Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Quotes of the week:

A shift in consciousness. By replacing thoughts and dwelling on goodness, truth and beauty, one can achieve full-blown miracles.

"Fear is that little darkroom where negatives are developed."

-Michael Pritchard

"Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be bent out of shape."

"The pursuit of happiness is the source of all unhappiness."


WASHINGTON — AP Senator Leahy, who plans to meet Wednesday with Sessions on a schedule for the hearings, said he's eager to give Sotomayor the chance to respond to "unbelievable attacks" by Republican critics like radio host Rush Limbaugh and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who have branded her a racist because of remarks she made in 2001 that her experiences as a "wise Latina" would allow her to make better decisions than a white male.

Leahy called the criticism against Sotomayor "among the most vicious attacks that have been received by anybody," and lamented that as a nominee she's unable to directly answer them.

So he asked the judge whether he could repeat publicly what she told him privately about how her personal experiences -- she is the New York-born daughter of Puerto Rican parents who was reared in a Bronx housing project and went on to Princeton and Yale on her way to the highest echelons of the legal profession -- would shape her rulings.

Leahy quoted Sotomayor as saying, "There's not one law for one race or another; there's not one law for one color or another; there's not one for rich and one for poor; there's only one law."

Leahy is pushing for a swift series of hearings on Sotomayor's confirmation, and has said the harshly worded criticism of her necessitates a quick timetable.

"Because the defacto leader of the Republican Party equated her to the head of the Ku Klux Klan pretty well demands that she have a hearing earlier than later," Leahy told reporters on his way to meet with Sotomayor. He's planning to meet Wednesday with Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, the top Judiciary Committee Republican, to discuss the schedule.

Radio host Rush Limbaugh and former House Speaker New Gingrich have both branded Sotomayor a racist, and Limbaugh went on to compare choosing her for the high court to nominating former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke.

Leahy defended Sotomayor on Tuesday, saying he was proud of his own Irish-Italian background and his wife's French-Canadian background. "Does that make us racist?" he said. "She is not a racist." Read the rest at

Prop 8: The Ban on Gay Marriage

I have a comment on the California Supreme Court's decision to uphold a ban on gay marriages. This is exactly equivalent to Rosa Parks being required by law to sit at the back of the bus because she was black. This is an outrageous violation of the Civil Rights. The rights of a minority should never be determined by the tyranny of the majority. ARE YOU SAYING THAT AN ENTIRE GROUP OF HUMAN BEINGS IS NOT EQUAL TO ANOTHER NON-GAY GROUP OF HUMAN BEINGS? Gays exist; they serve in the military, they pay taxes, they have driver's licenses and gun permits. Why aren't they "allowed" to sanctify their monogamous unions the way other human beings are? THEY ARE HUMAN BEINGS. It is illegal to discriminate against people on the basis of color. Why was Prop. 8 even on the ballot? Why do we allow a slight majority of morally intolerant bigots to take away the equal right to happiness of a minority? This is discrimination, plain and simple. Imagine if being gay was a choice, which it isn't. Religious people of all stripes choose their religion no matter how wacky it seems, yet they are protected against discrimination under the constitution. I am deeply ashamed of California for this horribly archaic, bigoted, intolerate bozo of a decision.


May 24, 2009 (ChattahBox) — Former Vice President Dick Cheney’s vocal offensive defending the Bush legacy on the war on terror has raised a lot of eye brows as to what purpose it serves. During his service as VP he worked behind the scenes avoiding the media mostly, where as now he has been front and center criticizing Obama, which has surprised many as a break in protocol and very poor form for a previous administration to speak out against the new President.

Last night on CNN, Liz Cheney, perhaps inadvertently, revealed that part of the reason we’ve seen her dad come out of his bunker to defend the torture regime that he authorized, is that he is anxious to head off any investigation of future prosecution. To me this is not a big revelation, it’s just another instance where Dick Cheney is exercising poor judgment in knowing when NOT to go to war. Apparently though conservative circles are loving what Liz Cheney has to say, as she is becoming so popular some want her to run for office.
President Obama nominated Judge Sonia Sotomayor to be the next U.S. Supreme Court justice. Of course, the Right is already fighting against her confirmation—so we need to get the facts out about her impressive qualifications and background.

