unions.

    The unions and Iraq's government, especially the prime minister and oil minister, have been at odds for months now over working conditions and the draft oil law.

    This doesn't sound like the freedom Bush claimed he was bringing.

  130. The Official George W. Bush
    "Days Left In Office"

    537 DAYS
    15 Hrs 33 Min 18.2 Sec

    Will this day ever come.

  131. Reuters:

    Three U.S. soldiers were killed and six wounded on Tuesday when a roadside bomb detonated near their patrol in Baghdad, the U.S. military said on Wednesday.

    The attack raised the death toll for U.S. forces in Iraq to 77 for the month of July.

    Are you happy Bush!

  132. Baghdad:

    103 killed 148 wounded in a series of bombings today.

    "Surge" on Bush!

  133. Reuters:

    The main Sunni Arab political bloc quit the Iraqi government on Wednesday in a blow to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, while a suicide bomber driving a fuel truck killed 50 people in one of several car bombs in Baghdad.

    Bush is happy. Another day of violence and death.

  134. Haven't we heard this before:

    Vice President Dick Cheney said Tuesday a pivotal September report on the war in Iraq is likely to show “significant progress” — putting himself ahead of President Bush, who has refused to speculate on what the report will say.

    Same old tired lie.

  135. BAGHDAD:

    A fuel tanker exploded Wednesday near a gas station in western Baghdad, killing at least 50 people and wounding 60, police said.

    More deaths for oil: Courtesy of George W Bush!

  136. The only ones who will "remember Bush fondly" will be his lovers Condi and Harriet.

    Larry, you forgot Jeff "M4M Military Stud for Hire" Gannon.

    He saw/hired/employed the male hustler for at least 18 months.

    I'm certain Gannon will have a year in his when Bush finally passes and the universe comes back into balance.

  137. I am out of town until August 10, but Doug Basham is doing the radio show LIVE everyday now, Monday thru Friday during morning drive time from 8-9 AM

    I will be on a couple of times a week until we work out contract details, etc. This week we may have Harry Reid on Friday, and Hillary Clinton next week.

    Meanwhile, will someone write a post about Murdoch and the propaganda media.

    Found this quote at Daily Kos (in Mike Stark's hilarious Bill O'Reilly confrontation) in the comment section:

    "The question really is, how does one respond to Rupert Murdock and Roger Ailes? Those are the grinning theoreticians behind O'Reilly. BillO is just the trigger man, the street muscle, for the two older ideologues who are pulling his strings. Are they above reproach because they are so powerful? There may be good and sufficient grounds for yanking Murdock's citizenship. Without US citizenship Murdock would need to sell off a chunk of his media holdings. Mistakes can often be corrected. How Murdock runs his "news channels" appears to me to show contempt for our system of government. Must we tolerate that, just because he has allied himself with a corrupted political party, that he is helping to further corrupt? Think about it. When do we stand up and say "Enough".

  138. heard on NPR this AM--
    US taxpayers have paid [can't remember--either $4-bil or $40-bil (yes, I know that's a huge spread-- but I didn't write it down)] on an electric plant in Iraq.
    what did the Iraqis get out of the deal? 1 [that's ONE] hour of electricity per day.

    destroying infrastructure to fill corporate pockets-- just one more service the US provides.

  139. larry, there's always a grain of truth in a stereotype. there are those of us who have the ability to see right to the heart of a person- and saw exactly what was going on with bush. we survived one actor president in the 1980's. i guess i was wondering why we wanted to put another out there.

    as for selling arms to the saudis, i really think it's hush money- so to speak. i think that the neo cons were in collusion with the saudis to orchestrate 9/11 in order to do exactly what they have done. the pnac crowd has the money and the resources and have been planning for decades. this world that cheney built around him- sucking all of the power into the executive branch- started after his disillusionment after watergate. he has been plotting this coup for decades. power hungry folks are patient.

