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From the Associated Press
January 25, 2007

CLEVELAND -- Two election workers were convicted Wednesday of rigging a recount of the 2004 presidential election to avoid a more thorough review in Ohio's most populous county.

Jacqueline Maiden, elections coordinator of the Cuyahoga County
Elections Board, and ballot manager Kathleen Dreamer each were convicted of a felony count of negligent misconduct by an elections employee. They also were convicted of one misdemeanor count each of failure to perform their duty as elections employees.

Prosecutors accused Maiden and Dreamer of secretly reviewing preselected ballots before a public recount on Dec. 16, 2004. They worked behind closed doors for three days to pick ballots they knew would not cause discrepancies when checked by hand, prosecutors said.

Ohio gave President Bush the electoral votes he needed to defeat Democratic Sen. John F. Kerry in the close election and hold on to the White House in 2004.

Maiden and Dreamer will be sentenced Feb. 26.

President Bush's State of the Union address only drives home why we need to take to the streets this Saturday. As much as he spoke of "hope and opportunity" for America's future Tuesday night, Bush is squandering our truest hopes and opportunities by funneling so much money into an unnecessary war.

This recent graphic in the NY Times highlights how recklessly our tax dollars are being used. We are pouring $200 billion dollars into the war in Iraq, while universal health care for everyone in the country without insurance would cost just half that amount. Universal preschool would only cost our country $35 billion. Immunizing the entire world's children against diseases such as measles and diphtheria would cost $0.6 billion.

We can't let this madness continue.

Join us on January 27 to say No More Funding for War! Bring Our Troops Home Now! We will use our feet and our lungs and our signs and our outrage to let Bush and our new Congress know that we are serious about ending this war.

If you can't make it to DC, see if there is a solidarity event being planned in your area. If not, create your own, even if that means standing alone on a street corner with a sign! In lieu of lobbying, you can call your Congressperson to demand they cut the funding for George Bush's War. Our voices are powerful, wherever we may be geographically. We know peace is the only real path to hope and opportunity for this country. Together we will make it happen.We are packing our bags, jumping onto buses and trains and planes, flinging our pink boas around our necks, ready and excited to bring our Women Say No to War campaign to the streets of Washington, DC!

Women will be a powerful force at the massive Mandate for Peace mobilization this Saturday, January 27-before the march, too, when we will join with Jane Fonda, Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn, Eve Ensler, Q'orianka Kilcher, Rhea Perlman, Mimi Kennedy, Congresswomen Lynn Woolsey and Maxine Waters, and other amazing women for a colorful and rowdy Women Say Pull Out convergence. We hope you'll join us!

"I have been walking the halls of Congress this week with Iraq veterans to help get them the health care and benefits they need and deserve. And I'll be back on Saturday to join the anti-war march and encourage all Americans to come out and engage. Let's show we really care about our troops by bringing them home now and taking care of them when they get here."

Susan Sarandon

Read it here


  1. Rats, and I have something big to do that day...ah well, there will be other peace rallies, because goodness knows this jackass in office will have other wars going on before long...

  2. I will be there in spirit Lydia but I'm almost positive on the Code Pink site (or maybe it was the United for Peace site) that there is a protest scheduled in Portland, Maine @ noontime. I'm going if that is the case! If it's not the case, then I do what I always do and that is go to my favorite spot on a bridge in Portland and hold up my protest sign. ;-) I'm a walking protest at this point.

    Lydia, would you mind if I put your blog on my blogroll? Thank you!

    Peace to you as always. ;-)

  3. Thanks Kay! I'd love for you to put me on your blogroll, and I'll do the same. I have your old one up, but I'll put the new one up instead.

    You are a shining light Kay, thank you for all you do.

  4. Kay - and you are SO BEAUTIFUL!!

    Worf - great comments on the last thread, thank you.

    Thanks to Mike and Clif too.

  5. So the Ohio recount was rigged...gee...there's a shock. I wonder how the right wingers here who always talk about personal freedom and liberty feel about that?

    Too bad they run like teeny little cowards when confronted by ugly truths...

  6. So its not just another "conspiracy theory" like the idiot right wing trolls in here have been heckling us about for so long.

