Friday, March 02, 2012

Thoughts at 3 A.M.: A Progressive's Prayer for Andrew Breitbart

Thoughts at 3 A.M.: A Progressive's Prayer for Andrew Breitbart: There's nothing like the sudden death of a Legend in his Own Mind, to turn the Thursday before Not So Super Tuesday into a slow news day. ...


  1. 43 is way too young for anyone to go. His family must be devastated.

  2. Clippy12:20 PM

    Very young.

  3. Clippy12:21 PM

    Davy Jones 66 R.I.P.

  4. Yea, Davy Jones was too young too. 66 and he was in good health they said. So that bites.

  5. I'm a little worried about Clif. I know he lives near one of the areas hit by tornado's today. 24 people killed so far. The damage is terrible. Homes, schools with roofs ripped off or blown away completed, cars and trucks tossed like toys.

    Hope you're ok Clif.

  6. Anonymous9:18 PM

    I saw the "progressive's prayer for Andrew Breitbart" and thought I would see a moment when people came together and put their differences aside for respectfull reflection on a life ended to soon. And while I prepared for such an experience and read on, the author made sure it did not happen. A "legend in his own mind?" He was important to some, and even if you do not agree with him some respect should be shown. I would suspect you would be calling for the same if the tables were turned.

    What a shame.

    The comments were decent, even from worf.

    On a side note,

    s'up worf.

    big k

  7. Worf, I'm OK but a friend told me one of his co-workers wife was one of the causalities in Indiana.

    It is really bad up there in those small towns just north of Louisville, whole towns torn apart in seconds.

    Those people need prayers and some worldly help also.

    Thanks for the concern.

  8. Isn't it funny how "Big K" just happens along to comment on a story?

    Just in the neighborhood...sure.


  9. Glad to hear you're ok Clif. Yes I'm following this since I'm not far from it, and its definitely shocking.

  10. The irony here is science has been predicting exactly this sort of increased extreme weather patterns for the last decade, based on global warming.

    But no ones preparing for it and the country cannot as a whole attack the issue of global warming,...because half the country (the republican half) doesn't "believe in it".


    The republicans are like your stupid kid brother who never listens to you and has to learn everything the hard way.

  11. How stupid does it make us look, to have half our society having to "believe" in science.

    Half our country is straight out of the dark ages.

  12. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    el rushbo APOLOGIZED.

    It only took 6 corps to pull their money from his waste of the airwaves to get the sorry excuse for a human being to do so, so we know what he worships,


    Who'd a thunk the fat drug addict would be brought to his knees by a college student. LOL

  13. His apology wasn't enough. He called a nice young woman who simply spoke in favor of a program for reducing unwanted pregnancies, a slut.

    He called her a whore, and got the rest in that herd of rats to parrot his sentiments.

    This was a nice young college girl who did nothing against him. She said nothing against him or the right wing. She merely spoke up for a program to reduce unwanted pregnancies.

  14. And just like their Nazi progenitors the right wing spokespeople tore into the little girl, rather than the message.

    They just started calling this girl, someones daughter, a whore.

  15. Just like filth like them always does.

    Just like Voltron and the filth in here did to Kay in Maine, and other women who come in here to try share their opinions and ideas.

  16. Like filth like them always do, they didn't attack their messages. They couldn't. defeat them that way.

    So, they just start calling them names, horrible disgusting crap that no honorable man would ever say to a woman.

    They just started cackling and spouting filthy insults at Kay and others, dragging their characters through the mud, calling them whores, etc until they left.

    That's who this piece of sh$t, calling itself Voltron is.

    That's who they all are.

  17. So Limbaugh owes more than an apology.

    This girls a law student, and hopefully she sues this fat sack of trash for millions.

    The time has come for America to be a little better than propping up pieces of human garbage like Rush Limbaugh, who make their career off attacking anyone who dares voice an opinion his right wing fans don't like.

  18. But unfortunately, that's the character of the republican male.

    They're not men, that's why I call them male.

    Because men don't attack women and young girls characters like this trash does.

    But that's what republican males do.

    Just like Voltron and the rabble of rubbish that comes in with him do.

  19. When I see that fat, greasy Limball rolling around in his chair calling this nice young college student a slut and a whore, I see Voltron, and I see their Nazi counterparts.

    The same class of character is in them all, or lack thereof.

    When their political opposites even if its just a little girl, make an argument that their petty right wing ideology doesn't have a counter for, problem.

    They just start trashing her character and spreading filthy lies about her.

    Its how their sort have always operated.

  20. Worf said:

    "But that's what republican males do."

    Freedom of speech Worf,freedom of speech......aint it wonderful! Maybe we should ban it so as to satisfy your theatrical hunger for a utopian world.

    Maybe Republicans should be more like Anthony Weiner?

    Now I know Clinton was the President after Bush, however, wasn't Weiner using his weiner in pursuit of busb??

  21. This new Blogger look is like totally super gay!!

  22. OK Ms.Cornell

    There are billions of individuals on the planet who each possess his/her own version of how they feel the trains should run on time. Therefore, the concept of declaring that mankind may one day achieve a utopian world of everlasting peace....albeit by way of love.... is completely delusional in view of the fact that such a reality would be entirely dependent on the need to give all human beings a partial lobotomy.

    Such a procedure would then allow mankind to live harmoniously, without dispute, opposition, dissimilarity, or complaint, on every single issue life has to offer thereby ensuring a stable & continuous level of world peace without peril.

    To believe such a utopian scenario is even remotely plausible albeit by way of religion, political structure, optimistic philosophy, or plain simple hope is entirely illusory, comical, and.......insane. There will always be war…………period!

    Along with all their expensive fees & pompous over-analysis of the human intellect the best psychiatrists and psychologists in the world will never be able to provide what so many crave & long for………the illusion of love!

    Some suggest the answer to global difficulties is love, but, exactly what is this overrated emotion? Love is not some wonderful sensation that we simply feel in our hearts or the pit of our stomachs purely for our pleasure; rather it’s a full-time job that requires ongoing maintenance & attention.

    Briefly neglect or ignore this inexorably tiring routine upkeep, even inadvertently, and it could give rise to devastating consequences. Ultimately, it’s a daily roller-coaster ride of deeply complex & confusing emotions.

    Exactly what distance & degree of frequency does one need to go to demonstrate their love, affection, and self-sacrifice towards another so as to ensure a relationship, or the world for that matter, remains in a continuous state of bliss?

    No one could possibly keep someone else content on a daily basis without imposing an impossibly heavy burden upon themselves insofar they would be responsible for maintaining the precise degree of mind sapping enthusiasm and energy - in all areas of the relationship - that would enable it to remain in a stable & euphoric state.