  140. two crows said;

    either $4-bil or $40-bil (yes, I know that's a huge spread

    It should be 4 billion,

    40 billion is about the cost of Valhalla on the Tigris,

    er I mean

    The US embassy compound in Baghdad......

  141. Dead Eye has a "tell" when he lies, (which appears to be quite often);

    TPMtv, Dick Cheney: Lying Liar Edition

    One thing we learned last night is that not only is Dick Cheney a big liar, he's also probably lousy at poker. Because the guy has a classic tell. If you watch when he lies to Larry King, he can't make eye contact. Once you know what to look for it's really jarring and obvious.

    In today's episode of TPMtv, we give you all the key highlights of last night's fibfest on Larry King Live (special bonus no-eye-contact moment comes toward the end) ...

    --Josh Marshall

    Isn't that special?

  142. BTW,

    Is amnesia contagious?

    It seems to be spreading to any administration officials who have to testify to the current congress or answer questions now the truth is coming out.

    I didn't know it was that contagious....

  143. Looks like the surge has totally FAILED......

    Bombs rock Baghdad, killing 70, as unity government crumbles

    Thunderous car bomb blasts echoed around Baghdad on Wednesday, killing at least 70 people, as Iraq's national unity coalition collapsed under the weight of sectarian tensions.

    New government figures also revealed civilian deaths in the country rose by one third last month, dealing a further blow to a five-month-old security plan designed to stabilise Baghdad and allow for reconciliation.

    Three large bombs tore through crowded districts of the capital, leaving at least 70 people dead and feeding the communal bitterness that has undermined Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's US-backed government.

    In the largest blast, a truck bomb detonated near a filling station in the west of the city, setting fire to a huge fuel tank, killing at least 50 people and wounding at least 60 more, Iraqi security officials said.

    A medic at the nearby Yarmuk Hospital said the emergency room struggled to cope with the wave of incoming wounded.

    "There were not many lightly injured people, everyone had medium or severe burns. Some of them got beds, but others had to lie on the floor and some were given first aid then sent on to other hospitals," he said.

    Earlier a car bomb ripped through a busy shopping district, killing at least 16 Iraqis and wounding 14, according to Brigadier General Qassim Atta, an Iraqi army spokesman for Baghdad.

    The blast near the Karrada Harij electronics market at a crossroads known for the popular Al-Fiqma ice cream store sent a dull boom echoing across the city and a plume of smoke skywards.

    There was no word on who might have planted the bomb, but the area is known as a stronghold of supporters of Shiite leader Abdel Aziz al-Hakim, and previous attacks of this kind have been blamed on Sunni extremists.

    A third car bomb in the southern neighbourhood of Dura, one of Baghdad's most notorious districts, killed three more people and wounded another five, according to security officials.

    Two off-duty Iraqi policemen were shot dead when gunmen ambushed their car in the Al-Saydiya neighbourhood in southwest Baghdad, a security official said.

    As the explosions rumbled across the city, ministers from the Concord Front, Iraq's largest Sunni bloc, resigned from the ruling coalition and effectively ended its claim to be a government of national unity.

    "The Front announces its withdrawal from the government of Nuri al-Maliki and the deputy prime minister and the ministers will submit their resignation today," said Rafie al-Issawi, minister of state for foreign affairs.

    Issawi made the announcement at a news conference inside Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone as Sunni Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi and other senior members of the bloc stood behind him.

    Hashemi will remain vice president and the bloc's 44 parliamentarians will return to the National Assembly in September after its summer recess, when they will swell the already growing ranks of the opposition.

    The Front has accused the government of failing to rein in Shiite militias and of the arbitrary arrest and detention of Sunnis, but on Wednesday leaders seemed to leave the door open for future discussions.

    "Our central and historic goal is reform. We will reconsider the withdrawal tomorrow if they review our demands," Hashemi said.

    The decision comes at a time when Maliki's government is under intense pressure to make use of the space afforded by a five-month-old "surge" of US troops to hammer out political agreements between the rival factions.