    They were CONVICTED?

    Well, all I can say it was nice of he US Military to go over to the middle east to bring all those nice Iraqi's democracy.

    Maybe when they're through they could bring a little of it over here?

  7. Meanwhile our dictator in cheif is ready to start world war 3 by invading Iran.


    Maybe he doesn't like them because their name describes what he did during the Viet Nam War?

    I - Ran

  8. Or maybe he just hates the Flock Of Seagulls...

    "damn rock band, always crapping Daddy's Jaguar in Kennebunkport...

  9. That's two straight elections. The good news, Worf, is this time, Conyers isn't going to let it go.

  10. You took the words right out of my mouth Carl, that is two elections were the will of the people was denied and A dictator was put in place via election fraud.

    FF, TT and the other trolls have been calling us conspiracy waccos from day one, and as usual it turns out just about EVERYTHING we have said has proven correct.

    I have stated many times that election fraud should be considered an act of treason with mandatory life in prison with no pardon by the president or any other party that may have a conflict of interest or vested interest in the outcome.

    Life in prison would certainly be a deterent to this type criminal treasonous act.

  11. What i'm wondering is if GWB could be removed since he is in power based on a lie.

  12. BTW Kay, good to hear from you.

  13. Mike said...
    What i'm wondering is if GWB could be removed since he is in power based on a lie.

    Only if the democrats suddenly grow some balls.

    And based on their performance Tuesday night, its not looking too good.

  14. Yeah, I hope your wrong because the Democrats sure are saying alot of the right things, but still I cant shake the feeling that just like in 2002-2003 many of them are playing not to lose instead of playing to win.

    In the 2002-2003 run up to the Iraq war the democrats were intimidated into supporting GWB's war because they did not want to APPEAR weak on terrorism and/or national defense, just like that period I cant help but feel that while they are clearly speaking out and making it clear they oppose the war and GWB's plan, I dont think they have the balls to either confront him and take action to stop the war or impeach Bush, I think they are taking the approach lets just sit back and let GWB hang himself and the repug party and not make any mistakes.

  15. And while sitting back and not making any mistakes while GWB self destructs and takes the entire repug party with him into oblivion may be a sound strategy to capture the white house and gain further control of congress, it is not appropriate while we have thousands of troops dying for nothing and are wasting billions every year, fast approaching a trillion for a senseless illegal war when that money could be spent in far better ways domestically.

    We elected the current congress to take us in a new direction and to do what is right, and to restore the will of the people, not what is politically prudent for their party.

  16. This is part of the real costs of the War in Iraq they are trying to Hide;

    US Iraq casualties exceed 51,001

    By Michael Munk

    US military occupation forces suffered at least 316 combat casulties (up sharply from 129) in the week ending Jan 24, and another 14 died from "non-hostile" causes, so total casualties reached at least 51,001.The total includes 25,579 killed or wounded by what the Pentagon classifies as "hostile" causes and 25,422 dead and injured (latest number is from Dec. 4--two months ago) from "non-hostile" causes such as accidents, suicides and illness serious enough to require medical evacuation.

    US media divert attention from the actual cost in American life and limb by routinely reporting only the total killed (3,064 as of Jan. 24) and rarely mentioning the 23,114 wounded in combat. To further minmize public perception of the cost, they cover for the Pentagon by ignoring the 24,823 military victims who suffered "non-hostile" injuries and illness as of Dec 4, although the 3,064 reported deaths includes the 599 (up 14 from last week) who died from those same causes. Another 153 American "contractors" (up six--including the Blackwater mercenaries) have also been killed since they invaded Iraq.

    Although not defined as "casualties" since they have been discharged from active duty, as of July 20, 2006, a total of 152,669 U.S. military veterans of Iraq and Afganistan had filed disability claims, over 100,000 of which had been granted.


    I wonder of crusty, gay-dalf, mook mook and dolty boy will screech at these wounded and disabled vets about their disability payments also?

  17. Mike said...

    but still I cant shake the feeling that just like in 2002-2003 many of them are playing not to lose instead of playing to win.

    Thats putting it mildly.

    They're chickenshits.