First, I must clear up the lie that everyone keeps repeating about Sotomayor.
During the May 26 edition of MSNBC Live, NBC News chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd falsely asserted that Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor "is on tape saying, I'm not supposed to say this, but guess what, we legislate from the bench." Todd added, "I think that's going to compel a lot of Republicans on principle; that they will actually be sort of -- they would be lying to their own principles if they somehow supported her." In fact, in the "tape" Todd was apparently referring to -- from a February 25, 2005, Duke University School of Lawforum -- Sotomayor did not say that "we legislate from the bench." Rather, responding to a student who asked the panel to contrast the experiences of a district court clerkship and a circuit court clerkship, Sotomayor said that the "court of appeals is where policy is made." Moreover, as NBC News justice correspondent Pete Williams noted earlier in the broadcast, "[E]ven some conservatives and followers of strict constructionism have said that [Sotomayor] was only stating the obvious: that trial judges, district court judges, decide only the cases before them, and that appeals courts, because they are the, you know, above the other courts, do set policy; they do make precedent that governs the other courts."

Indeed, the Oxford Companion to the Supreme Court of the United States (2005) notes that federal appellate courts do, in fact, have a "policy-making" role.


SOTOMAYOR: The saw is that if you're going into academia, you're going to teach, or as Judge Lucero just said, public interest law, all of the legal defense funds out there, they're looking for people with court of appeals experience, because it is -- court of appeals is where policy is made. And I know -- and I know this is on tape and I should never say that because we don't make law, I know. OK, I know. I'm not promoting it, and I'm not advocating it, I'm -- you know. OK. Having said that, the court of appeals is where, before the Supreme Court makes the final decision, the law is percolating -- its interpretation, its application. And Judge Lucero is right. I often explain to people, when you're on the district court, you're looking to do justice in the individual case. So you are looking much more to the facts of the case than you are to the application of the law because the application of the law is non-precedential, so the facts control. On the court of appeals, you are looking to how the law is developing, so that it will then be applied to a broad class of cases. And so you're always thinking about the ramifications of this ruling on the next step in the development of the law. From

Below is a list of 10 key things about Sonia Sotomayor that you might not know. Can you check it out and send it to 10 friends today? If each of us forwards the list, we can start to get the word out about Judge Sotomayor, and help to ensure that she gets a speedy and fair confirmation process.

Ten Things To Know About Judge Sonia Sotomayor

1. Judge Sotomayor would bring more federal judicial experience to the bench than any Supreme Court justice in 100 years. Over her three-decade career, she has served in a wide variety of legal roles, including as a prosecutor, litigator, and judge.

2. Judge Sotomayor is a trailblazer. She was the first Latina to serve on the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and was the youngest member of the court when appointed to the District Court for the Southern District of New York. If confirmed, she will be the first Hispanic to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court.

3. While on the bench, Judge Sotomayor has consistently protected the rights of working Americans, ruling in favor of health benefits and fair wages for workers in several cases.

4. Judge Sotomayor has shown strong support for First Amendment rights, including in cases of religious expression and the rights to assembly and free speech.

5. Judge Sotomayor has a strong record on civil rights cases, ruling for plaintiffs who had been discriminated against based on disability, sex and race.

6. Judge Sotomayor embodies the American dream. Born to Puerto Rican parents, she grew up in a South Bronx housing project and was raised from age nine by a single mother, excelling in school and working her way to graduate summa cum laude from Princeton University and to become an editor of the Law Journal at Yale Law School.

7. In 1995, Judge Sotomayor "saved baseball" when she stopped the owners from illegally changing their bargaining agreement with the players, thereby ending the longest professional sports walk-out in history.

7a. Sotomayor made a ruling allowing the Wall Street Journal to publish Vince Foster's suicide note. In 1997, she was nominated by Bill Clinton to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

8. Judge Sotomayor ruled in favor of the environment in a case of protecting aquatic life in the vicinity of power plants in 2007, a decision that was overturned by the Roberts Supreme Court.

9. In 1992, Judge Sotomayor was confirmed by the Senate without opposition after being appointed to the bench by George H.W. Bush.