    Who takes the initiative to ensure a relationship doesn’t die of boredom? Who’s responsible for the recurrence and quality of the entertainment and whether it turns out to be a great jaunt or a poor one? How often do you send flowers or go out for dinner? And how much do you need to spend on these items so as to reveal your true sense of devotion without being insulting

    In its early illusory stages infatuated love brings warmth, passion, pleasure, and memorable intimacy; simply being beside one another and sharing an ice-cream cone bought with money found under sofa-cushions was more than enough to bring enormous joy and harmony to a young couple’s hearts.

    However, this companionship (which is not an illusion but a natural part of being human) that I like to label as youthful naivety, disappears as we slowly evolve into adults after which it is promptly replaced by a dogma of conditions. Success, education, religion, employment, beliefs, yearly income, and status determines whether one is worthy of this illusion.

    It simply has limits and some may never discover or be worthy of this overrated emotion due to their obesity, unsightly looks, physical/mental disability, etc.....or some folks may quickly dismiss a potential relationship when, from their point of view, it could become too problematic, burdensome, or unrewarding enough to serve their purpose.

    And, let’s not forget that this wonderful illusion also offers conflict, jealousy, pain, anguish, fear, confusion, deception, and betrayal all for the benefit of having a warm carcass next to you at bedtime that you are responsible for keeping content.

  23. Furthermore, it’s an unpleasant reality that you may virtually destroy a relationship by loving someone too much, albeit you suffocate it and don’t allow it room to breathe; you also risk being taken advantage of by a spouse who may use your excessively strong devotion for their own selfish designs be it monetary, material, or emotional. On the other hand, contribute what a spouse perceives as too little attention or interest to the relationship and you may find yourself very alone.

    Some bitter individuals express their desire in choosing an obese & unsightly female due to their belief that they work harder on the relationship and are less demanding\ materialistic and much more appreciative\loyal insofar their ability to find another mate is severely impaired. Whereas, a pretty, shapely girl, seems far less sincere towards her commitment as she is quite aware of her ability to attract numerous males, effortlessly, should her needs not be fulfilled.

    Curiously, have you ever heard a woman say she needs a man who treats her firmly and despises one who behaves to nicely? Ever hear a man indicate that he doesn’t like a woman with small bazongas yet despises one with big hips....conditions!

    With a divorce rate edging towards sixty percent one must wonder who the other successful forty percent are. Of this number, what percentages of couples stay in a loveless & destructive marriage simply for the sake of their children? How many others remain together for financial reasons.....the prospect of being poor and going to battle over material possessions is never a picnic! Additionally, in an effort to appear stable and morally correct in face of the community, some hollow relationships simply continue on grounds of status.

    All love is conditional; right down to school children who demand a parent purchase a chocolate bar at the grocery counter – want to stay up late past bedtime - remain outside to play with friends – go to the park, etc.....and all the way up to the elderly where grandpa asks grandma to fetch him a beer and prepare dinner; and grandma asks grandpa to paint the fence and buy her a new dress.

    Even Gods love is a fallacy as it demands certain conditions must be met before one is deserving of it. Failure to comply with any petty set of standards results in lowered levels of fondness.

    And, those who are unable to find love or who have been previously crushed by its complex power will look towards religion as a sort of comforting security blanket that says “No one else may love me but God does.”

    Ultimately, (and this is important) it’s all an illusion based on each individuals own "NEEDS and WANTS" where the degree of love administered, by someone towards another, is continuously adjusted according to the level of profit/benefit that ones own personal desires, wishes, and expectations are being fulfilled.

    In the end, how do you cherish/love someone just right? The answer is there are no answers, hence:

    “Your life is the sum of the remainder of an unbalanced equation.”

  24. “Your life is the sum of the remainder of an unbalanced equation.”

    While this important metaphor applies to love/hate, it also applies to other aspects of human existence including good & evil. Both are entirely necessary & dependent upon one another to produce an unsolvable equilibrium to man’s existence insofar they formulate our strive for purpose by providing us with a struggle for solutions between the two constructs……they allow us choice. Good cannot possibly exist without evil and vice-versa.

    Imagine a world of perfect evil where goodness/morality is virtually non-existent, mankind would quickly annihilate itself with its unlimited potential for cruelty and wickedness. Not bounded by any form of morality or reason the infliction of horror and suffering upon one another would simply be catastrophic.

    However, a utopian, unconditional love world is not plausible either as the world and humanity itself would be a spectrum of flawless perfection which offers nothing else to strive for. This would, render the mind obsolete and thus mark the end of the evolution of human thought where decision, wisdom, ideas, design, and judgment would no longer be necessary……………exercise of the mind would no longer hold a purpose!

    While John Lennon’s song “Imagine” may sound nice, it just isn’t possible………period!

  25. Johnny Moo Moo said...

    Freedom of speech Worf,freedom of speech......aint it wonderful! Maybe we should ban it so as to satisfy your theatrical hunger for a utopian world.

    Leave it to the right wing trolls to think calling a young woman a slut on a radio show that reaches millions "freedom of speech" somehow defends it.

  26. And by the way there mister self proclaimed Canadian, our Supreme Court has ruled that Slander is NOT protected by our 1st Amendment protections on free speech.

  27. So stick that in your pipe big mouth, and smoke it.

  28. And you're right Johnny.

    As long as there are people like you in the world a Utopia is just not possible.

  29. In life there's always the two sorts.

    The liberal types, the believers, those who strive and struggle for goals and ideals, and those who sit back smugly like the conservative types and say "it cannot be done".

    And those conservative "republicants", will sit back and mock and ridicule the struggling liberal as they fall again and again, but still gets back up, dusts themselves off and keeps trying.

    Reaching for the higher ideals, while the neocon, reaches for nothing, all the while enduring the never ending taunts from the smug, do nothing conservative who will tell them over and over how they'll never reach their goals.

    The conservative dogma has always been pessimism and a staunch belief in the inevitable failure of government, which is why they work like the devil to make sure government fails.

    And anyone with any lofty notions of the betterment of mankind is cut off at the knees for trying.

  30. A wise man once said;

    "I'd rather shoot at the moon and miss, ....than shoot at nothing, and hit it".

  31. OUCH

    “It was a vile personal attack on this woman and it was sustained,” Imus noted on Monday. “It was Wednesday and then come back and double down on Thursday and then come back and double down on Friday. And then, issue a lame apology on your website.”