    To afraid to stir things up, so they sit on their hands, unless they're clapping them together to applaud some bullshit line the president says in a speech.

  18. Hi everyone! So glad to be back here. Sorry for the long delay....was smacking right wing neocons around. LOL As of right now, I'm letting them eat what's left of my dead blog like the good little maggots they are! I have a new blog now. Much better.

    Here it is:

    I have complete IP addresses now at my disposal and can block the jerks from posting on my site. Love it! There's a lot more safeguards too with this Wordpress blog. My template is secure so they can't penetrate it and delete my archives (over 700 posts down the drain. I'm still smiling though! They can't stop me!).


    Lydia you're the beautiful one! I'm the one following you around saying, "Do you need anything?". LOL Actually, we both have big loving hearts and that's what makes us shine. ;-)

    Worfeus, love your new name! Freaking hysterical. Love your humor and sarcasm. I've missed it.

    Hi Clif! So happy to see you again.

    Hi Mike!!!! Haven't talked with you in awhile. Happy to see you too.

    About the 2004 election...

    Of course it was rigged. The 2000 election was the first official soft coup of our nation by the US Supreme Court selecting who they wanted for president instead of demanding the voice of the people be heard (Gore won it by 500,000 votes or something like that). The 2004 elected continued on that path because they had the means to do it and had the mood of the nation to "prove" that they had won.

    So, what happened in the 2006 mid-term election? Well, myself and others screamed for months prior to get people to do an absentee ballot to make their vote count AND MOST IMPORTANTLY....we told everyone who had a camera phone to bring it with them and record ANYTHING that looked suspicious (including the voting machine screens). Not only that....ATTORNEYS WERE PLACED THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY TO WATCH THESE ELECTIONS.

    We won it because we were prepared...AND FREAKING ANGRY at the last two elections.

    Truly, I think voting is the most important right we have and Americans felt it was time to act. This attitude with continue because we will not let our guard down as long as there are neocons in government.

    Woohoo! Give yourselves another high five! We partied like it was our birthdays.... ;-)

  19. Hey, listen, Mike, Worf, clif,

    I was one of those who felt that while the 2000 election was stolen, the 2004 HAD to be above board, because so much attention would be focused on it.

    I really hate to admit I was wrong, because that means admitting this country is screwed up and less than 3 meals from a dicatorship (we may have one now). I was hoping, you know, like in those old Jimmy Stewart movies, that good people would bring the Republicans to their senses.

    Damn. I hate being wrong.

  20. Hi Kay, first time responder, long time...well, actually, I've never been to your blog :-)

    I guess I'll have to make a point of stopping in.

  21. Well now that people have been convicted of rigging Ohio elections we need deeper investigations into tampering elsewhere.

    I cannot imagine how totally F##%%#ked up an American would have to be to think that was somehow the right thing to do.

  22. We have as close to a dictatorship as you can have in this Country Carl.

    The President acts above and beyond the laws of our land, he ignores congress, he called a Supreme Court ruling an "intersting opinion" and our Constitution an "interesting document".

    He is out of control. And now its a showdown between him, congress and the will of the American people.

    But unfortunately, instead of strong serious people, we've got Nancy Pelosi, and her trained seal act.

  23. Worf,

    Conyers certainly has the cojones to do that. He would have done it in the last Congress if a few Republicans stood up with him

  24. Her and Harry Reid make great grandparents I am sure.

    So in the words of Alec Baldwin, f$#k em, they can go home and play with their kids.

  25. Give them a little time, Worf. It's possible they were awaiting the outcome of this trial so as not to prejudice the jury.

  26. We'll whats he waiting for Carl?


    Right now the most vocal opponent of the President AND the lackluster congress is Chuck Hagel.

    Where the hell are the democrats?

    And what the hell are the doing?

  27. Thats great they got the minimum wage hike stuff and all, but given the circumstances, doesn't it seem like there were a few more important things on the table, like I don't know, say, Iraq for instance?

    Picking Stenie Hoyer of Jack Murtha shows what spineless simps we have in there, and while I realize Conyers is a good man, the time for talk has passed.

    We got 3000 "non binding" resolutions out there with the capability of doing nothing.

    We need congress to act, to curtail the presidents war powers and recall the authority to wage war in Iraq.