10. Judge Sotomayor is a widely respected legal figure, having been described as " outstanding colleague with a keen legal mind," "highly qualified for any position in which wisdom, intelligence, collegiality and good character would be assets," and "a role model of aspiration, discipline, commitment, intellectual prowess and integrity."

Judge Sotomayor is an historic, uniquely qualified nominee to the Supreme Court. Let's get the word out and make sure we get a prompt, fair confirmation on her nomination.

Here’s Blogger Mike's take on this nomination: "I think she is a textbook replacement for Souter and the Far Right Wing should be kissing Obama’s shoes for appointing a moderate cut from the same cloth as Souter and NOT appointing a hardcore liberal to balance out Allito and Scalia who lean so far to the hard Right that they are hanging off the right edge of the earth by their fingernails.

That said I think she is a very good pick with excellent credentials that certainly brings diversity to the court although I don’t think hardcore partisan ideologues from EITHER party should ever have been nominated to the SCOTUS. But unfortunately that door’s already been opened with Alito and Scalia so I feel the far and central lefts pain on this and strongly hope a hardcore liberal IS nominated to balance out the far Right Wing extremist Conservatives we have that are currently dominating the Supreme Court.

One last point I keep hearing the far Right Wing extremists like Rove, Limbaugh, Hannity, et al screech about “liberal activist judges” legislating from the bench or “radical activist liberal judges”
legislating their own personal views from the bench.

Please enlighten me here but isnt that EXACTLY what hardcore far Right Wing radical extremist activists like Scalia and Alito do, how many time do THESE corporatist stooges just legislate from the bench and inject their own personal bias’s by ALWAYS siding with the big corporations or wealthy while they and their Right Wing idealogues constantly accuse the left of siding with the poor or the little guy. It’s hipocrisy plain and simple just like when the Right says ONLY they are patriotic and love their country while the left is treasonous and hates their country. It’s high time we stop letting them lie and frame the issues without being rebutted by THE TRUTH.

* Sources for each of the 10 things:

1. White House Statement, May 26, 2009.

2. White House Statement, May 26, 2009.

3. Cases: Archie v. Grand Cent. Partnership, 997 F. Supp. 504 (S.D.N.Y. 1998) and Marcella v. Capital Dist. Physicians' Health Plan, Inc., 293 F.3d 42 (2d Cir. 2002).

4. Cases: Flamer v. White Plains, 841 F. Supp. 1365 (S.D.N.Y. 1993), Ford v. McGinnis, 352 F.3d 382 (2d Cir. 2003), and Campos v. Coughlin, 854 F. Supp. 194 (S.D.N.Y. 1994).

5a. "Sotomayor's Notable Court Opinions and Articles," The New York Times, May 26, 2009.

5b. Cases: Bartlett v. N.Y. State Board, 970 F. Supp. 1094 (S.D.N.Y. 1997), Greenbaum v. Svenska Hendelsbanken, 67 F.Supp.2d 228 (S.D.N.Y. 1999), Raniola v. Bratton, 243 F.3d 610 (2d Cir. 2001), and Gant v. Wallingford Board of Education, 195 F.3d 134 (2d Cir. 1999).

6. "Sonia Sotomayor: 10 Things You Should Know," The Huffington Post, May 26, 2009.

7. "How Sotomayor 'Saved' Baseball," Time, May 26, 2009.

8. "Sotomayor's resume, record on notable cases," CNN, May 26, 2009.

9. "Sotomayor's resume, record on notable cases," CNN, May 26, 2009.

10a. Judge Richard C. Wesley, a George W. Bush appointee to the Second Circuit.

10b. "Sotomayor is Highly Qualified," The Wall Street Journal, May 9, 2009.

10c. Honorary Degree Citation, Pace University School of Law, 2003 Commencement.


  1. "...During his service as VP he worked behind the scenes avoiding the media mostly, where as now he has been front and center criticizing Obama, which has surprised many as a break in protocol and very poor form for a previous administration to speak out against the new President."

    Unless of course it's Algore, Clinton or Carter denouncing W...

  2. Aside from looking like a third world dictatorship where we throw the previous regime in prison, I'm all for the show trials.

    And when Republicans are back running the show again we can then prosecute Obama and his gang for any intelligence he may act upon, or for ignoring the constitution in his ham handed take over of corporations...

