Saturday, December 03, 2005


God Bless the mothers who have lost children -- and the wives and children who have lost their beloved husbands and parents. We have to hold them in constant prayer. Support our troops by bringing them home! We can't lose another precious American life to these terrorist monsters. I wish that people who are not in favor of this war, were not smeared as "unpatriotic". I have the flag flying outside my house; we are the most patriotic people I know. Just because you cannot fathom this war, doesn't mean you don't SUPPORT OUR TROOPS. I have never seen a military with more courage than this one. God Bless you and keep you.

Here's an excerpt of a letter I got (there's another one that really touched earlier in the week, posted in the prior blog):

"Keep fighting the good fight. Ann Coulter is one of the meanest people in American politics, and she seems to care nothing about little things like facts and truth. She's an embarrassment to sane conservatives."

I want to publicy say that I was wrong about Stafford Jones, the Chairman of the Alachua Republican Party. He's a good guy working very hard down in Alachua County, and Lord knows he's had his share of troubles. He left a very thoughtful message the other night. We have each extended an olive branch to each other in this Ann Coulter mess (read blogs below). I apologize for not giving him the benefit of the doubt. I think we were both suspicious of each other, coming from opposite ends of the spectrum. Actually, we have a lot in common - we both want a safer, better America. We have the most magnificent country on earth, and we have to join together and stop this bickering between the parties.

Have been on seven radio shows across the country this past week, including Radio America and others from Florida to Tennessee to California. I will be on in Las Vegas next week, pluus several right-wing shows coming up -- including Georgetown University Radio next Friday from 3-4 p.m. They're pretty conservative too. I'll attach links to these in the morning. Just wanted to update you.
Luv xoxo


  1. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Hello Lydia :

    Sadly, I am convinced if you gave everyone on the planet a gun with one bullet, and they were allowed to use it, mankind would cease to exist. Although I agree with your cause to the fullest, we are absolutely, 100%, incapable of genuinely ever getting along.......there will always be war.
    Human beings will forever be jealous, power hungry, greedy, betraying, etc... on some setting of the scale. To truly end war forever, one would have to give the whole world a lobotamy to rid us of these emotions; obviously this is impossible.

    Also, I suggest people who are experiencing diffuculties in their lives seek to place hope, faith, belief, and love within themselves and stop placing complete faith in an imaginary figure to solve their problems and make themselves feel better...........God does not pay your rent or put food on the table.

    Even if there was a God, (and I know there aint) I wouldnt respect Him because he takes absolutely no respnsibility for His children. I have created one and I am there physically as well as emotionally. Gods very own actions suggest that we may create and then simply walk away;this is lazy and uncaring.And if I screw up with my children, all I have to do is wipe them out with a flood and start over.

    This is comical,absurd,and complete nonsense and I will tell this to Gods face himself if he gets off his lazy butt and comes talk to me; he is always welcome.

    People only choose God as a last resort when they have exhausted all other options attempting to justify a miserable existence.

    I honestly admire & respect your futile efforts,however, there are no long term answers and never will be.


    Johnny moo moo

  2. Johnny Moo Moo said

    ### Even if there was a God, (and I know there aint)###

    And then said

    ### I will tell this to Gods face himself if he gets off his lazy butt and comes talk to me; he is always welcome.###

    Sounds to me like you not only believe in him, but you’re mad at him as well.

    Truth is Johnny; experiments have been done where people were asked about whether or not they believe in a God or Supreme Being. Although the majority invariably says yes, these experiments had a twist. They included a polygraph.

    Now I know people can "fool" a polygraph, but these were just random people, who were not under arrest or facing prosecution.

    They were just asked to answer whether or not they believed. The results of the tests showed that even those who claimed not to believe apparently were not being truthful.

    Fact is, there is something in all of us, ingrained into our DNA that seems to continue in our race, this belief in a supreme being.

    You could say it was developed by thousands of years of reinforcement, or perhaps the creator of our DNA programmed in that inherent belief.

    Whatever that is, it is clear from your message, that you not only believe in a God, you are angry at him.

    And that's ok. I get angry at him too.

    Think on this. What if God, or whatever you want to call him, is NOT involved in our actions. What if, his plan, if you want to call it that, was to send us all "away" to school, as it were, to let us grow and develop naturally, outside of his direct presence, outside of his direct control?

    What if this life is a test, to separate the truly good, from the truly bad? What better way to do that, then to let mankind have full free agency, free will, without direct intervention from God.

