Friday, January 05, 2007


The red and blue states are having a hard time becoming purple. But since Halle Berry is perfectly blended, why aren't we? She's the most beautiful combination of black and white, which goes to show that we are not meant to be divided. We are meant to be integrated as a nation, for the whole is better than the sum of its parts. This is a metaphor and I'm not speaking literally about integrating the races, though I do think we need to become color blind.

At least Nancy Pelosi wore purple on her first day as the first female SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE. I believe she meant this as a sign of uniting red and blue, but she may have worn purple for a specific reason: it's the color of the Suffragette movement.

I could not believe Tucker Carlson was playing so dumb the other day, saying "I don't understand the big deal about Nancy Pelosi, why is everyone saying it's such a big deal that she's a woman?"

"This is an historic moment - for the Congress, and for the women of this country. It is a moment for which we have waited more than 200 years. Never losing faith, we waited through the many years of struggle to achieve our rights. But women weren't just waiting; women were working. Never losing faith, we worked to redeem the promise of America, that all men and women are created equal. For our daughters and granddaughters, today we have broken the marble ceiling. Nancy Pelosi

Why I Am A Liberal And A Progressive And A Democrat by digby
I am a liberal because it is the political philosophy of freedom and equality. And I am a progressive because it is the political path to a better future. And I am a Democrat because it is the political party that believes in freedom, equality and progress.

More to come...


  1. Anonymous6:46 PM

    Tuckers showing his colors. He's just pissed about it, and is what you ladies call a chauvinist.

    Of COURSE its a historic moment. The first female Speaker of the House in HISTORY!

    He's a rube.

  2. Anonymous6:47 PM

    It doesn't mean anything for me, other than I'm glad to see you ladies get your due, but to act like its nothing, no big deal?

    He's just showing how pissed he is.

  3. I have to admit it felt great to see the Pelosi and the Democrats take over yesterday, I woke up with a good feeling, as much as the tide turned in 2006, i'm very hopeful 2007 will be an even better year with the repugs out of power in Congress.

  4. Anonymous7:30 PM

    Stupendous, did you see that letter the Dems wrote to that dotard of a president, the poor bumpkin will likely have a caniption or stroke after reading that letter.

    The self annointed monarch thinks he still rules with an iron fist and calls all the shots, someone should tell the poor sod that he's more like the tin man than an iron fisted dictator.

    I like these Dems more and more if President Bush doesnt get removed from the presidency he will be completely knackered by the end of his term from having someone to answer to, isnt accountability grande.

  5. Anonymous7:49 PM

    As for the Votron Ruffian blog, I cant help myself, I have to take a peek over there from time to time, i'm starting to get more of a feel for these people, I fancy I half miss the sardonic Freedom Fan, he was dishonest and spewed dodgy facts and evidence but he was certainly entertaining and quasi amusing. As I said Votron is an enigma to me, the one calling himself Moo Moo is quite the nutter that bovine ruffian is quite uncouth and adds absolutely nothing of value and no intelligence to either blog.

    I have noticed the true ruffians are not present at the Votron blog which leads me to the natural assumption that Clif is correct that they are mere sock puppets.

    BG, I never thought i'd see another blogger use the term Sod, that makes you ok in my book.

    Worf, you debate quite well, although you have a fiery tongue and your civility teeters on the edge of a knife's blade at times, however you have a keen and sharp mind.

    Clif, you provide some interesting points when you dont allow yourself to be muddied by the ruffians and the daft, Mike and Larry are also quite interesting as well.

    And last but not least the blog owner has a keen mind a kind heart and always provides wisdom for those willing to listen.

    I think I will learn quite a bit on this blog. However in case you havent noticed, I am much more of a lurker or watcher than a contributor.

  6. Anonymous7:50 PM

    There never seems to be any traffic in here when I am posting.

  7. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Thu said...

    Worf, you debate quite well, although you have a fiery tongue and your civility teeters on the edge of a knife's blade at times, however you have a keen and sharp mind.

    I studied at the Don Rickle's school of Diplomacy.

  8. Anonymous8:03 PM

    My God Votron, I was just reading your blog again, are you that daft man, that you actually believe the Muslims will conquor our country?

    You really are an enigma either you truly believe this bunk you espouse or you have an agenda and are out to influence and deceive people.

    Regardless I find you interesting and would prefer you come back, I think I can learn from you as well, as BG said I can perhaps learn how and why republicans are so obsessed with war, power and controlling and dominating others at all costs.

    Think about it, what do you have to lose by posting here, you have for the last year and nothing dire has happened, I have to say your blog looks like some kind of boondoggle to me, it doesnt compute so to speak.

  9. What is Voltron's blog?


  11. Hey Larry, Lydia, I'm watching "Man Vs Wild", I love that show!

    Loks like he's in a Rain Forest tonight.

  12. Thanks Thu.....(I think), I agree with most of what you just said, particularly about Volty being an for his blog its riddiculous all he does is talk about us here or riddiculous stuff like Sharia in America or the Foole ranting about how a piece of cloth is more important than the actual fredom that cloth symbolizes

  13. I am watching Clif fight with the junior troll again.

    Its no contest.

  14. is that kid that bad Larry, he seems like a harmless sort that just gets bear down and abused.

  15. He's harmless and lost in a world of wanna be trolldom.

    His posts keep disappearing and he can't get the hint he is not wanted.

  16. yeah, I see that, I havent seen many of his post cause they keep disapearing, but i feel kinda bad for him, he's definately overmatched.

  17. He was run off Americablog and he keeps attacking Clif, so the blog owner just deletes everything he posts.

  18. Anonymous10:01 PM

    Ok. Thu is right.

    I just read Voltrons blog and its hilarious. He's dedicated an entire spread to this blog, and how concerned he is that I may be the blog administrator over here.

    Whats hilarious is he actually thinks Lydia is somehow obligated to share with him any details of who is managing her blog.

    He actually thinks he has some role or input in the matter, or that she is obligated to give him any answers on the topic.

    Its like they're obsessed with this place, and this blog.

    Some sort of compulsive disorder I imagine, but quite entertaining to observe.

  19. I noted that obsession as well, as did Clif and Thu!

  20. BTW Worf, i'm watching "Man VS Wild", have you ever been rimrocked, he just said he was worried about that?

  21. Anonymous10:14 PM

    No Worf, she has no obligation to me personally, but I trusted Lydia. I don't trust YOU.

    Now I'll never be able to be sure wether I'm talking to her or you...

  22. Yea, but if you look at dolty boy's blog, gaydalf and dolty boy are discussing blog decoration...maybe they are closeted repugnants after all?............LOL


    ♫ I'm just burnin doing the Voltron dance ♪

    They have gone all butch in there "now" in a village people sort of way.

    Like they secretly wanted Congressman Foley to get off....both legally and figuratively.

  24. Volt if you cant tell by the tone of a post and what a person says who it is after talking to someone for over a year, then you arent paying attention.

  25. Gaydalf and Dolty boy should just get a room and comfort each other......or what the hell they do hiding behind their keyboards.....

    at the pajama circle jerk bro's at Dolty Boy's "ruffin place"

  26. Anonymous10:24 PM

    Mike that's true for a long discussion. But it can be faked for short posts.

  27. LOL, I just looked up the word ruffian in the dictionary, I originally thought it was a gay person, or a thug, but the dictionary said a raucous or rowdy person.

  28. Log Cabin syrup for the Log Cabin boys.

  29. yeah i guess that would be true Volt, thats probably why Rusty or Prof chaos never post long posts or debates because the sock puppets dont want their true identities to come out.

  30. Anonymous10:27 PM

    Mike said...
    BTW Worf, i'm watching "Man VS Wild", have you ever been rimrocked

    Yes, once.

    Coming out of a bar in Jersey.

  31. Anonymous10:30 PM

    Come on Dolty boy don't cry son......

  32. Anonymous10:31 PM

    Voltron said...
    I don't trust YOU.

    Now I'll never be able to be sure wether I'm talking to her or you...

    I have never, ever pretended to be Lydia, or anyone else.

    Your own paranoia is your own personal problem.

    Try Thorazine.

    I hear it works wonders.

  33. Anonymous10:31 PM

    It ain't your FAULT you got caught son, be a man and own up to it.

  34. Anonymous10:34 PM

    Yes Volt, be a man for once.

    Take that red pill and admit your mistake

  35. Anonymous10:34 PM

    But I'll tell you something Volt.

    For a guy who seems to not be here, but then, mention his name, and ten minutes later he's posting a response, you sure must have some pretty good monitoring software going on, or you spend most of your time watching this blog.

    Everytime I mention you, you pop up within minutes.

    You can deny it if you want, but the facts show otherwise.

  36. Anonymous10:35 PM

    It is the only honorable thing to do at this point.

  37. Seems both gaydalf and moo moo think Dolty boy was the hacker here....

  38. Sounds like Log Cabin fever.

  39. Anonymous10:40 PM

    Yeah? You guys seem to check out my place often enough too...

    I especially like how Cliffy comes a runnin like a little schoolgirl to tell you all what a bad boy I've been.

  40. Anonymous10:45 PM

    "I have never, ever pretended to be Lydia, or anyone else..."

    Maybe not on purpose. But when you were deleting "bbq"'s posts you WERE signed in as Lydia. And you posted a reply by mistake in the wrong window.

    AND WE BOTH know if it wasn't you, and you thought I did it, there'd be hell to pay everytime you saw me.