    “So were it me and I ran a radio station or whatever, I would make him go down there and apologize to her face to face. He owns a Gulfstream IV (jet). Get on it, go to Washington, take her to lunch and say, ‘Look, I’m sorry I said this stuff and I’ll never do it again. Period.’ Now, he’s an insincere pig. Pill-popping pinhead.”

    When Don Imus, thinks you are an insincere pig, you're I a wee bit of trouble with your public relations.

    Imus should know when to STFU and simply apologise, his suggestion would work, but el rushbo will never be able to put his enormous ego aside and admit he was completely wrong, and the whole fault totally rested on his shoulders.

  32. The republicans will just invite him speak at their convention again.

    Calling a young woman a slut is no big deal to these guys.

    That's the nature of this new breed of conservative.

  33. ...which looks a lot like an old breed of conservative, ...that took power in early 1930's Germany.

  34. BTW el rushbo ain't just losing ads,

    upwards of 13 by now,

    the real problem for the drug addled hate filled misogynistic bigot is;

    he is now losing radio stations willing to host his hate speech.

    2 already,

    more shades of Don Imus,

    who by comparison

    handled his scandal much better.

    Hope he keeps talking, we all will be better off when no one wants to broadcast his hate filled bigoted speech.

  35. Except apparently Johnny Moo Moo, who just had to come in and defend his right to call a nice young woman who never did anything to him, ....a slut.

    On a radio show that reaches MILLIONS.

  36. And as you pointed out, even Don Imus strongly condemned this sort of downright evil attack on a nice young woman.

    And it is evil, attacking some young innocent girl to try to slander her as a whore, just because they can't defeat her message. So they try to silence her.

    Even GOP leaders and figures like Michael Steele won't defend this bile.

  37. ....but Johnny Moo Moo did.

  38. ...which tells you all you need to know, about the character of Johnny Moo Moo, and his purpose here.

  39. Anonymous8:48 AM

    Thanks to Lydia and Followers for taking time to read the Breitbart Posting. We also Posted on Trash Limbaugh...and have a follow up Posting coming on Thursday.

    Real facts in a way that make readers laff. I wouldn't want it any other way. Apologies to anyone who thought the Breitbart Posting was a bit heavy. It was accurate...and sincere.

    Keep the Faith,
    Billy V.
    aka "Thoughts at 3 A.M."

  40. "And it is evil, attacking some young innocent girl to try to slander her as a whore, just because they can't defeat her message..."

    Actually what you mean to say is "30 year old ACTIVIST" who chose Georgetown for the express purpose of ginning up trouble.

    And just what would YOU call a woman who been doing enough screwing to run up over $1000 a year on contraception?
    Thats what, 3 or 4 rubbers a day, every day of the year?

    She must be pretty sore and probably walks bowlegged.

    I probably wouldn't have used the words Rush did. I'd just call her a sperm bank and leave it at that.

    Now she wants the rest of the country to pick up the tab for her sex life?
    Maybe she should encourage her boyfriends to buy a condom or two every now and then, attend a class while she's there, or maybe cut her fucking in half or something...

    Of course I know how big hearted you are Worfy, you'll probably send her a box of condoms won't you?

  41. Oh and please spare me your tirade about how I talk about women.

    You and Cliffy too have spouted the same or worse about Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Michele Malkin, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, etc....

  42. Here's another one I had to fix for you...

    "In life there's always the two sorts.

    The liberal types, the atheists, those who agitate for the rest of their countrymen to pay their way through life, and those who work hard to make a living like the conservative types and say "you can do it too!".

  43. “She must be pretty sore and probably walks bowlegged.

    I probably wouldn't have used the words Rush did. I'd just call her a sperm bank and leave it at that.”


    Of course Limbaugh’s statement was done in very poor taste………most likely figure of speech. However, if everyone filed a class action lawsuit over hurt feelings……albeit from insults………then the courts would be flooded with proceedings and Worf would be living in a cardboard box from claims filed by Ann Coulter.

    And, how many times has Worf called decent folks on the blog “inbred trailer park trash???”

    Now, if Rush were to “relentlessly pursue” his bold statement of this “lady of the evening” then she would definitely have a case for slander against him and he would have to be punished accordingly.

    Other than that long live individual freedom of speech……insults and all!


  44. Actually what you mean to say is "30 year old ACTIVIST" who chose Georgetown for the express purpose of ginning up trouble

    30 years old is a child to an adult, which confirms our suspicions about you being nothing more than a young punk neocon pretending to be something else.

    And as for being an "activist", speaking to Congress about birth control makes her a target for being called a whore and a slut on a radio show that reaches millions?

    We knew you were nothing more than a piece of shit.

    Thanks for confirming it.

  45. A Piece of shit said....

    Friends of Voltron said...
    Here's another one I had to fix for you...

    "In life there's always the two sorts.

    The liberal types, the atheists, those who agitate for the rest of their countrymen to pay their way through life, and those who work hard to make a living like the conservative types and say "you can do it too!".

    Conservatives work at get rich schemes.

    Utah, conservative state that it is is also the "FLIM FLAM" capitol of the nation.

    Most liberals hold real jobs and the neocon lie that they don't work is just that. Another racist neocon lie.

    Because lies are all you pigs have.

  46. And just what would YOU call a woman who been doing enough screwing to run up over $1000 a year on contraception?
    Thats what, 3 or 4 rubbers a day, every day of the year?

    She must be pretty sore and probably walks bowlegged.

    I probably wouldn't have used the words Rush did. I'd just call her a sperm bank and leave it at that.

    Thanks for confirming you are nothing more than a low life dirtbag, just like the rest of the goosestepping evil scum you worship.

  47. Johnny Piece of Crap said...

    And, how many times has Worf called decent folks on the blog “inbred trailer park trash???”

    You and Voltron don't qualify as decent folks, or even human beings for that matter.

    You are low life pieces of shit who came in here to start trouble and harass people in here, including the blog hostess who you've insulted repeatedly.

    And the irony is you have the nerve to complain about being called the human filth that you came in here to be.

    If you don't like it big mouth, then next time, don't come looking for it.

  48. But thanks again for defending the calling of a college student a slut for simply speaking to congress about REDUCING PREGNANCIES.

    She wasn't lobbying for herself of course. She was a college student. A LAW student in fact.

    She was lobbying for all the poorer women out there who can't afford birth control.

    But you two scumbags ignore that.

    Because like the Nazi sort of filth you emulate, you cannot defeat her message of reducing unwanted pregnancies, ...which is a GOOD you simply trash her character.

    Just like Joseph Goebbels and the Nazi propaganda machine taught you.