    But with parliament having gone on holiday without passing any of the benchmark reforms demanded by Washington, it is unlikely any progress will be made ahead of September's progress report to the US Congress on the surge.

    "Democracy is never easy," US embassy spokesman Philip Reeker told reporters. "It is certainly not easy with the problems that face Iraq. These are things that Iraqi political leaders need to grapple with."

    "In Iraq it's very hard ... They have to get through these very difficult challenges. It is frustrating? Absolutely. It's frustrating for us. It's frustrating for them and it's frustrating for the Iraqi government."

    In a further blow to the surge, numbers released by government ministries on Wednesday revealed that the number of Iraqi civilians killed in the country's brutal civil conflict rose by more than a third in July.

    At least 1,652 civilians were killed in Iraq in July, 33 percent more than in the previous month, according to figures compiled by the Iraqi health, defence and interior ministries and made available to AFP.

    Meanwhile, the US military said four more troops were killed on Tuesday, bringing US losses since the March 2003 invasion to 3,653, with 83 killed in July, according to an AFP count based on Pentagon figures.

    Separately, Britain confirmed that another of its soldiers had been killed by a bomb in the southern city of Basra on Tuesday, bringing to 164 the number to have died in Iraq.

    Looks like the government of Prime Minister Maliki is teetering on it's last legs, instead of working on solving problems that Bush's illegal invasion spawned......

    heck of a job Georgie......

  144. CLASSIC

    Couldn't have happened to a more deserving SOB......

  145. In 1998, Chimpy showed anyone who wanted to see how "compassionate" he was when he made fun of a woman he was responsible for having executed.

    I saw it, and people like Vlad the Impaler went through my mind. Chimpletons, being as basically inhuman as their Messiah is, saw..... a Messiah.

    There is no excuse for anyone who bought into that "compassionate conservative" bullsh*t.

  146. Good post. We definitely can't let ourselves fall for any more phony politicians with simplistic soundbites. As the song says, "We Won't Get Fooled Again!"

    Who Hijacked Our Country

  147. Remember this when some troll says US military deaths in Iraq are way down;

    Number of US troops killed in Iraq, July, 2007: 78

    Number of US troops killed in Iraq, July, 2006: 43.

    Number of US troops killed in Iraq, July, 2005: 58.

    Number of US troops killed in Iraq, July, 2004: 58.

    Number of US troops killed in Iraq, July, 2003: 49.

    at the same time the surge saw a 23% rise in Iraqi deaths over June.

  148. Looks to me like MORE Americans are being killed every year thanks to Bush's ignorance.

  149. BTW, trolls about that economy being so good..........seems oil is close to an all time high and the stock market is swooning and the REAL smart men like Warren Buffet are predicting a recession........but idiots like GWB pretend they actually KNOW something about economics or war or foreign relations and diplomacy.......its really sad.

  150. Sunday, July 29, 2007
    American Soldiers Killed with American Weapons

    After the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979, our government supplied weapons to Afghan rebels to help them drive out the Soviets. Some of these rebel groups later turned against us and mutated into Islamic terrorist groups, including al Qaeda.

    In the early 1980s we poured weapons into Iraq to help them in their war with Iran (“the enemy of my enemy is my friend”). Then we were shocked by the Frankenstein we’d created, and we had to invade Iraq because they had “Weapons of Mass Destruction.”

    Well, at least we've learned from our mistakes. We won't do anything like that again now, will we.

    Let’s see, most of the 9/11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. Among the terrorists and suicide bombers in Iraq, nearly half of them — more than from any other country — are from Saudi Arabia. The Saudi government is possibly the worst police state in the world; far worse than Iraq ever was under Saddam Hussein. And there's been all kinds of speculation about the close ties between the bin Laden clan and the Saudi Royal Family.

    So, whaddya say we sell a bunch of weapons to Saudi Arabia. Satellite-guided bombs, new naval vessels — come on, they're our friends; we can trust them. They’ll be our faithful allies against Iran.