    AND I couldn't have been the one who deleted it since you seem to have that option turned off in here.

  41. Yo dolty boy, your troll friends think it was you son

  42. Anonymous11:03 PM

    There is nothing "turned off".

    You should be able to delete your own comments, unless you signed up with a new google account, or switched to the beta.

  43. I guess dolty boy and gaydalf do NOT like the sock puppet routine when they are the BUTT of the joke, too damn bad, they never showed any "conscience" when THEY did it.

  44. Great articles Clif, one is very similar to one i posted fairly recently.

  45. Worfeus they Voltron signed up with beta, so he has lost the E blogger abilities with his name.

  46. Don't explain anything. Let em cry.

  47. Anonymous11:06 PM

    Voltron said...

    Maybe not on purpose. But when you were deleting "bbq"'s posts you WERE signed in as Lydia. And you posted a reply by mistake in the wrong window.

    True or not, that still does not constitute "pretending to be Lydia".

    So whats your point?

    You guys have been saying I double as the blog administrator since you first came in here.


    What if I am?

    What the hell business is it of yours, or anyones for that matter, how Lydia adminsters her blog?

    You outreach yourself sir. You are but a guest here. Try not to forget that fact.

  48. Anonymous11:07 PM

    But thanks for all the exposure on your blog for

    I can assure you Lydia appreciates it.

  49. Anonymous11:09 PM

    In fact, I think I can persuade Lydia to provide a similar link to your blog, on her main blog page, if you'd like.

    I'm sure our readers could use a few laughs.

  50. Anonymous11:12 PM

    You certainly have been entertaining Lydia lately.

    In fact, she's still laughing.

  51. I'm wondering why the Frightened Fascist and Troll Tex are so AFRAID to come in here all of the sudden, I mean the frightened fascist puts his e-mail out there and goes from blog to blog slandering and spewing dishonest generalizations about liberals and Troll Tex the blog idiot has stated NUMEROUS times he is not afraid of having his IP displayed foe ALL TO SEE, yet when his IP not even being displayed publicly but merely in his mind being available actually becomes a reality in his mind he is proven a liar and is to afraid to show his cowardly face so CLEARLY the halfwit GOP operative has MUCH to hide!

  52. Anonymous11:15 PM

    Here. This ones a keeper.

    Freedom Fan said...

    Now with WR as Blog Czar not only could he delete comments, but he could change them to be anything he wants.

    Blog Czar.

    I like that.

  53. Anonymous11:16 PM

    Its so....regal.

  54. Frightened Fascist said "Volt, the Blogger Id can't be duplicated, but the display name can be anything."

    You oughta know pops!

  55. Its time for a poem Constantine.

  56. Anonymous11:18 PM

    One thing I can assure you of Volt, and you can pass along to your gaggle of cackling hens over there.

    Nothing has changed in this blog from pretty much the first days you came in here.

    Not a damned thing.

  57. Anonymous11:18 PM

    Except maybe, that you all turned into a bunch of girls.

  58. Worfeus they would fall down laughing themselves sick reading the broke back diaries over there.

    But Dolty boy has picked up his traffic since he perpetrated his little scam.

    rather ingenious of him at this point.

    Pull a scam, blame it on you and Lydia to try to discredit the blog which they have been trying to wreck since day ONE, and add traffic to his pathetic little back water hole in the wall.

  59. FF has dug up your info Clif.

  60. Anonymous11:24 PM


    There was a young troll named Volt.

    Whose spent all his time it did seem.

    In crying about us;

    And making a fuss;

    About things that are only his dream.

  61. Well Dolty, ask your Buddy the Frightened Texan how to do that, because he impersonated me as well as worf and linked the profile to a nazi sight, maybe he can give you guys pointers on how to impersonate people and use sock puppets but you dont need much training on the later eh FF?

  62. Ah the whims of poetry.

  63. Hey FF maybe if google does something about the sock puppets impersonanying you guys maybe they could also do something about the sock puppets slandering and insulting everyone over here too right?

    BTW Foole didnt you say the mighty google was to technologically advanced for anything like that to happen...............WRONG AGAIN POPS!

  64. Anonymous11:29 PM

    More of a Limerick actually, but what can you expect on short notice, lol.

  65. So Larry how long do you think it will take the Democrats to raise minimum wage?

  66. Anonymous11:31 PM

    I just read the identity theft thing. I'm almost done laughing now, and I'll comment on it when I've done.

  67. Ponder overnight and compose an appropriate one tomorrow.

    One that fits this special occasion.

  68. Anonymous11:31 PM

    I don't forget the fact that I'm a guest Worf.

    And like I said, she owes me nothing personally. But it seems to me that she owes it to her readers that if they believe they are talking to her that they actually are.

    Also I said before, I trusted HER. I'm sure many of her readers do as well. They or even I might tell her something we would not readily say to YOU.

    You are a team member and an administrator? So be it. But you should not have the ability to post under her name.

    And regardless of what Cliffy may THINK he knows, I personally CAN assure you that since my very first post here as "Voltaire" I have NEVER posted under any handle other than that and "Voltron".

    And the "sock puppet" routine is not only disrespectful to the board but to Lydia as well. How will she know who it is that she's talking to without inspecting every single profile?

  69. Oh and FF the legal team and google/blogger wont say sh#t, i've contacted them many times about being hacked and impersonated..............So your WRONG AGAIN POPS!

  70. Anonymous11:35 PM

    whew....ok....get a grip....



    "Identity Theft", is when someone steals you financial information and uses it to purchase goods and services in your name.

    Using the same handle as another blogger is clearly permissble, as Google has placed no vehicle or mechanism in place to restrict, monitor or control this function.

  71. Anonymous11:36 PM


    You certainly have been entertaining Lydia lately.

    In fact, she's still laughing.

    11:12 PM"

    I'm just SURE she's laughing Worf.
    While she watches her credibility slip away under your wise guidance.

  72. Anonymous11:36 PM

    Voltron said...

    she owes it to her readers that if they believe they are talking to her that they actually are.

    No one but you doubts that fact.

    Perhaps she could suggest a good therapist who could help you work through this recently developed paranoid psychosis.

  73. Those Log Cabin boys are really something.

  74. Anonymous11:38 PM

    Voltron said...
    I don't forget the fact that I'm a guest Worf.

    Apparenlty you do.

    Or you would not be prying into her private business matters, or posting endless conjecture, gossip and even fabrications on your blog about it.

  75. Well dolty boy you acted like it was YOUR blog when Lydia INVITED Kay to blog HERE son, you attacked HER from day one son, and even have gone as far as linking HER blog to yours WITH OUT KAY"SA permission son, just like you did Lydia's son, usually you ask permission before linking a blog to your's but repugnant fooles like you act like YOU own everything and ignore common decency until you face is rubbed in it, well enjoy a teeny bit of pay back boy.

    If it pisses YOU off GOOD son, you spent a hell of a lot of time trying to puss on Lydia's blog son, so suck it up, and admit your a gutless repugnant troll just like the rest son, or STFU, I personally do not care which as your not worth the time to bother with.

    You clowns were in here all spring all arrogant and asinine but NOW that you all have been brought down a peg or two you act like whiny babies....suck it up boy.

  76. Anonymous11:39 PM

    Voltron said...

    I'm just SURE she's laughing Worf.
    While she watches her credibility slip away under your wise guidance.

    Her credibility?

    You mean with you?

    You'd need to be credible for her to be concered with that.

  77. Volt said "Also I said before, I trusted HER. I'm sure many of her readers do as well. They or even I might tell her something we would not readily say to YOU."

    Now your REALLY reaching buddy you know as well as I do that putting something on a public blog it can be viewed by all so what you are saying is not logical or honest.

    However I do agree that sockpuppets and impersonation is slimy and dishonest, you should condemn your boys who do similar things.

  78. I think thye've got Log Cabin fever.

  79. Anonymous11:42 PM

    A Paranoid Schizophrenic said...

    under your wise guidance.

    Oh now I'm her guidance counsler?


    Tell us more about this newly ordained role of mine, in the Lydia Cornell blogging empire.

  80. Funny Dolty Boy is all for Lydia to be all honorable, but has NOTHING to say about Anny Tranny's dishonorable attacks on Lydia, or the slimy way the reichwing attacked us all year BEFORE they lost an election because the country was sick and tired of their BULL.

  81. Anonymous11:44 PM

    Clif said...

    You clowns were in here all spring all arrogant and asinine but NOW that you all have been brought down a peg or two you act like whiny babies....suck it up boy

    I'd pay close attention to these words Volt.

    Real close.

    Cause they pretty much say it all.

  82. They just wannna be part of the Lydia Cornell blogging empire.

  83. Anonymous11:47 PM

    Its not even a question of honor Clif.

    Its a question of Doltron sticking his nose where it doesn't belong, and acting as if he has some say in how Lydia manages and maintains her blog.

    He's a guest here. Nothing more.

  84. Anonymous11:49 PM

    Larry said...
    They just wannna be part of the Lydia Cornell blogging empire.

    She's a monster that Lydia Cornell.


    The audacity of her to not share with a right wing neocon troll her private business affairs.


  85. Anonymous11:50 PM

    I'll ask her to get a monthly report on your desk as soon as possible Volty.

    In the meantime, go ahead and hold your breath.

  86. Maybe the Log Cabin boys want her to take her blogging empire public so they can get some shares.

  87. Anonymous11:51 PM

    I can ask her stuff like that Volt, cause remember, I'm "blog czar".