    That said, he seems to be handling North Korea and Iran soooo well.

  3. Volt - NO ON denounced Bush until he started making some very circumspect decisions and idiotic statements, and especially when he went against every true religious leader, including the beloved last pope -- by invading an innocent country with "shock and awe."

    Get your facts straight.

    These bigots are out to get Obama from Day one.

  4. Bush launched a holy war based on his version of "god" talking to him.

    Why and how do you defend such un-American activities as these rogues have engaged in?

  5. Voltron said...
    "...During his service as VP he worked behind the scenes avoiding the media mostly, where as now he has been front and center criticizing Obama, which has surprised many as a break in protocol and very poor form for a previous administration to speak out against the new President."

    Unless of course it's Algore, Clinton or Carter denouncing W..."

    Uhh genius they waited YEARS to criticize Bush in fact it was his second term when CLEAR EVIDENCE came out of lies, treason, duplicity, war crimes, torture, negligence etc..........they didnt pounce on GWB his first hundred days in office.

    So nice try to obfuscate the TRUTH with your apples to oranges comparisn liartron.

  6. Great post Lydia..........I didnt know alot of those things on Sotomayer.

  7. Lydia Cornell said...
    Bush launched a holy war based on his version of "god" talking to him.

    Why and how do you defend such un-American activities as these rogues have engaged in?"

    Lydia if Obama or Clinton claimed God "talked to them" these hippocrite ideologues on the Right would be screeching he's an insane schizophenic and we need to impeach and institutionalize him

  8. Lydia,

    While I certainly appreciate the outrage felt over the CSC decision, I think that a more profitable line of inquiry would be to study how the Proposition 8 supporters got this initiative passed.
    When you look at the effort objectively, it was a textbook case of organization, outreach and funding. Think about it. Here you have three religious groups, the Mormons, the Catholics, and the Conservative Protestants who have been historically hostile to one another yet on this they put aside those sectarian differences and got the job done. We've talked before on this forum of a unified vision. This is a perfect example of what that vision can accomplish. Unfortunately, the Progressives just can't seem to get their act together in regards to this.
    Think about it. A lot of the same voters who put Barak Obama in the White House were the same ones that voted for Proposition 8. Why did they vote that way? The answer to this question is, IMO, vital to the long term interests of Progressives.

  9. I have to agree Frank..........good point as usual!

  10. Also for the Treasonous Dick Cheney and all his fear mongering "fear and smear" mumbo jumbo I have these timeless quotes from some of the Founders of our great nation............ GREAT men that he isnt fit to even shine their shoes.

    "the refuge of scoundrels is Patriotism"

    "He who gives up liberties for safety deserves neither"

  11. Lydia I really like those bulleted points you did for Sotomayer.

    Also regarding Sotomayer I do think it is a very good pick, and I think she will be confirmed.........that said I think the pick fails to resore proper balance to a far righ leaning Court that desperately NEEDS more balance.

  12. Just read an article that stated that the average family shells out over $1000 a year in health care insurance premiums just to pay for health care for the cales this a "HIDDEN TAX" on the working class that is growing as more and more people lose their jobs and/or employer sponsored insurance.

    This "HIDDEN TAX" effects BOTH American citizens and employers and businesses.

    This study rips apart the dishonest Right Wing rhetoric that we cant afford to raise taxes to pay for health care..............we are paying for health care whether we do nothing or we do this right and have Single Payer health care like we NEED.

    Right now the insurance industry is like a blood sucking leech sucking the lifeblood out of American citizens and denying them essential health care which is a basic right and neccessity just as national defense and national security is.

    You KNOW the system is broken when the sole purpose of the healthcare industry right now is to deny treatment and thus adaquate healthcare to as many as possible just to maximize profits.........we NEED a Single Payer government system where the interest are aligned with the general welfare of the common people and not maximizing profits for the greedy Robber Barons and corporate cronny fascists.

  13. Voltron said...
    Aside from looking like a third world dictatorship where we throw the previous regime in prison, I'm all for the show trials.

    And when Republicans are back running the show again we can then prosecute Obama and his gang for any intelligence he may act upon, or for ignoring the constitution in his ham handed take over of corporations..."