    The Bush Administration motto seems to be: "Every time I stick my finger in that electric socket I get a shock. I think I'll stick my finger in there again and see what happens."
    Labels: weapons to Saudi Arabia

    posted by Tom Harper @ 6:09 PM 12 comments links to this post

  151. This comment has been removed by the author.

  152. Only in a goberment lead by George W Bush;

    Without a Country: Iraq War Vet Gets Deportation Papers

    An Iraq war veteran who grew up in the United States says the country he fought for now wants to send him back to Mexico.

    He went to war a soldier but somehow returned as an illegal immigrant.

    Wanna bet the chicken shit chicken hawks will fail to aid this REAL American Hero?

  153. Friday, July 27, 2007
    Gorbachev Bitch-Slaps Bush

    Things have come full circle. The Red Menace that we were afraid would “bury us” — the Evil Empire — is now warning the President of the United States about his dangerous and reckless behavior.

    Mikhail Gorbachev, who presided over the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1989, accused Bush of “sowing disorder across the world by seeking to build an empire.”

    He said that after the Cold War ended, “The Americans then gave birth to the idea of a new empire, world leadership by a single power, and what followed? What has followed are unilateral actions, what has followed are wars, what has followed is ignoring the U.N. Security Council, ignoring international law and ignoring the will of the people, even the American people.”

    He continued: “When I look at today’s world I have a worrying feeling about the growth of world disorder. I don’t think the current President of the United States and his administration will be able to change the situation as it is developing now — it is very dangerous…It is a massive strategic mistake: no single center can command the entire world, no one.”

    Gorbachev knows first hand what he's talking about. When the Soviet Union collapsed on his watch, the Soviet military was hopelessly quagmired in Afghanistan, which was supposed to be a “slam dunk” nine years earlier. The war in Afghanistan, together with the out-of-control military spending which pushed the Soviet government into bankruptcy, was the death knell for the Soviet Union.

    On the other hand, Iraqmire, together with America’s trillion dollar deficit — oops, don’t even go there…
    Labels: Afghanistan, Bush, Evil Empire, Iraqmire, Mikhail Gorbachev, Red Menace, Soviet Union

    posted by Tom Harper @ 12:17 PM 21 comments links to this post

  154. Wednesday, July 25, 2007
    George W. Bush: “I Haven’t Learned a F#$%%#! Thing in the Past Five Years!”

    When laboratory rats are led to a tunnel that contains cheese, these rats will continue to go back to that same tunnel expecting to find more cheese. But they’ll only do this for awhile. After a point, if they no longer find cheese in the tunnel, the rats will get the drift and they’ll stop going into that tunnel to look for cheese.

    If only the President of the United States could be a rat. This Presidential Rat would be a whole lot smarter than the F#!$%#&*&%#$#!! who currently occupies the White House.

    It’s bad enough that Bush and his puppetmasters deceived us into the Iraqi invasion 4-½ years ago. But it’s even scarier that almost five years later, the White House Puppet still believes his own phony rhetoric. Most of the 9/11 hijackers were from Eye-Rack, and Saddam bin Hussein Laden was their leader. We've gotta fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here. And now that we've killed almost 4,000 American soldiers and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians, America is safer than she’s ever been.

    AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!! Don’t you just want to grab that stupid dense obtuse little F#!$%&*!#$#!! by the lapels and shake and shake and shake some sense into that thick skull?!?!?!?!?

    Barely 25% of the American population still believes Bush’s non-stop drivel. That’s about the same as the percentage that believes the sun revolves around the Earth. Coincidence?

    The entire White House needs a colonoscopy. And this time, get every last one of those polyps outta there.
    Labels: George W. Bush, Osama bin Laden, Saddam bin Hussein Laden, Saddam Hussein, White House colonoscopy

  155. Monday, July 23, 2007
    Electrodes Gonzales Worried About “Image Problem”

    This probably sounds like a skit from Saturday Night Live or The Daily Show, but it’s an actual news item. Abu Gonzales is concerned about his “image problem.” OOPS, hope you didn’t just spew your drink all over your keyboard.