    By the time congress gets done passing their non binding resolutions we will be at war with Iran.

    And that can't be allowed to happen.

  28. Hey Carl.

    You know where you can find lots of "non binding" resolutions?

    In a "Suggestion Box".

  29. They've had all the time they need. We are out of time. Bush will bombing Iran by the time they start acting. Only then it will be too late.

    Its already to late. Bush has done irrepairable damage to our country internationally. Carl Bernstain said yesterday that he's done more damage than Nixon.

    Congress is doing exactly what they did in 2003. Trying to avoid open war with this president, and that was PROVEN at the State of the Union.

    Sitting their applauding like a bunch of trained seals showed me that they have learned nothing, and if our fate rests in their hands then we might all be screwed.

  30. When Chuck Hagel is the most outspoken critic of the Presidents handling of the war, then I have zero respect for the democrats in power. Jim Webb is what we need, but the problem is congressional leadership, or lack thereof.

    We needed warriors and instead we got Hoyer's.


  31. Sorry. I'm a poet and didn't know it.

  32. Whats not cute is we ended up with Stenie Hoyer instead of Jack Murtha, because Pelosi is weak, and has no support, and because the democratic congress is weak.

    They didn't want someone in there that would ride them, and pick tough fights.

    They wanted another greaseball, like themselves. And they got one of the greasiest balls of them all.

    Stenie Hoyer. Master of the Potomac Two Step.

  33. Murtha was the warrior.

    But we got Hoyer.


  34. And now they're talking about freakin health care!!!

    Yea. Thats the biggest issue today.

    Freakin health care.


    Its like Tom Daschle has injected his nanobots into the Congress.

  35. Now you know why I got booted from Think Progress. (They loved Tom Daschle)

  36. Harry Reid is on Hardball now.

    Harry Reid. WEAK!

  37. The last thing democrats have time to do right now is spend time patting each other on the backs, and taking bows.

    Pelosi acts like she just won a beauty contest, and is busy waving her sceptre. They're holding hands, taking photo ops and passing legislation designed to make them look good without stirring things up too much.

    We need serious people for serious times, and Pelosi, Hoyer, Reid, et al are not they. They can still wake up and pull it together but they'd better figure it out quick.

    Or they're going to be the biggest group of one term congressmen to ever serve.

  38. Listen to Hagel. He sounds like what an American congressmen is supposed to sound like right now.

    I am actually moved by his passion. He recanted his vote for the war, admitted it was wrong, and now is tearing his fellow congressmen a new one for allowing this little dictator to do as he pleases.

    He even tore the Vice President a new one this morning, rebuking the VP's absolute HUBRIS at suggesting the American people don't have the stomach for war. The VP sits there without ONE CHILD in the service, and he talks about the American peoples "stomach for war".

    This from a man who took not one but SIX defferments to avoid war himself, the little wimp.

    He is a disgrace to his office.

  39. Hagel is positioning himself for 2008. Don't think for one minute this hasn't been choreographed.

  40. I of course have contemplated that as well. And I am no fool.

    But what Hagel is saying is not just for show. He was a military man himself, and his anger is genuine I believe. And its the kind of strength and opposition to the president we need right now.

    I am not judging the mans soul. I am just judging his actions. And he's standing up and condemning the president publically and strongly, and the Vice President, and thats the kind of fire we need.

    Meanwhile, the democrats applauding practically everything he said at the state of the Union doesn't show much of anything.

  41. I see some seriousness from Hagel, from Murtha, from others as well.

    The problem is the weak dem leadership. As long as the leaders are weak its hard to get anything done.

    If the dems don't act. and act now. we'll be at war with Iran and then it may be too late.

  42. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Hey worfeus

    I did try to watch the state of the union speech but 59 seconds in to
    it I got that car sick feeling.

    I had to pop in the saw 3 dvd to
    calm down.

  43. gorgon said...
    Hey worfeus

    I did try to watch the state of the union speech but 59 seconds in to it I got that car sick feeling.

    Yea I know what you mean. I keep a bottle of pepto bismal on hand for just such an occasion.