    What if God created the earth, sent us here, and said, I'll see you when you get home?

    See, if God stopped every bad thing from happening, then we would NOT be free, and we would have no free agency. We would be forced to do the right thing and therefore no one would be either good or bad, we would just all be “controlled”.

    Prisoners, who do well in prison, often return to crime as soon as they leave the confinement of their prison cells, and the control of their guards. Children, who may behave well when their parents are home, may act like demons as soon as they leave.

    See you have no real way of knowing how someone acts in a given situation, unless they are free to act.

    A lot of people like to blame God for everything that goes wrong, particularly with the actions of man. But the truth is, Gods not doing any of it. Man is.

    Man has free will, to act as God himself here on earth. In fact, in a way, we are the Gods of this planet. We have the power of life and death over ALL creatures. We have unlimited power to create and destroy, the power to literally move mountains with our powers and crafts.

    And as for natural disasters? God does not blow a breath and cause a hurricane. Natural events occur to do that. And we have the power within us, to be prepared for those events. That is, if we weren’t so busy worrying about killing each other.

    Fact is I believe in God. And I believe that he is watching us. Watching us closely. I just don’t think he is going to take away ANYONES free will to act while they are here in this big blue classroom, and regardless of the gravity of the situation or how dire the consequences, he is not going to reach down from heaven to stop one bad man from doing a bad thing. That’s our job. And if we want the wars to stop, then we need to stop waging war. If we want the killing to stop, then we need to stop killing.

    And we need to hold our leaders accountable for their corrupt actions, not God.

    He had nothing to do with it.

  3. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Worfeus :

    Excellent reasoning!However are you suggesting I give complete free will to my 13 year old daughter without my physical and emotional guidance and support? Or should I write a few letters desribing my laws and then take off forever leaving her to fend for herself?

    Also, I am not blaming God for anything except laziness and perhaps a lack of responsibility and this is if he did exist.

    Whether he exists or not, mankind ( and I study history intensely) is incapable of ever finding peace despite the best efforts of any individual. I truly wish I were wrong but thousands of years of violent history conclusively prove there are no answers : The answer is there are no answers except lobotamy: we are doomed if we havent learned by now!

    Johnny moo moo

  4. Wow, that's pretty depressing:)

    Actually no, I don't suggest your send your 13 year old off on her own.

    I would suggest such a course for your 21 year old, however, that is, if you want them to learn anything.

  5. Just think of us as having reached a spiritual age of 21, prior to our being sent here to "graduate" school.

    And what would you send your kid out into the world to learn you ask?

    Why, to become just like you, of course!

    Or at least to learn to be capable of surviving on their own, like you have.

  6. And as for peace?

    I think you are somewhat correct, men always find reasons to war.

    But that does not mean that good people, like YOU, should give up.

    If you have ever had a chance to see Tom Hanks and Steven Spielburg's "Band Of Brothers", a true account of a company of soldiers (E or Easy Company) that dropped behind German lines in Normandy the night "before" the D-Day landings, I strongly recommend you do.

    In an chapter called, CARENTAN, a true account of a Private who was recounting a tale of how fear froze him when he first jumped in, and how it was paralyzing him currently, the officer he was speaking to, a Lt Spears, looked at him and said, "You know why your afraid Soldier?" "cause you think theres still hope. But once you accept the fact that you're "allready" dead, only then can you do your job as a soldier".

    Lydia said it earlier in one of her Blogs. "You have to loose your life, to save it" (acutally Jesus said it first but who's counting?).

    The fact is you are right, that evil seems to always hold some sway here. But that's the deal.

    As soon as you accept that, you will realize that just as much evil exists here, more good will always be around to counter it.

    You worship good, I can tell. You just are angry at God cause their's not more of it.

    But by your words, mee thinks you are part of that good.

  7. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Worfeus : Maybe I should stick to archie comic books? However, I have taken full responsibility for my creation on all levels and have been complimented by school teachers, neighbours, and family. I am simply saying that maybe God could check us out once in awhile and come down,have a beer,act normal,and guide us once in awhile without taking away free will...or is he too important for us little people?

    I still have an unbroken record in stopping religious people in their tracks. However, I am dying for someone to prove me wrong.