    Image problem?!?!?!?!?!? WTF? This is the drooling idiot who said the Geneva Convention is “quaint and outdated.” It’s also the same twisted sickfuck who said an interrogation technique is not torture as long as it doesn’t result in “organ failure.” Then there's the firing of those U.S. attorneys who weren’t quite gung ho enough about the Bush agenda, and his perjured testimony before Congress… (If his memory is one tenth as bad as he's pretending, he needs to be transported to an assisted living facility ASAP.)

    And the solution to all these scandals is to fix his image problem??? Trying to fix Torquemada Gonzales’ “image problem” is like trying to clean the world's filthiest outhouse by spraying it with an air freshener.

    Alberto Gonzales is probably the only person in the world who could make us long for the good old days when John Ashcroft was attorney general. Gonzales’ response to all the uproar over his scandals: “These allegations have been troubling to hear.”

    Sen. Charles E. Schumer, D-N.Y., cut through all the bullshit by saying: “There are probably only two people on Earth who think the attorney general ought to stay: Alberto Gonzales and President Bush. As long as he’s in charge, the Justice Department, the rule of law and America will suffer.”

    We need to remove this malignant polyp from the Justice Department.
    Labels: Abu Gonzales, Charles Schumer, Electrodes Gonzales, Gonzales image problem, Torquemada Gonzales

    posted by Tom Harper @ 12:57 PM 16 comments links to this post

  156. Man, that was some good stuff.

  157. Clif isnt it interesting how oil is reaching NEW highs yet the dollar is being managed up rather than just slowing its inevitable decline........I think Bernanke has started monetizing our debt to prop up the dollar and hold down interest rates for as long as possible...........When we enter recession though and Bernanke is pressured domestically to lower interest rates and pressured by foreigners to raise them and the printing press expanded money supply scam gets exposed.......thigs will REALLY get interesting.......I still Say Bernanke will be the next Andrew Mellon and GWB the next Hoover!

  158. Jolly Roger said...
    In 1998, Chimpy showed anyone who wanted to see how "compassionate" he was when he made fun of a woman he was responsible for having executed.

    I saw it, and people like Vlad the Impaler went through my mind. Chimpletons, being as basically inhuman as their Messiah is, saw..... a Messiah.

    There is no excuse for anyone who bought into that "compassionate conservative" bullsh*t."

    Compassionate Conservative is an Oxymoron kinda like jumbo shrimp........but clearly the chimp was appealing to his base with this catchphrase because ONLY the brainless goosestepping, blindlyly loyal inbred partisan rednecks would buy this one.

  159. Mike here is a little of the truths which point out how shaky the economy really is at this point;

    American Home can't fund loans

    American Home Mortgage Investment Corp (AHM.N), a large U.S. mortgage provider, said on Tuesday it can no longer fund home loans and may liquidate assets, putting its survival in doubt.

    Investors take action against Bear Stearns over bankrupt hedge funds

    Investors in two Bear Stearns Cos. hedge funds took action against the company Wednesday for allegedly misleading them about the extent of the investment bank's exposure to risky mortgage-backed securities, a lawyer for the plaintiffs said.

    The move comes as the two funds filed for bankruptcy protection, two weeks after the company told investors one was essentially worthless and the other had lost more than 90 percent of its value.

    As the fate of those two funds moves into court, Bear Stearns said it moved late Tuesday to prevent investors from pulling money out of a third hedge fund, which had $850 million (€622 million) invested in highly rated mortgage-backed securities.

    Which leads some to ask questions like this;

    The Crash of 1929: Are We on the Verge of a Repeat?

    Hedge funds have helped create a counterfeit economy that some experts say could lead to another full-blown economic depression.

    Makes me wonder how long they can keep the “plunge protection team’s actions” from the sheeple who blindly invest in wall Street thinking that game ain’t rigged at this time......