  44. Of course, in all honesty, what made my stomach upset the most was the sight of Nancy Pelosi sitting there behind him, like she'd just one Miss America, clapping like a trained seal.

    Bush is rotten. We knew that.

    But if she is indicitative of the democratic leadership then we're all screwed.

  45. Anonymous5:46 PM


    Nancy Pelosi sitting there behind him, like she'd just one Miss America, clapping like a trained seal

    Must be where that urge to go to
    seaworld came from

  46. You know, you could always go and protest on your own, or form your own group.
    Your message is lost by marching with communists. I'm not trying to start an argument here, but "Code Pink" is an offshoot of "Global Exchange" which have Medea Benjamin as either founder or co-founder. She has close ties with the Workers World Party, the Communist Party U.S.A. and the Revolutionary Communist Party. (the last one is a major sponsor of Not in our name...)

    If you wanna dissent, fine dissent. But do you have to stand with Americas enemies to do it?

  47. I mean PLEASE, by all means go express your constitutional rights, but if these people have their way you'll be longing for the good old days when Bush was president.

  48. Volt - What do you mean, is Benjamin a communist?

  49. Hey, there ANYTHING you aren't scared of?

  50. I mean, you know, just name one organization that disagrees with your "magical child" view of the universe that doesn't terrify the hell out of you...just one! At least we'll ahve a baseline to go by.

  51. Lydia,

    I've done some research. I don't see where she has ties to the Communist Party, save for a link from FrontPage magazine, which is sort of like having the Weekly World News as a source.

    WIki link

  52. Her partner at Global Exchange, in fact, sounds more like a Pat Buchanan conservative than a Commie...

    Kevin Danaher

  53. "Criticism of leftist views
    Benjamin is unpopular among right-wingers for her perceived anti-American views, especially her attacks on the U.S. embargo of Fidel Castro's Cuba. David Horowitz's FrontPageMag has attacked her as "a long-time Castro acolyte," and written: {{cquote|Many of the causes that Ms. Benjamin espouses are Communist in nature. The Washington "peace" rally at which she spoke last month, for instance, was organized by the Workers World Party, a Communist organization... In years past, she staunchly opposed US military aid to those fighting against Communist forces in Central America... She favors the creation of a government-sponsored universal health care system funded by taxpayer dollars. She exhorts the US government to lift its trade embargo against Cuba – a nation she notably lauds as a place where people have managed to "thrive despite the odds" against them.[5][6]"

  54. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Benjamin lived in Cuba for five years and said that she "thought she'd died and gone to heaven".

    And Carl? Do a little more research into "Global Exchange". You'll find a lot more than "right wing" sites.

  55. I agree that Chuck Hagel is doing a fine job right now Worfeus. He is saying exactly what needs to be said. I don't care who it is...I want to hear some anger at what has gone on in the last six years and I want to hear someone standing up for our soldiers who are being used by a bunch of pigs who have their own separate agenda away from the American people!

    Hagel is that man and he is putting the democrats and other republicans to shame. Americans aren't stupid though. We will remember what is transpiring and who said nothing.

    Feingold will be holding oversight hearings and that is going to be delicious! He's fiesty just like Hagel. Conyers too. (adding this because I'm using my Blogger account I no longer have to post)

  56. Voltron said...
    Benjamin lived in Cuba for five years and said that she "thought she'd died and gone to heaven".


    We've had Bush for six-plus years, so that makes us all fascists!


    You've worn underwear longer than that, reVolting...

  57. Dolt, what makes fascism great? Do tell. And explain what it is about communism that you don't like and please let everyone know why Bush loves doing business with the commies in China.

  58. Gorgon said "I did try to watch the state of the union speech but 59 seconds in to
    it I got that car sick feeling."

    I didnt even try to watch it, the sight of that lying madman sickens me, the only time i wouldnt have a problem watching him, is seeing him swing for treason!

  59. Y'know, I'm STILL not seeing a credible source where she lived in Cuba at all.

    Now, I have friends who've visited Cuba. They're Republicans. I guess that makes them confused.

  60. Mike, I forced myself to watch the SOTU speech, but what I couldn't help noticing is Bush had good and evil sitting behind him. Pelosi being the good of course and Cheney being the Devil himself! Ewwwww, it was creepy watching that man trying to crack a smile and then at one point having to take a nitroglycerin pill to keep that tin can of a heart of his still beating!