    If you can't defeat the message, trash the messenger.

    Making you not good men, and not even men.

    Just two low life cowards, hiding behind keyboards calling women whores.

    Punks. Nothing more.

  49. And you're right Doltron, there are two types of people in this world.

    And you're neither of them.

  50. Worf said

    "You and Voltron don't qualify as decent folks, or even human beings for that matter."

    Sniff....someone pass the.....sniff....tissue please.

    Well, you shouldn’t totally write us off Worf.

    Perhaps you could try some of Ms. Cornells "unconditional love" techniques so as to turn Volt and I into adorable, squeezable, and eventually, lovable human beings.

    Unless, of course, you think Ms. Cornells ideas are half-baked……LOL!

    Go ahead, don’t be shy. Tell Volty you care and that you want to give him a big loving bear hug………it could make his day and offer the world hope at the same time!?

    Naturally, I want my loving bear hug to come from Ms.Cornell personally,however, I will take one from you too Worf.


  51. I wrote you off the day you crawled in, pretending to be something other than a right wing blogtroll here to insult, harass, and disrupt liberal blogs.

    The sad part is, you actually think that someone besides yourself or idiot number 2 there, finds you amusing.

  52. Behold Johnny...

    Your a witness to the simple truth about liberals. The vile hatred in their hearts for anyone who dares suggest that someone should WORK for what they get.
    They love their Nazi analogies but they show the real truth.

    They need an object to coalesce their hatred around.

    Hitler had the Jews, Worfy and other libs have ginned up hatred for Conservatives.

    Hitler and the Nazi's methodically DEHUMANIZED Jews to make the thought of torturing and killing them easier.

    What does Worfy and the left do to Conservatives? Same thing. They've already justified it in their own hearts and minds.

    Who are the Nazi's again Worfy?

  53. Oh and Worf,

    Here's your "innocent" college girl:

    "Fluke came to Georgetown University interested in contraceptive coverage: She researched the Jesuit college’s health plans for students before enrolling, and found that birth control was not included. “I decided I was absolutely not willing to compromise the quality of my education in exchange for my health care,” says Fluke, who has spent the past three years lobbying the administration to change its policy on the issue. The issue got the university president’s office last spring, where Georgetown declined to change its policy.

    Fluke says she would have used the hearing to talk about the students at Georgetown that don’t have birth control covered, and what that’s meant for them. “I wanted to be able to share their stories,” she says. “My testimony would have been about women who have been affected by their policy, who have medical needs and have suffered dire consequences.. . .The committee did not get to hear real stories I had to share, about actual women who have been dramatically affected by this policy.”"

  54. She say's she "wasn't willing to compromise her education for her health".

    Yet she chose a Jesuit school...

    Researched it beforehand even...

    AND she's standing up for "poorer students", at a school that charges 25k a year tuition yet.

    Seems to me that if their parents can afford 25k a year for school, surely they can come up with an extra grand to buy their daughters rubbers eh?

  55. And I'd really like to know where that number comes from.

    The Target down the street sells birth control pills for $9 a month. If she'd buy her condoms in bulk it would STILL be less than a thousand a year.

    And shouldn't all those deadbeat boyfriends be buying a couple rubbers here and there?

  56. There are as well some liberal minded charitable organizations that pass out FREE condoms.

    Evidently even they couldn't keep up with her insatiable appetite...

  57. Hey she'd make a good Bond villain though, they could call her "Itchypussy"...LOL

  58. Lydia;

    please BAN voltron for his offensive remarks.

    Rush can get his bought and paid for Bain Capital controlled main stream media outlet to broadcast that filth, but YOU do not have to on your blog.

  59. I didn't realize you were so sensitive Cliffy,

    I hereby apologize for suggesting anyone work for what they get.

    I also apologize for suggesting that anyone should have to pay for their own sex life. Sex should have no personal repercussions whatsoever. Free birth control, free abortions, free disease treatment for all, and of course free daycare too just in case one gets by. Perhaps we could charter a bus and transport all her lovers for her as well?


  60. Oh and what a crybaby.

    I suppose you've NEVER said an offensive thing to anyone either.

    Put your big boy pants on Clif.

  61. Sorry Voltron;

    But calling a woman;


    Or lying about her testimony, where she was talking about the medical needs for some woman for medication to control menstrual bleeding or other non sexual needs;

    14 percent of women, about one in seven, rely on contraception (the pill) exclusively for non-contraceptive purposes.

    So the rest of your dishonest misogynistic hate speech directed at Sandra Fluke,

    is just as offensive

    as when you publicly advocated

    the Genocide of 1.4 Billion people for religious reasons,

    Both are reprehensible except to people like you, self centred cowards.

    Sorry if that accurate discription of you hurts so you have to whine about it, like you did worfs totally accurate description of your usual modus operendi.



    adhomin attacks of others

    but never HONESTLY discussing the facts.

    If you do not like being called a coward, quit acting like one.

  62. You are nothing but a loud mouth right wing coward,

    always have been one

    probably always will be one.

    Why instead of hiding here where Sandra Fluke is NEVER gonna see your weasle words, grow a set and talk directly to her???????????


  63. See voltron you have been dishonest here ever since Worf caught you plagiarising other words as your own.

    then YOU LIED about having a kid.

    Told everyone you were gonna go to Iraq, but for some reason never made it.

    BIG mouth hiding behind a keyboard, NO action when it counts, that is you voltron.

    Always has been probably always will be.


  64. BTW voltron time for a sock puppet routine.

    Usually happens after you show your ass.

  65. Like you did here just now.

  66. Anonymous10:32 PM

    yeah, worf,

    i was just in the neighborhood.

    interesting you did not comment on my comment. i even paid you a small courtesy there.

    to the point.

    i hate that rush apologized. i was thinking much of what he said (exempt for wanting to see the videos. i saw pics of this her, and i do not need to see girlfriend getting down. i will take her word that it happens). i do not think i would have actually said it on the air, but come on. the girl wants people to pay for her contraceptives. to the tune of 3000 bux while in school, that someone else is paying for also!!

    turn the tables on this one, if a bristol palin type had said something remotely like this you would be saying the same about her.

    this whole thing started as a made up controversy. no one was calling for insurance companies to pay for contraceptives. the prez put that out there to poke the hornets nest.

    they succeeded in changing the subject though, which is more disgusting than her original statements. this was about religious freedom, not contraceptives. no one is trying to ban them. no one is trying to limit access. but making people pay for "insurance" for them can violate the concience of many a person, and not just christians.