    Wouldn't that make you one of my serfs?

  88. Oh I'm scared, gaydalf is threating ME with google...

    Fawnbot Gaydalf said...

    It will be interesting to see what the legal team at Google Blogger think about identity theft. Looks like cliffy has his profile hidden but it is:

    The one of me he created is:

    Somebody should tell the little cretin he can NOT possibly own the rights to an image of a major actor in a Hollywood movie, and the moniker freedom fan is used by at least 6 people on the Internet, thus he does NOT own that also, he has nada, but as usual is crying like a baby.

    He just is MAD and can do nothing about freaking bad for him.

    He has no ownership of either the name or image, neither does google own either, so he is pulling more out of his ass as usual.

    But it is FUNNY to watch him throw a fit,and blather about stupid thing as usual.

  89. They want back into the blogging empire, not the startup two.

  90. Anonymous11:54 PM

    If so, I need my front porch fixed.

    Please get on that as soon as possible.

  91. Anonymous11:55 PM

    Clif said...
    But it is FUNNY to watch him throw a fit

    It's downright hilarious.

  92. Now Mike is the only one here with decency.

    Are you that way Mike.

  93. Anonymous11:57 PM

    I DO condemn using sock puppets by anyone. I have not and do not know of anyone who has. I do not believe FF or TT has. Johnny has told me he hasn't, and I have no proof that he has.

    And Clif?
    While I'm flattered that you think I have the power to have stopped all that I am not reponsible for the entire republican party.

    And as far as Ann Coulter goes, I read her column, I agree with much of what she has to say.
    I DO think it was wrong of her to post Lydia's information. That said, you don't go to the zoo and stick your hand in the Lions cage either.

    But what happened to not fighting fire with fire? Wasn't there something about a sharp stick making everyone blind?

  94. Look, Worf is a brilliant tech expert and helped me fix something when I was unable to. But he never posed as me and has never spoken as me.

    What I do with my blog is no one's business but my own, and I TAKE ORDERS FROM NO ONE.

    What happened this week was a temporary glitch. BUT I AM SICK OF HAVING MY BLOGGERS AND FRIENDS LOCKED OUT OF MY BLOG.

    Let's move on to the important things that will help heal our country. We need great ideas and solutions.

    All Americans have the power to change the course we are on with our good intentions, our thoughtfulness and our concerted action.

    Love and Peace.

  95. Anonymous11:59 PM

    Here guys. This ones a keeper.

    Freedom Fan said...
    You certainly have been entertaining Lydia lately. In fact, she's still laughing.

    I'm just SURE she's laughing Worf.
    While she watches her credibility slip away under your wise guidance.

    Excellent! Bravo Volt.

    I have a feeling Wharf's brief little fiefdom is about to end.

    January 6, 2007 1:48 AM

    My "fiefdom"?


    I hope my fiefdoms not coming to an end yet. I don't even feel like a vassal yet.

  96. Anonymous12:00 AM

    Voltron said...

    And as far as Ann Coulter goes, I read her column, I agree with much of what she has to say.

    Tell us something we don't know.

  97. Most of all we need to see the good in each other.

  98. No son But you repugnant troll used to laugh as you posted Aanny Tranny HERE son, it was funny son, and somebody spoofed Mike and Worfeus, I just spent a few hours learning how to spoof id's after you began your crusade against Lydia and HER blog on yours son.

    You got your panties in a twist about a month ago, and have been incensed for at least THAT long son. Go look at the titles of your early posts son.

    You have a problem and are trying to make it Worfeus' and Lidia's problem son.

    Grow UP boy, this ain't YOUR blog even though you monitor it and stalk the people here relentlessly, YOU are the only person I know to have seen the screen shot YOU have on YOUR blog son, thus I assume you created it to stir up trouble and make YOU the victim, you repugnants are real good at playing the victim son.

    After 12 yeasr or Iron handed control by the congressional repukes, they cry like little bitches because they do NOT get to run things any more, andf you clown here lied and smeared All of us for months son, the tables have turned a bit so you go all whiny and cry baby now, get real son, you started this attack last sporing son, and now your getting what you gave for the last year almost you have the audacity to complain son?

    Grow up and get a life boy, IT IS A BLOG SON.

  99. Anonymous12:22 AM

    If that's actually you Lydia, you're right and I apologize.

  100. Anonymous12:24 AM

    No. Its not her. Its a space alien.


    She's a public figure. You think I'm gonna post for her?

    Do you think I write stuff like "God is Love"?

    Get a clue genius. Or take your own advice, and move on permanently.

    Do me a favor.

  101. Anonymous12:25 AM

    Clifs right. You are a little puss.

    If thats really you Lydia....

    Give me a break.

  102. Volt, I appreciate the apology

  103. Anonymous12:27 AM

    I know Clif mocked you last night by dressing up as you guys, but you KNEW he was doing it.

    There wasn't any attempt to do it deceptively.

    He was just doing it to mock you, and he made that clear. (unless you're braindead).

    We don't impersonate people. Its much more fun to insult you when you know whose doing the insulting.


  104. Looks like Dolty boy might have gotten the message after all...

    You know FF, I don't think it really matters anymore. Only the ones doing it like Clif and Worf know for sure and they'll just blame it on us.

    I realize that on the internet you have no real idea just who you're talking to, but if the person you're talking to NOW isn't the same person you were talking to BEFORE then there's not even any assurance of continuation?

    I think it's time to move on permanently.

    If he does GOOD for him, he found out it ain't fun to be on the receiving end after all.

  105. Please no name calling Worf.

    I don't even like it when someone calls someone a 'moron' on King of Queens (a sitcom I saw tonight.)

    I know I've called Bush 'imbecile' and other names, but I'm trying not to see him as anything other than a spiritiually sick child of God.

  106. Anonymous12:29 AM


    Lydia likes you.

    Why in the world though, I haven't a clue.

  107. Anonymous12:30 AM

    Lydia Cornell said...
    Please no name calling Worf.

    Can't help it kiddo. Its who I am.

  108. Hopefully Lydia can get back to what SHE wants the blog to be, instead of a bunch of people using sock puppets to aid them attack and ridicule her and the blog.

    BTW Volt, I made sure that YOU and Freedom Fan would KNOW it was me. I just wanted to show HOW easily it was done.

  109. Anonymous12:31 AM

    Lydia Cornell said...

    I know I've called Bush 'imbecile' and other names, but I'm trying not to see him as anything other than a spiritiually sick child of God.

    You were closer with the imbecile moniker.

  110. Anonymous12:32 AM

    Although theres something to be said for the "sick" descriptor.

  111. If the posts which Spoof either of YOU really bother you, ask Worfeus and I have no problem with HIM removing them, but I will not do it myself, because I wanted both of you to see that it was so easy a computer illiterate like ME could do it.

    Thus almost any body could do it, just do NOT be so quick to accuse a person with NO factual evidence, which YOU still do NOT have.

  112. Anonymous12:38 AM

    They know why you were doing it Clif, and they also know you did it in an obvious fashion.

    They're just mad cause they lost the Senate, and now they're crying about anything they can to get some of us on the defensive, so we ignore the issues.

    They knew what you were doing. They're just crying now because thats all the babies can do.


    waaa waaa waaa.

  113. Anonymous12:40 AM

    These guys worry about things that are none of their business, invent offenses when none were given, and literally, strain at a gnat while swallowing a camel.

    When Nancy Pelosi bangs that gavel, it literally unnerves them.

    And thats why they've all turned into a bunch of cackling hens.

  114. I know Worfeus, but I wanted to be honest why I did what I did, so they could NOT try to use it as something to defend people like crusty or the other sock puppets with.

  115. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  116. Anonymous12:46 AM

    I know Clif. And you were honest.

    When you did those posts last night it was clear it was you clownin around.

    I mean no one actually thought it was FF or any of the rest.

    You were making a point.

    And since Volt and the gang have absolutely nothing in their favor in current events, they cling to bullcrap like that.

    Oh well.

    I'm fallin asleep.

    Nite folks.

    Don't let the voltrons bite.

  117. Cakewalk Crowd Abandons Bush

    By Patrick J. Buchanan

    Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan, said a rueful John F. Kennedy after the Bay of Pigs. George W. Bush knows today whereof his predecessor spoke.

    For as he prepares to "surge" 20,000 more U.S. troops into a war even he concedes we "are not winning," his erstwhile acolytes have begun to abandon him to salvage their own tattered reputations.

    Case in point, the neoconservatives. As the Iraq war heads into its fifth year, more than half a dozen have confessed to Vanity Fair's David Rose their abject despair over how the Bushites mismanaged the war that they, the "Vulcans," so brilliantly conceived.

    Surveying what appears an impending disaster for Iraq and U.S. foreign policy, the neocons have advanced a new theme. The idea of launching an unprovoked war of liberation, for which they had beaten the drums for half a decade before 9-11, remains a lovely concept. It was Bushite incompetence that fouled it up.

    "The policy can be absolutely right, and noble, beneficial, but if you can't execute it, it's useless, just useless," wails Ken Adelman, who had famously predicted in The Washington Post that "liberating Iraq would be a cakewalk."

    Bush's team of Powell, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice, says Adelman, "turned out to be among the most incompetent teams in the postwar era. Not only did each of them, individually, have enormous flaws, but together they were deadly, dysfunctional." Their incompetence, he adds, "means that most everything we ever stood for ... lies in ruins."