  61. Hmmmm, I found a NY Times article where it looks like Benjamin visited Cuba for a week or so...

  62. reVolting, I think we're looking at the White Ring Echo Chamber in action here!

  63. Benjamin looks to be about as old as I am. For her to live five years in Cuba means she would have had to renounce American citizenship, and then reclaim it upon her return.

    Not seeing where she did that, even on the Whitest of the White Ring Echo Chamber sites...

  64. Hey, reVolting! Maybe you could email Medea and ask her "Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?"

    I do a mean Joe MCCarthy impersonation, so I'd be happy to provide you with an MP3 of that to make it easier for you...

  65. Kay said....
    Pelosi being the good of course and Cheney being the Devil himself!

    I think the jury's still out on that one.

    But you're right on with Chuck Hagel. I am not saying what his motives are and frankly don't care. I'd like to hope he is sincere, (If he's not he deserves and Oscar), but he's saying what has needed to be said for a long time and since the Democrats are busy talking about health care and minimum wage the president is preparing stage two of his global domination plan, and preparing to wage war with Iran.

    If Hagel is the only one shouting loud enough to be heard, then so be it.

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

  66. Ha ha. Carl is onto Volt being the biggest moron in the blogosphere!

  67. Well I did see a clip of it and it sickened me seeing Pelosi standing opposite the sneering Dick Cheney.

    She looked disgusted as well, but I agree with Worf, if I were her I would not have applauded the President nor shown any support or respect for him.

    That said i'm not giving up on the Democrats yet, even though it looks like they are just going to sit back and let Bush self distruct and take most of the repug party with him.

  68. Now, I see where "Not In Our Name" the organization that started the petition drive back in 2002 are openly sponsored by a Communist organization.

    And Medea Benjamin signed that petition.

    So did James Abourezk, former U.S. Senator
    Dr. Patch Adams
    Robert Altman, film director
    Laurie Anderson, performance artist
    John Perry Barlow, co-founder, Electronic Frontier Foundation
    Medea Benjamin
    Noam Chomsky
    Deepak Chopra
    Ramsey Clark, former U.S. Attorney General and founder of ANSWER
    John Cusack, actor
    Angela Davis
    Ossie Davis
    Zack de la Rocha of Rage Against the Machine
    Ruby Dee
    Mos Def
    Ani DiFranco
    Diane DiPrima
    Carl Dix, Revolutionary Communist Party
    Bernadine Dohrn
    Michael Eric Dyson
    Steve Earle
    Barbara Ehrenreich
    Daniel Ellsberg
    Brian Eno
    Eve Ensler
    Lawrence Ferlinghetti
    Fifty-three Maryknoll priests and brothers
    Jane Fonda
    Michael Franti of Spearhead
    Terry Gilliam
    The Guerrilla Girls
    Tom Hayden
    bell hooks
    Rev. Jesse Jackson
    Mumia Abu-Jamal
    Fredric Jameson
    Jim Jarmusch
    Chalmers Johnson, author of Blowback
    Casey Kasem
    Barbara Kingsolver
    Yuri Kochiyama
    Tony Kushner
    Spike Lee
    Rabbi Michael Lerner, editor, Tikkun
    Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead
    Jim McDermott, U.S. representative
    Cynthia McKinney, U.S. representative
    David McReynolds
    W.S. Merwin
    Toni Morrison
    Walter Mosley
    Claes Oldenburg
    Grace Paley
    Michael Parenti
    Harold Prince
    Bonnie Raitt
    Adrienne Rich
    Edward Said
    Luc Sante
    Susan Sarandon
    John Sayles
    Pete and Toshi Seeger
    Frank Serpico
    Richard Serra
    Rev. Al Sharpton
    Wallace Shawn
    Martin Sheen
    Russell Simmons
    Art Spiegelman
    Gloria Steinem
    Oliver Stone
    William & Rose Styron
    Studs Terkel
    Gore Vidal
    Kurt Vonnegut
    Alice Walker
    Wavy Gravy
    Cornel West
    Howard Zinn

    If you're calling Deepak Chopra a Commie, I'm going to have to ask you to step outside, sir.