    Sorry Duncetron but we look like a "third world dictatorship" if we allow the previous regime to get away with war crimes against humanity and torture..........we DIDNT allow the Nazi's to get away with it why should anyone else using their doctrine of torture and pre-emptive war get away with it.

    As for the repugs being "back running the show again" your dreams buddy, your boy Rush has just advocated forsaking Hispanics and African Americans lets look at the demographics here shall we?

    The 4 most populous states have pretty sizable hispanic and African American populations...........Texas and Califoria's populations are 50% Hispanic and most likely 20% African American and the projection is they could be 70% Hispanic in a few decades.........Florida has a very sizable hispanic and African American population i think its safe to say more than half...........New York's population is also likely half Hispanic and African American.

    Now factor in the FACT that the largest generation since the Baby Boomers the Millenials tilt about 2/3 to the Demacrat Party and that Hispanics which are the fastest growing demagraphic projcted to make up 70% of the poulations of California and Texas in the next 30 plus years and 30 0f New York in the next 30 plus years..........I dont really think you clowns have a shot to win ANYTHING when 80% of the electorate is AGAINST you clowns.

    But thanks for playing will be fun watching you Conservative buffoons self destruct over the next decade.

  14. Have fun being irrelevent Voltron you and the repugs earned every bit of it!

  15. First, my disclaimer. This is not intended to piss off any Catholics in the group nor am I really advocating my suggestion, I'm merely using their doctrine to make my point.

    We all know the CA Supreme Court recently upheld the legalized discrimination regarding gay marriage. We also know that the Catholic Church has been very instrumental in getting gay marriage banned across the country; they seem to think that the rest of the country should be held to their religious standards.

    Personally, I think we need to pass laws forbidding Catholics from taking communion. See, their religious belief is that the bread and wine served during communion ACTUALLY becomes the body and blood of Jesus Christ. And then they consume it.

    Folks, that's cannibalism. It's abhorrant, an abomination, and an inherent evil.

    Or perhaps we should start passing laws making cannibalism legal -- afer all, if Catholics do it for religious reasons, and their religion dictates what's allowed, then it's only natural.

    Anybody want to join me in a Kentucky Fried Kentuckian?

  16. Mch - that's funny! Did you read my post on the gay marriage issue?

    Oh, on Facebook I also wrote this, after a comment about "the bible says homosexuality is wrong":

    The bible also says adultery is punishable by death. So is eating shrimp. But much worse is casting stones and judging your fellow man, according to the Great Peacemaker himself. Christ brought the new law in the New Testament, law of love: "love your neighbor and your enemy as yourself," which is the Golden Rule. "Leave judgment and vengeance to God." And take care of the poor: "Take care of the least among you."

  17. Of course I've said all this before, but a lot of people don't seem to know it:

    Maybe the intolerant bible-thumpers are not aware that the word "Christ" is the root of the word Christianity because the vowel sounds are different! Most political so-called "Christians" actually are the opposite of what Christ taught. Read his own words, written in red letters. Christ would never advocate war or guns or judgment or punishment. And by the way, he was clear: "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you."

  18. Lydia, people like you are the only reason I havent compltely abandoned the idea of religion

  19. MCH said...
    Lydia, people like you are the only reason I havent compltely abandoned the idea of religion"

    I'm in complete agreement MCH!

    As for your earliers post..........thats spot on as well................the hippocrissy and self righteousness of the Right Wing Fundamentalists and Bible Thumpers is truly astounding................apparently they think they can CLAIM they are for freedom and individual rights and choice and oppose big intrusive goverment then they CONSTANTLY attemp to use big govenment specifically to be intrusive and deny others freedoms and choices they dont approve of.

  20. thanks for blogging on her and fine record and works and why she is a good choice ( where were the repug talking heads when Harriet Miers was nominated ???....

    ( I saw the first Obama ad on TV today for her- I have never seen an ad like that- pretty sad that the Obstruction party at this point will block anything...)

    also thank you for blogging on Homelessness...

    both posts are excellent...thank you for your hard blogging work...

  21. Thank you mch and mike and Enigma!

    No worries Enigma about that other thing. You are my friend and I'd be happy to help if I can.


