Sunday, July 27, 2014


TO ALL TABLOID REPORTERS: This story has hurt my family and hundreds of other innocent people. PLEASE CORRECT this and GET YOUR STORY STRAIGHT.

I never sued Kelsey Grammer and I never sued "Comedian Richard Lewis!"

The 'stalker incident', in which a convicted felon posing as a war hero and JAC-C Criminal Attorney, sued Kelsey Grammer in my name — on top of myriad crimes and threats — has truly been a bizarre experience. This stalker has propagated lies all over the Internet, on various free websites such as 'rip-off report' in which criminals are allowed to post whatever lies they want until you PAY Rip Off Report to 'arbitrate' or take down the lies. Even the police can't get it done. Is this the American way?  


A Public Apology to Kelsey Grammer from Lydia Cornell

"Kelsey and I Were Both Framed by the Same Stalker!"

Amanda A. Brooks

Truth is stranger than fiction. Lydia Cornell has been through a traumatic year, and I sat down with her to get a glimpse of the strange things going on in her life with men, and the incident regarding "suing" Kelsey Grammer - which came about because of a stalker. 

1)Lydia, tell us about "suing" Kelsey Grammer - which came about because of a stalker. 
"I found out I was suing Kelsey Grammer when I read the headlines on TMZHuffington PostDaily Mail, Radar Online, The New York Post, and Yahoo in June of 2012: 'Kelsey Grammer Sued by Lydia Cornell After Both Get Duped in Ponzi Scheme,' says Lydia Cornell. When I tried to protest and correct the story, my counsel put a gag order on me. Then I discovered that the co-counsel in our case was a convicted felon posing as a lawyer who became my stalker who was really a hairdresser who had never gone to law school. And this was the person making most of the legal decisions in our case.
My question is: why can't I have a normal stalker like Sheryl Crow has?
On September 13, 2012, I was granted a dismissal with prejudice from the civil case. But just when I thought it couldn't get any weirder, my stalker, impersonating an "Attorney General", indicted me in the RICO act and named me as a defendant in my own lawsuit, along with our Judge (Hon. Jan Pluim); his Clerk, Kelsey Grammer, Gene Simmons, Corbin Bleu, James Hillis Ford, and all my fans and friends on Facebook, including acclaimed filmmaker Lonnie Senstock and Security expert Glen Ratcliff. He indicted me as a criminal in my own case against the alleged organized criminals! This was a Three Stooges court moment; one of the funniest moments in court history. 
I try to turn every tragedy into comedy, but this is no laughing matter. This man violated my restraining order, posted death threats along with my home address, stole the identity of an authentic war hero, bullied my friends - and got the tabloids to go along with it.
Then something so terrifying happened, it could only occur in a David Lynch-Alfred Hitchcock movie. Since this is an ongoing investigation, there are secrets I'm not allowed to disclose yet. But it's as bizarre as a true-life version of "Breaking Bad."
I never intended to sue Kelsey Grammer, and hope any damage to his reputation is repaired."
Cornell, America's sweetheart and virginal sex symbol best known for the classic hit series "Too Close for Comfort," more recently seen on HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and several award-winning independent films, has spent the better part of the last decade raising boys, working as an activist for women's issues, writing her upcoming humor book series, mentoring teens and doing inspriational public speaking. Her new talk show "On the Edge w/ Lydia Cornell has been nominated for a Stitcher Award as part of radio network "Beats and Eats".  Also featured on their network is former star of MTV's "Awkward", Matthew Fahey, "Hell's Kitchen" chefs Barret Beyer & Anthony Rodriguez, and sports broadcasters-turned-pop-culture podcasters, Ty Ray and Nick Gelso. Cornell's show discusses issues including paranormal sex, celebrity horror stories, spiritual recovery, and how to overcome hardship with humor. Her motto is: "If all you did was just look for things to appreciate, you would live a joyous, spectacular life."
Finding humor in the darkest places, Cornell's spiritual resurrection story is about overcoming drug, alcohol, and Adderall addiction, tragedy, abuse, betrayal, and divorce. "But I couldn't leave my marriage sooner because I was getting too much comedy material out of it," she writes.


  1. Anonymous6:47 AM

    Off topic, but go back and look at my old comments from 2005, 6, 7, 8....where for years I predicted the "SINO\RUSSO alliance, siding with North Korea, once we invaded Iraq.

    I predicted Putin would invade some place to show "he could do it too", and I predicted we'd be looking at potential war with China and Russia along with North Korea.

    Voltron laughed at these predictions, so did all of them.

    Well....anyone looked at a newspaper lately?

    1. Wow, yes you were exactly right on. Surreal and uncanny.

  2. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Remember how I put it? I said

    "Bush and Cheney have shown the world our ass, and now everyone's going to want a piece"

    When Putin saw us falter in Iraq, it was just a matter of time before he decides to take our military out for a try himself, just to see if maybe we're not as un-defeatable as he thought. I called attention to the Russian Chinese war games they held back in 2003 right after we invaded Iraq. They drilled massive military beachhead landing exercises, and resigned their defence pact.

    It was just a matter of time until Putin found a situation where he too could go in and claim to be justified in invading some where that he doesn't belong, and see how far down he can push us while promoting the Russian Chinese alliance as the new superpower (actually the "BRIC alliance which includes Iran, North Korea, etc).

    I'm not sure how far this things going to go, but its definitely playing out a little too closely to my predictions.

    And no they weren't psychic predictions, I have no powers like that. It was just obvious to me. No way Putin was going to sit back after seeing us invade and occupy a country that hadn't attacked us, and then see us toss out the Geneva conventions, torture these people, mass imprison them, etc.

    No way Putin wasn't going to see how far he could push the envelope too.

    We lost the moral high ground.

    That's a bad place to be