    Professor Eliot Cohen of Johns Hopkins, whose book on war leaders Bush used to carry about, says his mistake was in not knowing "how incredibly incompetent" the Bush team would be.

    Richard Perle is sickened by the consequences of the war he and his comrades so ardently championed. "The levels of brutality ... are truly horrifying, and, I have to say, I underestimated the depravity."

    Calling the Bush policy process a "disaster," Perle blames Bush himself: "At the end of the day, you have to hold the president responsible. ... I don't think he realizes the extent of the opposition within his own administration, and the disloyalty."

    This is the second fallback position of the War Party. Not only incompetence, but treachery made a nightmare of their vision.

    Über-hawk Frank Gaffney also hits hard the theme of sabotage and disloyalty: "This president has tolerated, and the people around him have tolerated, active, ongoing, palpable insubordination and skullduggery that translates into subversion of his policies. ... He doesn't in fact seem to be a man of principle who's steadfastly pursuing what he thinks is the right course."

    David Frum, the cashiered White House speechwriter who co-authored the "axis-of-evil" phrase, faults the president. While he provided the words, says Frum, Bush "just did not absorb the ideas. And that is the root of maybe everything."

    Where Frum, four years ago, accused antiwar conservatives of being "unpatriotic" haters of America and President Bush, he is now saying that that same president either lacked the I.Q. to realize what he was saying or lacked a belief and commitment to follow through.

    As Rose writes, this is "the most damning assessment of all." Moreover, it is an indictment of Bush's judgment that he could clasp so many such vipers to his bosom.

    Rose describes James Woolsey, the ex-CIA director who was ubiquitous on the op-ed pages and national TV making the case for war, as "aghast at what he sees as profound American errors that have ignored the lessons learned so painfully, 40 years ago" in Vietnam.

    Conspicuous by its absence from disparagements of the president by these deserters from his camp and cause is any sense that they were themselves wrong. That they, who accuse everyone else of cutting and running, are themselves cutting and running. That they are themselves but a typical cluster of think-tank incompetents.

    No neocon concedes that the very idea itself of launching an unprovoked war against a country in the heart of the Arab world – one that had not attacked us, did not threaten us and did not want war with us – might not be wildly welcomed by the "liberated." No neocon has yet conceded that Bismarck may have been right when he warned, "Preventive war is like committing suicide out of fear of death."

    "Huge mistakes were made," says Perle, "and I want to be very clear on this: They were not made by neoconservatives. ... I'm getting damn tired of being described as an architect of the war."

    Almost all the neoconservatives have now departed the seats of power in the Bush administration and retreated to their sinecures at Washington think tanks, to plot the next war – on Iran.

    Meanwhile, brave young Americans, the true idealists and the casualties of the neocons' war, come home in caskets, 20 a week, to Dover and, at Walter Reed, learn to walk again on steel legs.

  118. The NEXT real problem we are going to face which repugnant spin can not solve

    As the year draws to a close, it is a good time to look back at what has happened and what clues we can discern about 2007.

    The most notable event affecting the advent of peak oil during 2006 was, most likely, the great summer price spike. Oil started the year around $62 a barrel, steadily increased to just below $80 and then fell to close out the year about where it started. Now there are a number of observations that can be made about this spike.

    First it drove average US gasoline prices from $2.21 in late December 2005 to a high of over $3.00 per gallon during the summer. This was significant in that it caught a lot of people’s attention for the first time that there just might be a problem out there. At the height of the spike, Congressmen were running around like rabbits proposing new laws and making pious speeches about how they were doing something about gasoline prices. Although the US economy as a whole seems to have held up pretty well under $3 gasoline, Detroit took a hard hit. Sales of low-mileage vehicles that had been the bread and butter of the US auto industry plunged, tens of thousands of auto workers lost their jobs, and dozens of factories closed. By year’s end Toyota was poised to become the world’s largest automotive manufacturer.

    From the public’s point of view and unfortunately most of the media’s, peak oil seems to be only about gasoline prices. Above $3 a gallon there is concern. Let gasoline sink back towards $2 and we are back in Camelot.

    The 2006 price spike is widely perceived as being caused by an excess of speculation. Hedge fund managers read forecasts of a bang-up hurricane season in the offing and that, coupled with greater-than-normal turmoil in the Middle East, led them to speculate wildly in oil futures. When the Middle East turmoil subsided a bit and the hurricanes failed to appear as advertised, oil prices collapsed. All this of course is perfectly true, but is only part of the story.

    Largely unnoticed was the underlying supply and demand situation, and a new factor: oil affordability. The final returns won’t be in for several months, but it is beginning to look as if world oil production stayed about the same or increased insignificantly during 2006. Consumption in China, Russia, and the Gulf oil states increased while staying about the same in the industrialized states of North America, Europe and Asia.

    With flat production and steady or increasing consumption in those countries that publish detailed reports, something had to give or else we would be seeing considerably higher oil prices. The give came in the underdeveloped world where $20 or $30 oil was affordable for generating electricity, running pumps, and for cooking, but $60 or $70 per barrel oil was not. Again, the returns are not in yet, but anecdotal evidence is accumulating that many parts of Africa, Central America, and Asia are starting to shut down. For these peoples, the oil age, such as it was, is already over. There is little to look forward to for a long, long time.

    Nearly every aspect of the various Middle Eastern political conflicts deteriorated further during 2006. From the peak oil perspective 1.5 million barrels a day of Iraqi oil exports appear to be the most precarious, but what ever falls out of Iran’s nuclear ambitions are a close second. A general conflagration occasioned by the collapse of the Iraqi government or renewed Arab-Israeli fighting are well with in the realm of possibility for the near future. The insurgency in Nigeria is picking up steam and there will be either a presidential election or civil war there next year. The prospects for a large percentage of the world’s petroleum exports sure did not get any better in 2006.

    When the history of the year is written, resurgent Russian nationalism is sure to have prominent place. During the year, Moscow made good on its goal to bring exploitation of Russian oil by the international oil companies back under its control. President Putin clearly sees the opportunity to regain superpower status by controlling a significant share of pipeline-supplied natural gas on the Eurasia landmass. It seems likely a reduced role for the international oil companies can only lead to reduced investment and delays in the exploitation of Russian oil and gas deposits.

    As yet no major developments in the world’s oil depletion story have emerged in 2006. Production from numerous major oil deposits – the North Sea, Mexico’s Cantarell, Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay, Kuwait’s Burgan – continues to decline. Many analysts harbor suspicions that Saudi production has or will shortly go into decline. The situation is obscured, perhaps on purpose, by OPEC production cuts that have “required” the Saudi’s to make reductions in their oil production. It may take many years to sort out their actual production capacity.

    So where do all the developments of 2006 leave us as regards to peak oil? Maybe further than is currently apparent. One thing is for certain, the earth has 30 billion barrels less cheap, easy-to-produce crude at its disposal than it did 12 months ago because we burned it up. World oil production currently is giving every indication of at least plateauing for a while, perhaps forever. Many new production projects are being delayed as the cost of exploration and drilling new wells increases to unheard of heights. Oil availability for the rich nations still appears adequate because the poor are shutting down. But this is a one-time phenomenon. Soon, increasing demand from the rich and rapidly developing nations will cause them to bid against each other for stagnant or decreasing production.

    Then the troubles will begin in earnest.

    Yet some fooles will continue to come in here and spew idiotic false statements even though the reality is closing in around them. 2006 was a good year for energy prices and availability to Most Americans. However at some time, whether in 2007 or 2008 or maybe 2010 the amount the industrialized world demands for it's transportation, electric generation stations, chemical, pharmaceutical and fertilizer industries will outstrip the ability of the producing nations to pump fast enough. At that moment the entire western capitalistic world is going to change. No longer will we be able to take a drive in the country because gas is too expensive, and is only to be used if absolutely necessary. The cost of personal transportation will go up rapidly. Mass transit, especially that which can be provided by electricity from coal and hydro power will become a staple of existence. Too bad the repugnant neo-cons have tried hard to destroy Amtrak and underfund the mass transit in the United States. The Europeans are light years ahead of us there. In the 1970's I could travel across Germany by using the Bus lines to get into the city, the trams to get to the train station, and intercity rail to travel from town to town. Here with no investment for development and the idiotic demand that the future of mass transit be economically profitable it is been ignored for decades, and NOW when it could lighten our reliance on more and more oil and gas, it does NOT exist.

    There is no replacement for the hydrocarbon molecules which our chemical pharmaceutical and fertilizer industries are built on. As oil es increase, the costs these industries will go up and get passed on to the consumer. Drug prices already astronomical will simply become too expensive for the vast majority of citizens or their insurance companies to afford. Plastics upon which the modern post WW2 world is built on will become more scarce and expensive, with the associated products which are produced from plastic becoming more costly. As prices escalate in most areas, jobs will be lost as companies can no longer make enough money with ever falling sales of more expensive products. People will lose better jobs as companies which have not already been outsourced can no longer compete in the harsh environment or rising material energy and transportation costs.

    One other area which will be severely affected, but has little good options available to it it our food production industrial farms. they will have rising costs for their machinery, energy demands and fertilizer costs, and as each becomes more scarce, it will become much harder and harder to produce enough food and get it to the markets at low enough prices to feed the ever enlarging poor people this country will have, let alone feed the ever enlarging poor nations and people around the world.