  22. Lydia...

    You know my whole take on this. Hatred of Gays, hatred of "foreiners", hatred of "towelheads" etc...

    I am Gay. I didn't know it until my mid 20s. I had always been with women until then. I came to you when I was questioning my sexuality because of how society made me feel about myself. your the business I was in...finding out you'd rather share your bed with another GUY?!?!?!

    Do you know what? That's all it is. You know of recent events in my life where I feel shame.



    For the bigots screeching and hollering about how sinful homosexuality is (anyone remember Haggard?!?) they should check thier OWN backyards...or BACKSIDES?!!!!!

    Those that holler the loudest and the most are guiltiest of the crimes.

    This "league of mother's for families" should be promoting "ALL FAMILIES" children from same sex couples are mostly the most normal well rounded children given every chance to grow...for their not usually living in a biggoted house cloisterd with hate.

    Hate teaches hate.

    What California did was a crime. It's unconsitutional...and it is sad.

    It doesn't matter what my take on gay marrige is...or my take on anything for that matter.

    Those that condemed people like me...

    I want to see their papers proving they are the new messiah or the one that had the authority to re-write the constitution...because God and the Constitution says..."All men are created equal!"

    Where did my "equal" go?

    It was taken because I sleep with a guy that I love?

    Not with a hooker doing meth...Haggard is capitalizing on his crimes. "It is a sin if I act on homosexual urges...for it is not God like and it's a sin."

    Ted, says who?

    Hate says who.

    Hate teaches hate...and it all starts at some bigots home with their family that has no chance.

    For those that are that far gone...

    I'm so sorry.

    And for those that keep believing...don't stop, your pay is due and will come...I promise.


  23. I agree Jim our Constitutional rights and freedoms should NEVER be put on a ballot.............I think MCH was also trying to make that point with the satyrical example he used.

  24. THE courts are SUPPOSED to set prescedent and interpret Constitutional Law..........NOT LET IT BE PUT ON A BALLOT for people to vote on.

  25. The Republican Folk Song

    This land is my land. It's only my land. I have a shotgun and you dont have one. If you don't get off, I'll blow your head off. This land was made for only me.

  26. Hey Mike do you have a website/blog? MCH I checked out yours. Good stuff.

  27. Thanks Jim, you're welcome to visit any time!

  28. Nope Jim no webpage or blog...........I mostly blog here.

  29. What a shame..........another abortion doctor was MURDERED by hippocritical Right Wing fanatical zealots and extremists..........the hippocrissy and selfrighteousness of the delusional imbeciles just astounds is sacred yet they choose to murder someone they dont like...............pre-ptive war and torture are wrong if Iran or Iraq do it but great if Dick Cheney and the repugs do............welcome to bizzarroland.

  30. Thanks Mike...I just dig your comments. We think a lot alike. Same with MCH.

    I wish I could type as fast as I think...on my site I free type from ideas I put on my blackberry on napkins on my hard drive...Sometimes I feel like I never get my gut true point across...You know what I mean? When writing I have such a massive range of emotions I'm trying to express...maybe people "do" get what I'm trying to say. I just hope it's not a chore.

  31. You write some good posts too Jim.

  32. Jim, you put up some excellent posts and one definitely gets the feeling they know you after reading them.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again -- If I ever have the pleasure of meeting you in person, I will embrace you gladly and call you brother

  33. Mike it's NOT terrorism when wingnuts do it, remember the guy in Maine who had all the components to make a dirty bomb who was killed in Dec,

    No Bush press conference or reich-wing celebrations they stopped an terrorist attack cause he was WITH them.

    Remember I-N-T-I-A-W-D-I (it's not terrorism if a wingnut does it)

    Like the murder of Dr Tiller wasn't terrorism cause the fake news clowns wanted it to happen.

  34. I just posted a new item here on Sen. Leahy defending Sotomayer from these unbelievable attacks by Rush and Newt.

    I am doing a post on O'Reilly's hateful rants egging on the murder of Dr. Tiller.

    Right Wing Terrorism is caused by these idiots in the media?

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. "Leahy called the criticism against Sotomayor "among the most vicious attacks that have been received by anybody,"...

    I note he said "among", probably because Leaky's attacks on Estrada, Janice Rogers Brown and Clarence Thomas were the worst.