    big k

  67. Anonymous11:52 PM

    and worf,

    on the subject of believing in global warming. i am an applied scientist by education and proffession, and i am a skeptic. let me tell you briefly why.

    the models they use to determine this stuff are regression models. this is a statistic approach. this means there is a probability that they are wrong, either type one or type 2 error and i have never read a report that gives those values. also, how did they collect the data is important. how did they ensure true randomness, which is very hard i might add. lastly, what assumptions did they make? all science makes assumptions, you need to know what they are, if they are true in the present case, and how robust the model is to errors or violations to the assumptions.

    if you are reading something (or watching a movie by someone who does not know science from a hole in the ground) and they do not mention error probabilities, data collection methods, and/or assumptions, what you are experiencing is propoganda, not science.

    unfortunately, almost everything written that people on every side of this debate cite falls into this category, and because of the statistical nature of the data, a decent statistician can cook the books to make the data tell you just about anything they want it to.

    give me a real scientific paper, especially one with a data set and i would be happy to interpret it for you. of course you will not believe me if i do not have something you want to hear as a result, but i would do it anyway.

    big k

  68. ...And Clif said,

    "Wahh, Wahh, Wahh."

    Like I said Clif, the Target down the street has birth control pills for $9 a month. That's $108 a year.

    Show me the what the other $900+ a year is for.

    And besides that, I'll bet that for a legitimate medical condition Georgetown's insurance already covers it.

  69. Like I said Clif, the Target down the street has birth control pills for $9 a month. That's $108 a year.

    Right Dr Voltron, good right wing talking point you just cuty and pasted there.
    Find it on newsmax or fox noikse?

    BTW dufus;

    No, You Can't Always Get Birth Control Pills for $9

    As usual the cherry picked right wing talking point has LITTLE truth in the real world.

    Show me the what the other $900+ a year is for.

    All the medications that do NOT fit into your very narrow bigoted right wing cherry picked world view.

    And besides that, I'll bet that for a legitimate medical condition Georgetown's insurance already covers it.

    In other words, YOU do not know the facts, but are pulling this one outa yer arse again, as usual, eh Volty?

    Typical Voltron, cut and paste cherry picked right wing talking points, but never check out the real facts for real people.

  70. Hey, Big K, haven't heard from you since 2005.

    I feel it appropriate to warn you that Worfs been on the rag lately so stay frosty....LOL!

  71. Sadly, I have to agree with Cliff on this one.


    For curative purposes I see no reason why the state can’t help a few struggling college students with some minor prescriptions.

    However, if the students expected the state to fund their ongoing sexual exploitations then I would have to agree with Volt and say………rubbish!

  72. Ummm, mook mook,

    incase you were unaware,

    like the rest of the howling right wing clown posse on this one,

    you take a birth control pill every day,

    whether you want to engage in sexual activities or not,

    unlike the fat arsed old men like limpballs,

    who need to have pills when they run off to the child prostitution capital of the western hemisphere.

    One pill a day whether you have NO sex, or non stop sex with multiple partners,

    got it yet you wing nuts?

    Unlike what you seem to think, you take ONE pill each day, and only one, I guess your blow-up doll sessions have made your information a little foggy on this one eh?

  73. Friends of Voltron said...
    Behold Johnny...

    Your a witness to the simple truth about liberals. The vile hatred in their hearts for anyone who dares suggest that someone should WORK for what they get.
    They love their Nazi analogies but they show the real truth

    Another lie from the blog weasel.

    Call him out on his defense of Rush Limbaughs downright evil assault on a young girls character, and this piece of shit talks about work.

  74. And he's lying about that to boot.

    I probably work harder in a day than this low life piece of shit works in a year.

    But he accuses liberals and anyone siding with them of being lazy, simply because we care about the poor.

    Voltron, you're a liar.

    Just like your father the devil, whom you serve.

  75. Anonymous said...
    and worf,

    on the subject of believing in global warming. i am an applied scientist by education and proffession, and i am a skeptic. let me tell you briefly why.

    No, you're just one of the two bit douchebags I've been talking to all along, crawling in under an anonymous handle pretending to be something you're not.

    The entire scientific community concurs on global warming, except for the few pieces of shit out there bought and sold by the republican party, who is bought and sold by big oil.

    Remember asswipe, there were plenty of "doctors" too claiming that smoking cigarettes didn't cause cancer.

  76. Voltron said...

    Trying to ban them. no one is trying to limit access. but making people pay for "insurance" for them can violate the concience of many a person, and not just christians.

    Quit lying big mouth.

    No one makes you pay for someone elses insurance.

    And who gives a shit about your "beliefs"?

    Believe what you want asshole.

    Just keep YOUR beliefs out of OUR government.

  77. FACT.

    Unwanted pregnancies are driving overpopulation and put a huge drain on the tax dollars you bootlickers are always whining about.

    So inbreds, only a complete idiot would be against the idea of making birth control readily available.

  78. Anonymous10:43 PM

    hey johnny,

    i have been around more recently than that, but not exactly "recently."

    the last time i was here for a while was before i got my present job, and that was about 2 and a half years ago. i quit playing in the sandbox with these guys when i found out a got the job, so i could focus on more important things. like celebrating the end to my 1 and a half year unemployment stint by getting as drunk as i could. it was pretty fun. so how have you been?

    insurance is not supposed to take care of maintenence. it is only supposed to be for unforseen monetary circumstances. forcing insurance to cover for things other than that is wastefull, in that they are not a business model set up to do this and premiums will skyrocket. it may sound odd, but in insurance, the small unforseen claims can cause a bigger increase in premiums than the large claims that the company knows is coming and can prepare for. for instance, severe weather is what insurance was invented to addresss. so, hurricane katrina did not change premiums greatly. but during the housing boom, new homeowners where making small claims that older more experienced policy holders did not, like bikes being stolen. it was the small claims that increased premiums substantially accross the country during that time.

    so, long story short, by your own damn condoms and save yourself and everyone else some money.

    big k

  79. You cry about all the welfare moms and babies taking your money.

    So, someone who happens to be on the left suggest the obvious solution.

    Birth control to reduce unwanted pregnancies, thus reducing the drain on our tax dollars.

    Just like you want.

    So what do you morons do?

    Say no because you don't "believe" in it.

  80. so, long story short, by your own damn condoms and save yourself and everyone else some money.

    Yea, how's that worked out for ya over the last 50 years Big mouth?

  81. I'm not sure what's more pathetic about you cretins.

    Your own pathetic ignorance, or your pious hypocrisy.

    On the one hand you want to save tax dollars and don't want to pay for the "welfare moms baby".