    Countries will go to war for shrinking energy resources, and as those areas are destabilized and the infrastructures damaged in these wars (like they have been in Iraq as a result of that illegal invasion), the energy resources will become harder to produce and get to the western countries.
    With every problem compounding each other problem the situation of the middle class life style the vast majority of American people are used to will disappear replaced by the struggle to survive. The US and every other modern industrialized nations will be reduced to a small but very wealthy class of owners who still can afford the good life and the rest of us struggling to survive, with no more middle class jobs and no health care with food costing much more as a part of ones earnings that is did in 2006.

    Even though 2006 was a struggle for a good part of the people of this country, the future is not going to get much better, but much worse at some point. Jimmy Carter tried in vain to warn us in the late 1970's after the first energy shocks, but the repugnant fooles like Ronald Reagan ignored the bad news, spun the truth of the situation and set the US on the course where not only are we losing far to much in energy today both in lives lost in a war to gain control of ther oil in the middle east. When we could have put our great industrial power and intellectual capacity to solve the problem when it was noticed, Reagan and the Bush's denied the problem and aided with oil finds both in Alaska and Mexico were able to put off the day of reckoning. this time that is not an option and the pain and costs of finding the replacements for oil are much higher, and more urgent today then they were back then..this time no amount of repugnant spin will solve the problem, and we are so far in debt as a nation because of the illogical economic policies started by Reagan where he borrowed massive amounts of money to fund the government but had NO plan to repay that debt has financially tied the government hands at the same time the globalists have out sources a large part of out industrial base where the solutions could have come from. Thus we now are facing almost some of the very same quandaries that Jimmy Carter spoke to us about in 1980, but with far less money available for research and development and far less oil to tide us by until a solution is found, thanks Reagan, Bush41 and Bush43 for NOTHING, because that is really what you three have given this nation and it's future generations.

    As the article mentions, LARGE oil field finds of the past are starting to decline, but nothing near their size is being found to replace them, much smaller fields and oil that used to be too expensive is being exploited, but it will never replace an Burgan in Kuwait let alone Ghawar in Saudi Arabia if that field has reached peak and is in decline. There is nothing left on this planet to replace these fields when they begin to play out as the US oil production has since 1970 when the US production reached it's peak. Today we as a nation produce 1,000,000 barrels less oil each day from our domestic fields than we did in 1980. We imported far less than 50% of our needs in 1980, but we import that today, and that percentage will continue to grow each year. We still get the vast majority of our oil from the US Canada, Mexico and Venezuela today, but with Mexico's production falling and Alaska's Prudhoe Bay also in decline we will eventually have to go to the middle east for oil, which is why Dick Cheney based his secret energy meetings in 2001 on maps of the Iraqi oil fields and the PNAC plan to topple Saddam and emplace a leadership in that government to allow the US companies to develop those fields for OUR benefit. From the perspective of energy and economic terms 2006 was not a very good year but far from a bad year, however one of these years in the near future will make 2006 seem like the Golden Age of our society.

    Enjoy the "good times" while they last.

  119. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  120. Lydia "Let's move on to the important things that will help heal our country. We need great ideas and solutions."

    Here are my thoughts regarding solutions Lydia ( - and why);

    1. Extremists (I'll refer to them as authoritarians in deference and respect to a very wise John Dean) are still a minority in America. -Polls show a consistent 30% approval for Bush
    2. You cannot reason with an authoritarian. - So don't. Apply your energy where it will be of use. Don't fight them, treat them with indifference because it takes no energy and is more effective than fighting them. There aren't that many of them really.
    3. Moderate repubs are beginning to understand they have been used - Read Scarborough's latest comments to O'Reilly. There are loads of people with this attitude as you read more and more conservatives defying the WH.
    4. Capitalise on this growing awareness. - They are more open to reason
    5. Give moderate republicans the opportunity to save face. - They'll be angry and embarassed
    6. Influencing someone is easier than pushing them. - You have plenty of evidence DO NOT rub it in their face, you no longer have to.
    7. Communicate differently with moderate republicans who are undergoing this self-recognition. - Avoid the mistakes the troops made towards Iraq civilians in Iraq. Learn from their mistakes. If you want America to heal, You are trying to win hearts and minds too! So treat mod. repubs with respect.
    8. Engage and maintain respectful communications. - e.g. 'yeah, there was no way we [NOT you] could have known those we trusted were misleading us because we trusted them, at the time they mislead all of us, me too. In fact it took me ages to figure out what was going on and I really admire you for coming around. I guess it's true when people say the first step to solving a problem is recognising it in the first place. If it was easy, we'd all recognise problems straight away.'
    9. Start openly supporting mod. repubs who are becoming aware by stating so on blogs all over the place, support such comments and commentators on blogs, name them, give them kudos, thank public figures on radio-call ins in a sincere way, put bumper stickers on cars/T-shirts saying "I support moderates of all parties" or "Jesus wants America to heal too" or "I'm not with authoritarians" or "Scarborough is right" or "where did the G in GOP go? Scarborough's in the kno'" "rednecks have wised-up" etc. - make it easier for more moderate repubs to realise they've been had
    10. Argue with other Libertarians/Liberals/Independents that moderate repubs need support NOW for America to heal. - Increase your voice
    11. Demand accountability and impeachment with Dem representatives - underline this debacle so you can create a specific time-point to be able to move on. When Bushco are impeached, that will provide a date so you can now think about the future.
    12. Change YOUR attitude before you try to win someone else's heart and mind. - you'll be more effective because you'll be sincere
    13. Bear in mind this is NOT a universal approach because there are authoritarians as well as moderates out there so VARY your approach to the individual. Think along the lines of what would inflence them rather than what influences you. If you don't know or can't figure it out, ask them. - more effective
    14. Spread this message, it's come from someone thousands of miles away - maybe people out here can see the woods for the trees a little easier
    15. Find common causes to unite around. E.g. attacks on your freedoms and liberties and the deaths of Americans/Iraq war - make it easier to unite and form friendships before you start tackling divisive solutions to problems e.g. the economy
    16. start discussing ways of avoiding the merry-go-round of destruction/repair irrespective of the political party (remember don't rub it in their faces) to create a smoother more consistent quality of life for ALL Americans. Seek compromise with those who will compromise, their numbers ARE growing. - avoid reinventing the wheel
    17. More Americans will be willing to compromise as conservatism moves from the far-right towards the centre. Move with the shift, be aware of it and capitalise on their desire to heal too. It won't just be Dems/Libs/Ind's who want to heal.
    18. Spend much more time discussing solutions and far less time moaning about the problems. Just because it's easier to moan doesn't mean it's right or what America needs right now. - change your attitude
    19. Think what could be accomplished if you all spent as much time engaged in solution-oriented process as you do in look-who's-just-done-what-to-our-America-again thought processes. - be more positive, you have to be if you really want to heal
    20. Why not try posting from now on differently? Highlight a who's-done-what AND THEN include your opinion that would help prevent that again, include a SOLUTION with your post. It may not be earth-shattering but who cares, it's a START and who knows what can develop from such a humble beginning?
    21. This blog is not just as good as any to start from, it's one of the best because authoritarians are getting their wrists slapped here. - this allows commentors to debate issues without interruptions.
    22. Hold longer debates around peoples ideas for solutions - this encourages other insights from the debate. And it's positive. And it helps assist a change in attitude individuals need for America to heal.
    23. Share workable solutions from such debates with other blogs, or at least the bits that appeal to you, because if there are smidgeons of solutions that appeal to you, they'll probably appeal to a few others as well. And who knows what yet more minds could add to such humble beginnings.
    24. Remember the power of the blogosphere. Good ideas spread and spread rapidly and Keith Olbermann is watching!

    I'm not suggesting this is a be-all and end-all, just a START.

  121. Worf said, "You are but a guest here. Try not to forget that fact."

    We are Lydia's guests, not a guest of yours. Try not to forget that fact.

  122. Yes but Tiny WE do not spew the hate speech of Anny Tranny here like YOU do little boy.

    And you pretend to be such a gentleman son, when your really a pathetic little person, you HAVE to post drivel from somebody who has said many HATEFUL things about Lydia.....your a joke son.

  123. Worf, YOU are a guest as well.

  124. Too bad you do NOT act like a guest son, you have acted like it was YOUR blog son, posting hateful articles by the lying fraud and the drug addicted gasbag,seems your style though, pretend to be something your NOT like they do.

  125. So in the spirit of including SOLUTIONS when highlighting a problem in a post,

    I will include some remarkable solutions to the Iraq war debacle from a gentleman who really DOES KNOW what he's talking about. And I love his recommendations because it allows America to SAVE FACE: the beauty of the proposals here is that Americans talk to the Iranians by proxy without having to lose face.

    This is a peace plan created by an Iraqi - what a refreshing thought. Not just any Iraqi either but one who knows what he's talking about. Ali A Allawi was Minister of Trade and Minister of Defence in the Iraqi Governing Council Cabinet (2003-2004). He was in the Transitional National Assembly, and Minister of Finance, Transitional National Government of Iraq (2005-2006).