    Of course though I know it's OK if libs attack minorities...

  37. What's so "unbelievable" Lydia?

    If a Republican nominee had said "because of his experiences as a white man he would make better decisions than a latina woman" you'd be all over that.

    Nice to know too that you believe judges should be able to make policy from the bench. What happened to that separation of powers thing you all railed about the past 8 years?

  38. Lydia...

    I have to tell you.

    You are the most insightful reporter...I know how hard it is to scour the net and resources for the "right" information. I think you do an incredible job...and you deserve many accolades. They are due and they will come. It seems that at times cruelty happens...and I feel responsible sometimes...but, you'll never shut me up from telling the truth. I know the secret...and I'm sorry to let your readers on to it...but, your website and blog are going big time huge.

    You have no idea who you inspired...

    You have been with me for xx years. And through out the years you've been a huge support system for me...I am now here to support you and to tell those that "don't believe" or the nay sayers...they are wrong...sadly, sadly wrong. For who could possibly be "so far right they would burn their own kids alive to be a republican."

    You have set a fire the truth...with your exposes' and your research...and all your hardwork.

    Your audience has NO IDEA what you do behind the scenes.

    God Bless You Girl...
    And never stop...never stop believing and just never ever stop you mission.
    In God's name.

    I love you,
    Jim Hillis

  39. Ok, Voltron, enlighten us. Exactly where did Lydia or any of us for that matter say that we think it's ok for judges to make policy from the bench?

  40. Blogger Voltron said...

    Nice to know too that you believe judges should be able to make policy from the bench. What happened to that separation of powers thing you all railed about the past 8 years?"

    Hey STUPID..........thats EXACTLY what judges at the Appellate and SCOTUS level do is make policy..........anyone who knows ANYTHING about our legal system KNOWS that and its ONLY inbred Right Wing hippocrites that screech about Judges legislating from the bench or injecting their own personal views.........clowns dont seem to have a promblem at all when Scalia or Allito do EXACTLTY what you piss and whine about and feeely admit to doing so.

  41. Mike said... Right Wing hippocrites that *SCREECH*!

    I love you Mike...

    And that's one of my favorites. And it fits well into situations where these "Right Wing Idiots are screeching about hate in the name of God"...they do screech...and it's a horrible sound. Blackboard scratching, brutal murder...screeching.

    I think that in it self would turn anyone Left.


  42. You got that right Jim

  43. You guys have to check out this youtube video

  44. Today the Tennessee lawmakers overrode a veto by the governor, and thus it is now legal for patrons to carry guns into bars and restaurants throughout Tennessee.

    Just what the country needs more Repuglican instilled violence.

  45. Wonder if they'll make it LEGAL to carry guns into abortion clinics since according to them it carrying guns in public places save lives.

  46. Nice to see crusty hasn't grown up any ..... still the hate-filled childish petulant foole he has always been.

  47. I bet Lady Merkel is glad Bush isn't there to fondle and paw her like he had done all those other times world leaders were together.

  48. Well, I see Dolty is further off the deep end than ever. I'd suggest that he get therapy, but I don't think an effective treatment for plain old stupid has been introduced.

    These Klanservative Rushpublicans seem to get madder every day now that none of us are buying their idiotic BS anymore. And since most of them don't have padded walls, I hate to think of the additional brain damage they get every time they see the President on FOX "News" and slam their pinheads against the wall.

  49. Great post as usual, Lydia. Thanks for posting it. Hope all is well with you and your family. Happy Blogging!!!! XOXO

  50. Sorry JR, but I dont think dolty can answer you since its kinda hard to type when in a straight jacket.............also i've heard it said that the internet reception is quite poor in padded cells..........

  51. See Dolty is SOOOOOOOOOOO DELUSIONAL that he STILL thinks those pathetic inbred hacks he worships and licks the boots of will be back in power............what he doesnt get is the repug party is finished and those inbred imbeciles will like NEVER be back in power.

  52. Please read my new post on the root of hatred (the same dark force throughout time) and let me know your comments on the new thread Please.

    I am sorry I've been busy on a project and am transitioning the blog soon.

    Thank you for your patience.
    Blessings and love