    On the other hand, you don't want to do the ONE thing that's been proven to reduce these pregnancies.

    That about as stupid, as it gets.

  82. Anonymous10:51 PM


    "No, you're just one of the two bit douchebags I've been talking to all along, crawling in under an anonymous handle pretending to be something you're not."

    i am an engineer, whether you like it or not. and i am studying to get an advanced degree in mechanical engineering along with a certificate in statistics. so, i have probably forgotten more math and science than you will ever know.

    be that as it may, the nature of science is always to question. if we did not question newtonian physics, einstein would not have discovered relitivity. if relitivity were not questioned quantum physics would not exist.

    any time someone shouts down an opposing viewpoint by saying "everyone is on this side and if you are not you are stupid" they are showing they know nothing of science. like you just did.

    big k

  83. And as if that's not stupid enough fer ya......consider this.

    These self righteous bigots go out and whine about abortion. Its one of their biggest stump points on the election circuit.

    They hate abortion supposedly.

    Yet here a simple solution is presented that has been proven to reduce unwanted pregnancies, thus reducing abortions, ....

  84. ...and these rocket scientists don't want it.

  85. ...cuz they "don't believe in it".

  86. Voltron as a sockpuppet said...

    " i am an applied scientist by education and proffession"

    ...and then said...

    "i am an engineer, whether you like it or not".

  87. give me a real scientific paper, especially one with a data set and i would be happy to interpret it for you

    Gee, lets see....I want some mook on the internet, ...who claims in one breath to be a "scientist" and in the next an "engineer", ....neither of which is a climatologist.....yet....

  88. ....he wants to explain global warming to me.

  89. gee ...I don't know big mouth..., how about you learn to spell "Profession" first...

  90. ...before trying to tackle the big stuff.

  91. The big stuff that spelling the word "relativity" correctly.

  92. Anonymous11:16 PM

    i will learn to spell when you learn to read.

    an "applied scientist" is an engineer. same thing. exactly.

    and you have lost a step worf. you are not even able to discuss the issue. my spelling, name calling, and mischaractarizations of my posts are all you got. you used to be more interesting. now you are more like clif.

    drink some coffee or something.

    big k

  93. This is what happens when we let religious institutions hand out college degrees.

  94. You get idiots like this.

  95. ...a clown who tries to lecture people on relativity, ....

  96. ...who can't even spell the word.

  97. Perhaps next Sunday when they pass around the collection plate at Bob Jones University, ...

  98. .they could chip in and buy the library a Speak-n-Spell.

  99. This comment has been removed by the author.

  100. Gee Big K, ..can't read your response.

    Looks like you deleted it.

    You're not smashing keyboards again, are you?

  101. Look, don't feel bad fella.....edyooocayshuns...not for everyone.

    But that doesn't mean you still don't have a role to play in this world.

  102. ..just remember.

    A strong back, is a terrible thing to waste.

  103. hmm, looks like that ones done already.

    Send in more "scientists" please.

  104. ...only this time see if you guys can find one that can spell.

  105. insurance is not supposed to take care of maintenence.


    You honestly believe that??????

    I wonder why most health insurance policies are less expensive if you do not smoke and are in good shape, both "maintenance issues".

    I know most insurance policies allow yearly check ups, which is maintenance.

    As for you hashing up Einstein, all I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are seriously misinformed about much of what Einstein was attempting to do and how he went about it.

    As for your almost idiotic comment:

    if relitivity were not questioned quantum physics would not exist.

    Well all I can say is where do you get your scientific historical ideas, newsmax also?

    At the same time he was investigating and writing his Special Relativity Theory, he wrote a paper in 1905 that speculated light itself consists of localized particles or quanta if you will. That is part of the fundamental foundation of Quantum Mechanics, but was rejected by almost every scientist of his time Including Neils Bohr and Max Planck.

    In 1907 Einstein had an idea for matter where each atom in a lattice structure is an independent harmonic oscillator. In Einstein's approach each atom oscillates independently – a series of equally spaced quantized states for each oscillator. He was trying to show that quantum mechanics could solve the specific heat problem in classical mechanics.

    By 1910, Bohr had accepted part of Einsteins Theory of quantatized light and after Ernest Rutherford discovered the nucleus and proposed that electrons orbit like planets, Bohr used both to explain the discrete motion of electrons in atoms, and why the periodic table of the elements is structure the way it is.

    Later when he was developing General Relativity, Einstein published an article in Physikalische Zeitschrift that proposed the possibility of stimulated emission.

    So the very same scientist (not a lowly engineer) was working on both Theories at the very same time.

    BTW none of Einstein was never "questioning Newton's Theories" but attempting to explain newer phenomena Newton knew nothing. In fact for the world the vast majority of human live in daily, Newtonian Physics serves them quite well.

    As for Climate Change;

    Quit pretending you an engineering student knows more then 98% of the scientists who are actively studying the process, not still struggling to achieve their education.

    97–98% of the most published climate researchers think humans are causing global warming.


    Another study found 97.4% of publishing climatologists and just under 90% of all earth scientists think significant man made global warming is occurring.


    I have no problem with you expressing your non scientifically investigated Opinion, like the rest of the deniers do, however quit trying to claim some sort of scientific advantage when you obviously have little in this field.

  106. Big K said:

    “like celebrating the end to my 1 and a half year unemployment stint by getting as drunk as i could. it was pretty fun. so how have you been?”

    LOL…………like I always said Big K, the answer can be found in the bottle………you just have to drink deeper to find it………beneath the suds! Congratulations on your employment.

    As for me, I am doing very well. Just bought a house……a fixer-upper which I hope to sell for good profit in a couple of years. Other than that working hard and living life in the fast lane is what Johnnymoomoo tries to do.

    Had a blast New Years Eve at a local club………some petite hot college chick (albeit drunk) kept grinding against me.


    That’s because I work out and stay in shape - unlike Worf and Cliff who have massive Cheeto dust under their fingernails.

    I must admit that I do play a lot of X-box though……lol!

    BTW, my dad’s a mechanical engineer too.

  107. Q. What do blondes and beer bottles have in common?

    A. Their both empty from the neck up

  108. Q. What's the difference between a blonde and a pair of sun glasses?

    A. The sun glasses sit higher on your face.

  109. Q. Why should blondes not be given coffee breaks at work?

    A. It takes too long to retrain them.

  110. Clif said...

    As for you hashing up Einstein, all I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Actually I don't think he was referring to Albert Einstein Clif.

    The Einstein he was referring to apparently produced a theory called the "Theory of Relitivity"....

  111. opposed to Albert Einsteins theory of "relativity".