    1 Iraq government calls for regional security conference including Iraq's neighbours to produce an agreement/treaty on non-intervention and combating terrorism. Signatory states will be responsible to set of markers for commitments.
    Purpose: To reduce/eliminate neighbouring countries' support for insurgents, terrorists and militias.
    2 Iraq government calls for preparatory conference on a Middle-Eastern Confederation of States that will examine proposals on economic, trade and investment union. Proposals will be presented for a convention on civil, human and minority rights in the Near East, with a supreme court/tribunal with enforcement powers.
    Purpose: To increase regional economic integration and provide minorities in signatory countries with supra-national protection.
    3 Iraq government calls for an international conference on Iraq that would include Iraq, its regional neighbours, Egypt, the UAE, the US, UK, France, Germany, Russia and China that would aim to produce a treaty guaranteeing:
    a. Iraq's frontiers.
    b. The broad principles of Iraq's constitutional arrangements.
    c. Establishing international force to replace the multi-national force over 12 to 18 months. Appointing international co-ordinator to oversee treaty implementation.
    Purpose: To arrange for the gradual and orderly withdrawal of American troops, ensure that Iraq develops along constitutional lines, confirm Iraq and its neighbours' common frontiers.
    4 Iraq government will introduce changes to government by creating two statuary bodies with autonomous financing and independent boards:
    a. A reconstruction and development council run by Iraqi professionals and technocrats with World Bank/UN support.
    b. A security council which will oversee professional ministries of defence, interior, intelligence and national security.
    Purpose: To remove the reconstruction and development programme from incompetent hands and transfer them to an apolitical, professional and independent body. Also to remove the oversight, command and control over the security ministries from politicised party control to an independent, professional and accountable body.
    5 The entire peace plan, its preamble and its details must be put before the Iraqi parliament for its approval.

  126. Gary that would be good except for the fact the Iranians and Shiite Iraqis have most of what they want already, and are working slowly to gain MORE control over Baghdad each day, in their minds they are winning the civil war even if the Americans are not getting what Bush and Cheney wants.

    Iraq is actually two wars being fought on the same ground at the same time. It is first of all a continuation of the invasion and occupation of Iraq by the American military which Bush has created an Iraq puppet government they find acceptable, but the majority of Iraqis reject and refuse to listen to.

    The second war connected with the first but much more important to the future of Iraq is the internal struggle between the Shiites Sunnis and Kurds for power, and the inter fighting within each sect, like the battles between al Sadr and Hakin factions of the Shiites and the fighting between the Sunni fundamentalists who support al Quaeda and the aAnbar tribes who reject the Wahhabbist idea of Islam and the fighting between each of them. The war is MUCH more complex than most people understand with the militias giving the local Iraqis the only real stability with in their local areas or neighborhoods, and the fact that the militias are willing to work with the US on a limited basis through the Iraqi military and interior police to destroy the Baathists and Sunni insurgents which are the seat of Sunni power.

    As long as Maliki has al Sadr and Hakim pretending to support him he can NOT turn to ther Sunni countries to ask for much help at the same time his major backers are attacking the Sunnis inside Baghdad and surrounding towns, any potential peace proposal needs to take the competing sects and militias into account unless they are willing to do as Bush seems ready to do, send in the Iraqi military with US backing to attack and attempt to defeat the Sunnis, but that would escalate the violence and war at least in the short run, if NOT throw the entire country over board into an all out civil war.

  127. BG, those are some EXCELLENT!! solutions for America, you are absolutely right we do need to support the moderates that are waking up and coming to their senses.

  128. Anonymous8:47 AM

    TalllTexan said...

    We are Lydia's guests, not a guest of yours. Try not to forget that fact.

    Spare me your self healing philosophy that is based in a reality that exists only in your mind.

    No one ever implied, indicated or suggested that you are "my guest", other than you.

    Nice try slick.

  129. Anonymous8:53 AM

    By the way.

    What the hell are you doing up so early? 6:48 on a Saturday?

    What the hell time is it in Texas?

  130. Yes, that was an excellent post BG. Perhaps you've partially redeemed yourself from that clumsy, boring attempt to disprove the existence of God.

  131. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Don't you guys usually mosey on down to the corral or something this time of the morning?

  132. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Freedom Fan said...
    Perhaps you've partially redeemed yourself from that clumsy, boring attempt to disprove the existence of God.

    Finally something we agree on.

  133. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Thu said...
    Stupendous, did you see that letter the Dems wrote to that dotard of a president,


    Got a link to it? I'd like to see it.

  134. I read the letter over on Kay's blog.

  135. I also think its refreshing to see the moderates like Scarborough and Andrew Sullivan speaking out and opposing the Neo Con wacco's, maybe its for real and maybe its to salvage their credibility but regardless it shows an impeachment could have legs, the tide has been turning since last year and it grows stronger everyday, 2007 will be a even better year than 2006 was.

  136. Wow FF, as you would say kudos dude for showing the balls to come in here, again, and here i thought you were COMPLETELY spineless.

  137. Clif "any potential peace proposal needs to take the competing sects and militias into account"

    great analysis Clif, so in the spirit of offering solutions with a post, what would you recommend to take account of the internal sectarian strife as part of a peace plan?

    I will put my opinion forward based on the 5-point peace plan being implemented. So I would add there needs to be additional, rather than alternative, points to the plan.

    Point 6. would take into account the Palestainian/Israeli conflict because progress in each arena is to a large extent dependent on progress in others. The next two paragraphs are from Kofi Annan;

    The quartet of United States, Russia, the European Union and the United Nations must make a fresh start by working together to strengthen a cease-fire in Gaza, extend it to the West Bank and deploy international observers or some other mechanism to monitor it and protect civilians.

    The quartet and the Security Council should also promote unconditional and open-ended talks between Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and set out an updated, credible political framework for those negotiations.

    7. Israel must return the Golan Heights to Syria. This can be achieved with Security Council/quartet pressure on Israel but only if America changes it's attitude as part of a wider ME peace process.

    8. Regarding the sectarian civil war;
    The likes of al Sadr are winning hearts and minds in the hundreds of thousands by supplying fuel, clothes, food and an education to families torn apart by warfare in Iraq - especially in the slums.
    The coalition really needs to implement an aggressive plan of action providing for these people in competition with al Sadr. You won't stop him so you'll have to overwhelm him. Out-compete him while using special ops to block his supplies i.e. target the black market.

    As these sectarian leaders lose their appeal or necessity, moderate Iraqis - the majority of Iraqis - will turn from warfare (in conjunction with coalition troops withdrawing).

    9. target and identify members of death-squads and begin to remove them from the Iraqi police force.

    Bear in mind my suggestions are IN ADDITION to the 5-point plan so before you critcise the gaps in my suggestions take another look at the 5-point plan.

  138. And FF, The Patriot Act is the foulest most insidious assault on our Freedom, our Constitution, our privacy and the very fabric of our democracy I have EVER seen in my lifetime, it is an abomination and no true freedom loving American could EVER support that or a president who calls the Constitution "a god damn piece of paper"............a cowardly fascist maybe, but definately not a freedom loving American.

    Funny that you would become so outraged about a perceived desicration of our flag, yet show no moral outrage or righteous indignation for a blatent and public defilement and attack on our Constitution and the precious freedom it symbolizes by our president whose JOB it is to defend the Constitution.

  139. BG, I think as clif and you have stated Iraq is very complex, and i think now it has turned into a power struggle, or as many say a civil war, if we had implemented logical solutions right after the war had ended such as perhaps a plan to share oil revenues and giving all factions a voice in government as well as had adaquate forces to keep the peace and rebuild need infrastructure then things might not have devolved to this point.

    But to move forward i think we need to plan to pullout not to surge and increase our occupation, we also need to come up with workable solutions that align all the warring factions interests towards rebuilding a more peacful and prosperous iraq, right now they feel a life or death struggle for power is their only option, we need to help THEM come up with more productive, peaceful and beneficial options, whether they are in our best interests or not, we need to start acting like Iraq is a sovreign nation, not a part of our empire controlled by a puppet regime.

  140. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Questions from Red Letter Christians

    The Religious Right is being challenged by a new Evangelical movement that is called The Red Letter Christians. Unlike the Religious Right, we are not allied with any political party, because we believe that Jesus is neither a Republican nor a Democrat. Instead, we are going to ask the questions that ought to be asked of whichever party is in power.

    Right now we have some questions to ask this present administration about the war in Iraq, and to the Religious Right that lends religious legitimization to this war.

    First, we want to know how continuing this war is justified. Originally we were told that we had invaded Iraq because Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction--but then none were found.

    Then we were told that the war was to bring democracy to an oppressed people. But now we find that an Islamic republic has been established which promotes Shia law--a law that oppresses women and curtails the privileges for evangelism that Christians had previously enjoyed. A recent United Nations report states that religious minorities in Iraq have become regular victims of persecution and harassment. Christian women are said to have had acid thrown in their faces. Some have been killed for wearing jeans or not wearing the veil. As many as 60,000 Christians, and perhaps more, have fled the country. The 1.4 million Christians in Iraq have been whittled down to about 700,000. So much for democracy.

    Looking for a new explanation, this administration now tells us that the war is to fight terrorists there so we won't have to fight them here. But now we learn from reports coming out of our own government agencies that this war has led to an increased recruitment of terrorists by the likes of Al Qaeda and made us more vulnerable to their attacks.

    So we Red Letter Christians are asking what new explanations will be made up to justify a war that most of us know was a big mistake. Sooner or later our troops are going to have to leave Iraq, and we want to know what our leaders in Washington are going to say to the mother of that last soldier to die because of a mistake--a mistake that could have been curtailed a long time ago.