  160. Of course there is still this little gem thanks to the republican borrow and spend style of government spending;

    Paulson: US should boost debt limit : Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson on Monday said the United States may be unable to pay its bills this fall unless Congress raises the government's borrowing authority, now capped at $8.965 trillion.

    Which basically means they need to borrow MORE money on top of all the money they have borrowed since Ronald Reagan fooles the idiots in the republican party it was a good idea to borrow money with no plans to ever repay it like the stupid people they really are, they think they never have to pay their bills or for their crimes.

  161. Clif isnt it interesting how oil is reaching NEW highs yet the dollar is being managed up rather than just slowing its inevitable decline.....


    I think and I believe, the greenback's slide is in preparation for the launch of the North American single currency scheme.

    Shortly after the EU launched the euro, the NWO and the money boys realized for corporate America to remain competitive with the hugely successful euro, the U.S. would need to enter into a similar arrangement with Canadaland and Mexico.

    Had Bushco not gotten sidetracked by his disasterous Iraq war, the NAU dollar scheme would've been floated by now. Brokering the concept to the American people will now fall to Hillary Clinton and make no mistake; Wall Street supports Le Hill and Wall Street supports the North American single currency scheme.

  162. The end result of borrowing with no plans to repay?

    Goldman Sachs guru warns of war-debt failure

    Is America becoming a global credit risk? How to get back on track

    Subprimes downgraded. Will Moody's downgrade America's debt next? Actually, that's already happening; our credit rating is collapsing with the dollar.

    Foreign banks are dumping dollar reserves, while we gorge on cheap toys and bad pet food. Actually, our biggest "terrorist" threat is internal: Distorted values are downgrading our nation's "creditworthiness." We're like out-of-control kids with stolen credit cards, spending our future with no plans to repay.

    Recently Robert Hormats, vice chairman of Goldman Sachs (International), appeared before the U.S. House Budget Committee to "discuss an issue of great economic, financial and national security importance to our country -- the growing dependence of the United States on foreign capital." Currently we import $1 trillion new debt annually, with no repayment plans. That's a historic break from over two centuries of American policy.

    Heck of a job for the idiot trickle down repubies and their stupid sycophants over the last 27 years.......

  163. It is a damn shame the delusional foole gay-dalf quit defending the lunacy of the repubies like borrowing money with no plans to ever repay it.......

    he was so funny trying to defend it all....

    When he wasn't defending his draft dodging schemes.

  164. Bush ignores the law:

    President Bush is expected to claim executive privilege to prevent two more White House aides from testifying before Congress about the firings of federal prosecutors.

    Thursday is the deadline for Karl Rove, Bush's top political adviser, to provide testimony and documents related to the firings, under a subpoena from the Senate Judiciary Committee.

    Why can't normal citizens ignore subpoena's?

  165. Why is this secret:

    The Bush administration's chief intelligence official said yesterday that President Bush authorized a series of secret surveillance activities under a single executive order in late 2001. The disclosure makes clear that a controversial National Security Agency program was part of a much broader operation than the president previously described.

    The disclosure by Mike McConnell, the director of national intelligence, appears to be the first time that the administration has publicly acknowledged that Bush's order included undisclosed activities beyond the warrantless surveillance.


  166. I thought Bush said he had the Iraqi government in place:

    The main Sunni Arab political bloc quit the Iraqi government on Wednesday in a blow to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, while a suicide bomber driving a fuel truck killed 50 people in one of several car bombs in Baghdad.

    The Sunni Accordance Front announced its pull-out from Maliki's Shi'ite-led coalition over his failure to meet a list of about a dozen demands, including a greater say in security matters.

    Another bang up job Bush!

  167. Just saw John Solz on Harball and he's brilliant -- discussing the Pat Tillman case and Bush's "exec privilege" order.

    Please EVERYONE go to

    and sign the letter to Bush and Congress forcing Bush to dismantle executive privilege.