    Johnny moo moo

  8. When the Bush administration attempts to justify our presence in Iraq based on the "war on terror", it effectively means that we will never leave. Terrorism has been around for a long, long time and will not go away anytime soon. It doesn't matter whether we're talking about Islamic extremists or the IRA or Basque separatists or the Kurdish resitance in Turkey. The list could go on and on and on.

    Can a "war on terror" ever be won? Of course not. That's why the nonsense spewed by Bush, Cheney and company is nothing but a smokescreen for their broader intent. In fact, we've seen more examples of domestic terrorism in the U.S. than attacks here by Islamic extremists.

    Our troops should not be sacrificed on the altar of a bogus "war on terror". The sad fact is that they are being sacrificed, and the animosity exhibited toward the U.S. is so much greater now than it was before we invaded Iraq. So instead of fighting a "war on terror", our glorious leaders have actually ENFLAMED the terror threat. Thanks, guys (and gals)!!

  9. You are absoultely RIGHT, Drewl,

    In fact, the father of our Constitution agreed with you as well.

    "no nation can preserve it's freedom in the midst of contiunal warfare"

    James Madison
    4th President of the United States

  10. Anonymous3:54 PM

    Johnny moo moo : Although I am opposed to any kind of war, reality suggests that simply sending Hitler a bunch of flowers would not have prevented WW2. Based on our nature, sometimes war is necessary and some good may actually arise out of it!

    I will watch this episode of "Band of Brothers"; it sounds very good!

    It was in fact Guy Sajers "Forgotten Soldier" and Anne Frank that made me see the true light of who we really are.

    Johnny moo moo

  11. Don't worry Johnny, I'm getting to you, it's just someone with such good questions, deserves a good response.

    As for sending "dolph" flowers? Might I remind you that Saddam Hussein was not Adolph Hitler, and Iraq, is NOT the German war machine.

    Iraq, who could not successfully hit their own neighbor in Israel with a SCUD missile in the first Gulf War (out of a thousand fired 8 actually hit anything), posed absolutely NO "clear and present danger" to the US.

    Even the War Powers Act passed back in 1973 (also known as War Powers Resolution P.L. 93-148), which was designed to provide the President with "more" power to enact war when his information exceeds that of Congress, even that act required their be a "clear and present danger" of "immediate attacks".

    No one can sanely argue that such conditions existed with Iraq. Saddam was "contained" and could not even launch an attack at our forces, that were already there, just over the horizon, (like the Murtha plan calls for)or on any of his neighbors. He was a paper tiger, that Bush and Co. turned into a "red herring".

    And the whole WMD argument just does not hold water either.

    See even if they "had" WMD, North Korea, who in conflict of the 1953 Armistice that ended the war, has come right out and thrown the gauntlet in Mr. Bush's face, and said hey, "we have nukes! Whatcha gonna do about it?”.

    What did we do? We did nothing, because you see, when the army has 2 million men in it, it's easier to pick on the little guys.

    Iraq was nothing more than us signing on to kill people, that "looked" like the terrorists on 911.

    But as for your other questions, stay tuned.

  12. Anonymous5:36 PM

    Your arguements are sound and I do not dispute any of your excellent points,however,its too bad there are no long term answers. Its time to close the books on Iraq and end this futile war. But this leads me back to my thesis on the nature of mankind and its infinite hopelessness.

    Johnny moo moo
    Boring Canadian

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  14. There are in fact a great many good moral lessons we can learn from our pals Archie, Betty, Jughead.

    Just stay away from Reggie, he's a right winger:).

    Seriously though, I am not trying to convince you of anything. Each person has to come to grips with their own spirituality or belief systems as it sounds like you are now doing.

    I for one am NOT as you put it "religious". I neither attend any church nor do I subscribe to any basic set of rigid belief systems, other than that I believe in good and evil. I have seen them both, and most of the evil I have seen has come from organized religion and the so called pious amongst us.

    As for God, like Einstein said, someone must have done all this. Even with random occurrences, the clocklike precision of our own cosmos, is more than any random act could have caused. So I believe he exists. I also believe he created us, in someway.

    But I am amused at the so called Christian Right’s attempt to include “intelligent design” in the science classes of our public schools.

    See, I believe God created the heavens and the earth, he just hasn’t bothered to share with me how he did it. At least not directly.

    In fact, he did share with all of us, indirectly how he did it. There are signs everywhere of his existence. But to see them, you have to use that noble gift bestowed upon you at birth. Your brain.