    To the Religious Right we address this serious question: "How can you justify the use of torture in the interrogation of prisoners?" You were the ones who so emphatically condemned situational ethics and claimed that the absolute concepts of right and wrong do not change regardless of the circumstances. You were the ones who said that the ends never justify the means. Yet a recent survey of some of your most prominent Religious Right leaders shows that they overwhelmingly support torture--given the situation we face with the threat of terrorism; and that in this case the ends do justify what are admittedly evil means. And please--don't pretend that this torture is not being practiced with the approval of the President.

    Jesus once said that what you would that men should do to you--do also unto them (Matt. 7:12). But I suppose you believe in exceptions to the Golden Rule--and that it doesn't apply in this situation. Or perhaps you think that when Jesus said this He was only kidding.

    The monologue of the Religious Right is being challenged with some tough questions, and we Red Letter Christians are waiting for some answers. And we're not going to let up until we get them.

    Tony Campolo

  141. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Voltron said...
    Wonder how hard it'd be to find him.

    Not that I'd hurt him or anything,

    Well thats mighty white of ya.

  142. Actually for the record let me just clarify things, I do not dislike Volt, I may have "some" doubts about him and strongly disagree with many of his views, but he is the only one of that bunch i do not dislike. Even though we have disagreed particularly on his views on torture, genocide, and sacrificing our freedoms, I have found our debates interesting and respect and like him as a person.

    If he wants to go thats his business, but his reasons for leaving are inconsistent and make no sense and he has shown no desire to leave and clearly still exhibits a strong interest in this blog, for that reason i have doubts about his motives and intentions.

  143. One more thing Volt the reason people have doubts about you are blatent inconsistencies in what you say.

    You claim to not agree with everything GWB does and not like the way he implements the things you do agree with, yet instead of just saying your right i dont agree with this, or i feel this could have been handled better by constantly and frantically pull out all the stops to defend everything he does, i've never heard you do anything BUT defend the man, most people when they disagree with someone they come out and say it and state how their position is different from the person they disagree with, they dont defend that persons every action like they are a
    hardcore supporter.

    Same for your claim you are leaving here, you've said that for weeks now yet you still monitor and post her more than MANY of the so called regulars including the blog owner, if you really wanted to leave you would not be monitoring things here and posting likeyou do so lets be honest, even you have to acknowledge these inconsistencies.

  144. I wonder who will be on Meet The Press or the Stephenopolis show Tomorrow, I would think Pelosi and/or Durbin would be on one of the shows.

  145. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Probably. Though I wouldn't rule out Brownback.

    He's making a run for the White House.

  146. Anonymous12:33 PM

    BTW, didn't mean to misrepresent your feelings.

    I just

  147. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Voltron said...
    Interesting, perhaps I HAVE become too emotionally involved in my online persona, seeing it more as an extension of myself rather than a character I merely play.

    The offer of exchange of personal info is intriquing, but perhaps too much so.

    We do have an issue of trust.

    The idea of being able to prove at least to someone that I am who and what I say I am is appealing.

    Yet you as well would probably not trust me with your info, and even I myself would not. I do have a temper and could in a moment of anger misuse it.

    One of the reasons I've never owned a gun. (luckily my temper is a momentary thing, although I can harbor a grudge for quite awhile.)

    No thanks I guess. The potential for disaster in that goes both ways. But I do appreciate the offer.

    Oh, and your IP is safe. That was simply an article on the web I happened to read, nothing I've implemented as yet.
    (however, from another article I did note that it IS possible to IP block from within the blogger template if you have access...)

    Wow, lots of info there. Ok. I'll break it down.

  148. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Voltron said...

    We do have an issue of trust.


    You have an issue of trust.

    I didn't have one, until this post.

  149. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Voltron said...

    Yet you as well would probably not trust me with your info, and even I myself would not. I do have a temper and could in a moment of anger misuse it.

    Thanks for the heads up.

    I don't even know what "misusing it" means, but you'll find my character to be a little bit better seasoned, than that.

    But thanks for pointing to your own shortcomings in that area.

    I will rescind my offer.

  150. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Voltron said...
    No thanks I guess. The potential for disaster in that goes both ways. But I do appreciate the offer.

    You're quite welcome.

    However that potential for disaster, that you claim goes "both ways", is actually only one way.

    That is of course assuming you haven't been doing anything that you'd have to be concerned about.

  151. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Voltron said....

    (however, from another article I did note that it IS possible to IP block from within the blogger template if you have access...)

    Yes, I imgaine one could do this, with the right applet, assuming one had a way of first KNOWING what the persons IP that they wish to block was.

    And since blogger does not report these, one would still have to have access to the blogger server, beyond the general Blog Admin interface, which is all anyone setting up a blog on blogger gets.

    But do feel free to provide a link to this "article" and I'll be happy to review it, and offer my opinion.

  152. Exactly what potential for disaster could you be refering to, if you are who and what you claim, i would "assume" you bear no malice towards any of us and mean us no harm, and I KNOW none of us would ever mean you any harm.

    Again exactly what harm could you envision doing to a person?

  153. Volt said "The only things I'm sure of is that I firmly believe in true conservative principles, and the president and the last congress were piss poor examples of those as a whole."

    well that I can certainly agree with, and i respect you more for having said that, but it should have been said long ago, while you are entitles to your views on Islam, and i am certainly no fan, no Libertarian or American who values freedom could have supported GWB or the repug congress.

  154. Anonymous1:08 PM

    Mike, of course I bear you guys no malice. But in a moment of anger I could see where I may use something personal you've told me, much like Clif has done with me.

    Of course I would regret it later, but then it would be too late.

  155. Anonymous1:09 PM

    I've already got too much personal material 'out there', and that's part of the problem I suppose.

  156. Well now,it looks like wuffy and Mike have another riotous Saturday planned.You two lead such exciting lives. Do either of you have a date tonight? Ya gonna watch the playoff games today?

  157. Anonymous1:16 PM


    Well if nothing else at least that's a break from the morose introspection...

  158. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Voltron said...
    The only things I'm sure of is that I firmly believe in true conservative principles, and the president and the last congress were piss poor examples of those as a whole.


  159. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Voltron said...

    I also agree with FF's premise in this thread.

    Islam is MUCH more than a religion. It is a way of life and of governance for those who believe.

    While many look at OUR government and see the beginnings of Hitler's rise, I look at Islam and see the same.

    Is it such a strech to see that in BOTH governments?

    Does the fact one exhibits those traits preclude the other from exhibiting the same?

    I look at Islam, and see, as in any religion, various degrees of piety and commitment. But I also see what I see in fundamentalist christianity, and thats archaic, outdated, crude and in many cases, wicked and oppressive practices.

    But people are free to believe what they want, and live how they will.

  160. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Voltron said...

    I firmly believe that [we] will have to fight them either now or later. And later the consequences will be MUCH worse.

    Then your belief will become a self fullifilling prophecy.

    Our problem is meddling in their affairs, oppressing their people, nation building, regime change, and generally fu#@$king with their holy lands, and resources.

    I firmly believe, that if we'd send the big oil executives and auto manufacturing executives to jail where they belong for burying alternative technology over the last 50 years, and introduce electric and or hydrogen cars into the population, and remove our reliability on the middle east for their Oil that God for some reason put over there, then we would not have to fight them now, or later.

    Other than the natural repercussions for our recent invading, occupying and desecrating of more of the sacred holyland.

    Losers can think of nothing else but to do battle.

    Winners can find all sorts of ways to move ahead without starting a war.

  161. Volt said "Mike, of course I bear you guys no malice. But in a moment of anger I could see where I may use something personal you've told me, much like Clif has done with me.

    Of course I would regret it later, but then it would be too late.'

    I dont know Volt, for the record I thinkits human nature to reveal personal info after you get to know someone, the only ones who do not are like TT who have much to hide.

    And for the Record I have never attacked you personally nor your family members, nor have I EVER supported any one who has.

    I may have ranted in rage a little when you showed gleeful amusement at my computer being hacked and being locked off the blogged and silenced, But I NEVER attacked you personally or slandered your family members.

  162. Exactly, for all the money we spent on this wasteful ilegal war, we could moved towards a hydrogen economy, provided tax incentives to consumers and corporations to adapt solar power, provided tax breaks to consumers and the auto companies to adapt more fuel efficient cars, provided tax breaks to companies to buils liquified natural gas terminals so we are less depensent on just imported oil, provided tax breaks to companies to and consumers to adapt wind power, provided tax breaks to companies to develop clean coal technology, and provided tax breaks to develop the Canadian Oil Sands so we arent dependent on the unstable Middle East for guys do like tax breaks dont ya?

  163. Anonymous2:41 PM

    Deciding that we will have to fight someone some day, precludes any other path.

    We create our own reality, and commit our futures to what we deem must be true.

    Volt sounds like someone who does not want an opposing view. He will hear no refutation of his self fullfilling prophetic projection.

    He says it will happen, and therefore it must be so.

  164. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Statesmen will invent cheap lies, putting blame upon the nation that is attacked, and every man will be glad of those conscience-soothing falsities, and will diligently study them, and refuse to examine any refutations of them.

    And thus he will by and by convince himself that the war is just, and will thank God for the better sleep he enjoys after this process of grotesque self-deception.

    Mark Twain

  165. Worf, got a joke for you,

    A man is flying in a hot air balloon and realizes he is lost. He reduces height and spots a man down below. He lowers the balloon further and shouts: "Excuse me, can you tell me where I am?"