  168. The cover-up of the stolen Ohio 204 election is complete;

    In Violation of Federal Law, Ohio's 2004 Presidential Election Records Are Destroyed or Missing

    In 56 of Ohio's 88 counties, ballots and election records from 2004 have been "accidentally" destroyed, despite a federal order to preserve them -- it was crucial evidence which would have revealed whether the election was stolen.

    Two-thirds of Ohio counties have destroyed or lost their 2004 presidential ballots and related election records, according to letters from county election officials to the Ohio Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner.

    The lost records violate Ohio law, which states federal election records must be kept for 22 months after Election Day, and a U.S. District Court order issued last September that the 2004 ballots be preserved while the court hears a civil rights lawsuit alleging voter suppression of African-American voters in Columbus.

    The destruction of the election records also frustrates efforts by the media and historians to determine the accuracy of Ohio's 2004 vote count, because in county after county the key evidence needed to understand vote count anomalies apparently no longer exists.

    From a legal and historical standpoint, this is important, but by NOW I bet the reichwing wishes it hadn't screwed the country stealing TWO elections to emplace Chimpy McFlightsuit and his puppet master in the executive branch (even if dead eye ain't so sure that is where constitutionally where he actually works.)

    Karma's a bitch in ways like this ain't it you clowns?

  169. CBS:

    Servicemen and women who made huge sacrifices fighting in the war and now paying yet another price, even after coming home.

    One soldier in particular is currently battling against a new "debt of service."

    Brian Rodriguez is a fighter, an honorably discharged soldier who'd been deployed in Iraq.

    "I was a combat engineer," Rodriguez said. "We deal with land mines, explosives."

    He fought for his nation, only to return to his homeland and wage a fresh battle.

    Former Army Specialist Rodriguez started getting bills for $700 for lost or damaged government property this summer. Although he was discharged some four years ago, bills recently arrived demanding payment, but giving no details on what or why -- nor do they offer a way to dispute the charges.

    "For doing my job you're going to bill me?" Rodriguez said.

    And he's not alone. A 2006 government report found more than 1,000 soldiers being billed a total of $1.5 million. And while fighting overseas put their lives on the line, this battle on paper could cost them their future by ruining their credit. Rodriguez will be reported to credit agencies next month.

    This is outrageous. Hasn't he paid enough with his life!

  170. Larry,


    I blogged about the "debt of service" idiocy a few days ago.

    What will it take to get Speaker Botox to open her eyes and order the damned Articles of Impeachment for Bush and Cheney?

    The longer they hide behind the old chestnut of "oh, we don't have enough votes," the lower the Dems in Congress sink in the polls.

  171. I love, they're wonderful folks and very smart.

  172. Jail Him:

    White House senior adviser Karl Rove has rebuked a Senate Judiciary Committee subpoena and will not appear Thursday to testify about his role in the firing of nine US Attorneys, Sen. Patrick Leahy said late Wednesday.

    The committee chairman said chided the White House for allowing Rove to give public speeches about the attorney firing scandal but will not permit his testimony under oath.

    If a citizen refused this, they would be in jail.

  173. Ok, I added my name to the votevets petition.

    As for the impeachment, I guess Pelosi isnt raising the issue because there arent enough votes for conviction. Of course there aren't -- that was never the question. Hell, they didnt have enough votes to convict Clinton either -- his acquittal though is very often overlooked.

    Impeachemnt, even if it leads to acquittal, will show dubbledum and Herr Cheney that there has to be some accountability. It will also show future presidents what can happen if they try to run amok.

    There's also a possibility of redumblican senators voting for conviction -- after all, they have to run again for their office.

  174. Fox "News" got in trouble when two reporters sued Fox for falsifying news stories. They sued, won a large settlement, then Fox appealed and won the appeal.

    An appeals judge decided it's okay to falsify, lie, slander and propagandize.

    Laura Ingraham (right-wing extremist) will replace Paula Zahn at CNN.

    Rupert Murdoch buys the most influential business newspaper in America.

    All this is happening in the year before THE ELECTION.

    Talk about buying the media to sway votes...

