Wednesday, October 04, 2006


From my brave friend Marine Combat Vet John Conley (who actually gave me his Purple Heart) : "This thought just struck me a little while ago. Considering how Bush and Cheney declared that given the chance to do it all over again (the invasion of Iraq), they wouldn't change anything.....if I were a journalist I would love to ask the President: "Imagine that your daughters were serving in Iraq with the other brave American soldiers and Marines and both had been killed.........would you, as President of the United States, still do it all over again?"
Bush being Bush....what could he say? In any event, it should give him some perspective.

Now this from CLIF, a commenter on this site: Here is a map of the hometown of every American soldier killed in IRAQ. Each dot represents ONE soldier.......chilling if you think about it. There is a lot of dots there.

Connect the Dots Here

It is from Pat Langs website, and he links to this site which records the causalities of that war.

This war is turning into a meat grinder, and if the rumors of a push inside Baghdad after the november 7th election, (exactlywhat they did in Falluja in 2004, it is going to get MUCH worse. Baghdad has almost 7,500,000 people not 350,000 and the Shiite militia lead by al Sadr controls the eastern half of that country, and He(al sadr) has a lot of clout in the government. He could bring it down if he withdrew his support. - Clif

DRIVE OUT THE BUSH REGIME! Make plans to join people all over the country to say "NOT IN OUR NAME! to Endless War on the World, Brutal Occupations, Illegal and Immoral Acts!".

LOS ANGELES NOON: Convergence at Pershing Square, Speakers, music, crimes displays. (Corner of 5th and Olive. Red Line Metro Pershing Square stop)
3:00 PM: Bush Crimes Tour March departs from Pershing Square. Immigrant contingent gathers at Olympic and Broadway, to march up Broadway and joins the Tour.
5:00 PM - RALLY Downtown Federal Building.

Wear this shirt that says I will not be silent

This Thursday October 5th, is the National Day of Resistance to Drive Out the Bush Regime. The U.S. has legalized torture and eliminated the right of habeas corpus.

This is part of a whole package coming from the Bush Regime which includes the occupation of Iraq; the deaths of over 3,000 of our troops and 20,000 maimed with no arms or legs left; the internet molestation of our children (minors) by closeted Congressmen; the do-no-nothing Congress, the lack of health care, the 300 billion spent on this war; the lack of body armor or armored vehicles to win the war; the almost-sale of our ports to the United Arab Emirates; the assault on stem-cell research; the proliferation of guns in school-shootings; theassault on separation between church and state, the systematic attack on women's rights, the criminal response to Katrina, the attack on immigrants, and the promotion of a culture of greed, bigotry, and ignorance. We are now at a defining moment.

This must be stopped. We invite you to join us on the Day of Resistance, October 5th. Endorse this Day. Contribute funds. We invite you to take responsibility for or be part of the contingent opposing the crime you are most concerned with - bring signs, props, costumes, photographs. Send out the notice below to your listserve, post it on your website, and mobilize your members to participate. Let us know how you can participate.

Torture does not represent us! This Regime does not represent us! Together we will drive it out!

This is going to get much worse, and that map is going to get a lot more red dots before the criminals are done.

by Lydia Cornell

Good Christians are being conned by these corrupt people. Rumsfield deliberately ignored Generals' request for better armor and armored vehicles! Don't they want our troops alive? This was deliberate as we are finding out, in order to keep Iraq in an endless state of chaos to justify their endless war on "terror." This brings in more money. It's not a real war, it's a war created by George Bush and his fellow war criminals. It's a war in whch they are profiteering, and pretending to be the party of "moral values."

Why does the Bush administration keep lying to us? Obviously we're never leaving Iraq because we have built a huge, permanent base there. Why can't they treat us like adults and tell us the truth? The truth we can handle, it's the coverup stupid! Now Condi Rice is lying through her teeth. How can she say that George Tenet and Richard Clarke never warned her — two months in advance — of the upcoming Al Quaeda attacks on the U.S. when the meeting has been sworn to and documented by George Tenet? She says she doesn't remember such a meeting! There is someting very wrong here. The suspicion is that the administration is lying in order to create confusion and chaos. Someone even left this important documented meeting out of the 911 Commission Report. An administration that has been caught in so many lies is "the deceiver."


BUSH CREATED THIS ENDLESS WAR. HE CALLED IT A WAR, BUT IT WAS AN INVASION OF THE WRONG COUNTRY. CARPET BOMBING INNOCENT CHILDREN IS NOT CHRISTIAN. This was A MILITARY OVER-REACTION TO A TERRORIST ATTACK. WE SHOULD HAVE STAYED IN AFGHANISTAN WHERE AL QUAEDA IS. We could really have made a difference in Afghanistan. We could have nurtured a flourishing democracy there, and been perfectly positioned in between Pakistan, which has nuclear weapons. Instead we took our eye off the ball and left it to the Taliban. Now opium and heroin production is flourishing.

I am a Christian, but these are not Christian values. There is nothing Christian about American leadership right now. But the blind sheep known as the American people, these evangelical right-wing fundamentalists, who listen to their pastors and not to the kingdom of heaven within them, refuse to really follow Christ and do the right thing. They are following their suicidal leader into the sea. The problem is, they are taking the rest of us and all of America down with them. So called "Christians" elected a madman who does not have their best interests at heart -- unless he can use "moral values" as a political issue. He is amoral and a liar. The serpent is a deceiver remember.

STRENGTH LIES IN INTELLIGENCE. Democrats are stronger on terror because we know the value of human life. We will win the war on terror by gathering our forces and fortifying our homeland. By first bringing our troops home and strengthening our own borders, ports, airports and train stations and using our resources wisely. We can't afford to lose a single human life. We've lost over 2,600 troops, and another 16,000 missing arms and legs, and we've spent over 300 billion dollars on a war that has DEFINITELY CREATED MORE HATRED AND TERRORISM throughout the whole world against us.

Democrats will go out and communicate with our enemies: we will bridge the gap and open diplomatic channels. Syria, who was helping us right after 911 will be helping us again. Everyone wants to be on the side of the Peacemaker who brings a higher vision to conflict. In the time that George Bush and the Three Stooges have been in power, they have created more enemies than ever before in America's history. This is the most shameful time in our country. We must get these primitive self-serving oil barons and Neanderthals out of power before they destroy the world." L.C.

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