    The man below says: "Yes you're in a hot air balloon, hovering 30 feet above this field."

    "You must work in Information Technology," says the balloonist.

    "I do" replies the man. "How did you know?"

    "Well," says the balloonist, "everything you have told me is technically correct, but it's no use to anyone."

    The man below says, "You must work in Management."

    "I do," replies the balloonist, "but how did you know?"

    "Well," says the man, "you don't know where you are, or where you're going, but you expect me to be able to help. You're in the same position you were before we met, but now it's my fault."

  166. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Here Volt. This next ones for you as well.

  167. Anonymous2:49 PM

    .So much blood has been shed by the Church because of an omission from the Gospel:

    "Ye shall be indifferent as to what your neighbor's religion is."

    Not merely tolerant of it, but indifferent to it.

    Divinity is claimed for many religions; but no religion is great enough or divine enough to add that new law to its code.

    Mark Twain

  168. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Actually Gary, that is a partially butchered job of an old, old, old joke, that normally references engineers.

  169. Anonymous3:00 PM

    You know where I stand Volt.

    I think Islam is an oppressive, archaic religion, and I think fundamentalist Christianity is not much different.

    Both religions have wreaked havoc in the world, which is why the only christians I really associate with on a friendship level, are what we call, "red letter Christians".

    Red letter of course refers to the Red Letter edition of the King James Bible, where only the words of Jesus, are printed in read.

    Christians who follow Jesus's words, are fine. Those who do not, are not technically even Christians. They're just religious nuts who are as dangerous as most Muslim radicals.

  170. Anonymous3:02 PM

    "Man is a Religious Animal.

    He is the only Religious Animal.

    He is the only animal that has the True Religion, .. several of them.

    He is the only animal that loves his neighbor as himself and cuts his throat if his theology isn't straight.

    He has made a graveyard of the globe in trying his honest best to smooth his brother's path to happiness and heaven."

    Mark Twain

  171. Anonymous5:38 PM

    By the way Volt.

    I'm still waiting for a link to that article you spoke of in your blog.

    Cause I don't think there is one.

  172. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Not that I doubt you mind you.

    I just think you might be a little confused as to what you read.

    But feel free to produce it for me.

    I'll remind you in case you forget, each time I see you.

  173. Anonymous6:14 PM

    I haven't found it again yet. Still looking.

    It was something about a few lines of code you could paste into the template to block a given IP for spambots and such.

  174. Well thats mighty white of ya.

    Apparently racist slurs are cool as long as you're a lib.

  175. Wow FF, as you would say kudos dude for showing the balls to come in here, again, and here i thought you were COMPLETELY spineless.

    Yes, I was invited MM; how about you? BTW I haven't seen your "balls" anywhere near Volt's place.

  176. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Voltron said...
    I haven't found it again yet.

    Of course you haven't.

    Thats because it doesn't exist.

  177. Anonymous6:23 PM

    Freedom Fan said...

    Apparently racist slurs are cool as long as you're a lib.

    Spare me your midget morality FF.

    I said nothing against any race, culture or population, so stick it.

  178. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Voltron said...

    It was something about a few lines of code you could paste into the template to block a given IP for spambots and such

    Sure it did Volt.

    Sure it did.

  179. Well Georgie is DOING real good,

    23% approve of how well Bush is doing in Iraq,

    but 25% believe that Jesus is gonna come back in 2007...

    So some of the people who think Jesus is gonna come save them this year do NOT think Bush is doing a good job in Iraq, not good since he uses them a a major part of his "base".

    Neither of the people who still support Bush or think Jesus is commin' back to earth this year are probably card carrying members of the reality based world.

    But you struggle on with the base you got, not the ones you wish you still had.

  180. Anonymous6:35 PM

    Whew! I really oughta bookmark these things...

    Here's the FIRST page I read,

    And heres the LINKED page.

  181. Anonymous6:37 PM

    Thu said...
    'Stupendous, did you see that letter the Dems wrote to that dotard of a president,'

    Worfeus Constantine said "No.

    Got a link to it? I'd like to see it."

    Letter to President Bush

    Ask and ye shall receive.

  182. Thanx, Thu. Libs want to bail on Iraq? That is amazing indeed.

  183. Anonymous6:44 PM

    And HERE is the site that generates the code.

  184. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Why thank you Votron, i'm flattered, you are a scholar and a gentleman sir.

    Now as long as I have your attention, would you be so kind as to clue me in as to exactly how you think these Muslims you cower from would be able to conquor the mightiest military and economic power on earth clear on the other side of this blue marble.

  185. Volt, I believe Thu is a mite confused, but what's new?

  186. George W. Nixon

    No, I don't actually want the Democrats in Congress to waste time with an impeachment of GWB. As Churchill said, it is unwise to attempt to kill an opponent who is in the process of committing suicide. But the notion of signing a secret memo with the Secret Service, during the course of a lawsuit about White House visitor logs, to make the logs "White House records" instead of "Secret Service records" is truly Nixonian: a comically incompetent attempt to cover up wrongdoing.

    No doubt the Republicans on the Hill will explain that the visitor logs ought to be hidden from public view. But of course they didn't think so when they were getting Clinton's.

    So what do you think is in those records that Mr. Bush is so eager to hide? We already know Jack Abramoff virtually had a commuter pass, so it must be something even more damning than that.

    It seems to me that the Director of the Secret Service — who is technically a civil servant and not a political appointee — has just earned himself several hours on the Congressional hot seat.

  187. Anonymous6:48 PM

    Mainly from within, with the help of the politically correct crowd. (read liberal crowd)

  188. Anonymous6:50 PM

    Freedom Fan, would you also be so kind as to inform me how you delusionally think Sharia can be implented in America, This is our Country sir, we have our own laws and customs and it is preposterous to conclude that anything of the sort could ever happen on a wide scale.

    Possibly a rogue act of terrorism, but it has been my impression the vast majority of foreigners assimilate to American culture not try to forcefully implement their own, I have lived abroad, I know.

  189. Anonymous6:50 PM

    Hello FF, how are you old sod?
    (by the way, is that derogatory?)

  190. Anonymous6:52 PM

    Well, since you have lived abroad you certainly know how well "assimilation" is working in say England or France?
    Or perhaps in the Netherlands?

  191. Hi Volt. Slumming again I see. Yes that reminds me, I need to order some new sod for the front.

  192. Anonymous6:55 PM

    I believe the PM of the Netherlands has even stated at one point he would be happy to implement Sharia if the majority of the people so desired.

    And I have read about the Dutch middle class leaving that country due to the "assimilation" of muslims...

  193. Anonymous6:55 PM

    Ok. Sorry I pushed you so hard. I just wanted you to post it.

    I have read this article before, and checked out the tools.

    The problem is, assuming it works, someone would have to enter the code into the blog template, meaning they'd already have administrative access. Second, they'd have to know the IP's of the persons the are blocking, which means they either need to have physical access to the google server, or obtained it from some other source.

    You need to go back and read his article on getting their IP's. Blogger does not log IP's as a rule, and there is no way to see this IP as far as I am aware.

    It is possible that a very extensive hack, that took advantage of a google spider, that might work, but from everything I have read, in blogger it is just not possible.

    My guess is still the same. Whoever is doing this, has administrative control over the blogger server itself. Not just the blog, but the blogger server.

    Perhaps I am wrong, but so far nothing I have seen in writing can prove that I am. I would love to know how they are doing this though, but I am not a Java programmer, like TT or FF

    But thanks for reminding of this article. You've given me some stuff to think about.

  194. Volt, Thu is apparently unfamiliar with the concept of asymetric warfare and the strategy of the weaker opponent in same.

    He proly scoffs at the stated intentions of Islamists and is unfamiliar with the primary message of the quran.

    He is proly also unfamiliar with the deadly bombings in Britain and the "no go" Islamist zones in London which are no longer controlled by Britain.

    Undoubtedly he is also unfamiliar with the fact that over 30% of the youth in France are Muslims who would rather burn cars than ever learn anything about Western civilization.

    Yes nothing to see here. Move along folks.

  195. Anonymous6:56 PM

    I believe they are also having problems assimilating muslims in Belgium and Germany and even Canada too.

  196. Anonymous6:57 PM

    Or was it ASP?

    I can't remember now.

    One of them knows ASP, and possibly CSS sheets, so perhaps the could shed more light on this possiblity?

  197. My guess is still the same. Whoever is doing this, has administrative control over the blogger server itself. Not just the blog, but the blogger server.

    This has Karl Rove's fingerprints all over it.

  198. Anonymous6:59 PM

    Well a full featured stat counter would allow you to guess the IP by comparing times of hits and posts.

    LOL, and besides when I first posted that I WAS insinuating it was an inside job.....

  199. Dolt since the 2000 appointment of Bush as President by 5 of the 9 supreme copurt justices, the "politically correct crowd" has been the one that LIED the rest of us into a war, and attacked everyone who questioned his decicdership.

    It was NOT the politically correct crowd that did or even today does reality or real facts too good yet, you and the gutless gaydalf are living proof of that son.

    You acted like anybody who did NOT goose step with your asinine reichwingnut ideals was a traitor and you attacks us every chance you got, the gutless draft dodger still does with FALSE generalizations and empty strawman arguments.

    It is you morons who have little but screeching about what "real patriotism" is which is the reichwing's attempt to force the rest of the country to be politically correct in a neo-con sort of way.