  175. I'm not sure that Murdoch buying the Wall Street Journal will make that much of a difference. Their editorial pages make Fox News look like Keith Olbermann's Special Comments section

  176. Larry said...
    Jail Him:

    White House senior adviser Karl Rove has rebuked a Senate Judiciary Committee subpoena and will not appear Thursday to testify about his role in the firing of nine US Attorneys, Sen. Patrick Leahy said late Wednesday.

    The committee chairman said chided the White House for allowing Rove to give public speeches about the attorney firing scandal but will not permit his testimony under oath.

    If a citizen refused this, they would be in jail."

    The guys who destroyed the Ohio ballot and election records for 2004 should be in jail as should Rove, Miers and Gonzalez................What the hell happened to accountability if ANYONE ELSE destroyed or tampered with evidence of crimes or fraud, or obstructed justice by lying or refusing to testify they would be in jail...........their is ABSOLUTELY zero accountability for the repugs they do as they please unchallenged with no repercussions.

    Pelosi and most of the democratic congress are a disgrace, we need a third party to give us a REAL choice rather that bad and as bad as it gets.

    If THIS Congress is as good as it gets we should all just move to Switzerland and tell em they can have their fascist dictatorship and police state since they seem indifferent to choosing freedom and democracy.

  177. MCH said...
    I'm not sure that Murdoch buying the Wall Street Journal will make that much of a difference. Their editorial pages make Fox News look like Keith Olbermann's Special Comments section.

    Sorry but I believe this is some of the worst news we have heard in a while.......while the WSJ certainly had a conservative leaning it was basically factually based, had decent news coverage and was certainly not a propagandist fantasy based sorcerers rag whose sole purpose is to deceive, manipulate and influence people as it will become under that fascist Murdock..........I will NEVER read that rag again and i hope they go out of business to teach Murdock and the imperial faction of GWB and their corporate fascist cronnies that people want REAL news not BS propaganda and Neo Con groupthink................what this shows is we are one step closer to fascism as a proven liar and media sorcerer is allowed to increase his empire of lies and dishonesty at the expense of credible fact ased news and truth.

  178. Hitler controlled Germany by taking over the media.

    Isn't that what Murdoch is trying to do?

  179. On the July 31 broadcast of her nationally syndicated radio show, Laura Ingraham -- who has attacked reporters stationed in Iraq for "report[ing] only on the IEDs [improvised explosive devices], only on the killings ... only on the reprisals," and for "reporting from hotel balconies" instead of in the field -- said CNN "emailed me" and "said, 'Will you fill in the 8 o'clock [p.m. ET] hour for a week?' " Paula Zahn Now currently occupies the 8 p.m. weeknight time slot on CNN, but host Paula Zahn is leaving the network, to be replaced ultimately by Campbell Brown.

    Ingraham is the second conservative radio personality that CNN has recruited to guest host a prime-time show during the 8 p.m. time slot. As Media Matters for America noted, Glenn Beck, whom CNN hired in 2006 to host a CNN Headline News program, filled in for Zahn from July 2-6.

  180. Thats exactly what Bush and Murdock are doing and that is the definition of fascism where the government, MSM and corporations are all in cahoots.

  181. Good post. What's so ironic is that Bush used his Christian faith in order to develop his image and gain people's trust, but those Christians who trusted him failed to look at his "works" as the Bible calls it. Bush had nothing in his history to show that he would really be compassionate or live up to the image he wanted us to believe.

  182. I heard Laura Ingraham would have a one week try out in Zahn's slot before Campbell Brown comes in permanently.

    If she (Ingraham) shines, CNN may build a show around her -- possibly to replace that other GOP dolt, Glenn Beck, whose show is always in last place.

  183. Larry- I probally won't be able to crawl through this pile of comments- but I wanted to tell you that this post about stereotypes was very well written...and actually is very thoughtful towards alot of disillusioned repugs....welldone....

    let me know when the new blog is up and I can make sure to put on the blogroll...congrats on the Koufax nominations...