  69. Kay,


    Nah. But tied for second.

  70. Gee, all I can find on Medea Benjamin and Cuba is that she led a delegation to Cuba of some human rights advocates...possibly to persuade Castro to treat his political prisoners better...after all, why bring human rights advocates to a country that you feel is a paradise?

    Apparently, she supports easing restrictions on Cuba.

    Well, reVolting, so do I. I must be a Commie, too, even tho I think by easaing restrictions, it would hasten the downfall of Castro, introduce the free market to Cuban citizens, and make Habanos legal for me, rather than me having the sneak them through customs.

    Where is any of this a problem for ya?

  71. Mike said...

    She looked disgusted as well, but I agree with Worf, if I were her I would not have applauded the President nor shown any support or respect for him.

    Gee ya THINK?

    Just kiddin but seriously to me there is no question. She is where she is because the American people said ENOUGH. End the war.

    And she's up there clapping like 16 year old at a In Sync concert.

    She was a disgrace to me.

    If that sounds harsh, sorry. Thats how I feel.

  72. Voltron calling someone a commie is like Nancy Grace calling someone obnoxious.

  73. Voltron believes that the masses should shut up, and get in line.

    He believes they should all line up behind a single man and his imperial guard, and those who get out of line should become enemies of the state.

    Sounds pretty Mao Sai Tung to me.

  74. Thank God for men like Feingold ay Carl?

    Lets hope Mrs Pelosi and Mr Reid and Mr Hoyer can find it in themselves to get behind it and bring the rest of the herd with them.

  75. Worf,

    The gorgeous mosaic that is the Democratic party means that folks like Feingold and Conyers will hold their hearings, even if the leadership might oppose them.

    We don't goosestep into the chamber.

  76. I understand that Carl but we don't throw out the baby with the bathwater either.

    We need to know when to come together to get the job done.

    Passing a bunch of non binding resolutions is just a CYA and nothing more, and I'm sorry but I'm not going to dote on them with accolades just because they said "shame on you mr President".

    We need serious people with serious action.

    Feingolds idea is right. We need to remove the authority for the war both in Iraq and keep him from invading Iran.

    He is a warmonger and a madman and we don't have time to be diplomatic with ourselves. The time for kind words and walking on eggshells is over. Congress needs to shake it up, and take whatever action legally available to them to stop the president from starting a third world war.

  77. I'm torn over the idea of an immediate withdrawal, I admit. We've screwed up Iraq so badly that I think pulling our troops out now might be a bad idea for the sake of the Iraqi people.

    I'd hate to think of the genocide after we leave.

  78. Its that integral anarchy of the democratic party that works against it so much. Its good that we have it but right now most americans are afraid of this president. Hes clearly insane, and we rely on congress to reel in such executives run amuk, and the last thing we need is a 200 bills from 200 different congressmen.

    I mean its not rocket science. Its so clear the presidents authority needs to be curtailed given his inability to present valid foundations for his accusations against foreign nations. He has been proven to be unable to do this so whats the question?

    Remove his authority for Iraq, reauthorize some sort of repdeployment and nip any Iran invasion plans in the bud.

  79. If we pull out the UN will help. So will Syria and Iran. If we ENGAGE them, instead of shunning them, then we could work it out and let them divide it up somewhat peacefully.

    But we need DIPLOMATS right now, not cowboys.

  80. See why they call me Pol Pot?

  81. Cuz you smoke the best stuff your Congresscritter can buy you?

  82. OK, I'm going to haul buns to bed. I've been up almost as long as Lydia today...Night Worf, Mike, Kay, Lydia!

  83. No. Because they say I am a dictator.


    Or maybe they just said I was a "dick".


  84. What the hell is a Congresscritter?

  85. Night Carl.

    I think he meant Congress Critter.

  86. No compromise seen on Iraq resolutions
    Associated Press Writer
    3 minutes ago

    The leader of a bipartisan effort to rebuke President Bush's Iraq strategy said Thursday he would not strike a compromise with a harsher Democratic resolution the Senate will debate next week.