  112. I think his was from a guy named Wally Einstein,...

  113. ....who works as a janitor down at his local unemployment office.

  114. This comment has been removed by the author.

  115. This comment has been removed by the author.

  116. It goes something like "E=MCblockhead".

  117. awww come on Big K....don't go away mad.

    Johnny needs your help.

    Just look at him.

    Poor little shit that he is...he's getting desperate over here.

  118. You two could get a room.

  119. You can sing sing Kumbayah together like Johnny's trying to do for you in here.

  120. ..or play a nice game of slap that ass..

  121. ...of course with Johnny that'd mean slapping him in the noggin.

  122. Well I see Andrew Brietbarts "earthshaking" video was released.

    You know, the one they said was going to rip Obama's campaign wide open and guarantee he wouldn't be reelected?

    The one you clowns said Brietbart was killed to keep from coming out.

    Turned out to be a dud.

  123. oh yea...Clif knew.

    He told you last week.

  124. So the right wing accuses the President of MURDER to silence Brietbart before he released the video.

    And now we see the video wasn't anything at all.

    A complete dud.

    Yet where are the apologies to the President for accusing him of having Beitbart murdered?

  125. Funny how all that talk about Obama's conspiracies to off Breitbart, all those accusations and tin foil hat fantasies just sort of quietly went away when the video was released.

    And does the right wing have at least a shred of decency to stand up and say "hey, we were way off base there accusing the President of having him murdered" now that the video's out and it turned out to be NOTHING?


  126. They just quietly disappear in their shame until the next Tin Foil hat wearing looney tunes song and dance comes along.

  127. ..I'm almost starting to feel sorry for them.

  128. Here you go Johnny. Maybe there's hope for you yet.

    Can LSD Cure Alcoholism?

    In a truly mind-bending acid flashback, a new study reports that LSD could help alcoholics kick their addiction. Based on a new analysis of six randomized controlled trials from the 1960s and 70s, and published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, researchers from Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Harvard Univeristy found that a single dose of the hallucinogen “had a significant beneficial effect on alcohol misuse” for up to 12 months.

    Dropping acid on a one-time basis also “compares favorably” with the effectiveness of such daily treatments for alcoholism as the FDA-approved addiction-fighting drugs naltrexone and acamporosate, the researchers report. Overall, 59 percent of the 536 study participants treated with a single dose of the psychedelic drug showed improvement in their alcohol habits, compared to 38 percent of those who didn’t take LSD.

  129. ...of course, something tells me you've already tried this ...uhmmm..."treatment".

  130. Thanks for the tip Worf. I will get some good sleep tonight knowing there's someone out there who cares.

    Unfortunately, I'm only a weekend drinker and far from an alcoholic.

    I have never tried LSD......always seemed way to hardcore for me. Although, I did smoke pot for a little while as a teenager.......never really liked it!

    I'm happy with Moosehead and Corona.

    Drugs such as heroin are simply beyond my comprehension.......only low-life's,total losers,cowards, and worthless two-bit scum use that stuff. I would join a religion first before I tried heroin.....LOL!

  131. Johnny Junkie said...

    only low-life's,total losers,cowards, and worthless two-bit scum use that stuff. what's holding you back again?

  132. Johnnymoomoo said...

    Unfortunately, I'm only a weekend drinker and far from an alcoholic.

    I don't know how to break this to you Deano, but, ...someone who drinks on the weekends is considered an alcoholic.

    Its called "binge drinking" and is a form of alcoholism.

  133. Johnnymoomoo said...

    I'm happy with Moosehead and Corona.

    One of the most common signs of a self deluded alcoholic, is they think that drinking beer is somehow less harmful than "the hard stuff".

  134. You know Johnny, in my family, boozers are considered losers.

    My Uncle got back from the war in 1945 and as my mother put it "drank himself to death". Now, bear in mind he'd been in Bastogne during the Bulge. He was in artillery. He was what they called back then "Shell Shocked", (today they call it PTSD) and when he returned, he drank heavily, mostly on evenings and weekends after work. He died early, which my mother attributed to drinking. Of course in truth the man was a hero, but the drinking was sorely frowned upon.

    Other than him, no one in my family drank. It was looked down on. My father didn't drink. I don't drink, and none of my brothers, sisters or cousins drink. Its considered "seedy" in our family.

    So the way you look at the druggies, ...well....

  135. ...that's the way we look at your sort.

  136. When you need a bottle to suck on over the weekend, ...its a sign you're too weak to handle the week.

  137. That is comically absurd Worf.....LOL!

    BTW,how many beers must one consume over the course of a weekend to be considered a binge drinker? One....five....fifteen?

    And,"weekend binge drinking" is of course a subjective point of view.

    For me, someone who has the shakes,blacks out, or drinks alcohol on a daily basis.....including an alcoholic.

    I'm certainly not going to replace all the excellent late night patio barbecues I enjoy with neighbors and friends to take up stamp collecting on weekends so as to satisfy stuffy/droll people whose idea of a great time is reading the newspaper on a Friday night.

    Bottoms up........





  139. As Winston Churchill once said, "Never trust a man without vices."

    No wonder you're so irritable Worfy, It must be horrible walking around with that broomstick up your ass...

  140. ...who are you trying to convince?


  141. And as for how many?

    They say if you drink to get drunk, then that's the ball game.

  142. ...generally speaking, 5 at a time, is considered an alcoholic.

  143. And Voltron...who happened to show up within an hour of Johnny....again..

    ..of course I have vices.

    I'm talking to you aren't I?

  144. And it occurs to me that Jim Morrison once said, "The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom."

    Small wonder I suppose that for all your book learning and rote memorization of trivial facts, you still have no real wisdom...

  145. Yea, oops is right. Over 100 times you and Johnny have just "popped up" together. I've brought it to your attention, over, and over and over and over and over and over and over.....

  146. ...and each and every time, ...and time put on the "oh...its just a coinkydink" and dance. Just like you're doing now.

  147. But in all honesty, I think I can understand it. After all, alcohol has been proven to shrink the human brain and cause short and long term memory loss.

    Which explains why each time, over and over and over, ...when you two mooks show up at the same time (along with the other band of mooks you hang with) act like no one ought to notice.

  148. Simply put, booze makes you stupid.

    And not just while you're drunk.

    Long fact it takes years for the brain to return...and if you go long enough, it never does.

  149. Well Worfy,

    This might be hard for a liberal regressive to understand, but I happen to work for a living.

    I'm guessing Johnny probably does too.

    If I'm in the office, I get off at five. By the time I get home and have a little dinner well, this is a good time to expect me.

