Monday, September 12, 2011


Our prayers go out to you and your family. You were a friend of my stepson and Shivani and Kiana, the sweet girls in our neighborhood who went to Beverly Vista. Everyone says Elena is and was the sweetest, kindest soul with a heart of gold. You will live forever in all our hearts. Everyone who knew you loved you. You will not be forgotten. God Bless you and your family, loved ones, and all the students. Rest in Peace and FLY with the angels Elena. Love xoxoxoxo
BHHS Student Dies After Collapsing on Campus Friday
Hundreds of people attend a memorial service Sunday at the high school for a 15-year-old girl everyone loved.

               By Laurie Lande and Sherri Levin

A sophomore at Beverly Hills High School collapsed on campus Friday morning and died shortly afterward.
Elena Natanzadeh, who graduated from Beverly Vista in 2010, fainted on the stairs adjacent to the swim gym. She died of an undetermined ailment.
There are conflicting reports as to whether she had a heart condition and/or suffered a blot clot after recent knee surgery. Students told Patch that she had been complaining about feeling dizzy, lost consciousness on the stairs and hit her head. Several students tried unsuccessfully to administer CPR.
Administrators at the Beverly Hills Unified School District, under direction from the family, did not identify the student nor release any specific details of her death. BHUSD Superintendent Gary Woods confirmed the news Sunday morning via an email and automated phone call to BHHS families.
“I am writing this morning to inform you that … a Beverly Hills High School student collapsed on campus Friday morning due to what appeared to be a medical condition,” Woods said on Sunday morning. 

“First responders provided immediate support and the student was transported to a local hospital within minutes. Unfortunately, medical personnel were unable to revive the student. The family has asked for privacy and we ask that their wishes be respected,” he said. “Grief counselors will be available on Monday for any students, faculty or staff affected by this terrible loss. … We send our deepest condolences to the family of the student.” 

More than 200 hundred people attended a memorial service Sunday afternoon on the front lawn of the BHHS campus after being notified of the remembrance via Facebook.
“Elena’s favorite color was purple, so please try to wear purple tomorrow,” suggested the Facebook post, which said it was created by eight of her friends. More than 950 people responded to the post.
High school personnel and grief counselors were among those who attended the service, where prayers in Hebrew were read. All in attendance were invited to light a candle. Natanzadeh’s grief-stricken father asked for people to do a kind act this week in memory of his daughter.
Amidst the mourning, a woman attending the service collapsed, hitting her head on the sidewalk. Paramedics were called.
Natanzadeh’s may be the first student death at the high school, though other BHHS students have died off school grounds in the past.
“As far as I can recall, there has never been a death of a student on campus,” Board of Education member Myra Lurie told Patch.
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Elena's favorite color is purple. Wear purple today in her memory. 


  1. Very sad!

    It has always fascinated me how one moment someone can be enjoying bacon & eggs for breakfast and little do they know the next minute their eternal space dust.

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    God bless you Lydia for your kindness
    We hope the family of this girl is ok.

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    Hi Johnny, you're looking good there. Looks like you lost wait since we last spoke. Hope life's treating you good.

    You too Lydia. Nice to see you're still writing. Hope things are good.


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  5. It has to make you wonder about everything, when something so unfair happens. In the young people lies the future of all things, and the loss of any one of them is a horrible tragedy.

  6. Seen a show on CNN about Americans sabotaging the construction site of a mosque being built in small town Texas.....KUDOS! :D

    Here,near Toronto, a husband and wife Muslim team murdered their three young daughters because they were becoming too Canadianized by other students at school.

    Gotta love religion.....

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