    That’s why so many of the most intelligent amongst us, the scientists, so many of them end up in believing in some type of deity or Supreme Being. Because he left road maps of his (ok Lydia, or hers) existence in the very encoding of our own DNA, the clockwork precision of the planets and the perfect conditions that enable our existence.

    But there is no direct evidence of any of this. It is a belief, nothing more. An opinion, based on observations.

    And that’s all I think it was ever meant to be.

    So I don’t want it taught in the classroom. Because everyone does not believe in the same things. And Science is not about beliefs anyway, its about facts.

    After all, what makes men like Jerry Falwell think that God did not use evolution as his tool of creation and design?

    It's that rigid, our way or the highway that has caused so much evil in the name of religion for 6000 years.

    As for Christ? I believe that he lived. There is ample historical evidence to that fact, contrary to popular opinion. Apocryphal writings, the writings of Nag Hammadi, obscure references in the writings of the Judeo\Roman Historian, Josephus, and others.

    But more than that, I believe his words, his logic and wisdom.

    It seems today that the pseudo-Christian preachers and pundits have about as much to do with Christ as the Inquisition.

    If they would actually take the time to “read” Christ’s words, then they would see he taught only peace, as Lydia correctly asserts. He never taught anything that would support men like Pat Robertson, and Jerry Falwell. These men, and others, who directly influence the President, our President, are as corrupt and foul as any Pharisee ever was. In fact, they are the modern day embodiment of the scribes, Pharisees and hypocrites, as Jesus called them.

    They could care less about the poor, the downtrodden, the meek and lowly in heart. There hearts worship war, and they lust for power, and influence and wealth. Indeed as Jesus himself said, they are “whited sepultures”, outside clean and white, but inside “full of dead men’s bones”.

    And they lead more people away from Christ and his teachings, than any devil ever could. And they have their reward.

    If you want to listen to someone who actually preaches what Christ taught, I recommend listening to Pastor Joel Osteen. Now normally I don't endorse anyone and I am not suggesting joining his church, but his message is in precise harmony with what Jesus actually said and did. Out of all the television evangelists, he is the ONLY one I have ever seen that even approaches Christ’s teachings.

    As for whether or not to believe in a God? I think you already answered that.

    You just don’t believe you are happy with him right now.

    I suggest you not worry so much about God causing disasters and war, and focus on the men who can avert them both.

    People wage war, not God. Jesus said the “kingdom of God is within you” which means that all one has to do is find the kind of peace within themselves that men like Dr. King, Ghandi, Deepak Chopra, and Dr. Wayne Dyer have, and you’ll already be there.

    We all know what right and wrong is, and when we are following what we know to be right, we have peace, and when we are not doing what we know inside to be right, we look like George Bush.

  15. And BTW Johnny Moo Moo (do you own a dairy farm or something?)

    Don't think for a moment you are talking to someone who has "arrived" at that place.

    I am just another traveller along the road like you, lookin for a Howard Johnsons.

  16. Anonymous10:51 PM

    Hello ALL:

    While we all want the troops to come home as soon as possible, do we really think that will solve the mess we created? I have told friends for 2 years what we need to be doing in Iraq and I have finally seen a Senator (Schumer) support this idea in the last few days.....We need to be looking at dividing Iraq into 3 separate nations....Kurdistan in the North...Sunnistan in the center and Shiastan in the South. This is what the "no-fly zones" did before all this mess started....Remember them Mr. President? Your dad came up with the idea about 15 years ago and it kept Saddam under control for a long time.

    And that's how we'll both bring the troops home as quickly as possible and possibly even ensure some stability in the region.


  17. Stop mAnn8:13 AM

    This may help you understand mAnn Coulter and shelve her where she belongs.

    It's too bad that "satire" is the new crutch used to camoflauge hate speech. Vitriol in good fun can be humorous, but this type of viciousness spewed by mAnn and other pundits is encitement to violence. The death threats you are receiving over this proves that statement.

    In these times of political discourse nothing surprises or shocks me anymore and that in itself is frightening. Professional lines have been crossed and "integrity" is just a word in the dictionary.

    Keep the faith.

    Jules :)

  18. KAN12 has a good point, from the perspective that such an ethnic division of Iraq - assuming the ethnic parties in question would agree to it - would help to diffuse the ethnic and religious animosity among the Kurds, Sunni and Shia.

    Of course, three separate nation-states would add more volatility to the region, but that may be a risk worth taking to ensure ethnic peace and no civil war in Iraq.