    Sen. John Warner (news, bio, voting record), R-Va., former chairman of the Armed Services Committee, said he won't negotiate with Democrats to develop a single proposal on Iraq. His comments _ along with the emergence of other resolutions the Senate might consider underscored how a Congress largely against Bush's proposal to send more troops to Iraq remained divided over what to do about it.

    See this Carl?

    This does us, and the troops, absolutely no good.

  87. Mike said...

    I think he meant Congress Critter.

    Ok, what the hell is a Congress Critter.

  88. Is that like those real big cockroaches they get in downtown DC?

    The big nasty ones?

  89. Right now all the press can talk about is which one of the resolutions against the war that have absolutely no capability of doing anything about the war, that Congress will vote on.

    Saying "Shame on you" Mr President, ain't gonna cut it.

  90. I understand what Schummer just said about it just being a first step and I hope he's right, but I am not sure we have that much time.

  91. I equate those toothless resolutions to GWB's BS signing statements.

  92. I would like to see more action to oppose this madman as well, but Clif and Carl do have a point that the Democrats need to do 2 things.

    1) get enough dirt on GWB and the Neo Cons to either neuter him or impeach him, and that takes time for all the hearings and investigations to bear fruit, nothing is worse than a failed power play, they need to get the goods on this dictator and then use Roves tactics to box the repugs into a corner where they can either sacrifice Bush or sacrifice their own carreers as well as suffering futher substantial losses of power in Congress.

    2) They need to get substantial legislation passed to help the majority of the nation, particularly the poor and middle class so they maintain control of Congress in 2008.

    I hate to see the wheels of justice move so slowly as well, i'd love to see GWB and Cheney impoeached Yesterday, but a failed attempt too early in the game will hurt more than it helps.

    I realize that might sound too middle of the road or weak to you Worf, but I think success based on patience and a strategically sound plan is better then a moment of satisfaction from a botched and rushed attempt to bring the dictator down before the time is ripe.

    That said I couldnt agree more that the democrats do not owe this man any respect or corgial treatment, I certainly would not clap or applaud his rhetoric, and I can not support them for doing so either.

  93. Ok. Your argument is reasonable and fairly logical.

    And if they pass some resolution getting senators into their corner, then go for bigger ones "based" on the non binding one, then ok, I'm no congressmen, maybe thats the way to do it.

    But what I see is a bunch of posturing and blowhardness, as even schummer is on their talking about ethics bills they got through and medical care bills. And while all that stuff is great now is not exactly the best time to be focusing on those issues.

    But what else can I do but wait and hope you're right?

  94. Wow, Mike Wallace just said it all.

    A representative government where the people can cast a vote of "no confidence" in a president, and get rid of him.

    Mike Wallace

  95. Well, i'm hoping i'm right as well, notice I said that would be the right way to end this war, bring Bush down and end repug corruption and dominance for decades.

    Now as you have probably realized after knowing me for over a year, I always like to give people the benefit of the doubt and the opportunity to do the right thing, but by no means am I sure the Democrats are doing the right thing, I have to admit it does look like they are somewhat weak and trying to be unconfrontational.

    In fact if I were to lay odds, i'd say 60/40 the plan is to let Bush self distruct and bring the repug party down with him without confronting or challenging him, and that would mean letting him escalate or keep the war raging.

    I remain hopeful because as Carl said this is somewhat complicated, and sometimes to achieve victory and win the the war so to speak tactical sacrifices and unpopular concessions must be made.

    Both political parties for as long as I can remember have thought short term for their own self serving agendas if the democrats are truly thinking long term and showing patience for the good of the country, then they deserve my patience as well, if their game plan is one based on fighting not to lose rather than to win, and looking after their own self interests rather than the good of the nation then they have my scorn and contemp, but I think this might take another year or so to play out unless Bush attacks Iran, if that were to happen impeachment should begin immediately.

  96. Whatever we do, lets do something smart for a change. As a country.

  97. You've never heard the phrase "Congresscritter"?

    It's slang for Congressman or Congresswoman, and is obviously a perjorative, meaning they're vicious nasty little beings who will steal and bite and just be phugly.

    You DO know what "phugly" means, right?