  150. And back to you Johnny Boozer...people who need to get all liquored up at your "patio barbecues" do that, because you guys can't stand each other sober. You can't have a good time without booze, because you're all a bunch of losers who hate your work week lives, so you get all liquored up on the weekend because you're so miserable.


  151. This might be hard for a liberal regressive to understand, but I happen to work for a living.

    See? You keep proving my point.

    I've pointed out to you over the past 5 or 6 years now, ...somewhere in the neighborhood of a few hundred times.....that I've NEVER been a liberal.


    But that booze.....rots your brain and makes you stupid.

  152. Like my new picture?

    I changed it just for you, ya old knob

  153. And as for working, Larry pointed out to you two drunks about 4 years ago, I earn more in a month than you clowns probably do in a year.

    But....the know....makes you dumb...

  154. Oh I know you keep saying that Worfy, but if it walks like a duck...etc.

    You can deny it all you want, but you are indeed a textbook case.

  155. So each conversation with you is like starting over.

    Because you can't remember.....

    Because the booze...shrunk your already tiny brains.

  156. And like most have to proclaim everyone who sees you for the piece of shit that you are, ...a liberal.

    Its the only way you can comfort yourself.

    Of course everyone in here knows I grew up and was raised republican, and then became an independent in 2000 when your little ReichFuhrer took over.

  157. Yeah, aren't you afraid some of these guys will notice your white van with the coffee can hanging out the window?

    It doesn't really look hi tech...

    If I ever see you I will bring you some doughnuts though.

  158. I'm against high taxes, I was a strong proponent of the Bush tax cuts.

    I'm against big government.

    I'm for a strong military defense system.

    But to you, I must be a liberal.

    Because I won't stick my nose up Rush Limbaugh's ass, like you two mooks do.

  159. Oh, I'm an independent too Worf.

    I just usually agree with conservatives.

  160. Really?

    That's funny, because just a couple of weeks back, you stated you were a "Christian Conservative".....and "never hid that fact"?

  161. So I guess that makes you just a liar, huh big mouth?

  162. And back to the other drunk...your tag team partner, I don't stamp collect and there are plenty of exciting things to do with your time if you're not a drunk.

    For example, I used to teach Rock Climbing, and I still practice martial arts regularly, as well as hike, boulder and I hang with a group that does selective logging on the weekends to reduce forest fire danger in the mountains.

    So there are fun and exciting things to do, ...if you are able to get through life, without sucking on a bottle every weekend.

  163. Of course if you went with us when we were cutting and cleaning, ....and pulled out a bottle, ...we'd shove it up your ass and send you on your way.

    Because booze and chainsaw's....not good bedfellows.

  164. and don't worry about Voltron's response Johnny...feel free to tag yourself in.

    He's busy trying to figure out how he could be so stupid, to claim he's an independent after just recently "coming out of the closet" and making a big deal out of proclaiming himself a "Christian Conservative".

  165. I DID say I was very conservative. But you know, I consider myself an independent...

    Speaking of small brains though, what I did back then was to compare your reaction to my comment to what your reaction would be to a christian conservative.

    YOU chose to run with "he's a christian conservative" narrative.

    While I was raised Lutheran I haven't seen the inside of a church in many decades. I'm afraid I'd be struck by lightning...

    That's OK though, I don't care what you believe about me.

    And I do tend to like them better than the proselytizing that goes on here.

  166. Of course the day he came out of the closet and declared that, ...he of course made a stink about insisting that he's "always been up front about being a conservative".

    So now he's busy trying to figure out how he's going to lie his way out of this one.

  167. But don't worry about him...I'm sure he'll come up with something.

    I've never underestimated his ability to lie.

  168. ...he's the best little song and dance man in the business.

  169. Friends of Lietron said...

    I DID say I was very conservative. But you know, I consider myself an independent..

    oohhh sorry....and here I was under the impression he'd try to come up with something .

    And no didn't say you were "very conservative" said you WERE A CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE.

  170. Darn that booze again....poor idiot can't remember what he himself says from one day to the next.

  171. It is interesting isn't it Worfy.

    You have an image of me built up in your mind and when I deviate from your preconceived notions I become a "liar"...

  172. That's it Shirley Temple...

  173. "Blogger Friends of Voltron said...

    Ah Worf,

    You have a mind like a steel trap.
    Too bad it rusted open and all your marbles fell out.

    You really should know better. Never, ever, in six years have I claimed to be a "reasonable moderate". I've ALWAYS said I was a conservative. (feel free to forget this again in your next post)
    From this thread

    You know it's kinda funny, whenever libs don't have an answer for something they just play the race card.

    You got me though, I didn't think you'd recognize her in the "enhanced" picture on the right...

    *Yawn* -gee, you're boring me."

  174. ...♫ ♫ ..I knew a man bo jangles and he'd dance for you.....♫♫

  175. I guess YOU'RE the liar now eh?

  176. Mister Bo Jangles danced...

    I've ALWAYS said I was a conservative.

    ....but 10 minutes ago, Mister Bo Jangles danced...

    ♫ ♪ Oh, I'm an independent too Worf.♫


  177. ..♪ ♫...silver hair, a ragged shirt, and baggy pants ♪

    ..♪♫ ..the old soft shoe..♫.♪

  178. Man you ARE dense aren't you?

    Worf I'm an independent just like you are.

    What was it I said about you walking like a duck?

  179. "And no didn't say you were "very conservative" said you WERE A CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE."

    Again, you're the liar...

  180. .....♫.♪..♫..he jumped so high....♪.♫

  181. I'm guessing that everyone on this board is an "independent".

    They all just happen to support all the left wing liberal causes...

  182. You're a knob polisher Worfy...

  183. not that there's anything wrong with that...


  184. ....♪.♫..jumped so high....♪♪.♫...

  185. And by the way scumbag, you did say you were a "Conservative Christian" in an earlier thread.

    So again, its you who are the liar as usual.

    Of course, can't expect you to remember from one day to the next, being a boozer and all...

  186. ...course...I think you know you did....and are just doing the Bo Jangles shuffle.

    But feel free to deny it.

  187. Better tag Johnny back in.

  188. ...while he can't do the soft shoe shuffle as well as you....

  189. least he can carry a tune.

  190. ....♫ ♪...he said, "I dance now at every chance in honky tonks, ....♪..

    .♪♫... for drinks and tips....♫ ♪..

  191. .......♫ ♪....but most the time I spend behind these county bars....
    ..♫ ♪..♪..

  192. .........♫ ♪...cuz I drinks....a bit ..♫ ♪...