    The fact that the Bush administration seriously underestimated the ethnic divisiveness in Iraq - something that any student of history could have foretold - speaks volumes about their incompetence.

  19. Just to add to my last thing that could impede such an ethnic division of Iraq is that good old three-letter word: OIL. Most of it is located in the southern area which is dominated by the Shia. The Kurds may not care about it so much, but the Sunni - who controlled Iraq under Saddam - may have something to say about that. It's certainly a big factor.

  20. I agree. KAN12 made an excellent point.

    The ethnic divisions were working well under Bush 1's plan, coupled with Saddams iron fist rule, which may have been a necessary factor to control the masses. He was a bad man, but maybe a lot of them are too, so maybe a bad man like Saddam is all that could control them.

    But we had to melt em all down, before they were ready.

    Because we knew that "inside every Iraqi, is an American, trying to get out".

  21. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Worfeus.....that's hilarious!!!!! I hadn't heard that one before...was that a quote from Cheney or Rumsfeld, or HANNITY (or Pat Robertson?)

    Lydia...I cant wait for your book about Ann Coulter by the way...I'll buy 15 myself and give them to friends...sort of like how the Scientologists do with Dianetics...see if we can get it on the bestseller list!!!!!


  22. Full Metal Jacket actually :)

  23. Anonymous7:07 PM

    Support the troops my ass. Why don't you go find one of your old mothers skirts to hide behind.

  24. Anonymous7:55 PM

    Anonymous: I'm curious as to how you have supported the troops...being as they all have the best body armor there is..and armor on all their vehicles. Did you send over some toothpaste or some Doritos? Did that make yu feel like you were part of this great Crusade? Or did you vote for people who continue to put our troops in an untenable situation while wiping their butts with thousand dollar bills? I actually watched a friend's kids one night this summer while he was home for 2 weeks...he and his wife had to go to Wal Mart to buy a High powered flashlight to take with him on his nite patrol south of Baghdad....2 weeks later one of his fellow soldiers died in his arms when a roadside bomb went off under their happened to be the night the armored hummers were down so they had to go out without armor. Thank God (hopefully) he's due home after Christmas....He went to Iraq to find WMD and all he got was a lousy T-shirt.


  25. Anonymous8:01 PM

    Oh and by the way...I'll go to Afghanistan right now to find the guy who actually started all this...So all you idiots who want to call us pussies can KISS MY A$$...I'll put "Born to Kill" on my helmet right next to my peace sign... Right Worfeus?


  26. Right KAN
    (hey, I didn't just get drafted did I? :)

    Actually I strongly suspect ain't bin laden in a while is in the disputed region, between India and Pakistan, known as Kashmir.

    If you recall back in early 2002, bin laden was suspected of having frostbite on his hands. It was believed he got this by climbing up above the snow line.

    When you look at the globe it's clear that this would be a prime location for him to hold up. Thick dense jungle makes for poor quality satellite photos, constant fighting in the region makes it difficult to enter (US military is not permitted in without escort and jumping through a lot of hoops) and dangerous to send small forces.

    Al Qaeda is purported to flourish in this region, and loyal supporters of bin laden comprise a large percentage of the Pakistani population.

    Now consider this doomsday scenario.

    Suppose bin laden and his army, move out from the Kashmir region and into Pakistan. There they rally loyal followers of bin laden, (purported to be over half the population)and overthrow the Pakistani army (or simply convince them to join them), and Musharraf and seize the Pakistani nuclear arsenal.

    Then we would have a ball game.

    As I am sure you are aware, these missiles don’t just threaten India, they threaten Israel.

    In fact, this was a common concern back in early 2003, and was discussed openly.

    “The CIA is clearly concerned about the very real possibility that an Islamic general could take over one day -and acquire control of the arsenal”. - The Independent – April 10, 2003

    But somehow that concern has been overshadowed, by this administrations insistence on protecting us from a country that had no nuclear arsenal, presented no real threat to anyone, and was “contained” by international law and weapons inspections, not to mention the “no-fly” zones.

    I guess President Bush should have just “stayed the course”.

    But now we ignore real threats, countries that really threaten the US, with Nukes and massive armies, and we don’t even bother looking for bin laden, because Bush is not concerned with capturing bin laden.

    He’s too busy talking tough, and looking tough, and acting tough, to actually “be” tough.

    An interesting note. Guess where Pakistan got their nuclear arsenal?

    That’s right, North Korea.